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Another Day in the Life of a Pornographer

An interesting thing about the business of porn is that you’ll get to meet some of the most bizarre, fascinating and twisted individuals in an upside down world which cannot be measured based on the common definitions of loyalty, rationale and sanity. Case in point example is “the suit case pimp”, the street slang for boyfriends/husbands of porn starlets, some of whom accompany their significant others to porn sets and watch them getting fucked by total strangers. Think about it: Under everyday circumstances, if a stranger hits on a woman in a bar, restaurant or shopping mall in the presence of her husband, that could instigate a fight in which someone would end up in the hospital with a broken jaw and someone else could land in jail, while when it comes to porn, a man will escort his wife to a set and shakes hand with the guy who is about to fuck her in front of him and the rolling camera. What do you make of that? If you’re scratching your head trying to figure this out, then I’ll say to you:

“Welcome to the club, it’s porn, dammit, don’t think about it too much.”       

Over the years, I had some incredible experiences in my dealings with different types of suit case pimps. One time, a MILF asked me if I was interested in shooting a DP (double penetration) scene with her and her cop husband. She said: “My hubby is a cop, but loves to perform in porn scenes on the side as long as his face is not being shown.” Trying to sweeten the deal, she added: “He’d work for $200 a pop, and can even wear his uniform in the scene.” Thankfully, there was no gun pointed to my head, and I could respectfully decline her delicate offer.

Another time, I called this agency to book a relatively new comer for an anal scene. At this particular agency, several people work besides the main agent, and you usually deal with one of these people instead of the boss agent. The secretary put me on the phone with this guy, and I told him who I wanted to book. “What’s your budget for this shoot, Mr. Payne?” He asked me. I said $1000. “I’m afraid that’s too low.” He replied. “I won’t be able to book her for less than $1500”. I said: “I’m offering a new comer an industry standard rate. Even girls who have been around for a while and have established themselves as starlets don’t charge $1500, at best, they would demand $1200.” I continued: “Just contact her and ask if she wants to make $1000 a day or would she prefer to stay at home all day long.” He insisted: “I’m sorry, but I cannot do that. However, if you’re looking for a more inexpensive model, I can recommend someone else and you can look up her profile right now if you’re in front of your computer.” The “inexpensive” model that he recommended was too trailer trash looking and had too many tattoos, therefore I declined his generous offer. A few days later, I found out she was the guy’s wife, and he’s been pulling the same trick on other producers too. Several girls lost income because this guy was trying to cut corners and cash in on his wife. When the boss agent found out what he was doing, he fired both of them.

However, my most bizarre encounter with a suit case pimp was when a girl came to my set with her hulking husband. This guy was like a wall of human meat, 6 foot high, weighting at least 250 pounds, he looked like a wrestler. Before the shooting, he pulled me aside and asked me: “My wife is hot, isn’t she?” I could see lust in his eyes. “She’s great looking.” I replied. “He whispered: “I love watching her getting fucked.” I smiled and nodded my head yes, I couldn’t think of anything to say to him. The camera started rolling, and while we were in the middle of shooting the blow job portion of the scene, he pulled his pants down and started jerking off. I told the camera man to stop filming, then talked to the guy and explained that I need to focus and can’t shoot the scene under these circumstances. I asked him to go outside and hang out in the BBQ bar and grill across the street and get something to drink. Although disappointed that he couldn’t watch his wife getting fucked, but he agreed to leave and we resumed shooting. After the scene was finished, I called and told him he could come back. When he arrived, the girl was taking a shower. He walked right to me, stared me in the eye and asked with a menacing voice: “ You fucked my wife? Did you fuck her?” I couldn’t figure out what was going on in guy’s head and what I have gotten myself into with him, but I knew he could knock the living crap out of me and smash and wreck the whole place in an instant. I calmly said: “We shot the scene.” “Was she good?” He asked, this time in a more controlled manner. “Did you like her?” I said: “She’s a great performer.” He reacted as if that was the best compliment I could give him. “Right on man, right on.” He said while padding me on the back. “By the way, I’ve got something for you.” He then took a receipt out of his pocket and handed to me. I asked what is this? He replied: “It’s my tab, you told me to go to the bar and hang out which I did, and you have to reimburse me.” I thought he’s a reasonable man for his size, I just fucked his wife and he didn’t even get the chance to jerk off to that, and now all he wants is to be reimbursed for his bar tab. I paid him, we shook hands, they left, and I realized I just dodged a shotgun bullet.

That’s the nature of the beast called porn. You see, porn is like a box of chocolate, sometimes you get caramel and peanut butter, and sometimes you get a rotten piece of candy that feels like a punch in the gut.


