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  • There is Enough to File a Protest Against The IEAU Recent Elections (53)
    • mharris127: Melissa, being a blog writer in the adult industry being a disqualifier would exclude most of the industry. I can’t even count...
    • mharris127: Melissa, I will assume you are the former (and maybe current) performer Melissa Hill since you are using that name here. If I am making...
    • mharris127: I don’t know that much about union law so there may be reasons your bylaws were written as they are. Assuming there isn’t a...
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    • LurkingReader: @jilted Great questions. Sean Michaels may be best and the longer IEAU Blows off board selection questions the risk his tenure will...
    • SabrinaDeep: Please, Joe: tell me where i destroyed anything. Please, tell me that my post doesn’t state a fact. Please, tell me that voting...
    • LurkingReader: @joeschmoe IEAU is acting like they didn’t anticipate any dissent, disagreement or negative judgements about the new org...
    • jilted: JOe, I would argue that what Sabrina is doing IS trying to help. There is just way to much bullshit here for anyone who is REALLY concerned...
    • joeschmoe: @jilted There are pointing out legitimate flaws in the structure (which you did very well just in that one post), and there is an agenda... Quote Of The Day

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There is Enough to File a Protest Against The IEAU Recent Elections

I will do my best to make it as brief as possible, just by listing simple facts so that readers can make up their mind.

  • February 1st 2016: I was asked if I minded to be nominated for a board position. I offered my availability.
  • February 7th: I got confirmation that I was nominated.
  • February 28th: I sent the official requested info for my nominations (President, Vice President, Board Member), including my intents.
  • March 22nd: I was offered to enter in the International Board, to which I gave my availability.

From now on, the voting date gets postponed without any notice. I have received no ballots. I start questioning such and other procedures and of course communication gets interrupted by the Union’ side.

A few weeks ago, I receive the voting ballots. I am not in there. However, according to the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, as stated at the US Department of Labor website, the Union should “Advise any ineligible candidates in writing of the specific reason(s) for their disqualification”.

Furthermore, in the ballot the following hits me: President: Evan Stone. There is only one candidate for presidency. Well, at least you don’t have to pull your hair to decide who’s best for that role…Beside myself, I know and have proof of the fact that other people sent through nominations for that position, so I go back looking at the Union’s address to make sure that the country listed is not North Korea; indeed the Union seems to be registered in the United States of America…

I decide to wait and see what else can happen with the other positions candidates: in the end Evan Stone looks like a good candidate for presidency, to me, and at least we can be sure that someone competent will get in charge. Or not? A few days ago, May 21st if I’m not wrong, the elections results are announced and guess who gets elected President of the board? Sean Michaels! Sean didn’t appear in the ballots at all, for any position.

Sean is perfect for the job, there’s no questions about it. But it’s equally obvious, judging from the way he has been “elected” (or has he?) that he has someone above his head who will limit his decisional power immensely. And no, it’s not the Unions base, as it should be. Evidence of this is that the Union’s base didn’t even vote for him. In fact they didn’t even get a chance to express their vote for him. To be honest with you, I am really surprised that Sean even accepted to cover as a President, knowing how he got the position, but this is up to his intellectual honesty and it’s not my problem. My problem is that elections have been a joke since day one. Would I want to be represented by a Union who fails so miserably when it comes to the basic levels of transparency and democracy? No. Do I have faith that they are interested in supporting my performer’s rights and improving my working conditions, when they disregard their own members vote? No.  The only way for this Union to survive and to become a point of reference for our industry workers is to drop the rotten apples who are already infecting this project moved (those rotten apples) exclusively by personal gain. I support the Union’s concept, I don’t support the people who run this Union as if it was their business. Hence, I am protesting about the election procedures used and the decisions taken during the conduct of the election. If the Union’s officers and board will want to take care of this by explaining publicly what happened and how it happened, if they will want to support transparency for once, good; otherwise I believe that there is enough room to file an official complaint with OLMS to determine if the election was conducted in accordance with the requirements outlined in Title IV of the LMRDA and I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody was going to do exactly that in the next few weeks. What happened to the other nominations? What happened to the ballots and votes? How come that Evan Stone who was the only candidate as president didn’t get elected? Who elected Sean Michaels? How? Why?

I would also be curious to know if anything of the following apply to any officers, board members and especially supporters:

Prohibition Against Certain Persons Holding Office
(29 U.S.C. 504)
Sec. 504. (a) No person who is or has been a member of the Communist Party* or who has been convicted of, or served any part of a prison term resulting from his conviction of, robbery, bribery, extortion, embezzlement, grand larceny, burglary, arson, violation of narcotics laws, murder, rape, assault with intent to kill, assault which inflicts grievous bodily injury, or a violation of title II or III of this Act, any felony involving abuse or misuse of such person’s position or employment in a labor organization or employee benefit plan to seek or obtain an illegal gain at the expense of the members of the labor organization or the beneficiaries of the employee benefit plan, or conspiracy to commit any such crimes or attempt to commit any such crimes, or a crime in which any of the foregoing crimes is an element, shall serve or be permitted to serve—
(1) as a consultant or adviser to any labor organization,
(2) as an officer, director, trustee, member of any executive board or similar governing body, business agent, manager, organizer, employee, or representative in any capacity of any Labor organization,
(3) as a labor relations consultant or adviser to a person engaged in an industry or activity affecting commerce, or as an officer, director, agent, or employee of any group or association of employers dealing with any labor organization, or in a position having specific collective bargaining authority or direct responsibility in the area of labor-management relations in any corporation or association engaged in an industry or activity affecting commerce, or
(4) in a position which entitles its occupant to a share of the proceeds of, or as an officer or executive or administrative employee of, any entity whose activities are in whole or substantial part devoted to providing goods or services to any labor organization, or
(5) in any capacity, other than in his capacity as a member of such labor organization, that involves decisionmaking authority concerning, or decisionmaking authority over, or custody of, or control of the moneys, funds, assets, or property of any labor organization,
during or for the period of thirteen years after such conviction or after the end of such imprisonment, whichever is later…

Hopefully Sean, who has already impacted positively (at least for me) with his statement about raising the minimum age of performers to 21yo, will clarify the situation and will work to avoid such shady practices for the future, assuming that he will be allowed to. Best of luck and good work, Sean.

