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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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  • Here is your code of conduct’s rule #1 (18)
    • Sam38g: Every porn director, owner, producer & agents brag about doing hitting on & fucking the female talent. There is only one company in...
    • Sam38g: Just because you go to the police does NOT mean the DA will file charges. In fact, more than likely NOT. Majority of the time the police...
    • Sam38g: Congrats, very proud of you. If there is violence or verbal abuse on a set, not signing the paperwork will only make it worse. You want to...
    • mharris127: At least during Upper Floor events at Kink people were interviewed and signed a model release directly before leaving the event. Yes, a...
    • Dirty Bob: I guess we both disagree. Try this scenario: You attend an event that is being filmed that also says that, by entering, you are aware...
    • MikeSouth: DB you are incorrect…after speaking with a well known attorney in entertainment law a model release signed prior to shooting the...
    • mharris127: Maybe talent could answer that question definitively but my impression is that most directors and producers don’t fuck the talent...
    • Dirty Bob: Also, you say that “if you sign a model release preemptively then it becomes harder to say no during a shooting ” and that...
    • Dirty Bob: Another way to look at it – let’s say the scene has 5 people involved. Four of them sign a release, but one holds things up...
    • jw: So mharris127 I hope MindGeek will cut all ties with Tony T and CET. And for that matter, every other talent too. Why would anyone want to give...
    • Karmafan: Do producers and agents still use the casting couch to try out new girls that want to be in porn?
    • SabrinaDeep: @BT It’s a dead end road. I don’t doubt that Nikki was assaulted. But I’m not sure either, Same was about the James...
    • mharris127: James Deen, assuming he did half of what he is accused of non-consensually doesn’t have any business in porn. I tend to believe...
    • BT: And, remember what happened – or didn’t happen – to James Deen. Allegations were made. I think most people believed them....
    • Karmafan: Congrats to you Sabrina.
  • Will Adriana Chechik Get Robbed Again At AVN (4)
    • MikeSouth: Yer right Matt but in full disclosure I am still in full control of this site but that may not be the case for long. I am entertaining...
    • mharris127: If they are begging and pleading you to redact the post they should have had enough dignity and morality to respond right there and...
    • MikeSouth: Im normally not one to do this but after a lot of begging and pleading from AVN I am redacting this post until AVN responds (which they...
    • Karmafan: Pierre Woodman said the same thing. When he advertised in AVN he got lots of nominations. Since he stopped advertising he gets 0...
  • Trump Nation in T Minus 9 Days (1)
    • artwilliams: A superpower led by an ill tempered, vindictive sociopath with multiple failed businesses. How bad could it go? Quote Of The Day

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. - Mark Twain

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Will Adriana Chechik Get Robbed Again At AVN

I got this email requesting that I post it.

From XXXInsider


post is temporarily unavailable

Recent Hack

As some of you noticed if you tried to comment the site got hacked recently, actually it was the whole server. If you have a site on this server please keep wordpress and all plugins and themes up to date.

No data was compromised and all is back to normal…Thanks Yall -South

Here is your code of conduct’s rule #1

First, let me express my happiness: I’ve just been notified that I’ve been appointed Top Writer on Quora also for 2017, side by side with NASA astronauts, worldwide famous intellectuals and academics. You don’t care, but I do and I needed to let it out.