Diane Duke Doesn’t Answer Because She Can’t Lie

A reader and long time adult industry company owner answered why Diane Duke never answers me.   he is probably right.  it is because if it is AVN or XBiz she can and will lie to them, they will take it and run it even when they know she is lying, they will not challenge her because both publications are a part of the FSC, AVN via Mark Kernes and XBiz via Alec Helmy.

Diane knows that when she lies to me she will get called on it.

Simple answer Diane won’t answer me because she knows she can’t lie to me.


Diane Duke Blows Off Meet With HIV Positive Talent Twice and Refuses To Answer Why


People often accuse me of not giving The FSC a chance but that simply isn’t true.  I sent this email to Diane Duke last week, as always she chose not to respond even though I offered to run her response unedited as long as she didn’t lie.  I guess if she can’t lie then she has nothing to say.

A lot of people read this and wondered why Diane would no call/no show on this important meeting, apparently she thinks that highly of herself, well rest assured Diane outside your little circle of ass kissing sycophants like Kernes and Douglas, nobody else does.

This must be like shooting fish in a barrel for AHF….

According to Cameron Bay:

“In August 2013 I found out I was HIV positive. I was dealing with Mark at this time regarding the entire situation and was very overwhelmed. He had advised me to put out a press release divulging my status. He told me to put out the press release because there were other releases in the works regarding my status coming out although I just had found out a few hours before. I decided to listen to him. A few weeks later I get a call from Mark that AHF wanted to help me out and give me medical attention. He then introduced me to Mark McGrath of AHF via email.

At this point I was still 100% wanting to protect the business. I had contacted Mark to see if I could attend the AVN show. He said he would get me tickets to attend AVN at first. Then he contacted me again and said that the FSC did not believe it was the right choice for me to attend because the industry was not ready for it.

He then set up meetings with Diane Duke and I at the begging of 2014. She was supposed to meet me in Arizona and do lunch and she stood me up, (no calls or emails). I then flew to Los Angeles and she was supposed to meet me, and again she no showed, no call and no emails.

I spoke to Mark and he could not believe that she stood me up again. At this point I was so frustrated because I wanted to attempt to help the business and got no help in return so I turned to AHF ( Mark introduced me to them ) they had been there for me the entire time. I feel that the industry turned its back on me and I was distraught over the circumstances and felt if they did this to me they will do it to anyone. “

I resisted the urge to editorialize on this and I would like to give you the opportunity to respond.  I will run your response unedited and I will not editorialize on it provided you simply tell the truth…I do not like being mislead or flat out lied to.

Finally on or off the record…thats your choice.  i would like to know why we as an industry don’t do more to help our own.  Would it be that hard to have gotten her some job someplace that would provide her with health insurance?  Or to simply so something other than forcing these people onto AHF?

If I am having to spend my money to clean up someone elses messes I would take measures to prevent that from happening as well….You may choose to ignore this like you usually do but don’t you think it is time we made some effort to fix the multitude of problems that ail this industry?

Mike South

DOJ Memo Leaves No Doubt About Choke Point’s Motives

Admitted many of you will find this boring but a lot of my readers will not.  When i read this I thought to myself that this is something that company owners in adult might want to read, for that reason I have copied it here.  the original is at

“Two House Committees – Financial Services and Judiciary – held hearings this week on the legislation intended to rein in Operation Choke Point. Implemented nearly two years ago by the Department of Justice in coordination with some bank regulators, Operation Choke Point denies essential banking services to companies engaged in lawful business activities that some government officials don’t like.  I testified in favor of the bill, H.R. 4986, sponsored by Missouri Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer, at both hearings.

Operation Choke Point is a particularly egregious example of an unconstitutional abuse of power that ought to alarm and frighten each of us, irrespective of our ideology, party affiliation, or view of the particular products or services being cut off.

Some claim that Choke Point does not impose any new burdens or responsibilities on banks or their customers – that banks are already responsible for knowing and policing their customers under the Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering laws.  The most obvious flaw in this assertion is that if it were correct, Operation Choke Point would not be needed.

The BSA/AML law has been around for decades.  Banks are required to know their customers well enough to detect suspicious flows of funds that could signal illegal drug or terrorist activity and to report those suspicious funds flows.  If banks are lax in meeting these responsibilities their regulators can and do impose substantial penalties.

BSA/AML does not impose a duty on banks to ensure that their business customers are complying with every law in every state or that the businesses are treating their customers fairly and delivering good value.  A bank will likely choose not to do business with customers who it believes are treating people unfairly or might be violating the law, but that is a judgment best left to the management and directors of individual banks.

The Luetkemeyer bill would not relieve banks of any of their responsibilities under BSA/AML or any other law or regulation.  Conversely, the bill states clearly that banks will retain the discretion to refuse to do business with any customer for any reason.