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

There is almost no scenario that I could see that would have myself and Utah Republican Senator Tod Weller on the same side of an issue involving pornography, but sometimes things happen.  This is not the first time I have written of this but lets revisit it for a second.  For all the headlines that you see where pornhub says that this state searches for the most porn and that state searches for the most interracial porn and this state likes MILFs…ad nauseum…What you don’t see them spouting in the mainstream press is that an estimated one third of their user base is under the age of 18 years old, with unrestricted access to hardcore porn.  It is highly unlikely that anyone in your local Junior High School does not know what pornhub is.  Now Manwin/MindGeek doesn’t advertise this but most people who know kids over the age of about 10 know it, and so does Senator Weller.

In addition to a law requiring ISPs to require customers to opt in to access adult material Senator Weller wants a law modeled after one recently passed in the UK.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced in 2013 that Internet service providers would give customers the option of filtering out pornography. Earlier this week, the government revealed plans to add a new law requiring age verification for those websites that include pornographic material.

This is where I can agree with the Senator, albeit for different reasons.  Since congress has shown zero interest in fixing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, this legislation has the side effect of helping copyright owners.

Imagine just for a moment that in order to get your stolen porn from pornhub you had to put in a valid credit card number or debit card number to prove that you were over the age of 18.  Yes I realize this isn’t a perfect solution because some kids have debit cards but it does go a long way and it would alert the parents via the statement or lifelock or whatever else they may use to keep track of how the card is used.  It also makes the adults think twice, How many of you reading this would trust Mindgeek/Manwin with your credit/debit card info?  I know I wouldn’t.

That puts a serious dent in the product of MindGeek which is traffic.  I know I would feel a lot more comfy making a purchase from or a membership on   than i would knowing that mindgeek can bill my card at will.

I have been approached about this type of legislation in the past by one of my congressmen, at the time the thought was that it would be a restraint on free speech and as such unconstitutional, I would remind you that congress felt the same way about making heroin illegal in the early 1920s, at the time you could buy it in the Sears catalog and Heroin is in fact a registered trademark of the German Pharmaceutical giant “Bayer”, yes the aspirin people.

The point being that if congress decides they want to do it, they can and will.

As a Libertarian I abhor the idea of government fixing social problems because usually, as in the case with heroin, the fix causes more problems than the original problem and in the end the industry has only itself to blame for the rise of Manwin/MindGeek but as a small business owner who depends on my copyrighted material for my livelihood my back is against the wall…I can’t go into Feras Antoons office with a bat and rearrange his furniture, the government that is supposed to handle these issues on my behalf has no interest in doing so so if Senator Weller can put a yoke on it and curtail it even 25% I see that as a win.



How Retarded Is This

I got an email this weekend from someone claiming to be my new best friend.   He sent me this info on Sean Tompkins and said that there is plenty more where that came from and he would give me everything I need to bury Tompkins, then he went on to say that I had it wrong about Dave (from the Luxury Companion) and that he is really a decent guy who helps these girls in a time when they cant make much money in  porn yada yada….

The document came from and email sent via a cell phone, apparently the sender  isn’t aware that via my mail server I can trace route that email with the email header info, its not so simple anyone can do it but it also isnt very difficult for someone who understands email headers, IP addresses and such, turn out the email came from a cell phone that Dave had used to call me in the past.

So Dave is being usual Dave and throwing shit at everyone, including his so called buddy Sean.  here is what he sent, lord knows where he ghot it but he is correct in that the info here can be used to find out a lot more about Tompkins

Now I know you guys arent interested in this and as tempting as it is to jump in and defend my good name it just feeds into what they want me to do, so I am not going to do it,  there are far more important things happening in the biz for me to engage the likes of scumbags like Donny Long and Sean Tompkins and Dwight Cunningham.  if you wish to believe that nonsense then by all means go ahead, I am taking a higher road, as for Tompkins and Donny Long and Dwight Cunningham they deserve each other.


Smack the girl and let out the animal inside you. You want to hurt her? Hurt her! You want to injure her? Injure her! You want to finish her? Finish her! You’re her executioner, her slave driver, her rapist, her torturer.”

A reader sent me this (thank you!)  i think it illustrates as much as anything why the girls prefer escorting to porn these days, why we lost what was once a massive audience.  Sure the tubes hurt us very badly but we hurt ourselves as well….Read On and while you are doing so remember Max hardcore, Ira Isaacs, Mark Handel (Kahn Tusion), Bruno Dickems and even James Deen….The list is very long….

The original is here

This post was originally published on Broadly Germany.

“Smack the girl and let out the animal inside you. You want to hurt her? Hurt her! You want to injure her? Injure her! You want to finish her? Finish her! You’re her executioner, her slave driver, her rapist, her torturer.” It might sound like a quote from the villain in a bad horror film, but these words are courtesy of porn star Rafael Santeria.

They’re from an interview he did with VICE Germany in 2015. At the time, he was as ambitious as he was controversial in the hardcore adult industry. Santeria was the self-proclaimed poster boy of the genre known as ‘hatefuck porn,’ in which the line between feigned abuse and the real thing is often deliberately blurred.

Hatefuck pornography isn’t just about conventional BDSM, which ordinarily emphasizes consent. Its male stars—Santeria included—verbally and physically degrade women way beyond what you might expect in even the most extreme porn. In one video, Santeria tells his female co-star as she has sex with another man: “Take him deeper, or I’ll kick your chest in.”

About six months later, Rafael Santeria doesn’t look much like an executioner or a slave driver. He looks more like someone who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in a while. We’re sitting in the kitchen of VICE’s Berlin offices to talk—not about the questionable taste involved in using misogyny as a PR strategy to flog porn, but more about what happened after what he describes as his “obscurely successful celeb phase.”

Santeria says he saw things in the hatefuck scene that made him unable to keep working in the industry. Situations in which actresses were purposefully overwhelmed and subsequently hurt; stories that deal with actual rape and assault.

Santeria’s porn career began pretty harmlessly. “I showed up behind the camera in 2013 for a kind of trial,” he explains. “My agency back then was doing a big casting, a cheap production with a hundred people, four or five sets, a little S&M, but mostly gang banging.” At the time, Santeria had dropped out of two university courses, and says he was “without prospects.”

