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    • insider: Knew about it and didn’t care. Didn’t make a single bit of difference to my business. If they were able to find a way to make... Quote Of The Day

If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people. - Confucius

When Is A Master A Master

One of the interesting things that came out of the Lisa Ann Jules Jordan story is how the use of the term “master” has changed in a relatively very short period of time.

If you are old school like me and date back to before films were shot on digital cameras or rapes then you know that the camera masters were the absolute MOST valuable copy of the video.   The reason is because in those days, when everything was analog you lost quality with every copy generation, so typically you made copies of your camera masters…those were called second generation copies, you then used those to edit, creating the edit masters, which were third generation copies, from those you made your duplication masters which were fourth  generation copies and from those you made the product for the cutomer typically those would be fifth or sixth generation masters….and remember ever generation loses sme quality from the generation before it, so by the eith generation the quality was usually bad enough that it was starting to be unwatchable.

As you might understand those camera masters  being the original first generation video were lik gold, you protected those at all costs.

Digital video changed that, when you make a digital copy of a digital master there is no generation loss  the copy is in every way identical to the source.  These days as is the case with Lisa Ann’s “masters” the term is used a bit differently because her masters are actually digital files the duplication master is in every way exactly as good quality as the camera master.

When the video is compressed to fit on DVD there is some quality loss in the compression but a copy of a copy of a caopy of a copy of the DVD you bought in a store looks exactly like the DVD you bought in the store because as long as it is a copy and not recompressed it is identical in every way.

So you hear a lot of old schoolers saying that we would never allow the masters out of our hands…and that is true…but a copy of a digital master is identical in quality to the master

These days we typically create an edit master from digital copies of our original masters that edit master contains all the edits, effects, titling etc and is wha is sent to the duplicators for mass creation of the product (DVD, BluRay etc)

These are still called masters but you send one to your distributor who sends it to the duplicator to do your duplication, it is this master that Lisa Ann wants returned…not the camera masters, she has those.

But to understand think of it this way  if I am distributing your product for you and I have edit masters or duplication masters I have the ability to do nefarious things with those masters so if I am no longer distributing your product you would not want me to have those masters  because I could use them to do evil things to you, like create compilations and duplicate your product and sell it for 1 dollar a DVD.  so it would be understandable that you would want any and all copies of your product returned.

I am not saying Jules Jordan would or would not do evil shit, but to ask for it all back is common business practice, as is returning it.  Just remember that the term master has a very different meaning these days than it did when each copy of a copy was lower in quality than the copy before it.  All of my analog masters are and always will be in my possession even though they have all been converted to digital these days…but back before digital that camera master was the best the video would ever look so they were much more tightly guarded.


Lisa Ann Wants What Is Rightfully Hers

I saw this and so I decided to look into it because several readers were asking about it.

It turns out that back on Nov 7 2014 Lisa Ann terminated her distribution agreement with Jules Jordan Video.  The termination was mutually agreed on via email.

Lisa attempted to arrange pick up her existing product (dvds) that her company had paid for, as well as  othe property belonging to her company including Masters of all movies previously distributed through JJV as well as all of the original model releases and paperwork for each movie previously distributed through JJV.

This is common practice Lisa Ann owns the titles pays for the duplication, packaging and other costs, JJV is the distributor who basically acts as a sales agent.

On December 8th: Instead returning her property Jules Jordan Video put it all on “sale” at 60% off without authorization from Lisa Ann.  In these deals the sales agent obviously cannot put the product on sale for any price other than the agreed on price without consent from the content owner, in this case that is Lisa Ann.  It seems from where I am sitting that this was an attempt at retribution on the part of Jules Jordan because selling her titles in this manner devalues them in terms of future sales.

Last Thursday, after a legal battle,  Lisa Ann was granted access to her product. She would be allowed to have the dvds, but not the packaging (even though she paid for the packaging it had Jules Jordans Logo on it.) She was told that in order to resell the product she would be required to put a sticker over the logo.  Lisa was  supposed to be picking up the hard drives containing the masters, the entire library of movies, the photo galleries, as well as all of the legal paperwork for the movies.

At the day of the pick up, Lisa Ann was not allowed to be present, she arranged to get a truck, and make the pick up. The hard drive was returned but not as she had given it to him, it was only the drive itself, no casing, no adapters or cables. (This also indicates that he may be keeping the original drive and was returning her a copy. Once the drive was accessed the following day, there were only movie files on the drive. No photos and no talent legal paperwork.

Jules answer was to attempt to ridicule her for not having copies of the masters, an infantile response reminiscent of the movie “Idiocracy”.  The reason Lisa would want the masters and the paperwork back is very simple, first it is her property and second if Jules Jordan Video is no longer the sales agent he shouldn’t have it at all, lest he do something scummy like sell it dirt cheap without her permission.

