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  • I Have Said It Before (13)
    • jilted: Helped a girl or two with escorting> LO EFFING L. Perhaps the understatement of the decade in the porn world. Sorry...
    • insider: And who brought up apac right away??? lol every time. Nothing wrong with a talk about making more money. Hopefully that little...
    • SabrinaMaree: I paid kill fees at times to just stay on good terms with people… in particular, I had to cancel on KINK twice. I thought I was...
    • SabrinaMaree: I was with OC, I don’t know if it was because I’m friends with JC, but I only signed one year contracts at 10%. Sandy and...
    • MikeSouth: I know nothing of a finders fee nor would i accept one if it were offered that isnt why I did it. I did it because it was the right fit
    • jilted: Those contracts, from any porn agent, are not worth the paper they are written on. Every single time they bood a performer for a non...
    • Billy: Direct is the best in terms of being on top of the models and having a guarantee that if something goes wrong they will own up to it. OC...
    • Billy: You only doing that to get the Finders Fee for sending her to LA Direct. Is it still $500?
    • jilted: LA DIRECT,,,The Luxury Companion,,,,,how to get more work
    • jilted: LOL,,,the next APAC meeting is about,,”How To Get More Work” Isnt that what your agent is for? Isnt he the one YOU Performers...

Time To See What Condition My Condition Is In

Well I’m two weeks into weight bearing physical therapy.  Its been 3 and a half months since I broke the leg.

I have been out of the wheelchair and on a walker for 10 days, I’m starting to use a cane more and more.  I have regained full range of movement in the broken leg  140 degrees at the knee.

Today I rode my Motorcycle to physical therapy, my first ride in almost 4 months, THAT felt good, really good.

The thing that concerns me is that while my muscles are doing great I am having a lot of pain in the joint, particularly while bearing weight on that leg.  if it were muscular pain it wouldn’t concern me but it isnt, it feels like a grinding pain about an inch under the kneecap, the knee is still very swollen too.

I feel that my progress is really good and the physical therapists agree, they call it remarkable, I just hope that grinding pain turns out to be just scar tissue breaking up or something.

I return to the orthopedic Doctor on Feb 28. If it isn’t a lot better I’m gonna push him to do an MRI or CT scan or something. Gotta be back to normal for fishing and diving season!

Meanwhile as you read this (Gotta love wordpress scheduled posts….)  I will be on my way to Mexico Beach for the weekend to see my friends down there, get some sunshine and salt water in my soul.  If yer in the area I will be at the Gumbo festival there at Sunset park around 11AM on Saturday please drop by and say hello.

Thanks to all the folks sending me kind wishes and get well soons and all…I love you guys!

And a shot across the bow to a certain party…My friends are like my family, you fuck with them you fuck with me and I assure you I won’t play as nice as I have been unless that shit stops…..consider yourself notified. You know who you are.