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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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  • Isadore Hall (7)
    • insider: FSC, unimportant. AHF, got what he wanted but he can’t go around enforcing it in L.A. The easiest way for him to find out where and...
    • common sense: Now I would like to see someone start enforcing the law… What is the good of passing bills if no one is going to enforce the...
    • LurkingReader: This could be like a holiday gift that keeps on giving depending on which committees Hall serves in the Senate
    • common sense: @jilted: I don’t think all the performers are dupes.. I think that some of them are naive (18 and 19 year olds) some are just...
    • jilted: got to agree with ya commonsense. These guys have been preaching to the choir for so long that the not only do the dupes,,,oops, performers...
    • common sense: Most of the people in this industry are never right about anything. They all appear to live in their own world/bubble and they have...
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    • LurkingReader: @mharris Have you been hitting the bottle to suggest an escort carry $2500 bail money over & above normal daily cash needs?...
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    • LurkingReader: @bfi For the past five years there has been a visa process in place for approx 50,000 annual Americans to visit Cuba. What I hear...
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    • ryceric: I don’t think meth was as easy to get as it is now. Just saying.
    • BT: Something most of the gals have in common that separates them from today’s pack – besides public hair? Most never did anal or...

Guess Who Said it


fabianassholeGuess who made the following Quotes:

“Occasionally we will have one who does not have IDs for all the actors in their videos, doesn’t happen often though.”

“Pls do not be concerned as we would never spam you or sell your email or what not. I think you have a valid concern. But you do not have to worry. ”

“Yes, we know yuvutu… its good if you like illegal content”

“So we have thought about this quite a bit, and the 2257 compliancy statement is just there in general so we at least state that we have heard of the thing.”

“First of all of course, WE do not have to be 2257 compliant, the site is not owned by a US company. Of course that does not help you much.”

“do you think bigger thumbs would increase the pageviews of the site, the free joins, or the sales?

And do you mean all thumbs, or just the ones on the subpages where they are smaller than on the frontpage. Or even the frontpage thumbs are too small?”

“Why would the _EU_ pressure germany with laws in terms of adult related content? Thats what I _guess_ you meant… Germany has the most strict pornography laws in europe.”

“If any of this were true, which it is not, it should not take too long until it all blows up in my face.”

If you guessed Fabian Tjylmann…go to the head of the class

Later that same year…

Having failed on this project and not knowing anything about running a program or sites, Fabian gets a loan for several hundred million dollars, buys Mansef, renames it Manwin and creates the largest online porn empire ever. He then instantly knows everything there is to know about the industry and magically learned how to take an online property and increase its profits at least by 50% within a few months of him taking it over.

Sounds legit.


heres a few more from my comments section:

“when did I ever admit to owning Mansef?! I do not own mansef, I bought Mansef’s assets. Thats not the same thing.

And I post here because I hate lies and false information. Why do you want misinformation to go around, it helps noone.”

“And Manwin has no partnership with Mansef, I _bought_ their assets, long ago, and long after they themselves said they owned Pornhub, so stop making up stuff. It’s getting annoying and tedious…

Why did I even post here to try to explain things and help people!! Stupid me. I’ll stop that…”

(he made about 50 posts AFTER that one)

“Let me take care of enforcing our rules, you can continue taking care of spreading false information and pretending you are a journalist…”