There’s another thing that I need to let out, though and it’s about the Nikki Benz-Tony T-Ramon-Brazzers-MindGeek quarrel. I was checking a related thread on XBIZ a few minutes ago and I saw a post by Vicky Vette which really made me furious. It’s not Vicky’s fault. She merely pointed out a fact, which we all know about, but that nobody seems to take seriously. She said that girls arrive to a shooting location and while doing their make-up, they sign then release of the scene before it gets even shot. Here’s my view which I have of course put black on white also on the XBIZ thread. Never ever sign paperwork before a scene is shot. I have never ever signed shit before a shooting: how can you agree to release something that hasn’t been shot yet? You might argue that that’s one of the reasons why I’m blacklisted in porn valley, but for God’s sake: I’m fucking proud of it. I’m really really sorry for Nikki. But it’s time that the veterans start acting like the pros they are. Signing a model release before the scene is shot is suicide. You can’t consent to release something which doesn’t exist yet. In Europe there would be ground for a giant case, legally speaking, and something tells me that it wouldn’t be much different in the US either. Do NOT release until you know what you are releasing and you agree with it. Do NOT release until you know what you are releasing and you agree with it. And finally, do NOT release until you know what you are releasing and agree with it. Here is your #1 rule of your code of conduct, APAC, Union and whomever else pretends to (dis)represents adult performers.

Trump Nation in T Minus 9 Days

On Gun Violence — All Comments Are Welcome

Worst of 2016: Rampant Gun Violence in the United States


Tim Walker

2016 has finally ended. It will be remembered, and not fondly, for many things — a year we elected a reality TV star as our President, a year in which a lot of popular celebrities left us, a year in which the NFL’s Cleveland Browns won only one game. One thing it will NOT be remembered for, however, is that it was a year filled with the rampant, out-of-control gun violence that has come to plague our nation, because we choose to ignore that fact — desensitized, we simply look the other way. We have trained ourselves to accept gun violence as normal, the so-called ‘price we pay for living in a free society’. Barely a week goes by that we don’t see another mass shooting on the news or hear about it on the radio or read about it on Facebook — a dozen victims down south, 5 or 10 out west, 20 kids up in Connecticut — and then we turn a blind eye to the horror and go on with the rest of our day. Sublime. Oblivious.

Last summer, on June 12, 2016, a nightclub in Orlando, Florida called Pulse was the scene of the single deadliest mass shooting committed by a single gunman in U.S. history, and the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil since the World Trade Center attacks. 49 people were killed and 53 were injured in the attack, many of them members of Orlando’s Latino and LGBT communities. 29-year-old shooter Omar Mateen, who called 911 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS before the attack, was eventually shot and killed in the club by Orlando police after a 3 hour standoff.

It doesn’t matter, the NRA says. We are guaranteed our 2nd Amendment rights by the Constitution of the United States. Bang.

On July 7, 2016, Micah Xavier Johnson fired upon a group of police officers in Dallas, Texas, killing five officers and injuring nine others. Two civilians were also wounded. Johnson was an Army Reserve Afghan War veteran who was reportedly angry over police shootings of unarmed black men, and stated that he wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers. The suspect was killed that night with a bomb attached to a remote control bomb disposal robot.

Guns don’t kill people; people kill people, the gun lobby declares. Bang.

Closer to home, here in Montgomery County, 10 shootings and eight homicides occurred within just two weeks during a string of gun violence in August. Of the eight homicides in the county for the month of August 2016, five happened within the city limits of Dayton.


The horrifying images from dozens of mass shootings have become rote through endless repetition… frightened individuals running and hiding, tears, screams, the smoke, the bodies crumpled on the floor, police in body armor. Make no mistake, this country has a problem with its guns. I am not here to advocate for the disarming of our population, not by a long shot — I am a gun owner myself, and though I am not a member of the National Rifle Association, I do believe in our right to bear arms.

But this. The statistics are sobering indeed. The United States experiences gun violence on a level so far beyond the rest of the developed world, it boggles the mind.Of all the murders in the US in 2012, 60% were by firearms, compared with 31% in Canada, 18.2% in Australia, and 10% in the UK. The number of gun murders per capita in the US in 2012 was nearly thirty times the rate in the United Kingdom, at 2.9 per 100,000 compared with 0.1.

No one is sure exactly how many guns even exist in the US. The best estimates suggest a third of the population possesses at least one and there are a total of about 300 million guns in private hands. That’s nearly enough for every man, woman and child in the US to have their own weapon. And what or who is responsible for the endless mass shootings? Could it be an epidemic of mental illness, and an inability for people to find affordable mental health services? Do the math: a surplus of available guns + a lack of effective and affordable mental healthcare services = a level of bloodshed in this country that is unseen anywhere else on Earth.

