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    • mharris127: It is interesting that California’s HIV transmission law is so lenient. Having to prove intent to transmit is a hole big enough...
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    • BT: Jim. Thanks for a straight forward legal analysis. On the prostitution thing, don’t you think that unless an escort who files a civil...
    • JimF: Karmafan, I don’t know whether or not you can get HIV from oral sex. I suspect that you can. However, the statute specifically only... Quote Of The Day

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Charlie Sheen – Does Paying for Sex Provide Him Any Cover

Thank you to attorney James Felton for writing this up for me…read on…

Charlie Sheen – Does Paying for Sex Provide Him Any Cover

By: James R. Felton

Unless you were sleeping all week last week, you certainly heard that Charlie Sheen confessed to being HIV Positive. It appears that many of the actors and actresses in the adult world knew this well before the announcement. Even if that were the case, most, if not all, of the non-adult world had no idea. Now, certainly, Charlie Sheen has been more than public about the goddesses or his lineup of sexual dalliances that could best be described as his flavor of the month. In his case, it might be better described as flavor of the week. It would be of no surprise to anyone if Charlie had a doctor on staff shooting him with penicillin or whatever the latest and greatest antibiotic exists for the treatment of a sexually transmitted disease. But, HIV positive – that came out of left field.

Sheen stated that he told his sexual partners of his status. Most dispute that they knew. Of course, they certainly knew that he was a player and if unprotected sex took place, an escort probably couldn’t be taken too seriously if she caught an STD. With that said, HIV is at another level.

California has a somewhat lenient statute when it comes to the transmission of HIV. In order for a person to be guilty of a felony (which carries a jail sentence), a person must willfully expose another to HIV through unprotected sex.

The law makes it a felony punishable by up to eight years of imprisonment for an HIV-positive person to “willfully expose” another person to HIV through unprotected sex. The elements of the crime are 1) participating in anal or vaginal sex; 2) knowing that you are HIV positive, 3) failing to disclose your status as HIV Positive, 4) failing to use a condom and 5) having the specific intent to infect the other person. This last element is likely to be very difficult to prove in most cases and probably difficult to prove in Charlie Sheen’s case. I don’t know the guy but it doesn’t sound like he had a vendetta with any of the women with whom he had unprotected sex after he knew he was HIV Positive. Time will tell whether any such information will be presented to the Los Angeles District Attorney. Charlie may dodge criminal prosecution.

However, civil liability is a whole different issue. Charlie is likely to find himself a defendant in any number of civil actions that will likely sound in battery, intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress, fraud, and who knows what else Gloria Allred will think up.

So, the next question is whether, as a defense to any of these causes of action, Charlie can allege that a particular escort assumed the risk by having unprotected sex. If this defense is raised, I think it will fail, at least as it relates to HIV.

Let’s examine this for a minute. First, there have been multiple cases in which a spouse (or more likely a former spouse) sues their partner for giving them an STD. In order to succeed in such matters, a plaintiff generally has to prove that the “giver” knew that he or she had an STD although a negligent infliction of emotional distress claim would likely not require knowledge. That claim would be made if the “giver” had reason to believe that they were engaging in dangerous conduct (i.e. sleeping around) without informing their partner.

Now, as it relates to the transmission of an STD by someone to an acknowledged escort (or vice-versa), that might be an interesting legal battle. Certainly, engaging in non-protected sex with a sex worker could very well be seen as an assumption of risk. Again, the cases may turn on the specific factual presentation (i.e. did the person know or suspect that he or she had an STD and not disclose or did the escort not take precautions which would likely eliminate the issue altogether).

