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Does Manwin Own Filesonic?

These are the results of a thread that started on GFY, It didn’t stay open very long, AVN shut it down REALLY quick….Its making a lot of people ask why.

For the record I spoke to someone at Manwin and Manwin flatly denies having any ownership at all in filesonic.

In the webmaster community this is just another “We don’t have any ownership in any tube sites”  Turns out they owned 8 of the ten largest.  You be the judge.

So Fucking Banned -Note…the original poster was banned for this thread

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In the last few days there was a lot of fuss about all these file sharing sites shutting down which got me interested so I did a little digging and found out a few surprising details. Turns out that FileSonic is owned and operated by the same people who own Brazzers, how about that? This information seems to be kept a secret pretty good, but here and there stuff leaks. I’ve talked to a friend of mine who had some copyright issues with FileSonic and he managed to get the records unsealed during some legal proceedings and he was pretty shocked to find out who the real owners were. I guess that is why they’ve split for cover and effectively shut the whole thing down, cos let’s face it, being in Canada and USA and all is not very good for you freedom options these days if you own a site like that. There are also a few more interesting facts. It seems like FileSonic were redirecting traffic, spreading it across a ton of domains to keep traffic rankings significantly lower than they really are, check out, and the rest! Combined traffic of FileSonic alone is probably bigger than that of Megaupload. (owned by Choopa) shut down was motivated by exactly same reason in my opinion, being way too large and being in USA. Getting one of the biggest file sharing host is a pretty smart move for Choopa. All this makes me think that Megaupload was probably not the biggest or the baddest out there. These two combined probably were and are still pretty monstrous, not to mention the fact that each of them operated several quite large satellite services like WUpload for FileSonic and UploadStation and FileJungle for FileServe.

I also think that may be we are getting too worried and making a big mistake here getting all nasty towards older, managable hosts. If Brazzers owned one, it sure as hell was good for them and they do not delete their stuff from anywhere, even from other hosts. I also spoke with a few guys from several affiliate programs and they say they don’t bother too much about their content being hosted there cos it’s a free ad space. Lots of people come and buy memberships (provided of course the site is good enough to justify that).

Also I think that if a person doesn’t want to buy or can’t buy a membership they won’t do it no matter if the content is there or not. Those guys also told me that getting stuff removed is pretty simple as these hosts are easy to talk to most of the time. So instead of fighting them may be we should consider working with them on some sort of beneficial partnership? You guys willing to entertain ideas on that?

All these folks who got kicked out of all the major dead or dying hosts are going to look elsewhere and new players will start popping up which in fact is a lot worse than dealing with those familiar hosts we have online now. New guys will have to be aggressive to grow fast. So attention should be paid.

Anyway there is a lot of food for thought here. May be they are not as bad as we think? Look at Brazzers and a few other big sponsors they do not care much about their content being shared and I think they either know smth we don’t or have a vision.

What we should worry about are those damned tubes, like

It’s Alexa is 50 and you can find anything there from every sponsor, free, and that seems really dangerous to me.

So what do you think about all of that?


Proof I have comes from one of the niche sponsors. He’ll see this thread and if he’ll see fit to post it up or confirm he will. I can’t betray the confidence as it was uncovered during legal squabbles with FileSonic.

You can however ask owner Alex, who helped put the deal together when Filesonic bought Sharing Matrix from and renamed it.


Posted by Nautilus

Yes there were (and still are) rumors that FileSonic is owned by Brazzers, but most likely by former owners of Brazzers, not the current ones.
As Nathan/Fabian admitted in his keynote, most of those same original dudes from Mansef still work for Manwin. They are not old and new, they are all the same guys with a new figure head.

Filesonic is not old, it’s new. And it was TOTALLY out of control. Not only they never removed the master file, never blocked it by hash value and never banned repeat infringers, they had a fucking API to facilitate repeat infringment. API for repeat infringers no more no less, how’s that managable. In practice that meant that after you took down some links they reappeared often within MINUTES – some script would simply access that API and ask for the new set of generated links to the master file and replace the ones that went dead automatically. Because of that we had to send dozens of DMCAs for the same siterips posted at sites like to absolutely no avail, all links were alive and kicking again within a couple of hours after the fake “deletion” max.

They actually did MORE to facilitate infringment than MU did, much more. No wonder they simply closed up shop after MU was busted – they knew damn well what they were doing and where it’ll land them if they wouldn’t pull the plug immediatly.


Are you saying that the guys from Mansef (that Fabian Thylmann paid to buy the company from, after their money laundering run-in with the FBI), used their money to buy Filesonic (or already owned it), or that the current Manwin under Fabian Thylmann owns Filesonic? Please clarify.

I guess AVN was too busy covering Nathan’s image rehab Porn King coronation extravaganza in Vegas, and doing their (so far 5+ month) investigation of DeeCash/Media Revenue to have time to do any serious investigative/journalistic sleuthing into this allegation which has been percolating for awhile now…

slappin fish
I remember reading in a thread uploaders saying you can upload anything to filesonic including necro, rape…just don’t upload Brazzers. makes sense now
If this is all true you would think it is a slam dunk racketeering and conspiracy case for the Department of Justice. Use the Filesonic conspiracy to devalue your competitors and cause illegal harm to them so that you can buy them for pennies on the dollar or otherwise let them go out of business.

You can’t flunk, cheat, or steal your way out of porn. Even if proof is found they own every file locker and torrent in the world, nothing would change and these dildos would still praise them.

I’m really shocked that people really think there would be in investigation. Considering the rumors of who really owns AVN/GFY and who used to be Fabians VP but now running MR. [MR is Media Revenue…Long suspected of very shady behavior]

It’s a no brainer.

Remember when Mansef denied they would never own tubes and pirates would be dealt with? All the while THEY were the biggest pirates and owned tubes. Comedy.

So if they sold all their assets to Fabian, he now owns it. Right?

This is a great thread. Looking forward to the lock and possible deletion.

No, that is not common knowledge. How convenient.

Filesonic was registered in 2008. Why would they not sell that along with their other assets in 2010?

And is it any wonder the Media Revenue investigation died considering Manwins involvement with Playboy, who owns AVN, and Fabians VP of Virage now working at Media Revenue? Duh.


AVN Theo

RE: Latest news about file hosts, FileSonic and FileServe conspiracy uncovered! All in one.

LUXEMBOURG, January 25, 2012 – In response to false allegations linking Manwin to FileSonic, made today on the industry message board GFY, Manwin issues the following statement:

Manwin, which owns Brazzers, has no relations – business or otherwise – to FileSonic, nor to any other file sharing sites. Any statement otherwise is a fabrication, and will be met with a swift response.

GFY rule #9 guards against false accusations:

False accusations against a person or company. We all want to know what companies and individuals have done you wrong. Just make sure you back any claims you make up with solid proof. If you plan on calling someone a scammer, liar, cheat, or anything else, have your proof in order and post it with your claim. False accusations will be grounds for immediate banning.
In light of the above, Manwin requests GFY look into the thread started by “bbm” and request the user prove their claim, or face immediate banning – as per the message board’s policy.


At this point th thread was locked and the thread starter banned, seems AVN didn’t like webmasters asking questions.  It has long been rumored that Manwin owns and controls AVN, but thats another story.