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  • Uncle Peg Michael Whiteacre Gets Restraining Order On Him (7)
    • LurkingReader: Not on board with advocating the bubba brigade as it seems time alone, away from the incessant social media affirmations he pursues...
    • mharris127: Now the only questions are how long will it take for the five bubba brigade to “welcome” Whiteacre into the jail and will...
    • LurkingReader: Too bad he doesn’t have the cash it takes to be anything more than a Joe Francis wannabe
  • Word Is That Ninas test was A False Positive (11)
    • LurkingReader: @jilted Labs holding themselves to a higher standard is a great point. Having read the lit re tests they all come with data for...
    • mharris127: For the record I did not intend to accuse Jilted of actually releasing a false result. However, no matter how fastidious the lab a...
    • jilted: @harris, Without knowing what ‘confirmatory’ tests were done any comment would be pure speculation. If by confirmatory they...
  • New HIV Performer That Tested Positive (34)
    • jilted: Exactly, And every single time a porn company has exhausted their OSHA appeals, not one single company has then taken it to court. Not one...
    • LurkingReader: Lol! APAC doesn’t want someone like Sabrina who advocates education and professionalism as a means to maintain healthy...
    • LurkingReader: @jilted Saw the one industry statements too. Now who is being discriminated against? Straight performers bearing the cost of testing...
    • LurkingReader: @jilted Going through OSHA appeals process isn’t an alternative to the courts, it’s a prerequisite. OSHA and WC work the...

Uncle Peg Michael Whiteacre Gets Restraining Order On Him

I pushed this back to the top for the weekend because it is VERY clear that Uncle Peg, Michael Whiteacre has stepped off the deep end, if there is anything I can do to rid the industry of this turd, I will… and yes that even means sending him to jail, because really that’s his best chance… if he isn’t incarcerated and given the opportunity to reflect on how he got to that point he will likely kill or permanently injure his wife and or someone else…

I do believe that this latest incident will result in Judge Anne Zimmerman re-instating his 6 month suspended sentence and his probation being revoked.

I actually have a note from one of his neighbors that I will be posting soon. Ari Bass is a bigger threat to our industry than HIV will ever be, and it pleases me to know that everytime I post about him he goes way off the deep end and incriminates himself more and more.

Demonstrating contempt for the orders of the judge is a foolish move Peg, very foolish.

Heres the Restraining Order Uncle peg best watch his alligator mouth now, lest it overload his hummingbird ass.

restraining order_Page_1

restraining order_Page_2

restraining order_Page_3

restraining order_Page_4

Word Is That Ninas test was A False Positive

This JUST came to me from her agent

This is good news and the moratorium has been lifted

But PLEASE people  do NOT ever shoot when you are experiencing flu like symptoms



Radio Interview With Performer Who Tested Positive Yesterday She Talks About Working With Flu Like Symptoms.

OK it’s now out of the bag the performer is Nina Elle (who has since tested negative I am told) ,  on her confirmatory test but for the purposes of this article that is irrelevant.
What is relevant is that she did an interview yesterday prior to finding out she had tested positive. The VERY first thing she talks about is her flu like symptoms and how she has to continue to shoot. You can listen to it here

Performers….If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms, sore throught congestion etc you should absolutely NOT be shooting.

despite the claim by The FSC that the 1st generation list is small this girl has worked a lot recently for big companies including Brazzers, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Jules Jordan and Wicked.

Because she is far enough along to exhibit flu like symptoms if you have worked or been with with her recently please get tested immediately regardless of her status better safe than sorry.

If you have had contact with her in the last 30 days and have NOT been notified that you have been exposed I would like to hear about that, you may remain anonymous of course.



APAC Lets The Truth Slip

Looking over the press release from APAC I noticed a few very interesting comments. Just the fact that APAC acknowledges certain realities in the industry is a breath of fresh air. Now lets take a very close look at one of the realities that APAC acknowledges.

“The blending of gay and staight performers; transgenders and cisgenders performers’ queer, homo- and heterosexual sexualities; is an increasing reality in our business. THERE IS NO “GAY” AND “STRAIGHT” INDUSTRY, even if their are gay and straight audiences.