The only thing he knew was that if nothing else worked, he would make amateur porn. He landed a job behind the camera and got his first behind-the-scenes look at the industry. Back then, the fact that a woman “lay there for 16 hours for 500 euros to get fucked by 120 men” might have seemed a bit weird to him, but his colleagues assured him that this was the “industry norm”—and Santeria had big plans. He wanted to work in front of the camera.

“I decided that I needed a provocative attitude to get noticed,” he says. “If battle rap has worked for 10 or 15 years, why shouldn’t it also work in porn?”

In December 2014, he made his debut as an actor as well as a producer, taking his previous experience of “moderate S&M” to the next level: punching girls, urinating on them and verbally humiliating them on video. He filled his social media feeds with woman-hating trash talk to complement his onscreen antics. As he puts it, he was unconcerned with his “bad boy PR.”

There were situations in which an actress’s handler would say to me, ‘It’s good if she doesn’t know everything, she should look overwhelmed.’

“For a while I thought [I could find] a hidden intellectual class [of people] who could be on the same metaphysical level,” he says of finding like-minded peers in the scene. That all changed when he was confronted with the kind of guys who actually watched his output for the first time. “Then I realized that it was really the dregs [of society].” Turns out there’s a huge difference between verbal violence—which may not be entirely serious, like in a rap song—and physical violence, whether that plays out in front of a camera or not.

“This paradoxical schism is possible in that one may create an artificial line between staged and real violence,” trauma therapist Tabea Freitag explains, but it’s a line “that doesn’t exist in the reality of the sex industry for women who are really being whipped and penetrated by three men at the same time.” She’s counseled those who have worked in extreme porn and knows its mental and physical effects well, especially for women. The line between play-acting and real abuse doesn’t just get blurred for the audience—it can also happen for those in front of the camera.

“There were situations in which an actress’s handler would say to me, ‘It’s good if she doesn’t know everything, she should look overwhelmed,'” Santeria explains. “People on the production team often said that they thought it would be good if the woman seemed to be bullied. Sometimes the actresses themselves would say that: ‘I don’t always need to know everything, so the situation seems more heated for me.'”

Jezzi Cat, Santeria’s fiancée, was also part of the hatefuck scene.

When asked if he didn’t think there might be something fundamentally wrong about that, Santeria claims that his female participants always appeared to be into it. Nevertheless, he began to question the “moral framework” that he found himself in for the first time.

“It started getting weird, of course,” he says.

“‘Overwhelmed’ is obviously a euphemism in this case,” Freitag objects. “It severely downplays what’s actually going on: namely treating a woman sexually in a way that is often extremely painful, traumatizing, frightening, and humiliating.”

Gerard Schaefer, who works as a psychologist at the Institute for Sexual Psychology in Berlin, also views the supposedly voluntary nature of hatefuck porn as dubious. “This kind of scenario has nothing to do with [acting or playing out abuse], but rather—independent of legal assessment—can easily be unmasked as an abusive situation [in itself]. Whenever someone assumes that the other person wouldn’t agree to a situation, then they’re [already] consciously crossing the line [when sex does happen]. Here, the mental consequences could even be more dramatic, if shame and guilt are harder to resolve because of supposed consensual participation.”

The fear of being labeled as ‘difficult’ when refusing to do something on a shoot is also a factor at play, especially for women new to the industry. It begs the question—even outside the hatefuck industry—of how anyone can guarantee that what happens on a porn set is fully consensual. “In America, and also a little in Germany, you can find women who tell their stories using pseudonyms, who were all ‘consensual’ actresses. But the line between voluntary and mandatory is often fluid,” says Freitag, blaming “tentangled power and dependency relations… as well as normalized sexual violence.”

As the months went on, Santeria became increasing uncomfortable in his role as the hatefuck poster boy du jour. He met his now fiancée, Jezzi Cat (who also works in porn), when she collapsed at a swingers club. Apparently she had overdosed on drugs—a not uncommon practice in the German amateur porn scene. He witnessed female colleagues being stalked and threatened without anyone stepping in to help them. But he didn’t go to the police back then either. Not even when he heard even more crazy stories.

“A few people just openly said things, I noticed other things because I was more in the scene and was focusing more on it,” he says. “The things were getting more varied, and a few things just were in our faces.”

The most shocking “anecdote about a half—or more or less not at all—consensual situation” involved a young girl being pursued through the woods by three men from the industry and being raped by them. “I don’t know if it’s really true or if it’s just some bar talk… But they showed me pictures of her hysterically crying in a blanket. And these are people who openly brag about using Stockholm syndrome [on women]. Child abuse was also dished up as ‘funny’ or ‘fascinating.'”

Rafael Santeria with Jezzi Cat.

Santeria and Cat only really got scared when their relationship with their business partners turned sour. When he visited a restaurant with them, he was ordered to send his fiancée to the bathroom with one of the others. “When I said, ‘No,’ he grinned at me and said, ‘Okay, then I guess I know where we stand.'”

Here Jezzi Cat, who up to this point has only been listening, also steps in. “They wanted him to do it to prove his ‘loyalty,'” she tells me. “I was obviously completely uncomfortable with the situation, because this person had started scaring me on purpose a few days before. First he was telling me rape stories and then he was driving me around some back alleys at night, saying ‘Oh, I think we took a wrong turn’—just so that I would get scared.”

Santeria and Cat, neither of whom had a permanent residence, fled their temporary homes to stay with friends. They tried and failed to work things out on email with their business partners, who denied everything—including the abuse they had bragged about in front of the couple. “They wanted to know why we were making a mountain out of a molehill and that I’m a hatefucker myself and that my girlfriend is ‘obsessed with sex.’ Around this time, I started hearing about rape drugs and stalking and got texts from people asking me if they should ‘fuck my wife to death.’ After this October, my production [of porn] completely collapsed. I didn’t want to do it anymore. I was disgusted with myself.”

Santeria deleted his misogynistic posts, tried to rehabilitate his public image in YouTube videos, and attempted to remove his hatefuck website from the internet. (It didn’t work—the site’s licence belongs to his former agency.) And according to Santeria, when it came to the bottom line, his adventures in hatefucking didn’t even cover travel expenses.

