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More On Mister Marcus Incarceration

Interesting, both AVN and XBiz reported on this but neither one indicated in the headline what he was sentenced for. AVN even went on to say his legal problems weren’t over, referencing a DUI charge that is pending.

But AVN didn’t mention the potentially MOST damaging legal problems Mister Marcus has….The civil suit brought against him by Lylith LaVey. You would think that even someone as incompetent as Mark Kernes would figure that is important.You don’t think they’d try to sweep it under the rug do ya? Nah not a “trusted” news outlet like AVN….LOL

Another thing that caught my attention was the statement that Mr Marcus is being held on a 200,000 dollar bail for that DUI. That seems excessively high for a DUI bond…Anyone know what thats about or is it an AVN fuckup?