The assumption of risk doctrine doesn’t work for me in the context of the transmission of HIV. Now, certainly if there were proof that Charlie told the escort about his condition, and the escort had unprotected sex anyway, assumption of risk may be a “winning” defense. But without evidence of disclosure, I don’t think assumption of risk will provide Charlie with any cover. I don’t think any escort that he hired could have reasonably assumed that he might be HIV Positive. Again, perhaps if the evidence were that everyone in the adult world knew and the specific escort knew, then Charlie may prevail but without that, I don’t think it will be a valid defense. HIV is potentially a death sentence and I don’t see a judge or jury given Charlie a pass because the escort should have thought he might be infecting her with what could be a terminal illness. Time will tell and as the swarms of his liaisons meet and discuss amongst them how he operated, perhaps light will be shed on whether it was obvious that he had HIV.

Last question on the topic – so assume that a paid escort, who had unprotected sex with Charlie Sheen after he was aware that he had HIV, sues Charlie in civil court. The lawsuit outlines the sexual encounter(s) that took place and that the escort was paid to have sex with him. Will that lawsuit draw the interest of the City Attorney or District Attorney to file prostitution charges against the escort? I guess we shall see.

You Can’t Teach An Old Ho New Tricks, Bree Olsen Wants To Talk About Her Anger, But Only If You Pay Her Thousands of Dollars

I had no desire to talk to Bree but this came and it hit me as a desperate attempt on her part to get attention.  10,000 dollars for an in person interview and 7,000 to interview her over the phone.  Now lets be honest here does this sound like someone who is upset that she may have been exposed to HIV?  Keep  in mind that at least according to him they broke up months before he was diagnosed. Or does this sound like a money grubbing little attention whore?

The whole thing just kinda reeks to me.  If indeed he didn’t disclose his status after he knew it then yes he should be held accountable, but what I detect here doesnt really pass the sniff test,  Everyone close to the situation said that Bree knew, of course if she sues then who knows how it will play out.  But asking for 7-10 K to vent your anger for an hour just sounds disingenuous to me.  I dont recall their relationship being more than a few months either, certainly not a year…I guess it will all come down to the time line.

Bree Olsen Charlie Sheen

My Readers Get It – Reader Post

Thanks Lurking Reader you NAILED this one

“So are APAC mouthpieces lobbying for or against condoms in porn? Hard to tell with the song they’re singing re Sheen.

If the industry protocols are so great why all the concern? Big old face palm award for every FSC, APAC, AVN, x-Biz etc associated person painting Sheen as the bad guy vs touting how FSC testing protocols are the gate that keeps HIV out of the performer pool.

So let’s see over the past year efforts to lobby against AHF and condoms said FSC testing gate and Truvada are effective barriers and now Sheen is a big bad wolf blowing down all the rules of honor and industry self regulation? That’s a problem because Sheen isn’t in the industry and his undectable viral load is less of a risk than performers walking out of strip clubs with newly infected acute HIV whether or not the client pulls a Josh Duggar.

Kinda clears up Diane Duke’s obsession with performer personal relationships though.”

A Press Release So Stupid I Have To Run It



OK Heres what ya need to remember  Jonathon Morgan is the director of this movie.  Jonathon Morgan owns Nexxxt Level. Cassidy Klein, Keira Nicole and Edyn Blair are represented by Nexxxt Level.

This movie Fascade is the first time Morgan has worked with Cassidy Klein

So to encapsulate this you have Jonathon Morgan the director praising himself for hiring girls that he represents and saying what a great job he did by hiring the girls that he represents….At first I thought this was a joke perpetrated by “TheOnion” but no  they are serious…and AVN and XBiz consider this to be news….Im seriously dying laughing my ass off at the sheer stupidity of this.

I am speechless…bt I guess it is one way to get me to run your press release…..

LOS ANGELES — Cassidy Klein landed the lead in the upcoming feature from Wicked Pictures, “Facade,” which was directed by Jonathan Morgan.

The drama, written by Wicked Pictures’ own Stormy Daniels, contains several twists as Klein & Co. enter the world of “Cyber Stalking.”

“Facade” centers around a hot young web model named Amber played by Klein, who finds herself on the receiving end of a lot of focus and attention from a mysterious cyber stalker. Strange things continue to happen as both Amber and her roommate Lindsay, played by Keira Nicole, start to put the pieces together on this mystery. Rounding out the cast are Edyn Blair and Layla Price.

