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  • The FSC Is On A Witch Hunt Maybe Porn Valley Should Show Eric and the Rest of These Thieves The Door (9)
    • MikeSouth: Sean is being paid by Dave aka dwight cunningham to libel me…Iva already attempted to serve sean twice to no avail but its ok I...
    • mharris127: I don’t really know what Mike supposedly did to set off Sean. Suffice to say that Sean is really pissed at Mike about something...
    • Karmafan: Speaking of witch hunts… Whats up with the mental midgets that run LIB always making posts about you doing bad things? They have a...
    • Removed Account: Interesting. Aren’t you the guy who helps Sean Tompkins from TRPWL bully people online? I thought you were his lawyer? Now...
    • MikeSouth: Thanks y’all…really MC Jamie Man we we know we can do better than The FSC I would do it for free if I were in Cali, hell I...
    • Karmafan: You don’t see any of the top long time porn stars (like Lisa Ann or Julia Ann) saying jack about supporting this antibiotics thing....
    • mharris127: Jamie, you might want to discuss your endorsement with Dan before making it. He probably would be a better choice to run the FSC but he...
  • The FSC Wants To Give You A Weekly Shot of Antibiotics (19)
    • AmDazed: Thanks for the reply Mike, (By the way I really appreciate your site and these opportunities you provide for discussion), I understand...
    • AmDazed: To stop the rampant spread of these infections it is essential to always require testing if sexual contact is involved. Many “fetish...
  • What Do We Deserve? (13)
    • mharris127: How about if Chelsea and Ivanka come to my place and have a threesome with me? They are both hot and are probably close to being... Quote Of The Day

I know war as few other men now living know it, and nothing to me is more revolting. I have long advocated its complete abolition, as its very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a method of settling international disputes. - Ernest Hemingway


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The FSC Is On A Witch Hunt Maybe Porn Valley Should Show Eric and the Rest of These Thieves The Door

You would think that the FSC would at least be in denial about yesterdays post, but instead they are very much up in arms about how that information got leaked to me.

Probably because most performers read it and shrugged it off, I got almost no emails about it, its as if nobody cares, and maybe they don’t. We already know that some people are doing it anyway, its pretty common knowledge that with Mexico close by some performers run to TJ and stockpile Z packs for themselves and others, they then take these 4 or 5 days prior to the next test date so that they test clean.

I did get a notification from a source in Cal-OSHA that said no way they would put a stamp of approval on this.

There is something else that this person pointed out. The rules call for “barrier protection” and that is NOT limited to traditional condoms, the new female condoms would apply in that case. The point being that The Free Speech Coalition, as usual, is lying their asses off about condoms and dental dams and goggles.

They have a few performers who are dumb enough to buy into it. The FSC knows better than anyone how much so many performers look for an authority figure, something that has been lacking for most if not all of their lives, and The FSC exploits that, acting as an authority figure that claims to be on their side.

But lets be honest here, really honest. If the FSC is really on your side would they want you to die? Would they be indifferent to your health because some lowlife can’t get it up with a condom. Really y’all porn isn’t worth having an illness for a week, much less the rest of your life and certainly not an illness that could kill you.

I have been asking for years for someone to explain to me why it shouldn’t be left up to the performers to use a condom or not.

Do you guys have any idea how many times I have gotten emails from girls who were pressured by the director, their agents, their performing partner, to work with a guy who had a sore on his dick …and wound up with Herpes or Gonorrhea or Chlamydia or Warts, no porn scene is worth that y’all.

There are reasonable solutions to this problem and The FSC has no intention of exploring them because Eric Paul Leue, or Diane Duke or whomever else doesn’t give nearly as much of a fuck about you as they do the money they get from Manwin/MindGeek every month.

Matter of fact this doesn’t just apply to performers, do you really think they care about you John Stagliano? They care about your money but they sold you out entirely to people who are providing your content to anyone who wants it for free.

Same goes for you Jules Jordan, Elegant Angel, all of you. Why would anyone buy your product when they can download it for free right now in less time than it would take to go to the closest video store and buy or rent it. You guys don’t need me to point out that The FSC enabled this to happen, yet you continue to give money to these people who have harmed you.

You know this without my saying it, so why in Gods name would you give them money? Have you asked yourself what it is that the FSC has done for you? The one victory they have, and it is still pending was 2257, but did it change anything? did it save you money? You were keeping IDs on file long before 2257 was a law, we all were because it would have been insane not to.

So why hasn’t the FSC done anything that would really help you, your employees, your performers? when faced with piracy The FSC conspired with Manwin (at the time, now MindGeek) to screw you with a program that put money in the pockets of The FSC and Manwin…They flat out told you that if you pay them they wont pirate your material…and guess what…they did it anyway, and what did you do?

