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About APAC’s Idendity – Reader Mail

Sabrina Deep asks:  (Thank You Sabrina….Well Done!)
About APAC’s Identity
I’ve lurked around here for a while now. I’m in the industry since a while and to be honest i cannot say that i am impressed by what i see here. I try to imagine how a “newbie” can feel, when coming here. Let’s start from the forum. Excluding the APAC-media one, there are 9 topics to date, 5 of which unanswered, 6 of which unresolved (poster question didn’t receive a satisfactory answer), 24 posts in 5 months, one topic filled with rants. Moving to the general site, i could not avoid to notice that there are no info at all about who is behind APAC, but a quote from a Playboy article. I mean: who is on the board of APAC? Who is on the committee? Who decides what to do, what to say and how? I would be all in favor of raising money for APAC, if i knew where the money went and last but not least what the money was used for: i don’t see a defined agenda, a todo list, a code of conduct/ethics; i see a bank account where to send money to, but i have no idea who and how that money will spent; maybe i would like to see how much money APAC has raised so far, getting proof that the money is still their and it it has been spent on what. I think that we all agree that it is important to know where our money goes, before we spend it? How can someone volunteer to help APAC? What does APAC need to grow?
I watch the Porn 101 video and i learn that i have the right to say no, to stop a scene, to negotiate, to check my partners tests: how APAC can be of any benefit to me, when all the above leads, let’s say, to lose an assignment and in some cases even further assignments because now i’m on a producers blacklist just for having used a few rights which APAC claims to advocate?    Shall i contact APAC when that happens? How do i contact APAC? Whom at APAC? What can i expect APAC to do for me about the above situation?
Could the above be one important reason why the forums are empty? How can APAC expect to become an important voice for performers when their shop is basically an empty garage with no products to sell and no owners to attend their clients? I know that APAC is an unprecedented attempt is this industry, but it will also remain as such if it appears to be nothing more than a shop sign. Someone might argue that these things take time and that APAC is working on the frontline as we can deduct by industry press releases with the APAC name mentioned, especially any time that there is a moratorium, but the truth is that all we see is APAC saying something: then, again, who is APAC? WHo is behind? Who decided to take a certain position rather than another one? WHo speaks for APAC? Whom APAC speaks for?
Imagine to be a new performer and to come over here: would you honestly feel lucky that APAC exists?
Now, because just pointing fingers is an easy task, let me throw also a few ideas over there. A few are implicit in what i have written above and they very easily and rapidly viable and doable and yet, in my opinion, essentials:
– Who founded APAC
– Who is behind APAC (board, committe, etc)
– Board composition criterias (why those board members rather than others; what are their “duties”; how they get chosen; how someone can get on board or why not)
– Real contacts
– Who is behind BoA Account 3250 2956 3290
– Who are the authorized people over that account
– Weekly or monthly disclosure of account balance
The above would help transparency greatly and it would encourage, at least me, to donate or/and to raise money and to be proactive volunteering to help APAC in any thing it might be needed for day to day operation and to grow in strength. Personally, for example, i would be more than happy to make my web development company services available for free to APAC to improve the website; but aain i need to know whom am i doing it for and why.
The APAC legacy. It would be nice to have an APAC logo to add to our websites and to our emails linking back to APAC code of ethics/conduct (surprisingly not yet existing, at least at an embryonic status): in time you would educate people about what to expect and what not to expect when working with an APAC performer and it would be also an incentive for newcomers to improve their professionalism.
Code of conduct/ethics. No: working out a commonly agreed code of conducts/ethics is not an easy task in an industry where most performers would stab each other in the back and where the power of producers and agencies to give you or to deny you an assignment based on your empathy towards their rules is immense. But it has to be done if APAC’s mission is to <em>advocate and to maintain and improve safety and working conditions in the adult film industry by giving adult performers organized representation in matters that affect our health, safety, and community</em>. I think we may easily all agree on some basic points and then to painfully and yet bravely take it from there to refine the code. Bravely, that’s the word. I would like to see less politically correct good looking (but empty) statements and more effective bravery in clearly stating what are the do’s and the dont’s of adult performers when it comes to their safety and working conditions. If you haven’t pissed anybody off, you probably haven’t been effective. Please, start giving us a mockup of a code to work on all together and then voice it for us. Or better, let’s voice it.
The other side. Open up to producers and agencies in here. Wars only lead to casualties and in the best of the scenarios to unsteady and unsatisfactory treaties. Let’s hear from them too and let’s listen to them to. Let’s know why a certain thing that seems reasonable to us it is not as such to them. let’s hear their proposals, if any, their concerns about our professionalism, if any, their needs along our needs. Speaking through press releases is not a bad thing, but dialoguing face to face is certainly better. We need them, they need us, we should have a common interest in improving things for this industry. In my opinion, they are our interlocutor, not AHF.
If you have read the above and it made you yawn, i apologize about that. The truth is that APAC potential is truly amazing and i have hope that it will not remain a mere attempt. You may disagree with all the above or/and not giving a flying damn about the opinions of an adult worker which little works in porn valley, but those who know me well know that i’m not easily discouraged by people disagreeing with me or not giving a damn about me. Like it or not, i’m part of this industry and i feel the duty of sharing my vision about certain things related to it.
Good work to all!

