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  • How Did We Come To This? (5)
    • SabrinaDeep: Worse than Trump there is only Hillary.
    • Toby: I don’t disagree with the “boot both parties to the curb” sentiment, but it has to start at the local government level and...
    • joeschmoe: Against most other Republican opponents , all the smell on Hillary would have sunk her. She should be so thankful for Donald Trump (and...
    • Karmafan: Your nitpicking now. I would be more concerned that the 2 idiots running for President are terrible and bad choices. Its not who is the...
    • joeschmoe: I doubt most people even know the differences, Mike. People feel anything with an election that is honored to be a democracy, right? it...
  • Time To Shift Focus A Bit RIP Porn Valley (5)
    • schlermy: With the exception of 1992-2007 the old saying still applies “Good porn is like finding hen’s teeth”
  • In Summation and The Mike South Effect (3)
    • Karmafan: Sineplex did the same thing. Did not pay girls until they went on twitter and other social media to bitch they were still waiting to be...
    • Brandon Iron: Cheers, Mike! I appreciate the mid-month boost and it was a welcome surprise to wake up to the best day of the month in sales after...
    • mharris127: 270 days past due with checks bouncing? That company must have had lawsuits being crammed up their asshole on a daily basis. I know the...
  • Sam38G Shares her Experience (1)
    • Karmafan: If you don’t like cavities then don’t ever get a root canal.Cavities are nothing next to a root canal (discomfortwise). The... Quote Of The Day

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How Did We Come To This?

I watched the debates last night, and I guess I shouldn’t have, my blood pressure shot through the roof, but not likely for why you  might think.

You all know my feelings about these two criminals we have for candidates but when Hillary refereed to this country as a “Democracy” on several occasions, I went nuts.  It is absolutely unforgiveable for her not to know that we live in a Constitutional Republic…Let me give you hint Hillary “And to the REPUBLIC for which it stands….”

I would expect someone who wants to be President of this country to know that our founding fathers FEARED Democracy, and rightly so.  Part of the reason we have the Bill of Rights is to prevent this country from becoming a Democracy, in a Democracy  a majority can wipe out these rights.  Democracy was thought by our founding fathers to be one small step from anarchy, mob rule.

I can forgive some porn chick who never got a diploma for not understanding this point, but Hillary wants to be the leader of this nation and she doesn’t even know the fundamental form of government we have?  That is shameful.  Not that she had a prayer of getting my vote anyway (nor does Trump) but just damn…If she is that stupid she shouldn’t be President anyway.

Marketing Your Store

As Raw Alex pointed out in the comments the one thing that clips4sale and manyvids and others don’t do for you is marketing.  Not saying that they don’t market, Clips4sale in particular spends a lot of money on marketing, advertising on Howard Stern even, but they are marketing for clips4sale, not for you specifically.  Yes some of it will spill over as sales for you but by and large you should be marketing yourself.  As brandon and others pointed out, social media is a gold mine for marketing purposes, you build your brand, you develop a relationship with your customers and social media allows you to stay in touch with them en masse, it facilitates offering special deals to you followers and the like.

You also want to consider sites, forums, blogs….things that cater to your chosen niche. This is a good place to find new customers, assume for instance you sell to the cosplay niche.  You want to look for discussion forums dedicated to that niche, any subreddit(s) for that niche maybe even niche related tube sites.

Another route you can consider is the affiliate marketer.  They have been around forever, generally they do your advertising for you, they find those niche specific sites, or they build their own, they have high amounts of traffic that they can send to your site, some of it will inevitably convert to members/sales.  This is easy if you have your own site and a CCBill account because CCBill has an affiliate program that handles all of your payouts and what not.  It is not so easy if all you have are clips stores, because even the largest, clips4sale, doesn’t have an affiliate program in place, so tracking affiliate sales and paying your affiliates is on you.

Over time I expect this to change and affiliates will be more available to the do it yourself performers, but it is important to remember to not let your affiliate become a substitute for you, the affiliate make bring the customer to you but it will be the customer experience that keeps the customer buying from you.


In Summation and The Mike South Effect

Brandon irons wrote me thanking me for allowing him to have a voice here, I wrote him back and said no it was I who should thank him.  He sent me the following sales graph illustrating what he called The Mike South Effect, this coincided with a DVD royalty check he got for 51 dollars  Heres the graph  I removed the sales numbers because thats proprietary but the ratios are obvious.