I’ll give you a hint, look up the meaning of these words in the dictionary (chump, mark, sucker, sap, fool, dupe, dimwit, patsy, pushover) starting to recognize anyone you know? Believe me the FSC sees you.

We can do better….de-fund these thieves and set up an organization that answers to you, not Manwin/MindGeek, make the accountable, something that The FSC is not…you think they are?…tell me then how do you get rid of Eric Paul Leue?

You can’t period.

Do you think that is how it should be? John, Jules….I don’t think you guys are really that stupid, and I know in the case of John Stagliano that he cares, I know that he knows that we can do better than these fools at the FSC.

America has decided that it’s time to clean house, it’s time we did the same thing.

The FSC Wants To Give You A Weekly Shot of Antibiotics

When I first heard this I didn’t believe it, I said even The FSC is not THAT stupid, Not that wreckless and careless with performers lives.  I guess I was wrong.

It has come to my attention via an FSC leak, that one of the plans of The Free Speech Coalition is to mandate a regular dose of antibiotic drugs as a way to cut down the number of gonorrhea and chlamydia cases.  Yes you read that right, mandated, whether you need them or not.

I shouldn’t have to point out how insanely stupid that is, overuse of antibiotics is why we have drug resistant strains of Gonorrhea MRSA and other infections. To put performers at risk in this manner illustrates how little regard The FSC has for the lives of performers, I had hopes that Pepe le Pew or whatever his name is that replaced Diane Duke wouldn’t be as abhorrent and as lacking in basic humanity as Diane Duke but apparently that will not be the case.  They are, as they have in the past putting money ahead of the health and welfare of performers.

I can not n a million years imagine that Cal-OSHA would go along with this hare-brained idea, but the fact that they intend to present it to Cal OSHA absolutely speaks volumes.

Performers….PLEASE do not submit to this idea, it will cause you so many problems down the road, just say no way.

I do NOT for the life of me understand why it is so hard to mandate that condoms be required to be available on every set and it is up to the ADULT performers to decide if they want to use them or not, but nobody seems to want it that way except, as I understand it, The new union.


And The Next Celebrity Sex Tape Is


Sunny now

Former WWE star Sunny.  She was apparently very popular in the mid 1990s.   and has decided to appear in “Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor.”  for Vivid Entertainment.

What is interesting is what her motive may be, seems she has had soe run ins with the law

Tamara Sytch, who worked for the WWE as “Sunny,” was arrested three times in three days in Branford, Conn. on domestic violence-related charges in 2012. (Sounds like she’d fit right in with porn)

‘Sunny’ was pulled over for driving wildly in a Walmart parking lot in May and charged with a DUI, driving with a suspended license and careless driving. “Sunny,” was arrested Wednesday in Pennsylvania for skipping three hearings stemming from a May arrest.

No word at this time on when the sex video was filmed.

Some people are tellingme that this is old news, that its been on the tubes forever, I got the google alert today and it was from today, maybe Vivid is now releasing sometyhing that has been on tubesites for a while or something, who knows I dont keep up with rasselin or pseudo celebrity sex tapes

The former Diva’s real name is Tammy Sytch and she told American website TMZ that Vivid Entertainment boss Steve Hirsch had originally offered her £76,000 to star in the adult film but she turned it down before later accepting a “much much higher” offer. –



What Do We Deserve?

IvankaTrumpLast night I watched the Republican Convention, I wanted to hear what Trump had to say.  Here are my thoughts.

Chelsea Clinton is in deep shit, Ivanka Trump was GOOD, one of the best public speakers I have ever seen, her message was on point, clear concise and did what it was designed to do.  She has a big future in politics if she ever goes that route.

Trump seemed to hit the points but I noticed something very interesting, for one he pushed the Republican party, albeit kicking and screaming, into supporting the LGBTQ community.  I think he made it clear that under his administration things like the North Carolina bathroom law are not going to get much support.

I also noticed that God was not mentioned even once.  That’s a huge departure from the Republican ass kissing of the evangelical right that we have come to expect.  Personally I believe that Trump is a lot more of a moderate than his detractors would have you believe, he appears soft on gay rights issues, he has stated that the problem with Obamacare is that it isn’t single payer,  he has come out strongly in favor dismantling Dodd Frank.

The Washington Times called him “A textbook example of an ideological moderate”

He called the Iraq war a mistake because it diverted money from domestic issues that need it more.  From where I sit Trump seems disinclined to pay anything more than just a little lip service to the religious right.  If you think his failure to mention God in that long ass speech last night was just a simple oversight think again.  It’s a clear message, just as his mention of the LGBTQ community was a clear message.

I do not fear a Trump presidency anywhere near as much as I fear a Hillary Clinton presidency, or a Jeb Bush presidency, for reasons I have mentioned before, namely party infighting will consume Washington DC so much for four years that they wont agree on anything, and it seems that when they do agree on something it is sticking their hands in our pockets and their noses in our bedrooms.

