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Fabian Wants Someone Sleazier Than He Is To Make Him Look Better, So He Picked Diane Duke

We all know that Fabian bought The Free Speech Coalition so when this came across my email I kinda wondered who pimping whom.

Today (May 7th) Diane Duke will be debating at The Oxford Union, a self proclaimed “prestigious debating society”  who else will be on Diane’s “team”?  None other than Fabian Thylmann.  Now I can see Fabian in this actually, he is a good speaker and charges for making porn available to minors and tax evasion notwithstanding, he does have a certain amount of desirability as an expert on this topic.

What amuses me is why a third rate hack like Diane Duke would be invited.  I can assure you the “condoms cause more STDs in porn than they prevent” argument isn’t something that is going to win a debate in any forum where the participants are more educated than the average porn chick.

My guess is that Fabian wanted someone sleazier than he is up there…

From the description:

Historically, sex work has failed to be regarded as a legitimate career choice in western liberal societies.  Whilst many would argue that the stigmatisation of sex has led to the marginalisation of a population within society, others see the sex industry as one which profits from exploitation and the objectification of human bodies.  Should sex work be regarded as having the same value as more ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ professions?

Nielsen Pulls Ads From Twitter Because of Porn

The TV and digital company Nielsen has announced that it’s pulled an ad campaign off the social media company Twitter, because its ads appeared on pages filled with pornography.

Duane Reade, NBC Universal, and Gatorade and others, have also had problems with their ads being served alongside porn ads.

SunTrust analyst Robert Peck published a report last week saying that the ad problem could cause a great deal of harm to Twitter’s relationship with companies that currently advertise with the social media giant.

Like its competitors Facebook and YouTube, Twitter has to deal with hundreds of millions of accounts, approximately 10 million of which are porn-dedicated accounts according to Peck.

Twitter makes little effort to restrict porn, a sticking point with parents.

The company has had little success in keeping those accounts separate from others for advertising purposes.

If this keeps up look for twitter to start cracking down on porn accounts.

This is news for people in porn because so many of us, myself included, use the social media site to soft sell our products, others in porn aren’t so “soft” about it.

Keep an eye on this

Today Is Porn History Day

bigabnerSonnyLandhamThe movie Predator is distinctly unique among films in that three of the films male stars ran for governor of their state.

Everyone reading this most likely knows that Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for anw won The office of Governor of the state of California.  Many of you also know that Jessie Ventura ran for and won the office of governor of Minnesota.

The one that most of you don’t know is the one that is interesting because if you are in porn you should know it.

When people talk about actors who started out in porn, you never hear his name.  Some people thinlk that Stallone started in porn but he didn’t, his movie was soft core.

He was born in Canton, GA though few people there know where his career began.  He was American Indian, Cherokee and Seminole to be exact and he was a big guy.  His first roles were in porn, like in a parody of a popular cartoon strip called “Big Abner” and he did hard core in it and in other classics like “Misbehavin” and “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”

He went on with many adult performers to star in an adaptation of an Elmore Leonard Book called “52 Pick Up” (Mainstream)

From there he got some big roles, usually as an Indian and often with the name Billy Bear.  He rose to stardom in the Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte movie called “48 Hrs”  He played a big Indian named “Billy Bear” The same year he also had a part in “Poltergiest”.

In 1987 He has one of the leads in “Predator” where he played “Billy”

He also had TV roles in Miami Vice, The A Team and The Fall guy (among others)

In 2003 he ran in the Republican primary for the governor of Kentucky but he lost.  he also ran for Senate and lost that as well.



sonny-landham-predatorThe name he uses in mainstream is his real name; Sonny Landham.  The name he used in porn…Sonny Landham.

You won’t find him in AVNs Hall of Fame, he never won any crossover awards, but he is by any account, a successful crossover.

Next time someone talks about successful crossovers that started in porn…That’s the only real one I can think of.


More On the Charges Against Fabian Including Charges of Making Porn Available To Minors

The second charge has been bandied about the whole time but hasnt gotten much press until now…and now it’s an official case.

