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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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Pictures From The AVN Nominations Party

Thanks to the guys at EMMReport for these!

AVN Noms Released….Yawn….

There was a time that this was one of the most anticipated events of the year….now it barely registers a mention.

Hell many of LAST YEARS winners still dont have their trophies…AVN blames the Trophy company    which is bullshit… Theo needs to step up and take some fucking responsibility….Are you trying to get me to believe that in an entire YEAR you cant work out the fucking problem on about a hundred plastic trophies?

Is AVN so cash strapped that they cant afford to hire a new company to make the fucking things and get them shipped to the winners?  Is this how little AVN thinks of its awards now?  Not to mention how little they think of the winners…..Grow a pair Theo…..Own it.

OK so if you care heres the list




Lets Talk About Agents, Does Talent Need An Agent?

They are in the news a lot right now but I want to address a lot of things that have surfaced or changed lately  first thing I want to address is whether or not agents are needed.  Plain and simple for a few girls maybe not but for the vast majority…absofuckinglutely!

Im gonna give credit where it is due here and that is to Derek Hay.  He saw a need and he addressed it and in the very best example of capitalism at work he completely changed the game for producers, directors and talent.

I remember the days when Jim South was about the only game in town, most girls didn’t use an agent.  the result was if you were a director you could book a girl who would get a better offer or jus decide to sleep in and no call no show on you.  It happened all the time.  So directors would wait an hour or two or more and finally realize she isnt coming at all and scramble to replace her, all the while paying everyone to sit around and twiddle their thumbs.

If and when she did show up she often would be too fucked up to work or covered in bruises because her Uncle Peg boyfriend beat her down with a pair of flip flops the night before, or she didn’t bring the proper wardrobe or she was coming off an all nighter and looked like death warmed over.

Or she didnt bring her ID or her ID was fake…..

It also seemed the more popular the girl the more flakey she was….

If you were pretty lucky maybe one girl in 5 would show up clean, prepared, with the right wardrobe and a on time

But It was not just the producers and directors that had problems….New companies were popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain, it was hard to keep up with who was real, who was internet, and who was scamming you  and there were lots of scammers….pretend agents that insisted on “compliance videos” making the girl have sex with him before he would book her.  Then there were legit guys (or seemingly so like Rob Black) that wouldn’t even bother to pay you and if he did the odds were your check would bounce…good luck getting him to make good on it.

Talent was routinely abused and had no recourse but to chalk it up to a learning experience.

Say what you want about Derek Hay but he totally changed things…straight up….when you booked a girl or guy through L.A. Direct you had a guarantee that she would show up sober, on time, prepared, with the proper wardrobe.  LA Direct didn’t screw around with directors either, they made sure that shooters were legit, that they weren’t low balling the girls and that the talent got paid.  Additionally there was no bullshit about what was contracted for and what was paid.  Guys couldn’t bait and switch…..the days of a director saying I will pay you 500 for a sex scene….the girl agrees and they shoot the first hour then the director says ok time for the anal…the girl says…wha…..I have never done anal…the guys says this is anal assholes 16 it has to have anal…leaving the girl in the position of having to walk away and scrap the scene or to tough it out and do something she never wanted to do…Lots of so called directors used that scam….LA Direct nipped that scam in the bud.

Derek also raised rates for talent, more than doubling the price for boy girls scenes on average.

Im not saying Derek was a saint but what I am saying is that most girls do need an agent and I used Derek as the example because he is the guy that is mainly responsible for agents business practices today. So give the guy credit where it’s due.

I think porn history will remember Derek as the guy who changed things,  mostly for the better.

And for the record, There seems to have been some changes at L.A. Direct, at one time they lead the pack in complaints I got from talent that worked for them, it has now been over two years since an L.A. Direct model wrote me complaining.  Ive never had a complaint about Shy Love, not once.  I have a stack of complaints about Mark Schechter and a pile of complaints about any number of unlicensed agents with Tee Reel Ideal Image Management leading the pack by a wide margin.


Shy Love Is Making It Real

This came across my Google Alerts today that Shy Love had filed a lawsuit (civil) against Mark Schechter, Barret Blade and 20 John Does.