All of this said Trump does not have my vote.  My vote is something that is meaningful to me and the people who gave their lives to insure that I have a say so in my government will never be dishonored by my giving my vote to someone who hasn’t earned it.  They didn’t die so that I could hold my nose and pick the lesser of two evils.  You want my vote you earn it, it is that simple.

As in past elections The Libertarians have earned my vote.  Gary Johnson has earned my vote, because ideologically he represents me and what I want for this country, and even though Trump is exhibiting many Libertarian views I feel like he is not bone fide, as my southern brers (tip of my hat to Joel Chandler Harris)  from years past would say.

My platform….I am a strong constitutionalist  I believe in a very strong first AND second amendment

I believe that as a society we have determined that health care is a right and as such someone has to pay for it and the only way to do that fairly is single payer. Plain and simple.

I believe that the money we have spent destabilizing the middle east would have been better spent on above-mentioned healthcare, the money we spent in the last ten years there would have provided healthcare for every man, woman and child in this country for the rest of their lives.  This is YOUR money people, the government has NO money except what they take from you by force, you have every right to tell them how they can spend it.

Without being xenophobic, I believe that we need to stop being the world police, we need to stay out of things that don’t pose any direct threat to us.  Our policies in Iran and Iraq and Libya for example have led to an outcome that would have been very different had we let them work it out on their own.  This also means we stop giving them money and arms, that all too often get used against us anyway.

I believe in taking care of our own

I am no fan of hyphenated Americans, if you want to identify with your ancestry fine but be American first….Teddy Roosevelt was right about this.

While I am on the subject our politicians like nothing better than when we subdivide ourselves into special interests, it makes us much easier to  manipulate and control, their biggest nightmare is when white, black, brown, yellow and red all walk arm in arm and say it is US against you, we will no longer play your game of fighting each other, my brother is not my problem, my government is my problem. Same goes for straight, gay, bi, trans and whatever else is used to divide and conquer us.

I believe we need serious criminal reform, we have way too many Americans in jail for doing nothing that threatened anyone’s life, liberty, property or pursuit of happiness.  Smoking a plant is not something that warrants depriving someone of their freedom, this is just another method of dividing and conquering us. and the jails are little more than holding pens until they get out and inevitably return usually for way worse things than they originally went to jail for….why because jail made them worse, not better, jail taught them to be more violent, nurturing a fight to survive instinct.  Too many people go in as non violent offenders and come out as menaces to society.

I believe that the morality of a country comes from the top down and that if you want citizens to treat each other like human beings it is incumbent on the leaders to lead by example.  More and more we are becoming a global society, I can communicate directly right now with people from all over the earth and it becomes clearer every day that despite what our governments would have us believe, I’m not really very different from Sergei, or Mikhail, or Hans, or Jose we all just want to be left alone to live our lives peacefully.

Finally I saw a lot of signs about how “We deserve better than Hillary” and I would like to think that we do, I also would like to think that we deserve better than Trump, but do we?  there is a very old political adage that states that people get the government that they deserve.  Think about that, think about that before you cast your vote in November.





If IBill Fucked You Back In The Day You Now Have Some Payback

Anyone in porn any length of time remembers IBill, they were at one time the worlds largest processor of credit cards for adult sites.  They shut down overnight owing a LOT of webmasters a LOT of money, fortunately I was not one of them, for those of you that were…This happened today

From Reuters

An investment banker once dubbed “Porn’s New King” and accused of engineering a scheme with his father and two brothers to reap illegal profits by manipulating a reinsurer’s stock price pleaded guilty to fraud charges on Thursday.

Jason Galanis, 46, of Los Angeles, admitted to securities fraud, investment adviser fraud, and two conspiracy charges at a hearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn in Manhattan.

Under a plea deal, Galanis agreed not to appeal any prison term of 12-1/2 years or fewer, and agreed to forfeit nearly $37.6 million plus two properties. His sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 9.

Galanis’ plea came one day after his father John pleaded guilty to related securities fraud and conspiracy charges concerning the reinsurer, Gerova Financial Group Ltd.

Two brothers, Jared and Derek Galanis, and former Gerova Chairman Gary Hirst were also criminally charged, and according to prosecutors, face a Sept. 12 trial.

The case is one of two pending against Jason Galanis, who was nicknamed “Porn’s New King” by Forbes magazine in 2004 after buying the nation’s largest processor of credit card payments for internet pornography (IBill).

In May, prosecutors unveiled separate charges accusing Galanis of engineering a roughly $60 million bond scam targeting South Dakota’s Oglala Sioux Nation, and using proceeds to make investments and buy luxury goods.

In the Gerova case, prosecutors said Jason Galanis, with the assistance of Hirst, amassed more than 5 million shares, nearly half of the reinsurer’s public float, and had them issued to a so-called straw holder to disguise his ownership.