The indisputable truth is that Operation Choke Point is not about BSA/AML in any respect.  We do not have to speculate about the strategy and motives behind Operation Choke Point, as they are set forth quite clearly in a Sept. 9, 2013 memo written by Michael Blume, director of the consumer protection branch of the DOJ, to Stuart Delery, assistant attorney general in the DOJ’s civil division, providing a status report on Choke Point.  Mr. Blume describes the strategies in these terms on page 14 of the report:

  • We principally are pursuing civil, rather than criminal, investigations. Criminal investigations can take considerably longer to complete and generally require a more intensive investigation. Only if an investigation presents particularly egregious criminal conduct are we opening it as a criminal investigation.
  • We are targeting banks more than payment processors, and payment processors more than merchants. Any one case, whether against a bank, a processor, or a merchant, takes substantial time and attention from our team. Bank cases will deter other banks, thereby stopping the processing of transactions for fraudulent merchants and the processors with which they work. This may mean filing civil complaints or criminal cases against banks based on transactions with fraudulent merchants and/or processors – but not filing actions against the underlying fraudulent merchants or processors. This practice is not optimal and may present litigation risks. But it may be necessary to prevent the initiative from grinding to a halt due to resources used pursuing the merchants and processors.

These words are chilling to anyone who has any regard for due process and the rule of law.  Mr. Blume explains that the DOJ prefers using civil complaints rather than criminal complaints because the burden of proof is much lower and requires less investigation into the facts.  And he explains that the DOJ is going after the banks who are not violating the law instead of the merchants who may be violating the law because the DOJ can do much more damage with much less effort by coercing the banks.

As for the claim by some that the DOJ is actually doing the banks a favor by protecting them from potential liability, Mr. Blume puts that notion to rest with this passage on page 11:

The financial institutions we are investigating have not suffered any actual losses, but such actual losses are not necessary under [the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act].  There is only one case interpreting the phrase “affecting a financial institution” in the context of FIRREA, and that case supports our theory.

Mr. Blume addresses on page 10 of his report the damage being done to lawful businesses that are being denied essential banking services:

Although we recognize the possibility that banks may have therefore decided to stop doing business with legitimate lenders, we do not believe that such decisions should alter our investigative plans.  Solving that problem – if it exists – should be left to the legitimate lenders themselves who can, through their own dealings with banks, present sufficient information to the banks to convince them that their business model and lending operations are wholly legitimate.

Contemplate Mr. Blume’s assumption that in America a business is guilty until it proves itself innocent.  There is no allegation of wrongdoing by the business that can be disproved.  The company is simply in a business that, while legal, has been determined “undesirable” and therefore “high risk” by the federal bureaucracy.

FinCEN and the federal banking agencies expect banking organizations that open and maintain accounts for money services businesses to apply the requirements of BSA, as they do with all accountholders, on a risk-assessed basis.  Operation Choke Point has led to blanket terminations of all firms within an industry without regard to the prescribed individualized risk assessments.

Congress should approve the Luetkemeyer bill without delay, as Operation Choke Point is doing severe and irreparable harm to firms engaged in lawful businesses.

William Isaac, former Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., is senior managing director and Global Head of Financial Institutions at FTI Consulting.  Mr. Isaac and his firm provide services to many clients, including some who have an interest in legislation to rein in Operation Choke Point.  The views expressed are his own.”

Teal Conrad Writes

“Hey I saw your post online. I haven’t left the industry, I am competing in wakeboard comps for the summer haha. I’ll be back in the fall to La. I cancelled one dance gig well in advance for a wakeboard comp.”
So she hasnt quit the biz and she isnt retired either….she does see the humor though because it does happen so often.
Thanks Doll and good luck in your wakeboard competitions….send us some photos..


From The Mailbag

I haven’t posted emails in ages it seems like…time to sample a few (and play my kazoo at the same time)

Could Rob Black have his nose any farther up Axel Braun’s ass? This is a match made in heaven wonder who will fuck the other first. My money is on Axel,  He certainly isn’t the man or the film maker his father was.




I worked for/with many pieces of shit over the years and Axel Braun tops my list for the #1 piece of shit ever. Fucking thief like you have no idea. He’s a fucking sociopath, IMO. Fucks anyone and everyone over unless he needs something from them, then he’ll hold off fucking them till he gets whatever it is he wants. Then, bam, he fucks em.   He can have the whole fucking business for all I care. Karma will catch up with him. Of that, I have little doubt. And when it does, I’m gonna laugh and laugh and laugh…

Not An Axel Braun Fan



South my man, you must be doing something right because you have every piece of shit in the industry mad at you.  Keep them in light my man, you are a breath of fresh air in a business that has turned to shit.

