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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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More On Vivid and Stefani Morgan

Looks like this story was just waiting to blow up  I got this just a minute ago:


From: <>
Date: October 5, 2015 at 7:41:33 AM PDT
To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Stephanie Guilford aka Stefani Morgan info

Mr. xxx,

Your name was mentioned in regards to a case I have been working on involving Stephanie Guilford.  She gave me your email address and said you may be willing to talk with me about your past relationship and knowledge of some incidents that have happened over the past decade or so.

If you are available to speak with me, please give me a call at the number below or respond via email.

Your help on this is much appreciated.

Detective Blake Barth #180

Paradise Valley PD
6433 E Lincoln Drive
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
Phone: 480-348-3513
Fax: 480-596-5193

According to This Twitter Account Vivid Is In Deep Do Do

Not long after I posted about Stefani Morgan I was contacted by someone claiming to know what Vivid doesn’t want you to know. and they are dishing on twitter.  the twitter is @vividrape and contains bits like this:

VIVID RAPE ?@VIVIDRAPE 21h21 hours ago

Victim report from #AZ where the rape occurred. #Vivid #StefaniMorgan #StevenHirsch

Steven Hirsch, marci hirsch, Vivid Entertainment and 2 others

In that report Stefani alleges she was raped by William Asher.

Theres lots more including that Stefani lived with Bill Asher during the time the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape was made, so she would be in a position to know the real story. Here’s the tweet about that

VIVID RAPE ?@VIVIDRAPE 11h11 hours ago

Though that isn’t all Vivid was hiding. Stefani lived with Bill during when @KrisJenner began negotiating @KimKardashian sex tape for $1m.
VIVID RAPE ?@VIVIDRAPE 11h11 hours ago

Something @Caitlyn_Jenner was firmly against.


VIVID RAPE ?@VIVIDRAPE 11h11 hours ago

Her time in porn and the crimes committed used against her repeatedly to hide the wrongs of more individuals. #rapeculture #trafficking
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VIVID RAPE ?@VIVIDRAPE 11h11 hours ago

Including @NatRothschild1 #alexvonfurstenberg #olegderipaska @MrTommyLand #jeffaltman #scottrosenberg #thomasflohr #richardsachs and more.
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VIVID RAPE ?@VIVIDRAPE 11h11 hours ago

As well as police in #nyc, #la, #az, #London and varies European cities. 4 pages of parties involved listed in reports.

@vividrape is naming names and kicking ass, if this interests you by all means you should follow. I am leaving for Florida today but couldn’t resist this and I will keep you updated, I expect Vivid will go to great lengths to take it down.

NOW I understand why Vivid launched a pre-emptive strike against me this stuff is damaging if true, as it appears to be.

Shy Love Prevails In Lawsuit With Mark Schechter

Im not sure how AVN could have gotten their article on this more wrong. There’s no question that Mark Schechter lost it heres the court doc.


Additionally Mark Schechter is going to have to pay Shy’s attorney’s fee which I am told is just under 50K.  again here is the doc.


I am not sure how exactly they saw that first part as “just a motion”…Anyway that puts that story to bed….and this week…have a great weekend y’all

Stefani Morgan…Someone REALLY Doesn’t Want You To Hear Her Story

I alluded to the fact that I was talking to Stefani Morgan last week and even though I hadn’t even had her whole story and even though I am still getting her story and even though I haven’t run a word of what she has said…I got a VERY threatening letter from Vivids lawyers.

Now this is something I consider very unusual and very suspicious  they are threatening me even though I haven’t written a word? Even though I haven’t called Vivid or Bill Asher Or Steven Hirsch…WOW someone doesn’t want something out which certainly doesn’t look innocent.

Stefani has quite the story to tell, but being responsible I have to have a bit more than just her word whether I believe her or not so if she says something like “Bill Asher attempted to anally rape me” the first thing I wanna see is a police report and if there isn’t one then I am not going to say that happened.  Most of what Stefani has told me so far does revolve around Bill Asher and that;s a name not a lot of porners know….apparently he is a money guy and a quiet, if not silent partner of Steve Hirsch.

I am told there is litigation and possibly a criminal investigation going on but what evidence I have that may point to that I am not at liberty to share at the moment.

