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  • More Girls Come Forward On James Deen (26)
    • Billy: Source: 015/11/29/how-we-know-the-stoy a-rape-accusation-against-jame s-deen-is-a-hoax/ How We Know the Stoya...
  • Evil Angel and Doc Johnson Sever Ties With James Deen, Will Deen Flunk Out Of Porn? (29)
    • LurkingReader: @mdxxx Let’s play spot the problem asshole and when they crossed the line in the story. Newbie shows up to new job anxious and...
    • laura: How do you know that Stoya dated Deen after the incident happened?.. I didn’t read that anywhere.
    • laura: Very well said Joeschmoe
    • mdxxx: Had to look up the word MRA. Male Rights Activist. LOL. Look you guys are making it seem as if I somehow condone rape. I don’t condone... Quote Of The Day

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. - Oscar Wilde

L.A. Direct Addresses Diane Dukes Resignation

I think this sums up most of the responses I have gotten about the resignation of Ms Duke.  Thank You to Direct Models for allowing me to repost it here.

Direct Models is pleased to see today’s news via X Biz, on the stepping down of Diane Duke,

Rarely has there been such a divisive personality in the adult business, unelected, yet somehow self appointed as a testing Czar to the industry, among other self aggrandizing efforts and assumed roles by Ms Duke .

While the late (and great) Christian Mann a fellow director at FSC, was deservedly well known and highly respected for his ambassadorial and diplomatic abilities, seemingly able to find common ground amid the most resolute of persons on opposing side of many issues and challenges faced in our industry, – the same could not be said for Ms Duke (to say the least) and she has remained a polarizing figure throughout her tenure.

The decision to recommend a change in testing protocol in Sept 2013 from the standard thirty (30) day protocol (followed and self regulated by the industry for over as decade) to a fourteen (14) day protocol, without consultation with anyone involved in actual adult film production, including studios, talent and agents and with no mechanism whatsoever designed to pay for it – other than to saddle the talent themselves with a doubling of their monthly pre- employment medical testing cost, will forever be remembered as the actions of someone with little to no regard for talent in our industry.

Direct Models urges the board of directors at FSC to consider carefully the replacement for Ms Duke, and to keep foremost in its mind in such consideration, the core issues and underlying goal mission and purpose of the FSC and that its chosen appointee might be someone that could best serve that purpose, that the legacy of Ms Duke who did anything but, may be usurped for the better moving forward.


Evil Angel and Doc Johnson Sever Ties With James Deen, Will Deen Flunk Out Of Porn?


Things are really piling up on James Deen, whioch to me says that there have been problems all along, the fact that Kink and Evil Angel are so quick to sever ties makes me think that this is not the first time that they have encountered this problem with him.  Today has just been one performer and or company after another denouncing him.

Evil Angel issued astatementMonday:

“In light of the recent accusations against James Deen, Evil Angel today has decided not to sell any newly created scenes featuring Deen. While our company presents what is consensual and exploratory about aggressive and rough sex, these accusations are of a nature so contrary to our company values that we feel it necessary to suspend the sales until more information is available.”

Doc Johnson also indicated it would cease production on the toys.

“We are taking the allegations against James Deen very seriously and in light of the recent accusations we have decided to no longer proceed with the products that we make on his behalf.”

The question now seems to be will Deen actually do the next to impossible and actually flunk out of porn.

Kink Drops Deen As A Performer and Director

In what is probably the biggest blow yet in this affair Kink has dropped James deen as a performer, additionally Kink Director Lorilei Lee has come forward in support of Stoya.

Kink had this to say:

For the community, as well as the larger BDSM community, consent and respect are sacrosanct. Effective immediately, will cease all ties with James Deen, both as a performer and a producer.

Our performers deserve not only safe sets, but the ability to work without fear of assault. Rape or sexual assault, with or without a safe-word, off-set or on, should never be accepted as a hazard of adult production. While many of the allegations against Deen are new, the pattern is alarming. Over the coming weeks and months, we will review our Model Bill of Rights to strengthen rights of performers off-set, and work with the larger industry to help performers to have been assaulted to more easily come forward.

More Girls Come Forward On James Deen

Kayden Kross has now come forward in support of Stoya.