Its basically Slander Per Se meaning that there is no defense (If it happened) the gist of it is that Shy was accused of crimes that she has not been convicted of, I called Shy and she said yes that it was true and that the defendants have indeed been served (as of Tuesday)

Heres the paper work from the PDF file I got from the filing

Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_01Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_02 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_03 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_04 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_05 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_06 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_07 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_08 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_09 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_10 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_11 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_12 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_13 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_14 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_15 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_16 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_17 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_18 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_19 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_20 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_21 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_22 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_23 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_24 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_25Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_03Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_04Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_05Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_06Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_07Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_08Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_09Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_10Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_10Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_11Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_12Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_13Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_14Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_15Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_16Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_17Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_18Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_19Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_19Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_20Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_21Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_22Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_23Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_24Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_25

Sometimes Word Just Don’t Exist

The worlds smartest porn star, MENSA Member Asia Carrera

The photo you see here  is the chick who proclaimed herself to be a genius.  the smartest girl ever to do porn.  yes that’s Asia Carrera.

Yes that is a metal collander on her head.

Somtimes they write themselves…

If you want the full story behind that drivers license photo


One Of The Best Interviews I Ever Did Now on the Stands Girls and Corpses

I have to admit when I did the interview I had never seen an issue of  “Girls and Corpses Magazine“.  I did the interview and went on about my life, well I got copies of the magazine this weekend and I opened it up and started reading and thought wow, this is a good magazine.  It wasn’t what I expected and I was impressed with the quality of the articles, the writing and the photography. Admitted the photo content of girls and corpses isnt my particular fetish but everything in the magazine is quality including the photography.

One thing I did know about them was that they were the first to showcase Bonnie Rotten, who at the time hadn’t even started doing porn yet.

They ran my interview perfectly and I am very pleased with how it came out.  It is only available in print at your local magazine stand so I wont run the interview here, but suffice it to say I approve and in the end I am honored that they asked me to be a part of the magazine.  I highly recommend you guys check it out.

In the Interview among other things I explain why the 5 most dangerous people/companies in porn are:

1. Manwin/MindGeek

2. The Free Speech Coalition

3. Theo Sapoutzis

4. Jenna Jameson

5. The AVN Awards

As you expect from me it’s no holds barred, brutal and honest.  I want to personally thank Corpsey and Dr. X for the interview.  I also want to encourage y’all to pick up a copy…Its worth it!

ManwinUSA Who are They

I have dug and dug for corporate info on this company called Manwin USA that funded the vast majority of the Free Speech Coalitions losing campaign against Measure B.

What I have found is exactly what i found when I tried to find out who owned AVN now that Vasilis Kailis disappeared from the masthead…Nothing.

One thing Manwin/MindGeek is getting really good at is hiding who owns what, finding direct links is impossible, so you have to look for indirect stuff, with AVN thats not so hard and with ManwinUSA its clear that it is Manwin. It is also clear that ManwinUSA exists for no reason except to funnel money into the No on B Campaign, Manwin can’t do it as a foreign owned company. I federal investigators were to look into this I have no doubt in my mind that it would be found to be entirely illegal…Not that that would stop Manwin, or the FSC, after all they completely ignore federal copyright law, why would they give a rats ass about election laws?

remeber the scam at XBiz360 last year called the FSC awards? remember The FSC bestowing the “benefactor of the year award on Manwin? These two scumbags deserve each other. Remembe that next time you write a check to The FSC Mr Hirsch, Mr Stagliano and the rest of you…you can bet I will.

Shy Love Wants Everyone To Know That She Is Licensed

And she in fact is, I contacted the State of Nevada and she is licensed as a Talent Agency.

The FSC Gave Money To Scam Voters

I know this comes as no surprise but I wanted to know why Organzations like “The Coalition for Senior Citizen Security” and
“The Council of Concerned Women Voters” were getting piles of cash from the FSC.  I mean what would the Coalition for Senior Security care about a condom law?  You want the answer…read on…

These two (and others) are fake schemes and they are big business.   Basically The FSC paid them money and they send out what are called slate mailers to voters.  the idea being to deceive voters into thinking that these official sounding organisations actually exist.  They Dont….not really anyway, they exist only on paper.