What I will say is that I can’t help but feel some sympathy for Stefani, she is smart and well spoken and she has lived a life few can imagine, being six years old and thinking that sexually abused is normal is pretty fucked up…make that a LOT fucked up, but Stefani isn’t making excuses, she seems to be more trying to get control over a tumultuous life.  I think she is a great example of why we need to raise the bar for entry into this business, when someone comes from a background like that and we know it, we shouldn’t compound the problem by welcoming her (or him) into porn.  It does as much damage to us as it does to the prospective performer and this is a prime example of that, if indeed Vivid knew of her past, in particular Bill Asher but really anyone, someone should should have seen the potential liability and pulled the plug on her.  She is exactly the kind of girl I try to avoid shooting…There are plenty of girls who are doing it and wont regret it for me to fuck up someones life.

I am still getting Stefanis story and I do intend to follow up on it but I do have to wonder why Vivid and who at Vivid is suddenly so afraid that they send me a preemptive threat.  I have had plenty to say about Vivid and Steven Hirsch in the past and never gotten a threat before or after.

I am pleased that Stefani is getting her life together and I believe she is going to be fine, I would just like to be able to say that the business I am in is responsible enough that they don’t intentionally fuck up peoples lives.  And finally I mentioned that she was in a shelter…I need to point out that all shelters are not for the indigent.

If anyone has any info on the relationship between Bill Asher and Stefani or anyone else I would sure like to hear it.


MetArt Bends Over For MindGeek

I told you this would settle quietly out of court…Met Art dropped the lawsuit against Manwin/MindGeek.

There was NO WAY this was going to go forward because MindGeek isnt about to open up their books to that kind of scrutiny.  If you are being ripped off by MindGeek I suggest filing a big lawsuit, they will settle it quietly.


Who’s On First APAC Says Rumor isThey think they think they caught someone forging a test

I got this and naturally I wanted to look into it.  A rumor that someone attempted to falsify a test and was caught.  Normally when this happens it’s big news and names are named, this time…NOTHING.  I dug up people who had heard the rumor but nobody could say who the involved parties were.  I am calling BULLSHIT.  This is just a thinly veiled FSC effort to get people to use the failing PASS  system.  Until someone comes forward and says yes it happened to me and it was whomever…It didn’t happen.
Just another James Deen attention whoring move, like when he says theres a racism issue in porn and mainstream quotes him….Have y’all looked at James films…he don’t shoot black people…..
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 7:17 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Reminder
Dear members,

The board of APAC has been alerted to a rumor that recently a performer attempted to falsify their test results and shoot with an out dated testThanks to the industries extra level of care this person was unable to succeed.  We encourage all performers to verify your partners test results using the PASS data base at  You may also insist that the company you are working for does the same.  The PASS database is updated daily directly from the testing facilities and can insure that a person’s results are up to date.  If you do not have a way to access the PASS data base please alert us and we will help you procure access.  We would also like to remind you that this rumor is nothing more than just a rumor and no cause for alarm or panic.  We at APAC just felt it was a good reminder of why we have the regulations and structure we do.

APAC Board

Chairperson – James Deen

President – Chanel Preston

Vice President – Conner Habib

Treasurer – Veruca James

Secretary – Ela Darling

How I Got Into Porn After Being A Rocket Scientist

Usually when people ask me that I answer “I was too dumb to know I couldn’t” and there is a lot of truth in that.  At the time porn was a good old boys club consisting of people connected to Reuben Sturman in one way or another, if only loosely.

One of my guilty pleasures when working in the tech arena was going to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.  The CES happened twice a year back then with the Summer CES being in Chicago, I attended that one once but it was lackluster by comparison to Vegas. CES Vegas is where all the big new announcements were in gaming, home computing and pretty much anything consumer electronics,  I saw HDTV and large flat screen TVs there years before they were available in stores.

Back then CES had a section called “Adult Software” which meant video tapes. I would always spend Saturday in the adult section. What struck me the most was how accessible the girls were, I simply couldn’t imagine any forum where you could talk to and have a photo taken with the stars of Hollywood, these adult actresses were, by comparison, regular folks.

One year I was eating lunch at one of the big round community tables they had in the lunch area at The Sahara and a guy named Rick Savage came up and asked could he sit in the chair next to me, of course I said sure and he introduced himself and so did I.  Rick remarked on my southern accent, asking where I was from.  When I told him Atlanta he sighed and said you know, you have the most beautiful women in the world in Atlanta, I love Atlanta.  He then asked if I shot porn in Atlanta, I laughed and responded no.  He said well you should.