But when asked to talk in greater detail about who did what, Santeria gets visibly nervous. Now that the recorder is on, he doesn’t want to speak so specifically about the people and situations he described in my pre-interview with him. On top of all this, he was approached by the police last December. “I’m still really paranoid when I walk around,” he says. He claims to have broken off all contact with the scene and now tries to hang out with people who “have a normal, humanistic feeling of what’s right and wrong.”

Tabea Freitag believes it’s more the abused women who have a justified fear of the consequences for getting out of the hardcore sex industry. “As trauma therapists, we’re confronted a lot with threats and punishments, with the scene’s power and dependency relations, in which breaking the [code of] silence is tantamount to treason,” she explains.

Moving forward, Santeria says he would like to draw attention to abuse in the pornography industry. You could say he went from being one almighty woman hater to a full-on feminist. Santeria knows it’s a reversal that won’t be especially easy for people to wrap their heads around. On his Facebook page, he tells industry newcomers to get in contact with him in case they have any questions. He doesn’t want anyone to make the same mistakes he did, but it remains to be seem what this outreach will look like in the future.

In the meantime, can hatefuck porn can even justify its existence as a specific subspecies of hardcore porn? The answer is clear for Tabea Freitag. “The normalization and sugarcoating of sexual violence is a fatal message that leads any attempt at abuse prevention into absurdity. Making this into entertainment media means laughing at victims, it downplays [the] consequences and reveals a grave crime against women’s bodily autonomy and integrity. It’s so cynical and perverse when people try to stage these crimes as ‘fun.'”

One of the most difficult things to understand is that Santeria and Cat want to continue to direct porn. “We thought about it for a long long time, whether we needed to stop—and we decided against it. Somehow that wouldn’t be a good end to the story,” Santeria explains. “We want to show that it can be another way and want to affiliate ourselves with people who do [porn] right. We want to replace negative energy with something positive.”

Unlike the actresses in his stories, Santeria and his fiancé got out of the hatefuck scene with relatively few emotional scars. What remains of his time as the adult industry’s up-and-coming star is the tattoo above his penis: “Misogyny.” He’s planning to get it covered up.

Did We Change The World?

I was talking last night with a friend of mine who pointed out some things that got my attention.  You would all recognize his name, his point was that the industry that grew up in Porn Valley and became huge, is now gone, and it isn’t coming back.  Anyone producing DVDS is, plain and simple dying.  The porn industry is alive on the internet and as such it has become decentralized, while there is a legacy that remains in Porn Valley most of porn as we know it has moved away.

I jokingly noted that it was fun while it lasted and agreed, adding hey we were making a buck, we weren’t changing the world.

He disagreed, he thinks that we really did change the world.  Allow me to ellaborate.

Porn became ubiquitous, it really was, and still is, everywhere and in many ways it influenced Wall Street, Fashion, and even peoples perceptions of sexuality, maybe even more than we think.  he maintains that the acceptance of the GLBT community, while it may have a long way to go, has been greatly enhanced by its acceptance and propagation via erotica, particularly when it comes to female bisexuality, you’d be hard pressed to fnd any normal person outside the religious far right that has any problem with it.  He says we did that, and he might be right.

And By the way I dont work at any strip club nor am I on disability, never have been…I do qualify for social security in about ten years LOL.  it is sad that Dave, Donny Long and Sean Tompkins have nothing better to do, I am exploring legal options on that front so cant comment save to say dont believe anything you read there…hell I wouldn’t even believe the press releases at this point LOL.

The article about the girls prostituting was interesting to me, first it was very popular, no surprise there I admit it has a certain voyeuristic appeal. i didn’t expect man of the girls to have a problem with it and they didn’t, one girl claimed that The Luxury Companion was using her pphotos and info without her permission and were doing a “bait and switch”. I gave her the contact info to have herself removed and told her that if she had any problems with that to let me know, I removed her from the list. Nobody thought they were being outed, they weren’t and for somw it was just free publicity.
It also brought up an old column that is just as true now as it was then, maybe moreso.

There is one difference now though, I suggest to girls pursuing this line of work that they be VERY careful, they ar on the radar now, Dwight Cunninghams recent arrest for trying to murder John from Metro has put him, Karen and everyone that they associate with on the radar.  I have been contacted by everyone from media to law enforcement for information so it doesn’t appear that it is going to just die out, A  lot of people have a hard on For Dave and Karen now and you dont want to be collateral damage, I would suggest going the legal route and contacting The Bunny Ranch, or going with someone with a lower profile.


Is Escorting the New Feature Dancing?
By MikeSouth
October 27th, 2015

This story has been a while in the making, when the young lady first contacted me she didn’t want to make the story public but for some reason she felt the need to tell me. I think more than anything she wanted to clear up some misconceptions and, as much as anything. justify her decisions.

She is an A List performer by anyone reckoning but she doesn’t shoot very much, just once in a while, and the reason she does shoot… keep her escort rates high.

She told me that she was like every other girl who comes into porn, she wanted fame, attention and the money but she quickly realized that the business wasn’t what she thought. She had one of the best agents and she had a good work ethic, she drew top dollar bookings for the best companies. Despite this she got Chlamydia twice and Gonorrhea once in the first six weeks she was in the business. She thought, like many that the two week test cycle would protect her but she quickly realized that “with so many people working together all the time STDs stay in the talent pool” She didn’t like most of the male performers she was working with and she quickly had second thoughts.

That was when a friend of hers, also in the biz approached her about escorting with her as an extra girl for a particular client who had a thing for relative newcomer. It was “a lot of money and I mean a lot” and she started thinking that it couldn’t be any worse. The next day she felt good about it, the guy had been polite, well groomed, clean, educated and was fun.

She inquired to the agency who took her on “under the radar” and she found a source of income that far outweighed doing porn. As she said to me ” I didn’t have to have sex with anyone I didn’t want to and I never got any shit about requiring a condom”, she told me that in over a year escorting she had never gotten an STD from a customer because she always used condoms. She also told me that the guys always treated her nice and didn’t always want sex, about half of her dates were “more for companionship and someone to listen to them” in her words that beat the hell out of “some french douchebag” hitting on her before a scene, trying to warm himself up, putting his hand around her throat and telling her she belongs to him. “EEEW that was just so gross.”

So now she shoots porn “once in a while” to keep her name out there and keep her rates high.