I have been in these type deals before and what Lisa is asking for is very standard for the reasons pointed out.

Apparently there was some issue because Lisa Ann was asking for donations to support her legal battle with Jules Jordan Video.  Personally I could care about that, believe me if people would fund my fight against Mansef/Manwin/MindGeek I would certainly take it.

Jules Jordan has not replied to me in this matter.



Imposter Posing As L A Direct

I got this from L.A. Direct.  everyone please note that any correspondence from @modelsdirectLA is NOT L.A. Direct.  LA Direct is working to have the account removed.



We have been made aware of an imposter twitter account, posing to be LA Direct Models, and messaging models.  The imposter account is @modelsdirectLA .  We would like everyone to know that this account is in no way affiliated with LA Direct Models, and please disregard any messages received from this account.  We are encouraging models to block this account.  We have had reports of the account messaging models, and wanting to meet them or offer them a contract.  At this time we are unsure of who is operating the fake account.  We are concerned about the safety of models who may be fooled into believing it is legitimate.  We have contacted Twitter in order to make an effort to have the imposter account closed.  LA Direct Models only has one real twitter account, which is @DirectModels  .  No other account is operated by LA Direct Models.   I’ve attached a screenshot of the account, though I can’t see any posts as his posts are not viewable unless you follow him.


Thank you


Uncle Peg Spends The Weekend In Jail

Part of Uncle Peg /aka Michael Whiteacre’s sentencing for domestic violence, appears to be weekends in jail.  many thanks to the person who tweeted me ROCK!  That or the predator got himself arrested again!


As I looked into this it looks like this is a yet a new charge..not sure but will find out. regardless he was booked the 14th (Thurs) and looks like he cant get out till today at the earliest (Sunday)


AVN and Mark Kernes Are Fucking MORONS

Mark Kernes apparently can’t fucking read he thinks yesterdays 3rd circuit decision ONLY applies to FSC members…he is either a complete fucking moron or the most disingenuous piece of shit ever in porn….taker your pick.


What I said:

What was struck down/remanded back to the lower court was that inspections  will require a warrant, otherwise they violate the 4th amendment.

Thats where it gets a bit stick because to get a warrant you need probable cause that a crime has been commited,  what that probable cause is , is open to the interpretation of a judge, it could be that “she looked under age”, warrants also tend to need to be very specific, it is unlikely that a warant would specify a blanket search, instead it has to specify specifics like performer name, tape they were etc.

What Attorney Larry Walters said to XBIZ:

“In sum, section 2257’s requirements have been upheld, and producers need to keep records.”

“But the government will likely need a warrant before conducting an inspection,” Walters told XBIZ.

Walters emphasized that the court today “seemingly imposed a warrant requirement for 2257 inspections.”

“That essentially prevents the government from conducting random inspections, and requires that probable cause exist before producers can be subject to a 2257 inspection,” he said.

“While the loss on the First Amendment challenge is disappointing, the new requirement of a warrant helps prevent arbitrary or discriminatory enforcement of the law. Producers of 2257-triggering content will still need to maintain records, and can still be inspected without notice, but it appears the government must have probable cause that a crime has been committed before an inspection can occur.

What Mark Kernes said in AVN:
Under today’s ruling, the government can no longer appear at the doors of Free Speech Coalition’s members without a search warrant and demand entry to inspect their 2257 records without cause. It is important to note that this decision only protects members of the Free Speech Coalition, the plaintiff in the case. We suggest that all adult producers make sure their membership is in good standing, and if not, to join in order to take advantage of the protections.

Stoya Calls Out Manwin/Mindgeek

Heres the link….


Good for her!

My Read On the 3rd Circuit 2257 Decision

I’m no lawyer but the intent and the decision seem pretty clear after reading the document.

In essence 2257 was upheld as constitutional and valid, meaning you must still keep the records.

What was struck down/remanded back to the lower court was that inspections  will require a warrant, otherwise they violate the 4th amendment.

Thats where it gets a bit stick because to get a warrant you need probable cause that a crime has been commited,  what that probable cause is , is open to the interpretation of a judge, it could be that “she looked under age”, warrants also tend to need to be very specific, it is unlikely that a warant would specify a blanket search, instead it has to specify specifics like performer name, tape they were etc.

All in all…keep doing your 2257 the way the law specifies but it does not appear that they can do a records inspection without a warrant.

Third Circuit Rules On 2257

The PDF File is HERE



More coming…looks like inspections without a warrant were ruled unconstitutional

If You Are Working At PornPros And Soliciting Girls For Extras Watch Out

I have yet to hear from Mike Sullivan at Pornpros but he has my number.  In asll fairness to him I do realize that it is possible that this sort of thing can happen without his being aware of it.  I was told through a third party that if he finds out that this has happened the person doing it will be terminated on the spot.  if this happens to you at Pornpros and you aren’t comfortable handling it via your agent (which should be your first route) contact me and I will work on your behalf to make it known without revealing your identity.