On Friday, January 6th, 2017 (2 days ago as I write these words), in the baggage claim area at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, 26-year-old Esteban Santiago shot and killed five people and wounded six others before he was taken into custody. It was later reported he flew from Alaska to Florida with a gun in his checked baggage, and upon landing retrieved the firearm and opened fire on the innocent people standing there.

As of this morning, no motive has been discovered. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Happy New Year, America.


Dear LurkingReader

I hope I’ll be forgiven to use my author credentials to answer a reader’s comment which I could have simply answered in the commentary accordingly. Fact is that I have received similar questions in the last few days and a proper post gives me the opportunity to answer and to clarify my position once and for all as well as to understand what should be my next move about it, if any.

Have the idea my opinion doesn’t carry much weight with you, still gonna say it would be great if you used your admin privileges to share your thoughts, opinions and insights as a resource for performers who aren’t there yet.

I don’t know why you’ve got that idea, but I can assure you that it’s a very wrong one. I have the apparently weak habit to keep in high consideration every opinion and every idea, and believe me when I tell you that yours are not just every opinion. I’m flattered by your (and @lastnot’s and others’) invitation to write more in here. I know that Mike would encourage me to do so even more than he has always done, if he didn’t already know my issues about it. Well, they are not real issues, unless sentimental issues can be considered as such. Everything involving sentimentality can never be an issue really. I guess I’m more shy, than anything else. This is not my creature, but it is one that I am very attached to. “Unfortunately”, I feel particularly attached to its creator too and my respect for Mike holds me up from taking any action that might violate the original editorial project and line in any possible way.

If this wasn’t enough, as some of you know, I write on Quora at over a lot of topics and subjects. This takes quite a few hours off of my daily routine and because when I do something I try to take it very seriously, writing in here on a regular basis would mean for me to take even more time off of my daily schedule. I could partially compensate by alternating original articles with some of my pieces that I write on Quora, but then again I’m not sure that either Mike or Mike South’s readers or both would appreciate that. Also, there’s not much happening in porn at the moment, and what I had to say about the issues we all know, I have already said it. I’m not an investigative writer like Mike; I don’t have his sources, his talent and I would never be able to hold on to his legacy. I am opinionated and passionate, I like to provoke, to offer a hint, an opportunity to reflect over a range of topics which inspire me from time to time. I like to ignite discussions; my articles serve to the commentary section, not vice versa. If I started writing in here, it had to be about politics, interpersonal relationships, news bits, sex and education to it, not just about the porn industry. You see…it’s not as easy as it sounds. One thing is writing something on Mike South from time to time, with good “old” Mike allowing it, and another thing is to write for Mike South’s.

Now that you know where I stand, I am open to hear what you think, guys. If there is a real interest in reading what I have to say according to and compatibly with what I have said above, if you don’t mind reading what’s the difference between ego and self esteem of what I think of Vladimir Putin, between a porn industry related article and another, if you don’t mind to read something, at times, which has already been published on Quora a few minutes earlier, if you don’t expect only porn industry pieces and if you don’t expect at all porn industry related scoops which I have neither the sources nor the journalistic attitude to produce, if you have the patience and the will to give me the opportunity to trace a new path with your help and feedback, then it will be impossible for me to keep at distance and I will be honored to give my continued contribution.

Since this post gives me also the chance to do it on a wider scale, I wish you all a happy new year.

Hap and Leonard

For more years than I’d care to remember now, Mike South and I have been reading and enjoying Joe R. Lansdale’s “Hap & Leonard” series of books. While I was living in Porn Valley back in 2004, I began picking up the paperbacks and mailing them to Mike one at a time, in order, so he could find his way into the series and enjoy them the way I did. He did, and fell in love with the writing and the characters, and passed them on to others to enjoy.

