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  • Wake Up APAC A Disaster Is On The Horizon (10)
    • Ari Bass: Geez, You guys right better articles over here than we cut throats over at the retarded porn wiki Good job and good article...
    • Danny Davis: You are right about that Tim. Back stabbers all over the fucking place in porn today. And the directors back stab each other for what...
    • jilted: 1 APAC, i applaud your efforts here. But this solution is itself seriously flawed. You cannot just pick a...
    • jilted: I might also add, people in this industry would rather stab eachother in the back for 50 cents than work together and make a dollar.
    • jilted: I am no saint. Are there things I would do differently if I had the chance, of course. But none of that matters. The past is not going to...
    • Nick East: There are more than plenty of HIV positive males out there who are looking to hire hot HIV+ escorts!!!! And they pay top dollar too!!!...
    • Jamie Profit: Porn has one fucked up industry to try and clean up. if they ever can. Anybody want to buy some cheap swamp land in Arizona. These...
    • Danny Davis: Great Article Tim. So otherwise, most of the performers today are what you would say…Very stupid? If you are going to pay for...
    • jilted: We all know the answer to that Crunk. SOON. FSC knows it, APAC knows it, we all know it.. And now FSC wants APAC to run PASS. Then the...
    • CrunkleSchwitz: Very good article I must say Mr. Tritch. So when is the next Hiv shutdown? Next week?

Wake Up APAC A Disaster Is On The Horizon

Performers, your safety net has been torn wide open. It no longer provides the small amount of protection that it once did, and recent events are all you need to look at to know this is true.

This Harm Reduction Program was built 15 years ago. The industry that this system was built for no longer exists. At the time this program started there was about 400-500 performers participating in the system.(This is the number of HIV tests that AIM was running monthly at the time, I know this because I was paid a commission for every single test, I know the numbers). The industry was much more centralized, right here in the San Fernando Valley. The number of performers escorting on a large scale was not happening. There was some, but not nearly the amount there is today. And most of all, there was not nearly the amount of crossover talent, working both sides of the fence from one day to the next. I was very glad to see that APAC does recognize this fact, that there is no more seperation between the industries, for that I applaud you.

Let’s take a close look at the most recent events. These recent events contained elements of every single thing that have lead to this system no longer being effective. All of this happened out of state, who knows where is another question, Vegas, Florida? Ask yourself, “Why is it necessary to keep the location a secret? It involved not just an escort, which usually leads people to think female. This was a gay crossover performer, who was escorting with men on the side. It involved performers and producers who did not play along with the industry protocols. Performers, you all know, whether you will publicly admit it or not, that this is not an isolated incident. It is happening today, right now, it will happen tomorrow, and every day from now on, unless you change it. Producers and agents don’t care, if they did they would be helping you change this seriously broken system. And as sad as it is, a large number of performers don’t care either, and that is the most dangerous aspect of this entire problem. Don’t tell me that a gay crossover escort cares about the risk he is willing to put YOU at.

There used to be a certain “honor among theives,” a mutual respect among alot of the performers. Not to say that their aren’t some performers who still have this respect, but there are too many that don’t. And one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch. The number of performers, agents and producers who do not have any respect for eachother has rendered this once effective system very very damaged. Today, all you have is something that is simply better than nothing, and if that’s good enought for you then so be it. Your actions, or lack of action so far looks like you are ok with this, and that is another reason this system is so broken, performer apathy.

APAC, take a close look at how every single person who has contracted HIV in the past has been treated by your industry. Look at every single one of the recent incidents, and see how many of the circumstances I mentioned here have been present in every single episode. And most of all, stop LYING TO YOURSELVES, and your fellow performers. Your system is no longer effective. I helped build this system, I spent so many hours hours with you, having many in depth conversations with you, and I know you want a better system, and I know you would like to be able to use condoms. I personally listened to so many of you spill your guts about these things, but I know that if you speak our publicly you wont get any more work, you know this too.
Pull your heads out of the sand and take off the rose colored glasses. And then ask yourself a really big question, Do you really want DIanne Duke to be in charge of the testing system?

