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XRCO Photos You WONT See Anyplace Else -Nudity Involved-

More XRCO Pic from the folks at EMM REPORT

2014 XRCO Exclusive Photos

Lots of Exclusive Photos from XRCO 2014 You wont see anywhere else before next week at least!


Thanks to the Good folks at EMMREPORT who sent em to me!  Give em a visit and let em know you appreciate the photos!



Maybe We Should Raise the Bar On Talent

Every single day I get email notifications from agencies advertising some new girl they just added to the roster.

A good number of these girls are at best average and at worse, well unshootable.  Im not saying that they have no business in porn, there’s an ass for every seat and I am sure some guy would think that she is the cats meow but right now a quick look through the Industry modeling sites and it becomes very apparent that there is no way you can keep this many girls working regularly enough to make a living.

So why add average girls to the roster?

Maybe we should return to the days when there was actually a “star” system in the biz, particularly for mass market DVD  shoots, I mean shouldn’t Porn Valley be the cream of the crop in terms of talent?  leave average for the Internet?

It has long been suggested that we should drug test talent….that would certainly go a long way towards weeding out performers who probably shouldn’t be doing this anyway…

But the problem with that whole raising the bar thing means a LOT of people make a lot less money.  Many of the business surrounding Porn Valley depend on a glut of performers…..I mean where would CET be if there were only 100 active performers?  TTS would be fine they are nationwide but CET would fold.

And what about all the “talent agencies”  not just LATATA but all of them….that would leave an awful lot of them in trouble.  As it is they are turning to escorting to make ends meet, even agencies that once would fire girls for being escorts are now doing it.

I am not sure that there is an answer but I am sure that there is a problem and that problem is looming to bite us in the ass in ways that we dont yet even know about.  That means we better start searching for an answer.


Is It Prostitution or is It A Shoot

With the decline in production in Porn Valley it comes as no surprise that more and more performers are escorting, for many it is the only way they can pay the bills but I am hearing more and more stories of girls being sent by their agents to “shoots” that they don’t think are legit.

One performer told me that it was just a guy with a camera and he never even turned it on.  She never saw the scene anywhere and she is convinced he was nothing but a “john” pretending to be shooting for “the internet”

Now to some girls this doesn’t really matter, others see it as a huge breach of the agent performer relationship, particularly when if she complains the agent will simply tell potential employers that she is “unavailable” for future shoots.

I believe that agents DO have a responsibility to weed out this kind of situation.  Does the guy have a business license?  a shooting permit? does he even have a website?

If you remember the whole Richard Nanula thing, it is the same thing, girls were told it was a legit shoot but in reality it was just Nanula having unprotected sex with pornchicks for a lot less than they would cost him to hire them as an escort, and in some cases the girls really didnt understand what was happening.

Admitted there is a fine line between escorting and performing but there IS a line and no girl in this biz should have to cross it unless she wants to.

It isn’t hard to weed these guys out really and if you are a performer remember that if it doesnt look or feel right you can always walk away, and you should.  If your agent gives you shit for that I want to hear about it.

As a performer you have a right to ask where the scene will appear and then you go to that site and check it out.  If you get to the shoot and it is clearly not consistent with the site you were told it would be on then walk away.

The one thing that has to be fixed is any agent second guessing or causing repercussions because you chose to be safe and legal over a sketchy situation.  If that happens bring it to me.  If any of you have any questions feel free to contact me confidentially, there is strength in numbers and if I see a pattern I will out any agent pulling this shit.

Yes times are slow in the biz and if you chose to escort I support your choice its not my business but if you are bullied into escorting or tricked into escorting I want to know about it.



Treasure island Media Trying To Be The Extreme Associates of Gay Porn

For those that don’t remember, Extreme Associates was The Kazoo’s company that specialized in abusing females, making them drink vomit, enema excrement, urine and such his antics rightly landed him and his wife in a Federal Penitentiary, It would appear that Treasure Island Media is following suit.

What makes this relevant is that a lot of these guys (not the amateur submitting) are performing in straight porn, with the help of caverject and other such drugs.

If THE FSC were smart (ya right) they’d take a stand…..

