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Is Manwin A Good Place To Work


I have been hearing from manwin employees for ages, usually it’s mostly disgruntled stuff so I decided to check into it, because there was a very high rate it seemed.  So I go over to to have a look.  WOW

Here’s just a FEW

“Absolute scum. They’ve been posting-and reposting-the same 5 ads over and over for the last 2 years. The turnover rate must be through the roof at this brothel. These charletons called me and told me to write up an article for them and then show up for an interview. I spent 2 hours writing an article and as I was getting ready to leave for the interview I get a call from the receptionist telling me that the position was filled that morning and that she had completely forgotten. Bullshit! You call me at 10:00 in the morning to set up an interview for 1:00 and then call me up 2 and a half hours later to tell me the position was filled at 9:30?! WTF? Stay the hell away from these wretched deviants.”

“Pay at this place is REALLY low if you work as a developer, and most managers are a JOKE.”

“This place is full of inexperienced managers and promotions are political. Salaries are also below the industry, overall this is a great for inexperience people who want to move on to better things after working a few months there.”

“Been Here Long Enough to Witness the Transformation of this Once Great Company with a Huge Potential, into the Corporate Bureaucratic Political Mess it has Unfortunately turned into.

Nepotism runs rampant there, and one’s opportunities for advancements can easily be interfered by Upper Management’s choice of placing a Friend/Relative/Neighbor at that said spot instead.

Pay is Way Below Industry Standards, unless you are placed by Upper Management by default (Friend/Relative/Neighbor)

The Inexperience and Obvious Incompetence of some of the managers, some even Upper Managers, in this Company only adds Insult to injury: They Get the Credit, and therefore the Rewards that come with it, and us little minions get the Blame should their decisions turn out Sour.

And another Ironic Fact is how they cannot justify Raises to their employees that work above and beyond their call of duty, yet the managers blatantly and shamelessly go on in Lavish outings (Lunches at Rib N Reef 3-5 times/week, Bentley for them to drive around town, Trips in Private Planes, Mercedes Benz for their Nannies.”

“The fact that free breakfasts are offered in the morning is simply an attempt to placate their employees by masking how low their salaries are when compared to any similar company. On top of that, the management is quite incompetent (most likely due to nepotism) and often the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing.

The sad part of working at Manwin is that they truly attempt to hide that they are actually a porn company. From the postings on Craig’s List that make no mention of this fact, to their website that is designed to make it appear as though they are simply a search engine optimization company, they try to deny that they are actually a XXX company. This is why so few people have pride in the company and there is such a revolving door of employees.”




There’s something to be said when everyone comes in depressed.

I’ve worked elsewhere where people like going into work.

Anyone unhappy here clearly has worked elsewhere.

A total hole folks – a total hole!”

“If you are gay. Don’t work there. If you want to take a legally entitled break without getting fired. Don’t work there. If you want to work with bosses that appreciate you. Don’t you work there. If you value being treated like a person, and not cattle. Don’t work there. If you expect your employer to follow certain ethical and moral codes. Don’t work there. If you want to get paid less than you are worth, get worked over time hours without getting paid and you enjoy being screamed at every day by your egotistical boss. TOTALLY work there.”


Ok from here you get the idea….Whats interesting is that Fabian chimed in on a few of those threads (believe me I recognize his drivel….um writing, I see it all the time.)  But it does occur to me  why would anyone expect them to respect their employees?  They don’t respect anyone, they willingly deal in content that they know they dont have the rights to.

But there maybe a light at the end of the tunnel, it seems the FBI made a statement in a recent story that they were being careful not to jeopardize an ongoing investigation in an adult company with ties to laundering money through Isreal….Interesting….Mansef which was Manwin before Fabian was put in place forfeited over 12 million dollars to make illegal money transfer charges go away…the country they were laundering through…Isreal.