When I first came into porn in the 1990’s it was common to get feature dancers who wanted to do porn to boost their feature rates. Porn star features made 10 times or more what the non porn features did. Back then almost no porn girls escorted, if they did it was very much on the down low, less than 10 percent of the porn girls escorted, and almost none of the guys did. The big money fell out of the feature market though and girls turned to other avenues to make the big bucks, and those avenues were escorting.

Today it’s less than ten percent who dont escort and that includes the guys. Some people say that is why the STD rates are high and most performers tell me that is true because so many of the porn girls and guys who escort will do it bareback.

My friend tells me that her clients don’t have any desire to :choke her, spit on her, slap her, gag her” or other things that “the guys in porn have to do to get their dicks hard these days” She says they are educated and polite and they treat her like a lady and she likes that and finds it way better than spending a whole day to shoot a boy girl scene for 1500 dollars, she make ten times that spending a day with someone who wants to be with her.

When I listen to her it is hard to argue with her logic, nor would I try, she has found her niche and she is happy and apparently thriving in it.

Indeed I can’t say that escorting is worse than doing porn, if she were seeing all of her clients bareback and allowing them to have unprotected anal sex with her and slap her around I think anyone would agree that would be a bad thing but is that not what she does every time she shoots a porn scene? By that standard going to dinner, then having drinks at his hotel where they have protected sex and she gets no bruises seems pretty tame by comparison.

Maybe it is pornographers that have pushed so many of the performers into escorting, mabe it isnt the girls that have changed but the industry that has changed them.

It has given me pause to think…what do you think?

Porn Is Just A Front For Prostitution These Days Here Is A List Of The Girls In porn Who “Escort”

Mind you these are just the ones doing it openly and only from one site. I am not outing anyone these are all from just one open to the public escort site. There are dozens more but this one is the biggest.

Yes I have access to the under the radar girls (there are LOTS of those too, not as many but they tend to be the bigger names, contract girls, B and C list celebs etc….I aim not interested in outing anyone so you won’t see those here.

My point is that when I came into the biz this site wouldn’t have had 5 girls, now porn is just the gateway to becoming an “escort”

CLASS of 2016 Porn Star Escort List




Kinda Staggering Isn’t it?

Karine Michmichain and Dave Dwight Twain Cunningham From The Luxury Companion

I noted in a prior post about Karin Michian who is aka Karine Michmichian, seems she and Dwight Twain Cunningham and Adonia Dyna seem to pop up together in lots of searches.


What is interesting is her company, Legal Books and Forms Depot Inc. Here’s the corporationwiki page

Stay with me here….Dave aka Dwight Cunningham, as we know likes to run his mouth, he likes to play big shot, he tells anyone who will listen about how he worked for INS in New Jersey and how he got certain people in the biz, legal status here in the USA.

Now Go Here

Well well theres that name again Karine MichMichian

Martin Trejo, 45, of Rialto, Calif., the customs service contract employee, and Karine Michmichian of Studio City, Calif., 39, accused of being the conduit between Trejo and Park, each face the count of conspiracy to steal government property.

If you didn’t read the article they were charged in 2012 with forging names onto I797 form to be used to get people identities here in the USA and for the identity theft stuff that goes with it. I’m searching for more info on this case.

Dave keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper it seems, Ya know I would bet that The Los Angeles Times would love this story, what with a Deputy District Attorney in Van Nuys, a Judge in Van Nuys, two former INS employees in New Jersey, Identity Theft and to top it off a pornstar escort service that includes a United Arab Emirates Prince and his brother as customers….Damn….




What Tangled Wed..Donny Long Sean Tompkins and Dave From Luxury Companion

When I first got the email, I didn’t really believe it but turns out It was right.

The email indicated that Gene Ross was returning to his old site converting it all to a new name. Only thing is, it isn’t Gene Ross, it’s Donny Long.  Turns out that Dave from The Luxury Companion bought it and set it up for Donny Long, with the help of Sean Tompkins.  Now I was like no way, till I looked at Seans sites, guess whose info is gone?  If you guessed Donny Long you guessed right.

So when Donny starts posting names and addresses and all that, y’all know whom to thank….


Man am I getting tired of the scumbags in this biz, it is like they are coming out of everywhere.


Beware of So Called “Talent Scouts”



UPDATE  It turns out Keli Roberts also had Michael Snoreen on her radar and she has a lot more info…you can read it here:


MichaelSnoreenThis happens so often that I normally don’t mention it much because most girls now know better but this one is at another level. His name is Michael Snoreen and he has dozens of twitter accounts and for some odd reason he has targeted Plush Models.

He contacted me wanting me to do a hit piece on them but as soon as I started talking to Michael it became obvious that he is really just another stalker.  As soon as I asked what he does in the biz his answer was “Talent Scout”,  When asked who he worked for he told  me DDF Network, when I contacted them their answer was no he doesn’t and that they do not now nor have they ever used “talent scouts”.  Which makes sense because lets face it, there is no such thing as a “Talent Scout” in porn.

Michael targets the girls at Plush for some reason and when I told him I had checked out Plush and that they are, in fact, licensed and legit and that what he was doing was actionable on a civil level and unethical on every level.  I ended up having to block him from my social media accounts after telling him that nobody will have much issue if he finds girls and sends them to legit agents, instead of targeting girls, already under contract, It of course, fell on deaf ears.

I talked to Scottie at Plush who gave me a lot more info on the guy and said that the only thing he was doing was annoying the girls, which is true, I talked to a few that said he contacted them unsolicited and tried to convince them to break the contract with Plush, he also represents himself as a member of the Entertainment Adult Union, I contacted the Union and was told that was not true, that he had spoken to some Union supporters but does not qualify for membership.

So ladies, once again beware of social media stalkers, anyone who solicits you like this is up to no good, do your homework and stay away from social media stalkers.

If you ever have a question about anyone feel free to ask me about them, I will shoot straight with you.

[Further Update]  Michael now claims to work for Hussie Models…word to Hussie, If that is true I would be very careful, he is potentially dangerous to your company and your reputation.  He claims that Plush can’t sue him because he is certified mentally disabled, that of course is not true, but if he is in the employ of Hussie it makes Hussie Liable for acts committed by him

and here is a bit from keli’s story:

if you are contacted by this person, RUN THE OTHER WAY. We know that to date he has contacted at least 7 performers and with 5 of them have attempted to befriend them and when they share any sort of personal information with him, he them exposes it including their real names, addresses, the family’s information and copies of medical tests. With two different performers who contacted their family and attempted to send copies of their porn to them.