When we finished he invited me to walk around with him and of course I did and he introduced me to Farrel Timlake who had just acquired Homegrown Video out of bankruptcy, Farrel too loved Atlanta women and gave me his business card and said if you ever shoot porn in Atlanta I will buy it from you.  I thanked him, pocketed the card and went about my day.

In the course of my post NASA consulting I did some work for Dunn and Bradstreet Software and the project was to produce a training video on their product for the D&B sales team, that’s when I realized I loved video production. I learned a lot about production and lighting on that project, having sat in on every aspect from filming to offline post to online post.

One afternoon I was browsing through a pawn shop and found a fairly high end (at the time) video camera, I bought it and remembering Homegrown I approached a dancer at one Atlanta’s many strip clubs and she said “you will pay me to fuck my boyfriend?  Hell yes!”  and I thought boy this is like shooting fish in a barrel, first girl I asked was all over it.

I rented a light kit knowing that good lighting was more important than the camera,  secured a location and that Saturday she and her boyfriend came and we go to it.  I was the Director.  I got two solid hours of the boyfriend licking pussy, he couldn’t get it up, I didn’t know guys might get performance anxiety and I was thinking  that this was going to be a disaster.  She was obviously unhappy with him and he was deflecting his inability to get it up on her…finally he looks at me and says give me the camera, I will film it and you fuck her.

I was on the spot, that wasn’t the plan, I had no intention of being a performer, but given the choice of calling the shoot and scrapping it or doing her myself I decided that this was indeed showbiz and that the show must go on.  I did the scene.

Afterwards I called Farrel and he said to send him a copy , after he got the copy he said we want it and he bought it and I sent him the master…..meantime I shot again and sold it to Odyssey Group Video.

Farrel aka Tim Lake called me one afternoon and was enthusiastic, saying dude, you have this hokey, down home, hillbilly style and you are a good performer with a big pop shot…we love it, do you think you could shoot enough to do a series based around you?  I said of course and he made what I believe was a fair offer and that was that.

In one of my prior consulting engagements for Rust Engineering in Birmingham Alabama I would spend my Saturdays at a friends video store, it was smack in the middle of downtown Birmingham and myself and a few others would hang out on Saturday afternoons and people watch and chew the fat, while eating hot dogs and talking among ourselves and the customers, the store had an adult room which was it’s biggest draw.  One of the Sat afternoon regulars was an old black man named Hampton Reese.  I have mentioned before that I love to hear stories from old black men and Hampton had stories, amazing stories.  If you look him up you learn that he was a song writer and composer and wrote music for B.B. King, he is a member of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

After speaking to Farrel I immediately called Hampton and told him about it, he congratulated me and I asked him what I should call the series, he thought for less than a few seconds and said “Southern Belles”  and you should be Mike South.

I didn’t even have to think about it. he was spot on and I new from my Political Science education that branding was important so Mike South’s Southern Belles” was born.

There is another person I met early on who was always nice to me and who helped me immeasurably, I met him before getting into the biz but I dont think he knew me except by face but once I had my first release we became friends (and still are to this day) that person is Dirty Bob.  While it was Rick who planted the seed, Dirty Bob did as much to nurture it as anyone, he is indirectly responsible for me meeting some of the people who would make me successful.  He introduced me to Dan Barros an aspiring agent from San Fransisco  and that lead to my shooting Melissa Hill in her first scene, also Anna Malle.  Dirty Bob helped me to get Felicia Fox and Sana Fey as well.  I owe DB much.

Imagine my surprise when Mike South’s Southern Belles Volume 1 got a nomination for an AVN Award.  I never expected to win but I was floored to get the nom.  I went on to win for volumes four and seven (Melissa Hill and Midori) and garnered more noms over the years than I can remember, I even got a best couples sex scene nom for the scene with Midori.  Porn was so different back then, it was actually fun. I had found my new career and I was welcomed by the industry with open arms.

To this day my best friends I have ever had have been a result of the adult industry and many I consider to be family, it is they that drive me to write this blog, the good people in this biz that will give you the shirt off their back, they are fewer and farther between these days to be sure but they are still out there.

Anyway that’s the rest of my story.


The Short Version Of the question I get Most, How Did You Go From NASA To Porn?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how did you go from NASA to porn? I will try to tell it, I don’t know if this post will ever see the “published” status, it may turn out too boring because it is all about me.