Fabian…if you read this  I dont hate to say I told you I would live to see the day your ass was put behind bars and I did, and now…I may get an encore…FUCK YOU. And the rest of you thieving assholes at MindGeek/Manwin…The fat lady hasn’t sung yet…

Thank you to the friend who sent me this!

This is the google translation of  the article at Die Welt

Half weeks ago we reported that the Cologne public prosecutor has indicted the former head and owner of the online sex empire Manwin the Landgericht Aachen. The former master of popular sex sites like Youporn, Pornhub and My Dirty Hobby said to have evaded taxes on a large scale. According to information from the “world” plays Fabian Thylmanns confusing network of companies with a mailbox company in Gibraltar a central role.
Staatanswaltschaft, district court and tax authorities are silent on the accusations against Thylmann because tax secrecy also applies to ex-porn kings. The new details are now known, because several tax crackdown on mostly freelance My-Dirty-amateur actresses. They should have paid from 2010 to 2012 to little sales and income tax. Deftigte additional claims, some five-figure sums, standing in the room. In one case, the tax authorities should have seized 17,000 euros already.
The actresses are surprised evil of the development. Many appear to have the monthly credits of My Dirty Hobby familiar, where a VAT deducted was noted. “We rely on that money was also removed,” says an actress. Whether the money was really ever forwarded to the tax authorities is unclear.
In the letter of the tax to the actresses also new details about Thylmanns porn empire called. So in a letter three particularly questionable companies are listed, about the apparently flowed money and going back to Thylmann: The Fiscal Group Ltd. in Gibraltar, the Colbette Holdings Ltd. in Nicosia, Cyprus and the Novonet B.V. in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It continues:
In the present case it has been determined that the companies listed above notwithstanding their headquarters abroad, up to 12.03.2012 by a domestic place (Aachen) from were operated. This determination is subject to official secure knowledge of the tax office for criminal tax matters and tax investigation Aachen.
The Fiscal Group Ltd. was “a legally existent but economically inactive mailbox company”, write the Revenue Commissioners. The Colbette is a domiciliary company, which in Cyprus had any own business under its registered address and had not also recorded for VAT on the island. To March 2012 Thylmann have these companies operate out of Aachen. The former residence in Germany now seems to be the undoing of the former porn king.
Thylmann has so far remained silent on all allegations, even at public events. Should the process be made to him, it could still go to more accusations. It is conceivable that there were irregularities in tax payments for My-dirty hobby client funds or that Thylmann cheated with the income tax. Apparently is first charged in Aachen also only part of the allegations. The investigation by the Cologne public prosecutor have not been completed.
The colleagues of the prosecutor’s office Hamburg have meanwhile set a second case against Thylmann. They were investigated on suspicion that the Internet entrepreneur porn minors have made available. The adjustment to §154 Code of Criminal Procedure is always possible if an accused can expect a much higher penalty in another process. For Thylmanns control process that would not be good news. Alone for the violations of the protection of minors it could threaten up to one year in prison.

Revolution Or Just Looting?

This whole thing in Baltimore bothers me.

On the one hand I applaud revolution.  The militarization of police forces across this country is an appalling occurrence, and it pleases me when the citizens stand up and say for one thing you are no longer going to trample my rights and for another you seem to be forgetting who works for whom.  I am tired of the police serving their masters in government and acting as intermediary toll collectors.  It has gotten to the point that I would have more respect for the cops that took a bribe and used it to better their own lives, instead of those of their masters.

But is that what is happening here?  Sadly it isn’t.  Whatever good message they may be  propagating by their civil disobedience is eclipsed by the animals that are stealing and destroying the property of the very own neighbors.  While Dr King had it right in that change should be instigated by peaceful means Chairman Mao also got it right when he said change must come through the barrel of a gun.

Unfortunately we have allowed our politicians to usurp our constitutionally recognized rights in the name of wars on drugs, terror, poverty, crime…pick one or all of the above.  Just as those rights had to be taken by force they will now have to be reclaimed by force.

What we have happening in Baltimore is more just an excuse for a bunch of animals to act like savages than it is to bring any real change.

