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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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    • LurkingReader: @SabrinaDeep Not trying to advocate a solution, like you I think the best solution would be futile without performer education and...

Adjunct Law Professor Writes:

A Labor Union For Porn Stars?

Inside These Times reports that an apparent well known porn star named Jenna Jameson is calling for the creation of a union for porn stars. Her reasoning appears to be serious-to stop the spread of AIDS. One porn start was recently infected. The article reports that in 2004 a different porn star was infected and passed AIDS to 3 of his 14 partners.

Jameson’s logic is that with a union, porn stars would more likely report unsafe sex practices to California OSHA which has apparently imposed mandatory rules prohibiting unprotected sex.

As readers know, I am a strong proponent of unions, but I cannot see how forming a multi-employer union will result in safer sex practices. Frankly, a lawsuit by infected porn stars against the employers for allowing this practice to continue would be more effective. If porn stars want to form a union to organize such a suit or to better their terms and conditions of employment, then unionization may be a good idea.

Only in California!

Mitchell H. Rubinstein