You kind of have to start at the begining.  I was always technically minded, my first job out of high school was working at a company that made high end color graphic work stations, my job was to test and troubleshoot them as they came off the assembly line.  The company was a Z 80 based color graphic work station it had 32K or RAM memory ran CP/M as an operating system was 512x512x4 bit planes (8 colors plus blink for any pixel) and sold for a tad under 100,000 dollars. Our primary customers were military and defense contractors  the year was 1978.  I had taken electronics in high school so the monitor and the analog electronics were my specialty.  I taught myself digital electronics as was soon troubleshooting and fixing every part of it.

It seemed to me that since it was a computer it should be able to troubleshoot itself at least to some degree so I set out to learn to program it.  I taught myself BASIC.  It was a fine language but useless for what I wanted to do, BASIC didn’t have the ability at the time to do things like direct memory addressing, so I bought a book on Z80 assembly language and taught myself to program in the microprocessors “native language”  That was what I needed and I soon had the memory testing itself  drawing a memory board on the screen and as each memory chip was tested it would turn it green or red, if it failed I knew which chip was failing.  I will tell you now that this is a bit of over simplification anyone who knows computers knows the Z80 was an 8 bit processor meaning that the maximum memory it could address was 32K and we were using 64K if you’d like a deeper explanation of how that was done email me.

When the owner of the company came by my work area one day and saw it he was fascinated, he asked me how I did it how I got around the memory addressing and the next day he called me into his office and made me a “Systems Analyst”.  I went from wearing T shirts to work to wearing a coat and tie, I also went from hourly to salary and suddenly I was in meetings with engineers who all had degrees from Georgia Tech I was no more than a high school graduate at the time. But I thrived.

When Motorola released a new 16 bit processor Chromatics designed a new 16 bit workstation based around it, it ran an operating system called UNIX.  I figured this would be a good thing to learn , but there were no books on UNIX just a set of technical journals from Bell Laboratories that explained how it worked, the manual was built into the OS in the form of what were called man pages, so if you wanted to know how to use a UNIX command you used a UNIX command called man to ask how to use it for example: “man dir” would tell you how to use the dir command.

The man pages didn’t explain how the operating system worked, the technical journals did.  I learned it and to make sure that I had learned it correctly I responded to a help wanted ad from the local community college looking for someone to teach an introductory course.  I got the job largely because I was willing to do it for the low hourly rate they offered and because not many people at the time knew it at all you couldnt even take an intro class at Georgia Tech

I taught nights along with my day job and my intuition was right, if you really want to understand a subject teach it to a room full of adults who want to learn it.  That is where I learned UNIX at a much better level.

I got a job offer from another company that made high end color graphic workstations around 1984 I think it was, The company was called Apollo and they were very big in defense contractor circles and the workstations ran UNIX in a networked environment, this was a big step up from Chromatics and I eagerly jumped on it after a year or so in Atlanta I was transferred to Huntsville Alabama my job was as a systems engineer and my customers were defense contractors at Redstone Arsenal and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.  I worked from home keeping the networks and the systems running, troubleshooting problems and doing database design and implementation.  Relational Database were coming out and I was fascinated and learned Codds 12 rules and normal forms to 3NF.  Things ran like clockwork in Hunstville, all my customers had my direct number and were told to call me anytime day or night if they needed me and I would be there, they didn’t have to open a ticket and wait until it was assigned to me, we would do that the next day during normal business hours, the trade off was I had lots of days when I could go fishing or whatever so long as I had my pager with me (no cell phones yet).  My customers loved me and I loved them.

The STS-51-L happened and my life changed.  To those of you who aren’t NASA junkies STS-51-L was the Challenger mission.  I was at my apartment in Huntsville watching the launch on CNN, CNN was the only channel that carried it because the 3 major networks had decided that shuttle launches simply were so routine as to not be newsworthy. I remember how my heart sunk.  I had no idea that it would change my life.

NASA at Kennedy Space Center at that time was still running some of the computers from the days of the Apollo missions and they decided that the downtime after the Challenger disaster would be the ideal time to update and Apollo Computers had several customers there NASA, McDonald Douglas, Boeing, United Teledyne, Lockheed Space Operations to name a few and my boss at Apollo, King Butler came to me and asked me to take over the NASA Account.  It was called that because everyone out there worked for NASA, not necessarily directly but through defense contractors named above.

