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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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  • About That Crush Video Posting (4)
    • RiccoMarin: Sounds good to me. Again, its not 2014 and your not walking down the street in North Hollywood on Lankershim Blvd pointing that rifle...
    • MikeSouth: I went to school in a rural area of Georgia, It wasn’t even uncommon. The bullets stayed in my pocket along with my pocket knife...
    • RiccoMarin: Well that is special. Just tell us something Mr. Mike, How did you get away with taking a gun to school in Georgia to shoot and eat...
  • Is The FSC Making Money Off of Testing…It Appears That They Are (26)
    • jilted: do performers have a right to know who is getting a share of the money that performers put out for testing? I say yes, how about you? Does...
    • LurkingReader: @parttime A specialized link is not required if they give affiliate income for every test reported to PASS..the performers number...
    • LurkingReader: @mikestabile Since I personally saw SEVEN not one tests that looked just like the one posted I’m very curious. And since when...
    • parttime: The link on the PASS website to STD Status doesn’t have an affiliate tracking code on it. nfo And if...
  • About Those Girls Arrested For Crush Videos (110)
    • jilted: @Lacey, Your third sentence here should read,,,,”I understand how performers would be willing to risk THEIR FELLOW PERROMERS SAFETY...
    • LurkingReader: @erik I disagree! Been to the circus lately? Existing labor laws and BBP regulations are not enforced to nearly the degree that...
    • LurkingReader: @Lacey I think I got your point when I equated the thrill of gambling to sexual thrill and wondered how it would be okay or legal to...

It’s Weird How Often I Get Miscategorized


I Don’t know if porners are just that stupid or if maybe I’m not clear.

I tell porners hey  we got a problem with STDs in Porn Valley and we might wanna use condoms til we address that and suddenly that means I’m on the side of Michael Weinstein and AHF.

Or I [...]

Free Speech Coalition Have Been Mighty Quiet

Notice how quiet these guys have gotten lately?

Word is The Free Speech Coalition is very skittish about the details of their relationship with Dr David Kulbersh from Irmo South Carolina, coming to light, and by extension their connections to a character named Fiyyaz Pirani.

The story on the performer who fell through the [...]

The Latest on The Performer That Tested Positive And Slipped Through The Cracks

While this story isn’t yet done it already raises a lot of questions, some I outlined yesterday but the big question that is on everyones minds is “Has this happened before?”

I expect everyone thinks as I do that it has likely happened several times.

You see that is what happens when an organization [...]

Some Congrats To The Winners

Like em or not AVN Awards are still the “Academy Awards of Porn” they are the most coveted and a few stood out:

First to Brad Armstrong and the multitude of awards for “Underworld” well deserved and brad you have come a log way since Armstrong Steel and “Conquest”

Second to Max Candy ( [...]

Its A Slow Day Considering AEE is going

I would have thought that considering AEE is now underway I’d have a good story or two today, but nope…nothing….Somebody leak me the AVN Award winners before the show or something.

Anyway I am hearing that in certain circles I am quite the topic of conversation in Vegas. In some ways I hate missing [...]

AVN The Pirates Best Friend


Andrew Conru Douche Bag From Adult Friend Finder

I alluded to this last week about whom Theo Sapoutzis and the brain trust over at AVN decided would be a good choice for keynote speaker at the Internext Show in New Orleans.

The person he chose is one Andrew Conru. Conru is best [...]

Porn Valley Is Its own Worst Enemy


I am sometimes amazed at the dumb things porners do, like DP putting out a press release for Champagne Showers that had “Coyote Ugly” all over it but lets face it, Manwin/MindGeek made their money by stealing, so why would anyone be surprised that they would steal from Disney?  Except that Disney has [...]

You Read It Here First

As I was compiling the year in review post last night, it became very apparent to me why this site has seen the massive increase in traffic and mainstream attention that it has.  Simply put, if it happened in porn and it was news, you read about it here first, you also got more [...]

It’ll Be A Slow Week but Expect AVN Award Noms on Wednesday

They generally announce the Wed before Thanksgiving at Noon PST. It used to be a much bigger deal than it is now. One of the highlights of my blogging career came in 2008 when I looked at the AVAwards site and looked at the URL for the previous years nominations (2008)

I used the [...]

Once Year i get It Wrong In 2013 It was Today


Theo at AVN called to notify me that AVN has no affiliation with Jenna Jameson at all and that she will NOT be a keynote speaker at Adult Expo (Thank God).  I got that completely wrong..My Bad!  She is the Hostess of the XBiz Awards, and Id say the rest still stands



Mark Kernes Made My Day


Mark Kernes over at AVN wrote an article about the new changes to Cal-OSHAs rules and regulations for adult companies.  because he doesn’t have the great sources that I do he couldn’t find these rules and regulations online and he had to source me.

That hurt him SO badly to have to source [...]

What Porn Awards are Really About

It’s the season again….

We have LOTS of porn awards shows, too many really.  Way too many.  Most are about shameless promotion, vote for your favorite blah blah blah.  All are rigged and the truth is if you have seen one of them you have seen all of them.  The same stuff gets nominated [...]

AVN and XBiz are Incompetent

Someone splain to me will ya?

yesterday i ran a statement from Assemblyman Isadore Hall on this blog.  AVN ignored it, XBiz ignored it.  But They both ran a rebuttal to it.  tell me Helmy, how exactly do  you run Diane Dukes rebuttal to a statement you never ran?  Maybe it’s because you didn’t [...]

Mark Kernes Opens his Mouth and Sticks his Foot So Far In His Toes are Peeking Out His Ass

According to Kernes latest poorly researched screed over on AVN AIM was shut down because of two lawsuits, one by AHF and one by CalOSHA.  As usual Mark Kernes is either lying to you or he is just plain ignorant.

According to the official Bankruptcy papers for AIM, both the original AIM, and AIM [...]

The FSC Are The Real Opportunists

The FSC accused me of being an opportunist but who is the real opportunist here?  The FSC was intentionally left OUT of this potential outbreak because of the abysmal way that they have handled them in the past.  So much so that the retesting was not done by CET, who are in the FSC’s [...]