As you can see his sales way more than doubled, this pleased him and it pleases me as well  I appreciate it when you guys need or want a product and you get it from my advertisers.  I want to say to Brandon and everyone who contributed…Thank You!  And the real beauty  I helped him make more money in one single day than he made in months on DVDs…

In summation everyone keyed on some important things, the most important of which I think is the relationship with the customer.  More on that in a sec.

What all of these guys did, myself included was to find a “niche”  in marketing it is called a vertical market.  The key to finding a niche is understanding it.  I learned a long time ago that if you try to shoot for a niche that you don’t understand, you are simply wasting time and money.  I thought hey….bondage…how hard can THAT be right?  tie girls up…easy.  Then I tried it.  Is it any wonder at all that it didn’t sell, I had no idea that the appearance of the knots, the color of the ropes….everything was important, it was an epic fail but I learned…go with what you know.

I discovered bukkake actually by accident…I did understand the facial niche, but I was hesitant to do a bukkake site because it felt too exploitative to me.  Debbie Leigh actually changed my mind, we were doing glamor photos and stuff for fun and when I mentioned the idea to her she jumped all over it, she said she would love to be “in control of that many cocks”.  I hadn’t thought of it that way, but she insisted and thats how was born.  To this day part of my interview process is designed to rule out girls that hate facials, yes I know there is a niche for that, but that isn’t in my comfort zone so I leave it for others.

As it turned out it worked for me, Brandon, Sam38G, Jeff and Krystal Orchid all pointed out similar experiences and that is the teachable moment.

When I made DVDs and VHS I was far removed from the consumer, even though I had a PO Box for people to contact me and later an email address I didn’t have a lot of customer contact.  The way porn worked then (and still does in Porn Valley) was  I shot and edited a video.  That video was then given to a manufacturer, say Elegant Angel.  Elegant angel made deals with distributors like IVD, GVA and metro Home Video to take product.  IVD GVA and Metro Home Video then sold the videos to Retailers who then sold/rented them to customers.  I got paid a percentage of the sales dollars to IVD, GVA and Metro, but I didn’t get paid until Elegant Angel got paid.  IVD was the best paying of the bunch they usually paid ninety days past due.  Metro was the worst, they paid 270 days past due and 1 in 3 of the checks would bounce.  They didn’t care  everyone and his brother was making porn they would intentionally try to starve you out.  Not to mention the would return unsold product for a credit so they would make a deal to take 8000 pieces, then they would return 7000 of them   meaning that they bought them for a quantity 8000 price which would be substantially lower than the quantity 1000 price…you get the picture.

And the real kicker is that these guys were the good guys…the bad ones would establish credit, run for about 3 to 6 months then bankrupt without ever paying, two weeks later a new distributor would pop up with the same owners.

My point here is that with clips4sale the ONLY middleman is clips4sale, they handle the credit card processing, some degree of marketing and they pay, on time, like clockwork.  To the customer there is the illusion that they are doing business directly with you, and to some degree that is correct because you have the customers info, you can email them, thanking them, or offering specials for good customers…In other words you have the ability to build a relationship with the customer and that relationship translates into dollars because they are buying from someone they like, and that someone is engaging them in a way that it furthers the customer experience, the customer  trusts you, and that is money in the bank…everyone here so far mentioned it.

I will be writing more on all of this and I am sure you can expect more from performers doing it themselves, its a win win win and I am very happy to be shifting a lot of focus off of the traditional Porn Valley methodology and onto this one.  This is where the real money is and I want to be a part of that.

Keep it coming y’all

Love you long time

Mike South


Sam38G Shares her Experience

This is why y’all should be reading comments as well as the articles, this one is a comment but its perfect for the topic and needs to be read. -Mike South

Brandon Iron Talks About His Experience Doing It Himself

brandonironHi Mike!

I’ve been with Manyvids since January 2016 and have had a satisfying experience.  My studio is currently ranked 9th out of 904 studios and I’ve reached a whole new audience with both new and old content.