I also spoke to Bonnie Rotten who simply said that James Deen is on her “no list”, she didn’t say anything good or bad, simply that she will not work with James Deen again. To me at least this one speaks volumes.

A Producer had this to say:

I was told about your story on James Deen. I’m proud of you that you ran it. I had a perfomer that we run a site for on set in tears and could barely speak when she told us of an incident with James Deen. She is a tough girl too so I was taken back by her emotions. She had a nose job that was still a little tender but ok. She told James to make him aware before this shoot she had with him and he did not listen and purposely pinched her nose very rough while giving a blow job. We have heard this countless times on set with other performers over the years of him being overly rough and not taking no for an answer. I tweeted before about my thoughts on him years ago. I am speechless as to why he has been so rewarded and recognized over the years. It blows my mind. We have to be better than this. This is why at times our industry gets such a bad reputation.

He needs to be reminded of Jack Venice who is currently in prison for life. He use to do this shit too on set. It happened to me off set so I know this type of behavior is a red flag big time.


Thanks for listening.

Why do I get the feeling this wont be the last of this…whoever is doing Jame’s PR is in a tough spot…stop the bleeding…


More On Dukes Resignation

The more I read The FSC Press Release on this the more I laugh, supposedly she stated it was “time to move on” I am calling bullshit.  This incompetent twit doesn’t just move on from a job where she makes 200K plus a year…more than half of the FSC’s annual Donations…No way.

According to the press release “Under Duke’s leadership, the Free Speech Coalition has defeated mandatory condom legislation in California three times.”

Izzat so?  last I looked mandatory condoms was the law in L.A. County…how do you call that defeating mandatory coondoms?


“Duke was instrumental in creating what would become the PASS testing system.”

Thats complete bullshit, what she really did was to take Manwins money, pocket it and ram the inferior PASS system, which wasn’t created by her, down everyones throats…the better system, which was TTS system was not owned by Manwin, so Manwin paid her to get it tossed.  truth is it backfired, more people use TTS system than that of PASS today….some legacy.

May I be the first to say to you Diane…Good Riddance and dont let the fucking door hit your sorry ass on the way out.

Someone out there knows the truth behind this resignation…maybe a lovers spat with Douglas, her boss or maybe a large donator took my advice and withheld money until she was gone…whoever knows I really want to hear the truth about this one, dont worry I will totally protect you as a source.


Diane Duke Resigns From The FSC

I just saw this on AVN more as I dig into the truth behind it



Deen Resigns From APAC



APACs statement follows, an insider told me point blank that my post last night was the reason, had he not voluntarily stepped down he would have been demoted.

“In light of public statements made about Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) Chairperson James Deen, James has voluntarily resigned from the organization’s board of directors.

“APAC recognizes the seriousness of the statements made by performers in the community and that they indicate a major conflict between a board member and other members of the organization.

“Chanel Preston will serve a dual role as President and Chairperson until further notice. In the meantime, APAC will continue to provide support and guidance for adult performers.

“The APAC Board wants to state unequivocally that we stand with performers and other sex workers who are victims of any sort of sexual assault. APAC is committed to being a safe space for performers, and to creating a safer and healthier industry.”

Deen is under intense scrutiny in the wake of ex-girlfriend and fellow adult performer, Stoya, alleging via Twitter Saturday that he had sexually assaulted her. This allegation was met with an outpouring of support from many both outside and within the industry, including another former girlfriend, performer/director Joanna Angel. Deen issued the following comments on this unfolding of events via his own Twitter account Sunday:

“There have been some egregious claims made against me on social media … I want to assure my friends, fans and colleagues that these allegations are both false and defamatory … I respect women and I know and respect limits both professionally and privately.”

Is James Deen Porn’s Bill Cosby?

Since my post last night I have a LOT of well known names coming out of the woodwork saying that they too have had the same problems with James Deen.  I am working on this story but in all honesty it doesn’t look good for Deen, that many different girls with essentially the same story raises a lot of red flags.