Galanis then allegedly bribed investment advisers to buy Gerova shares for their own clients, and through coordinated trading sold Gerova shares from the straw holder’s account.

Prosecutors said Galanis’ wrongdoing occurred between 2007 and 2011. The Gerova stock manipulation scheme resulted in nearly $20 million in profits, they said.

“I knew the conduct was not correct,” Jason Galanis said at Thursday’s hearing. “I wasn’t aware of statutes at the time, but I knew the conduct was not correct, possibly illegal.”

Two other defendants were also charged in the Gerova case. The broker Gavin Hamels has pleaded guilty, while the alleged straw holder, Ymer Shahini, is a fugitive.

Jason Galanis has been in custody since his May arrest over the tribal bond scheme. On Wednesday, a federal appeals court refused to restore his bail.

The case is U.S. v. Galanis et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 15-cr-00643.


KickAss Torrents gets Ass Kicked





The U.S. Government has arrested the alleged owner of KickassTorrents, the world’s largest torrent site. The 30-year-old Ukrainian was arrested in Poland today and is charged with criminal copyright infringement and money laundering. In addition, a federal court in Chicago has ordered the seizure of several KAT domain names.

With millions of unique visitors per day KickassTorrents (KAT) has become the most-used torrent site on the Internet, beating even The Pirate Bay.

Today, however, the site has run into a significant roadblock after U.S. authorities announced the arrest of the site’s alleged owner.

The 30-year-old Artem Vaulin, from Ukraine, was arrested today in Poland from where the United States has requested his extradition.

In a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago, the alleged owner is charged with conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and two counts of criminal copyright infringement.

The complaint further reveals that the feds posed as an advertiser, which revealed a bank account associated with the site.

It also shows that Apple handed over personal details of Vaulin after the investigator cross-referenced an IP-address used for an iTunes transaction with an IP-address that was used to login to KAT’s Facebook account.

“Records provided by Apple showed that conducted an iTunes transaction using IP Address on or about July 31, 2015. The same IP Address was used on the same day to login into the KAT Facebook,” the complaint reads.

In addition to the arrest in Poland, the court also granted the seizure of a bank account associated with KickassTorrents, as well as several of the site’s domain names.

Commenting on the announcement, Assistant Attorney General Caldwell said that KickassTorrents helped to distribute over $1 billion in pirated files.

“Vaulin is charged with running today’s most visited illegal file-sharing website, responsible for unlawfully distributing well over $1 billion of copyrighted materials.”

“In an effort to evade law enforcement, Vaulin allegedly relied on servers located in countries around the world and moved his domains due to repeated seizures and civil lawsuits. His arrest in Poland, however, demonstrates again that cybercriminals can run, but they cannot hide from justice.”

KAT’s .com and .tv domains are expected to be seized soon by Verisign. For the main domain and several others, seizure warrants will be sent to the respective authorities under the MLAT treaty.

At the time of writing the main domain name has trouble loading, but various proxies still appear to work. KAT’s status page doesn’t list any issues, but we assume that this will be updated shortly.

TorrentFreak has reached out to the KAT team for a comment on the news and what it means for the site’s future, but we have yet to hear back.

Stripper Quotes

It has been a while since I had one but today I listened to the controversial Melania Trump Speech ( mountain/molehill anyone) and it reminded me of a stripper in Dayton.

She was from Hungary and she had that thick accent.  We were all in the office one night and she was counting her money and one of the guys asked her to say “We should be hunting moose and squirrel”

She rolls her eyes, shrugs her shoulders and open her arms and declares….

“Vhat is dees sex u all fascination you Amerikam men have vith MOOSE AND SQUIRREL”

The entire office breaks into tears laughing and the poor girl has no clue, obviously, why….I am guessing that this was NOT the first time she had been asked to say that

For more funny stripper quotes, buy the book on the left or click stripper quotes in the categories drop down box on the right


Odds N Ends

I got an email from a high up at AT&T telling me the next time I have an outage that lasts more than an hour to call him, he gave me his personal number…interesting, nice to have though if I stay with At&T, I have been waiting patiently for google fiber, I have seen the trucks all over my hood for the last year and a half but it still isnt available yet….man what I wouldn’t give for that kind of upload speed!

When I got up this morning I flipped on the TV as I usually do and started my day with the news. later I flipped around and stopped on “The View”, something I NEVER do, they were having a Donald/Melanie Trump hatefest.  I did notice that there are a couple of very intelligent people on there, but everytime they try to say something intelligent they get shouted down by a ginger harpie named Joy Bezoar or something and Whoopie (why DID she name herself after her farts?…seriously she did…turns out she routinely farts during taping of “The View” I am unsure how they discern what is gas and what is her actual thought.)  Anyway, I can’t help but think that this kind of programming actually sets women back by years…the more an intelligent one tries to speak in a reasonable tone the more the two less intelligent ones shout and talk over the top of her, thats a damn shame, the two on the right hand side (one is an attorney I think) certainly seemed to be trying to insert reason and thought into what is otherwise just a cacaphony of noise, I couldn’t take it anymore and changed the channel.