A Reader sends this:


Controversial bareback studio Treasure Island Media recently launched their own tube site, ToxxxicTube, where they’ve uploaded hundreds of extended video clips taken from their films. It’s the same garbage you get when you buy a membership to one of their sites, only free. What a bargain. In addition to the “professional” clips (and I use that term looser than a Treasure Island Media bottom), the site hosts dozens of videos from community members engaging in what appears to be illegal drug use.

There’s one from user “armchairPNP,” in which a masked man sticks a syringe in his arm and injects himself with what is presumably meth, or heroin. There are lots of others

There probably aren’t any legal ramifications for the amateur men who submitted these videos (authorities aren’t going to go around looking for someone who may have done drugs one time in an undated video), but the consequences for Treasure Island Media—the company making a profit off of the publication and hosting of these videos—could be quite dire, and not just because of the illegal drug use. As part of U.S. 2257 requirements, content producers are required to keep records identifying the ages and names of the performers in their movies. So, is a tube site like TIM’s ToxxxicTube required to provide 2257 docs on its community members who upload videos of themselves doing illegal drugs?

There’s a 2257 notice on Treasure Island’s ToxxxicTube site:

18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement All performers in each video and graphical image on this website depicting activity governed by 18 U.S.C. 2257 were over the age of 18 as of the date(s) of production. The records required by Section 2257 with respect to such films and images on this website are kept by the Custodian of Records, Paul Morris, Principal, at the offices of the producer, TIM Global., 2261-R Market St #435, San Francisco, CA 94114.

So, do you think sdprtypal and armchairpnp sent in copies of their drivers licenses and birth certificates to Treasure Island Media before they uploaded home movies of themselves shooting meth?

Amateur or not, the men in Treasure Island Media’s slamming videos are still performers from whom Treasure Island Media is profiting. As it states below each clip on the tube site: “Sponsored Video From Treasure Island Media” (which links to the TIM paysite). The men in these videos are performing on a Treasure Island Media site that exists solely to increase Treasure Island Media membership sales and market the Treasure Island Media brand. So, if the feds showed up on Market Street today looking for the 2257 docs on Hairy Chempig Slamming, what would Treasure Island Media say? What would TIM owner Paul Morris say? What would TIM’s defenders at the Free Speech Coalition say?

What does anyone who does business with or works in any capacity for Treasure Island Media have to say for themselves?


How Much Did MindGeek Pay ABC News For That 15 Minute Ad For Their Tube Sites?

“How Much Did MindGeek Pay ABC News For That 15 Minute Ad For Their Tube Sites?”

That is what my friend Danny asked after viewing the segment on “Nightline”.  His second comment was that he wanted to “go to Pornhub and Check out that Tasha Reign chick.”

A little background info is in order here.  I was contacted by Alex Waterfield, Producer for ABC News Nightline about two months ago.  He said he wanted to do a piece on how piracy has devastated what was once thought to be an economy proof business.  He said that he was having a problem getting anyone to “go on the record about a company called MindGeek”.  We had a lengthy chat and I outlined the brief history of MindGeek, going all the way back to Ouissam Yousef, Matt Keez and Stefane Manos, the origins of Mansef/Manwin and the International Money Laundering charges.

He made the statement that he couldn’t understand why nobody had ever done a story on how Manwin/MindGeek has decimated the industry almost single handedly (and they still haven’t,  hint Alex…You guys might want to take some lessons from Charlie Gasperino over at Fox Business news….He gets it…) ) and asked me if I would appear on camera.  I agreed to do so.  He also asked me for the names of some people who have been affected by Manwin/Mindgeek in particular who would be willing to tell their story on Nightline.  Waterfield never even bothered to contact any of them to my knowledge.

I hooked him up with several, including Nate Glass, whom he had already been in contact with.  He assured me that he wanted to tell an honest story and that this wasn’t going to be a T&A segment.

Over the course of the next month I gave him the full history on Mansef/Manwin/MindGeek, including all the websites they own and all the companies that they bought.

I explained the Colbeck Capital/Fortress Investment Group financing, told him who the people in charge at Manwin/MindGeek are, including Feras Antoon and David Tassillo.  I also gave him the story on Fabian and NATS and Fabians rise and fall from power.