I had a great thing going in Huntsville and I didn’t want to leave it, but King pressed and I agreed to go out and meet the people and check it out.  I did and I turned it down.  King came back and took me to dinner and said that he really needed me there because of how well I dealt with the same companies in Huntsville, I always got great reviews and my customers loved me because they knew if they called me at 3 AM id be there within 30 minutess and I would stay and help till the job was done, these military guys respected my get it done, no bullshit attitude.  King told me that this was the pinnacle assignment that all eyes would be on me and how this went and that it would be a career maker for me, he said you will be working with the best of the best and that’s why I want you there, you are the best I have got.  I liked King so I agreed to give it a look again I spent the week plus a weekend in Cocoa Beach.  I got a real estate agent and found that for 100 dollars a month more than what I was paying for my apartment in Huntsville, I could get a 3 bedroom 2000 square foot condo right on the beach, direct ocean.  That went a long way on changing my mind.  That Saturday I went to Sebastian inlet and fished off the jetty and caught LOTS of fish.  I flew home thinking that wouldn’t be a bad life.

On Monday I called King and took the job, I made arrangements to move into my condo on the beach, I loaded up my corvette convertible and my girlfriend and I moved to Cocoa Beach Florida.

I approached the job same as I did the one in Huntsville, I got to know my customers, everyone there was still dealing with the Challenger accident so I just kind of stayed out of the way and learned the lay of the land.  I was given autonomy by King and I immediately hired an assistant to help me, guys name was Kevin Rhienowitz, we just called him Rhino.  His dad had worked at KSC for 25 years so he knew the politics, the history and his dad was still there to help I knew Kevin would be an asset, his job was to do the grunt work mostly, preventative maintenance, repair, stuff like that  mine would be to do network design, database design and general implementation, but primarily to assist as a technical liaison to anyone who  needed it that was a customer at Kennedy Space Center.

The two people I met and was immediately befriended by were Suzie Ruiz and John Poole, we all got along because like Kevin and I they were relatively young, and what I call hillbilly technocrats, in that they grew up in rural Florida and now had technical jobs and they were VERY good at what they did, as was everyone at KSC.  The one thing I learned quickly was that it was unlike any other place I had ever worked, everyone was better than good, they were the best and they had the fever, they bled the space program.

I had actually found my environment, I was given a job, how I did it was on me, I was left alone and I was not questioned like everyone else, we were all quirky and as different as people can be but in the end we were the best of the best and we were given way more latitude and autonomy, there was no micro managing.  As systems were replaced and things were updated and new ideas began to grow ambitious projects took root and to Kings credit nobody questioned my expenses or my methods the sole requirement was that it was done right and we did it right because everyone we worked with was as good as we were and collectively we respected each others abilities, we may not all get along some people hated each other but I cant think of anyone who didn’t respect everyone else there.

Much of the credit goes to John Suzie and Kevin who helped me to navigate the political minefield, by this time I had almost completed my political science degree but having people who knew the political landscape and that I loved and trusted have my back was invaluable. I was showered with awards and commendations and once again had done what I set out to do.  This was different though, my grandfather, in his 90s at the time had told me that he felt it was important what we were doing and that I owed this no less than my absolute best.  Thats what I gave.  If it was necessary, and sometimes it was I didn’t go home for days,  we would work until we got the job done sometimes it was helping and sometimes it was just being there as insurance.  Even though my house on the beach was only ten minutes to the gate at Cape Canaveral from there it was another 40 miles to Launch Complex 39 so if I wasnt on site I would be an hour to an hour and a half away so if a critical project on a tight deadline called for me to be there just in case they needed me, I was there.

Very little about the Space Shuttle is secret its built with public money so information is freely disseminated, BUT to work there a Top secret Security clearance was necessary.  In the scope of top secret clearances it was a very low level one, probably wouldn’t have gotten me into the mens room at Langley but sometimes the DOD had military payloads in the shuttle and everything about those launches was very secret,  specially things like launch times and anything about the payload.  There were 4 firing rooms   Rooms 1 and 2 were the NASA rooms, 3 and 4 were the DOD rooms, during a DOD launch cycle I was there throughout the cycle, I learned a lot about things like “range chicken” but to this day I cant explain it, it was a very very intense and stressful place, for example all 4 firing rooms had a plastic lined trash can at each station they were called vomit cans.  That pretty much explains the intensity of being in the firing rooms for a launch.