“Working with Cassidy Klein was top notch,” Morgan said. “She was not only a complete professional when it came to her acting abilities but her sex scene with Seth Gamble was one of the best in the movie.”

Morgan added, “Working with the girls from Nexxxt Level was a dream come true. These girls know how to deliver an amazing scene whether it is through their acting or their abilities to deliver a super nasty sex scene.”

“It was an honor and great compliment to be cast as the lead in another Wicked movie,” Klein said. “Working for Jonathan was a complete pleasure as well as my Nexxxt Level sisters Keira Nicole and Edyn Blair. Being on set all day with these two was so much fun. This is going to be a great film and I’m so proud that I could be a part of it.”

Blair was equally excited about her role, remarking, “When Jonathan told me I was playing the part of a crazy stalker and the girl I was obsessed about was Cassidy Klein, I knew this was going to be a super fun project.”

Lets Talk About This Coming Forward About HIV

It’s all over the news who it will be and if its true his history with porn chicks is well known  but in all honesty I could care less about all that…Here’s what I do want to know though.

Lets suppose he comes forward and says hey…I had it but I don’t any more, here’s the proof..I have months worth of Aptima PCR/DNA tests that show me as “Non Reactive”  I don’t have HIV, by the adult industry’s own testing method I am clean, I could be a porn star if I wanted.  Or maybe he says  I don’t have it and never did, and cites the same reason.  Plenty of people with HIV who have been getting the treatments test negative on these viral load tests, it’s nothing new  I first wrote about it years ago, my surprise is that it never got anyones attention…denial I think its called…

According to Diane Duke and The FSC this is the Holy Grail of HIV tests…he is clean no matter what his ELISA test may say…after all ELISA is such an inferior test right?

And to tell the truth I don’t know…maybe if your viral load is that low you are essentially cured and can’t transmit it…I wouldn’t bet MY life on it but every single day hundreds of porn people do.

I think that is the big question surrounding all of this…

There Is Not A New HIV Positive Performer In The Talent Pool

There was an article in  the tabloids yesterday about the possibility of an HIV positive performer in the talent pool.  I can state with a very high degree of confidence that this is not true. The story that is being referenced broke recently but it is an old story.  There is nothing to be worried about on that incidence.

That is not to say that performers who do privates without condoms aren’t a problem, they are, but this story is very old and if it were true would have come to light a year or so ago.  Additionally I have spoken to at least 2 of the four performers mentioned that left the biz and none are HIV positive. So this story can safely be disregarded.


I’ve Been A bit Tardy On Posts

Sorry bout that y’all….Im working a story on another scumbag wannabe agent…these sure are getting old….would you girls PLEASE just google the agent before you sign up with them…

I’ve also been shooting for a documentary for Canal Plus and Meeting with a New York Times best selling author that should have an article coming in a major magazine.

Oh and one more thing….Donny Long is trolling adult boards posing as “Heather Deep”  GFY (AVN)  and XBiz figured it out and banned him, apparently the brain trust at some others have not…just so yall know…..

Thanks for being patient…I will be back

Love You Long Time


Nightmoves Pictures As Promised

Click the photo for the page (it has 400+ photos)  All compliments of Vicky Vette and the lovely VNA Girls!

Thank You to the lovely and talented Julia Ann…ya made my night doll face!

Julia Ann Mike South

A Sign Of The Times

I have been meaning to write more about my time in Tampa and things being rather quiet in porn this is prolly as good a time as any.  During the first few nights there Lindsey, Al and myself went to dinner with a friend of theirs, I won’t name him but lets call him Luke.  Luke had placed an ad on craigslist looking for a new girl in his life.   He found one, well,  sort of.  he asked if it would be OK if he brought her to dinner with us.  Of course it was and we were all sitting at the table at a Mexican place, along with some co-workers when Luke showed up with his new girlfriend.  When she walked in we all turned out heads, she was tall and statuesque mixed Brazilian and Hispanic and dressed rather proactively, as she got to the table and sat down we all noticed that she had some, shall we say, masculine characteristics, large hands, an adams apple…I think you get the picture.