That’s just sad.


Y’all Should Watch This

I first heard about this treatment here, from one of my readers who is going to have it.  Then I saw this special on HBO and now its online….Give it a watch  its worth the effort and it will amaze you


Beware The “Siri Management Program”

here we go again…..This time it’s Siri’s ex boyfriend Brad.

Depending on whom you ask Siri is either out of the biz for good or on a break, my most reliable sources says she is out.  I tried to contact Siri, who I have always liked and had a good relationship with but to no avail.  Siri if you read this and want to talk email me.

It seems her ex Brad is now soliciting girls to become a part of “The Siri Management Team” Where the girls move in with Brad only to find that Siri is nowhere to be found, and according to one very well known pornchick Brad expects them to be is partner at swing parties.  She moves out and starts putting out the word.

Siri didnt attend AVN but according to witnesses Bard would tell people she wasnt well but would take things for her to sign.  Then apparently he would sign them for her.

Word is that Brad is pretending to either still be with her or to be her in a desperate attempt to stay in the industry.  When adult companies attempt to book Siri Brad tells them that she is “on a break”

Brad apparently sells “signed merchandise” for her but I am told it snt her signature.

Siri, I am told has reconciled with her family and is out of porn altogether and for good.  if she has found hapiness outside of the adult industry I wish her the best, regardless Siri if you read this I would really like to hear from you so that anything here that is wrong can be corrected, even off the record.

Meantime, I would steer clear of “Siri Management” and Brad.




When The Walls Come Crumbling Down…Some Questions That Might Get Raised In Fabians Trial

Some background is required here for thoise that don’t know Fabians history.  Fabian Thylmann was the chief engineer of affiliate tracking software called NATS.  It was very comprehensive software (still is) that was used by adult webmasters to track and pay affiliates and NATS had lots of features.

Interestingly many of the features of NATS would aid in exactly what German prosecutors have accused Fabian of doing.  NATS allows you to specify billers on a per country basis, and that obviously could include making sure that the customer never buys a membership from a company in the same country….  thus avoiding tax.   European customers for instance could  be sent outside of the EU to buy their membership.

It also works in the other direction… hiring “amateur” cam operators in Germany, then paying them through an offshore company rather than paying them directly in Germany.   This is done specifically to avoid employment taxes and all the legal responsibilities (and contract law implications) that exist if they were to do business directly.   By moving it offshore, they can pretty much dictate the terms of the contract, claim to not be liable for workplace or taxation issues, and generally ignore local law.

This explains an awful lot…like why Manwin doesn’t send checks to performers (or anyone really)  instead they get wire transfers from banks outside the USA.  Tney use this same structure through all of their companies.

Manwin has got to be sweating bullets over Fabians indictment…I told you this is going to shine light into the corners where the cockroaches are….It;s coming.

And if The FSC has a lick of sense they better be making sure their books are squeaky clean too because Manwin is the only thing that has kept them afloat….

Im reminded of an old John Cougar Melloncamp song….When The Walls Come Crumbling Down…

