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  • Closing in on 60 (8)
    • BT: Although I live in New England now, I’m not a Bostonian. But, I did visit the Combat Zone back in college during a spur of the moment...
    • schlermy: Brings back memories. My very first porn movie was at a small theater in the back of an adult book store in 1983. I believe it was called...
    • Karmafan: LOL same with me. I am 57 and my 1st porn movies were John Holmes movies @ the Pussycat theater in Boston back when there was a combat...
    • BT: I completely understand the change in perspective that hitting 60 brings. I passed that milestone last March. My life in many ways was defined...
    • P: If you ever decide to take this site down, I second mharris127’s idea to have Jeff @ IAFD maintain archives of this site. He’s a...
    • Karmafan: TRPWL is particularly bad for that.
    • mharris127: I can somewhat understand why you would want to leave adult, Mike. It is hard to make a profit with content thievery, first-class...
    • schlermy: I know what you mean Mike. I’ve been following the porn industry for 4 decades, ever since the days of Taboo II, Little Girls Blue,...
  • VICE Quotes Me, MindGeek Scams a Few More Media Outlets (5)
    • ScottMcGowan: Isn’t this just a rehash of the whole Mary Carey thing all over again, just with less buzz?
    • joeschmoe: I never got the Mia Khalifa hype. Hey, I would have sex with her in an instant as she is an attractive woman. However, as the most...
    • MikeSouth: Yup Feras Antoon…at least thats the buzz.
    • mharris127: I think I saw speculation (maybe even on this site) that Mia Khalifa is married to some big-shot Manwin/MindGeek/Mansef/Whateve r the...
    • Karmafan: Isn’t Mia also dating the Boss at Mindgeek?
  • Dave from The Luxury Companion Isnt Happy With Me (15)
    • schlermy: One thing I’ve seen over the years is that guys who successfully prostitute girls out seem to have layers and layers of protection...
    • BT: No opinions on the cost of defending the lawsuit absent some kind of umbrella policy. But, anyone can sue anyone for just about anything and...
    • mharris127: So in other words if Mike doesn’t have errors and omissions insurance (or whatever the hell it is called when journalists insure...
    • MikeSouth: One thing I can assure you, when it comes to this stuff BT KNOWS what he is talking about, he has lived it.
  • Theres no Such thing As Free Porn xHamster Hack Compromises 380,000 Users (3)
    • Toby: No big deal, it’s global traffic rank is only 76th. {insert sarcasm emoticon here}
    • rawalex: When a site requires you to sign up to get “full access to free porn” you know there is no free lunch. Signing up basically...
    • Karmafan: Never heard of xHamster. Quote Of The Day

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Closing in on 60

As I write this I am thinking,  I have been considering retirement for a long time, my 59th birthday is coming later this month and I was reading one of my old interviews yesterday, It was in Adam Film World way back when I first got into the biz in the early 90s.  When asked how long I expected to stay in porn, my answer was “until it stops being fun.”

I have to admit it stopped being fun a long time ago, between the content thieves, the danger faced simply performing and the cut throat nature of the biz these days I have to wonder why I am still here.  I am making plans to exit this year, don’t know when but I am pretty sure this is the last year unless something changes, frankly I’d rather be fishing, diving and enjoying my dotage doing the things I love.

A lot of things are on my mind, the thing with Dave aka Dwight has me in a position I do not want to be in, and no it isn’t the suit, I expect to prevail in that, it’s the fall out…In the end nobody wins except the lawyers, and I am not at all bad mouthing lawyers here.  I will be starting a gofundme or similar account for those who wish to make an anonymous donation to fight what will be a very expensive fight.

But it isn’t just that, when I see what the FSC is perpetrating on performers, it saddens me greatly.  The people put trust in The FSC and in my opinion The FSC abuses that trust greatly, to me it is not much different than puppies in a puppy mill, except that these are people, not puppies.

It used to be such a fun business, filled with good people, the best friends I have had in my life have all come as a result of being in this biz, my life was saved by someone I met as a result of being in this biz, and I mean that literally, it really was.  I guess all good things must come to an end.