It has been over a year since I have been offshore fishing and it is making me cranky.

Books I am reading: Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers

TV Shows I currently Watch: Black Sails, Roadies, Frontline, Nova, Mr Robot, The Americans, Silicon Valley

Recent Movies I liked: Zootopia, (The DMV workers had me in stitches) there havent been any others, good movies seem to be a rarity these days, everything is a remake or a comic book turned into a movie

I have no idea how this column devolved into this…enough LOL



Finally Back

Don’t let the AT&T horseshit ads fool you my internet has been out since Sat afternoon and it was an “area outage” … three fucking days…. all I had was cell access to the net which was way too slow for anything productive, but all is well now…for now.

While I was out apparently Monica Foster thinks I made a death threat to someone…lord what does that girl smoke…I can’t be mean to her because it just isn’t in me to attack people with mental health issues.  I know she is pissed because I accepted an ad from Randazza so I guess now that makes me the enemy….Good Lord….anyway, Will catch up  Thanks Y’all


My Thoughts On The Attacks In France

After hearing about the attack in France last night the first thing that came to mind was I hope that Sabrina, Ovidie and theirs friends and families are all OK.  The internet has brought us all closer together in ways we probably couldn’t have imagined.  I feel like I know them, and in Ovidies case I do, but the point is that it immediately made me empathetic.

At some point people are going to get tired of these attacks on innocent people minding their own business and retaliate.

It reminds me of Donny Long, and to a lesser degree Dave and Sean Tompkins, I would not be even a little surprised to learn that any of them but Donny in particular was murdered by someone who simply had had enough, law enforcement is slow if not disinterested and at some point someone will reach the breaking point and that will be that.

Same with Islaamic Fundamentalism. At some point France, The UK, Germany, Russia, The US and others are going to be pushed to the point that we say enough is enough and there will be an all out war to wipe these people off the map and there won’t be much concern for who is radicalized and who isn’t.  Just like porn and Donny Long there comes a time when you have to say if it takes throwing out the baby to get rid of this bath water then so be it, in the long run it will save many innocent lives.

One of the problems I see with Islaam here is that I don’t see many people whole heartedly denouncing what is being done in the name of their “peaceful” religion.  truth is when Canada investigated they found that most of the mosques were being used as recruiting centers for terrorist organisations, I wouldn’t be surprised to find the same thing here in the United States.

There is NO excusing attacks on innocent civilians, none, and I think we are reaching a tipping point, not just in this country but all over the world, because all over the world we are starting to understand and empathize with each other because people like Ovidie and Sabrina are no longer just some obscure foreigner whose culture we barely understand, they are our friends, we communicate with them regularly and we see ourselves, it becomes more personal.



Dave From The Luxury Companion Gets 5 to 10 Year Sentence



Dwight Cunningham aka Dave, Pimp for The Luxury Companion

[I am getting conflicting info on this sentencing although its mostly semantics one thing for sure, he IS on Probation for 5 years,  if he fucks up he goes to jail for a minimum of 5 years.  If he doesn’t fuck up he can have this expunged. On another point he was only prosecuted on ONE of the three charges,  although he is a felon and it is a felony for him to have a gun on his person, he wasn’t charged with that So in essece he was charged with shooting at a car with a firearm that he didn’t have in his hands…how much sense does that make?  None until you consider that charge carries a mandatory jail sentence, talk about the fix being in, this is what you call justice?  L/A. County is dirty as hell and it seems nobody cares, except the FBI…Go figure.]

Dwight Cunningham aka Dave from the Luxury Companion was sentenced to 5 to 10 years today for discharging a firearm at a car.  The judge then suspended the sentence and put him on 5 years probation.

Something seems very shady here since Dwight is already a convicted felon and shouldn’t have had a firearm in the first place and he shot at a person not at a car, word is that Dave’s girlfriends cousin is an L.A. District Attorney (Karen Borzakian) and got it fixed for him working in association with a judge who is also a relative.  Dwight got off lucky indeed….The kind of luck most people don’t have.

This puts Dwight under a microscope for the next 5 years, at least in theory.  meaning anything more than a speeding ticket will land him in jail for 5 to 10.  His association with The Luxury Companion had certainly better come to an end.

There are a lot of people right now who want Dave in jail and would be happy to drop a dime on his sorry ass so I doubt he will stay clean.  The question is when he does fuck up will anything happen to him or will his connections get him out of it yet again.