Now we are all non judgemental and open minded people, if they were happy..hey, God bless em.

Next day we were at he office and Lindsey asked Luke if he had “gotten lucky”  Luke replied that they made out a lot and that he had gotten a good blowjob but that every time he tried to move his hands “down south” she cut him off.  He said he didn’t know why because she had been so eager to give him head.

We all looked at each other, and Lindsey asked Luke if he had ever actually felt her up, again he replied that they got along great and he enjoyed dating her but she was always really quick to grab his hand before it got anywhere near her pussy.

At this point Al and I are fighting laughter and Lindsey is egging Luke on…Do you think she is saving it for marriage? Maybe she was on her period…maybe she doesn’t like sex or has herpes or something, she was relentless.  At this point the whole office is listening in and most know what Luke doesn’t, finally Al says dude…maybe she is a transsexual.

The look on Lukes face wass priceless, it was like you could see the light bulb going from off to dim to bright….He says that would explain why she has bad breath.

Luke is in his thirties and is a pretty buff and good looking guy, he took it well and despite the teasing nobody said anything really derogatory, we were just all surprised that he hadn’t noticed what was obvious to the rest of us…beware trying to find a girlfriend or boyfriend for that matter on craigslist….And in all fairness she SHOULD have told him, which she clearly had not.

As comic as the whole thing was I thought about how different things had become in my 57 years on earth, even when I was in my early thirties that could have been a very different situation and I prolly wouldnt have handled it as gracefully as Luke had.  I remember when homosexuality was thought to be a mental disorder and deviant behavior, obviously society has come a long way since then, I think your sexuality is as much a part of you as your hair color…moreso, you can change your hair color…but you get my drift. Something else I have noticed is that gay people tend to take their relationships much more seriously I know way more gay couples that have stayed together longer than most of the straight ones I know.  And to those of you thinking that hey give marriage a bad name or  make a mockery out of it I have but one thing to say  Kardashians.  People like the Kardashians and Britney Spears to far more to damage the institution of marriage than any gay couple I can think of.

Coming next I will post some photos from Tampa, compliments of the lovely, talented and very under rated Vicky Vette.

Performers Beware A Scumbag Re-appears

Scumbag Rob Black

Scumbag Rob Black

Rob Black is one of the examples of how scummy and completely loathsome you have to be in order to flunk out of porn.  Apparently e has pimped out his girlfriend enough to come up with enough money to shoot a video, or at least enough to do everything but pay performers…NEVER EVER take a check from this douchebag, or Tom Byron.

Rob has been contacting agencies to book talent, proving that agents are becoming more responsible about whom they will provide talent for, many agencies refuse to book their talent with Black, Kudos to them.  That wont stop him from trying though I am sure.

It is also my understanding that Rob has no distribution for this project…Lets keep it that way.  Matter of fact any agency that does book talent with Rob and or any distributor that distributes his product will find themselves the subject of a headline here and they wont like it.  If you refuse to book for him or distribute him please let me know and I will include you in a headline here that you will like.

The project is called Asian Triple Anal Beauties and he IS trying to circumvent agents to book talent

if you get a call from a 323 area code and it ends in 5856 tell the person calling you to fuck off and die…or better yet tell him to call me, Mike South…

I am pleased that people are starting to come together in this biz and say “NO MORE…YER OUT!”


An Education For Me

It has been a while since I made a post that got as much response as the last one, the one on escorting.  I was surprised in that guys in the biz almost universally denounced it saying it was bullshit.  the girls in the biz, however, universally agreed  note I didn’t say almost universally…every single one who emailed me or contacted me was supportive and even if they personally didn’t like the idea of pornstars escorting  not one wanted to stop others from being able to do it, some of the ones who dont escort were in agreement and even thought escorting was a safer choice than porn.