VICE Quotes Me, MindGeek Scams a Few More Media Outlets

Another of my interviews came out in the last few days, this one is in VICE. Its a story on MindGeek and their presence in Montreal and you can read it Here.  I always like helping Vice because they always  quote me correctly, in context and they give me credit in the form of a link back.  Thank You to Joel Balsam and VICE and I will help you any time.

Speaking of MindGeek they reeled in a few media outlets last week with a totally concocted story about Mia Khalifa being on a petition to Trump’s US ambassador to Saudi Arabia.  Needless to say AVN and XBiz were all over it, what they didn’t bother to tell you (nor did anyone else) was that MindGeek started the petition then did a press release about it.  Love MindGeek or hate them they have some pretty sharp cookies doing their PR over there, they consistently get mainstream coverage using stunts like this…It says a lot about the media in this day and age…none of it good.

Mark Stone Passes

Mark Stone passed today, Mark was one of the last of the old school porners, he was well liked and it seems nobody ever had anything but kind words to say about him. Mark was instrumental in The AVN Awards Shows and their success. Mark will be missed. Our condolences to his family and many many friends.

Dwight Cunningham Lawsuit

First I want to thank everyone for your offers of support and assistance both evidenciary and monetary. I am consulting with legal counsel, I am sure you understand that I really can’t say anything at this point, It is sad that it came to this because a lot of people are likely going to be dragged into it and things exposed that they prolly wouldn’t want to be exposed. In an effort to avoid this situation I made an offer to Dave to work it out and he didn’t respond.

For reasons you can understand I would appreciate no more speculation here, if you have something or advice or questions contact me directly.

I will be setting up a gofundme or similar account if this doesn’t settle quickly.

Thanks Y’all


One Nation Under Surveillance

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that ends up being used inappropriately and no doubt will be used against porners. Dont start finger pointing at Trump or Obama either it was passed by a Republican House and senate and signed by a Democratic President, just another example of the supposed two party system conspiring to usurp our civil rights, no doubt in the name of keeping us safe from terrorism….Keep a running total of how many times this gets used for terrorism vs how many times it gets used for things it shouldn’t be. Just another nail in freedoms coffin…right there with RICO and The Patriot Act.

Starting Thursday, a Department of Justice official will be able to go to a single judge, assert that a computer crime may involve millions of networked devices, and get a warrant that lets the FBI hack all of those devices.

According to three senators who tried to put the brakes on that new authority Wednesday so Congress could at least discuss it, there are no concrete assurances from law enforcement officials that privacy won’t be violated or that devices won’t be damaged. Nor was there any explanation of how authorities will hack Americans’ wired equipment.

“At midnight tonight, this Senate will make one of the biggest mistakes in surveillance policy in years and years,” said Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who tried with Sens. Chris Coons (D-Del.) and Steve Daines (R-Mont.) to offer three measures to delay or rein in the new FBI powers. “Without a single congressional hearing, without a shred of meaningful public input, without any opportunity for senators to ask their questions in a public forum, one judge with one warrant would be able to authorize the hacking of thousands, possibly
millions of devices, cell phones and tablets.”

In fact, very few Americans have any idea that the scope of online search warrants is about to get much broader. The push for the expansion stems from a case in Texas in which investigators were denied a warrant because they could not show that the computer they wanted to hack was in the federal district where the warrant was sought.

SOURCE: At Midnight Tonight The FBI Will Have The Power To Hack Millions Of Computers

Theres no Such thing As Free Porn xHamster Hack Compromises 380,000 Users

I have long said that in the end you are gonna pay for that porn you watch on the tube sites and this is the kinda thing that bears me out. You may be thinking big deal they got passwords to a porn site BUT the also got info about the users and without too much effort they can learn where they bank and that sort of stuff….since most people use the same login/email address and passwords this kind of thing compromises more than just their xHamster accounts.

If you have an account with adult entertainment site xHamster, you will want to read this next bit of news.

Hackers are selling more than 380,000 xHamster passwords, usernames and email addresses on the dark web, according to a report by Motherboard.

Members of xHamster are urged to change their passwords immediately.