Cal-OSHA Increases Fine Against Evil Angel To $9,000.00

Cal-OSHA Reporter: Echo Alpha Inc., John Stagliano, Inc.; Evil Angel Productions, and John Stagliano, Inc. DBA Evil Angel Video
April 17, 2015
Following a complaint inspection, the Division issued three citations to Employer, a video distributor. At hearing, only one cited violation remained at issue. Section 3203(a)(2): Serious violation affirmed; $7,200 penalty increased to $9,000 for extent. Section 3203(a) requires employers to establish, implement, and maintain an effective written IIPP that includes all required elements, while Section 3203(a)(2) requires employers to “include a system for ensuring that employees comply with safe and healthy work practices. Substantial compliance … includes recognition of employees who follow safe and healthful work practices, training and retraining programs, disciplinary actions, or any other such means that ensures employee compliance with safe and healthful work practices.” 
Employer had four alternatives to ensure that employees complied with safe and healthy work practices: (1) recognition of employees who follow safe and healthful work practices; (2) training and retraining programs; (3) disciplinary actions; or (4) any other such means that ensures employee compliance with safe and healthful work practices. There was no evidence that Employer recognized employees who followed safe and healthy work practices or that any employee ever received any written acknowledgement of contribution to safety, as allowed by the IIPP. Employer’s owner testified that employees received recognition in the form of a smile.
Employees were trained when hired, and given an employee handbook. The owner of Employer testified that he did not always train new employees and that he was not aware of any safety meetings that took place at its warehouse. No employee was ever retrained because the tasks were not so complicated that retraining was required, Employer testified. There were no training or inspection records.
The only evidence of discipline for a safety infraction was an officer’s testimony that a rule prohibiting open-toed shoes in the warehouse was enforced. Enforcement consisted of not allowing the employee to go in the warehouse. There was no evidence that any employee ever had been disciplined for any other safety infraction. The ALJ declined to find that Employer implemented its progressive disciplinary system.
Employer’s IIPP identified “other means” to ensure employee compliance with safe and healthful work practices to include: (1) informing employees of the IIPP; (2) evaluating the safety performance of all employees; (3) recognizing superintendents who perform safe and healthful work practices; (4) providing training to workers whose safety performance is deficient; (5) disciplining workers for failure to comply with safe and healthful work practices; and (6) terminating any employee who receives more than two written warnings.
There was credible testimony that employees were not aware of Employer’s IIPP or trained on what was required. An evaluation of the safety performance of all employees never was performed. Further, there was no evidence that Employer recognized superintendents for safe and healthful work practices, provided employee training, or disciplined employees, or that Employer ever gave an employee a written warning for a safety violation or terminated an employee for a safety violation.
The ALJ concluded that the Division established that Employer failed to implement and maintain all required elements of its IIPP including correcting unsafe work conditions and work practices. Employer failed to enforce its safety and health practices or ensure that employees followed safe work practices, directives, policies and procedures to maintain a safe work environment. Employer established, but did not implement or maintain, its IIPP.
Classification and penalty. Labor Code Section 6432(a) provides, “There shall be a rebuttable presumption that a ‘serious violation’ exists in a place of employment if the division demonstrates that there is a realistic possibility that death or serious physical harm could result from the actual hazard created by the violation.” The hazard created by Employer’s failure to enforce its safety and health practices and failure to implement a system for ensuring employee compliance was that employees would not comply. As a result, employees were exposed to jobsite hazards including electrocution, fire, explosion, and falls onto concrete of about nine feet. The ALJ found a realistic possibility of serious physical harm or death existed from the actual hazards caused by the violation. Accordingly, the violation properly was classified as serious.
Penalty. Employer’s failure to ensure that employees complied with safe and healthy work practices affected all warehouse employees. This failure resulted in numerous violations. Employer had 40 employees, 22 of which worked in the warehouse. Thus, extent should have been rated high. The ALJ increased the penalty to $9,000 to reflect this rating.

Fabian Thylmann Indicted For Tax Evasion Charges in Cologne

From Sundays Die Welt  Below is the google translation Bottom line is that Fabian has now been indicted which should mean he will soon have a trial date.

A lot of this focuses on a site called my dirty hobby which according to the German Prosecutors is run out of Hamburg and according to MindGeek is run out of Cyprus.

One thing that will come from this is that once the trial starts it will open a big view into many of the goings on at manwin/MindGeek and you can bet your ass that I (and others) will be all over it.

Thank You to my friend at Die Welt for alerting me to this!

Fabian Thylmann gave the impression as if it were the most normal thing in the world, what he had experienced in the past three years. Leaning back in the black chair chatted the man, now a short haircut wearing three-day beard and fashionable glasses over his transformation from a company director for investor. He, the former ruler of the porn world on the Internet, would to do something new, he told in November 2014 at the guests of the founders and investors conference “NOAH” in London , That’s why he was dropped out, I sold his empire, which included the most successful porn sites in the world as “Youporn” or “Pornhub”. “We had 1,200 people, and it was not fun to grow with this business,” Thylmann said confidently.