These “pay to play” mailers are a big business but the only purpose is to try to scam voters is it any wonder that Diane Duke is involved in this activity?

Read more Here.

FSC No on B Campaign Finance Reports Look Mighty Sketchy

I found something VERY interesting and have been trying to hash it out

Thats the campaign finance reports, look at the ones for no on B   theres a PILE of info on there.

for example Manwin donated half a million dollars, some as froytal.  Now you may say so …nothing wrong with that….actually there is a LOT wrong with that  It is illegal for a foreign company to donate money to a US political campaign or ballot initiative…thats for starters.  now tell me again that Manwin doesnt own the FSC

Ya know who you dont see any donations from?  Performers.  For all the blustering about performers rights none of them gave money to no on B, not even a single dollar from Kayden Kross who has a lawsuit pending against it, youd think she might donate something…or The other guy Logan Pierce…

Did ya wonder why The FSC got so pissed when Mr Marcus apologized to the industry via…yup thats in there…they paid him 2500 dollars to keep his mouth shut, then…well he didnt…

And take a look at some other people that The FSC is paying money to….like

3000.00 to Anna Aroutiounian, Legislative Council Aide at City of Los Angeles

20K to Cops voter guide

the you start seeing things like NTLC and LOTS of cash to Sadler Strategic Media and the Coalition for senior security….anyone wanna bet that has ties right back to Karen Tynan or Diane Duke or Jeffery Douglas? Id bet if this got investigated Half The FSC would be facing criminal charges….

You wont see any of this anyplace else…. Exclusive! Pics from the Heaven and Hell Party

Thanks to the guys at!  You guys fuckin ROCK!



Or They Coulda Ended Up In Porn

Famous Droputs

Grade School: Mark Twain, Henry Ford, William Faulkner, President Zachary Taylor, Charlie Chaplan, Isadora Duncan, Charles Dickens, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jack London, Al Pacino, Richard Branson and Cher.

College Dropouts: Edgar Allen Poe, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Marc Rich, Sheldon Adelson, David Geffen, Ted Turner and Ralph Lauren.

Harry Lillis Crosby dropped out of law school to play drums and sing in a band, his parents were none too happy about it, but Harry did alright for himself, he was better known by the first name “Bing”

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About APAC’s Idendity – Reader Mail

