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    • LurkingReader: Some Business accounts used to have requirement of cross guarantee by owner with a MMDA (Money Market Demand Account) if they wanted...
    • LurkingReader: @lacey Banks can refuse to open an account for any financial reason they deem to be a risk. Number one is being on the red sheet....
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Bibi Jones Retires From Porn

Digital Playground contract girl BiBi Jones announced her retirement from adult performing in a video she posted on YouTube  today.

“I’ve been extremely unhappy the last couple months,” Jones said. “I’m not happy with me. I need to look at the big picture here and everyone knows that porn doesn’t last forever and family [...]

What Else Does Manwin Own?

Some people noted that Manwin appears that it only owned Digital Playgrounds web properties back in 2010 and that is likely true, and I knew that but the point was that both Ali (Joone) and Fabian Thyllmann flatly denied any such association even back in Dec of 2011.

Bottom line, they lied.

What strikes [...]

Digital Playground Owned By Manwin As Far Back As Sep 2010

Look at this dmca notice I found, note the dates:  Fabian claimed he never had anything to do with DP until Dec of 11  Totally not true…


Link Here  see for yourself



Degban A Multimedia Copyright Protection Company

Hereby I Fabian Thylmann on behalf of Froytal Services Ltd. the main copyright [...]

Digital Playground Black Thursday The Rest Of The Story

Bear in mind that Samantha Lewis was an owner of Digital Playground and when Manwin purchased the company there was an announcement that nothing would change over there, meaning Samantha would keep her current duties, though she was no longer an owner.

When Black Thursday came Samantha got released and so did Peggy and [...]

Black Thursday At Digital Playground

I posted previously about DP releasing Kay Brandt,  Others were involved and at this time I have verified who they were via  inside sources.

Peggy as previously noted was released but not because of the website breach, Peggy was over DVD sales.  Also released was her sister Sue, Samantha Lewis (Yes you read that [...]

Digital Hacked Credit Card Data Stolen.


Digital Playground Porn Site Hacked

More than 72,000 customers’ user names, e-mail addresses and passwords were exposed.

March 06, 2012

The porn site Digital Playground was recently hacked by The Consortium, exposing 72,794 customers’ user names, e-mail addresses and passwords, as well as more than 44,000 credit card numbers.

“They did not [...]

DP Releases Kay Brandt

I told y’all that cuts were coming to DP, this morning I got the news that the first cuts have come DP has released Kay Brandt.  Kay headed up DP’s Award winning Jewel Box Films.  No word if this means the end of Jewel Box yet There’s more coming.

 Kay Brandt GONE from DP


DP To Cut Their Contract Roster

Word is that the real number on the Manwin deal for DP is 6M and that Manwin is now looking to streamline Digital Playground.  Included in that streamlining will be cutting the DP contract roster to just 3 girls.  Speculation has Stoya, Kayden Kross and Selena being released with them keeping Jesse Jane, Riley [...]

Raven Alexis Cancer? Bulemia? Both?

This story has been brewing for a very long time and determining the fact from the fiction is proving nearly impossible.

I have talked to many people about this including Raven Alexis herself.  My first instinct was that it was a story, my next one was that it probably is a story but maybe [...]

A Press Release Two Hours Before The Event…WTF

Ok I know this is porn but what the fuck was Digital Playground thinking?  They sent me a press release about Kaydens appearance on Stossel at 8PM, two hours before the event happened, even though they had known about it for days.

WTF  If your only goal is to get it mentioned in AVN [...]

ICM Registry sends Mike South and Digital Playground A Big Fuck You As Well


Seems they have taken unclaimed domains using mikesouth, bibijones, jessejane, kaydenkross and others and redirected them to sell .xxx domains.

This is a CLEAR case of will full trademark violation.  In my case it probably isn’t worth the cost to pursue it but Digital Playground may feel differently.

Maybe a Class Action is [...]

The Story Behind the Digital Playground Buy Out


Two weeks ago I broke the story that Digital Playground had been purchased by Manwin, the parent company of Brazzers and owner of  controversial tube sites.  A lot of people have been asking “Why did DP sell?” I also heard over the last year ” Why isn’t DP doing Island Fever any more? [...]

Brazzers What it Means

A lot of you are asking me for a political type analysis of the Brazzers move on Digital Playground.

I’d rather comment on the morons like Newt and Mitt in Iowa but I won’t except to say God Bless Ron Paul….I hope he wins, he is the only one who has common sense and [...]

More on Brazzers/DP Deal

Truth is this rumor was around forever and I wasn’t even the first to report it. Webmaster board Oprano had it on 9/16/2011 apparently just days after the deal was official. At the time everyone was tight lipped and even I couldn’t get anything to confirm it. Had I listened more carefully to my [...]

Brazzers Buys Digital Playground

I got a tip back in September that this deal was done but after trying to source it I couldn’t verify it so I dismissed it as rumor mill stuff.

I got another tip today that it is all the buzz again in porn circles and after calling around all day this time I [...]