So given all of that info, the piece that they did was little more than “Cotton candy” Journalism.  There was little substance to speak of and in the end they were more interested in the porn chick talking about how she would always be naked if she could be than they were in Nate’s attempt to explain the breadth and depth of the piracy problem.

They even dug up Paul Fishbein for God’s sake and most would argue that he is as responsible for Manwins predatory take over as anyone.  Fish had a deer in the headlights look and his statement was bout on par with the South Park teache who says “Drugs are bad, mmmmmkay”  If Fish had anything of substance to say ABC left it on the cutting room floor.

Watching this made me glad they didn’t make the trip to Atlanta to film me for this piece because I am sure that I would have been edited in the same manner.

In the end it was just an excuse to put half of Adella’s client roster, half dressed on Nightline and tell the world where they can watch them have sex without having to join a site or pay for anything.  The only one of Adella’s clients that was noticeably left out was AVN, likely because it is pretty obvious that Manwin/MindGeek is calling the shots over there…..

Damn shame……Makes me wonder if all of “Nightlines” pieces are as poorly presented…..Yes that was rhetorical.




OSHA Reports Re-appear with Violations Search Images from 2/4/14, 2/20/14, 3/8/14 and 4/11/14 should remove any doubt that Five Activity Reports disappeared.

FOIA is moving along to find out why these reports were removed from public view as well as some type of explanation for why three “Nr” (activity numbers) for seem to have permanently disappeared while a fourth unique Nr has appeared. OSHA routinely combines complaints and often issues one Citation for multiple Nr but it is highly irregular that three Nr seem to be combined into a fourth unique Nr.

Sx Video Dba So Cal Media and John Staglaino have re-appeared with Violations. Both reports are still listed as open which means this information is subject to change. As of 4-11-14 Sx Video doesn’t show contest (appeal) or payment, Stagliano shows prompt appeal (contest) with a changed/updated Establishment name.

original search 2-4-14 shows the five reports that disappeared

original search 2-4-14 shows the five reports that disappeared


2-20-14 five reports missing

2-20-14 five reports missing


3-8-14 Sx Video is back, Cybernet with new Activity Number but no references to three missing Nr & Stagliano still mia

3-8-14 Sx Video is back, Cybernet with new Activity Number but no references to three missing Nr & Stagliano still mia


4-11-14 Stagliano returns with new Establishment name yet Activity Nr remains the same, as does Sx Video. Three Cybernet Activity NR are still MIA and not referenced in docs related to new Activity NR

4-11-14 Stagliano returns with new Establishment name yet Activity Nr remains the same, as does Sx Video. Three Cybernet Activity NR are still MIA and not referenced in docs related to new Activity NR

Links to Updated Sx Video and Stagliano

updated Sx Video showing violations issued 1/3/14 and 2/3/14 without reference to contest or payment.

Notice the same Nr Activity Number from 2-4-14

Notice the same Nr Activity Number from 2-4-14


updated John Stagliano showing violations issued 2/19/14 promptly contested on 2/27/14


Same Number new Name

Same Number new Name

Based on the run around so far it doesn’t look like OSHA wants to explain this procedural anomaly anytime soon but I’ll update as information warrants.


Why isn’t the FSC re-imbursing performers who test at TTS?


It has come to my attention that the FSC is fucking over the performers who test at Talent testing Services (which is most  performers) It seems the good (Not SO) honest and caring people at the FSC have reserved the subsidy fund only for those who test at CET.  When I first asked I was told by an FSC member who didnt want to be named, that t was because they weren’t in PASS and the subsidy fund is only for performers in PASS.  It didn’t take very long to prove that to be bullshit, most of the people in PASS test at TTS.

So what is the FSC doing with this money that is earmarked for talent?   whose pocket is that going into?  The FSC has said all along that they have no connection to CET but this certainly proves otherwise.

I am told the average check is 10-15 bucks every two weeks, so we are talking about roughly 25 bucks a month per performer.  As you see…that adds up.   theres more than 200 perfprmers testing at TTS for about a year and they haven’t gotten any reimbursement so lets just say they are out 6 months of money, that adds up to 150 bucks owed to each of those 200 performers thats 30K and 60K a year…who is pocketing that cash and why is The FSC playing Favorites here when they claim to be neutral?