If you ask me it is time for the Feds to look into this and it is my understanding that they are….Stay tuned, I guarantee you this one isn’t over.  No way in hell Dave can keep his alligator mouth shut for five years, or even five months…

Working On “The Deuce” Led Me To An Amazing Site

RR_Tiffany_IMG_3188I got a google alert a couple of days ago that directed me to an article about working on “The Deuce” the documentary series being made by George Pelecanos, David Simon and James Franco about life in Manhattan around 42nd street (The Deuce) in the 70s and 80s.  It was interesting because in the typical David Simon (The Wire, NYPD Blue, Treme)  desire to get it right consultants from the industry have been hired, including Sharon Mitchell, Annie Sprinkle and others who were there during the time.  I and others have huge expectations for the HBO series, it is a historic setting that is ripe with good stories as anyone who remembers the time can tell you.

I visited 42nd Street many times in the 80s, I remember Show World and the seedy nature of the area, it was an interesting place, drugs, prostitution, porn stores, live sex shows were everywhere.  I was relatively young, I turned 30 in 1987 and whenever I was in the area, which was frequent as a part of my job, I always visited, I remember the feel, the smell even….it’s weird how smells can evoke such strong memories the steam coming out of the manholes mixed with Sbarro and the sidewalk vendors selling sausages, brats, whatever….Oddly I never felt the least bit threatened, I didn’t make eye contact, I walked upright and with a purpose, I knew how to blend in with new York City….save for my southern accent.

The link took me to a website called The Rialto Report  and I was blown away by the site, it is  oral history, audio, photo, and documentary archives from the golden age of adult film in New York, and beyond the site is where David Simon found the people he  hired as consultants for “The Deuce” and it is good, the writing is excellent, the history is accurate and it is honest.RR_Tiffany_IMG_3086

By all means if you want to understand the roots of porn and get a glimpse of what the business looked like when it had a soul this site has it.  There are scripts, interviews, photos, video clips, I think the site by itself is worthy documentary.

Oddly the article that brought me to the site has been pulled, it probably leaked something the filmmakers didn’t want out yet or something but if you remember the real golden age of porn, or just want to learn about it I highly recommend The Rialto Report

I know I have spent hours on the site amd I expect I will be spending many more there, it really is that good.  And Kudos to David Simon and the team behind “The Deuce” for making the effort to get it right, I have a feeling that this may surpass “The Wire” and becoming his crowning achievement.


Dennis Hof Responds TO A Post


Thank’s Dennis, always good to hear from you man, and you are spot on.


Hi Mike:

Just recently I read with interest—and sadness—your post of May 17th,
2016 headlined Porn Is Just A Front For Prostitution These Days Here Is A List Of The Girls In Porn Who Escort And what followed were the names and photos of more than 200 girls, virtually all the top names in porn today and then some. This is of course porn’s worst-kept, but seldom-talked about (in the media), dirty little secret—that illegal and dangerous prostitution by probably over 95% of adult film performers continues to threaten the health, safety and security not only of those in the XXX video business, but the public-at-large.

Every porn producer, director, lobbyist, lawyer, agent and journalist knows almost all porn actresses are doing double-duty working illegally as prostitutes—yet the practice continues, flourishes and not a damn thing is done about it, despite the threat such activity poses to the very people within the industry that turn a blind eye to it. And they do so, while in fact, an easy “solution” exists, and has existed from the time the first X-rated film was ever shot.

As the owner of seven legal licensed brothels throughout the state of Nevada—the Bunny Ranch etc. I have welcomed hundreds of big-name and
small-name porn stars that have worked at my bordellos—you can see some of them here

Right now Sunny Lane, Cumisha Amado and Felony are here, and over the years weâ’ve had porners such as Sunset Thomas, Chasey Lain, Rayveness, Alexandra Silk, Teri Weigel and numerous Playboy playmates and Penthouse pets. But these represent just a fraction of the thousands and thousands of porn girls who have opted not to work at a legal brothel, and instead engaged in, and continue to engage in, illegal prostitution.

For more than a decade the Bunny Ranch has reached out to all the adult talent agencies in Los Angeles and elsewhere, offering employment to any and all of the porn girls they represent. We offer convenient and flexible scheduling—a typical “tour” here is two weeks—that allows for
porn gals to work for us during seasonal slowdowns, between shoots, during HIV-related industry moratoriums, and when an actress is considered “shot out.” Since the average porn star does not work for many days and often weeks at a time between porn shoots, we offer a way for them to keep earning $$$—and doing so legally, safely and securely.
We are not competing with the LA porn scene, but rather we are and obvious complement to it—for example our”high season” is the summer months, while the summer is a time of significantly decreased porn shooting. So do you how many out-of-work porn stars have been referred to us by adult talent agencies over the years? Of the thousands they represent and in response to our many solicitations—about 3. That’s right. So what do those women do instead? They do so-called”privates”, working illegally, independently and through websites, having sex with strangers with no required health or safety regulations or standards in place. Not to pick just on the porn agents—the porn journalists don’t write about and expose this horrific situation, the lobbing/support groups purporting to represent the interests of the adult movie industry don’t address the issue, and the porn producers simply ignore it. It’s the elephant in the room that everyone pretends isn’t there.

