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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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    • Sean Tompkins: Nobody is going to do shit. Everybody in porn is nothing but a bunch of shit talkin pussies. FSC and the LATATA own your asses and...
    • mdxxx: Out him Mike….FSC isn’t going to do it.
  • Ignorance And Apathy The HIV Reaction (26)
    • LurkingReader: @Dckhead It’s obvious you have no clue where I stand on the positions in your agenda. First and foremost porn’s turn at...
    • LurkingReader: @Laura TY if the hot air I spout motivates or encourages someone to look into performer safety and step up to the plate in their...
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  • Who Else Is Picking Up On The Bullshit (10)
    • brianJay: I am surprised that Mike hasn’t found out who it was…
    • rkatkt: Kind of odd that it’s going on 5 days, they extended the “production hold” and still no name(s) have been released?...
  • This HIV Is Closer To Home That LA Talent Thinks (53)
    • mharris127: Billy, four guys and a tranny running a train on some crackhead straight from the Rob Black News Studio and House of Ill Repute on...
    • billyboy: Because Its a another in line of many. Gay Male X over bandit and FSC approves of this Message. What Message ? Its Ok for x overs to...
    • joeschmoe: I am a little puzzled why the industry is hiding this name after so many days. Anyone have an idea?

OK FSC Time To Shit Or Get Off The Pot

The incompetent asshats at The FSC have been dragging this latest HIV out too damn long…..If they don’t name this guy I will.

It is interesting that some of the biggest companies in porn have tweeted about finishing shooting during this moratorium.some dont even use condoms.

For all that I am at the beach for the rest of the week enjoying life, but if anything happens I will be on it…rest assured

mexico beach

I love it down here this time of year…70s and low humidity and no tourists.

Who Else Is Picking Up On The Bullshit

Notice they dont call it a “moratorium” anymore, now its a “production hold”  whatever you call it people aren’t supposed to be shooting, but they are.  Most people didn’t even know PASS was shut down until they read it here, because they dont use it….

Well the good old FSC is trying to slap a new coat of paint on things, make the duck look less like a duck even thought it still walks and quacks like a duck….you read this one here first.

The Free Speech Coalition has been making plans to turn PASS over to APAC, nothing would change of course because APAC is just the FSC in performers clothing, but it gives the appearance that the FSC is turning things over to the performers, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

When APAC was started I got calls from one of the two founding members asking for my help, I suggested that they needed to come out of the gate distancing themselves from the FSC, which of course didn’t happen and that founding member quit in frustration.  She saw the necessity for them to be autonomous but The FSC wasnt about to let that happen so the usual suspects over there usurped everything good that APAC could have done and squashed it.

Its too bad really.  in it’s inception APAC had promise, now its just a bunch of sell outs….And the Bullshit flows on…

We All Need To get On The Same Page

Dear Mike,

I wanted to send you this email personally because I think you really need to understand how bad the gay side of porn is and how contributes to this. Right now I currently work for a rideshare company in San Francisco (Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, etc.) and during one of my recent rides I actually picked up an adult male performer. Now I hear all sorts of things giving rides to people in San Francisco, but this guy really took the cake. I had the opportunity to ask him questions about the Gay side of porn and what he told me nearly made me sick. Here are the highlights of our conversation:

1) Told me that in gay porn they do not test for STD’s and the way someone finds out who has STD’s is when they catch them from a partner. The person who caught the STD calls the director and the director blacklists the performer.

2) does not require testing for their gay side of porn. This scared me the most, because I know numerous performers that do both gay and straight porn, and this makes it much easier for an STD to reach the straight side.

3) This male performer told me that in San Francisco there is a syrum being distributed to those considered in the “high risk community,” This guy explained to me that this syrum makes it impossible for him to get HIV, even if he had sex with HIV+ men.

All three of the following pieces were all grabbed during our conversation in the car. Could this guy be making this story up? Sure but when you drive someone from San Francisco to Hayward, you get a lot of talking done. And this is what I found out about Gay Porn and in San Francisco.