Sabrina Deep asks:  (Thank You Sabrina….Well Done!)
About APAC’s Identity
I’ve lurked around here for a while now. I’m in the industry since a while and to be honest i cannot say that i am impressed by what i see here. I try to imagine how a “newbie” can feel, when coming here. Let’s start from the forum. Excluding the APAC-media one, there are 9 topics to date, 5 of which unanswered, 6 of which unresolved (poster question didn’t receive a satisfactory answer), 24 posts in 5 months, one topic filled with rants. Moving to the general site, i could not avoid to notice that there are no info at all about who is behind APAC, but a quote from a Playboy article. I mean: who is on the board of APAC? Who is on the committee? Who decides what to do, what to say and how? I would be all in favor of raising money for APAC, if i knew where the money went and last but not least what the money was used for: i don’t see a defined agenda, a todo list, a code of conduct/ethics; i see a bank account where to send money to, but i have no idea who and how that money will spent; maybe i would like to see how much money APAC has raised so far, getting proof that the money is still their and it it has been spent on what. I think that we all agree that it is important to know where our money goes, before we spend it? How can someone volunteer to help APAC? What does APAC need to grow?
I watch the Porn 101 video and i learn that i have the right to say no, to stop a scene, to negotiate, to check my partners tests: how APAC can be of any benefit to me, when all the above leads, let’s say, to lose an assignment and in some cases even further assignments because now i’m on a producers blacklist just for having used a few rights which APAC claims to advocate?    Shall i contact APAC when that happens? How do i contact APAC? Whom at APAC? What can i expect APAC to do for me about the above situation?
Could the above be one important reason why the forums are empty? How can APAC expect to become an important voice for performers when their shop is basically an empty garage with no products to sell and no owners to attend their clients? I know that APAC is an unprecedented attempt is this industry, but it will also remain as such if it appears to be nothing more than a shop sign. Someone might argue that these things take time and that APAC is working on the frontline as we can deduct by industry press releases with the APAC name mentioned, especially any time that there is a moratorium, but the truth is that all we see is APAC saying something: then, again, who is APAC? WHo is behind? Who decided to take a certain position rather than another one? WHo speaks for APAC? Whom APAC speaks for?
Imagine to be a new performer and to come over here: would you honestly feel lucky that APAC exists?
Now, because just pointing fingers is an easy task, let me throw also a few ideas over there. A few are implicit in what i have written above and they very easily and rapidly viable and doable and yet, in my opinion, essentials:
– Who founded APAC
– Who is behind APAC (board, committe, etc)
– Board composition criterias (why those board members rather than others; what are their “duties”; how they get chosen; how someone can get on board or why not)
– Real contacts
– Who is behind BoA Account 3250 2956 3290
– Who are the authorized people over that account
– Weekly or monthly disclosure of account balance
The above would help transparency greatly and it would encourage, at least me, to donate or/and to raise money and to be proactive volunteering to help APAC in any thing it might be needed for day to day operation and to grow in strength. Personally, for example, i would be more than happy to make my web development company services available for free to APAC to improve the website; but aain i need to know whom am i doing it for and why.
The APAC legacy. It would be nice to have an APAC logo to add to our websites and to our emails linking back to APAC code of ethics/conduct (surprisingly not yet existing, at least at an embryonic status): in time you would educate people about what to expect and what not to expect when working with an APAC performer and it would be also an incentive for newcomers to improve their professionalism.
Code of conduct/ethics. No: working out a commonly agreed code of conducts/ethics is not an easy task in an industry where most performers would stab each other in the back and where the power of producers and agencies to give you or to deny you an assignment based on your empathy towards their rules is immense. But it has to be done if APAC’s mission is to <em>advocate and to maintain and improve safety and working conditions in the adult film industry by giving adult performers organized representation in matters that affect our health, safety, and community</em>. I think we may easily all agree on some basic points and then to painfully and yet bravely take it from there to refine the code. Bravely, that’s the word. I would like to see less politically correct good looking (but empty) statements and more effective bravery in clearly stating what are the do’s and the dont’s of adult performers when it comes to their safety and working conditions. If you haven’t pissed anybody off, you probably haven’t been effective. Please, start giving us a mockup of a code to work on all together and then voice it for us. Or better, let’s voice it.
The other side. Open up to producers and agencies in here. Wars only lead to casualties and in the best of the scenarios to unsteady and unsatisfactory treaties. Let’s hear from them too and let’s listen to them to. Let’s know why a certain thing that seems reasonable to us it is not as such to them. let’s hear their proposals, if any, their concerns about our professionalism, if any, their needs along our needs. Speaking through press releases is not a bad thing, but dialoguing face to face is certainly better. We need them, they need us, we should have a common interest in improving things for this industry. In my opinion, they are our interlocutor, not AHF.
If you have read the above and it made you yawn, i apologize about that. The truth is that APAC potential is truly amazing and i have hope that it will not remain a mere attempt. You may disagree with all the above or/and not giving a flying damn about the opinions of an adult worker which little works in porn valley, but those who know me well know that i’m not easily discouraged by people disagreeing with me or not giving a damn about me. Like it or not, i’m part of this industry and i feel the duty of sharing my vision about certain things related to it.
Good work to all!

The Man

I will keep this as short as possible. If I told the whole story it would take a week to read it.

In 1991 my brother was diagnosed with a Cardio-Myopothy, and severe Congestive Heart Failure. He was the tenth of eleven children, a very close knit family. I am number 8. He was declared disabled, was on SSDI, and moved in with me. Previously he had worked with me at the lab. He continued to assist me, and later, often voluteered at AIM, again to assist me.

On Jan. 28, 2011 he was in severely bad shape. His kidneys and liver were beginning to worsen, and this was the day I callled an ambulance. They took him to Pacifica Sur Hospital in the valley where they put him into an induced coma. While on the gurney being loaded into the ambulance he reminded me of things we said in the past, do what you can to save me, and let them do what they want if they cant.