Don’t expect the Manwin owned (theres more than one way to own a company) do nothings at AVN to bring this up.

Say what you will about LATATA but they are charging producers an extra 20 bucks and passing that on to talent, no matter who they test with, which is exactly what The FSC SHOULD be doing if they were honest….

If only…

And You Thought Straight Porn Was Bad….

I don’t normally report on the gay side of the biz but with Treasure Island medias recent run ins with Cal-OSHA maybe the straight side of the biz needs to take a good look at what thier comrades on the gay side are doing.  Im not saying that all gay performers and companies are engaged in this behavior but how many times has the straight side looked the other way when Rob Black or Mark Handel aka Kahn Tusion did the same irresponsible type of shit that eventually got us to exactly where we are with legislation?

Fair warning…don’t read this if you have a weak stomach.

The story is from

Treasure Island Media’s Viral Loads Features Jar Of HIV-Positive Semen

If you read the press release for Treasure Island Media’s Viral Loads last month and have been on the edge of your seat waiting for the trailer, today’s your lucky day. Featuring Dayton O’Connor, Derek Parker, Drew Sebastian, Blue Bailey, Logan Stevens, and several other HIV-positive gay porn stars cumming into a glass jar labeled “poz cum,” Viral Loads is sure to be a big hit with Cal/OSHA officials.

Just what in the world are they going to do with a jar full of HIV-positive semen? Dump it all inside Blue Bailey’s ass, of course.

Blue Bailey got in touch with me the next day and said he wanted some kind of man-worship initiation. So I took a few days to set it up. When he enters the room, he knows he’s in for a real rite of passage. The willing, hungry lad gets gang-fucked by a roomful of studs. Most are poz, some are neg. Who the fuck cares? Not Blue, that’s for fuckin’ sure. ??To finish up his man worship initiation, we bring out a brimful jar full of more than 200 poz loads. Blue’s good buddies Dayton O’Connor and Drew Sebastian carefully squirt every fucking drop up Blue’s knocked-up ass. Max X slurps Blue’s jizz-leaking ass throughout, establishing himself as the new world’s felching-champion.

Well, thank goodness Dayton and Drew were careful! Who the fuck cares, indeed:

Treasure Island Media isn’t really a gay pornography studio anymore, is it? Now, their business model is 100% focused on spreading infectious diseases. But with today’s drama over AB1576—the proposed California legislation that would mandate condoms and STD testing for all porn productions statewide—TIM might not be able to celebrate infecting people with HIV for much longer. Unless they have enough money to transfer their entire operation out of state? It all seems so pointless. We’re dedicated to letting people give each other HIV, so we moved to Nevada.

The irony, of course, is that while TIM wants to make having sex and becoming infected with HIV feel like some kind of horror movie, many Americans with the virus are living longer, happier, and healthier lives than ever before. But TIM is in the business of terror and death (which is a weird thing to expect people to jerk off to) and this is all they know. It’s all they have left. And there’s still an audience for everything, I guess. Even snuff films.


Kink Won’t last Long In Vegas – Reader Mail

I am a big fan of your blog and I check it out daily. I find it almost laughable that porn studios in CA wanna go and do business in Las Vegas. Like seriously, the only time the porn industry is invited is only if they are doing awards shows and conventions.

In addition, I think Las Vegas and NV have much stricter rules about sex work, like weekly STI test and that they require all sex workers to be certified and wear condoms. And you gotta add the Mafia and the Cartels into this too. None of them will be too thrilled about porn studios trying to do business here.

Add to the fact Peter has CA-OSHA fines that he will not win an appeal on, and NV OSHA will not give him a break. Hell, the Las Vegas City Council and Commissions will not even give him a business license no matter how much money he has.

It is in Peter’s best interest to stay in CA, pay the CA-OSHA fines, and comply. And if he can’t do that, he just need to shut down and head back to England


I think the commenter that said this was more about Peter cashing in on the office real estate boom in SF than about condom laws pretty much hit the nail right on the head its ALWAYS about the money. Time will tell….I have tried to get Las vegas Nayor Carolyn Goodman to comment on this, and so far her office hasn’t gotten back to me.

