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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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    • rawalex: For Bristol, it’s likely like throwing a hot dog down a hallway… that girl has some serious mileage on her.
    • rawalex: I feel sorry for Americans because your land has become a home of extremist views and hundreds of “isms” that just suck. I...
  • The FSC Is On A Witch Hunt Maybe Porn Valley Should Show Eric and the Rest of These Thieves The Door (12)
    • ManCrack: Aww..Sean is nothing but a shit eater to FSC.
    • mharris127: I know about that but Sean et. al. were writing libelous articles about you before the Dwight/Dave issue came up (just not as often). I...
    • Removed Account: Why don’t you talk to his self proclaimed lawyer Jamie Profit?
    • MikeSouth: Sean is being paid by Dave aka dwight cunningham to libel me…Iva already attempted to serve sean twice to no avail but its ok I...
    • mharris127: I don’t really know what Mike supposedly did to set off Sean. Suffice to say that Sean is really pissed at Mike about something...
    • Karmafan: Speaking of witch hunts… Whats up with the mental midgets that run LIB always making posts about you doing bad things? They have a...
    • Removed Account: Interesting. Aren’t you the guy who helps Sean Tompkins from TRPWL bully people online? I thought you were his lawyer? Now...
  • And The Next Celebrity Sex Tape Is (4)
    • joeschmoe: I would rather see your aunt. This isn’t even about her physical appearance as there is nothing bad about someone gaining weight...

Damn writers block:

I been trying to think of something to say for 3 days and I am fresh out of idears….I havent even found anything interesteing on my usual internet idea sites. I almost went into a rant about why is the government passing laws on how businesses should maintain their books when the United States Government is the biggest perpetrator of cooked books there is, can you say Social Security Trust Fund…Trillions of dollars the government OWES to the social security fund…does it show up on the governments books…nope. How about in 2001 the government pays all military personall one day early so it will show up on fiscal 2000 instead of 2001? Thats BILLIONS there that were “cooked”. People you and I are the stockholders in this and we are being lied to, cheated and flat out ripped off….When are we going to hold our elected officials responsible for this shit? What exactly will it take before we say ENOUGH is E- FUCKING Nough!

OK now ya see why I didn’t go on that rant….sigh….


The contentious property dispute facing a Chester County judge involved frozen assets. Extremely frozen assets.At issue were what both sides termed millions of dollars worth of semen from prized dogs.

No word on whether or not any of the dogs had carnal knowledge of Chessie Moore.

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