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And Here We Go Again


Once again we have a full blown HIV Scare, yet again performers are desperate to know who it is that tested positive because they fear they may have been exposed.  Once again the FSC says we have everything under control and all exposures have been notified.  In the past exposure notification has been shown to be lacking, every single time this has happened I got emails from performers that were first generation exposures and were never notified, they only found out when the persons name came out.

This is why it is important for the person to come forward, like John Stagliano did, it’s a show of respect for your fellow performers and you know it is going to come out who you are.  get in front of it and it makes you less of a target.

I am told the person had recently returned to the biz after a short time off and that he has done crossover work, I believe that to be true.  I have heard a lot of names, some a lot of times, but I’m not sure on who it is yet.

I appreciate all the tips and the feedback

I would also like to remind everyone that should this person come forward on his own to show some respect and some compassion, his life has changed drastically in the last day or so.  Even if he doesnt come forward it’s hard to blame him after the witch hunt mentality that others have faced after doing so.

Here is the timeline as I believe it to be He tested Positive at an industry facility within the last few days, as is the custom he was sent to the other facility for a second test, it came back positive yesterday, at which point the FSC called for the moratorium and started coming up with an exposure list and notifying them.

I know that many of you agree that The FSC has no business being involved in any of this, that it should be an independent third party doing the testing and notification stuff and I agree with that 100 percent but it is not the reality.

One has to ask oneself if condom use would cost as much as these moratoriums are costing.