We have reached out to the LA porn industry again and again, beseeching them to encourage their adult starlets to abandon illegal hooking and come work for us. And I will do it again now. I guarantee any porn actress a job at one of my brothels, where she will be legal—guarded by the police, not arrested by them, safe—we are all-condoms all -the-time with no “director” trying to pressure you into not using them, and healthy—everyone is tested weekly and as a result there hasn’t been an STD transmission in a Nevada brothel since the entire industry self-mandated condoms in 1984.
Is “Porn Just A Front For Prostitution These Days” as the headline stated? Well, it’s hard to argue it isn’t. But the real point is is not that almost all porn stars are hooking on the side, it’s that they are doing it in an illegal and hazardous manner, while a legal and safe option is only a one-hour flight from LAX away.

Being in the forefront of providing legal, licensed, and safe adult entertainment to men, women and couples that desire it, we will always stand ready to assist anyone who wants to give up dangerous and potentially deadly illegal prostitution and hook the right way—the Bunny Ranch way.

Dennis Hof

Phyllisha Anne Answers Questions About The Entertainment Adult Union

Phyllisha posted this as comments but in the interest of fairness I decided to make them a front page post because they answer a lot of questions, Pay attention y’all Phyllisha wrote this not me I am not taking any stance here except to give Phyllisha the same voice that others have been afforded and to reiterate that I DO support performers coming together to make their lives better and the Entertainment Adult Union has jumped through many hoops to become recognized as the ONLY spokespersons for adult performers in the eyes of the Federal Government and the Department of Labor.  Phyllisha makes some good points in her responses.

I thought I would take a moment and answer all of these concerns one by one even though they are a few weeks old. I apologize I could not do it sooner, this is the first chance I have been given to catch up on things.


We are working very, very hard every day on creating the foundation and the correct structure of this Union. To all of us this is a new and exciting journey in life, so we are trying to make sure we have this foundation good and solid before we continue to make steps forward. We do realize that perhaps this step is taking to long, but we are figuring that, as important as this will hopefully become to each and everyone of us, that this is a step we need to make sure is done to the best of our ability at this current time.


We have a very very long list of goals and everyday the list seems to grow longer, with building our foundation we are beginning to create committees in which a team will help in reaching and work towards achieving each of these goals. We are reaching out to this industry and gratefully accepting all that are willing to jump in and help. The more of us who are willing to take the time to help the faster we will be able to reach these goals. I will make sure we place these goals on the website so that it is clear as to what they are.


We appointed Sean Michaels because we felt he is well respected, he is currently working as a performer in the industry and well, he is Sean Michaels 🙂   And anyone who has had the opportunity to meet and work with Sean, knows what a gentleman he truly is.

Evan Stone had decided not to take the position because he wanted a higher one.  As stated in the constitution of this Union “until, in which time this Union is created, the officers can  be appointed” because, well we have to start somewhere.

 We are not focusing all of our attention, at this very moment, in attracting performers to join so we can collect money. We are not at this time collecting any dues or asking for anything, except to join and please take part in the creation of something that will  become incredible and benefit all of our futures.

Instead we have been focusing on other things, and as stated above we will place all of our goals on the website so that our intentions are clear, even though these goals seem to grow on a daily basis.

The elections were a mess, I openly admit,  it was our first effort and it taught us that we have still have a lot to learn and we learned what not to do on that front.

Trying to scam a performer is the complete opposite of what we are achieving.  Everyone of the officers and board members, who will be announced the moment it is government approved, are performers themselves, why would they spend all this time trying to scam you instead of help you?  Every board member is someone that has been in this industry for a good amount of time. It is not a bunch of people who were never involved with this industry who do not understand the unique needs of this industry.

The two advertisements on the website  are there to take up space and balance the look until such time as we get real ads, yet you have found a way to make that an issue anyway. So yes if anyone would like anything placed in those spaces please send me an email we would be happy to put it up and no there is no charge to do so at this time.

We do not feel we need to demand anything, from anyone. That is not how we are trying to go about things.  We are more looking for ways which,  as an industry we can all come to an agreement that can benefit everyone.  Demanding that producers pay for testing is taking money out of the production cost to shoot the movie, so that is not our first approach. But if we had health insurance that could cover the cost of the testing plus, performers have insurance in case we do catch something,  it seems to be a win/win situation. Except for perhaps the testing centers. But they have made enough money from us, in my opinion, anyway.

The piracy link was placed by someone who had control of the website, that person no longer has control of website and that link has been gone now for awhile. Unless, perhaps I am missing something?