If you are remotely nice to him in any way, even by just befriending him on twitter or Facebook he becomes very aggressive, contacting one performer 23 times in a three hour period. When she didn’t respond, he began to message every friend on her Facebook page and harassing them.

I know he has also contacted at least three agents in the past 30 to 45 days saying he represents the International Adult Entertainment Union and as such needed to get a copy of their license for the unions records.

Bottom Line y’all….stay FAR away from this guy


A reader Has Some Great Advice For The Union

This is well written and spot on, sent to me by a reader who knows…Thank you man!

For simplicity, I will use the acronym IEAU below when referring to the International Entertainment Adult Union.

Watch the documentary,”Live Nude Girls Unite!” It follows a successful unionization effort at a strip club. The campaign was about 20 years ago, but many of the difficulties are still relevant. IEAU members/organizers may find it helpful to contact the organizers of that campaign for two major reasons. First, there are almost certainly issues that an union of any sort of sex workers will encounter, and there is no sense in recreating the wheel.

Second, and perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect most strippers and porn performers are classified as “independent contractors.” Independent contractors have different (often fewer) legal rights than employees, especially when it comes to unionization / collective bargaining.

Is IEAU part of or working with any larger or already established union? Many unions represent workers who are not the traditional type of worker represented by those unions. For example, the United Auto Workers (UAW) has been involved with organizing university graduate students who are employed as “teaching assistants.” There are positive and negative aspects for IEAU to be affiliated with a larger union. IEAU should keep this in mind while also recognizing that many established unions may be hesitant to associate with “sex workers.”

Speaking of other unions, has IEAU tried reaching out to entertainment/”Hollywoood” unions such as the Screen Actors Guild? They may not be willing to work with IEAU publicly or officially, but I am certain that many of the issues relevant for SAG members are also relevant for adult performers. Independent contractor status and concern over residuals are two obvious similarities. My next comment is about membership, but I will go ahead and say that performers are not the only ones with a guild/union. Remember some of the past screenwriters’ strikes?

Membership. While it is nice to be open to everyone, it is not feasible, sensible, or necessarily legal. For instance, managers are not allowed to join unions; you might remember claims that Walmart was illegally classifying regular employees as managers so that those employees were not allowed to vote in the unionization campaign. (Unions can become the collective bargaining agent for employees if the employer will acknowledge a “card check,” but this rarely happens. More often, there is an official unionization vote.) Company owners, for instance, should NOT be eligible for IEAU membership (unless the owner is also a performer, but then IEAU only represents the individual as a performer and not an owner).

Dues. Union members typically do not pay dues until there is a collective bargaining agreement in place with employer(s). Union membership is not – and should not – be open to any random person willing to sign up or pay a membership fee.

Officers. While some seem to think it appears sketchy or shady who appears on the ballots for officers (and lack of options), I would recommend that potential members not worry too much about this issue for now. However, it IS a real concern in the future if/when IEAU establishes itself. At the moment, electing officers is mostly about following formal procedures and establishing credibility, and it not uncommon for these people to have connections to the core organizers (not just in unions, but also corporate boards for small LLCs and not-for-profit organizations). It may also be a legal requirement to elect officers since IEAU has obtained recognition from the US government, or so it seems. Finally, whether people like it or not, these types of elections (not just in unions, but also corporate boards for small LLCs and not-for-profit organizations) very often have uncontested elections (e.g., only one candidate for the office). The last comment may not seem reassuring, but it is very common.

Public face (spokespersons, media relations, etc). At the moment, IEAU is publicly represented by members rather than full-time paid union organizers. As a result, the public presence is controlled by members but may also appear less professional than established unions, such as many errors in grammar and spelling on public forums (e.g., Twitter and Unfortunately, this issue is one of those “growing pains” that every organization has to deal with in some form. I will simply say for now that several of the fights on public forms should have been dealt with outside of the public eye, and all involved parties should make sure that is how things happen in the future.

OSHA / condoms / testing / workplace safety. This comment will piss off a lot of people, which is part of the reason I didn’t place it above. If you want adult entertainment to be treated like a legitimate profession, you also have to treat it like a legitimate profession. Regardless of which side you choose, the idea of condom-optional is a fantasy. Read various adult websites and forums (including, and you should quickly realize that “condom-optional” means that only “no condom” performers will be hired, which means it really is not an option. Seriously, imagine what would happen if construction companies campaigned for “hard-hat optional” but also made it clear that anyone who insists on being provided with and using a hard hat will not be hired. In practice, “condom-optional” effectively means “no condom.” Personally, I would be fine with a legitimate condom-optional policy, but I honestly believe that any performer who exercises that option once will not be hired a second time. Thus, it’s not really optional at all. If you have to choose between condom-mandatory or condom-free, there is a clear winner if you are making your decision based on sensible and reasonable workplace safety issues. Workplace safety, by the way, does not mean that there is no risk; it simply means that we have reduced/protected for/eliminated those risks within reasonable bounds.

There is certainly much more to discuss, but these are obvious starting points.


A Reader
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics (AE1)
XXXXXXXXX University

Uncle Peg Arrested Again..And now he is a Rent Boy

This time the charge is “DESTROY OR INJURE REAL/PERS PROPERTY OF ANOTHER,” no word yet on who the “other” is but you can bet its his punching bag wife Christina Parreira

In other news Uncle peg aka Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre lost his appeal on his domestic violence charge


And last but not least the Funniest part…from a reader:


It hasn’t been an easy year for Ari Bass, aka the former Michael Whiteacre, aka the current and forever Uncle Peg. Between his many arrests for domestic violence, his public feud with Sean Tompkins of TRPWL, and his suspension from Twitter, poor little Ari just can’t seem to catch a break. Out of a writing gig at TRPWL and facing numerous criminal charges, it seems Uncle Peg, at the ripe age of 49, has been forced to turn to the world of sex work as his only means of survival.

Introducing Ari Bass’ latest incarnation: Alpha Mark.