LurkingReader puts Kazoo in his place

Kazoo has a big mouth and his skin is too thin for the business he is in.

The big mouth is an asset to his profession but the thin skin isn’t helping him much and that’s what this is all about. Frankly I could care less if Kazoo and Mike South toss mud pies at each other, its entertaining to see them push each others buttons. For me the funniest rants are when Kazoo is pissed that people aren’t picking up his Tom Toms and marching to his tune.

I can care less if Kazoo pumps up his ego telling ya all about how Mike South’s commenters are noticing him, or if he wants to take pot shots about the comments its fair game. When he starts assigning knowledge or endorsement beyond those comments or site it crosses the line. This isn’t the first time he has taken guilt by association a bit too far, given his history I don’t expect it will be the last either.

Despite reading his posts I’ve never listened to his show and can’t tell you if he carried out his threat to read the email he has or not. Nor can I tell you what he hoped to accomplish since they don’t say anything I haven’t said or commented on along the way. Maybe he wants you to know that I’m less reserved in email than public comment? They sure don’t show knowledge or affiliation with the questions he has for Mike South.

Getting back to this guilt by association thing, a few months ago Kazoo and his buddy Richard were upset folks weren’t marching to Kazoo’s tune. These emails might explain how liking a tune isn’t the same as stepping up to join the band. My comments around that time generated lots of flack when I wouldn’t sign on to the attack against the individuals that shared a table with a pedophile merely because they shared a table. When I name an individual as knowing or endorsing something you can damn sure bet I’ll have more than the fact that somebody else doesn’t like them to back that up. That’s just how I roll and a personal pet peeve that comes second to; If you’re gonna dish it out be prepared to eat some too. Like they say, what goes around comes around.

Its no secret that I’m on the opposite side of the fence as some regarding policy but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a sense of humor or can’t take a joke. Joke all you want, once you start pissing down my back and tell me its raining, be ready to get an umbrella up your ass.

onto the email saga linked to this post…



1. (10-18-13 )Kazoo doesn’t have my first email to your neighborhood, if you care that’s when I raised the very issues in the news this week. Back then I raised the issue of HIV as a loophole in the OSHA OPIM-STI draft, this weeks talk is related to AB1576.

“Wow no HIV antibody screening? even when they determine if vaccinations are needed? They are going to ANTIBODY test for everything but HIV. No saying they CAN’T perform while infected…only that employer must do post exposure testing and meds and the PLHCP determines what activities are limited.”



2. (10-26-13) If he had a public comment forum it would have been posted there.



3. (11-26-13 Kurt Brackob)…initial curiosity about potentially game changing policy has become personal after someone hacked my devices.



4. (11-26-13 Kurt Brackob Continued)…Monica and I have no issues with each other, were each doing our thing.



5. (11-26-13 Hearing You)… but you’re shooting self in foot trying to make folks march to your tune



6. (11-27-13 Kazoo Responds)…FYI I talk shareholders and Boards because my shtick is policy not smear campaigns. BTW congrats on that Meeting, it’s a  shame Key Board Warriors aren’t Fairy God-mothers.



7. (11-28-13 Kazoo copies Tweet) … and asks if I Lurk with little kids…I point to ‘real sources” in case he decides to do meaningful research<a



8. (11-28-13 Wares MY Talk show)…Holiday Greetings…definitely not confused about Kazoo’s Joke

December the one and only post I made on Kazoo’s Comment forum …happy hunting if you care.



9. (4-4-14 come on looser)..who can’t take a joke?



10. (4-4-14 wow your a retard)…roflmao, its a damn shame you didn’t appreciate the mud pie :)



11. (4-4-14 Hey Retard) …now this shit is just too funny



12. (4-4-14 final email)…not sure if this is a peace offering or what…the punch line…kazoo pushed my button, so I pushed his back and damn if that Kazoo didn’t start squawking.

It’s been fun…no hard feelings

PS: Kazoo, Let me know if you want to play again sometime ;)





Kazoo calls out Lurkingreader

Entertainment at its best…

Kazoo hasn’t straightened out his knickers yet, hopefully he reads this before he starts ranting and raving on his show making a bigger fool of himself about the situation.