With this latest HIV+ It does not surprise me one bit, and I am sending you this email to say that all performers in Straight Porn need to take a stand and say NO to performing with any Male Talent that participates in the Gay side of the industry. I am willing to bet that 99.9% this female performer contracted HIV from sleeping with a guy who performs in both sides of the industry.
All the best,

I got this email a while back and have been waiting to post it and it seems now is a good time. A couple of gay websites have made comments recently as well.  Even The FSC acknowledges now that there is no division in the two industries so why aren’t we both operating under the same protocols?  Don’t start whining about gay bashing and all of that that isn’t what this is about, it is about minimizing risk.  HIV is not a gay disease, nobody is saying it is but to say that it doesn’t pose a higher risk with anal sex is sticking your head in the sand.

As jilted pointed out in his comments, the industry is NOT the same industry that it was when AIM established testing protocols some 20 years ago, indeed we now test for more and we test more often but testing is not a preventative measure any more than a pregnancy test is a preventative birth control measure. Its way past time that as an industry we got toether some real professionals to come up with a real plan….and I dont mean a bunch of flunkies banging each other at BDSM clubs  and pretending they have the performers best interests in mind.



This HIV Is Closer To Home That LA Talent Thinks

Here is the latest on the HIV Positive.

It is a crossover male performer who travels between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Some LA based talent has been exposed potentially.

There was a lot of speculation that the performer was based far enough from LA that performers weren’t really affected by it, that is now known to be wrong.

More as this breaks


It seems the talent was also a gay escort and word is that either a client or someone he worked with on the gay side has tested positive.  His test supposedly hasnt yet been confirmed.


Ignorance And Apathy The HIV Reaction

“I don’t know and I don’t really care”  That’s what one performer said when asked about the current HIV discovery in the industry.

I kinda knew it would happen, that sooner or later announcements of HIV in the biz would become so common that nobody cares anymore.  That seems to be the case this time.  yes my traffic is up modestly but nothing like in the past, I am not getting the panicked phone calls about who is it and how did they get it.

Sure I am getting a few but most performers seem to be just shrugging this one off.  Twitter isnt even buzzing about it much.  It’s as if someone got Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, if we shut down the biz for those the biz would never be open.

The industry reaction has been to call off shooting for three days and to shut down access to the industry testing system.  both seem foolish, the first because three days isn’t long enough to prevent additional exposures and because most people are ignoring the moratorium and now can’t check the system that wasnt being used anyway to validate the tests.

We have heard a lot about a two week testing cycle but what we aren’t hearing about is the fact that performers hate it they dont want to shell out another 125 to 150 bucks for another test.  Companies are responding by backing off the two week cycle, most companies are back to a 30 day cycle and most performers are fine with that.

APAC issued a statement yesterday parroting what the FSC said, APAC for all it’s potential has turned into little more than a cheering section for Diane Duke and Jeffery Douglas, APAC has done nothing to take on a leadership role and has done less to establish itself as any kind of voice for talent.

And even I am beginning not to care

Another HIV Positive

I was out running errands all day and just got home to a call that theres another HIV in the talent pool, apparently this one isnt in L.A. but the FSC is calling for a 3 day moratorium…more as I get it.

Now porn is “free”, and few people are willing to pay

Another Manwin Merger Coming

Manwin and a large porn company have agreed in principle to merge, a lot like the Redtube deal.  The deal isnt final yet on paper but I am told the terms have been agreed to and the announcement will be made shortly after the first of the year.

As with Redtube it will provide Manwin with quick cash and a high profile company joining the ranks.  The company owner is already pretty high profile himself.


