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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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  • James Deen, AVNs Positive Image Icon (18)
    • Jamie Gardner: Princess Donna is siding with Stoya on twitter: “It takes a brave woman to speak up.”
    • Karmafan: Porn is full of misogynistic people on both sides of the camera.
    • Karmafan: If it happened off camera in the privacy of their home it becomes he said/she said and will be tough to prove. She would have to have...
    • Billy: RIP Stacey Cash
    • lastnot: He is too aggressive with female performers. He started off “normal” and got sucked into the gaping maw of porn.
    • Removed Account: “He once shaved a swastika into his girlfriends pubes.” No sorry she is confusing James Deen and Marilyn Manson. While...
    • lastnot: What Stoya claims to have happened was NOT a paid performer scene.
    • BT: I agree entirely with Markh59. I can’t really explain why, but I have long avoided scenes with Deen, even before he made a name for...
    • BT: MDXX – if I’m reading Mike’s post correctly, neither Stoya nor Joanna Angel are alleging that the abuse took place during a...
    • markh59: The guy has always been a bit weird. I’ve always been put off by him but I’m not watching porn for him. Either way, this...

Max Gets 46 Months and 85,000 Fine

That’s the sum total of his sentence. He will get a minimum security federal prison. He got the minimum allowable sentence.

I’m not a big fan of Max’s movies but I think this is wrong. Obscenity is a nebulous concept and I don’t like the idea of anyone being in jail for a crime that can’t be defined.

As I have said before if they want to take Max down on sexual battery or whatever let them make that case.

This decision will be appealled according to Max’s attorneys, Max has been advised not to make a statement.