Here’s what I’ve learned:  social media is crucial and you build your following one supporter at a time;  customers appreciate quick notes of thanks and interaction — you can’t pirate that.;  find ways to connect with fans of all orientations, kinks and fetishes (I offer store items that cater to gay fans and appreciate the support);  distributors’ power and influence has been reduced and sites like Manyvids empower all performers to express their creativity and be their own boss;  everyone loves getting a deal — use promo codes and offer free items.  Many paying customers return the favour after receiving a gift/discount;  quality outsells quantity — use the best camera you can;  I started offering 4K UHD content and will not go back for new shoots;  lastly, use all available tools to raise awareness of your brand.

Manyvids offers single clip sales, membership options, custom videos, Fund Me links, contests and daily traffic breakdowns. Take advantage and create multiple streams of income.  Monthly bonuses are paid to the Top 20 Monthly Earners and I’m proud to have been included on the list.

Many of my customers are collectors.  When they see a video with their favourite star, they buy it.  I deliberately set my price point to be affordable and give what I consider good value.  Interaction is one crucial way to combat piracy and fans respect someone who is also a fan.  Like recognises like.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train.


Brandon Iron

Jeff From Hit The Matt Gives a Male Owned Store Perspective

corivsyasminecatfightwrestlingHi Mike,

This is HTMJeff from the comments thread.  The company I work for is Hit the Mat on

HTM got it’s start doing small time customs on Yahoo around 2004 and finally opened a clip store on Clips4sale sometime in 2007.  My perspective is that of a male-owned studio, a female model’s perspective and experience can be different.

We grew our fanbase by offering direct customs from the start, and the repeat business guided our direction to where it is today.  C4S gives you the option of having your contact information and custom HTML on the top of your store, and producers should absolutely use it so you can interact with fans. Unfortunately C4S has gotten overprotective of their traffic and started  making it difficult to link to your own site, even if your site does nothing but supplement your C4S store with bonus content/previews etc.

Traffic/exposure is the major thing Clips4sale has over it’s more modern competitors (manyvids/iwantclips/kinkbomb).  The new sites also seem to be far more model/camgirl based, featuring them almost exclusively as opposed to studios (Manyvids is changing here, though). Their niches are also more limited and seem to be strongly femdom based, whereas C4S you can find an audience for so much more.  If you update regularly, you’ll likely see traffic from Clips4sale itself getting you some sales where I can’t say that’s as true for the new sites.  You have to drive your own traffic to them.

The one “regular porn” niche that seems to do well on most of them (except maybe Kinkbomb) is blowjobs.  You’ll find those featured on C4S’s top 50, Manyvids’s frontpage and IWantclips.  We haven’t gone that XXX ourselves yet but have been considering it.

My advice to anyone starting out or looking to get in to the clip game is get a presence on ALL of them, just in case C4S falters as it’s showing some signs of weakness.  The unambitious redesign, international payout issues, backend issues earlier this year are all signs of some trouble, so it’s good to have a backup plan since no one is on top forever. Word of warning though: If you link to your site from your C4S store and your site has links to competitor clip sites, C4S will likely block your link from their entire site.

If you have any questions or want further clarification, let me know!

Jeff Charleston – Hit the Mat

Wow You Guys Are Killing It!

My gut told me that this shift to more coverage of performers doing their own content would be a popular one but I wasn’t quite expecting the quality and quantity of people responding…..I am going to do a larger piece next week but right now I want to showcase the people taking their time and putting in the effort to help, If You read what they are saying it will help you make money, no matter who you are.  Jeff will be up in a few minutes, his story is excellent as is Brandon Irons who is also coming, probably tomorrow.

Thanks Guys, this is GREAT stuff!


Krystal Orchid Responds With her Experience

Krystal OrchidI’ve been reading your site for a few years now. Always interesting conversations and ideas presented about the industry.

I’m responding about performers working outside of Porn Valley. I definitely fall into that category. My boyfriend & I currently self produce our own smut for 2 Clips4Sale stores, a ManyVids studio and my own website. Are we successful? I’d say we’re doing pretty well without working within the confines of the mainstream industry.

I started in the adult entertainment industry kind of as a joke right after turning 18, I’m 21 now. I was looking for quick and easy cash and saw ads for web camming. My boyfriend had a vanilla job, but he agreed to jump into it with me. So, we started doing couple shows at night and I would cam alone during the day.  I did pretty well with it and always made sure to be grateful and humble to my paying fans who watched my shows.