But the image of the successful internet entrepreneur who wants to pastures new, has little to do with reality. For so voluntarily, as it represented the 36-year-old Aachen, his departure as managing partner of the firm Manwin October 2013 was not well. Previously questionable business practices of the company had become known what came with no word on stage in London for language. The consequences of these revelations are likely to dominate the lives Thylmanns currently more than anything else.

According to information from the “Welt am Sonntag” the prosecutor Cologne Thylmann accused at the District Court in Aachen. She accuses him of tax evasion. “The economy Criminal Court examines whether the indictment is admitted to the trial,” says a court spokeswoman.

It could be one of the largest criminal tax proceedings against an internet entrepreneur in the history of the Federal Republic, it is considerable. So Thylmann had to pay a deposit of more than ten million euros to be released from custody in December 2012.. Now the man threatened may find that he goes to prison back. For, according to the Federal Supreme Court courts should impose imprisonment without parole from a million euros of evaded taxes.

In criminal economy, it is not uncommon that investigations take more than two years. In the case Thylmann the lawyers took even longer: if only to penetrate the corporate network of Manwin, the investigators were dependent on international assistance, and that takes time. So at first only a part of the accusations brought to justice. The investigation is still ongoing.

What is it exactly to prosecutors and district court announce any details. Tax secrecy applies to porn kings. Thylmann again doing what he has been almost always done when confronted with uncomfortable questions: He is silent. A request to “Welt am Sonntag” went unanswered.

Largely unnoticed by the public, the brawny man had revolutionized his company Manwin the business of digital sex and had become the most powerful businessmen, the global Internet pornography. Up to 450 million users clicked on a monthly basis through its free sites like Youporn Pornhub and who offered the right clips for almost any Sexfantasie. The movies in low quality porn producers invited high even. You should entice users to pay paid porn sites that Manwin is also partially controlled.

Although only a small part of the Free gazers reached for the credit card, made Manwin, as Thylmann got out, annual sales of nearly half a billion dollars and a profit of almost 170 million dollars. The sides had become the giant distributor for Internet traffic. In the sex industry hardly got past them. They were so successful that even allowed to operate Thylmann website and television station of Playboy under license. He wanted to improve his image by using the Bunny brand to not ever stand in the Schmuddelecke.

The seemingly unstoppable rise came in September 2012 to a halt. The “Welt am Sonntag” was encountered in Manwin empire on numerous oddities. The company emerged as a complex network of more than 35 companies, which from the perspective of tax experts and former employees could have only one goal: vorbeizuschleusen million revenue in the German tax authorities.

Although the self-made entrepreneur resisted by all means against the allegations, but failed in court with his call to ban the reporting. Three months later searched Steuerfahnder the 1,000-square-foot rooms of the Hamburg Manwin offices. At the same time the prosecutor Cologne Thylmann was arrested at his villa in Belgium and deliver to Germany. Although he came from a million deposit after a few days in custody and is released. But his days were numbered at Manwin: In the fall of 2013 he sold the company unexpectedly of Feras Antoon and David Tassillo, two managers of the company at the largest site in Canada. “Believe me, it was the hardest decision in the life of me and my wife,” Thylmann wrote to the workforce.

The new rulers nominated by Manwin in MindGeek. Thylmann, it seemed, was summarily be deleted from the corporate memory.

It was the end of a probably unique career in the German dominated by Americans internet scene. The end of the 90s, when the Internet was still in its infancy, had Thylmann, about 20 years old, already understood that traffic measurement and click optimization would one day be the difference between success and failure of Internet companies. He programmed an analysis software that would set new standards in the porn industry. Thylmann gained a reputation in the jungle of sex pages to keep track and make clicks on porn sites for money. A hitherto extremely rare ability. You should be sure that the shy young man rose with the bubihaften face-to-riches the foundation.