A Reader


Why is it that the Steven Hirschs, the Larry Flynts, the John Staglianos, the Diane Dukes and all the rest of the people running the business don’t understand that they can’t cause an injury to someone and then simply pretend it never happened and drop them into the lap of AHF or others.  If I spent a lot of time and money cleaning up someone elses mistakes I would push for a law too.



Please don’t ever retire, I can’t imagine the porn industry without you in it.



Tell Lacey to write more, she is wicked funny.


And finally I just couldn’t resist this one:

This was Posted on the door at The Gold Club in Sacramento

This was Posted on the door at The Gold Club in Sacramento

It pleases me to get these folks  please keep em coming…Thank You to all my readers and supporters…I love you long time.

Cameron Bay Speaks About Shy Love, ATMLA, The FSC and Her Life.

I spoke last night with Cameron Bay.  I am happy to report that she is doing well, that her viral load is very low and that she is getting the help and the medical treatment that she needs to live a long and normal life.

Cameron was very upbeat and nice and didn’t try to place any blame on anyone or anything, she does want to to correct some recent misinformation about events that happened leading up to and after her diagnosis.

Personally, I am proud of Cameron and I am pleased that she chose me to get the truth out. She has been through a lot and it has noticeably matured her an awful lot.  I wish Cameron a long, happy and prosperous life.

Here’s her story:

“There have been many misinterpretations of how I got into ATMLA and why my thoughts towards testing have changed. In May of 2013 I met with Mark Schechter in his Orange county office. Brad Tyler introduced me to him. In that meeting Mark told me he was the owner of ATMLA. Mark had been the owner of ATMLA since September of 2012. [I verified this via Shy Love]

In that meeting I introduced myself as Cameron Adams and at that point he began researching that name he then stated that the name was already being used by a gay porn star, then I suggested Cameron Lane and he researched it and it was also used by another gay porn star. I met Mark a week later in his LA office and he said he was changing my name to Cameron Bay. At that time he had introduced me to Shy Love and said she used to run this office but “I now I own the agency.”

After that I met Shy one more time because she put together a charity-bowling event for everyone in the industry. I had not spoken to Shy at any point after that last meeting until I was diagnosed HIV positive. No booking that I did was ever in any way associated with Shy Love.

In August 2013 I found out I was HIV positive. I was dealing with Mark at this time regarding the entire situation and was very overwhelmed. He had advised me to put out a press release divulging my status. He told me to put out the press release because there were other releases in the works regarding my status coming out although I just had found out a few hours before. I decided to listen to him. A few weeks later I get a call from Mark that AHF wanted to help me out and give me medical attention. He then introduced me to Mark McGrath of AHF via email.

At this point I was still 100% wanting to protect the business. I had contacted Mark to see if I could attend the AVN show. He said he would get me tickets to attend AVN at first. Then he contacted me again and said that the FSC did not believe it was the right choice for me to attend because the industry was not ready for it.

He then set up meetings with Diane Duke and I at the begging of 2014. She was supposed to meet me in Arizona and do lunch and she stood me up, (no calls or emails). I then flew to Los Angeles and she was supposed to meet me, and again she no showed, no call and no emails.

I spoke to Mark and he could not believe that she stood me up again. At this point I was so frustrated because I wanted to attempt to help the business and got no help in return so I turned to AHF ( Mark introduced me to them ) they had been there for me the entire time. I feel that the industry turned its back on me and I was distraught over the circumstances and felt if they did this to me they will do it to anyone. I then found out that Mark is telling individuals that I was one of Shy’s messes that he had to clean up.

I do not consider what happen to me a mess that need to be cleaned up. This is my health and my life it is not a mess. I was not brought into ATMLA by Shy Love  Mark signed me to ATMLA.

Several times in the last few months it has come to my attention that various people had advised Mark from ATMLA not to book with He was told that they are abusive and the sets are not safe for talent.

Even though he knew this he never advised me of the circumstances, surrounding the shoot.  I really wasn’t prepared for what happened to me on that set.

I believe an agent should look out for the talents best interest not his own. He should have made it very clear what the shoot entailed I feel that he was more concerned with his bottom line than safety of his own talent.

I am in no way attempting to harm the industry or anyone in it. I just want to inform everyone what really happened.