Then and Now

Back in the 1990s I remember getting a phone call from a young lady known as Sana Fey.  She was a magazine model and a feature dancer, back then she was a low end feature because she hadn’t done porn.  In those days features made a lot of money, but only if they had a name from doing porn, and box covers.  It wasn’t unusual in those days for a girl to do a boy girl scene for free if she was promised a box cover.  This of course led to producer directors promising the boxcover to 5 different girls then creating a collage and putting them all on the cover, which is not what any of them had bargained for but it led to the box covers of today.

Sana Fey had decided to make the leap to hardcore boy girl and had chosen me for her first scene (yes I paid her….quite well even) She also got the box cover, we became friends and even dated….As she wanted her feature dance rates went way up.

Fast forward to today.

This weekend I got an email from an absolute stunner, who has decided she wanted to be in porn.  We met and in person she was even prettier, she reminds me a LOT of Kayden Kross in that she is extraordinarily pretty, prettier even than Kayden.  Like Kayden she is very smart, she knows what she wants and how to get there, she is educated, all natural no ink and when we walked into the eatery every eye in the place turned to her, she knew it too.  She was gracious and outgoing.

When I asked why she wanted to get into porn her answer was short and to the point: I want to raise my rates.

She wasn’t talking about feature dancing.

She was talking about escorting.  Even though she pulls down top dollar she knew that with the right porn credits she could raise them by an order of magnitude and with her looks and style, she probably isn’t wrong.

What comes of the interview is yet to be seen, I have no problem helping her.

What it did illustrate is how the business has changed.  Back when I shot Sana Fey porn girls simply didn’t escort, you could count the ones who did on one hand, now days you can count the girls who don’t on one hand.  Feature dancing doesn’t pay as well as it did in those days and magazine shoots are mostly a thing of the past.  With work in Porn Valley drying up thanks to piracy, lack of any quality production and an economic downturn it’s harder for performers to make ends meet.  A glut of talent is pushing prices down and it is pushing high quality girls out.  Camming and website work doesn’t take up enough of the slack, website work based in Porn Valley area is simply an extension of the video business and web porn production isnt centralized enough in any one area to make traveling to shoot lucrative.

As one A list performer told me escorting is much easier…  half the time the customer doesnt even want sex, when he does he has to use a condom, he doesn’t have to shoot up his dick to get hard, he doesn’t choke me, spit on me, slap me, abuse me, degrade or berate me and my environment is clean and safe.  He has to play by my rules or he doesn’t play.  I can choose not to see him, essentially everything is under my control, this is much better than when I was doing porn.  The last time I had an STD was the last porn set I was on, I have yet to have an escorting client give me anything, even a cold.

When I asked if she would return to porn ever, her answer was an emphatic no.  She said that it had provided her to get to where she is now but that going back would never be an option.

She also pointed out that if you look around, you see a lot more of that, high end girls who left and never returned noting that the overall turnover in the industry makes the easy to forget.  She said it doesn’t take much of a fan base among the elite “hobbyists” to set you up to live very very well as a courtesan.

That was then and this is now.

Kink To Dump Public Disgrace

The site and others in its genre, which have been much maligned and the center of a lot of controversy, are being dumped according to my sources at Kink.

Kink has been under a lot of scrutiny with regard to recent HIV incidences and often public disgrace is at the center due to the policy of using extras that are not tested yet often end up in “contact” situations with performers.

No time frame as yet but by the end of the year is a good bet, I am told they are no longer shooting scenes for that site.  i doubt the site will go black, more likely it simply wont update anymore.

Keep your eyes on Kink….I’m hearing they have a backroom deal in the works with a porn company…more on that later



Remember That So Called Fake Restraining order…Ya Uncle Peg Got Served With It Today