Well now Hap and Leonard is a television series on Sundance. Which is good, and I highly recommend you watch it. But — let’s be honest here — the books are better, and I think you’ll find that if you start reading the books with #1 (Savage Season) and continue reading them you’ll find yourself hooked the way we both were. Follow this link to check out Joe’s latest…


Closing time every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

I was really shocked when I logged on to South’s site and he was giving one last “adios”.  I guess we all move on to other things. I, for instance, didn’t log onto his site nearly that much over the last few years because quite frankly, I don’t even know who is IN porn anymore.  Yeah, boring story: grew up, got a real job and lost sight of a lot of the fun stuff.

I’m going to miss the fact that South just won’t be here like we’ve come to expect him to be over the years.  He’s kind of like your favorite grandma. Always there. Always listening. Always willing to point out the many ways in which you’ve fucked up. (Sorry, grandma issues.)  Life would throw him a curve ball and he’d be right back at it, reliable and steady.

I will miss the good old days of this site. I remember when Robert F. would slap South’s head on a penguin or a turkey gif and we’d laugh for hours.  I remember when I razzed South endlessly over his “flavor of the week” (sometimes “hour”)–Quirky Love…ha!  I remember beating him game after game of online Scrabble. (For someone so smart, he’s always playing those three letter words. Oy. Buy a dictionary.) I remember telling him I needed to pay him for hosting my site and he’d say, “forget it, it doesn’t cost that much…” which led to about five YEARS of me never paying him.

You presented me with a lot of great opportunities, Mike, and I, for one, will be forever grateful. I got to interview some of the best in the industry and out of the industry (MOM!) and you always encouraged me further.  I got to meet your readers, who always welcomed me so graciously.  Putting up a pink background when I went through my endometrial cancer surgery? Made me cry. Class acts all the way.

I had a FUN & FABULOUS time stalking you over the years. But seriously you did ask for it when you said, “do keep in touch” in your first email. I mean, what were you thinking there?! Never tell a woman to “keep in touch”. Hell, you might as well just give her the key to your condo. Which you did, btw, and thanks cuz I had a blast staying there when you went South (pun intended) to slaughter innocent marine life.  I enjoyed schlepping my 16 offspring up and down the East Coast to hole up and write at your place.  I remember well how your neighbors enjoyed that temporary influx of (damn) Yankees into their hood. (And once again, war’s over. WE WON.) I wish you and all your readers the VERY BEST!


The Good Ol’ Southern Belle


Felicia Fox, my wife, first started dancing at a club in Dayton, Ohio (under a different name) in 1992. I met her at the Dayton airport in October of 1994 — we worked together, she was driving a forklift and hadn’t danced in over a year at that point. After we moved in together, she found her way back into the clubs, then began posing for men’s magazines, started touring nationwide as a feature act and eventually decided to break into adult films, which she continued shooting until 2005. Mike South, who became a good friend and would one day serve as the best man at our wedding, was the first person she shot with in the adult biz, in Tampa back in October, 2000 (“Mike South’s Confederate Cuties #4” contains that scene, if you’re so inclined). In 2006 she stopped touring as a feature, bought a house, and went back to school. We’re still together, still in love, and have been now for 22 years and counting.

From 1995 until 2003, my wife and I lived in an apartment in the Oregon Historic District in Dayton, Ohio. The apartment was located above Sloopy’s Bar, right at the corner of 5th & Wayne (or “Filth & Wine”, as the locals like to say), and we used to patronize many of the bars there on a regular basis. Ned Peppers, the Tumbleweed, the Trolley Stop — all were regular hangouts, but our #1 favorite spot was the old Southern Belle, on Brown Street right next to the park (don’t even talk to me about the new one over on Patterson – ugh).