Programming alone Thylmann was soon no longer enough. Thanks to the start-up capital, which he had recorded with his software, he was looking for attractive acquisitions – and proved a good nose. The German amateur sex portal-portal “My dirty hobby”, which he bought before 2009, not only satisfy men’s desires for the “girl next door” – but also the entrepreneurial desires of the CEOs. Within a few months the profits rose by half. “People spend more money, you have to show them just what they really want,” he once said. A simple currency that should prove true with “My dirty hobby” for the first time. The page soon scored two to three million euros in sales in the month, as evidenced by internal company documents. They fired a success story that is unparalleled in the porn business.

The dimensions were getting bigger. Probably too big for a like Thylmann. Then suddenly appeared a 362-million-dollar loan – up today secret donors. Listed in the Commercial Register in Cyprus , Led the money trail through Chicago to New York , Two former Goldman Sachs banker had occurred as a mediator. But the US hedge fund Fortress has become known as an investor. But he was not the definitive source of money, had to pay exorbitant interest on the Thylmann. “Banks did not want to talk to us,” said Thylmann in London on the loan, without saying where the money came from. And without saying whether he might have to go on the initiative of the donors, as the tax proceedings began in December 2012, against him.

Ironically, the page “My dirty hobby” that Thylmann had made large, should be at the beginning of its decline. The site was operated according to the masthead of a Cypriot company. On its name to the German bank account, einzahlten to the customer in order to view the Sexvideos can run. The mostly freelance German porn actresses received invoices indicating the Cypriot tax was reported – but not German. Former employees answered that it should all look as would the pages of Cyprus. In fact, they were from the Notkestraße in Hamburg been controlled from the offices of Manwin Germany GmbH. “The million revenue from Hamburg to the German tax funneled past”, then assured Manwin a former employee in lieu of oath.

After the raid, the tax investigation the Manwin Germany GmbH was first renamed, then they moved out of the Notkestraße. Today the shell of the company from the home of former governor seems to be run by Thylmann, ten minutes walk from the old address. Employees there are no more. The sole shareholder is indirectly via a Luxembourg holding still Fabian Thylmann. Wanted his new bosses the lazy part of Manwin corporate braid not buy? Waits the company cover only their insolvency, if the Treasury should make millions in additional claims?

In the meantime Notkestraße MindGeek founded a new subsidiary MG Germany GmbH. The new CEO is called Eddy Kaba and lives in Cyprus. On the question when Kaba was the last time in Germany and how many days in the year he spends here, responds MindGeek: Kaba was responsible not only for Germany. He visits the European offices regularly, “depending on the projects, priorities and decisions to be made.”

Ex-employees and spotters say Notkestraße with around 50 employees was still important hub for “My dirty hobby” – what MindGeek vehemently denies. Only services “such as search engine optimization, marketing and sales “were provided by MG Germany. The page will run from Cyprus. It was all lawful writes MindGeek, and explains that the company “was not involved in tax evasion model, or is”. With Thylmann you have been doing in 2013 no more deals.

The former master of the Manwin empire is now trying to reinvent itself. Whether he can do that, will also depend on whether he comes out unscathed from the process. One of the best trial lawyers in the country, he has been engaged for Sven Thomas, who represented even Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone. Such high-profile defense selects only those who fear the one hand, large litigation risks and, on the other hand, make a top lawyer. Thomas, in turn, is silent on the allegations, as his client does.

Despite the anger Fabian Thylmann does not seem to spoil the good mood: His Twitter account is peppered with images of Auto Racing, scantily clad dancers, disco parties in Ibiza and sailing trips in the Mediterranean , Or does it because in the face of a threat of imprisonment crashing right again? In London, at least he turned his gaze forward. He seeking investments of € 100,000 to several million, he said. In e-commerce, or perhaps in the fashion industry. Only from dealing in digital sex he has had enough. “I’m not invest in porn,” he says, “that I have made, and that’s silly.”

Jakodema Out and Layoffs At Digital Playground

Word is that Jakodema (Demetrios Kokozos is out at Digital Playground after going all Scott Justicey….meaning that in order to do business with DP Demirios had to get his cut. He is now relegated to shooting scenes for Brazzers as a contract director.

Im hearing there were layoffs at Digital Playground as well, BIG ONES but that happened very recently and as of now I only have tertiary verification.