From Patrick Stone.
Hey Mike,
My name is David Cope. I’m the erstwhile Patrick Stone, a former Kink performer whose test results were so badly mishandled last year by
PASS. Perhaps you’ve heard of me…
Anyway, I was writing to let you know that I had Ari Bass served today with a restraining order out of San Francisco. I have a signed proof of service form in my hands from a court clerk at Las Vegas Regional Justice Center where Uncle Peg had a status hearing this morning on a previously suspended sentence.
The restraining order was granted August 28 by SF Superior Court on the basis of “unlawful violence, a credible threat of violence, or stalking” related to Ari Bass’ repeated harassment of me over the past several months. A court date is currently set for Thursday, October 31 in San Francisco.
You will be hearing more from me in the coming weeks as there is a plethora of misinformation and blatant lies circulating about me on some of the lesser fan boi blogs. I will stay in touch ;)


Elizabeth strickland Warns About Rogue Agencies

It;s kind of interesting that this happens in the middle of the kerfluffle with the agencies. but it should serve as a warning to prospective models.  This girl was lucky, I have heard far worse horror stories (funny how they all come out of Florida….)   Had Elizabeth done just a little homework goggling these guys that should have set off a red flag, problem is most girls don’t do any homework.  Even looking at the site should have been a clue…there is no indication at all that its any kind of modeling agency and the site design looks straight out of the 90s.
Here is her story…and my advice…don’t deal with these guys….ever.  if you want a licensed talent agent in Florida contact Conor Coxx at
This happened to me a few weeks ago and I’ still upset by it. I posted it on my social sites to warn other girls but I’m sharing with you since these guys are still posting lies about me.

I admit, I made rookie mistakes and fell into an obvious trap hoping things would turn out differently. I feel like I fool and was taken advantage of. But that’s no excuse for what these guys, Darron Neeley of
Poster Models Worldwide Inc. and his buddy Anthony Que (DBoy Casting and Platinum Films) did to me.

About 6 weeks ago, I was put in contact with Darron Neeley through a talent recruiter. I spoke with Darron Neeley about a shoot he wanted me to perform in for his site. It was a boy girl adult shoot with male talent that he had set up. The full panel test, flight, and model house would be taken care of and all I had to do was show up ready to work. I was also told there would be more shoots available when I arrived to Miami.

Upon my arrival on Monday September 22nd, another man who introduced himself as Q picked me up from the airport and took me to the model house. I was suppose to go on “go-sees” at different studios that same day but Q said I “wasn’t ready” and that he’d take me the next day. He claimed I looked homeless because I didn’t have hair and makeup done once I met him at the airport. I don’t travel camera-ready because it’s uncomfortable and I’ll end up horrible after a 8 hour trip.  Later that evening, Darron called me and said for me to talk to another  agent/photographer and have him pick me up and get work booked for me.

After I did some submission photos (front, back, sides, and head shot) I questioned Q about the go sees and test he said to speak with Darron. Darron told me he would talk to Q but never did. As I continued to ask questions, Q became angry and said I was dictating things and calling them liars. I told him I can only go by what I was told by Darron. Now it turned into Darron saying something completely different than what he first told me.

I went back to the man that referred me to Darron, and told him that I’m being told two different things and Q is being very hateful with me. Q found out about this and told me that I was in breach of contract for discussing things with the recruiter and he forced me to leave the model house with no where to go and no money to get home.

I tried calling Darron multiple times and he never answered. Once he finally did answer, he told me he didn’t want to work with me anymore because I made Q really mad. I tried explaining to him that I did nothing wrong, I was just asking questions so I could get clarification on what was going on. Darron said,  Ok, I’ll call Q. Q called me and said I  didn’t  need to ask questions, that I was only talent and  shouldn’t  be dictating things (again, I  didn’t  force anything and I was polite up to this point). I asked if I could come back to the model house since I had no where else to go and he told me to go to the LaQuinta and be a hooker if I wanted to go home.

A few hours later I managed to get in touch with Darron again after many failed attempts. He said he would call Q to see what was going on. A few more hours passed and I called Q myself to ask if I was still shooting. He said “Are you recording me? Why do you keep asking the same questions? You must be recording me!” I wasn’t recording him, I was asking him the same questions because he never answered any of them. Finally I got in touch with Darron again and told him I had no where to go. He said I won’t leave you stranded but then said he would once again call Q to give me money to put me on a bus. Q refused to do it  and said I was demanding things. Darron stopped answering his phone again.