Yes, little man Ari Bass, with his rotten teeth, chicken legs, and pigeon toes is alpha as fuck.

I can’t decide which is more laughable: The fact that Uncle Peg has resorted to prostituting himself on the internet or that he considers himself to be an alpha male. Fellow woman abuser War Machine also has a thing for doing “alpha male shit” so perhaps Uncle Peg is using the term “alpha” as code for his penchant of slapping his wife around with a flip flop.

For someone who hasn’t held much of a job in the past few years (other than riding the coattails of his wife, fellow prostitute and domestic violence aficionado Christina Parreira, aka Goddess Vienna), it seems puzzling why all of a sudden Uncle P- ahem, Alpha Mark is eager to start making his own money. Perhaps it has to do with one of Ari’s many upcoming court appearances.

For those keeping score at home, Ari Bass has been arrested at least three times for domestic violence related charges in just the past two years.

In May 2014, he was charged with felony Domestic Battery By Strangulation. That charge was later amended to Domestic Battery (1st) and he was found guilty in May 2015. While that case was under appeal, Uncle Peg was arrested twice more for domestic violence. In December 2014, he was arrested for Domestic Battery (2nd) although that charge was later dismissed. Most recently, in January of this year, Uncle Peg was again charged with felony Domestic Battery By Strangulation, which was later amended to Domestic Battery (2nd)..

Pending appeal for his first Domestic Battery conviction, the court vacated Uncle Peg’s most recent offense until after the appeal had been decided. On March 7, 2016, Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Rob Bare affirmed Uncle Peg’s May 2015 conviction and remanded the case back to the lower court. On April 20 2016, Henderson Municipal Court Judge Diana Hampton reopened the case against Uncle Peg for his most recent Domestic Battery offense. As if that wasn’t bad enough news for Uncle Peg, the court added an additional misdemeanor charge of Malicious Destruction of Personal Property. Ari Bass’ next scheduled court appearance will be a criminal arraignment for both charges on June 2. 2016.

Mrs. Ari Bass, aka Christina Parreira, aka Goddess Vienna, also has a pending Domestic Battery charge from her December 2015 arrest. A trial is scheduled for May 16, 2016.

Domestic violence is never okay, no matter if you’re married to Ari Bass or Christina Parreira. Let’s just hope the Las Vegas justice system deals with these two clowns accordingly. On a side note, if you’re interested in donating to the Ari Bass/Christina Parreira Defense Fund be sure to book them for some kinky cuckold fun next time you’re in Vegas. I have a feeling they’re going to need some extra money on their books for the jail commissary before too long.

A Crazy Week Dave ‘s Head is on FIRE!

To say it has been a crazy week is somewhat of an understatement.  I have had new “insiders” coming out of the woodwork with stories they want me to run, most of them dont pass the sniff test, some are outright attempts to get me to run something incorrect some are attempts to tell me I have it all wrong about Dwight Twain Cunningham aka Dave From The Luxury Companion.  Lots of girls dishing on TLC, most of those are in line with things I already know

Here’s a few things that I believe and or know are correct:

Dave aka Dwight Twain Cunningham and Karen aka Adonia Dyna like to play games about ownership of The Luxury Companion, on paper Karen owns it but if Dave has nothing to do with it as they claim why then do the girls pay Dave? One girl claims to have made a deposit into an account at Wells Fargo bank that she believed was in the real name of a performer and that the performer knew nothing of the account, if that is true thats a serious allegation.

Another thing is the involvement of Karin Borzakian at the Van Nuys Courthouse, but there is also a judge involved, Dave has made the claim to me that the judge is a “cousin” of Karen aka Adonia, others have told me that the judge is either paid or is compensated with services.  Either way it is my understanding that there is currently an investigation going on in Van Nuys.  Dave himself told me of three cases that he made “disappear” one involving a domestic violence case, one a prostitution and drug (100 vicodin) case and a third I dont recall.

I was asked what started all of this and I don’t mind telling ya.  At one time I was ambivalent towards Dave.  Personally I have no problem with prostitution until it endangers the health of other performers, dave would call me quite often, gloating about this or that or giving me a tip on a story that usually didn’t pan out or wasn’t of interest.

Then Dave got arrested for shooting a gun at John from Metro Talent.  I finally got in touch with Dave who said it never happened, he hadn’t fired a gun, he didn’t spend the night in jail, there were no charges….in other words the cock sucker lied to my face, a simple ya I fucked up and here’s why and what happened would have gone a lot further with me.  When I ran the story Dave tried to paint me as a liar blah, blah blah, but when I got the official charges the people Dave had told I was lying and were asking me to back off Dave realized that it was Dave that was lying. So that’s how all of this started.

The current rumor mill has dave paying John from metro 50K NOT to appear in court, I hope to reach John for comment on that but somehow I don’t think he would do that because it opens him to charges of obstruction, but with a Deputy DA and a Judge lending a hand who knows…I do know that Dave is telling everyone that the charges will “disappear”.

The purchase of LukeIsBack gives Dave control over Sean, Sean now has to do what Dave tells him or Dave will give the site to someone else…integrity be damned.

Anyway now y’all have the 411 and I will probably just sit back a while and see what happens in this whole little melodrama.  I don’t think it’s all that interesting to my readers beyond the general info in The Luxury Companion and how the whole porn star prostitution thing works.  i was corrected on one thing though, it seems that even though the trips to Dubai have slowed down, they have not stopped, seems the Prince has a brother who has a taste for porn chicks too.  A word to the wise here ladies, this is very HOT right now I would be very careful about any escorting work for a while…..

An Open Response To The International Adult Entertainment Union’s Founder

Dear Phyllisha,

I have thought for two hours before deciding to post this publicly; I was really torn about it because the following is an answer to a private email and I value privacy. However, this is not a private topic: it is about that same Union which is inviting workers of this industry to give their contribution to improve everybody’s working conditions and consequentially the reputation of the whole industry. It is a public dominion topic which I believe it deserves to be treated with the greatest transparency possible, the lack of which I was complaining about in my previous comment to an earlier post by Mike. I wouldn’t be intellectually honest if after my public complaints I kept the subsequent developments secret. Therefore, I won’t post your email, but I am going to answer it publicly, courtesy of Mike’s blog.