I thrived but the environment was intense and I was quickly burning out. It was crazy insane fun but it took a toll on you mentally and physically.  The turning point for me came when new management was hired at NASA and everything started becoming decision by committee, micro management had taken hold at NASA and there was no place for gunslingers like me, I left and decided to make a career change, during the transition to porn I made insane money as a consultant working 6 month contracts for fortune 50 companies at 1000 dollars a day plus expenses, that stint at NASA was solid gold on a resume.

Now you all know the story


One Of jules Jordans Former Customers Writes

Hi Mike,

I saw your write-up on Jules Jordan and couldn’t agree more.

Just to add to your story I started buying from him around 3 years ago mainly to list on eBay.  Being that I had a lot of experience on eBay I told him he should enroll in their program for stopping fakes/counterfeits that pretty much everyone with a trademark or patent participates in called VeRo by eBay.  I told him about 3 sellers mainly that were obviously bootleggers selling tens of thousands of his DVD’s per month.  I even offered to manage the program for him.  Nothing, no response, didn’t even care.

Then out of the blue a couple weeks ago he got mad saying me and some other sellers were selling his product to cheap.  Then he started going crazy on the eBay bootleggers (this is after 3 years of me harping on this with no action).  After all this for some reason he singled me out and told me I couldn’t sell below a certain price.  He claimed he would tell others too but never did so the long and short of it I dropped the line completely and told him I will liquidate it for whatever I want or he can write me a check to return it.  I don’t need the money and don’t have to eek out profits, if I want to bomb his stuff I can and I prepay for all my inventory.

Here is a typical guy that has no business running a company.  In the real world, where I have my other business, setting prices for your distributors is called MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)  Plenty of manufacturers do it and its a way of making sure the online marketplace is fair for everyone.  Its very simple, you need to sell for at least that price with no added freebies other than free shipping, and if you are caught going below once you get a warning, and twice you are out.  I tried explaining this to him but I think maybe it was beyond his level of comprehension.

He seems to get stuck on an “issue of the day” and get all hyped about it then moves on to something else.  Kind of reminds me of the mainstream media, everything is a big deal until its not anymore.

Anyways, sorry for the rant but just thought you would enjoy this story as a supplement to yours.  Feel free to run with it if you want, no love lost between me and Jules.  And this is from someone buying around 100k a year of his product.

By the way, I meant to write you earlier but you have been in our thoughts and prayers since the accident, hope you are healing well.

Take care man,

Thank You for taking the time to write me and relay your experience with Jules, He always seemed like a personable enough guy when I would talk to him but hell hat was ten years ago, he never did strike me as particularly bright but thats not unusual for guys in this biz either.  Many have told me that since Jules got successful, thanks to his buddy and former employer Paul Fishbein, that Jules has really turned into a prick….Oh well if he had good business sense he’d know bwtter than to let a 10K plus a month customer slip away in todays climate in porn…


Federal Judge Smacks X-Art

From Gizmodo


Sending threatening letters is a storied tactic for companies trying to get money from alleged pirates, by this stage. But spying on people and trying to subpoena their neighbours? Not so kosher, at least according to one federal judge.

In a ruling yesterday, New York federal judge Katherine Forrest (the same who presided over the Silk Road case, by the way) slammed porn company Malibu Media over the practices it was using to try and get money out of alleged pirates.…

Malibu – the parent company behind major subscription site X-Art – sends letters to thousands of alleged copyright infringers, asking them to pay up (a few thousand dollars), or face a hefty lawsuit. Most people don’t have the resources or lack of shame to fight a lawsuit about their pornography habits, so they pay up.

If they don’t, Malibu resorts to tactics that sound a lot like extortion: in the specific case being heard, threatening to subpoena the defendant’s neighbours and spouse. As Fight Copyright Trolls points out, Malibu’s emails ask the defendant to either admit that he downloaded the content, or that someone else on his Wi-Fi (neighbours or spouse, presumably) must have done so.

In other words: admit you downloaded the films, or have us tell your neighbours and partners that you pirated porn. Judge Forrest agreed that the practice is shady: “At this point, this deposition appears to be harassment and at least outweighed by such considerations.”

How Do You Spell Hypocrite? J u l e s J o r d a n.

If it weren’t so fucking pathetic and hypocritical it would be amusing.  Jules Jordan is ranting and raving on twitter about pornhub stealing his content.  Yes this is the same Jules Jordan that distributed Brazzers Videos for Manwin, the owners of pornhub.

It is also the same Jules Jordan who knew that Manwin owned pornhub and was stealing from everyone in porn.

