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And The Fourth and Fifth HIV Positive Performers Are

I was invited to the AHF Teleconference this morning, so I called in and listened. Present were Derrick Burts, Cameron Bay, Rod Daily and the fourth performer,  Patrick Stone and Darren James, the only AHF employee of the performers

Everything here is from that press conference instead of waiting to write it up I chose to report it real time…forgive typos and such  just trying to keep you guys up to date…itll be hours before you read this elsewhere and you can bet itll be sanitized..this is the raw reporting.

Michael Weinstein pointed out

The moratorium is being lifted too soon but wouldn’t be necessary if we were using condoms.

Demonizing AHF will not succeed as a strategy

No industry has been successful at self regulation

Cameron Bay: The industry is uneducated about HIV, not taking sides just telling her story.

Rod Daily: Always condom scenes mostly gay maybe a few straight, he didn’t test at CET or TTS because he didn’t want his results leaked.  He has shot with positive people but always used condoms.  The point he is making here is that condoms do work, that he never got HIV until he did something non condom.  he didnt say if it was on set or private but he did emphasize that condoms worked.  A week after testing positive people are shooting non condom…the industrys only concern is money not health of performers.  Two week testing is all about the money for FSC.  HIV is manageable like diabetes.  AHF has gotten Cameron and Rod their meds.

Patrick Stone is fifth works for Kink  FSC knew he was positive, he was never contacted by Kink or APHSS after testing positive. He is still scheduled to shoot tomorrow for Kink  outside the moratorium even though he is HIV  positive. Though it may be a false positive…it isnt confirmed yet

Derrick Burts: got no follow up care from the industry so he went to AHF for help.  moratoriums are a joke

Darren James:  nothing has changed since he tested positive, the industry has failed and will continue to fail. Lets stop this

John Doe: performer #4, 2 weeks after a neg test he tested positive, is confirmed, been in the biz two years.  workers comp claim filed and denied for insufficient evidence.  Wont say which studio until workers comp claim is investigated

Michael Weinstein: Standard operating procedures in porn are a gross violation of the law,. You have to stop taking medical advice from pornographers.  Performers are NOT with producers.

Dr Darcy (TTS) tried to help Cameron, he put her in touch with her local county officials  Dr Miao did NOT, she found out from John  Stagliano what her viral load was.  She has filed a Workers Comp claim on kink.   At this point her story gets pretty gut wrenching, A performer on her kink shoot cut the tip of his penis and bled and continued to work non condom.  She was “touched inappropriately” on kink  shoot.  She didnt know how unsafe it was until she saw the pictures, it all happened too fast.  It seems that she thinks she was infected on that shoot but she did not come out and say that, she did say that her breast was severely damaged on that shoot.

Some industry people have been very supportive per Cameron and RodAHF has been most supportive by far.

Law in CA is that any pre employment testing must be paid by employer

This does not look good for Kink  every one of these performers in the recent outbreak have direct ties to