Uncle Peg aka Michael Whiteacre/Ari Scott Bass Again Found Guilty of Domestic Battery

The flip flop ninja (Michael Whiteacre) as he has been called was found guilty in his trial today on 1st degree Domestic Battery Charges. His sentencing include supervised probation, and a fine of 440.00.

This was from one of his many arrests in 2014 on domestic battery charges in the state of Nevada. Apparently Henderson, Nevada is the place to go to beat hell out of your wife despite being on probation for similar charges since January of 2013 he was arrested multiple times during his probation period for Domestic Battery some of them felonies.
I am waiting for a response from the Henderson court to find out the rest of his sentencing

if you would like to read it for yourself go to and click to agree to the terms and in the next page enter his real name Ari Bass. the case number will be 14CR006277.

He will likely move to have it sealed as he has the others but as of now its still there.

The thing that is really fucked up is that his wife, Christina Parriera is the victim, and she also advocates for sex worker rights and against violence against women, yet she stays married to Whiteacre who completely lives off of her.  He has no job, he doesn’t own a home or a car, when she kicks him out which is often he goes home to live with his mother.  People in porn who profess themselves as anti violence towards women like Mark Speigler, still support and help the guy.  If there is one person who should flunk out of porn like Donny Long did it is Whiteacre, who in reality is just Donny Long in a different package.  He lies,  makes shit up and attacks anyone who disagrees with him.

The good thing is that just like Donny Long nobody believes Whiteacre because a simple search of facts will usually show that he made up his story, he likes to say i was arrested for assaulting a female stripper who worked for me, which is wrong on every level, first i never assaulted her, I did verbally tell her that she was a dumb cunt (she was) and I was issued a ticket (not arrested) for menacing, the charge was later dropped to disorderly conduct which in truth it was) I pled guilty and paid a $50.00 fine instead of making the trip to Ohio for a trial.  The lawyer made a mistake and failed to show resulting in a bench warrant, when i learned of it I got it straightened out the bench warrant was dropped and I didn’t face any additional fines or anything.


To hear him tell it I beat the girl up, was arrested for assault, failed to appear and got in all sorts of trouble…none of that being true.  remember that when you read the made up, sensationalized stories on the lesser site.  If Sean Tompkins was either smart or honest he would have nothing to do with Whiteacre but truth is he is as big a scumbag as Ari Bass/Whiteacre/Donny Long but at least he doesn’t beat his wife and has the ability to someday redeem himself.

Someday Ari will hospitalize or kill Christina (or some other girl) and will end up in jail and no longer a sponge and a predator, until then we just have to hope he doesn’t kill her.

PornPros Soliciting Girls To Prostitute

 I got more than one email similar to this.
When I  read that Porn Pros was related to this, it reminded me of something that happened to me when I first started in the industry. About 5 years ago, I was booked a shoot with pornpros. When I got there, all the girls were waiting before we were driven to the scene location. I got pulled to the side and asked if I wanted to make extra money real quick upstairs (insinuating for me to suck some guy’s dick up there), they said one of the higher ups saw me on the cameras in the building and wanted to have me real quick before the scene. They got one of the assistants to tell me this! I said no, because my agent (La Direct) told me not to shoot or do anything on a set that you were not booked for. So, I followed the rules and declined. Surprisingly, I was never booked for PornPros ever again…lol.
I like to remain anonymous, but thought this was something more girls need to be aware of. I have never had a porn company ask me to do something like that before. Its normal to have directors hit on girls, but I never experience being propositioned before a scene before. I know us girls are sluts, but when Im on set, the only person I want to fuck is who I was hired to fuck. I like to keep it professional with out getting into more drama.
Good for you and good for you for following your agents rules   !

Girls beware of Pornpros and Tony G and Gregg Dodson, I’ve had a lot of info coming in in the last 24 hrs about them, Seems Gregg decided to clear his house of the girls living there when this story broke.  Sooner or later he IS going to get popped most likely.

An Update

I have been contacted by the owner of PornPros through a third party and expect an update on this tonight.  he is concerned that someone in his business may be doing this and wants to find out who it is and put a stop to it.  I will post as soon as I speak with him.

Someone Named Tony G Posing As O C Modeling and Soliciting Girls To Prostitute

One of the problems with adult job sites is that anyone can join and pretend to someone they aren’t.  Most porn girls are listed on one called sexyjobs and Jenna Ashley got this solicitation.