Cameron Adams AKA Cameron Bay”

Gender Wars at Dawn of a Brave New World

Gender Wars at Dawn of a Brave New World

By Michael Payne

Isabel Robinson is an ordinary English woman, coming from a middle class, divorced, and has a teenage daughter, or perhaps I should say, had. 16 year old Megan was going through a phase of rebellion and hormonal rage, what every teenager experiences, it’s a part of life, or perhaps I should say, used to be. Here is where Isabel’s life turns into a nightmare: In summer of 2013, Megan was referred to an NHS (National Health Service) counselor for help in dealing with her teenage mood swings and her desire to fit in. After only 4 sessions, NHS counselor referred Megan to Tavistock clinic in North London, England’s only specialist centre for youngsters diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Here is the definition of gender dysphoria according to BBC:

Gender dysphoria is when a person feels they belong to the wrong gender, or is confused about their gender.”

At Tavistock clinic, after only 2 visits, 16 year old Megan and psychiatrists announced with certainty that Megan has gender dysphoria, and must go through sex change treatment. Therefore, the government healthcare agency and their corporate pharmaceutical partner Tavistock took control of Megan’s life, and against her mother’s will, prepared a sex change plan for the child: Over the coming months she will be given blocker medication to stop the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. Her menstrual cycle will cease, she will bind her breasts to flatten her chest, and will change her title from Miss to Mr. She will dress and live as a boy for two years, this process is called RLE (Real Life Experience) after which she will be given the male hormone testosterone, which will cause her to grow beard, her incipient curves will be eradicated and she will acquire the body and voice of a man. Let me emphasize: This is a 16 year old child we are talking about, not old enough to get a tattoo without her parents’ permission, and yet, according to the government and their corporate pharmaceutical partner, she is old enough to make the most drastic decision of her life without even being able to comprehend and understand permanent consequences of such decision. Feeling powerless, angry and desperate, Isabel wrote an article which was published in England’s Daily Mail news paper. The following is an excerpt from Isabel Robinson’s article:

For the 16 year old daughter I once knew as Megan has decreed she now wishes to be known as my son Morgan.

In place of the crisp blouses and skirts I had anticipated choosing with her for this transition to the sixth form, along with the girlie paraphernalia of makeup, handbags and shoes, there will be a new wardrobe of suits, brogues and ties.

It is hard to encompass or even imagine the scope of the emotions I’ll feel as I watch my little girl, my beloved only daughter, transformed into a teenage boy.

There will be shock, I know, at the physical alteration. Megan’s beautiful hair will be usurped by a short, sharp crop.

I shall have to learn to abandon the name I gave her in favor of the new one she has chosen. And there is grief.

The feminine pleasures we shared, the historical dramas we enjoyed watching together, will be relegated to memories.

But more disquieting and fundamental are my fears that Megan, acting on no more than a transient teenage whim, is being helped to change her sexual identity during the most formative and vulnerable years of her adolescent life.

At a time when she needed stability, support and constancy, she is facing a wholesale, radical, irrevocable change in her identity. How is she going to cope with having a new identity?

And my biggest fear is that Megan, an unhappy adolescent, will become a marginalized adult, who’ll ask: “Why didn’t you stop me?”

I am horrified, but utterly powerless to help. Megan, my lovely daughter, who longed to have children of her own, who even feared climbing trees for fear of scraping her knees, is determined to make this fundamental change.

Our whole family has been torn apart by this. I am receiving counseling for stress and my elderly parents, who are in their 80s, cannot believe a teenager has been “indulged “in such a dangerous manner. They are devastated to be losing the granddaughter they adore.

The other day, Megan announced to her grandmother: “You’ll have to call me your grandson in September.” Her grandmother answered back: “You’ll always be my granddaughter.”

If you’re a parent and are reading this, your hair should stand on end, the idea that the government has the power to take control of your child’s life against your will, interfere with the child’s biological makeup and create a new entity out of your child. There was a time when such things could only happen in horror and science fiction stories, psychopathic doctors, performing bizarre experiments on humans and animals in secret laboratories and abandoned dungeons, stories like “Frankenstein” and “The Island of Doctor Moreau”, but we live in the 21st century, a time of conflict, terror and conspiracy, a time when nightmares have become reality.

If you’re living in a place other than England and think you are safe, think again: Transgender agenda has gone global, and there is a systematic effort to promote this agenda and turn it into an acceptable social norm. In February 2014, the giant social network FaceBook added a third “custom” gender option for people’s profiles. In addition to “male” and “female”, FaceBook allows users choose among more than 50 additional options including “cisgender”, “pan gender” and “intersex”. At the time of writing this article, some of terms offered by FaceBook do not exist in any dictionary. Speaking of FaceBook, it’s worth mentioning social network’s controversial psychological study on users. FaceBook researchers, in collaboration with two American universities, manipulated the news feeds of more than 700,000 randomly selected users to study the impact of “emotional contagion”, or how emotional states are transferred among a group of people, from one person to another. The researchers said the evidence showed that emotional contagion occurs without direct interaction between people and “in the complete absence of nonverbal cues.” This research illustrates how controlling and manipulating information and news, in other words, covert propaganda, will shape personal emotions, and consequently, public opinions, and that takes us to the next phase of discussion. Take a look at the following news headlines, and notice the publication date of each of them:

- May 10, 2014: Austria’s “Bearded Lady” Conchita Wurst wins Eurovision Song Contest (Reuters)

- May 19, 2014: British Doctors Suggest Sex Change Drugs Must Be Offered to 9 Year Old Children (Telegraph)

- May 30, 2014: American Transgender Actress Laverne Cox (Netflix’s Sitcom Orange is the New Black) on the Cover of Time Magazine

Only an estimated 2 to 5% of the human population is transgender, a seemingly small number. In a world which is being torn apart by natural disasters, financial meltdowns and civil wars, why the corporate media sees the urgency to publish transgender headlines constantly, every few days? I don’t understand how come the well being of transgender minorities is more important than saving children who are forced to prostitution by international crime organizations around the world from Brazil to India and Thailand, or providing decent housing for homeless New Yorkers (whose numbers had increased 75%), or aiding Afghan men whose fingers were cut off by Taliban soldiers as punishment for voting in local elections. The corporate media either completely ignores or down plays these and many more crucial issues, and instead, churns out transgender headlines on a continuing basis. How many American people have Netflix subscription? Of all Netflix subscribers, how many watch “Orange is the New Black” starring Laverne Cox, and what Laverne Cox has achieved in life, other than being a transgender and appearing in an obscure sitcom, to deserve to be on the cover of Time magazine? The question is why suddenly there is such an attention to such a small percentage of the human population? I am of the opinion that where there’s smoke, there’s fire, this recent transgender propaganda, along with manufacturing and enforcing gender altering drugs and treatments, might be an organized attempt to break down traditional values, destroy the family community, and distort sexual behavior and gender identity. When a human being goes through an altering and castrating process and changes his/her sexual identity, that person will become desensitized and loses a part of what makes him/her a human, and in the eyes of the powers that be, this is not a bad thing, this is a good thing, desensitized livestock are easier to control.

The struggle to find identity and purpose in life is as old as humanity. There was a time when humans were channeling this struggle through creativity and innovation, works of art, poetry, painting, architecture, etc. Today, Frankenstein doctors write a prescription and recommend surgery, the quick junkie fix. Nowadays, people can change their sexual orientation and gender as easily as changing their makeup and hairstyle, and that is a disturbing trend.

I think of “Brave New World”, Aldous Huxley’s fictional novel which has shocking similarities to life in the 21st century. The story takes place in London, the year is 2540. The vast majority of the human population is unified under the World State, a global government. People are genetically designed to fit into one of five social classes, designed to fulfill predetermined positions within the social and economic strata of the World State. Members of the lower social classes are given special drugs and treatment, and are subjected to biological and chemical interference in order to cause arrested development in intelligence and physical growth. Lower class people make up the majority of human society, and since these people are deliberately limited in their cognitive and physical abilities, as well as the scope of their ambitions and the complexity of their emotions, therefore they’re easier to control. All children are educated via the “hypnopaedic process”, which provides each child with subconscious, subliminal messages to mould the child’s lifelong self-image and social outlook to that chosen by the leaders and their predetermined plans for producing future adult generations, as well as stopping the lower class citizens from wanting to be more than they were grown to be. Marriage, family union and parenthood are considered too obscene to be mentioned in casual conversation, and society has developed a completely different idea of relationship, lifestyle and sexual behavior. As you see, our world is shockingly similar to that of Huxley’s description in a fictional novel, written in the early years of the 20th century.

On June 21, 2014, Associated Press published an article titled “5 Things to Know About Transgender People” in which the author dictates the audience on how to behave themselves around transgender people, and suggests terms like “sex change” have become unfavorable, and the preferred term is “gender confirmation”. The article goes on to describe how President George W. Bush had a transgender friend while he was studying at Yale University:

When he was president, George W. Bush hosted a White House reunion for his former Yale classmates, including a transgender woman who had lived as a man when Bush knew her. Another guest told reporters that the president grabbed the classmate’s hand and exclaimed fondly, “Now you’ve come back at yourself.”

Who would have thought? Bush was the man who bankrupted America by engaging in two simultaneous futile wars and took the country to the brink of collapse by implementing some of the worst financial deregulation policies in history, and yet, he had a transgender friend whom he met during his drunken, wasted years at Yale University. Perhaps this lifetime achievement must be mentioned in his eulogy once Mr. Bush leaves this mortal coil:

He was a terrible leader, but had a transgender friend.”

Special thanks to my companion and partner Lisa for her contribution to this series of articles.

