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Drop On In and See What Condition My Condition Is In

Some random thoughts and notes….

When they released me from the hospital a week ago Tuesday on Nov 1 they sent me home with four prescriptions.  Three were under 20 dollars but the fourth, an anti clot drug called Fragmin, was 620 dollars for fourteen doses. (Fragmin is injected into the stomach via a preloaded hypodermic needle.)

Well I got a mail today from the maker of Fragmin, notifying me that I had qualified to get my prescription at no cost to me.  I called them and they verified that indeed, even though I hadn’t asked for it, that my admission info to the hospital qualified me to get it at no cost and that it had been provided to the hospital on Nov 1, 2011 to be dispensed to me when I was released.

Guess what?  The hospital never gave it to me. I paid for the prescription out of my own pocket filling it at wally world, and the pharmaceutical company was very nice but told me that there was no way I could get the money back.

Now what do you want to bet that the hospital didn’t give me that medicine on purpose…they got it for free….it retails for about 50 bucks a dose…you do the math.

I’m in a bit less pain, I’m using almost no painkillers maybe one a day.  Sure it still hurts, sometimes a lot but I prefer mind over matter when it will work, and more than not, it does.

I sleep a lot…10 -12 hrs a day but mostly in short bursts.  Sometimes I wake up and my entire body is shaking because I am cold but not cold like standing in the snow cold…its hard to explain except that it does cause my leg muscles to convulse and that causes a lot of pain. but it’s usually short lived.  then two hours later i make wake up soaking wet with sweat.  It seems like and feels like I am running a fever but I am not.  Cold chills like that are a sign of a fever but its always non existant or very low  the sweats would indicate a break in the fever but it isn’t

It could just be side effects of the drugs, particularly the oxycodone so that’s why Im weaning myself off of it.

It’s very nice to get emails from you guys, wishing me well and all that…call me sappy but it’s nice to hear y’all care.