Motherboard claims the leaked data is genuine and has been verified and correspond to existing xHamster accounts.

A source at security site LeakBase told Motherboard that while it had no information on the details of the hack, cyber criminals discovered a vulnerability in the site and managed to its security earlier this year.

And if users used the same login details elsewhere, hackers would also be able to access other online accounts.

xHamster has since confirmed that the data being traded on the dark web is genuine but said there was no risk to users as all passwords are encrypted.

However, the report on Motherboard claimed that user passwords were poorly hashed, meaning they could be cracked by hackers in a matter of seconds and used to carry out phishing or spamming campaigns.

A spokesperson for xHamster said: “The passwords of all xHamster users are properly encrypted, so it is almost impossible to hack them. Thus, all the passwords are safe and the users data secured”.

However, the company failed to provide any details on the breach or respond the claims about the poorly hashed passwords.

If you are not aware, xHamster is an adult entertainment site that actually has around 12 million registered users.

The news about xHamster comes less than a month after a massive cyber attack exposed the login details of more than 412 million user accounts of another adult entertainment site, Adult Friend Finder.

Brits Ban Porn Without Age Verification

The British Government has been working on this for some time and it now looks to be British law. The reason that this is news is because the U.S. Government has also considered this move. Most everyone agrees that hardcore porn is too easily accessed by children, both intentionally and inadvertently. The story is from The Daily Star


websites to demand proof of age from Brits.

Sex acts deemed “non-conventional” have also been targeted by the proposed ban.

And now the bill has passed the Commons, getting an unopposed third reading.

BACKING THE BAN: Culture minister Matt Hancock, who admitted the bill wasn’t perfect “For those who really want to access porn there is a big challenge in stopping that”

Matt Hancock
The government has previously warned that adult sites not complying face a ban in the UK.

It’s a step that’s been widely criticised by free speech advocates, but some think it’s too lenient.

Ministers say the regime is “one of the most robust” in the world and is needed to protect kids from seeing porn online.

But it’s already emerged that it will not cover Twitter and the government admits it’s a “big challenge” if people are determined.

Culture minister Matt Hancock said: “There is a difference between websites that provide commercial pornography and platforms on which others can upload images.

“Getting this right among that second group is much harder than around the first group. And so what we are proposing to do is to deal with the large swathe of the problem.

“I appreciate that for those who really want to access porn online then if they are really intent on doing that then there is a big challenge in stopping that.”

t’s unclear what comes under “non-conventional” sex acts, but critics suggest it includes spanking, romping in public and female ejaculation.

But anything that wouldn’t be allowed on a commercially available DVD could no longer be made available online in the UK.

Labour said it welcomed many of the measures in the bill including the rules on age verification for porn sites.

Encoding Your Video

In keeping with the move towards helping girls and guys who want to do it themselves this is the question I get the most….I have the video on my camcorder…now what do I do with it?


[note this post is also helpful if you want to post a video to youtube or facebook or turn it into something you can send to family or friends]


Indeed it’s a good question, its too big to put on any clips store as it is and it likely wont play but on a a select few systems.

Currently the answer is H.264 codec in an MP4 container.  It sounds technical but it really isn’t too bad once you understand it.  It is the only format that will successfully stream across all browsers and all platforms (PC/Apple/Linux).  Your camcorder may even shoot in this format but that doesn’t mean that it is ready for use on a clips store.

Assuming that you edit your video yourself and place a watermark on it the next step is to choose the encoding…all editing programs will encode H.24 mp4.  Sony Vegas, Apple Final Cut, and Adobe Premeire. If you don’t use one of these, and even if you do theres a free program called Handbrake that does a GREAT job.

When you select H.264 there are a myriad of settings but you only need to know a few.

First is the profile  if you are rendering HiDef (1280×720/1990×1080 etc) you need to use the “High” Profile

if you are rendering Standard def (640×360 or 720×480) you need to use the main profile

This basically sets up the things you dont have to worry about.

