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The Next Jenna Jameson

I hear it all the time.  “I want to be the next Jenna Jameson!”

Let’s start closer to the beginning though.  They say that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.  Porn was on a huge upswing and Jenna was an unlikely little girl in the right place at the right time.

The right place was, of course Wicked Pictures, whose media savvy PR guru Joy King took advantage of an opportunity and parlayed a cute, all American blonde into Jenna Jameson. The rest as they say, is history.

But that brings us to today.  Will there be another Jenna?  My guess is yes and no. No because that train left the station, the public was ready for a Jenna and one was created.

The next one will be a lot different.  It’s going to require more than just looks and a willingness to fuck on camera.  It will require a lot of media savvy.  Pornstars aren’t as interesting as they once were, so opportunities will have to be created.

Take Stormy Daniels  running for Senate, for example.  Stormy is smart, very smart, she has a quick wit and can hold her own in any situation and she never comes across as a bimbo. Stormy could arguably eclipse Jenna, particularly if she were to get elected.

The odds on favorite though is going to have to be Sasha Grey.  I always kinda figured she would just be a flash in the pan, but she consistently capitalizes on opportunities that present themselves, and she knows when to steer clear as well. Launched into national attention by being cast in a Steven Soderburg indy film that would otherwise never have seen an audience Sasha found herself a media darling, and things keep coming her way, A Layout in “Playboy” and another in GQ are edging her closer an closer to superstardom.

Sasha presents herself as smart, and while I have joked about it in the past she is actually wise beyond her years, or she is smart enough to listen to whomever  is advising her.  She certainly knew what most porn chicks don’t get and she told Howard Stern to “fuck off”, refusing to do his show.  This got her more attention than doing the show would have while at the same time showing her to be way wiser than the average pornchick.

If you look at trends particularly in web traffic its easy to see who is on the rise, who has seen their best years and who doesnt have a chance.

Sasha leads the pack with a consistent trend upwards throughout the year, I would have have expected a spike as a result of the press surround “The Girlfriend Experience” but she has been able to maintain that exposure and maximize it.

Stormy Daniels trends upwards as well and a serious bid for the senate in 2010 could push her well over the top, a self proclaimed Libertarian she could well be a spoiler in that race.

Another sleeper is Eva Angelina.  Eva doesn’t out pull Stormy and comes nowhere near Sasha but she out pulls what many would consider to be bigger names, like Kayden and Bree Olson.

Kayden has the looks and potentially the smarts but much as I love her she suffers a serious problem with her media skills. But don’t count her out, should she sign with Digital Playground, as is rumored they have the best PR people in all of porn.

Tera Patrick has done well for herself but her star is dimming,as is Jesse Jane, nobody stays on top forever, not even Jenna.

Bree and the other Adam and Eve girls don’t have a chance, Adam and Eve is not known for their ability to PR their girls and seem to have lost direction of late in terms of company image.

If you look at the big picture it’s all going to come down to how well they take advantages of the opportunities they are given and how wisely they use their power of choice.