A credit union has been offered to us, and that is another thing we have been working on.  But it’s not that easy because as we stand now, our industry links us as a “high risk” profile. Therefore we have to start there first, working with the EOCC to create  a “can not discriminate against your source of legal income act.”   So that your job title can not hold you back from things such as loans, as long as you qualify otherwise.

For anyone to state they will not hire someone because of the union is  illegal.  And that is a law that has been in effect since the beginning of Unions.  So I would hope, no one would ever make such a statement.

We want to help all performers, if you really think about it performers who are putting  their life at risk, each and every time they do a shoot, they should have something to show for it but so many don’t because there was no one there to guide them.

I think with the numbers this Union is achieving, without even trying that hard, we shall soon prove to those in this industry that believe performers are not worth anything, that we actually do have the mentality to succeed after all.   Who knew? Eh ? 🙂

Raw Alex –  now see, that’s what hurts my heart.  Why would anyone want to take advantage of someone who would,  after a scene leave crying, puking, and running for the door?    This business is not made for everyone, for some it hurts their soul, and you can see it the minute you meet them, it is written all over their face and in their eyes.  Aren’t there enough performers coming through the door everyday, as you state, that when you see a performer such as this, that perhaps some one should explain to her the truth of what she is about to do, and shoot someone else instead?   And Don’t you dare make that statement ,  well that isn’t my job, she walked in the door by herself, I’m not her dad.  Because that’s the problem with this industry these days.  No body cares about anybody else.  Don’t you guys remember when we were a family?  Where we looked out for each other?  The only  thing that makes us not that way today is that shit right there.

So what if our family got bigger, that just means there is more of us to love…

Mike South, thank you so much for always speaking the truth and voicing your honest opinion, thank you for your criticism, as well for your guidance.  And thank you for having the balls to say a lot of things,  I wish I had the balls to say myself.   Thank you for the prep talks and the motivation you keep giving us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And Thank you lurking for voicing your support, with all our hearts.

Love Phyllisha Anne

Does Your Life Matter?

mikefishinI have been working  quite a bit this week and one of the students in a seminar I was doing made a comment that has been on my mind all day.

From time to time I consult on various things including bar management, this week I was doing a seminar for the bouncers in some local clubs.  Without going into a lot of detail I suggest a very common sense approach with prevention being at the top of the list, as a bouncer it is important that you be very aware of your surroundings so that if something starts to get out of hand you can recognize it and deal with it before it gets out of hand.  It starts with simply being seen, but being seen is also how the customer perceives you when you are seen.  One of the guys in the class made the comment that the police should be as well trained as they are and it struck a chord with everyone in the seminar. Consider this…

I would NEVER allow my bouncers to come to work in Jack Boots, with helmets and mirrored sunglasses, it sends absolutely the wrong message.  I want my customers to feel like the bouncers are there to protect them and militarizing their clothing certainly doesn’t send that message.

So why has this become so common in police departments, it sets up an us against them mentality from the get go.  Getting physical in any way should be the LAST resort for bouncers, it should also be the last resort for police, all too often it is the first response these days.  Now I understand that the police deserve to be protected but when doing so makes them look like a paramilitary unit it sends the message that they expect violence and that expectation and image begets violence the same as it does in a nightclub.

Police as well as bouncers should be friendly, courteous and helpful, you shouldn’t be afraid to approach them.

And another thing that gets me is this whole Black Lives Matter movement, whomever is behind that name is defeating the entire purpose.  Black Lives Matter implies that if you aren’t black your life doesn’t matter and it promotes the very divisiveness that they want to wipe out.  Why would you use a name that excludes people instead of including them?  Do you think that only black people fear the police?  Believe me there are plenty of white, brown, red, yellow, gay, trans and straight people who feel the same way you do, why not be inclusive and call it Our Lives Matter, you would get a lot more accomplished that way and you wouldn’t set yourself up as being against the police AND all these other people.

If these problems are ever going to end it will be because we all joined together to end it, setting yourself up this way simply reinforces the idea that you are different and thus NOT equal. I have long had a problem with people excluding themselves from being American, be it European American, African American, Asian American or whatever, if we are going to go that route we need to be American FIRST, American European, American African, American Asian, fine it puts it in the proper perspective and emphasizes what we have in common NOT what makes us different.

Politicians count on us dividing ourselves like this because it allows them to pander to blocks of people who see themselves as not equal and further divides us when in reality we all pretty much want the same thing, that being to be left alone and allowed to live our lives as we see fit without encroaching on anyone else’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

I don’t care what color you are, or what gender  or what sexual persuasion I want you to be healthy and happy, your life matters because when we all act that way we all benefit.

Maybe my view is too utopian but it seems to me we have regressed when we should have progressed and the root of it all is the criminalization of more and more of the population and the militarization of our government.