As for begging for sex…maybe that was a bit harsh..after all begging people to suck your dick might not be sex but still could explain having your knickers in a wad if you’re holding that dick out for them to play with.

Hope Kazoo’s day starts looking up.

Ps..My tech ability expanded to inclusion of screenshots…maybe Mike can link the uploaded media to make reading easier.

Update: Yes Rob I knew you were trying to make fun of me…I just had a better punch line.

0DayPorno Site Looks To Connect Customers To Content Producers

Yes This is a soft ad but it is of interest to readers who are both customers and content producers.  They don’t steal content like the tubesites do and the site is fast and looks good.  Check it out!


The world’s largest affiliate directory launches to bring visitors members area updates the same day they are released. The site has signed exclusive deals with over 400 famous porn studios.  0DayPorno displays raw quality content previews along with original details for specific scenes like set description and featured models.

The idea of the site is to bring viewers the freshest material that didn’t hit the Tubes yet and focus on content quality which digital pirates can hardly offer. The history of previous updates helps them understand what they are paying for and better compare various premium sites. Also professional affiliate webmasters can use 0DayPorno for their business purposes to promote listed paysites with maximum efficiency.

John Deiz, company CEO:

“Our team monitors over 400 paysites and publishes update previews as soon as they appear inside of the members areas. We work directly with famous and well-respected porn studios from around the world. As 0DayPorno reaches its full potential we will be offering our visitors instant photo and video preview updates from 4 to 5 thousands of paysites in all genres. We believe that giving surfers the ultimate preview tool directly linked to content producers is the best way to develop a habit of paying for quality porn.”

Free previews at include 2-minute clips, video screenshots and/or a picture gallery with just 5% of the thumbs fully visible. All the latest updates are also displayed on the pages of and networks. All the models get listed in models directory and thus content producers get traffic from the whole network of sites.

Additional Info

It is an established fact that adult business suffers huge losses from all kinds of digital piracy. Surfers got used to downloading low-quality free porn from tubes, torrent networks and other sources. Thus the money ends up in the fraudsters’ pockets while the actual studios and paysites get minimum profit. 0DayPorno’s mission is to change the way things are in adult entertainment by helping connect the potential customers directly with content producers. already works with  Ztod, 21Sextury, FTV Girls, Karup’s, FameDollars, DDF, PimpRoll, PerfectGonzo, ATK, RoyalCash, SeriousPartners/WTFBucks, SeriousCash, DieselAction, ManicaMoney, HushCash and lots of  other partnership programs and content producers.

In order to participate please follow this form

Someone’s Knickers are in a Wad

The Kazoo is either constipated or got the runs. Might also explain his pre-occupation with begging for sex.

Being tech ignorant I forwarded emails to Mike South who can link whichever one Kazoo thinks is gonna tell you something you don’t already know…the only thing I can think of is how he asked this anonymous nobody to hook him up with a job.

It would seem Kazoo and some other folks think they are somehow ENTITLED to do deep vetting on me before my words will carry any meaning. Sorry it just isn’t so…talk is cheap and I’m not looking for a job or party invite.

I’m not beholden to you or anyone else in this industry beyond what and how I choose to participate. Do you think I give a shit about waiting for someone to recognize or approve of my family or associates that exposed me to this business before most of you were even alive? If I did I would have been name dropping to get my foot in the door of your party…instead I walked in the front door via site registration and have been speaking my piece. Frankly I couldn’t give a flying fuck whether you read what I say or not. Nor do I care about your twitter wars, or anything else you’re blowing up into mass proportions cuz you have no clue what a real war looks like.

Anyone who was around or listened to their elders can tell you the same stories from NYC tri-state through the seventies. I’m not talking about a MI-Porn video you watched and think you know what happened…I’m talking the five years before the government stepped in. If you were there you know, if you weren’t you don’t.

I can’t tell you how sick it makes me to see the way Free Speech gets tossed around like it’s the latest cheap novelty accessory. Afraid someone might come look at your records? Afraid you might have to spend a couple of hours getting processed till your lawyer shows up? Cuz the big bad government wolf is gonna get ya?

How about arrests for waiting at a cross walk with a stranger, who also happens to be a felon…that’s the kind of prior restraint my buddy the geezer lawyer not only quashed but proactively fought to create laws so it didn’t happen any more.