Feel free to contact me anytime,

Slate Talked To me About Manwin / MindGeek I Was Happy To Help

And the article relly nailed it…Thank you to David Auerbach!


Give this a read

Once again when mainstream media wants the facts they come to me.  I am proud of that.

Michael Whiteacre aka Uncle Peg Beats His Wife Christina Parriera With A Shoe Due In Court Next Week

It doesn’t come as any surprise to anyone unless you are a complete moron you know that Ari Scott Bass regularly beats Christina Parriera (you know the women’s activist),  she certainly doesn’t practice what she preaches. This is his second offense involving domestic violence and his third this year.  Anyway here’s the criminal complaint filed by the prosecutor.  He will be in court in NV on Tues (the 28th) to answer the charge.  Its already been delayed a couple of times.


Manwin MindGeek Buying A Euro Company

This ties in to the news a week or so aho that Manwin is buying/merging with another heavily trafficked site, likely a tube site.

Two weeks ago Manwin / Mind geeks three head honchos Including Feras Antoon and David Tassilo werew all at a tiny, rather insignificant show in Europe.  Word is they were putting the finishing touches on the purchase which will be announced early next year unless I find out first….

If The Bull Shit From the FSC Got Any Deeper We’d Need Hip Waders

This is The FSC Version “A production hold was called when it was determined that a performer in the PASS database might have been exposed to HIV in late September, after off-set contact with a performer from an out-of-state set that was not observing PASS protocols.”


Now let me run that through the bullshit translator for y’all

A male performer who travels between LA and Vegas and works in both straight and gay porn was exposed to HIV during an encounter with one of his clients on an escorting gig.  The client was positive, the performer and his first generation exposures have since tested negative.

I have two possible names and neither is a big name, as of right now theres no point in releasing the name….but do pay attention how within hours of my post yesterday the FSC jumped to lift the moratorium and release the above statement.

And performers trust these people with their very lives….SMFH.

yesterday we caught lots of speckled trout aka weakfish aka sea trout, the weather is gorgeous and I am enjoying it immensely.


OK FSC Time To Shit Or Get Off The Pot

The incompetent asshats at The FSC have been dragging this latest HIV out too damn long…..If they don’t name this guy I will.

It is interesting that some of the biggest companies in porn have tweeted about finishing shooting during this moratorium.some dont even use condoms.

For all that I am at the beach for the rest of the week enjoying life, but if anything happens I will be on it…rest assured

mexico beach

I love it down here this time of year…70s and low humidity and no tourists.

Who Else Is Picking Up On The Bullshit

Notice they dont call it a “moratorium” anymore, now its a “production hold”  whatever you call it people aren’t supposed to be shooting, but they are.  Most people didn’t even know PASS was shut down until they read it here, because they dont use it….

Well the good old FSC is trying to slap a new coat of paint on things, make the duck look less like a duck even thought it still walks and quacks like a duck….you read this one here first.

The Free Speech Coalition has been making plans to turn PASS over to APAC, nothing would change of course because APAC is just the FSC in performers clothing, but it gives the appearance that the FSC is turning things over to the performers, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

When APAC was started I got calls from one of the two founding members asking for my help, I suggested that they needed to come out of the gate distancing themselves from the FSC, which of course didn’t happen and that founding member quit in frustration.  She saw the necessity for them to be autonomous but The FSC wasnt about to let that happen so the usual suspects over there usurped everything good that APAC could have done and squashed it.

Its too bad really.  in it’s inception APAC had promise, now its just a bunch of sell outs….And the Bullshit flows on…

We All Need To get On The Same Page

Dear Mike,

I wanted to send you this email personally because I think you really need to understand how bad the gay side of porn is and how contributes to this. Right now I currently work for a rideshare company in San Francisco (Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, etc.) and during one of my recent rides I actually picked up an adult male performer. Now I hear all sorts of things giving rides to people in San Francisco, but this guy really took the cake. I had the opportunity to ask him questions about the Gay side of porn and what he told me nearly made me sick. Here are the highlights of our conversation:

1) Told me that in gay porn they do not test for STD’s and the way someone finds out who has STD’s is when they catch them from a partner. The person who caught the STD calls the director and the director blacklists the performer.