I do need to clear up some things though  what Stoya claimed happened was NOT on a shoot but in their personal life, ditto Joanna Angel.  Most of the other alleged assaults took place on set but not on camera (like Tori Lux)

Stoya and James breakup is NOT recent,,,sour grapes isn’t likely a motive

NOBODY has mentioned filing charges against him as yet, most of the girls like Tori Lux think that would be a futile effort because of how sex workers are generally treated by the legal system.

James Deen has come out saying that none of this ever happened.

I have at least 2 more girls who have indicated that they will come forward on the record, I am working to talk to everyone who wishes to speak on the matter including Deen.

One of whom is Ashley Fires who came forward in this article when I originally wrote this post I wasn’t yet aware of Ashleys statement to The Daily Beast



James Deen, AVNs Positive Image Icon

OK I am travelling as most of you know but I have been watching this closely. The short version is that Stoya went on the record that James Deen raped her. In her own words:

James Deen held me down and fucked me while I said no, stop, used my safeword. I just can’t nod and smile when people bring him up anymore.

Deen’s other girlfriend Joanna Angel, went on the record as supporting Stoya 100%

Other female performers have noted that this is not the first time this has happened with Deen.  Indeed I have had more than a few girls contact me off the record that only wanted to vent, they didn’t want to come out and say anything because they felt Deen was powerful enough to cost them work.

Tori Luxx has now gone on the record as well

Lets look at some of his other stunts…He seems to have a fascination with Nazi’s, yes I know he is jewish.

He likes to play nazi

James Deen Nazi

James Deen Nazi

He recently went on and on about supposed racism in porn in a mainstream article  apparently the fact checkers didn’t bother to see if Deen hires black people for his videos…hint, he doesn’t…

All of that aside, rape is a serious allegation, for the purpose of this piece I have chosen NOT to speak to him, Stoya or anyone else and simply post my thoughts.

I have read a lot about it, and some things jump out at me ..first being consent to sex doesn’t mean that you can do anything you please even though she  is saying “Stop”, it appears that James doesn’t understand this, as this is the most common allegation.  It also is understandable why none of the girls have come forward, even Stoya…Deen is porns it boy and I emphasize boy because he continually displays childish behavior.  He is a very poor choice to be a spokesperson for the industry and particularly for any association of performers, a post that if APAC is serious they will relieve him of until this gets settled.

The really sad part is that this is indicative of what porn has become, and this is what AVN considers to be a “positive image”


Did ya notice how quick AVN was to say “Hey asshole No Means No” when it came to War Machine, but when it came to James Deen…crickets….typical of the quality of AVN these days and Xbiz isnt far behoind…truth is they are one and the same…does anyone else notice that they share an editorial staff….Tod Hunter, Dan Miller?

More as this develops, I would love to hear what you think.

Almost At An End A Great Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico

Over the years Thanksgiving has been a different day for me.  It started out as average as anyone’s I suppose we would go visit my mothers family in Tupelo Mississippi but as I grew up and my family split up or married off or even I found myself far from home and family It became an adventure.  This year I am in Puerto Rico with friends as you all know but in years past….One year I spent on the road with feature dancer Devon Michaels in South Florida.  I had Thanksgiving Dinner with my friends Donna and Aaron. Anoher year it was Thanksgiving dinner at Friendlys in Dayton OH with Julie Cooper…we were driving to Toronto for the week.  Still another year I was in a wheelchair with aa broken leg and went to dinner at the family of porn star Felicia Fox. Others were spent in a tree deer hunting, something I dont do anymore because I eat what I kill and I am not that fond of venison.  I have to admit that this year was special though, it is simply gorgeous here.  A few Pics.

Happy Thanksgiving To My American Readers

All of my readers actually…I am lucky to be me, and I am thankful for all of you.

You give me a method to vent my frustrations, heal  my problems and make me feel not so alone in the world.

I have been spending the week in Puerto Rico with friends and I have to admit I do not miss the cold weather in Atlanta, today I was diving off Palomino Island and enjoying the crystal clear water and warmth of the Caribbean. I hope all of you are as happy and as content as I am.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for allowing me into your lives.  You don’t have to be American to be thankful for what you have…specially your friends…Thank You all.

