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  • Why Performers Can’t Choose Condoms (44)
    • MikeSouth: To answer Jays question I do have condoms available and once I had a male who asked to use one for the BJ, not a problem. Additionally...
    • LurkingReader: Sorta kills the ‘consenting adults’ party line 😉
    • SilasStingy: Ah, porn…where you’ll get punished for wanting to use condoms while James Deen continues to get work…
    • LurkingReader: @Jaybarry I think you are trying to conflate the liberties of personal freedoms with the burdens of commerce and missing a basic...
    • Ivy: Jay if your a director your part of the problem. The fact that you so vehemently argue about something really simple about condom choice....
    • BT: A union for porn talent that mimics SAG, the WGA or the musicians union could be a powerful thing. I think the most important thing they could...
  • Finally A Real Advocate for Performers, and They are Showing That they are Serious! (7)
    • LurkingReader: “A one-time warning will be sent to that agent, the next time the state agency license will be placed on a probation period,...
    • Ivy: well ok than. gmail looks unprofessional in porn. got it. (eye roll)
    • Toby: I’ve used nothing but domain based email addresses for the last 17 years. Any competent web host will provide secure email service, as...
    • mharris127: If the union doesn’t get greedy on its demands it has the potential to do a lot of good for performers and crew members. The... Quote Of The Day

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Finally A Real Advocate for Performers, and They are Showing That they are Serious!


It appears that The Performers Union is fully prepared to initiate legal action on behalf of performers, this is the first time that this has ever happened, BRAVO!  At this point I think it would be very wise for everyone in this business to come together and start working together, for the betterment of the industry as a whole.  performers are the backbone of this industry and I hope that this is a sign that the days of performers having no rights are about to be over.

Attention The Adult Industry

Effective Immediately!

The purpose of this Union is: To protect the workers rights to a safe more professional work environment.  We do this by strengthening and safe guarding each of our members, by every lawful means so that we can carry out this Union’s purpose and obligations without limitations.

If you are on set and you request to use a condom and are sent home, contact us immediately!   The production company will be placed with a hefty fine, by not providing you with the option of safe working conditions. And we will try to get you compensated for the income you have missed that day.

If you have an agent that pushes you to work in unsafe working conditions, or physically abuses you, or threatens you in any way, you need to contact us immediately! We will not tolerate, under any circumstances, any threats to a performer.

A one-time warning will be sent to that agent, the next time the state agency license will be placed on a probation period, in which the third time the agency state license will be revoked.

We will keep your identity private, and will keep you safe.

The same goes to anyone else that is on set, if you feel you are being forced to work in a unsafe working environment contact us directly!

I am also sending it out industry wide. We no longer care  how politically correct we may or may not sound. Our SOLE objective is to protect the performers and all workers in the adult industry and that is our main focus and goal.


I.E.A.U.  International Entertainment Adult Union

MindGeek Employee Speaks – Reader Mail

I have written extensively about this but this time I think the email speaks for itself, None of what you will read here is new, but this is the first time that a Manwin/MindGeek Employee has come forward on the record…read on….This info will be very valuable for HushHush.

I have worked for Mindgeek for many years.

I knew the company had been breaking DMCA laws since my first day on the job as a “redacted job title”. My role quickly evolved into screening videos like the rest of the Department did and still does.
Every single video posted on any Mindgeek tubesite is screened by a person from start to finish and the employee who doesn’t actually view the whole thing can get in trouble! So… trust me when I say they are 100% aware of every-single-video that goes up on their site…  I used to work on another website that was  DMCA takedowns magnet, so I feel like I know a thing or two about the DMCA and how a website can claim safe harbor. Not only that, but they also have a compliance department whose job is to screen all the tubesites in hopes that they find little slip-ups (by Slip-ups I mean.. human error is still a factor here, a “gatekeeper” might let a bad video through once in a while) before anyone else in order to avoid fines.

I know that Mindgeek wants people to believe they are protected under Safe Harbor but they have a whole department of around 30 employees that pretty much directly denies them of safe harbor AND a separate compliance department to make sure they don’t mess up. The reason for this is that they make a LOT of money through VISA but Visa has very strict rules on the kind of content they will allow to be associated with! They don’t mind copyright infringing material BUT they do mind other common illegal content such as child porn etc .. I don’t think I need to tell you what I mean by “common illegal content”.