OC Modeling claims they have no employee named Tony G and that this is not even their account.  The only Tony G in porn works for PornPros and there is some speculation that it was him recruiting for Gregg Dodson but there’s nothing to prove that to be correct.  When it comes to sites like this girls should be extra careful because as in the case of this one, anyone can pretend to be legit.

The double standard for HIV testing between gay and straight porn

?LGBT Reporter, Analyst & Cultural Commentator


The double standard for HIV testing between gay and straight porn is a powder keg in the porn industry that has been building up for years. The Free Speech Coalition’s Diane Duke is always the first to propagate the self-regulation story when there are rumors of possible HIV transmission on a porn set. The FSC consistently spreads propaganda that the porn industry successfully self-regulates HIV with their own self-mandated testing protocols even going as far as stating that “The industry last year increased the frequency of required STD testing for performers from once a month to every 14 days” in an LA Times article.

If there is a hint of HIV on a porn set the FSC blasts out an industry wide moratorium on filming porn. A moratorium that is and always has been 100% propaganda designed to spread the public misconception that FSC’s self-mandated testing protocols are followed by all porn companies both straight and gay, a fact the FSC knows is false but the LA Times believes to be true. is no exception to the HIV testing double standard. The company requires HIV tests for all straight shoots but no HIV tests for gay shoots allegedly even going as far as casting models they know are HIV positive without disclosure to their scene partners. purports to follow FSC’s self-mandated testing protocols and kept their own testing double standards a secret until a new lawsuit claiming the company caused a gay porn model to contract HIV on a porn shoot surfaced recently.

Whether opts to place the blame on the head of their gay production department who was put on sabbatical or hide behind the old private medical information excuse the one thing they can not explain is their company’s own double standard for HIV testing by choosing not to require HIV tests for the highest HIV risk models they cast. The only logical explanation for keeping a testing double standard is that, like Raging/Falcon/HotHouse/NakedSword, wants to continue filming scenes with models they know are HIV positive and FSC’s self-mandated HIV testing protocols hinder that choice.

The next time you read about a self-imposed moratorium on porn shoots blasted out by the FSC know that you are reading propaganda designed to make you believe the porn industry has HIV under control through FSC’s self-mandated testing protocols.

Now you EXCLUSIVELY know that the FSC’s moratoriums and self-mandated testing protocols don’t include gay porn at all. – by Gerard Courcy

Diane Duke Is The Most Repugnant Human Being In Porn

I told you about Diane and Fabian being on a debate panel at Oxford Society last week.  They were debating about being a sex worker even though neither of them has ever actually done sex work (What Diane Duke prostitutes herself for isnt sex, if it was I would have a lot more respect for her.)

As it turns out I have at least one reader from oxford who was kind enough to let me know that Diane wasn’t the first choice.  the first choice was someone who actually understands the rules of debate and also has actually been a sex worker, someone who is smart and would have done an excellent job.  I verified with this person and it is true.  I am not going to name the person because I didn’t ask permission to and because who it was really isn’t relevant.

What is relevant is that Fabian wanted no part of this person being at that debate, even on his “team”, so he intervened and got them replaced with Diane Duke, so as it turns out I was absolutely right, Fabian did want someone who would make him look better, and Diane, knowing that she was replacing a more qualified person, took it and as she always does, lied about it, giving herself credit.

What I don’t get is why she is not persona non grata in this business.  She got in cahoots with Fabian sold out every company owner with the whole pays us not to steal your content campaign the FSC ran.

She sold out every performer by saying that performers do NOT have the right to insist that a condom be used in a scene.

I mean this is a subhuman, I really don’t get it. Are the people in this business that desperate that we will support a scumbag like that?  Really?

Fabian Wants Someone Sleazier Than He Is To Make Him Look Better, So He Picked Diane Duke

We all know that Fabian bought The Free Speech Coalition so when this came across my email I kinda wondered who pimping whom.

Today (May 7th) Diane Duke will be debating at The Oxford Union, a self proclaimed “prestigious debating society”  who else will be on Diane’s “team”?  None other than Fabian Thylmann.  Now I can see Fabian in this actually, he is a good speaker and charges for making porn available to minors and tax evasion notwithstanding, he does have a certain amount of desirability as an expert on this topic.

What amuses me is why a third rate hack like Diane Duke would be invited.  I can assure you the “condoms cause more STDs in porn than they prevent” argument isn’t something that is going to win a debate in any forum where the participants are more educated than the average porn chick.

My guess is that Fabian wanted someone sleazier than he is up there…

From the description:

Historically, sex work has failed to be regarded as a legitimate career choice in western liberal societies.  Whilst many would argue that the stigmatisation of sex has led to the marginalisation of a population within society, others see the sex industry as one which profits from exploitation and the objectification of human bodies.  Should sex work be regarded as having the same value as more ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ professions?