The Scumbag That is Michael Whiteacre aka Uncle Peg

I found this interesting…looks like he is already on probation from his domestic violence charge in April.  This guy now has more assault charges against females than Donny Long…  He actually makes Donny Long look like a good guy…I get a feeling his coming court dates won’t go very well.  I know I have sent the judge evidence of his violation of probation and I know that others have too.

This is not to be confused with his third charge that he will be going to court on on 8/26  this is his second charge.  Looks like he paid a 350 dollar fine and got probation and community service….





Does it Surprize any of you that Mainstream Doesn’t Wish to be Associated with us?

Of all the porn chicks that have written abouot themselves or about the industry the only one I am continually impressed by is Aurora Snow

She wrote a piece for TheDailyBeast about how mainstream acceptance of porn is waning.  read it, it’s good.

Something that caught my eye was a quote from XBiz’s Alec Helmy who said “There is this trend towards ghettoization of the industry,”

I have been saying for quite some time that the industry has gotten away from its core customer base and as such, has lost them, and at the time we needed them the most.  The “Ghettoization” that Helmy speaks about isn’t something that mainstream has done to the porn industry, it’s something we have done to ourselves.  Some where someone got the idea that the average porn viewing consumer wants to see gaping anuses and distended and prolapsed rectums, wrecked makeup, violent sex, abusive sex, choking girls out and the like.

Gone are the beautiful girls and erotic sex that marked the heyday of porn.  If you really think about it does it surprize any of you that mainstream doesn’t wish to be associated with us?  I know if I ran google the first thing I would do is punish tube sites and file lockers and torrent sites in the serps….all of them.  Maybe that’s coming soon too.

I am not saying that there werent good porn sites buying adwords but was it really worth what it would cost google to weed those out vs just doing away with it?  So sure you can go to Bing or whatever but dont be surprised  when they become profitable and no longer need that revenue and they do the same thing.

Mainstream has always had a love affair with porn, it’s great for sweeps and lets face it most of your reality TV shows are soft porn as are soap operas, and over the years the line that divides acceptable from unacceptable has moved quite a bit…but I dnt think you will be seeing gaping anuses on TV anytime soon…except when politicians are running election ads….

A Day in the Life of a Pornographer

A Day in the Life of a Pornographer
By Michael Payne

Murphy’s Law is an adage that is typically stated as: “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way.”
I had a nearly perfect experience of Murphy’s Law when I booked a new girl for an anal scene. Looking back at that incident, it feels bizarrely funny, although not the kind of funny I wish on anybody.
I called this agency whose name I won’t mention to make arrangements for a shoot on Friday. Everything was agreed upon and confirmed, until I got a phone call from the agent on late Thursday evening. He was trying to explain that the girl just did an anal scene this morning, the guy had a big dick and fucked her up badly, she’s in severe pain and we would have to post pond the Friday shoot. I told him that’s fine, so when can we shoot the scene? He said she’ll be good by Sunday, I guarantee that. We agreed. The call time on Sunday was 1 PM. Around noon, the agent called me back to say the girl is not coming, she’s still in pain. I told him that everything is set, my camera man is on his way, and I have to pay hundreds of dollars in kill fees if the shoot gets cancelled. “You told me you will guarantee my shoot, you have to keep your word and work things out, it’s your responsibility.” He said he will find a replacement for his flaking model.

The camera man came on time and set everything up. The agent called at 2 PM and put me on a three way conference with the replacement girl. We talked and agreed on the shoot, rate, etc. She said she’ll be there around 4 PM. By the time she arrived it was 6 PM, and boy did she arrive. She was a complete, utter mess, drunken and wasted to the extent that I wondered how she drove and got to the set without wrecking her car. She then went for her enema, half an hour later she walked out of bathroom and said she’s been at a party last night where she had too much food and drink. “I’m sorry honey.” She said. “But we can’t do anal, unless you want me to shit all over your dick.” At that point I just wanted to get over with this nightmarish shoot and cut my misery, so I said all right, we’ll skip the anal part. “Thank you.” She whispered, then crashed on the couch, spread her legs and said: “Come fuck me, let’s wrap this shit up so I can go get some sleep.” It was one of the most disgusting moments I’ve ever experienced on a set, I realized I won’t be able to fuck this drunken sailor with a stolen dick. I asked her to get dressed and leave. She didn’t say anything, nobody said anything. She packed her stuff and left. I paid the camera man $250 in kill fee and apologized for wasting his time on a Sunday, no less.
That night, I took a long bath to get the dirt of a shoot from hell off of me.