So bottom line is that when Manwin was stealing from his fellow porners Jules Jordan didn’t give a rats ass…after all it was money in his pocket.

And now the little shit stain is bitching because the company he helped fuck everyone else in the biz is now fucking him…SMFH!

Fuck You Jules



Things Have Been Quiet

Things have been quiet in porn, not much shooting means not much happening….A few things of note.

Im sure you remember the hoopla that The FSC tried to create over the subpeonas of the testing centers…it got real quiet because The FSC had no intention of helping..they just wanted to cry wolf, the testing centers Im told, have [produced the data that the subpeonas demanded and that any identifying info was withheld.

Another tidbit is the return of Stefani Morgan to porn.  That isn’t happening.  I have been talking with Stefani from a New York City Shelter, where she is living.  She is a soft but well spoken young lady with quite a story to tell and she is telling it to me.  This is a long story but when it starts to come together you will read it here.  I am happy that she chose me to tell this story.  Thank You to the person who put us in touch, you know who you are.

Finally even with insurance my hospital bills have added up to the point that i am now taking on extra paying work to get everything paid off so bear with me if posts get a bit thin from time to time, but remember I will always be on top of breaking news.

And last but not least I am always interested in industry people or even well spoken fans to write for this site.  It doesnt matter if you disagree with me, its probably better when you dont, what does matter is that you are honest and can express your thoughts coherently and make a point.  email me if you are interested.  It gets you a LOT and I mean a LOT of exposure  both in porn and in mainstream.


Adult Film Legend Candida Royalle Passes

Adult film legend Candida Royalle passed away this weekend.  more details as they become verified.  Our condolences to her family and friends.

More…Candida passed at 5:30 this morning at her home in Mattituck, Long Island, NY.  Her death was from a 5 year battle with ovarian cancer.  She was best known as the pioneer of adult films made by and for women. May you Rest in Peace Candida.

While I am certain that AVN and XBiz will get around to it, remember where you read it first….and Im just a one man operation with a LOT of good sources…thank you all….

When You Lay Down With Dogs…

As I look at the chatter on the webmaster boards about the MetArt lawsuit against Manwin/MindGeek I am reminded of my days managing a strip club, you guys will all know what I am talking about because we have all seen it in one for or another  all of us male, female, straight. gay, republican, democrat.

You see you have all of these people that supported Manwin and the tubesites saying shit like adapt or die blah blah…all had found a way to profit using the tubesites, never mind that they exchanged dollars for pennies.

I remember a stripper who had a boyfriend but that didn’t matter much to her, she cheated with anyone that struck her fancy.  One guy spent a lot of money on her over time, knowing she had a boyfriend but doing his best to “steal her away”  eventually the boyfriend had enough and dumped her and when he did the persistent customer was next in line to, hell lets say it like it was…support her.  We were in the office when a guy asked him why he would want her, after all he knew she was cheating on her boyfriend with him.

His answer…”She wouldn’t do that to ME”  as if somehow he were different.  Turns out he wasn’t and she did do that to him and he was actually surprised by this.

So here we have Mansef/Manwin/MindGeek who built their empire by stealing content and monetizing that stolen content, now you have these webmasters who are astounded that MindGeek would fuck them over….SmackMyFuckingHead!

for those of you who wonder why I always use all of MindGeeks names when writing about them….simple  they try to hide previous sirty shit they did by changing names…I want to make sure people who land her via a search engine, know who they REALLY are and what they really do  and that is no small number.

We have lots of saying here in the south that I like and one of them applies here

When you lay down with dogs, don’t be surprised when you wake up with fleas.


Uncle Peg, Kahn Tusion, Donny Long, and Rob Black Where are the Shit Stains Now?

Oh I keep up with them, take Uncle Peg…he sure fell off the radar he even abandoned his twitter account which is now mostly auto  posting of previous posts or clearly someone else.  If you look him up on the court sites where he makes regular appearances he is listed as “enforcement” meaning the sheriffs dept is looking for him…the fool couldn’t even pay the 500 dollar fine for beating the fuck out of his wife Christina Parreira.  This guy is such an abusive asshole he actually makes Donny Long seem like an OK guy.  Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Scott Bass aka Uncle Peg used to be the inside guy for the lesser site but him and his butt buddy Sean Tompkins had a falling out and you don’t see Uncle Peg bullshit there anymore, matter of fact Tompkins has taken to re-posting stuff that Peg wrote when he would get mad at his wife, stuff where he calls her everything but a human being.  It’s being speculated that Tompkins is jealous of Christina who probably Pegs Peg more than Tompkins.  On the plus side if Tompkins want that shitty press release site to become anything more than, well the shitty press release site it is dumping Peg was prolly a good move….Now he can join the ranks of AVN and XBiz in terms of important porn stuff….