So I borrowed some money from the other agent they dumped me on, got on a bus and headed home. After 30 hours, I made it back to Little Rock.

I thought the drama would end there but after I went live with this story, Darron and his buddy Anthony Que are continuing to attack me. They are posting lies about me and what happened in South Florida. According to them, I was trying to scam them and work with another agent although THEY are the ones that told that agent to go find me work because they would not do it.

The drama will continue until these guys are caught. I already have my lawyer and a few friends in Florida looking for these men. They are not answering their phones or emails. If they had valid reasons to do what they did to me then why are they hiding?

I posted this story on twitter and was threatened by Darron and Q for it. I won’t stop posting this until something is done about these guys. I’m not the first girl and I won’t be the last. But maybe I can slow down their little scam and the next girl will be smarter than I was.

Elizabeth Strickland

Another One Bites the Dust

As most of you know Adultfyi is now gone as well.  Gene left it ages ago to sell sports memorabilia with Scotty Schwartz.  Gene bestowed the site to his pal Rob Black, who tried to make a go of it and failed.

Rob aka The Kazoo, I am told got tired of looking over his shoulder everywhere he went, plus he was simply out of money, mommy and daddy dont support him anymore.  When Katie Summers deposition went horribly wrong her attorney decided he was no longer interested in that lawsuit on contingency and any shot Rob had at any future money Katie might make dried up.

When Rob left he, by default took Tom Byron with him.  Tommy was doing all the writing, Rob would basically dictate it.  Eventually the site just started scraping content from right wing news sites then it went down all together.

The URL is now parked on GoDaddy who is reporting it’s for sale.



ATMLA, Kicking The Hornets Nest

It’s been a long time since I it a topic that has sparked as much debate as this one, from twitter to GFY and beyond ATMLA is the talk of the town and there isn’t much neutral ground.

In the end ATMLA is currently out of LATATA by a majority vote, in a month they could be re-admitted though it seems doubtful.  The Big Issues with LATATA seem to bee Mark Schechters methods to bring the organization closer to The Free Speech Coalition and his practice of way undercutting talent rates.

On the directors side Mark seems to have strong support, most of them like him, their detractors say its because they are getting boy girl scenes from him for as low as 400 or 500 dollars.

On the talent side most do not like him, saying he strong arms them to accept lower rates, that they are getting harassed in his model house, that he is sending them on BDSM shoots without fully explaining what they will be subjected to and that the percentage he charges is too high in order to make up the lost money for cutting their rates. Their detractors say hey this is simply the economics of the time and talent is bitter because less work being available acts to drive down prices.

Fans and outside observers generally dont like agencies altogether, suggesting that talent should self book and avoid them altogether.  They also seem to think that the agencies push the girls into prostitution.

It will all shake out in the end ut as evidenced by the responses to the article it is something that prolly needed to be talked about…


I had a feeling this was coming.  Mark Schechter has been doing some really shady shit lately, I’m hearing stories of girls being forced to drop their rates by half or more and quitting the biz instead of staying with ATMLA.

Another girl was told it would cost her 300 dollars for new pictures for the ATMLA site or she could have sex with Mark and he wouldn’t charge her.

This is exactly the kind of thing that LATATA was formed to put a stop to and I think it is a good thing that they are stepping up, kudos to them for that.

There is an old saying that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  I would suggest to Mark Schechter that maybe he needs to do some reflecting on these things.

And let us not forget that Mark is on the Board of The Free Speech Coalition….any surprise there?  None for me.  They are the single most corrupt organization this industry has ever had,  they make Regan Senter and Beautiful Models Inc. look like a charity by comparison.

Everyone im porn in Los Angeles should be concerned about this, some producers are happy because they are getting boy girl scenes for half the rate the girls usually charge, but I maintain that it should be the girl that sets her rate not her agent.