Charlie Sheen – Does Paying for Sex Provide Him Any Cover

Thank you to attorney James Felton for writing this up for me…read on…

Charlie Sheen – Does Paying for Sex Provide Him Any Cover

By: James R. Felton

Unless you were sleeping all week last week, you certainly heard that Charlie Sheen confessed to being HIV Positive. It appears that many of the actors and actresses in the adult world knew this well before the announcement. Even if that were the case, most, if not all, of the non-adult world had no idea. Now, certainly, Charlie Sheen has been more than public about the goddesses or his lineup of sexual dalliances that could best be described as his flavor of the month. In his case, it might be better described as flavor of the week. It would be of no surprise to anyone if Charlie had a doctor on staff shooting him with penicillin or whatever the latest and greatest antibiotic exists for the treatment of a sexually transmitted disease. But, HIV positive – that came out of left field.

Sheen stated that he told his sexual partners of his status. Most dispute that they knew. Of course, they certainly knew that he was a player and if unprotected sex took place, an escort probably couldn’t be taken too seriously if she caught an STD. With that said, HIV is at another level.

California has a somewhat lenient statute when it comes to the transmission of HIV. In order for a person to be guilty of a felony (which carries a jail sentence), a person must willfully expose another to HIV through unprotected sex.

The law makes it a felony punishable by up to eight years of imprisonment for an HIV-positive person to “willfully expose” another person to HIV through unprotected sex. The elements of the crime are 1) participating in anal or vaginal sex; 2) knowing that you are HIV positive, 3) failing to disclose your status as HIV Positive, 4) failing to use a condom and 5) having the specific intent to infect the other person. This last element is likely to be very difficult to prove in most cases and probably difficult to prove in Charlie Sheen’s case. I don’t know the guy but it doesn’t sound like he had a vendetta with any of the women with whom he had unprotected sex after he knew he was HIV Positive. Time will tell whether any such information will be presented to the Los Angeles District Attorney. Charlie may dodge criminal prosecution.

However, civil liability is a whole different issue. Charlie is likely to find himself a defendant in any number of civil actions that will likely sound in battery, intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress, fraud, and who knows what else Gloria Allred will think up.

So, the next question is whether, as a defense to any of these causes of action, Charlie can allege that a particular escort assumed the risk by having unprotected sex. If this defense is raised, I think it will fail, at least as it relates to HIV.

Let’s examine this for a minute. First, there have been multiple cases in which a spouse (or more likely a former spouse) sues their partner for giving them an STD. In order to succeed in such matters, a plaintiff generally has to prove that the “giver” knew that he or she had an STD although a negligent infliction of emotional distress claim would likely not require knowledge. That claim would be made if the “giver” had reason to believe that they were engaging in dangerous conduct (i.e. sleeping around) without informing their partner.

Now, as it relates to the transmission of an STD by someone to an acknowledged escort (or vice-versa), that might be an interesting legal battle. Certainly, engaging in non-protected sex with a sex worker could very well be seen as an assumption of risk. Again, the cases may turn on the specific factual presentation (i.e. did the person know or suspect that he or she had an STD and not disclose or did the escort not take precautions which would likely eliminate the issue altogether).

The assumption of risk doctrine doesn’t work for me in the context of the transmission of HIV. Now, certainly if there were proof that Charlie told the escort about his condition, and the escort had unprotected sex anyway, assumption of risk may be a “winning” defense. But without evidence of disclosure, I don’t think assumption of risk will provide Charlie with any cover. I don’t think any escort that he hired could have reasonably assumed that he might be HIV Positive. Again, perhaps if the evidence were that everyone in the adult world knew and the specific escort knew, then Charlie may prevail but without that, I don’t think it will be a valid defense. HIV is potentially a death sentence and I don’t see a judge or jury given Charlie a pass because the escort should have thought he might be infecting her with what could be a terminal illness. Time will tell and as the swarms of his liaisons meet and discuss amongst them how he operated, perhaps light will be shed on whether it was obvious that he had HIV.

Last question on the topic – so assume that a paid escort, who had unprotected sex with Charlie Sheen after he was aware that he had HIV, sues Charlie in civil court. The lawsuit outlines the sexual encounter(s) that took place and that the escort was paid to have sex with him. Will that lawsuit draw the interest of the City Attorney or District Attorney to file prostitution charges against the escort? I guess we shall see.