First let me start with the no disclosure disclaimer at the end of your email: hold on to it if you like, but you better stop emailing me tout-court if you are afraid that what you write gets spread out. You cannot decide unilaterally what I can or cannot disclose about an email I have received. If you ask me to renegade my opinions I might feel encouraged to let the world know about your attempt to shut me up, in fact. Pressuring people to keep things secret is not the best visit card for a legal organization born to bring people together and to improve their working conditions. Don’t forget that the biggest plague of all among performers has always been the fear to speak out.

Hence and back to the substance, I have nothing to take back or to apologize about. If my criticism is wrong, you have every right to reply and to bring evidence of the contrary. Should the union find my proposals and offers of help interesting, I have already stated numerous times at which conditions I’m available to offer my contribution free of charge. Unfortunately (for some, not for me), I don’t compromise with the adult industry since several years. And my silence is not for sale.

I have nothing against you or anybody else (except when you try to silence me). To the contrary. I’m simply tired to see the same old stale attitude towards the things that are needed to improve our industry and that regularly get belittled when not ignored.

As I already stated a few times and quite a while back, these are a few things that any organization which want to be taken seriously need to consider before even starting the day to day operations:

  • Professional website.
  • Transparency on who is currently running the union, with names, contacts and roles published on the website.
  • Press agent and official speaker.
  • Socials manager (whoever is taking care of Twitter is damaging the union’s reputation by the minute. It’s not by being rude and telling people to shut up that you gain consensus).
  • Regular communication with members (no need for phone tree: email, telephone, text…it’s all available for free and can reach everybody at the same time for any communication need. Check Whatsapp messenger app  and its groups system, for example: send a text message for free and everybody gets it in real time for free.)
  • Clear, public and to the point letter of intents with few achievable points in the short-medium term.
  • People in charge who are responsible for their area of aid or/and expertise regarding day to day operations.
  • Project financing plan.
  • Transparency, transparency, transparency (changing elections dates and terms, not informing about the changes, telling people – me for example – that you have sent out the ballots when those same people haven’t received them is the best way to not be trusted).

They are all points that I have raised from day one and that I have offered to help about and I haven’t seen any improvements on any of those points in the last 6 months. Not a single improvement. And yet, until you have the above you won’t be taken seriously because you won’t be able to even start the engines of such a piece of machinery or to create chapters and electing officers. What you don’t seem to realize is that the union has already lost its momentum. You have launched and advertised an organization promising things that cannot be achieved for the simple reason that this organization has no structure, no players, no content, and no specific goals or, if you prefer, it’s not organized at all. You haven’t been able to capitalize on the surprise and novelty effect and its subsequent enthusiasm generated on people. It’s as if Coca Cola launched their drink without having the recipe yet: nobody likes to drink from an empty can.

My door is always open for serious projects. But again, my words and opinions are not negotiable. I don’t need to be part of the union and the union don’t need me to be part of it. People make choices and they are all legitimate ones. As long as any party takes responsibilities for their choices. So, please, refrain to ask me to take back my thoughts and opinions or to apologize about them in the future (it sounds very shady or, if you prefer, old style union…) You can always shut me up and prove me wrong though, by giving your public statements a factual substance: I still won’t say that I was wrong about my specific concerns, but I for sure will be the first to clap to and support the union and its initiatives.

And to draw a line: I don’t know if there are incoming elections, when, by whom etc and I’m pretty sure that after this writing of mine there won’t be any interest in involving me and it’s probably even better so. But if you guys were so crazy to keep considering me for any position, I want to make clear one thing once and for all: I’ll consider only if I will have successfully passed through a vote and if I will know who voted, when and how and if I will be given the chance to make those data publicly available. Differently, I will support or criticize the union initiatives externally case by case.

I know you will be furious, by now, and instead you should be grateful that someone still takes the time to stimulate the discussion publicly. Believe it or not, this writing of mine will benefit the union one way or another much more than if I kept it between me and you. Never be afraid of public discussions even (especially) when people seem particularly critic.

In fact if you will able to express a constructive reaction to this criticism you will probably be the first one in decades doing so in this auto referential and entitled industry and you will definitely inspire many more people to join the union that any of those bombastic statements given to the press to date. I sense your passion for this union, so don’t give up. But it’s time that you start doing what’s needed seriously, if you want it to succeed. My participation is irrelevant, your dedication is not.

A very respectful and sincere hug,


Today I Have To Comment On The Primaries

While I did expect Cruz to lose in Indiana, pretty much sealing his fate I did not expect him to quit.  Now trump is the Republican nominee.  All the Republican scheming to deprive him of it have fallen to the wayside, there won’t be a contested convention, Trump is the nominee.

However you may feel about that the one thing that should be evident to the Republican party is that the average American is very tired of politics as usual and trump represents a step away from that.  You may argue that it isnt so in reality but the perception put Trump in the race.  He is brash, he is loud, he is arguably obnoxious but when he stays on script he and his team are brilliant, that tapped into everything people like about the party and they confronted everything people didn’t like. It wasn’t the republican base that put him in the race, it was the silent majority of people who usually don’t vote.

The same thing is happening on the Democratic side with Bernie, I thought all along that Bernie was simply a placeholder.  his job was to make it appear there was a choice and to give Hillary a position that she can appear to be to the right of.  Hillary has had the nomination from day one, it was promised to her as a reward for stepping aside for Obama in 2008.  but Bernie woke up the same people that never vote and to the DNC’s surprise he made it a race, a much closer race that the mainstream media would have you believe.

While everyone was expecting fireworks at the Republican National Convention it appears to me the fireworks are going to be at the Democratic National Convention…There are a lot of disenfranchised voters who are going to feel that the fix was in for Hillary, and rightly so, because it is.

Of all the candidates Trump would likely be the least likely to be a problem for the adult industry, but how he would fare for the nation is another question, I have seen some bad choices to choose between in my day but The thought of Hillary in the White House makes me shudder, and Trump is such an unknown that scares me as well.  he is a great entertainer, arguably a great businessman but President?

The silver lining I see in all of this is the backlash against politics as usual, I hope that continues because had it played out to be Hillary v bush which is what the parties wanted we would have just gotten more of the same….the illusion of a choice, when in reality it was a single party called politicians that were colluding to deprive us of our rights and to slowly usurp our constitutional protections.

OK Back to porn stuff….