Which brings us to Donny Long, the only guy other than Mr Marcus to flunk out of porn but as low as Mr Marcus was he deserves better than to mentioned in the same breath with a shit Stain like Donny Long.  Donny spent the last 7 years or so in Thailand and he married a Thai hooker there and produced a child with her….talk about someone who shouldn’t be allowed to procreate….anyway when his Thai wife divorced him his stay in Thailand was shall we say cut short…word is he got caught overstaying his Visa and got booted, thats why the vitriolic rants from him about Thailand, one thing for sure, he wont be going back..if he does he WILL be in a Thai jail if he manages to get in.  When he came back he brought his child with him, there was some speculation that the childs mother had no idea he did that and the little girl being a Thai citizen could get him into hot water here, dunno if he took her legally or not but I do know that he is living in South Florida again, bouncing around living with his relatives.  If anyone knows his EXACT whereabouts there please do let me know.

Rob Black fell off the radar completely after running Gene Ross’s old blog into the ground, I actually miss Genes blog he was one of a rare few who actually wrote opinions instead of just spouting the AVN/XBiz  party line.  Rob’s big claim to fame was destroying the career of Tom Byron.  Tommy was a likable guy and should be enjoying these times being one of the ambassadors of the industry, instead of being known as Rob Blacks little bitch…what a damn shame that is…you deserve better Tommy, really you do man.

And finally, the original shit stain….Mark Handel aka Kahn Tusion.  His schtick, when he wasn’t physically assaulting girls half his age, was to mentally break a girl on camera so he could jack off to her crying because of the bad relationship with the ones who should love her most, her family.  He was careful to hide his identity but he wasn’t careful enough.  I found out he was the brother of Bill Handel, nationally syndicated radio talk show host of Handel on the law” Bill is an attorney, and their mommy and daddy and other family members are wealthy and well heeled real estate developers who were well know in Southern California.  No sooner did I print all of this than I get, shall we say ” legal correspondence” from the brother.  After checking with my lawyer who laughed and asked if it was true and I said absolutely and he said ignore it if ya want, which I did.  Mark Handel quickly bowed out of porn but apparently he forgot that you can never erase a porn past.  Mark recently filed for a chapter 11 bankruptcy and according to the new lawsuit was less than honest about his assets and his financial situation, resulting in a suit by his creditors to remedy that.  In researching Mark Handel aka Kahn Tusion it turns out they find the posts here on Im told by someone involved that the lawyers on both sides are actually disgusted by what they read.

Glad I could help Mark!

While on the subject of Shit Stains in the biz I’m hearing that Fabian Thylmann has burned through most of his money trying to stay out of jail in Germany, he has delayed and delayed and its costing him, I am told that he will eventually stand trial UNLESS he can give his accusers a bigger and better target and that Feras Antoon and Ouissam Yousef over at MindGeek/Manwin are sweating bullets.  Fabian could be a rockstar for a lawsuit like the one MetArt has filed but he’d be an even bigger rockstar for the U.S. Department of Justice.  Fabian prolly doesn’t know where ALL the bodies are but he isn’t totally stupid, he knows enough to keep his cherubic little ass out of jail here in the states, whether or not he can parlay that into a get outta jail free card in the fatherland is anyones guess.

Hardly seems worth mentioning but Greg Dodson is making  enemies left and right out of girls that used to defend him, seems as soon as the sober up and realize what a scumbag he really is they bail…and want to start telling their stories….him and his little unlicensed “talent agency” and his escort service fronted by Trinity St Claire just aint bringing in the customers that the girls get by going with the bigger agencies plus the girls dont have to worry about a registered sex offender living at the companies address.

OK that should ruffle a few feathers and sweat a few pigs….

Know anything about any of the above mentioned dirt bags, send it to me at you dont have to go on the record and as so many of you know I protect my sources with a vengeance!

PS…Its good to be back…Obviously I am feeling better, MUCH better these days…the accident is behind me and I’m 90% or so back to where i was the day before it happened!  I plan my first (since the accident)  trip to Mexico Beach in the coming weeks!