Shortly after starting, a local producer reached out to me offering me some work in the pro-amateur market. Not quite ready to jump into mainstream porn all the way, I did a few hand job, solo & girl-girl scenes. It was at this point that I decided to start self producing as well. I was able to offer solo and boy-girl (with my boyfriend) content through Clips4Sale.

We taught ourselves how to edit content, work lighting, handle camera angles and make sure to market our content to the right audience. Twitter & other social media outlets worked amazingly and I found the key to good sales was to be approachable & appreciative of my fan base.

I have shot for fetish producers over the last few years and last year I did start filming boy-girl scenes outside of my relationship. Until recent, I did have a wonderful agent through Coxxx Models. However, I kept my work volume outside of my own product low, so I didn’t compete with myself. Does this mean I won’t work within the mainstream? Not at all. I’m just a little more choosey as to who I’ll work with that fits the image I’ve built and what my fan base appreciates.

Right now I offer a fetish oriented store on clips4sale and a “schoolgirl” themed store as well. Most of my content is available as well on ManyVids, where I opted to sell on there as a studio instead of as an independent girl. I use the friendships and contacts I’ve built in the industry to do trade shoots and I’m hoping to get to a point of doing paid shoots with talent for my content. Of course, all talent is tested through Talent Testing.

I want to also highlight that last summer I jumped on board with ModelCentro and started my own member site through them. It’s done better than I could have ever dreamed. That site is 100% me and I’m really proud of it. While it’s still a growing site, I’m able to offer clips, photos, more direct access to fans, cam shows and personal blog updates. ModelCentro is constantly working on adding new features to it and it’s a great tool for independent performers like myself to really express my brand.  Because that’s really the key, performers need to brand themselves in this business.

I want to express that it can be done. That performers and smaller studios can make it work in this business. I am not against the mainstream and would even love to shoot some in that arena to expand my market a little further. But overall, I’m content where I’m at. My advice to new performers or people looking to get into the industry is figure your brand out, try a few things and see what works for you. Shoot what you love and the fans will come. Yes, the paying fans who appreciate what you’re doing. Stay active on social media and make sure to interact with people as much as you can. Networking is also key. I’ve not gone to AVN yet, but I’ve made it a point to attend FetishCon, NightMoves Awards & EXXXotica to meet fans and industry alike. Try out different platforms for your brand. If you’re a solo girl or a couple, try camming so you’re not just a photo or just a video. Most importantly (though it sounds corny and cliche’), stay honest and stay true to you.

I’d like to think I’ve done decently for myself in 3 years. I do decently on cam, my studios through each platform have generally been in the top or the top of the categories I post my content under (especially the teen market lol) and my website is growing everyday (seriously, member sites are NOT dead if you interact with the fans regularly). I have steady income, I pay all of my bills on time, taxes and even health insurance coverage. That’s what I’ve been able to do at 21. Oh yeah, and I’m also a college student living on my own. I’m in porn for the long haul, but right now it’s not a lifetime career.

Anyways, I hope that’s some feedback for you. Keep rockin’, Mike.

Here are the links to my sites:

Hugs & Kisses!
Krystal Orchid

Thank You Krystal this is GREAT! You hit on a lot of VERY important topics that I will be mentioning in the coming week….Good job!

kobanner-6 Does a BIG Article on MindGeek Quotes Me MindGeek Settles With Hush Hush

Unless you are fluent in French you will have to run this through google translate, it is a 9 part series in which I was sourced, as was Alex Helmy from XBiz, to me it was clear that Helmy was licking the boots of his masters but you can decide for yourself.  On another note the article mentions that MindGeek has settled the lawsuit with Hush Hush, more on that later.

Here are the links (French)

The FSC Gets Advice, From Me

I got copied on an internal FSC email,  I am not sure how that happened but it amused me enough that I actually gave them honest and what I think to be good advice.

The gist of the email was asking how to best defeat Prop 60:

My thoughts:

heres the thing….I do get what Weinstein is doing.

