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    • LurkingReader: This is a very strange group happening. Is TMI a club or a business? Are these performers currently sporting a biohazard & soon...
    • brianJay: They (TIM) will say they are not a porn company as much as a documentary site that film people. TIM “actors” would not be...
    • MikeSouth: believe me if and when I know who they are I will out them
    • CPanzram: Treasure Island supposedly shoots overseas a lot. There is no jurisdiction over that. Also, that’s a porn company with a pass....
    • MikeSouth: technically thats a civil thing its a legal concept called diminished capacity and it voids a model the case of these user...
    • RiccoMarin: That’s why OSHA in California wants condoms on those type of people. I thought you couldn’t shoot porn if somebody was...
    • noleavemealone: “What makes this relevant is that a lot of these guys are performing in straight porn.” That’s just not true,...
    • CPanzram: Mike, if there are people working for Treasure Island and also doing straight porn then YOU NEED TO OUT THEM. If you aren’t then you are...
    • MoonBeam: The only performer I know of who has shot straight porn and done scenes for Treasure Island Media would be “Rod Spunkel”, who...
    • mdxxx: Can anyone name these guys? The guys that performed in the gay films and use caverject? Out them? What do you have to lose?

Performers…Get INSURANCE

I was originally going to make Kayden’s post a separate post for insurance and maybe I should have.  She makes a very valid point.

I know times are tough, they are tough for me as well but if there’s one thing that really frosts my balls it is when a porn chick has a health problem and starts begging for money.

Remember Elexis Monroe? Alexis Raven? Asia Carerra? (Self Proclaimed genius) They were too dumb to get health insurance so they are reduced to begging (or scamming as the case may be) from their fans.  They pissed away more money every month than a health insurance policy would have cost them.  For someone in their 20s right now you can get a decent policy for around 100.00 bucks a month.  Go to if you dont know where to start.

Mind you I am in my 50s and my health insurance is over 4 times that but guess what?  When I needed spinal surgery I wasn’t begging here or on twitter.  When I had sinus surgery I wasn’t on here begging.  yes insurance is a racket, but if you cant afford to pay for your healthcare out of pocket then get it.

At some point it would be nice if someone got together an affordable group policy for performers, someone honest, not Diane Duke and The FSC who will assuredly be taking money from it.

Maybe Lisa Ann, Charity Bangs and or LATATA could make this happen.  I like the idea of LATATA doing it because performers could set it up to be paid out of bookings maybe.

Anyway It needs to be done.

OK Thats my performer PSA O The Day.