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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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  • Here is your code of conduct’s rule #1 (18)
    • Sam38g: Every porn director, owner, producer & agents brag about doing hitting on & fucking the female talent. There is only one company in...
    • Sam38g: Just because you go to the police does NOT mean the DA will file charges. In fact, more than likely NOT. Majority of the time the police...
    • Sam38g: Congrats, very proud of you. If there is violence or verbal abuse on a set, not signing the paperwork will only make it worse. You want to...
    • mharris127: At least during Upper Floor events at Kink people were interviewed and signed a model release directly before leaving the event. Yes, a...
    • Dirty Bob: I guess we both disagree. Try this scenario: You attend an event that is being filmed that also says that, by entering, you are aware...
    • MikeSouth: DB you are incorrect…after speaking with a well known attorney in entertainment law a model release signed prior to shooting the...
    • mharris127: Maybe talent could answer that question definitively but my impression is that most directors and producers don’t fuck the talent...
    • Dirty Bob: Also, you say that “if you sign a model release preemptively then it becomes harder to say no during a shooting ” and that...
    • Dirty Bob: Another way to look at it – let’s say the scene has 5 people involved. Four of them sign a release, but one holds things up...
    • jw: So mharris127 I hope MindGeek will cut all ties with Tony T and CET. And for that matter, every other talent too. Why would anyone want to give...
    • Karmafan: Do producers and agents still use the casting couch to try out new girls that want to be in porn?
    • SabrinaDeep: @BT It’s a dead end road. I don’t doubt that Nikki was assaulted. But I’m not sure either, Same was about the James...
    • mharris127: James Deen, assuming he did half of what he is accused of non-consensually doesn’t have any business in porn. I tend to believe...
    • BT: And, remember what happened – or didn’t happen – to James Deen. Allegations were made. I think most people believed them....
    • Karmafan: Congrats to you Sabrina.
  • Will Adriana Chechik Get Robbed Again At AVN (4)
    • MikeSouth: Yer right Matt but in full disclosure I am still in full control of this site but that may not be the case for long. I am entertaining...
    • mharris127: If they are begging and pleading you to redact the post they should have had enough dignity and morality to respond right there and...
    • MikeSouth: Im normally not one to do this but after a lot of begging and pleading from AVN I am redacting this post until AVN responds (which they...
    • Karmafan: Pierre Woodman said the same thing. When he advertised in AVN he got lots of nominations. Since he stopped advertising he gets 0...
  • Trump Nation in T Minus 9 Days (1)
    • artwilliams: A superpower led by an ill tempered, vindictive sociopath with multiple failed businesses. How bad could it go?

Recent Hack

As some of you noticed if you tried to comment the site got hacked recently, actually it was the whole server. If you have a site on this server please keep wordpress and all plugins and themes up to date.

No data was compromised and all is back to normal…Thanks Yall -South

Here is your code of conduct’s rule #1

First, let me express my happiness: I’ve just been notified that I’ve been appointed Top Writer on Quora also for 2017, side by side with NASA astronauts, worldwide famous intellectuals and academics. You don’t care, but I do and I needed to let it out.

There’s another thing that I need to let out, […]

Trump Nation in T Minus 9 Days

On Gun Violence — All Comments Are Welcome

Worst of 2016: Rampant Gun Violence in the United States


Tim Walker

2016 has finally ended. It will be remembered, and not fondly, for many things — a year we elected a reality TV star as our President, a year in which a lot of popular celebrities left us, a year in which […]

Hap and Leonard

For more years than I’d care to remember now, Mike South and I have been reading and enjoying Joe R. Lansdale’s “Hap & Leonard” series of books. While I was living in Porn Valley back in 2004, I began picking up the paperbacks and mailing them to Mike one at a time, in order, […]

The Good Ol’ Southern Belle


Felicia Fox, my wife, first started dancing at a club in Dayton, Ohio (under a different name) in 1992. I met her at the Dayton airport in October of 1994 — we worked together, she was driving a forklift and hadn’t danced in over a year at that point. After […]

A Few People I Want To Express Some Gratitude To That I Haven’t in the Past

One guy that stands out is attorney James Felton. I have been lucky to have the support of several industry attorneys but in the past Mr. Felton has elected to stay low key, he gave me permission to use him in this post.

It started when he needed some assistance with a particular case, […]

Where Did We Go Wrong?

There are no pornstars like this anymore

Ten or twelve years ago by any account we had a hugely successful business. Porn survived recessions and economic bumps, bull markets, bear markets and assaults by the federal government, so how is it that today we are a shell of our former selves?

One thing I […]

Just Trying to Get This In Before the Rush….

I’ll be brief here. I just want to say how much I’ll miss this venue, and all of the great people who have commented here over the years, those from inside and outside the industry. I’ll miss reading my buddy Mike South’s garbled phrases and tortured syntax on a regular basis (not that I […]

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Thank you for having allowed everybody to express their so many different and diverse views, in all these years. Thank you for your forthrightness, for your honesty and for your kindness. I don’t intend to experience the feeling of missing you, hence you’ll still find me in your mailbox on a regular basis, I […]

Nikki Benz, MindGeek and The FSC

I took the day off yesterday but I did get a lot of emails about the Nikki Benz thing. I’m sure you are all aware of it by now but to make a long story short she was assaulted on a Brazzers set by Director Tony T (who incidentally owns a stake in cutting […]

Conspiracies, “Truthers”, and the Post-Truth Era

Welcome to Life After Truth, my friends. There is no ‘Real’ anymore. Facts no longer matter, if they ever really did.  Opinion, innuendo, memes, and social media posts, created on a whim and a dare, are the forces that apparently are able to sway nations, voters, laws, and governments in this modern world we […]

It All Comes Down To This

I will be updating this post as the night goes on I have access to AP and UPI feeds and will be calling results as they are posted…feel free to comment live tonight if yall want.

I love election night, its like the worlds best horse race…I think Hunter S Thompson made that analogy….any […]

Let’s Be Clear About Proposition 60

Once again, thanks to Mike for giving everybody (well at least to me) the chance to express their opinion, even and especially when their opinion diverges from Mike’s. The following post is not new. It’s part of an answer that I gave on Quora on October 14 and it contains a few consideration […] Now Safe For Work

Hopefully this will bring more incoming links from mainstream.

Also I was notified that the donation link was broken…seems Paypal changed the rules for donations and I didn’t fit the new rules. I will be adding a link in the next day or two allowing for donations via Netbilling. Anyone wanting to use […]