He wants to give himself the ability to sue for the money he spends on porn performers  that get HIV, he cant write a law that gives him that standing without the standing being given to everyone else as well (equal protection)

Thats why it is written the way it is, even if 60 does pass (I am honestly ambivalent about it at this point) it has a LONG way to go before anyone will collect any money….the law itself will be challenged, and should it be found to be constitutional the first thing a judge will have to rule on is “standing”.  Because of the financial impact  on AHF at this point Weinstein would likely win  but the average Joe would not.

The idea that lawyers will be advertising on TV to sue porn stars is ludicrous, every attorney I talked to in Cali indicated that they would only be inclined to consider a suit under this law if they got a 10K retainer and that is only if it doesn’t go to trial.  How many “citizens” do you know that would even consider this?

So when you look at the big picture pass or fail prop 60 won’t do much in the long run.  I think The FSC would be better off spending it’s limited resources on a post production method of removing the condom from the product…or even just using condoms, at least for the foreseeable future….Porners are spending a LOT of money fighting a battle that they cant possibly hope to win….Even if 60 goes down in defeat  the next challenge by AHF is waiting to be sprung, compared to Porn Valley, they have unlimited resources.  Porn Valley should stop playing the short game and start playing a long game IM not so HO

That said The single best thing we could do as an industry TODAY would be to get with the union section headed by Melissa Hill and Sean Michaels and Alana Evans and iron out an agreement by which producers pay for testing and an intent to cover expenses for workplace illnesses….and make that VERY public.

I even got a response, I won’t say who it is from but It is from someone you would all recognize, a large company owner.

“Mike you don’t know what you are talking about. You can for add a condom in post production. CGI that is prohibitively expensive. And people don’t pay for condom porn. It is entertainment just like action movies that kill 10 plus stunt people a year”

“Again you are economically ignorant. It is irrelevant who pays for the test. It is a cost of production. If producers pay (silly inefficient because a test is used by multiple producers in a two week period) then there is less for talent. Talent is compensated now by the competitive price paid for a scene”

to which my response was

I can tell you that I have been condom optional for a very long time and I can show you years of data that show that condoms made no difference. Your niche may vary, admitted but as for post production there are several potential ways to deal with condoms

1. make a condom that looks like a penis….this is actually easily done it would be a specialty item for porners but its an easy one these days.

2. make a condom that more easily facilitates chroma keying….this is probably fairly expensive but nowhere near as pricey as trying to fight off an adversary that has hundreds of millions of dollars they are willing to throw at this.

3. female condoms….this one is actually pretty easily hidden all the way around.

While I would agree that in the long run the cost of testing is always going to be borne by the performer, its simple economics, the point is the perception of the public as to whom is bearing the cost. Managing perception is absolutely the FSC’s weakest point. Perception influences more than anything how voters will vote, you of all people know that…being Libertarian.

Tell me again how I dont know what I am talking about?

Actually I welcome this discourse, someone there actually cared enough to respond and that is promising, albeit not very.

Do You Have A Store On Clips4Sale or ManyVids READ THIS

I want to try taking things to a different direction, it is clear to me that the traditional model of porn is a dinosaur as is the traditional idea of a “porn star”

What I want to do is showcase the performers doing it themselves.  I want your ideas on how I might do this among other things maybe review clips4sale stores (or manyvids), maybe girls or guys who have stores can submit articles or even become authors.  It gives you a chance to reach A LOT of readers and expose them to your personality and your products.  I think it would be interesting to understand how you grew your fan base in this day and age.  What can do to help you and to help others?  This site gets a high amount of traffic and more importantly a lot of mainstream attention (that is about to go up exponentially) so what you share or write here will convert to money no doubt.

If you are a store owner selling your own product or if you are a customer of these sites how can provide you with information that would have value?


comment here or send me an email

I want to be on the cutting edge and Porn Valley ain’t it….

Time To Shift Focus A Bit RIP Porn Valley

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and he pointed out that Prop 60 really doesn’t concern him and when he told me why it struck a chord.  For starters he has always been condom optional but more to the point he doesn’t depend on Porn Valley any longer for his livelihood.

He pointed out that Porn Valley is dead and that the few zombies left wandering around there just haven’t figured it out yet.  I kind of scoffed but then he challenged me…He said I will bet you that sells more videos per day than everyone in Porn Valley combined.