Why not just make money off of ads and let any type of content through and let the community flag the bad stuff and actually be stress free since all you have to do is comply with DMCA and take videos down as the requests come and that’s it? Well, as it turns out, Pornhub makes over 175,000$ a month off of their deal with Visa but can get fined up to 200,000$ for every non-compliant video by Visa, which has happened in the past. And that is how “Gatekeepers” or something like that started being a thing…Mindgeek can be creative with how they hide the fact that people screen the videos but make no mistake, there is a full department of people whose full time jobs are to review AND queue the videos for release onto the front page.

But you know what other source of money is quite important? Well.. their videos…obviously haha.

I have been personally instructed, along with most employees of the tubes department, to let copyright infringing material hit front page on the site because “By the time it gets taken down, we’ve made the money”  With the millions of views they get on videos every day, every video counts right? It could be the difference between making an extra few thousand dollars in a day, you know… Gotta keep the money coming in! Somebody has to come up with the money so Feras and his friends can keep buying those Porsches and Ferraris hahaha.

At the end of the day, they need to keep the copyright infringing content’s generated revenue until takedown + the Visa money because actually following the law and only living off of millions made from infringing content’s generated revenue until taken is not enough 😉 , Oh and I don’t think I need to specify that this applies to all their websites.. so… Millions multiplied by Youporn/Redtube…I’d mention all the other sites of the network but we all know those other tubesites they own don’t generate anywhere near as much as those big 3 do.

I don’t know how helpful my email might be but since I read on your blog that Mindgeek is currently being sued by HushHush… I assume that Mindgeek is claiming that they are in compliance with the DMCA and saying that they aren’t aware of the illegal material on their site and do their best to take it all down upon requested haha…What a joke

Here’s the question HushHush should be asking: Feras, you mean to tell me that you have two separate departments with two completely different sets of people who are smart enough to catch most of the (I’d say 99.99% but who is gonna pull out that stat anyway?) illegal sex content such as Snuff and Children but not smart enough to recognize copyrighted content? That’s odd. You don’t recognize content your own company makes with actors your own company employs?


Hush Entertainment v. MindGeek Lawsuit Update

I know a lot of you follow this so the pdf file is linked here in it’s entirety.   Pages 12 and 13 were particularly humorous to me, does MindGeek REALLY think that shit is going to fly in a court of law?

I have more coming on this, a big story on the inner workings of MindGeek, a testimonial that will likely sink MindGeek in this case if admitted into evidence.  I am editing the story now and making sure that my source is protected.



A Reader Writes



These are my sentiments as well, I know that a lot of talent reads this site, damn near all of you,  there re a lot of people saying that talent doesn’t care enough about themselves, much less each other, to come together  I hope talent proves them wrong.  Ever read “The Grapes of Wrath”?  Nuff said.

As I read this, I could not hold back my tears.

Come on people really?!?

We use to be one big family. We would support and watch out for each other, lend a hand to help each other r not hesitate to kick someone to the curb if someone tried to jump in who didn’t belong.

Our family has definitely grown, but that doesn’t mean we should bend our families values.

Since when in this industry, did we all the sudden loose our balls? The strength to say “Hey! This performer does not belong here!!” Safe guarding ourselves as well as our friends.

This is the very exact reason why myself and so many others are working so hard today, it’s past the time that we grew our strength back. It’s time we kick the people who don’t belong here out of this business. And keep the ones that do belong here, working.

Join with me now, let’s build our future in the business together, back as a family.

Where your health DOES matter, where your opinions and your voice DOES matter.

And where if your told by a director to go home if you want to use a condom, it is the director who should be afraid of loosing work not the performer!

Blast the talent who has herpes name to heaven and back so that the performer does not have a place here. And without hesitation, because that is the right thing to do!!

And if you are to concern to do these things then join with us so that we can do it for you!!!

For the first time in history it’s time the performers are heard.

Together we are stronger.

And if that scares you. Good. Start looking for other way to make a living.

Join now!

Why Performers Can’t Choose Condoms

I got this email from a female performer, i called her to get her story, she is fairly well known one, and I think that it sums up perfectly what is so wrong with this biz these days.  She asked me to not identify anyone specifically, at least for now, but everything in it happened and I believe her,

She contacted me because she is, concerned that The Free Speech Coalition is not representing performers (She is right)

She is relatively new to the biz and is proud of the fact that even though she has contacted STDs on set a few times, they have all been curable.  She was booked to do a boy girl scene with a very well known male performer, she was talking about the scene with a friend who told her that said performer has Herpes and that she should check him carefully for an outbreak because he had given Herpes to her (the friend).