So one night in 1998 we’re at the good Ol’ Southern Belle with one of Beth’s girlfriends. She and her friend were playing the bowling game, and I was relaxing in a booth, just chilling and listening to the jukebox, which had an epic selection of classic rock, the blues, and what we used to call “alternative” music. Beth, looking like a goddess in t-shirt and jeans, appears out of nowhere and sits a Bud Light in front of me, smiles and kisses me on the cheek and goes back to her game. I take a drink of my beer and when I set it back down on the table I notice a young guy, a stranger, has taken the other seat in the booth, across from me.

He was maybe 27, short dark hair, nice shirt and glasses. Clean cut, which marked him as slightly out of place in the scruffy Southern Belle. I immediately thought to myself – ‘This putz has to be a student at the University of Dayton’.

“Hey, man.” I said, smiling and trying to be friendly. “Can I help you?”

“Is that your girlfriend?” Exhibiting an attitude, right off the bat. Another joker, goddammit, and here I just wanted to sit and groove to the music and drink my beer in peace.

I nodded in Beth’s direction. “You mean Beth there? Yes, she’s my girlfriend. We live down the street.”

He looked over at her, looked her up and down, turned back to me. “Can you tell me why?”

“Excuse me?” I said.

“Why? I mean, look at me. I’m a good-looking guy. I work out. I make good money. And I’m here alone. Why would a girl who looks like that be here with someone like you?”

I laughed and said “I don’t know. Maybe because I don’t walk up to strangers in bars and ask them stupid questions.” Then I smiled and took another drink of beer.

Fuck Face just shook his head, as if in confusion, then stood up and says “I want you to remember me, asshole. I just want you to know that I’m always going to be watching you. And if you ever mistreat that girl, or if you’re ever mean to her, I’ll be waiting to steal her away from you.”

“Yeah. Good luck with that, dipshit.” I said.

“Fuck you,” he said. “You want to step outside?”

“No thanks, man — I’m not in the mood for a blowjob right now.”

“Long-haired faggot.”

“Eat me, son.”

As he walked out the door I just shook my head. Why do they always have to insult my long hair?

Beth and her friend sit down. “Who was that?” Beth asked me.

“Oh, you know me,” I replied. “I make friends everywhere I go.”

Then I smiled and signaled the bartender for 3 more beers.

The Last Post

Thank you. All of you.

If you have an authors login it still works for the time being, please feel free to use it.

Another Thank You This One to M3Server

In the many years that I have had this blog I have had many hosting companies including all the big adult hosting companies, M3Server stands out for several reasons.

First they have pricing that is as good as anyone and better than most, whether you need a dedicated server or a virtual server, managed or unmanaged M3Server is priced right.

But lets be honest price is irrelevant if the support isn’t good and that is where M3Server really shines. Unlike all the rest of the hosting companies I have used M3Server monitors my server and if it looks like it is getting slow, they immediately look into why so that it doesn’t crash, this proactive monitoring has kept my site up and running during hack attempts, huge traffic spikes and everything else. Since using M3Server has not had one minute of downtime due to a server outage….none, zero, zip. That is almost 5 years with o outage on a server that is under attack almost 24/7, thats a great record. Anytime I have had a question or needed help with anything they have responded quickly (24/7 support) and they answered my question and or fixed my problem.

If you need hosting and you need your site to stay up and running at a reasonable price with support that is simply the best M3Server is the best you can do. Tell em Mike South sent you!

A Photo Trip Down Memory Lane

There’ son particular order or anything just some photos I randomly selected from years of shows including AVN, Internext, Tampa, VSDA, ECVS and others they brought back mamories for me. The photos link to the larger image

Click Here For The Gallery!

A Few People I Want To Express Some Gratitude To That I Haven’t in the Past

One guy that stands out is attorney James Felton. I have been lucky to have the support of several industry attorneys but in the past Mr. Felton has elected to stay low key, he gave me permission to use him in this post.

It started when he needed some assistance with a particular case, As always (and still will be) I was happy to assist anyone I can in any way, particularly when they are working to right a wrong. Whenever I have needed advice Mr Felton has always been generous with his assistance, like I do so many other readers here I consider him a friend.