Indeed there were some arguments that escorting and particularly more straight up prostitution were dangerous only a few guys thought it to be more dangerous than porn. most of the girls in the biz mentioned that they too had gotten STDs right off the bat when they started in porn.

I find this interesting because they are so afraid to come forward in terms of requiring condoms,  if escorting can harm your reputation as a performer, requiring a condom will destroy it.  Come on y’all it shouldnt be that way, nobody should be penalized for being health conscious.  I am not for a condom law but I am 100% for a law that says if someone asks and you don’t allow a condom, or if you make no condom a condition of employment then you can be sued.

I want to thank everyone for their input on this topic, it was indeed an education for me….Im sure it isnt over….



Is Escorting the New Feature Dancing?

This story has been a while in the making, when the young lady first contacted me she didn’t want to make the story public but for some reason she felt the need to tell me.  I think more than anything she wanted to clear up some misconceptions and, as much as anything. justify her decisions.

She is an A List performer by anyone reckoning but she doesn’t shoot very much, just once in a while, and the reason she does shoot… keep her escort rates high.

She told me that she was like every other girl who comes into porn, she wanted fame, attention and the money but she quickly realized that the business wasn’t what she thought.  She had one of the best agents and she had a good work ethic, she drew top dollar bookings for the best companies.  Despite this she got Chlamydia twice and Gonorrhea once in the first six weeks she was in the business.  She thought, like many that the two week test cycle would protect her but she quickly realized that “with so many people working together all the time STDs stay in the talent pool”  She didn’t like most of the male performers she was working with and she quickly had second thoughts.

That was when a friend of hers, also in the biz approached her about escorting with her as an extra girl for a particular client who had a thing for relative newcomer.  It was “a lot of money and I mean a lot” and she started thinking that it couldn’t be any worse.  The next day she felt good about it, the guy had been polite, well groomed, clean, educated and was fun.

She inquired to the agency who took her on “under the radar” and she found a source of income that far outweighed doing porn.  As she said to me ” I didn’t have to have sex with anyone I didn’t want to and I never got any shit about requiring a condom”, she told me that in over a year escorting she had never gotten an STD from a customer because she always used condoms.  She also told me that the guys always treated her nice and didn’t always want sex, about half of her dates were “more for companionship and someone to listen to them” in her words that beat the hell out of “some french douchebag” hitting on her before a scene, trying to warm himself up, putting his hand around her throat and telling her she belongs to him.  “EEEW that was just so gross.”

So now she shoots porn “once in a while” to keep her name out there and keep her rates high.

When I first came into porn in the 1990’s it was common to get feature dancers who wanted to do porn to boost their feature rates.  Porn star features made 10 times or more what the non porn features did.  Back then almost no porn girls escorted, if they did it was very much on the down low, less than 10 percent of the porn girls escorted, and almost none of the guys did.  The big money fell out of the feature market though and girls turned to other avenues to make the big bucks, and those avenues were escorting.

Today it’s less than ten percent who dont escort and that includes the guys.  Some people say that is why the STD rates are high and most performers tell me that is true because so many of the porn girls and guys who escort will do it bareback.

My friend tells me that her clients don’t have any desire to :choke her, spit on her, slap her, gag her” or other things that “the guys in porn have to do to get their dicks hard these days” She says they are educated and polite and they treat her like a lady and she likes that and finds it way better  than spending a whole day to shoot a boy girl scene for 1500 dollars, she make ten times that spending a day with someone who wants to be with her.

When I listen to her it is hard to argue with her logic, nor would I try, she has found her niche and she is happy and apparently thriving in it.

Indeed I can’t say that escorting is worse than doing porn, if she were seeing all of her clients bareback and allowing them to have unprotected anal sex with her and slap her around I think anyone would agree that would be a bad thing but is that not what she does every time she shoots a porn scene?  By that standard going to dinner, then having drinks at his hotel where they have protected sex and she gets no bruises seems pretty tame by comparison.