2) does not require testing for their gay side of porn. This scared me the most, because I know numerous performers that do both gay and straight porn, and this makes it much easier for an STD to reach the straight side.

3) This male performer told me that in San Francisco there is a syrum being distributed to those considered in the “high risk community,” This guy explained to me that this syrum makes it impossible for him to get HIV, even if he had sex with HIV+ men.

All three of the following pieces were all grabbed during our conversation in the car. Could this guy be making this story up? Sure but when you drive someone from San Francisco to Hayward, you get a lot of talking done. And this is what I found out about Gay Porn and in San Francisco.

With this latest HIV+ It does not surprise me one bit, and I am sending you this email to say that all performers in Straight Porn need to take a stand and say NO to performing with any Male Talent that participates in the Gay side of the industry. I am willing to bet that 99.9% this female performer contracted HIV from sleeping with a guy who performs in both sides of the industry.
All the best,

I got this email a while back and have been waiting to post it and it seems now is a good time. A couple of gay websites have made comments recently as well.  Even The FSC acknowledges now that there is no division in the two industries so why aren’t we both operating under the same protocols?  Don’t start whining about gay bashing and all of that that isn’t what this is about, it is about minimizing risk.  HIV is not a gay disease, nobody is saying it is but to say that it doesn’t pose a higher risk with anal sex is sticking your head in the sand.

As jilted pointed out in his comments, the industry is NOT the same industry that it was when AIM established testing protocols some 20 years ago, indeed we now test for more and we test more often but testing is not a preventative measure any more than a pregnancy test is a preventative birth control measure. Its way past time that as an industry we got toether some real professionals to come up with a real plan….and I dont mean a bunch of flunkies banging each other at BDSM clubs  and pretending they have the performers best interests in mind.



This HIV Is Closer To Home That LA Talent Thinks

Here is the latest on the HIV Positive.

It is a crossover male performer who travels between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Some LA based talent has been exposed potentially.

There was a lot of speculation that the performer was based far enough from LA that performers weren’t really affected by it, that is now known to be wrong.

More as this breaks


It seems the talent was also a gay escort and word is that either a client or someone he worked with on the gay side has tested positive.  His test supposedly hasnt yet been confirmed.


Ignorance And Apathy The HIV Reaction

“I don’t know and I don’t really care”  That’s what one performer said when asked about the current HIV discovery in the industry.

I kinda knew it would happen, that sooner or later announcements of HIV in the biz would become so common that nobody cares anymore.  That seems to be the case this time.  yes my traffic is up modestly but nothing like in the past, I am not getting the panicked phone calls about who is it and how did they get it.

Sure I am getting a few but most performers seem to be just shrugging this one off.  Twitter isnt even buzzing about it much.  It’s as if someone got Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, if we shut down the biz for those the biz would never be open.

The industry reaction has been to call off shooting for three days and to shut down access to the industry testing system.  both seem foolish, the first because three days isn’t long enough to prevent additional exposures and because most people are ignoring the moratorium and now can’t check the system that wasnt being used anyway to validate the tests.

We have heard a lot about a two week testing cycle but what we aren’t hearing about is the fact that performers hate it they dont want to shell out another 125 to 150 bucks for another test.  Companies are responding by backing off the two week cycle, most companies are back to a 30 day cycle and most performers are fine with that.

APAC issued a statement yesterday parroting what the FSC said, APAC for all it’s potential has turned into little more than a cheering section for Diane Duke and Jeffery Douglas, APAC has done nothing to take on a leadership role and has done less to establish itself as any kind of voice for talent.

And even I am beginning not to care

Another HIV Positive

I was out running errands all day and just got home to a call that theres another HIV in the talent pool, apparently this one isnt in L.A. but the FSC is calling for a 3 day moratorium…more as I get it.