Manwin/Mindgeek has done a world class job of running this once powerhouse company into the ground.

Need Some Help With Manwin/MindGeek

One of the things I am starting to collect is information on the banks that they are using.

I know they do a lot of banking with Commerzbank in Germany, I also know a few others. If you get a check from any Manwin/MindGeek Company I would REALLY appreciate it if you would send me the name of the bank…if you want to send their account number that may be helpful as well but Im most interested in the bank and the country the bank is in right now.

you may send it anonymously and your name or any info will never be disclosed.

Thanks Yall.

Photos From The 2015 XRCO Awards

Photo Credits: Chris King/Reelseduction, Industrybyrick, Lee Austin, Gordon, Morbidthoughts, Emmreport

Dave At Motley Models Replies To Olivia Austin

Olivias Complaints can be read HERE  Its 2 parts, part one is beneath part 2

I sent it to Dave The owner of Motley Models and he responded:

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the opportunity to react to this submission to your site. It’s very unfortunate that Olivia has taken this route in an attempt to exit our agency. Part of me thinks she¡¯s trying to use your venue to advertise/promote herself and her new blog. You have been in this industry a long time and I¡¯m sure done business with the vast array of different< and sometimes challenging personalities we come across on a day to day basis. We have met/managed some amazing girls and like ANY agency, we have had our fair share of tough ones too.
I do not want to bash Miss Austin. However, I can tell you that she is “VERY DIFFICULT¡± to represent. She is the type of model that would complain if she was only working 4 days a week. This current rant of hers is tantamount to a kid at Toy¡¯s R Us not getting their way…and this is her stomping her feet.
Here are facts:
From 12/6/2014 to when our relationship deteriorated in the last week of March she was booked 44 times equaling roughly $36k. She spent as quickly as she made despite our advice for her to sock some away for taxes and if/when there were slow spots. She continued to spend and badgered for more work even though from the numbers above you can tell she was doing better than most. We did our best to keep up with her unrealistic demands.
She was indeed living in my home paying $50 per night for her and her 40lb bulldog (that she failed to mention). It included utilities, food and dog watching. Keep in mind she would leave her dog for 8 to 12 hours at a time, sometimes overnight¡¦even on her days off. When she began to take advantage of the dog watching, we gave her notice on 3/1/2015 that she needed to transition to a new place to live. Understand that she balked at this and was resentful for having to leave as she had a great set up to be< close to the agency and a caring home for her beloved dog. It’s unfortunate she is now throwing the cost of this service back in my face but of course she has to paint the picture of a victim. BTW, If you do research on model house pricing, I don¡¯t feel $35 for a shared room or $50 for a private (including food) is outlandish. It seems to be par for what others are charging and they don’t include food.
The $200 error on one of her call sheets she referenced was indeed a typo. It happens. I spoke to my booking agent, apologized to her and it was cleared up. There is no merit to her insinuation that this is something that was done on purpose or happens regularly.
Paying her balance – On occasion when models carry high balances, we ask that companies cut the talent checks to our agency. Miss Austin¡¯s balance was around $850 at the time and she “did not have the time” to pay it. Must be those lazy agents not doing their work by booking her too many jobs. Therefore, we asked the company and they had no problem doing that for us since we’ve ALWAYS been accountable for paying our models and have never not done so.

AVNS – Miss Austin was informed weeks prior to AVN about posters and 8×10’s we wanted to print on her behalf in order to promote her new career. We had locked down her trade show passes, a hotel to share with another model, a red carpet pass and tickets to the AVN show. At the time she was still on the fence about coming out to friends and family but we figured when the time came she would be ready to roll as she was shooting a lot and it was good promotion. However, a week prior to the AVNs she changed her mind and flat out told me she did NOT want to attend or be in the booth. She had concerns being that she had worked in Vegas prior to
getting into the industry and was afraid someone she knew might see her. She said she was a ¡°maybe¡± for the White Party and AVN show. With many other of our starlets committing to the booth, events and AVNs, we opted to transfer her stuff to a model who was excited to be a part of the week.
Mike, she literally decided Friday morning to make the drive from LA to come to the White Party. She got to Vegas as I as supposed to be ushering in the talent to the White Party red carpet. Even so I scrambled, got her into the party, a pass for the convention for Saturday and a general admission ticket for the AVN show¡¦remember we transferred her ticket to sit upfront to another model that had spent the week there in Vegas promoting herself and our agency. Miss Austin did attend the AVN Awards with the general admission ticket provided to us by AVN. Unfortunately, she was not able to walk the red carpet nor was I as AVN was limited on who could actually walk it. My hands were tied here though I would have< liked her to been able to participate in it.