After three days in an induced coma, somehow the doctors at Pac Sur got him admitted to Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, one of the absolute best cadiac hospitals in the nation, if not the county. Here is where I am going to skip alot of the story.

Twelve days later, still in a coma, it as decided to do a radical procedure, not a new procedure, but one that had never been done on someone is such bad shape. For five days now were had been told to expect that he not make it through the night. They did a final cat scan and thats when the doctor said, “I have never seen such a damaged heart continue beating,” and he suggested we do the procedure, warning us that he probably would not survive the surgery. We all knew what our brother would have said, and we signed the mountain of documents.

Enter Rocky, a nurse about 55 years old, maybe five feet tall, one hundred pounds soaking wet. A nurse who had been at UCLA for over 20 years, the best their is. Her task, to get as much fluid out of his system as possible by 9:00am tomorrow morning. At 3:25 that morning, with Rocky, her team, three of my sisters, one brother in law, and his best friend since pre-school in the room his heart stopped. That constan beep, straight line on the monitor. Instantly his bed is surrounded by medical personell, literally trapping my family in the room. His attending physician, not his surgeon, comes running in, “No, No, No,No Rock, whats happening.” Rocky is pounding his chest, and they get the paddles, they hit him who knows how many times, and then he lets out this grunt, the straight line starts reacting. They begin just yanking out IV tubes, and other things he is attached to. Rocky climbs on top of the gurney, when they pull a certain tube his heart stops again. Rocky starts pounding, literally pounding on his chest and they run the bed down the hallway, leaving the family behind. They told us there was a possibilyt that he won’teven make it to the OR, let alone survive. Dr Abas Ardehali comes in the room, he is the doctor in the video I posted,,”Do you still want to do it” Yes, my sister said, and if he doesnt make it donate any organs, he signed the card years ago.”No here is where I really skip alot.

Two months later my brotheris at home, attached to what is called a BiVAD, a Ventricular Assis Device. They are norally used on people who are already on the transplant list, but just need some assistance before a donor is found. Most only have one, on the right ventricle, My brother hand one on the left and the right, with half inch tubes connected to the ventricles, the aorta, and the superiour vena cava, the artery out of the lungs. His survival was nothing short of a miracle, he was written up in medical journals, he did interviews, he voluteered for every single experimental treatment they offered, he volunteered to speak with other VAD patients, incuding a ten year old girl, and a seventeen year old kid, Louis. The VAD patients at UCLA are lke a family. I was at his side 24/7,,sterlizing his ‘openings’ every day, hooking up his morning and nightbiotic antibiotic IV’s ., and walking, walking,walking. This is how he finally got in shape, and the call came, you are offically on the heart transplant list. You are 1A, top of the list, problem is,he’s a big guy with Oneg blood, and those hearts are far and few between.

On August 3, the call comes, “We have a heart, get down here” We are literally two steps from the door at UCLA and his phone rings again, the speciment was rejected. We had been counseled that this could happen. On that very long, quiet drive home was the very first, and only time I heard my brother actuall cry.

Two weeks later, no heart yet, we went for a routine exam. A small peice of plastic in the device had a tiny crack and needed to be replaced, “Simple as screwing on a bottle cap’ the doctors exact words. They twisted it too tight, they didnt know it, but it kinked the tube attached to the superiour vena cava, it flooded his lungs, the pressure built up, and it popped he device off. Two half inch tubes were fully exposed, a huge amount of blood squirt out , and then a huge amoout of air was sucked in. He never regained consciencenous, and 23 days later we turned off the machines. He died exactly one minute later, Sept, 25,2011, at exactly 6:31pm, surrounded by his family, with his hand on a crucifix that belonged to our mother, and one that belonged to a nephew.

Sign a donor card, one more donor card, anywhere in the nation in a two week period with someone who had Oneg blood, using the heart in a box could have saved him, one single card, next time it might be your brother who needs that ONE signed card, just ONE.

Two of my sisters who were in that room the day his heart stopped recieved that email.

This is the man whose legacy certain individuals in porn industry chose to attempt to distrace in order to shut me up. My brother lived, and died with more dignity than you could ever dream of having.