Now porn is “free”, and few people are willing to pay

Another Manwin Merger Coming

Manwin and a large porn company have agreed in principle to merge, a lot like the Redtube deal.  The deal isnt final yet on paper but I am told the terms have been agreed to and the announcement will be made shortly after the first of the year.

As with Redtube it will provide Manwin with quick cash and a high profile company joining the ranks.  The company owner is already pretty high profile himself.


Then and Now

Back in the 1990s I remember getting a phone call from a young lady known as Sana Fey.  She was a magazine model and a feature dancer, back then she was a low end feature because she hadn’t done porn.  In those days features made a lot of money, but only if they had a name from doing porn, and box covers.  It wasn’t unusual in those days for a girl to do a boy girl scene for free if she was promised a box cover.  This of course led to producer directors promising the boxcover to 5 different girls then creating a collage and putting them all on the cover, which is not what any of them had bargained for but it led to the box covers of today.

Sana Fey had decided to make the leap to hardcore boy girl and had chosen me for her first scene (yes I paid her….quite well even) She also got the box cover, we became friends and even dated….As she wanted her feature dance rates went way up.

Fast forward to today.

This weekend I got an email from an absolute stunner, who has decided she wanted to be in porn.  We met and in person she was even prettier, she reminds me a LOT of Kayden Kross in that she is extraordinarily pretty, prettier even than Kayden.  Like Kayden she is very smart, she knows what she wants and how to get there, she is educated, all natural no ink and when we walked into the eatery every eye in the place turned to her, she knew it too.  She was gracious and outgoing.

When I asked why she wanted to get into porn her answer was short and to the point: I want to raise my rates.

She wasn’t talking about feature dancing.

She was talking about escorting.  Even though she pulls down top dollar she knew that with the right porn credits she could raise them by an order of magnitude and with her looks and style, she probably isn’t wrong.

What comes of the interview is yet to be seen, I have no problem helping her.

What it did illustrate is how the business has changed.  Back when I shot Sana Fey porn girls simply didn’t escort, you could count the ones who did on one hand, now days you can count the girls who don’t on one hand.  Feature dancing doesn’t pay as well as it did in those days and magazine shoots are mostly a thing of the past.  With work in Porn Valley drying up thanks to piracy, lack of any quality production and an economic downturn it’s harder for performers to make ends meet.  A glut of talent is pushing prices down and it is pushing high quality girls out.  Camming and website work doesn’t take up enough of the slack, website work based in Porn Valley area is simply an extension of the video business and web porn production isnt centralized enough in any one area to make traveling to shoot lucrative.

As one A list performer told me escorting is much easier…  half the time the customer doesnt even want sex, when he does he has to use a condom, he doesn’t have to shoot up his dick to get hard, he doesn’t choke me, spit on me, slap me, abuse me, degrade or berate me and my environment is clean and safe.  He has to play by my rules or he doesn’t play.  I can choose not to see him, essentially everything is under my control, this is much better than when I was doing porn.  The last time I had an STD was the last porn set I was on, I have yet to have an escorting client give me anything, even a cold.

When I asked if she would return to porn ever, her answer was an emphatic no.  She said that it had provided her to get to where she is now but that going back would never be an option.

She also pointed out that if you look around, you see a lot more of that, high end girls who left and never returned noting that the overall turnover in the industry makes the easy to forget.  She said it doesn’t take much of a fan base among the elite “hobbyists” to set you up to live very very well as a courtesan.

That was then and this is now.

Kink To Dump Public Disgrace

The site and others in its genre, which have been much maligned and the center of a lot of controversy, are being dumped according to my sources at Kink.

Kink has been under a lot of scrutiny with regard to recent HIV incidences and often public disgrace is at the center due to the policy of using extras that are not tested yet often end up in “contact” situations with performers.

No time frame as yet but by the end of the year is a good bet, I am told they are no longer shooting scenes for that site.  i doubt the site will go black, more likely it simply wont update anymore.

Keep your eyes on Kink….I’m hearing they have a backroom deal in the works with a porn company…more on that later