When she got on set the next morning she decided that she wanted to be safe and use a condom.  The Director  said absolutely not, she could do the scene or go home.  She chose her health and chose to go home.  She had barely gotten a mile when her agent called her raising hell and demanded that she return to the set and shoot the scene.  She refused.

She told me that the more she thought about it, the more it bothered her because the company she was working for is a big supporter of The Free Speech Coalition, who has been pressuring her to go to the Cal-OSHA meeting on February 18 and help them push a no condom agenda.

She tells me “I don’t have a problem if two performers want to work together without a condom, they should be able to do that, I have a problem when they tell me I CAN’T require a condom even though the guy I was working with has Herpes and I don’t.  She doesn’t think that The Free Speech Coalition has her back.  They are pushing this agenda that testing is all that is necessary but when I asked them if they were as interested in my right to choose to use a condom  as they were in my right not to.  It was clear, very clear, that they don’t want me to have that option, that I should be willing to risk my health just because I choose to be in the industry.

“I just can’t support that.”

She told me that she spent the next day getting the run around from Cal-OSHA and that she ended up having to file a complaint against the company, she told me that she really didn’t want to have to do that, she simply wanted to make them aware that performers really don’t have a choice when they really should have one.

She emphasized that almost everyone involved, the company, her agent, The FSC, the performer she was supposed to work with, pressured her to put her health at risk.  She indicated that some of her fellow performers were supportive, noting that they had all experienced similar situations, she also speculated that was why the performer turnout at the Cal-OSHA meeting will be so low.  When I asked if she would be attending she said “of course not” she said that she had made her concerns known to Cal_OSHA but there was no way that she would go and come out against The FSC on this, claiming that it would be career suicide, even though she is pretty much out of the biz she still dances and is planning on moving her performances online where she has control over the situation, she tells me that most girls don’t have that option.

Now in my eyes I do not understand how anyone could claim that she is in the wrong, and I can’t help but think that she is not an isolated case and that most girls would have just folded and done the scene, which explains  why, in the latest study, 75% of performers who had been in the business for more than six months have Herpes.

I actually hope that Cal-OSHA reads this.  I don’t understand why it is so hard to simply make sure that condom use is optional and that retaliation for choosing not to use one is punishable by civil remedies.  Forcing performers to use condoms is only marginally a better solution that forcing them not to, which seems to be the only other choice being offered.

If the FSC is all about choice, as they claim then why doesn’t their platform on this condom law emphasize choice?  I can answer that, it is because Manwin/MindGeek  has dictated that it won’t be.

If you are a performer you should REALLY be thinking about this it should be your choice, after all, it is your health.  Don’t give the power of your health decisions to The FSC because I guarantee you that they don’t care if you live or die, as long as MindGeek donations keep them afloat.





Sara Christine Highly Recommended

Sometimes I shoot a girl that stands out from the rest and she did such a great job that I feel compelled to help her out a bit.  Such was the case last week when I shot Sara.  She was on time and  prepared and of course pretty but what impressed me the most was her attitude.  She was happy, complimentary and there to do the job AND to have fun with it.

She will be in the Los Angeles area in February and I highly recommend her.  Her pics are below and you can book her via Chris at Foxxx Modeling. She is also coming to

sara2 sara1

One Of Our Own Wins A Mainstream Award Congrats Sabrina Deep

Sabrina DeepOne of the things that I am proudest of is the quality of the people who read this site and comment. It speaks well of all of them and I am happy to give a big congrats to Sabrina Deep!

Adult performer Sabrina Deep named Quora’s Top Writer 2016

(Barcelona, Spain – For Immediate Release) – Sabrina Deep has been named by as one of their Top Writers of 2016. Quora is a Q&A format website, used by top professionals and subject matter experts to expand the international knowledge base about their respective fields of expertise.

“Being named top writer of one of the most influential and reliable sources of knowledge base on the net is a great honor and a great responsibility,” – says Deep. “You write for an audience of 80 million unique readers every month and you know that they expect you to live up to your title.”

Sabrina is the only adult industry professional named to the 2016 class of Top Writers, but she is not without some noteworthy company. Other honored writers include Nasa’s Rober Frost, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, screenwriter Mark Hughes and numerous Ivy League graduates and university professors, physicists, CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, accomplished writers and popular bloggers. She is the second adult performer to be named top writer in the history of Quora after Siri back in 2014.

“Top Writers is a group of remarkable people with a talent for communicating with expertise, knowledge, authenticity, and empathy,” Quora says.

“It’s an immense privilege to get mainstream recognition for talents other than those necessary in my primary line of work. It gives me the motivation to fight the stereotype for which adult industry professionals have none or little chances to successfully express themselves outside the adult industry,” Deep adds.

Deep is also a published writer and the most viewed writer on many mainstream prominent Quora categories such as history and photography, among others. Her Quora profile can be reached at .

Performers and L.A. Direct Models File Suit On Behalf of Talent That Wasn’t Paid

As y’all know I usually don’t run press releases but this one ties in with todays earlier post. This is another example of how the Adult Union could have helped performers and in this case, the agency as well. It’s time that performers were treated like professionals as well as behaving like professionals.

I would encourage Adult Union spokesperson and Derek to sit down and work together and if there is anything I can do to help, count me in.

LOS ANGELES – Adult superstars Mia Malkova, Lexi Belle, Tasha Reign and six other performers represented by LA Direct Models have filed claims with the California Labor Commission over unpaid wages initially totaling $8,775.00 against Jorge Sanchez, also known as Jay Stern, and his company Modern Apple Entertainment – though with California Labor Code penalties reaching up to 30 times the unpaid wages for failure to pay on time, the claims could total more than $294,810.00.
According to the complaints, Modern Apple Entertainment, which also operates as Ruined Panties and Gamerette Gazette Quarterly, failed to pay modeling fees, travel expenses, and booking fees for scenes shot in November and December 2015.
“Direct Models has retained attorney Karen Tynan to assist its clients in fully pursuing all legally available remedies and claims to resolve any and all failure to pay and or failure to pay timely, for the employment procured by the agency on their behalf,” said Derek Hay, owner of LA Direct Models. “With the new and increased powers of enforcement granted to the Labor Commissioners on January 1, 2016, assets of the employer including personal real estate, may be seized to satisfy a ruling favorable to the employees, by that office.”
Also filing complaints are LA Direct Models’ Adria Rae, Marley Brinx, Kinsley Eden, Danny Mountain, Stacy Jay, and Chloe Amour.
The issue began in November of 2015, when Modern Apple booked and shot approximately ten LA Direct models (both male and female) during a short period of time with Sanchez requesting a special dispensation from the agency.
“He asked that we allow him to pay for all of the shoots at once, on a ‘payroll’ basis, after the shoots were completed,” Hay recalled. “We extended Mr. Sanchez this courtesy, as he had previously been a trusted client – under the condition that no model be paid later than 14 days from the date of their shoot, per Direct Models policy that it can never take more than 14 days for a model to receive payment for any shoot. After much nonsense it has now become clear that Mr. Sanchez does not intend to remit payment for these shoots, the amount of which is significant.”
LA Direct Models is affirming its support of its models in their action and offering to assist any of its other talent with similar claims against Sanchez and Modern Apple.
LA Direct Models performers represent a variety of backgrounds, appearances, ages, and sexual preferences, and each one is available to provide a unique perspective regarding the adult industry for mainstream and adult media representatives. Media interested in scheduling an interview with any performer represented by LA Direct Models may email
About LA Direct Models:
Since its inception in 2000, LA Direct Models has transformed into the largest and most accomplished full-service talent agency in the adult industry. Its A-list roster of talent includes over 100 female performers and 30 male performers, many of whom have received prestigious awards from AVN, XBIZ, and XRCO. Recently, LA Direct expanded to represent all aspects of the adult movie production, including makeup artists, videographers, directors, and still photographers. Drawing from his years of experience within the music industry, LA Direct Models owner Derek Hay brings keen business savvy to adult entertainment. Under Hay’s vision, LA Direct targeted additional key facets of the adult industry and launched divisions producing solo girl websites, editing services for movies, live webcams, and more, in addition to other niche services. The company has also partnered with well-known feature dance agency The Lee Network to provide another dimension of representation for its clients. As LA Direct Models continues to grow and conquer new challenges, its commitment to the best quality service remains the same. For more information, visit

The FSC Was Shocked That only about 12 People Attended the Meeting During Adult Expo

Jeffery Douglas and Mark Kernes just couldn’t understand why there weren’t more people interested in the snake oil they were selling.

I can explain it for them.  I pointed it out years ago and people started emailing me saying “you are right, I am done with them”  so instead of cleaning up their act and actually doing productive things, they sold out to Manwin.

Diane Duke and Jeffery Douglas lied for so long to so many people all while stuffing their pockets with cash that even big contributors started saying damn, they are a bigger threat to this industry than AHF is.  The result was The FSC got abandoned, and rightly so.

Now in a way I can forgive Kernes, I doubt he has ever pocketed a dime from FSC donations but he is such a sycophant, so blinded by Douglas’s and Diane’s bullshit that he just plods along with whatever they say instead of using whatever brains he may posess to think about it.

Now despite all their admonishments for the industry being apathetic what they didn’t mention was that there is someone who is engaging Cal-OSHA to try to work out rules for the workplace that make sense and that the industry can live with.  This is the new union that has  actually applied to and received recognition from the Federal Government as a legitimate Union.  They are working very hard for performers rights and so far have gotten further than anyone ever has, and unlike The FSC they have scheduled and held meetings with Cal-OSHA to try and work together.  What exactly has The FSC done besides stomp their feet and say its not fair, we need more money to pay Diane’s inflated salary so she can continue to stomp her feet as though that will have any beneficial effect.

You can read about and volunteer and sign up to help the union here

Yes the website needs some work, there’s some typos and misspellings but by and large this is the tireless work of a single person who has devoted countless hours just getting it off the ground.  The person who started this is a good person and she needs your help and support, she has come a VERY long way on her own, now it’s time for porners to step up, it can benefit everyone, even producers but performers have the most to gain.   I know that unionizing performers is an uphill battle but I will not be a naysayer because if performers got behind it their lives would improve by orders of magnitude.

They aren’t puppets of The FSC and if APAC were smart they would get behind this and use the combined influence of performers to set Cal-OSHA standards that wont cripple the industry and could even make the November ballot initiative unnecessary.  Whether you like the FSC or AHF or whether you hate them, the combined voice of performers would do way more to influence legislation of this industry that either of those organizations could.

And just a word to Jeffery Douglass, Mark Kernes, Eric Paul Leue and the rest of you thieves at The FSC, don’t even THINK about trying to usurp this organization, you will fail, you may have pulled it off with APAC but this time you aren’t dealing with people willing to sell themselves to the highest bidder AND you are squaring off with ME!

I wish this organization and all performers nothing but the best.  Its easy to dismiss it and say it’ll never work, it’s harder to make it work, but it can be done and anyone working to do so has my FULL Support



The Free Speech Coalition May Lose It’s Tax Free Status and Face Criminal Charges Thanks To MindGeek

It isn’t just people like Ari and his wife that are stupid..take the Free Speech Coalition.

Back last year they got busted for accepting money from foreign companies to be used on a ballot initiative, The condom law.   Its illegal for a foreign company to donate money to a political campaign.  The FSC was fined…61,500.00 to be exact.

Did they pay..NOPE! but MindGeek (the foreign company that donated the money illegally) did.


If you are like me you are saying to yourself they can’t possibly be that stupid….well remember this is Diane Duke we are talking about…and they call Weinstein incompetent…This is embarrassing.

So The FSC committed a criminal act and the very party that gave them the illegal money paid the fine for them and were so inept that they put their name on it.

I spoke with an attorney and a CPA here in Georgia who said that was a BIG no no and that they could totally lose their tax exempt status for it, and may even face additional criminal charges.

Looks like that new FSC director will have his work cut out for him.

Only in porn….


The Two Dumbest People On Earth

As a rule I hate to call out someone who is, in fact, a victim but in this case I just can’t help it.

Uncle Peg aka Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre should in fact still be in jail but someone posted his bond over the weekend.  That in and of itself isn’t surprising or even that dumb, the part that is astoundingly stupid on every level is that it was Christina Parriera who posted his bond…That’s correct. his victim….How many times is this now that he has been arrested for assaulting her?  I’m sorry but that is just plain flat out stupid.

It is dumb as hell for Ari to assault her in the first place but what is she thinking?  20 some odd charges in the last few years, all him assaulting her and again he beats her, she has him arrested and then bails him out!  What the hell is wrong with her?  She supports him totally, He has no car, no job, he owns nothing, it seems his sole purpose in life is to use her as his punching bag and she pays him for it.  Man that chick must have the lowest self esteem of any girl on the planet.  she works as a prostitute on backpage to support Whiteacre all while claiming to be a Phd Candidate in Womens Studies….are you kidding me?  If I was on the board at UNLV I would toss her just for being to stupid.

And what is it with the state of Nevada? How many times has he been arrested while still on probation for his prior arrests and every time they turn him back loose on society….When he finally murders her will the judge figure it’s OK to let him go because he can’t hurt her anymore?   Or maybe she murders him and the judge has to look at her and say, ya well let him go twenty times essentially giving him a pass to beat you again and again but you killed him and we just cant tolerate that!

This is insanity, What does it take before the courts in Las Vegas and Henderson say enough is enough…As it stands they may as well advertise Henderson Nevada as the best place in America to beat your wife…We give you at least 20 chances…Meanwhile I would bet that if Leroy is found hiding in a shit hole apartment kicked back smoking weed his ass will go to jail, directly to jail…

Another thing that annoys me is that people like Ernest Greene and Nina Hartley who like to claim themselves to be porn’s elite, are friends with this douche bag, continually supporting him, I don’t get it, I really don’t get it.  I guess eventually one WILL kill the other one…

Between Clover (that was a mistake post two days ago BTW sorry) Ari Scott Bass, War Machine and James Deen how many of these guys do we let into the biz?  Its past time we cleaned house.

James Deen Wasnt Exactly Shut Out At AVN Awards

But he didn’t win any major awards,  nominations that he was in with other people picked up two awards.  I got an email from someone at AVN that I have known for many years and he/she said it was simple “It wasn’t fair to other performers in a scene to punish them for something James did wrong”.

James told Time that the onlt award that meant anything to him was male performer of the year, he didn’t win that one.

I think it was pretty clear that both AVN and XBiz distanced themselves from Deen in terms of  awards.  I don’t think 2016 is going to fare well for James, nor should it.

Uncle Peg aka Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre Arrested AGAIN for Domestic Violence

Some people are just so stupid that they never learn, I guess you could also say that about the judges in Henderson Nevada who keep releasing this douchebag back on society.

Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre and also known to his prostitute girlfriends as “Uncle Peg” because he likes to be “pegged” was again arrested today, starting the year pretty much the same way he has for the last 3 years…by getting arrested for domestic violence.  Presumably the victim is again his wife Christina Pareirra.

He is being held in the jail in Henderson Nevada on a 20,140,00 bond…why the 140?  that’s because that’s the fine his sorry broke ass couldn’t pay from his last conviction.  Enjoy the weekend Ari…His arraignment will be Monday.

He also had his twitter account suspended, I am starting to think that Vanderbilt but be a school for morons, I mean he has his doctorate in jurisprudence from Vanderbilt (thats a law degree)  of course he failed the bar so many times it’ll be a while before he can take it again, and now its doubtful he would be able to practice even if he miraculously passed it. Most state bars don’t look too kindly on officers of the court with felony convictions.  If Peg wasn’t such a complete douchebag I would feel a little sorry for him, I mean he is clearly mentally challenged.  Lets hope that Henderson has had enough of his shit and puts him where he belongs for a good ten years or so before he kills someone, and mark my words, if they don’t sooner or later he will.  Ladies…steer clear of this loser, you don’t want to be one of his victims.




About Those Transgendered Performers Denied Entrance To AVN

According to a source at Manwin (interestingly enough) they were denied because they were being loud and obnoxious but thats just MindGeek spin I am told.  Apparently AVN was about 200 performer passes short and AVN’s master MindGeek made the decision to deny free admittance to transgendered  performers.

When denied the passes, that is when the transgendered performers got loud and “obnoxious”

The interesting thing here is that I am told that MindGeek was dictating who would NOT get passes at an AVN owned show…You deniers tell me again how MindGeek doesn’t own AVN.  Someday someone will break that code of silence.

Interesting spin on this story, if you are involved please keep me posted I am interested in how this plays out.



AVN Denies Passes To Transgendered Performers

Its all the buzz on twitter right now…seems counter productive and nobody at AVN has responded yet.

check out Nickey Milo’s twitter feed for the latest.