Whoa.  I thought hey Porn Valley is a multi billion dollar business that cant be so but the more I thought about it and the more I looked at the numbers at clips4sale…he is right.  I know girls that pull 7K a month and more just doing one scene a week to update their clips4sale stores,  that is way more than even the top pornchicks make on a per scene basis.

The future, as he pointed out is in direct to consumer sales, the days of a producer like me selling my video to a manufacturer who then sells it to a manufacturers rep who then sells it to a retail who then sells it to you are gone and the days of buying them straight from a manufacturers rep like an online store aren’t far behind it.  Nobody seems to want porn cluttering up the video case anymore…hell there isnt a video case, everything is delivered directly via the internet, stored locally on a hard drive or in a cloud someplace.

As for Prop 60 there is a reason why HIV outbreaks are far fewer and farther between….it is because Porn Valley isn’t shooting anywhere near as much….I remember for example when Elegant Angel Video released 4 new titles per week, now it is 4 per month if that many.  I remember when Vivid actually released videos…now they don’t Vivid only does celebrity sex tapes, they have diversified OUT of the traditional porn valley product.

Wicked Pictures seems to be keeping pace….an interesting thing about that is that Wicked is and has been, all condom.

My friend pointed out that the only people who give a fuck about condoms are the guys that can’t get it up while wearing one, the result on sales of condom porn are simply negligible. He points out that his condoms scenes sell the same as his non condom ones and I have to admit that to be the case for me as well.  Maybe at one time the consumer cared but not any more.

In the end this pretty much makes prop 60 moot to all but a handfull of companies in porn who are still able to sell enough product to keep the lights on, and for those companys prop 60 is a sort of sword of Damocles, hanging there by a thread to finish them off.

My Phone Has Been Ringing Off The Hook On Prop 60

Mostly people wanting comments on Prop 60.

It seems that most of the media thinks that this is a condom law, if you look at the headlines, they all say it.  So and so against condom law, or law will require porn performers to use condoms.  if that is what they think I don’t waste my breath.

Prop 60 is is no way shape or form a condom law.  the condom laws are already on the books, prop 60 is nothing more than an enforcement tool, giving the people who have been paying the bills for pornographers fuck ups a way to recoup that money.

On the now rare occasion that I do grant an interview to someone on Prop 60 I have to admit it kinda pains me…I am not big on government control but I am bigger on taking care of our performers, not putting their health at risk and treating them more like human beings and less like livestock, hell farmers take better care of the health of  their livestock.

I gave an interview to a highly respected national magazine last week and I am interested in seeing how it turns out, the reporter clearly understands the issues, both sides.

One thing I want to say to performers, when you speak to a reporter who doesn’t care they are going to parrot what you say so be sure you don’t say things that hurt your cause, like affirming that Prop 60 is a condom law….You see most of mainstream America thinks you SHOULD have to use condoms.

On the other hand when you speak to a reporter who is trying to do a good job and you lie to them, they REALLY don’t like it.  I found myself defending one of the outspoken female performers on prop 60 by telling the reporter that she really wasn’t intentionally lying, she was simply regurgitating what her less than adept handlers at The FSC had told her to say, she really, clearly doesn’t grasp the intent or the history of Prop 60.  needless to say she did far more to harm her cause than she did to help it.

I am bothered by prop 60 to be sure but what bothers me more is that there is, in any way, a necessity for prop 60, as an industry we really can do better….At least I would like to think we can.


Backpage CEO arrested

Over the past two years I’ve been watching this unfold and can’t say I’m surprised charges came about. Given the number of legislators behind inquiries into business practices it would have been a shock if no charges were the end of this saga. The specific charges for the top three guys at Backpage were a surprise as was California issuing the initial indictments.

Carl Ferrer was held in Texas on a $500,000 bond for a extradition hearing. California issued an arrest warrant for felony charges of pimping a minor, pimping and conspiracy to commit pimping. Money laundering charges were added today by the Texas Attorney General.  After the hearing where he waived extradition his lawyer, Thomas Hilder said Ferrer plans to vigorously fight the charge.

California has also issued arrest warrants for the site’s controlling shareholders, Michael Lacey and James Larking for conspiracy to commit pimping. In California felony pimping is defined as making money off of prostitutes or soliciting customers for prostitution. Both shareholders are on record as Arizona residents, no word if they’ve surrendered or been arrested yet.

