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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

Congratulations To My Good Friend Neal Boortz

He was inducted into the radio hall of fame last weekend.  None other than Rush Limbaugh himself  did the induction ceremony.  Neal is in the upper echelons of talk radio.  Neal has had me on his show many times and has never denied being friends with me, matter of fact  he has spoken of […]

Mark Kernes On Politics and Neal Boortz

Another thing I noted in the January AVN was Mark Kernes screed on how people in the adult biz should vote.

The same Mark Kernes who refuses to vote Libertarian because its a “wasted vote” is urging people to vote for Dennis Kucinch….Ummm right……

He also takes my personal friend Neal Boortz to task […]

OUTRAGED MUSLIMS! OH MY! From My Buddy Neal Boortz:

We wake up this morning to see video on CNN showing rampaging Muslims around the world. In Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim … Muslim Mobs spreading mayhem. It seems that these mighty mad Muslims are rioting and firing their ever-present AK-47s into the air because of cartoons. Yup … this latest epidemic […]

Props To My Friend Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder For An Idea Whose Time Has Come:

Namely the Fair Tax! GET THIS BOOK and Read it! It isn’t long and it isn’t complicated, it’s common sense, written in plain English!

Don’t take for granted what other people are saying, any questions you would have about The Fair Tax Plan are honestly answered in this book.

Here is what some people […]

On The Michael Jackson Thing… My Buddy Neal Boortz Said It Best:


Today on the show I’m sure we’ll get those calls from people who will say that Michael Jackson is innocent; that this trial has proved that he is innocent. Sorry .. but that’s not the way this works. That jury didn’t not say that Michael Jackson didn’t molest that little boy. What […]

Oh No, It’s Buffalo Penis:

Oh No, It’s Buffalo Penis:(From

Uh oh. here’s the new Buffalo nickel that our U.S.Mint is now distributing. It’s going to cause some problems … problems because they did too good a job on the Buffalo. After counting four legs there still seems to be one appendage left. Just what is […]

Porn on Primetime Again:

And again they do a hatchet job. I don’t have to tell those who saw it. They painted Laura Roxx as this poor Canadian girl trying to earn her way through college. Never mind the fact that she hasn’t been enrolled in any college. They didn’t mention her drug use, they didn’t mention […]

My Buddy Boortz Gets It Right:


Investigate what? Janet Jackson’s right mammary, that’s what. Oh .. and while we’re at it, the entire half-time show at the Super Bowl.

Well .. here comes my libertarian side. It should be market pressures and public reaction that CBS and MTV are […]

As I read through the June AVN:

Some things jump out at me….One is the cover story about fresh faces. I get no mention in this which doesn’t surprise me but other than Ed Powers who does get a mention I doubt anyone has brough more fresh faces into porn in the last ten years, and even Ed’s are usually […]


There’s the leader of the House Democrats standing before the microphones yesterday, telling the world that she remains steadfastly against the war in Iraq. Iraqis are dancing in the streets, and Nancy Pelosi is saying she has no regrets for a vote that would have denied these Iraqis the freedom and liberation […]

Carly aka lukeford?

There are some quiet rumors that Carly Milne is gonna be doing the writing for in Wankers Wangs absense, she may even be doing it now. She is tight with owner Michael Keene.

These are from my buddy Neal Boortz


Some Arab […]

Thanks to everyone who has responded to the story

The story got picked up by nationally syndicated radio talk show personality Neal Boortz, who heaped praise on the United States Coast Guard. Neal is up for the Marconi Award for Syndicated Radio Personality of the Year! Best Wishes to ya Boortzy hope ya win!

On the war on drugs, about which John Stossels had an excellent show last night titled “War on Drugs, War on Ourselves”

The government should use its police power to punish people for what they do to other people, not for what they do to themselves. Once the government assumes the power to deprive us of life, liberty or property solely because of things we do to ourselves any sense that we own ourselves, that […]

About the Government cooking books, This is from todays

Perhaps the most disgusting aspect of this whole stock market, corporate accounting mess is that these politicians have accepted the role as our economic saviors. Senators and Representatives are riding to the rescue! They’re going to save us all!

Wake up! When it comes to accounting scandals, cooking the books, lying to shareholders […]

Seems I got some nationwide radio exposure today::

“Mr. South,

I was listening to the radio this morning, one of my favorite shows called the Neal Boortz Show, I believe he is nationally syndicated out of Atlanta. At the end of his show I could have sworn I heard him say “our buddy Mike South” when he was talking about […]