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    • mharris127: I just re-read my comment, I think my outrage is at the high risk of transmitting HIV on a TIM set, not necessarily actually doing so....

A Little More On The HIV Situation

I am told that the list of first generation exposures is way larger than anyone expected at first.  Most were content shoots or private contacts and as such theres a lot of iffyness involved.  for that reason it is good that the name got out, that is the best way to know if you have been exposed.  TJ Cummings, while not a name like James Deen is a somewhat prolific performer who has been in the biz since 1998 and has worked with virtually everyone.

If he did not infect anyone we will have dodged a MAJOR bullet.

Reports that all first gen exposures have been identified and notified are absolutely NOT correct  even the FSC has said they dont expect that to be complete until the first part of the week. (per AVN)

I am hearing there may be some people shooting in defiance of the moratorium, it does seem to me that shooting with a test since Thursday AND a Condom today is safer than shooting with a two week old test and no condom two weeks from now or a month from now.  People have to eat, I get that, it’s gonna bring a lot of criticism but in the end I am MUCH more concerned about people who defy the moratorium and shoot with NO condoms and there is a fair amount of that happening as well, and that is a MUCH larger concern to me.

If you feel you have to shoot use condoms.