The next thing is if you intend to stream it (play directly from your site like youtube does)  Thats called “web optimized” or “streamable”  I always check that regardless because it makes playback more efficient even if it isnt streaming.

and finally bit rate  without going into the details of key frames and delta changes bit rate determines the quality of your final product…It also determines the file size, many camcorders, particularly 4K use extremely high bit rates (80 megabits per second or more) you dont want to try to upload that to a clips site…for one it will take forever even with a fast internet connection and for another it will be too big for the clip site and will be rejected.

I have found that for most porn a bit rate of 2.4 megabits per second or 2,400,000 k bits per second gives EXCELLENT quality in both HD and SD and produces file sizes that are acceptable.  The only caveat is older Apple systems wont play this bit rate reliably so for that I offer one at 800,000 k bits per second or .8 megabits per second.

I end up with two files of the video one for higher end systems like most modern PCs, Apple, XBox, Playstation 3 and 4 etc and one for older systems.

These files will both be acceptable for clips4sale stores and will run on any device between the two of them.

If you need further help with a specific encoder google it and you will get a lot of  how tos…

Hope this helps.


also , if you like feel free to comment with any questions and I will try to answer them for you  if you are havaing a problem as much detail as possible helps me…

Dave from The Luxury Companion Isnt Happy With Me

Rumors have been flying over the last few days that someone is suing me.  Skipping the boring details it’s true.  My renter was served  about a week ago and he forwarded the suit to me and I got it this morning after returning home from  spending Thanksgiving with family in Mississippi.

The gist of the suit is that Dwight Cunningham aka Dave from the Luxury Companion feels that he has been defamed.  The things that he cites are that my conjectures that he has had cases “fixed” are defamatory, claiming that never happened.  He also claims that him nor Karen aka Adonia Dyna have any relation, including friends, to Karen Borzakian or anyone else at Van Nuys Courthouse and that he didn’t purchase lukeisback either directly or indirectly and turn it over to Sean Tompkins.

At this point I am not going to address any of this specifically except to say that I have proof to the contrary and that if any of you have any info please email it to me.

It does put me in a bit of a conundrum in that in defending myself I am going to have to throw some people under the bus, I am not entirely comfortable talking about things in open court that would incriminate some of Dave’s closest friends and likely spark an investigation into illegal activities.

I will update on this as it progresses.

Gamma Entertainment Got A Good Laugh

I got this response to yesterdays post speculating about a deal between Gamma and MindGeek, it’s from Karl Bernard, President of Gamma Entertainment.  Thanks for clearing it up man and glad to have you as a reader!

Hi Mike,

I had a good laugh when I read your post today, but it’s not April 1st!

I can confirm that there’s nothing going on between MindGeek and Gamma Entertainment. No huge deal on the horizon.



What Is MindGeek Up To these Days, Fabian Settles one of his Cases

In one case Fabian was fined 5 million euros and will avoid prison time, a second case for around 650,000 Euros is still pending (Dec 19).  Rumors are rampant that in order to avoid jail time Thylmann was spilling his guts on everything he knew about Manwin/MindGeek.  Since this settlement has been announced it’s a pretty good bet that he has fulfilled any obligations he may have had along those lines.


Both are based in Montreal Canada and have long had somewhat close ties.  My inside source say theres a HUGE deal on the horizon and it may include moving pornhub under the wing of Gamma.   At first glance that makes no sense…Gamma cant afford to buy pornhub, but if Gamma and MndGeek have entered into a partnership or if MindGeek has purchased Gamma, it makes perfect sense, specially when you consider MindGeeks policy of continually moving assets around its many shell companies.  If they are playing hide and seek with Feds it stands to reason.  If anyone has any more info on this I would love to hear it….obviously.

What I Think

I have been asked what I think about particular things so here we go…in no particular order


President Elect Trump:  certainly not my first choice but I refuse to buy into the doomsday nonsense.  Our system is well designed to make sure no one branch of government gets too much power, try as they do to upset this balance the party system, which has become a corporation all its own, hasn’t been able to change that and I don’t think they will.  I think President Trump will come down as uch more centerist or even left of center than hard right.  I base that not on what he has said but what he has done over the years.