They say politics makes for strange bedfellows and this case proves it with Republican Senator Rob Portman from Ohio and Democrat Senator Claire Mc Caskill from Missouri sponsoring a resolution for contempt charges against Backpage when they stonewalled a Congressional subpoena for business records last February.

Some months before the contempt resolution things were looking up for Backpage when the 7th Circuit granted a temporary injunction to thwart Cook County (Chicago) Sheriffs going after their credit card processors. In March a separate court dismissed a civil case by three women who were trafficked underage via ads on the site.

Things went downhill last month when the US Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling forcing Back page and Ferrer had to comply with the Congressional Subpoena. Their First Amendment assertions failed and the ruling also effectively eliminated constitutional protections under the Communications Decency Act of 1996.

Now that the facts are out of the way the general gist that came my way as this unfolded. Internet site owners have gotten a pass not available to brick & mortar merchants with respect to making shelf space for third party goods. Discount ‘dollar’ stores often purchase items for resale that run afoul of US  standards. Those items are site tested, seized for further testing without government reimbursement or recourse; leaving them at the mercy of whoever sold them the bad goods. This happens all the time with too much lead content in (kids) jewelry,  hair accessories or toys. The same consequences apply if trademark infringing counterfeit goods are found on their shelf.

Yelp’s recent issue with a court order to remove a third party post after the third party didn’t defend a defamation suit and couldn’t be found gives me an inkling these rulings are going to have a big impact on the Internet of Things. In the end this is much bigger than arbitrary age limits for consenting adults to commodity sex as their livelihood.


Kratom Has Been Given A Reprive

In an interesting turn of events it seems that a bipartisan group of congressmen and women pressured the DEA to back off of it’s plan to make Kratom a Schedule 1 drug on Oct 1, 2016.  The result being the DEA backed down, for the time being.

I am pleased to announce that the ads for PA Botanicals are back online and they have assured me that they will have all Kratom products back in stock within the week.  There are a limited number of products in stock now.

P A Botanicals is a trusted vendor of botanical products and I have never gotten a complaint about their products or their service, matter of fact I have gotten only high marks for both.

While the fight is not over, the DEA could choose to move forward and reschedule Kratom at any time this is a victory for freedom.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to stock up if you use Kratom.  Kratom will last pretty much forever if you keep it in your freezer.

These are the Congresspersons who signed the letter to the DEA asking them NOT to ban Kratom, You might want to keep these names in mind come election day, they did the right thing.

Mark Pocan, D-Wis.
Matt Salmon, R-Ariz.
John Conyers, D-Mich.
Hank Johnson, D-Ga.
Tim Ryan, D-Ohio
Jared Polis, D-Colo
Adam Smith, D-Wash.
Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif.
Joe Heck, R-Nev.
John Yarmuth, D-Ky.

Steve Cohen, D-Tenn.
Dan Benishek, R-Mich.
Mark Sanford, R-S.C.
Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C.
Keith Ellison, D-Minn.
Steve Israel, D-N.Y.
Ted Poe, R-Texas
Gerald Connolly, D-Va.
Betty McCollum, D-Minn.
Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.

Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii
Gwen Moore, D-Wis.
Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio
Tom Graves, R-Ga.
Justin Amash, R-Mich.
Michael Honda, D-Calif.
Barbara Lee, D-Calif.
Raúl Labrador, R-Idaho
Peter DeFazio, D-Ore.
Scott Tipton, R-Colo.

Julia Brownley, D-Calif.
Morgan Griffith, R-Va.
Jim Costa, D-Calif.
Suzan DelBene, D-Wash.
Denny Heck, D-Wash.
Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.
Dave Brat, R-Va.
Scott Peters, D-Calif.
Tom Emmer, R-Minn.
Paul Gosar, R-Ariz.

Suzanne Bonamici, D-Ore.
Michael Capuano, D-Mass.
Leonard Lance, R-N.J.
Frank LoBiondo, R-N.J.
Bobby Scott, D-Va.
Lois Frankel, D-Fla.
Steve King, R-Iowa
Thomas Massie, R-Ky.
Walter Jones, R-N.C.
Richard Hudson, R-N.C.

Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga.