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  • Who Won Last Nights Debate? (7)
    • joeschmoe: It just baffles me that birther stuff actually makes a presidential debate in 2016 . Obama is leaving office for fucks sakes, why would...
    • Sean Tompkins: Donny is my man. All the way for the GOP.
    • Toby: I’ll repeat what I said in a discussion earlier today in a different forum… I’d love to see a viable third party candidate...
    • SabrinaDeep: Who won? That’s an easy answer. All those entities, more or less ghostly, who financed and are financing Donald’s and...
    • Karmafan: The fact her husband pushed NAFTA and it ruined the job market in the country and all our good paying MFG jobs went to other countries...
    • schlermy: As the quality of this once great country(which profited enormously by enslaving other humans) goes down so do its leaders. In the...
    • Karmafan: Doesn’t matter who won, the American people lost. Neither of them is worth being President. One is a lifelong sneaky political hack...
  • Mike Kulich Found Dead (5)
    • mharris127: My understanding is benzos alone are hard to OD on but if a person takes a few hard pulls from a fifth of whiskey/vodka/tequila/rum/...
    • LurkingReader: Too young to die. His son proved he was a warrior through leukemia yet can’t imagine this won’t be a tough blow for...
    • MikeSouth: It was an OD apparently benzos (xanax) and alcohol, Mike was a young guy and he pushed the envelope of taste at times, his press... Quote Of The Day

I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly. - Winston Churchill


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Who Won Last Nights Debate?

According to the ratings most of you watched last nights presidential debate, that is if you watched anything, and in the aftermath the big question was Who Won?

Clinton supporters are certain that their girl won, trump supporters are certain that their man won.

I don’t know who won, but I do know who lost.  We did.  You and I, the very people that these two politicians want to represent.  We lost because the uniparty, that being the coalition that is the Democrats and Republicans are so afraid that you will break ranks with politics as usual that they won’t allow Gary Johnson into the debates.  Never mind the fact that he is the only other candidate that is on the ballot in all 50 states.

Had he been there, maybe we would have heard a lot more substance and a lot less bitching at each other….I mean lets face it birther or not and whether he won the exchange or not, was that a topic that was really worth  the time given to it?  The fact is most people don’t care, myself included.  Nor do I care about Trumps tax returns or who Hillarys baby daddy is.

How about spending that time addressing how the two of them will stop the wholesale marketing of our constitutional rights to the highest bidders or the shameful rate of incarceration of American citizens of all races, how have we all been turned into criminals and how will this be fixed.

Is it any surprise that the presidency attracts only the most power hungry people on earth, people completely void of ethics and personal responsibility….they have the power to incarcerate any one of us on any day.   If you think that is a joke think again, how many days do you live through that you do not commit a crime that you could be jailed for?  Not many……Wear your seatbelt, don’t jaywalk, were you speeding, do you have a prescription in your purse that expired but you keep it just in case?  Do you cheat on your taxes? Do you use your parents address so that your kid doesn’t have to go to a public school that is little more than a holding pen for the future felons of america? Did you light a cigarette in public? You get the idea  we all break the law every day, it shouldn’t be like that, it gives government too much power.

Do any of you really think that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump deserves to be the leader of this once great country?  Or is it more likely that because of leaders like Hillary and Trump this is a “once” great country.

It saddens me, there is so much potential within these borders and it is squandered, intentionally, so that the uniparty can maintain it’s hold on power.

Kratom No Longer Available

I have pulled the links to PA Botanicals because in it;s infinate wisdom, or more likely corruption The US Government has decided that Kratom needs more research before it can be sold legally, thing is they made it a schedule 1 drug, which is up there with heroin and other drugs, which the government prohibits research on.

This is sad because kratom is a good analgesic and it doesn’t have the addictive potential that opiates have, even though it works like opiates by binding to opiate receptors in the body. Another sad day for freedom.

I know that I use Kratom when my arhritis from my broken leg and my motorcycle accident really acts up. Kratom allowed me to forego oxycodone and quit going to pain management doctors. I have stockpiled quite a bit but eventually it will run out and I am unsure what I will do in place of it.

I am also told that Kratom was a wonder drug for people kicking an opiate or heroin habit, because it binds to opiate receptors the body has a much easier time kicking an opiate habit.

I probably dont have to point out that the big impetus behind this movement to make Kratom a schedule 1 substance was from big pharmaceutical companies, and politicians who are bought and paid for do what they are told by lobbyists…I swear if just one politician would run on the platform of outlawing lobbyists he/she would be a hero.

Another of our rights sold by our politicians….

Kiki D’Aire on CNBC’s American Greed

Kiki D'Aire and Michael Scripps in happier times, wild hog hunting at Ted Nugents ranch

Kiki D’Aire and Michael Scripps in happier times, wild hog hunting at Ted Nugents ranch

No Kiki isn’t the subject.
The story is about Michael Scripps of the legendary Scripps family (Scripps Howard Broadcasting). The family made a massive fortune in media and the family fortunes passed down to Michael Scripps mother and Uncle. Michael met Kiki when he hired her as an escort, they fell in love and began a tumultuous relationship.

I’ve known Kiki for years and she is a nice person, the show treated her fairly with the exception of one of Michaels friends who couldnt help but look down his nose at her…he was jealous is my read.

I have spoken several times on the phone with Michael Scripps and he was a likeable guy, when they werent at each others throats it seems he treated Kiki well. He was always nice to me and even though he and Kiki both had run ins with the law for domestic violence he never said anything bad about her that I recall.

To make a long story short the subject of the peice was whether or not Michael stole money from his mother and his uncle. I don’t think he did, in my read he was railroaded by Merrill Lynch and his mother and the whole legal issue belonged in civil, not criminal court.

He was found guilty and is currently serving his sentence in federal prison

If you want to see it and hear the story for yourself and draw your own conclusions the show is American Greed, it airs on CNBC The season is 11 and the episode is 19

Kiki handled herself well and with class kudos to her.

Mike Kulich Found Dead

Drug overdose apparently. Mike was always cool with me, I knew him back when he was at IVD. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends

Improper FSC Donations had ties to MindGeek Surprised? Me Neither….

OK we know Mindgeek owns Reality Kings

Yefri Escobar
Senior Accountant Global Personals, LLC
Senior Accountant RK Holdings US LLC

Mirna Mejia
QA Analyst & Site Support Global Personals, LLC
Executive Assistant RK Holdings, LLC

Robert Yenque
Product Manager Mind Geek, RK Holdings U.S. Inc.

All three of these people work or worked for both RK Holdings (Reality Kings) and Global Personals…the company that made the illegal contribution to The FSC.   Note this is the SECOND time that The FSC has been exposed for taking illegal campaign contributions from MindGeek/ManWin….they haven’t yet been convicted of this one, but I expect its just a matter of time.

It is no surprise that Mr Escobar would be a senior level company accountant….after all that’s where the money is.

Many thanks to the reader who uncovered this for me….

How Fucking Stupid is Eric Paul Leue? Once Again The FSC is in Hot Water For Illegal Contributions

I’m sorry but at what point does common sense creep into the brain trust of the morons at The Free Speech Coalition?

A few years back The FSC got in trouble for accepting political contributions from foreign based businesses, namely Manwin / MindGeek.  The FSC had to return the money…They learned their lesson right?  WRONG.

Once again the FSC is facing a complaint filed with Fair Political Practices Commission

In a sworn complaint, Engeran-Cordova alleged the seven companies made seven separate contributions to the anti-Prop. 60 campaign totaling $75,000. All contributions were made on Sept. 2. All the companies have ties to Global Personals, LLC, which business records show is based in the UK, and all are involved in the adult entertainment industry. Six of the seven companies also failed to report their contributions in a timely manner required by law.

It is illegal for foreign companies to contribute to U.S. political campaigns.

In 2015 the state Fair Political Practices Commission fined a similar campaign committee $61,500 in part for taking money from foreign companies. That committee was opposed to Measure B, a proposal eventually approved by voters, to require condoms in porn films produced in Los Angeles County.

The REALLY funny thing is that the total contributions to The FSC Anti Prop 60 campaign is $89,000, that would indicate that all but $14,000 came from this source of funding.  Further extrapolation means that US based porn companies have donated a grand total of 14K to stop prop 60.  According to numbers published yesterday AHF has spent 1.8M to support Prop 60.  I would also point out that the 75K donation from Global Personals doesn’t even begincover Lepews (Eric Leue) salary for this year so far, nor does the total 89K.   And why should it?  accepting money from non US based businesses for a US political campaign is STRICTLY illegal and he should know that seeing that this is NOT the first Time the FSC has been caught doing this.

The amount of dirty shit that The FSC will do for money seems to have no boundaries.


If The Election Were Today Prop 60 Would Pass

I have to admit that even I was a bit surprised at this one, almost everyone has come out against Prop 60.  I am on record as supportive but admittedly my support is soft, you don’t see any yes on prop 60 stickers on my social media accounts.

I do understand that it gives Weinstein carte blanche to recoup his money if Cal OSHA fails to investigate complaints and truth is I don’t blame him, we have had years to come up with a solution to the STD problem in porn and our solution has been…ignore it and claim it wasn’t our fault.

Despite the articles you have read in the porn press that make it sound otherwise, both parties and almost every major publication is on record as saying that Porn Valley should be using condoms.

And I think therein lies a part of the problem, The FSC has been quick to frame this as a condom law, and it appears that is exactly how the voting public is reading it.

Now the other problem is that the people in porn want you to believe that they are against this law but the truth is that less than one in ten will vote it down.


You read that right, less than one in ten performers will vote against Prop 60.  All of those people on twitter that you see flying the No on Prop 60 graphic just isn’t enough, they actually have to go out and register to vote, then actually go to the voting booth and cast the vote.  Less than one in ten actually will.  I’m told that most of the people who are the most vocal about this aren’t even registered to vote, and yes, I believe it.

Ideally we wouldn’t need Prop 60, we would take care of our performers, but that clearly isn’t the case, nor will it be.  Sine we do seem to need something it would have been better if it simply cleared the path for performers to easily sue for required testing, and medical care.  As I pointed out I do understand AHF wanting to recoup money they spend taking care of our performers, but pass or fail condoms in porn are a reality.

A LOT of companys have paid OSHA fines this year, James Dean has paid over 75,000, Johanna Angel has been fined, so have many others…The only ones who haven’t been fined seem to be the ones using condoms, like Porno Dan and Wicked.  I don’t see this trend stopping…matter of fact I see it increasing.  After all that fine paid by James Deen for example paints a big target on his back to get another one, and they will increase with every fine because he is seen as a serial violater.

Efforts by The FSC to replace the condom requirement with Pre exposure prophylaxis has been shot down by OSHA already and even though it has been appealed there is NO chance that OSHA is going to put it’s seal of approval on a regular anti-biotic shot to prevent STIs.  The FSC may have tried to back pedal when I shined a light on that but it is all there in black and white.

If I were The FSC I would be more prudent about how I spent my limited resources, condoms is a losing battle…Better to fund a way to digitally remove them than to keep throwing money on a bet you keep losing.

And if you are a performer and you wish to defeat Prop 60…Pay attention…hashtag activism aint gonna do it, get off your lazy ass and vote, if you don’t, the only person you can blame is yourself.

Class Action For Back Royalties For Performers

There is a class action lawsuit being worked on by attorneys for the Performers Union.   The details are somewhat vague but the gist is that there is an effort underway to sue for royalties on behalf of performers.

It seems to be an effort in futility but you have to remember that this is the same way that mainstream actors ended up getting royalties and residuals….by intervention of the respective Unions.

As my reader Lurking Reader has pointed out “Who will they sue?”  and that is a good question.  Certainly Vivid, Wicked, Evil Angel and some others would be likely targets, since they have been around a while and are still in business.

But I have to wonder if anyone actually expects to collect anything.   I can see a case for no, in that it is simply an effort to bring the idea to the forefront, at a time when there is a lot of re-organizing going on in porn.  Almost everyone that has editorialized on Prop 60 for instance has pointed out that they are in favor of condom use in porn, and that performers shouldn’t be responsible for paying for their own testing and treatments. Consider what The Sacramento Bee said about it:

“Producers, not performers, should bear the cost of tests for sexually transmitted infections. And condom use is not too much to ask from an industry that routinely exposes its workers to sexually transmitted diseases, some of which can kill them. That’s why rules mandating protection against blood-borne pathogens on adult film sets have been in effect here since 1992.”

“Regulators are working with the industry and AHF to formulate comprehensive, updated safety regulations. This is beyond overdue, and they need to get busy. Producers and distributors, not performers, also should pay for more meaningful STD testing, as the measure suggests.”

Read more here:
The point here being that Porn Valley is already changing, albeit at the barrel of a gun, so to speak, so adding “points” for performers wouldn’t be such a stretch and the implications would be far reaching indeed.
This class action suit is something to watch but it is in the very very early stages, to my knowledge a judge hasn’t even given it class action status yet, which I think can’t be done until filed, so it has a way to go but it is certainly worth watching.


Could A Union Make A Difference

I have heard all of the arguments for and against a union and in looking into it I found a few things….

Nothing I can think of is more American than baseball, and according to numbers released by AVN (The infamous 14 billion dollar figure oft quoted by Forbes and others) porn is larger in terms of money than Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey….combined.

But lets use baseball.  In the mid 60’s baseball players made, on average $14,000. Admitted that 19K went a LOT further in those days its the equiv of about 100K today…Not bad.  Salaries rose over the prior years but not much.

At that time baseball players were not unionized.  Many players and people in general thought that unions had outlived their usefulness and that paying more for players would destroy the industry.

After the players unionized salaries began to increase, in 2010 the average salary was $3,300,000 today the average salary is 4,400,000 dollars.

Now think about all the people involved in major league baseball, thats a pretty big business….but by Porn Valleys own accounting baseball is a smaller business than porn.

The average performer salary in porn these days is less than 50,000.

So COULD unionization improve the lives of performers?  The answer of course is yes, it certainly could.

I used baseball as an example but you could also contrast it with Hollywood (Mainstream movies) or pretty much any other industry you like and you will find similar outcomes.

Putting aside the current issues with the Performers Union and the growing pains there performers standing together could indeed change the entire industry, for the better.  Along with higher pay comes greater expectation, better Directors, potential endorsements, insurance, workplace conditions and in the end a better product.  It makes the industry harder to break into but that would be a good thing, specially right now, when we have more performers than we have movies.

There is a move afoot, by the Union, with lawyers attached to file a class action suit for royalties on the behalf of performers.  If that succeeds or even makes it into the courtroom it WILL change the biz in a BIG way, far more than Prop 60, and I think in the end, in a far better way than Prop 60. (more on this in the future.)

Despite the aforementioned growing pains the Union seems to be making some progress in much the same way that Unionizing Hollywood and baseball did.

Note I have used the word “could” here not “will” or “would” and therein lies the end result.  Will performers come togetherin a manner that unionization would/will improve their lives?  Well that’s up to y’all.



Mindgeek, and A Foundation, and a BIG Coverup

One of the things about this site is that when a topic comes up it often raises other concerns and people tell me things, particularly when that topic is MindGeek.

Now I am sure that it comes as no surprise to anyone out there that MindGeek has been the topic of many conversations over the years, it seems everyone want to know more about them.

Yesterday I was reminded of a story that was being done by one of the worlds largest and most respected US based newspapers.  It was an investigative piece that I found out took over 30 months.

So what happens 30 months later?  It seems this newspaper is SOLIDLY in the Hillary Clinton camp and they have chosen to bury the piece until after the election, and maybe for good.

So you are probably thinking the same thing that I am….What could be in it…I am told by a source connected the newspaper that while “investigating the worlds largest porn company” they found ties to a controversial email server, An equally controversial “foundation” and direct ties to terrorism.

All of that is pretty explosive stuff and This particular paper is in the anybody but Trump column,  so the story got quashed.

Now how much of this is verifiable by me?  Pretty much none, I knew they were doing the story, the whole reason I am writing this is that the source is rock solid AND in a position to know.

I am being vague about the whole thing in the hopes that the editors at the paper will reconsider.The people of this country do have a right to know particularly when it comes to our candidates, and if only 10% of what I have been told is true there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

I am sure that many of you are doing what I did…shaking your heads in disgust but thinking yes, I could see this being true….THAT is exactly why that investigative story needs to come out BEFORE the election.

More if and when it develops

Speaking of MindGeek…Twistys is In Trouble

From A reader

don’t know what is going on over at Twistys but that site is in big trouble. Lots of movies don’t play, lots of photo sets are not showing up. Lots of links do not work and lots of paying members are livid about what is happening. Watching movie clips and seeing “Media offline” showing up LOL. WTF is that? That has something to do with the editing right? I have been a member for years and Twistys has gone from being one of the most respected & celebrated glamour/nude websites to one of the most despicable excuses for an adult site in the industry. I guess we have Mindgeek to thank for that right? Whoever is running that operation should be fired. I wonder if Mindgeek’s other sites are in chaos like this? Might be a sign of trouble????


heres some of the messages left on twistys Forum




Mindgeek / Brazzers Hacked Customer Accounts Leaked


From BBC


The names of almost 800,000 registered users of porn site Brazzers have been exposed in a data breach.

The account details were taken from forums associated with the site on which porn fans discuss favourite scenes and performers.

It is thought attackers stole data using vulnerabilities in the vBulletin software used to run the chat forum.

Brazzers said it had taken measures to stop fraudsters re-using login names found in the list.

MindGeek admittted the breach was because they weren’t properly applying patches and updates to the VBulletin software they use for the forums.

The bigger issue in this is that most people use the same logins and passwords on every site that they are members of, I mean face it  who could remember all the different ones if they didn’t use the same ones over and over.   So now you can bet there will be a fresh round of paysites being logged into, ripped and posted to tubes and file lockers.  Thanks MindGeek…..


Jayden James To Be A Multi-Millionaire If She Gets Married

I swear I don’t make this shit up…and let me be straight in that I HIGHLY doubt that Jayden James has ANYTHING to do with this…..Now read on.

I was contacted and asked if I knew anything about Jayden James, to which I answered not really.   Well it seems this guy is sold on the idea that Jayden has a very large inheritance coming her way, millions of dollars, but her conservative family insists that she has to get married to get the inheritance, and out of the blue she picked this guy, who if he marries her for show, will get half.

OK have y’all finished laughing yet……Thing is this poor sap is serious in his belief that this is legit….Something about a fool and his money comes to mind.

Again I have no doubt that Jayden knows nothing about this and is no way involved, but it is funny and yall feel free to crack on the dude…..He is convinced that I am wrong.

I hate to say this but some of y’all are just dumb as bait.

Apples Tax Troubles In Ireland Not Unique

If you read the papers last week you may have noticed last week that The European Union on Tuesday ordered Ireland to collect $14.5 billion in unpaid taxes from Apple.

My sources at MindGeek tell me that the higher-ups at MindGeek are nervous, because they used some of the same tactics in Ireland to avoid paying taxes.  It is my understanding that as with Apple, Mindgeek had the blessing of the Irish government.

You can pretty well bet that The US government won’t jump to Manwin/MindGeeks defense the same way they have Apples.

Are You Rock and Roll? Do You get “Tangled Up In Blue”? Read This

I don’t normally write about things I watch on TV or Movies or music or whatever, but I have to make an exception for this one.

I found it quite by accident.  Its a show on Showtime called “Roadies” and it’s about life on the road with a fictional band, from episode 1 it jumped out at me. part “This is Spinal Tap” and part “Almost Famous” it is ALL original and it is obvious that the writers and show creator Cameron Crowe,  get it.

If you are like me, a rock and roll purist, if you get either the alt version of Dylans calssic “Tangled Up In Blue” or Lowell George’s eternal classic “Willin”, “Roadies” is going to strike a nostalgic chord in you.  It has moments that will give you chills in pretty much every episode.  Like porn, Rock and Roll has mostly sold out, “Roadies” is a trip back for those of us who never got disco, or it any of its bastard tekno cousins, for those of us to whom the words meant something.

I think Lester Bangs and Hunter S Thompson would approve….If You know who those guys were, Watch “Roadies”  You’ll Thank Me.