Attorneys are the butts of jokes and what not but James Felton is not the kind that gives them a bad name, he is the exact opposite. If anyone should need an attorney who is familiar with the industry, fair and honest and non judgemental I HIGHLY recommend him. he isn’t an attention seeker, he puts his nose to the grindstone and he gets results. He has never once steered me wrong, matter of fact I have a ton of respect for him, so much so that if he were on The FSC Board of Directors I would happily work with him, but I don’t think that will happen because I don’t see him as being comfortable in The FSC, that’s just my opinion of course but if he were I believe he could make The FSC worthy of a second chance….That is how much I respect him.

Thank You brother for all the help over the years and for allowing me to point it out.

Another is Sabrina Deep, we sometimes disagree but I hold her in very high regard, like me she speaks her mind and doesn’t back down, I respect that. She stands her ground with me yet I have never thought of her as anything but a friend, and I know the feeling is likewise. More girls like Sabrina in this biz would be a game changer. She was offered an authors login to this blog but declined, I understand her reasoning but like Rodney If I could hand pic my successors Sabrina would be among them. When the lawsuit happened she made an INCREDIBLY generous offer, one that actually brought tears to my eyes, that is not easily done. Sabrina you know what I am speaking of, Thank You.

Thank You for allowing me to say how much you guys have meant to me. and you all know it isn’t just Sabrina and James, it’s all of you but I have written about y’all before…again though Thank You all, I have been blessed with so many friends that I have never met yet I know they are true friends, it may be a new idea thanks to the internet but real friends can be real friends even without having met face to face. Most of you get it, prolly all of you….That is what I will miss most…please stay in touch I treasure you guys, If anyone sets up an open forum I will participate.

But I digress, James and Sabrina…this one’s for you!

Where Did We Go Wrong?

There are no pornstars like this anymore

Ten or twelve years ago by any account we had a hugely successful business. Porn survived recessions and economic bumps, bull markets, bear markets and assaults by the federal government, so how is it that today we are a shell of our former selves?

One thing I have looked at to answer this question is the Japanese porn industry. It has the same basic problems with Piracy and the internet and an additional problem in that genitals must be mosaic’ed. Yet it is still a HUGE industry, along the same lines that porn in the USA was in its best years. They still have “Stars” something that ran out here in the USA with Tera Patrick. Why?

I watched a lot of it, set aside the tentacle porn and the niche stuff that is a tiny fraction of the Japanese porn market.

One thing they do is that they are very selective about the girls looks, you don’t see boob jobs and when you do they are so good you can’t tell, they don’t go over the top with boobs that are unnaturally large, and the girls don’t have tats, they look fresh fresh, they are pretty the make up is kept well done, theres no running mascara and smeared lipstick, and they act like girls, not like sailors on shore leave.

Another is the guys, you rarely see a guys face in a sex scene, the focus is on the girl and she acts like girlfriends act during sex, she enjoys it, she maybe squirts, but she doesn’t go over the top, she maintains a feminine attitude and a feminine look. The guys are props, interchangeable and rarely recognizable.

The girls are marketed, they start out doing tease videos and work their way up the ladder of sex acts. Making a kind of star system where the fan favorites can elevate themselves to serious stardom and money, look up Maria Osawa for an example.

These are things that the US Porn market used to do but somewhere along the lines we abandoned our successful formula and never looked back, instead of relegating niche porn to its audience we turned porn into one big niche…misogyny. Porners seem to be like blackbirds on a phone wire, when one takes off all the rest follow him even to their demise.

I was looking at an old AVN Magazine, it was from October, 2002. AVN then had 400 pages, now its barely at 100, but what struck me was, the girls were a lot prettier they had nice bodies, they weren’t overweight, and the guys….well they were just props, as they should be.