Some Followups

It may seem odd but stories like the one yesterday on 5/3rd Bank closing the account of aebn are really my favorite stories to break because they are useful to people in the industry and AVN nor XBiz has got it yet. Its because I have good sources in the industry that I get these kind of stories and its because I work them. Anyone can sit around and sling mud like The Kazoo but to add value you have to actually work to get stories..

As for the Kaylani story that one is tied to Gregg Dodson and has been turned over to people better equipped to deal with it than I am, if you get my drift. Kaylani is in no trouble and quite simply trusted someone she shouldn’t have. I actually kinda feel bad on that one because someone spent a lot of money and a lot of time to set me up on that, but like I said It is now being handled by people with better resources and authority to deal with it. And just to increase the pucker factor a bit for Dodson he best hope they don’t find Rikki Six or say…Olga…. I will update this story at some pint in the future I expect.

Based on my emails things aint looking so good for Uncle Peg / Michael Whiteacre / Ari Bass either. Seems a lot of people were very happy to provide the court with friend of the court letters and info.

If anyone would like to attend that court date in Henderson NV and write it up for me please do.

Time to play my Kazoo a little bit…..Robs last movie was a turd called “Birds of Prey” someone took pity on him when he came outta jail and threw him a bone….They tell me THAT wont happen again. Did anyone notice that after shooting that movie Kagney Lynn Karter was out of the biz for a while? Thats because she got injured on set and Rob Zicari (Black) didn’t have any set insurance. Rob’s solution offer her some anal scenes….and what about the almost 70K in back taxes he hung on his ex…..what a pussy, him and his buddies Uncle Peg and Gregg Dodson deserve one another….and speaking of Dodson….Rob, if I were you I’d get clear of that one lest you become part of the fallout. So there’s yer cue kazoo…time to start screeching.

All the mudslinging aside I do welcome info such as that from AEBN so if you have info that the industry needs to know or could be helpful to the biz by all means send it to me. Obviously I am not interested in press releases about whomever latest cinematic turd…Y’all know the difference.

And finally Lacey write something funny for me will ya LOL

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Operation Choke Point Strikes Again AEBN Has To Change Banks For Affiliates Using ACH

As you probably know from pornstars having accounts closed, the Operation Choke Point campaign, designed to crack down on potential fraud, has been setting its sights on the adult industry. Instead of targeting only fraudsters, Operation Choke Point casts a wide net. Since Operation Choke Point began, banks have been terminating the financial dealings of legitimate, law-abiding corporations across a broad spectrum of legal industries, including the adult entertainment business.

The most recent is AEBN who had the accounts suddenly closed (my checks came from Fifth third Bank so I expect thats who it is)

Porners should probably have plans in place so that in the event that an account gets cancelled they have fall back positions because this could hit anyone.

AEBN told me that “despite being in good standing and having a compliant business history. On June 30th, we were informed by our bank that our ability to disburse funds through ACH and wire transfers was being terminated that same day. This came after previous assurances that reasonable time frames would be given to properly transition our business to avoid operational disruptions.”

AEBN goes on to state:

“This development will delay some of our business payouts to studios and affiliates ­ payouts that otherwise would have been seamless, standard operating transactions as they have been for years. A new banking relationship has been finalized, and ACH and wire functionality is being re-established. We will begin to make disbursements on time; however, this interruption is likely to delay some disbursements for up to a week as the payment information is transferred to the new system. This is a one-time delay and once the new system is set up, disbursements will be made on time.
This news follows similar high-profile bank account closures for banking customers who were in good financial standing and happened to work in the adult industry.

All of us here at AEBN place a high value on our business partners and understand the challenging economic realities we all face. We are doing everything we can to minimize business disruptions. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have questions, please contact your studio/affiliate sales representatives through the contact information listed in the “Contact Us” page at”

AEBN has long been a solid company with an excellent standing in the business and pay attention to this story because if it can happen to them it can happen to YOU!

More on Whiteacre (Uncle peg)

The case I posted yesterday is actually his THIRD this year  he was arrested on June 3 and bonded out on June 12  He was also arrested back in April and again in January during CES  the one in jan was felony assault, the one in April was domestic violence strangulation and the one in June was Domestic violence  But he isnt the only one  his wife Christina Parreira is no stranger to the henderson jail either.  She plead nolo and got probation.

These two are like straight out of an episode of “COPS”


Christina Parreira arrest 1

Christina Parreira Arrest 2

A Few Words To Christian Mann

I am not one who believes in talking about people when they aren’t around to hear it.  I won’t be eulogizing about you because I am saying it now.

You and I have known each other for a very long time and I have always and always will hold you in the highest regard.  We may have had our disagreements of late but I know that in your heart you do what you feel is best for this industry and I respect that.

You are one of the last of the old school guys and this industry is better because of  your presence in it.

May you forever have peace and happiness