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I Have A Few Questions

The FSC is fond of claiming that we are the most tested workforce in the world. (That’s probably not true BTW) Most would claim that we are also the most diseased workforce in the world (probably true) The Valley Industry and Commerce Association claims that other cities would offer “incentives” for the industry to relocate there.

Jeffery Douglas recently said “The number of infections is extaordinarily low.”

I challenge the FSC to answer these questions that every performer has the right to know!! What are the numbers?

1. How many people actually get tested every month in the APHSS system??

2 On average, how many performers test positive for an std in every 28 day cycle?

3. Does APHSS or anyone have any statistics about herpes, hpv,Hep B or Hep C?

4. On what do you base the numbers of 10,000 jobs, and one billion dollars to the local economy, what is your source for this information?

5. Who are these cities that are hungry for the adult industry to move operations to their city?

6. How does Wells Fargo, Chase, Pratt & Whitney, NBC Universal, Southwest Airlines, Vons, Microsoft, Home Depot, Bank of America, Walmart and Providence Health and Services (All VICA’s big supporters) feel about VICA’s involvement in the inudtry….and speaking of that I didn’t see a single porn company on VICA’s list of sponsors….hmmmm. Must have been a last minute join by Manwin maybe? Reckon how much that cost them?


If you can’t see scam written all over this you are dumber than a day old tadpole