Maybe it is pornographers that have pushed so many of the performers into escorting, mabe it isnt the girls that have changed but the industry that has changed them.

It has given me pause to think…what do you think?

A Sad Follow Up

Back in February I wrote this:  If It Were Your Life, What Would You Do? 

It was about one of us, a guy in the biz as a producer/director who at 44 years old found out he had colon cancer and it had advanced to the point that his only hope was to get an experimental treatment called viral therapy, where a genetically engineered virus give you the measles or chicken pox or whatever and you suffer through a very tough illness made tougher by the cancer, but the results can be that you are cancer free if you survive the illness.

He didn’t want me to name him but it was pretty easy to find out who he was from his go fund me campaign. his main goal was to see his daughter graduate.  he did live to see that happen but sometime in the last few months he passed away peacefully with his daughter and other loved ones at his bedside.  The timing wasn’t good for his virus therapy and I am told it never happened.

From the communication we had I believe Roman was a good guy, always straight with me and looking to do the right thing.  We fell out of touch a bit after my motorcycle accident he said I had more important things to worry about than him and I should focus on getting well.

Rest In Peace Brother

Mike South


And On It Goes More MindGeek News

It seems that no sooner did hush Hush file than mindGeek started moving money…Look at this (Note Traffic Junky is a Manwin/Mindgeek Owned company)

New banking details for wire payments


Please note that our banking information for MG Technologies Ltd has changed until further notice.

Bank Name: Catella Bank S.A.
Bank Address: Parc d’Activités, 38, r. Pafebruch, L-8308 Capellen, Luxembourg
Account Holder: MG Technologies Ltd
USD IBAN: LU651944014960000USD
EUR IBAN: LU181944014960000EUR

If you have any outstanding invoices for payment please ensure that you use the new bank information.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

All the best,
The TrafficJunky Team

Mansef/Manwin/MindGeek has been using this tactic forever Its very difficult to keep up with the corporate structure and banking on a day to day basis….and funny how it happens that the banks are always in Tax havens, Third World countries, former soviet bloc countries….

I also found this on reddit, there are some posts from manwin employees in this thread that would seriously help the people suing Manwin…quotes that say they did indeed have to approve EVERY Post made to pornhub, making it pretty clear that they were under instruction to APPROVE Pirated posts..heres  the thread:

Looks like one of the women found out she was filmed on reddit :

Apparently the thread was started by a female who learned that she had been secretly filmed down her blouse and then uploaded to pornhub and of course the scumbags at pornhub did nothing.  some choice quotes from the thread are below:

[–]Falcon-Seven 1 point

“Haha, nope no paperwork.

Each video uploaded is reviewed by someone who reviews 100s of uploads each day. The reviewer is looking for anything that breaks the Terms and Conditions, or anything that will piss off our major sponsors. Unfortunately, voyeur vids are in a grey area and are not considered as a violation of terms – only videos with bad stuff (and I mean REALLY bad stuff) are flagged for removal. It’s a fucked up system, but I guess it works because the site has been running strong for nearly a decade now.”

“I had that job, it’s probably the worst job I’ve ever done (had to start in the company somewhere!)

I’ve worked at dog kennels during winter thaw cleaning up tons of poopsicles and had a better time than when I was sifting through the literal worst of the internet. I thought growing up browsing 4chan would make me immune to the work, but I was wrong.”

Welcome to the super shady, horrible, disgusting world of online porn. :-(

No, there is no paperwork involved most of the time. There is no accountability, no niceness. Nothing.

[–]bornknowing -4 points

Pornhub’s company is called Mind Geek. Adding to the shady, sneaky, sleazy nature of the whole thing, you will actually find it difficult to link Mind Geek to Pornhub, because Mind Geek doesn’t advertise too loudly that it’s a porn company.

I don’t want to dissuade you from contacting them, but I really doubt they will do anything about this. They might take down the videos, but I doubt they will do much more than that.”

[–]Katie_Pornhub 3 points

We have the most progressive policies in the industry against revenge porn (or unwanted porn). Way better than xvideos, tumblr, twitter, youtube etc. that are all larger user upload platforms. You’re allowed to be anti-porn but I don’t see why Pornhub or Mindgeek are shady, sneaky and sleazy.

The person called Kate from pornhub starts pointing a finger at the other tube sites and saying Mindgeek is a good company because it’s less of a douche than they are. (Not saying much if you ask me)  She also goes on to troll the woman that’s (probably) a victim in this fiasco.   That just goes to show what kind of person Katie is and what kind of company MindGeek is.

And last but not least i got this from someone who may in fact be from Xvideos:

Hi Mike,

I was reading your recent article MG/Xvideos and wanted to make some comments that may be of interest to you as you pointed out in your article “Now here is the back story that you wont read on AVN or XBiz because they are completely in MindGeeks Pocket”.
Firstly as this you can verify publicly, Xvideos filed a Canadian Declaratory action around 1 week prior to this MG filing, so this will force a decision if there is any uncertainty.
Secondly, xvideos is not in favor of strategies where one tries to pressure/squeeze targets for hostile takeovers.
Thirdly, while MG may have been trying to force a sale since the summer, they were clearly told that xvideos is not for sale and clearly there is no deal to be done so I was surprised to read your comments regarding that a sale had been agreed. ( that was a contact from within manwin that contradicted another contact from within Manwin.)
Also heard that when they heard that xvideos was unwilling to sell, the response from a high level person at MindGeek/Manwin was “I will take your F???’n site”
Hopefully this gives you better insight.

Pot Meet Kettle – MindGeek Sues Xvideos for Copyright Infringement

No sooner had I announced that Hush Hush Entertainment was suing Manwin/MindGeek than I see AVN and XBiz runnind stories about MindGeek suing Xvideos.  This raised a million red flags for me that apparently XBiz and AVN cant see, but lets look at it closely.

First if you read the Mindgeek lawsuit it reads almost identical to the one filed by Hush Hush Entertainment.  I am not at all saying its the same, far from it.  What I am saying is that MindGeek is alleging that Xvideos is doing EXACTLY the same thing that HHE alleges that MindGeek is doing.  The first thing that popped into my mind is how could Mindgeek hope to prevail on both fronts.

Now here is the back story that you wont read on AVN or XBiz because they are completely in MindGeeks Pocket.

You see back in the days when Fabian was fronting for Manwin one of the targets that Manwin wanted badly was, one of the few tubesites that was arguably larger than pornhub.  Xvideos also owns yet another large tube site.  When manwin tried to purchase them they were basically told to go away, not gonna happen.

Well that didnt stop Manwin, now Mindgeek from still coveting the sites and brands.  A solid source inside MindGeek tells me that this lawsuit is a strongarm tactic to force xvideos to sell.

Another source tells me that the sale is already a done deal and that the lawsuit is a diversionary tactic to get a legal precedent that would help to shield MindGeek from future lawsuits like the ones filed by MetArt and HHE.

As I have pointed out these guys have found MindGeeks soft spot, that being a court ordered discovery in which Manwin is forced to open their financials to scrutiny, and even though MetArt claims otherwise Its pretty much a guarantee that MetArt was paid well to settle and I expect HHE has the same expectations, I will be surprised if Mindgeek doesn’t settle this one quietly but doing so is sending a message to everyone that MindGeek  has stolen from and Mindgeeks worst nightmare is that they will line up around the corner with civil suits for copyright infringement.  Watch this Xvideos lawsuit very carefully.  I suspect it will tell us an awful lot about Mindgeek.

And for the record, I applaud HHE loudly…I dont care if they do settle it… every single dime taken back from Manwin/MindGeek is a win for the people they stole from I hope MindGeek ends up feeling like they are being pecked to death by ducks.

Thats my $0.02 on it.