Hillary Clinton:  The Democrats WORST possible choice, but she was promised the nomination when she stepped down for Obama and the DNC delivered on that promise, despite what rank and file party members wanted.  The end result she lost. Any other Democrat could have beat Trump.

LGBT: I dunno why this one is even an assue.  it is clear to me that I never made a decision to be straight and I believe that they didn’t either.  God (for lack of a better term) made them as they are and I have no problem with it.  They should have the same rights as everyone else…no more, no less.  Something about equal protection under the law.

Race:  I live in a mixed race community and we all treat each other the way we want to be treated, we look out for each others property, we keep an eye on the neighborhood and we work together to maintain safety and property values.  My neighbor, a wonderful black lady, and I share food we grow on our back decks, we converse and we both see any attempt to separate us because of our race as a divide and conquer tactic and we wont be a party to it.  I think thats how most Americans are.  Any politician that would attempt to drive a wedge there will never get my support, again it comes to equality she doesn’t expect to be treated differently than I nor I from her, just let us alone to live our lives and prosper.

Drugs:  We have a massive overcrowding in our prison system in this country and it is directly related to “The War On Drugs”.  I see no reason for marijuana to be illegal, at all.  I see no reason to incarcerate people for simply using drugs, that will never fix the problem.  When the penalty for using drugs does more damage to an individual than actually using the drugs…the problem is the penalty.

God: I bounce between agnostic and athiest.  I am spiritual in my own eyes but not religious, I believe more in the divinity of “mother nature” than any religion.  When I hear birds singing, children playing, wind in the leaves, rain on a roof and the sound of water be it surf or stream I am hearing “Gods music”.  When I am in the woods or on the ocean and can see or hear nothing man made that is my “church”

Porn:  I have no problem with it, obviously but I do think the golden rule applies, you know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you….just because you are in a position to do harm doesn’t mean you should, somewhere along the line porners and performers lost track of that one.

Hunting and Fishing:  Everyone knows I am an avid fisherman and SCUBA Diver, I grew up hunting but I dont hunt much anymore because there are no places here to hunt quail anymore and I dont own a bird dog.  I don’t much care for venison so deer hunting is out.  Bottom line is if you use what you kill, if you eat it, make clothing out of it, or even give it to the needy, I am OK with it.  If you do it just to kill or put the head on your wall, shame on you.

There was a time that I would never have thought that I would have accepted a gay man for instance as my equal, but I grew up, I matured, I met and learned about gay people and I saw I was wrong, society had taught me one thing but my experiences taught me quite a different one.  That is why I am a strong advocate for allowing everyone who wants it a voice, so long as that voice is reasonable.  It is the best way for them to get the same experience I did and to learn and grow.  hardly a week goes by that I don’t learn things from my readers, that is one of the things that makes so satisfying for me and worth what I pay to keep it running.

OK done with the waxing philosophical…





Please Pay Attention to the Author Line in Posts

I have several people currently writing for, they may post at will and posts are not reviewed or necessarily the position of me.

I like having people in the industry contribute here and I have no problem if they don’t agree with me, I even encourage it!  That’s what it’s all about, when we come together, we learn from each other.

I got excoriated from a few people about the last post by Michael Payne, seems some of you thought I wrote it.

So please before y’all shout at me make sure the byline is Mike South

I am always looking for contributors who can write…to me that means get a point across, express an opinion properly, so if you can and would like an authors login here I will be happy to make that happen!

Thanks Y’all…..South

AdultFriendFinder/Penthouse Hacked Again This Time Its HUGE!

400 million accounts, even ‘closed’ accounts are still in their database, and apparently the passwords were mostly stored insecurely.

According to the site LeakedSource

A list of sites we have verified, how many affected accounts and a brief description are as follows:
339,774,493 users
62,668,630 users
7,176,877 users
1,423,192 users
1,135,731 users

Unknown domain
35,372 users<

Total: 412,214,295 affected users

If you ever signed up for one of these sites chances are your email,  login and password and other info is compromised.