Now to the buy-out which is what this is really about

Mike, she did 44 bookings in less than 4 months earning $36k, no joke. She earned the agency roughly $9k in those 4 months with booking fees and 15% commission. 20 of those 44 bookings came from 1/26 to her last one with our agency on 3/28 where she claims work was slow for her. She also took 4 days off in March as her parents were visiting and she couldn’t shoot. This is not a model had been ignored or misrepresented by any means.

Her contract is a 24 month with Motley. She has fulfilled 20% of her term with us and we stand to lose A LOT by her leaving our agency so early. Being that she is a high earner with a lot of work ahead of her, we assigned a $3,500 buy-out so she could move on to OC Modeling. I offered her a $2k upfront and the remaining balance of $1,500 at the end of 30 days. I told Sandra of OC that upon Miss Austin¡¯s $2k payment she could start work with her agency IMMEDIATELY. We have no interest in keeping her from working.

This $3,500 number does not come out of thin air. As I told Miss Austin, Motley has sold AND PURCHASED roughly 30 contracts over the past 5 years. This is not a very big number considering every agency has turnover. The buy-out is predicated on the model¡¯s past earnings, future earnings and length left on her contract. As mentioned earlier, she has made our agency roughly $9k in 4 months or $2,250 on average per month with 80% of her contracted time remaining. If she were to earn conservatively half of that over the duration of her contract we would make us around $22,500. Again, $3,500 is/was a fair number.

Let¡¯s move on to our contract that she claims ¡°a lawyer found nearly 10 things invalid¡±. Just more nonsense trying to paint herself as a victim. Attached is a copy of Miss Austin¡¯s agreement with Motley Models. Also attached is the stamped, CA Department of Licensing approved, version direct from is Motley Models agreement. They are identical. You can verify the legitimacy of this information by contacting Jeanie at the CA DLSE @ (415) 703-4846. If Miss Austin, and from what it appears, her non-retained< lawyer have issues with what DLSE requires and approves for us to use as a contract, that’s a bigger fight than with Motley. We are just following the guidelines they put forth for us.

In conclusion, I believe this is nothing more than a a stubborn model with an extreme case of “the grass in greener¡± looking for a cheap way out. She has written many untruths to try and paint us in a bad fashion…I really< hope you don’t give this kind of story relevance. We have not acted maliciously nor inappropriately in any way with Miss Austin, quite the< opposite in welcoming her into my home, taking care of her pet as if it were my own and getting her career to a point where anyone would care about any of this.  We are happy to allow her to move on but are standing firm with the buy-out as this is a major loss for us.

Thanks again for the opportunity address this. She’s actually been threatening “go public” with the above for a week if I didn¡¯t give her what she wanted. I don¡¯t feel we acted out of line so I turned her $2k away and said ¡°do what you must¡±. I have a tremendous amount of respect for what you do as I strongly believe that talent needs a voice too. Unfortunately, not every talent deserves that venue free from another rational opinion or accountability for what they¡¯re posting. Sorry kid, no tickle me Elmo doll today. 😉


Dave Rock

Dumb and Dumberer Host A Porn Award Show

OK The XRCO Awards were held Saturday Night….But a lot of pornchicks who wanted to attend were turned away at the door.

Seems the venue was twenty one and up only, leaving lots of pornchicks with no entry, including best new starlet nominee Dakota Sky.

Come on people, shouldn’t this be figured out by now?