Try having your dad locked up for the weekend when the cops automatically assumed something other than what it was…a restaurant owners kid offering a hungry kid a meal. Before he had a shower he found me and asked how the kid was and said, don’t be afraid to do it again…three hots and a cot are better than she’s got these days.

Nobody cares what or how adults are fucking in their private life. Just like I heard everyday…times are different now, somewhere somehow somebody is gonna have to be appeased. STI, like the rat that shut down the NYC Dunkin’Donuts are part of living in the big city. If you want to stay open you’ve got to control your vermin, hiding them isn’t good enough cuz sooner or later they come out to play.

Thanks to those who came before us, speaking my piece doesn’t require appeasing you.

Who is LurkingReader

My name is Dot, short for the “Dorothy” on my birth certificate. I am a 50-year-old woman, wife of nearly thirty years, mother to two beautiful girls and grandmother to the best grandson a family could be blessed with.

We live in Central Ohio and this can be verified by the blogs questioning who I am by checking the registration IP. I’m not hiding my legal last name, I choose not to reveal it to childish folks who haven’t progressed beyond throwing mud pies at each other. Compare notes if you like, or ask the individual who hacked my devices, let’s hope they aren’t foolish enough to post illegally obtained information.

In August 2013 a friend was being exposed to HIV by a man who infected his previous girlfriend. He showed her a test from June 2013 that said “undetected” and insisted condoms weren’t necessary because she has a Mirena birth control device.

Once rumors hit about his prior girlfriend he dismissed them as unfounded gossip from a disgruntled jealous ex. Our conversations kept coming back to the test he provided to justify his request for condom-free sex yet never asked her for a test.

Since 1993 I have maintained one online username and until October 7, 2013 saw no reason to change this. Between August and 10/7/13 I researched HIV testing, tests and if it is possible for someone with an undetectable plasma viral load to infect a partner.

The result of my research was to insist she demand a HIV antibody test. His response was anger and two days later a letter from a lawyer offering her 50k to walk away and never discuss their relationship. As everyone should when presented with a legal agreement we brought this to a lawyer for his opinion. His opinion was that she was in serious peril and he took it a step further by calling the prosecutor. The police and prosecutor obtained a court ordered warrant for HIV antibody and viral load testing. She was notified by victim services that “as the result of a recent investigation we have reason to believe you are at grave risk for HIV, we have made arrangements for you to be tested”

Victim services never said his name, nor did the officer angry that he intentionally stopped taking his medication as well as taking her on a trip with the expectation that she might search for medication as proof.

She fortunately does not have HIV and will complete the last test scheduled at 180 days post exposure to confirm this. He is sitting in jail as he cannot raise his bail which is less than the 50k he jiggled as bait for her signature.

So why on 10/7/13 would I feel the need to change or obscure twenty year online identity? Simple…the all too frequent smear campaigns in porn that I walked away from as a teenager.

My first comment as “READER” can be found at TRPWL where several regular commenters didn’t like what I had to say so chose to deny deflect and when that didn’t work they resorted to outright character assassination.

READER was not available as a user name at MikeSouth, where I chose the variant LURKINGREADER with no idea or expectation that LURKINGWRITER may have been more appropriate.

For the record…I am not nor have I ever been affiliated with AHF, I am not a man, not Nick East or Mike South or any of the other people my screen name has been assigned to.

I am an individual whose devices have been hacked and still won’t back down from attempts to silence my right to free speech. Free Speech isn’t for the popular but for the unpopular. That simple truth is why I don’t care what you think about what I say. I am only concerned with taking responsibility for my words and actions and knowing I can look back at them without regret today tomorrow and always.

I have no wish to impose my personal standards upon you or anyone else, nor am I willing to accept or adopt your standards as my personal code. What you do in your personal life, on your time and outside a workplace is none of my business.

Choosing and retaining anonymity while speaking my unpopular ideas was immediately affirmed 10/7/13 when my truth of being a homemaker was called into question…barring slander or libelous comments from me there is nothing you can do to make me reveal my maiden or married last name. Lastly, I don’t care what consequences or rewards your personal choices bring you, only that they are your choices and I will respect them as such.