Americanism Not Globalism: The Case for the Donald Trump Presidency


In early hours of November 9, 2016, after the most bitter, brutal and twisted presidential race in recent history, Donald J. Trump was declared 45th elected President of the United States of America. During the 18 months of his unconventional and unorthodox campaign which he financed by his own money and donations from working class Americans, he faced off against many opponents and eventually managed to defeat Hillary Clinton whose sophisticated campaign was supported by almost every major bank, corporation and main stream media outlet. Carrying a 1.3 billion dollar price tag, Clinton’s campaign was the most expensive presidential campaign ever. Among the long list of Clinton donors, the infamous and subversive billionaire George Soros sits on the top of the list with a hefty 10.5 million dollar pay out. Understandably, the power players were eager to hand over the White House’s key to their long time pawn Clinton. Her presidency would have provided the perfect cover for their sinister operations that were aimed to transform America. Under a President Clinton, censorship would have become rampant, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution which allows citizens to own weapons would have been abolished, and America’s sovereignty would have been transferred to the corporate elite. The stakes could not be higher. Fortunately many people realized the urgency and their vast participation in the election frightened the powers that be and prevented them from committing fraud and interfering in the election outcome.

The billionaire celebrity Donald Trump may not be the perfect choice, but he’s independent and not a part of the status-quo. He has no political background, but he’s nowhere near as corrupt as Clinton and unlike Clinton, he has never participated in staging violent revolutions in foreign countries and waging proxy wars. He appeared on the stage with a simple and straight forward message: “Make America great again.” His message resonated with millions of people, and the rest is history.

Perhaps Trump won’t be able to make good on all of his ambitious campaign promises, but the most important thing is that he steered America away from the ominous fate chosen by the corporate globalist elite who were represented by Hillary Clinton. For that, he deserves credit.

I acknowledge the fact that many people are terrified of prospect of the Trump presidency, they afraid of racial profiling, suppression of women’s rights, repeal of gay marriage, etc. However, most of such fears are baseless, embedded in their minds by constant toxic main stream propaganda. If you do a research, you’ll realize that Trump has a liberal view when it comes to social issues, and I can tell you with a good amount of certainty that under his presidency, people won’t be rounded up randomly and loaded into deportation buses based on the color of their skin, abortion won’t be prohibited, and gay marriage won’t be repealed. Turn off CNN and you’ll be fine. I hope this provides you with some peace of mind.

So the $64,000 question is: Besides hopes of economic prosperity and secure borders, what other factors played a rule in Trump’s success? To answer that question, we must analyze Trump supporters or as Trump calls them “the silent majority”, the middle class, the working class, ordinary people who are invested in family values, traditions, a sense of patriotism and religious belief. People who for a long time were ignored, oppressed and ridiculed by the elitist establishment and their media outlets. Allow me to be clear:

– When you force people into accepting your definition of issues such as homosexuality and brutally harass, threaten, prosecute and punish those who disagree with you,

– When 65 year old Bruce Jenner, the former Decathlon Olympic Champion and biological father of six children dresses as a woman and you put his picture on the cover of magazines and declare him  “woman of the year” and demand everybody to accept and celebrate that,

– When you blatantly deny the fact that men and women are fundamentally different and instead promote third wave feminism and a false perception of equality and encourage women to be unattractive, obese and obnoxious,

– When you deny the truth that Islam is a barbaric ideology based on hatred, hypocrisy, intolerance, murder, rape and theft and insist it’s “the religion of peace” and flood Western countries with Muslim  migrants and refugees, many of which have no proper identification document, many of which are military aged single men, and many of which commit acts of terrorism, murder, rape, etc.

– When you tirelessly pursue a strategy to dumb down the populace, institutionalize poverty and keep people “unaware and compliant” so that your position in power remains secured,

That’s when people push back and support a man who they believe respects their traditions and values, freedom of expression and religious liberties, a man who doesn’t shy away from confronting Islam as a terrorist ideology, a man who is not bound and chained by special corporate interests, cowardice, cuckoldry, deceit and political correctness, a man like Donald Trump. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The presidential election is over, the silent majority has spoken. We can heal the wounds of division, practice to respect each other’s opinions even if we disagree with one another, unite and work together to build a better country, or we can remain divided at each other’s throats and stir up the flames of civil war. The choice is ours.      



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