You Can’t Teach An Old Ho New Tricks, Bree Olsen Wants To Talk About Her Anger, But Only If You Pay Her Thousands of Dollars

I had no desire to talk to Bree but this came and it hit me as a desperate attempt on her part to get attention.  10,000 dollars for an in person interview and 7,000 to interview her over the phone.  Now lets be honest here does this sound like someone who is upset that she may have been exposed to HIV?  Keep  in mind that at least according to him they broke up months before he was diagnosed. Or does this sound like a money grubbing little attention whore?

The whole thing just kinda reeks to me.  If indeed he didn’t disclose his status after he knew it then yes he should be held accountable, but what I detect here doesnt really pass the sniff test,  Everyone close to the situation said that Bree knew, of course if she sues then who knows how it will play out.  But asking for 7-10 K to vent your anger for an hour just sounds disingenuous to me.  I dont recall their relationship being more than a few months either, certainly not a year…I guess it will all come down to the time line.

Bree Olsen Charlie Sheen

My Readers Get It – Reader Post

Thanks Lurking Reader you NAILED this one

“So are APAC mouthpieces lobbying for or against condoms in porn? Hard to tell with the song they’re singing re Sheen.

If the industry protocols are so great why all the concern? Big old face palm award for every FSC, APAC, AVN, x-Biz etc associated person painting Sheen as the bad guy vs touting how FSC testing protocols are the gate that keeps HIV out of the performer pool.

So let’s see over the past year efforts to lobby against AHF and condoms said FSC testing gate and Truvada are effective barriers and now Sheen is a big bad wolf blowing down all the rules of honor and industry self regulation? That’s a problem because Sheen isn’t in the industry and his undectable viral load is less of a risk than performers walking out of strip clubs with newly infected acute HIV whether or not the client pulls a Josh Duggar.

Kinda clears up Diane Duke’s obsession with performer personal relationships though.”

A Press Release So Stupid I Have To Run It



OK Heres what ya need to remember  Jonathon Morgan is the director of this movie.  Jonathon Morgan owns Nexxxt Level. Cassidy Klein, Keira Nicole and Edyn Blair are represented by Nexxxt Level.

This movie Fascade is the first time Morgan has worked with Cassidy Klein

So to encapsulate this you have Jonathon Morgan the director praising himself for hiring girls that he represents and saying what a great job he did by hiring the girls that he represents….At first I thought this was a joke perpetrated by “TheOnion” but no  they are serious…and AVN and XBiz consider this to be news….Im seriously dying laughing my ass off at the sheer stupidity of this.

I am speechless…bt I guess it is one way to get me to run your press release…..

LOS ANGELES — Cassidy Klein landed the lead in the upcoming feature from Wicked Pictures, “Facade,” which was directed by Jonathan Morgan.

The drama, written by Wicked Pictures’ own Stormy Daniels, contains several twists as Klein & Co. enter the world of “Cyber Stalking.”

“Facade” centers around a hot young web model named Amber played by Klein, who finds herself on the receiving end of a lot of focus and attention from a mysterious cyber stalker. Strange things continue to happen as both Amber and her roommate Lindsay, played by Keira Nicole, start to put the pieces together on this mystery. Rounding out the cast are Edyn Blair and Layla Price.

“Working with Cassidy Klein was top notch,” Morgan said. “She was not only a complete professional when it came to her acting abilities but her sex scene with Seth Gamble was one of the best in the movie.”

Morgan added, “Working with the girls from Nexxxt Level was a dream come true. These girls know how to deliver an amazing scene whether it is through their acting or their abilities to deliver a super nasty sex scene.”

“It was an honor and great compliment to be cast as the lead in another Wicked movie,” Klein said. “Working for Jonathan was a complete pleasure as well as my Nexxxt Level sisters Keira Nicole and Edyn Blair. Being on set all day with these two was so much fun. This is going to be a great film and I’m so proud that I could be a part of it.”

Blair was equally excited about her role, remarking, “When Jonathan told me I was playing the part of a crazy stalker and the girl I was obsessed about was Cassidy Klein, I knew this was going to be a super fun project.”