Somewhere along the line American porn directors forgot all about the most important part of porn, transference, if they ever knew what it was to begin with. The average guy who was the huge majority of porn users, could no longer identify. The guys in porn weren’t like him, matter of fact they were the very guys he resented, add to that, that many of them came from gay porn and could now make extra money in straight porn because of a new drug called Viagra and the alienation became too much the porn he used as an escape was no longer an escape and likely just added to his stress. No point watching that.

Now look at The AVN Show, for years we were a part of The Consumer Electronics Show and to get in you had to actually be in the consumer electronics industry….video store owners for example. Now some people were smart enough to print a business card on their printer and score a free ticket and nobody cared about that because CES was a place to do business, store owners got free autographed posters for their stores, they met with big porn companies and set up signings and store promotions, they were wined and dined. Now the Adult Expo is no longer even held the same week as CES. CES provided a built in audience for the adult expo show, CES is the single biggest event of the year in Las Vegas, nothing else even comes close and Adult Expo is setting up as all of those people, their former audience, are getting on planes to go home.

I talked to the owner of a chain of stores here in Atlanta, he told me he used to go every year and that it was never money wasted, he told me he hasn’t been since 2008, because it has become more like Comic-Con than a place to do business. he told me it’s a fan fest and people who are trying to do business are inundated by gawkers and rude asshats feeling up the girls, he said the last straw was when he tried to get a sales person from Evil Angel and was treated like a fan instead of a store owner, he still stocks Evil Angel product but he tells me that if not for dildos, fleshlights and other novelty products he would have been out of business years ago…..back then he didn’t even stock novelty products, it was video only. He echos the sentiment that porners have alienated their biggest customers, he simply says “they dont make em like they used to”, continuing “Nobody wants to beat off to a girl who looks like she was dipped in makeup remover by the end of the scene.”

In a recent interview in Engadget AVN Founder Paul Fishbien said:

“It was a shit storm.”

He describes AVN at the time as a bloated business with too many products, too many employees and mounting debt. The combination of stress and a personal tragedy led Fishbein to sell his stake in 2010. Under new management, the show’s organizers chose to move AEE, now commonly referred to as AVN, to a date later in January, driving a wedge between porn and technology’s premier events (CES).

Fishbein says the move was a huge mistake and refers to a now diminished AVN as a “flea market.”

Sure The internet changed the game for porners and true Manwin/Mindgeek crushed an entire industry but it really isn’t all MindGeek/Manwins fault. Porners alienated their core audience who turned elsewhere (the internet) for their porn and it de-centralized the industry. now a girl in some small town in England or Australia or Kansas can become richer than Jenna Jameson ever dreamed of, she can make enough money to buy Evil Angel if she wants to. She may not be a household name because she doesnt have a publicist and the American press hasn’t yet found her but if you measure fame in dollars….she is way past what Tera Patrick ever made, or Jenna for that matter. She is filling that void left by the American porn market when they abandoned their core audience.

It’s too late to get it back, The porn audience has moved on…Just like I am.

Just Trying to Get This In Before the Rush….

I’ll be brief here. I just want to say how much I’ll miss this venue, and all of the great people who have commented here over the years, those from inside and outside the industry. I’ll miss reading my buddy Mike South’s garbled phrases and tortured syntax on a regular basis (not that I won’t hear from him, of course — I’ll text him and we’ll chat on a weekly basis and I will of course ignore his phone calls whenever he tries to reach me).

This page has been the conscience of the porn industry for way too many years now. People have come here to air their grievances, to expose the sharks and heartless individuals who sometimes populate the adult film world, to praise and promote and relax and just enjoy themselves. may or may not remain, under whatever guise you might see when you direct your brower to this spot in 2017, but never forget this — the good works that the man, my good friend Mike South, did on behalf of the adult film industry and its performers, will endure and will be remembered.

And please join me in urging — no, in SHOUTING — to the people in charge at AVN… IT IS ABOUT GODDAMN TIME, DON’T YOU THINK? — PUT MIKE SOUTH IN THE HALL OF FAME!

Much love…

Tim Case

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