I absolutely agree with this statement. But I think this truthful statement poses a problem for the often repeated FSC claim of ‘no onset transmissions.” Certainly the FSC is fully aware, as is virtually every peformer, gay or straight, that the “gay” industry has ALOT of HIV infected performers. Does the FSC recognize, as the PERFORMERS do, that their is no seperation of the industries, and does that no onset transmission statement include the gay industry? Of course not. The sheer number of HIV positive gay performers is something you will never hear the FSC talk about, especially when talking about condoms, and on set transmissions.

But there is another industry that the APAC press release does not mention, and that is the escort industry. Everytime HIV happens, escorting, and unsafe sex “outside” the industry becomes a hot topic. But with the huge percentage of performers, male and female, gay and straight who escort it is time for the porn industry, and APAC to acknowledge that their is no seperation between porn and escorting either. How many members of APAC can be found on escort sites? And another well known reality is that escorting is often done with the assistance of the porn industry talent agents. Escorting has become as common as herpes. It is the same people, having multiple partner sex, sometimes with a camera and sometimes without. STD’s do not know if their is a camera in the room.

So have your cake and eat it too, but this statement from APAC is far more telling when you dig just a few inches below the surface. I congradulate APAC for being honest about the gay and straight indsutries, now lets see APAC take on the escorting issue. Better yet, lets see the FSC address these issues that the performers have recognized publicly.

The Latest on The Latest HIV Positive Performer

At this point everyone who wants to know who it is knows. It doesn’t take long for these things to get out. When you have say a dozen people called and told they are on a “quarantine” list” they start comparing notes and come up with the answer.

Word is she will come forward on her own so I am standing by my decision to hold off publishing any names.

She is all over escort sites and that seems to be an issue with a lot of people. She has been in the biz for about a year and is represented by a LATATA Agency. My heart goes out to the young lady as well as to those she exposed. I hope this turns out to be a false positive but the fact that it has gotten this far would seem to indicate that it is unlikely. One thing that I noticed but doesn’t surprise me is that her name got out VERY quickly, performers are not in sync with The FSC line about letting them tell you all you need to know.

So Once again the industry is facing a situation that is happening all too often and apparently The FSC hasn’t learned anything from the previous events. I am sure at some point today Diane will start chirping about it wasn’t an on set transmission. What the Free Speech Coalition won’t tell you is that there were a number of on set exposures, ask anyone on the quarantine list about that.

This certainly came at a convenient time for her considering the hot water she is in over her inappropriate relationship with Jeffery Douglas but that will be revisited later on. Again I call for porners to clean house in that thoroughly corrupt organization. They should NOT be affiliated with testing in any way shape or form, there is not one single person in that organization that is qualified to make any medical or public health decision, and when you think about it you all know that its Manwin who is really calling those shots.

Again Thank you to my readers and my sources for keeping me way ahead of everyone else on this situation.

The Latest on The HIV Positive Performer

I just got off the phone with someone directly involved…heres the latest

She was not scheduled to shoot with but the story leaked out from Kink making it appear there was more of a connection.

She has not yet gotten the confirmatory test results. According to my source all of her 1st generation and on set exposures have been notified and are retesting.

When the confirmatory test comes back I am told that they will get in front of it, that there will be transparency.

New HIV Performer That Tested Positive

Word coming through is that it is a female performer and it was indeed a shoot

For the time being I am going to with hold further info and give her and her agency the chance to make a statement.

Breaking Story Moratorium Called for By FSC

Apparently there has been another HIV positive affiliated with Kink.
Whatever the reason for the moratorium it came either from CET or some other PASS affiliated clinic. Word is TTS had no knowledge of it until this broke.

It is confirmed that it is an HIV positive in the biz

No word yet on how many on set exposures there are, but I should get more info soon

More as this breaks

AVN Doesn’t Place Much Value In An AVN Award

I bet he wont cum in your mouth either.

I bet he wont cum in your mouth either.


Apparently several people who won AVN Awards this year never got their awards, why not remains unclear but AVN’s Theo Sapoutzis promised that the awards would be sent to them, this was back in January.  It is now almost September and they still haven’t gotten the Awards.

I asked Theo about this two months ago and Theo assured me that it was a mix up at the trophy company and that they would be shipped to the winners by the end of the month

Ya right…the checks in the mail right Theo?

If AVN doesn’t place any value on their awards why should anyone else?  I’d bet you Fish woulda never let this happen.  When and if the awards ever actually go out I will let y’all know, but I wouldn’t hold my breath with the lot at Manwin calling the shots over there at AVN.


Jeffrey Douglas and Diane Duke Are Having an Affair, According to Eyewitnesses

Theres a Visual I could lived without...these two screwing....while screwing FSC contributors apparently.

Theres a Visual I could lived without…these two screwing….while screwing FSC contributors apparently.

OK I have been alluding to this for a while, it came across my radar about a month ago but something like this is very difficult to run down specially when you are protecting a source or sources.

Under normal circumstances I dont much care who is fucking around with whom, I mean this is porn everyone fucks everyone in one way or another, but in this case it is entirely inappropriate, not so much because Douglas and Duke are both married (Diane to a female) but because They are both on the board of The Free Speech Coalition and Jeffrey bills Diane for “services rendered” and Diane pays him.

It first got my attention when it jumped from just rumor mill stuff to someone who could verify it for sure.  That someone has an affiliation with Sanctuary LAX.  Sanctuary LAX is a BDSM club owned by…guess who….Kink and Peter Acworth.  My source verified that Sanctuary LAX was the hook up spot for Douglas and Diane.  Apparently they “weren’t being as discreet as they thought they were.”

I have verified that Dianes wife does in fact know and that Douglas may have been confronted by her, that part is more rumor but it does fit.

It also explains why Douglas has been kept around.  Interestingly enough I have a pretty good bit of evidence that Diane isn’t the first Director of The FSC that Douglas has been screwing around with, apparently he has a long history of it.

When I posted that I didn’t understand why The FSC kept him around I got a lot of emails explaining it and they mostly all said the same thing.

So once again here we have evidence that shows that The Free Speech coalition is corrupt to it’s very core.  The money people give to them has sent Douglas and Duke on quite a few romantic getaways under the guise of business.  At what point will the people who fund the FSC say enough is enough and clean house over there?


Some People Just Ain’t Too Bright

Funny how prosecutors don't think stuff like this is all that witty #stupidshitcriminalsdo

Funny how prosecutors don’t think stuff like this is all that witty #stupidshitcriminalsdo

People that know Uncle Peg aka Michael Whiteacre ie  Ari Scott Bass know him for what he is.  A coward who beats up his wife,  the same wife that pays all his bills and keeps a roof over his head, he has no job and prior to her he lived off his mommy and daddy.

Whenever he knows he has been busted he starts with his same old tactic  deflect, make up shit and then tell them he hopes they die of cancer.

Of course I was a target today but that don’t bother me really  I am ALWAYS a target for this buffoon.

Uncle Peg took it on himself to visit Patrick Stone last weekend and decided to do a Donny Long on him today.  The problem is all he did was to highlight the illegal shit that he (Uncle Peg) and Kink are doing.

To hear him tell it  he went to question Patrick last week and Patrick “ran away”, the truth is quite a bit different and you will understand why suddenly its so important for him to do a smear campaign on Patrick.

You see Peg was in San Francisco because his wife was attending some conference there and he went with her.  ( No word if leaving the state without permission is a violation of his probation but we will assume he had permission to leave.

Since he had nothing else to do because Christina Parreira was at that conference he decided to stalk Patrick, calling and showing up at his place of employment.  No doubt he was hoping that Stone might whip his cowardly ass so he could sue but instead Patrick did as he should have and called police to handle the situation, and Uncle Peg ran.

To hear Peg tell it he was going to question Patrick but that isn’t how the police saw it.  Combined with documentation of previous threats the police took down the report and suggested that Patrick get a restraining order, he did, the judge had no problem issuing a restraining order after seeing the evidence.

And guess what happened today when Uncle Peg appeared in court….he was served that restraining order.  Now I am sure that the judge and the prosecutor are now aware of this and seeing that Uncle peg is already on probation with a suspended sentence for his first assault charge in january (He has at least two more since then but both happened before he was sentenced on the first charge)

So what you have is the karma train pulling into the station in Henderson Nevada.  I don’t know if that restraining order would be a violation of his probation or not but I was kind enough to notify both the judge and the prosecutors office that it did happen and should they see fit Uncle Peg could have his probation lifted at anytime and maybe he will be sharing a cell with Jonathon Koppenhaver for a while.

So ya see…now it all makes sense why he wants to create a diversion to deflect from his own criminal activities.

Its too bad he never passed the bar and doesnt have anything he owns because I have an open and shut case against him for libel per se, but whats the point?  spend 10K just to get a judgement against a broke ass loser with no job and no assets?  not even a credit card (he uses his wifes)…Ya we did discovery….

Anyway in the end I expect he will pay for his transgressions and I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I spoke directly with the prosecutor, provided him with evidence and agreed to testify if I am needed… Apparently there are quite a few of us, according to the prosecutor.

Have a nice day Uncle Peg, hope I am on your mind a lot.




Uncle Peg Gets his Case Continued

Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, better known to his girls as “Uncle Peg”  got his domestic violence case continued today in Nevada.  The new trial date is Oct 28 2014.

That gives him time to fuck up even more.

He also has a pending court date in September on a different charge.

I have new  info on Uncle Peg but am not yet at liberty to release it, as soon as I can, I will.


A Cherry By Any Other Name

Usually what you read here isn’t about someone in porn who actually does something good. I know it happens everyday but rarely does anyone tell me about it like they do when someone is doing scummy stuff.

I shoot girls who do great all the time but to me that isn’t news because I am paying them to do a good job, I am demanding and they rise to the occasion. In my years I have discovered and shot first lots of girls that did very well Anna Malle, Melissa Hill, Anastasia Blue, Felicia Fox and many more, I recognized the potential in Kayden Kross and got her her contract at Adam and Eve, when she left there I worked very hard to convince Jewn at Digital Playground that even though she wasn’t new she was a good fit for DP.

Certain girls just jump out at me as being well above the average pornchick. Kayden Kross was one such girl.

Most of the girls I shoot have no desire to go to Porn Valley and become pornstars.

I shot a girl last year around this time who called herself Giovanna, I immediately saw something in her, she wasn’t your skinny little blonde porn chick with tits too big for her body, she was extraordinarily feminine and sexy with this prettiest face I have seen in porn in a long long time. Heres her photo:

Cherry Morgan, she called herself Giovanna at the time

Cherry Morgan, she called herself Giovanna at the time

And here’s a no nudity youtube video of her

After shooting her I told her that I didn’t think the name Giovanna fit her properly and later at dinner we all decided tha she was more of a Cherry, she liked it and it stuck.

I shot her several times over the last year and she just gets better and better

These pics are from Saturday Night They are totally unretouched, and she did her own makeup.

Cherry Morgan - unretouched photo, she did her own make up

Cherry Morgan – unretouched photo, she did her own make up

Cherry Morgan

Cherry Morgan

OK so you are prolly going okokok we get it you like her. I do like her she is a good friend and like family to me but there is a point to all this….

In addition to shooting for my sites I also shoot content with girls I have access to for others (not Manwin though LOL)

I was shooting Cherry Saturday night for a company. they supplied the male talent and I basically shot and directed what they wanted. Without going into details Cherry single handed saved a scene that would otherwise had to have been scrapped the male talent had some performance issues but instead of just giving up and blowing it off she turned it into a great scene that was both fun and believable, she did it off the cuff, with no direction and really blew me away. I thought that with just some acting classes and or a good coach she could really act, not since Melissa Hill have I shot a girl who could really act.

So now I am giving credit where its due.

Cherry Morgan will be coming to the LA area in mid to late September if you want a glamorous girl who looks like a blonde Jessica Rabbit, enjoys doing what she does, is totally pleasant and drug and drama free and will do a great job for you with a smile, book Cherry Morgan through ATMLA. You won’t be disappointed.

Now all that said…don’t worry I haven’t gone soft tomorrow is Uncle Pegs Court date and you can bet I will report on it, I also have a piece coming on The FSC that will surprise you…even coming from me.

I do want to run some more positive stuff on the biz so if you think you have something or someone that deserves a positive mention do send me the story. That’s not an invite for PR people to send me bits about how Chanel Preston can play Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” with her poots. (Well if you have video go for it!)

Finally I have been Ice Bucket Challenged thats coming later…..

Beware The Angry Midget In Florida – Reader Mail

The Jeffrey Douglas story is developing and good lord is it fucked up….That should be coming on Monday.

This isn’t the first time I have heard about these two scumbags,  If anyone has photos of them lmk  meantime ladies, avoid these two…

Hello Mike,

Below is my recount of the horrible experience I had with Mr. Valinski (real name VALENSKY SYLVAIN ) and Jack Moore (Real Name Thomas Thompson). It’s my understanding they are now working as partners and still doing this to girls at Jack’s home. Valinski also told me his agency was Motley Models and I sent a screen pic of him saying that and wanting his illegal percentage from me. Please let me know if you need anything else. I really want people to know what they did so they don’t do it to more girls. I’m not stupid I know this is porn but I expected to work and make money, not be “trained” and treated like a sex slave.

Day 1 6/23/14

I arrived in Orlando from Michigan on June, 23rd 2014. I was picked up at the airport by Mr. Valinski and Jack Moore. I was then taken to Jack Moore’s home located at 4010 Estancia way, Melbourne 32934. It was late and when we go to the house I was shown 3 rooms. One room was vacant and I was told that’s where models stay but I wasn’t a model yet so I’d have to sleep with one of them. Shortly after I was told to masturbate with the toy I’d brought and pose for some pics with a Spunk lube bottle. After that I was told I needed to be industry trained and to have sex with both of them and double penetrated. Then told I had to sleep with Jack that night.

Day 2 6/24/14

Another training session, I was to give head to both of them. They said they wanted to make sure I was ready. The b/g scene I shot with Jack for his site was the only time I was paid and Valinski took 20% of that. They kept me in the house for the next 2 days not booking me any work and telling me I had to sleep with them to make sure I could perform. The only thing he said he had for me was a site called facial abuse and it was $900. I told him no way would I do something like that. I found out later they actually pay $1200 and Valinski was taking to other $300. I still wouldn’t do it but he was trying to rip me off and make me pay him a percentage.

I contact the scout who sent me to them and he called Mr. V telling him to stop and leave me alone. He did not. He tried to have sex with me again after telling me not to tell anyone what goes on. I ran out of the room and went outside to call a friend. I just needed to talk to someone. Valinski came outside and tried to talk to me again. My friend tried to call and text me 15 times and when he couldn’t reach me he called the police. When Jack called me to the front door I was surprised to see them. When they asked me if there was any problems I scared to say anything because Jack was standing beside me so I said I was ok. I slept outside that night so they wouldn’t touch me and waited for them to leave in the morning so I could leave. The scout that sent me was able to put me in contact with a legitimate producer who helped me get to a train station and to Tampa. He let me stay at his model house in my own private room all by myself. I left the next day for home.

The producer that helped me out of that hell talked with me and explained how things really should work and that girls are not trained or need to prove they can perform. I feel stupid and taken advantage of. I’m still recovering because I still have to relive it. I found out Valinski wasn’t even tested so I immediately went to the hospital to get tested and checked for diseases. I was always being watched and couldn’t call or text my friends. THEY NEVER LEFT ME ALONE. I was scared, alone and I hate them both for what they did to me.

Emily M.

At fetishcon, Angry Midget (Valinski) and his male talent Magnum were telling girls they needed to do a test shoot with Magnum. After he got called out on Twitter about telling girls that, he later said it was just if they wanted to. Valinski is also sending girls to Tampa Bukkake and Dirty D who uses untested guys doesn’t even test himself.

Douglas Declares Bankruptcy

One thing I left out of the previous post is that Douglas declared bankruptcy and defaulted on about 100K in debt,  yet another reason to ask why The FSC keeps him around?   Nothing illegal about filing bankruptcy or anything but it does demonstrate a lack of responsibility.


Im startng to get some tips on all of this  the most credible of which is VERY interesting.