The Man

I will keep this as short as possible. If I told the whole story it would take a week to read it.

In 1991 my brother was diagnosed with a Cardio-Myopothy, and severe Congestive Heart Failure. He was the tenth of eleven children, a very close knit family. I am number 8. He was declared disabled, was on SSDI, and moved in with me. Previously he had worked with me at the lab. He continued to assist me, and later, often voluteered at AIM, again to assist me.

On Jan. 28, 2011 he was in severely bad shape. His kidneys and liver were beginning to worsen, and this was the day I callled an ambulance. They took him to Pacifica Sur Hospital in the valley where they put him into an induced coma. While on the gurney being loaded into the ambulance he reminded me of things we said in the past, do what you can to save me, and let them do what they want if they cant.

After three days in an induced coma, somehow the doctors at Pac Sur got him admitted to Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, one of the absolute best cadiac hospitals in the nation, if not the county. Here is where I am going to skip alot of the story.

Twelve days later, still in a coma, it as decided to do a radical procedure, not a new procedure, but one that had never been done on someone is such bad shape. For five days now were had been told to expect that he not make it through the night. They did a final cat scan and thats when the doctor said, “I have never seen such a damaged heart continue beating,” and he suggested we do the procedure, warning us that he probably would not survive the surgery. We all knew what our brother would have said, and we signed the mountain of documents.

Enter Rocky, a nurse about 55 years old, maybe five feet tall, one hundred pounds soaking wet. A nurse who had been at UCLA for over 20 years, the best their is. Her task, to get as much fluid out of his system as possible by 9:00am tomorrow morning. At 3:25 that morning, with Rocky, her team, three of my sisters, one brother in law, and his best friend since pre-school in the room his heart stopped. That constan beep, straight line on the monitor. Instantly his bed is surrounded by medical personell, literally trapping my family in the room. His attending physician, not his surgeon, comes running in, “No, No, No,No Rock, whats happening.” Rocky is pounding his chest, and they get the paddles, they hit him who knows how many times, and then he lets out this grunt, the straight line starts reacting. They begin just yanking out IV tubes, and other things he is attached to. Rocky climbs on top of the gurney, when they pull a certain tube his heart stops again. Rocky starts pounding, literally pounding on his chest and they run the bed down the hallway, leaving the family behind. They told us there was a possibilyt that he won’teven make it to the OR, let alone survive. Dr Abas Ardehali comes in the room, he is the doctor in the video I posted,,”Do you still want to do it” Yes, my sister said, and if he doesnt make it donate any organs, he signed the card years ago.”No here is where I really skip alot.

Two months later my brotheris at home, attached to what is called a BiVAD, a Ventricular Assis Device. They are norally used on people who are already on the transplant list, but just need some assistance before a donor is found. Most only have one, on the right ventricle, My brother hand one on the left and the right, with half inch tubes connected to the ventricles, the aorta, and the superiour vena cava, the artery out of the lungs. His survival was nothing short of a miracle, he was written up in medical journals, he did interviews, he voluteered for every single experimental treatment they offered, he volunteered to speak with other VAD patients, incuding a ten year old girl, and a seventeen year old kid, Louis. The VAD patients at UCLA are lke a family. I was at his side 24/7,,sterlizing his ‘openings’ every day, hooking up his morning and nightbiotic antibiotic IV’s ., and walking, walking,walking. This is how he finally got in shape, and the call came, you are offically on the heart transplant list. You are 1A, top of the list, problem is,he’s a big guy with Oneg blood, and those hearts are far and few between.

On August 3, the call comes, “We have a heart, get down here” We are literally two steps from the door at UCLA and his phone rings again, the speciment was rejected. We had been counseled that this could happen. On that very long, quiet drive home was the very first, and only time I heard my brother actuall cry.

Two weeks later, no heart yet, we went for a routine exam. A small peice of plastic in the device had a tiny crack and needed to be replaced, “Simple as screwing on a bottle cap’ the doctors exact words. They twisted it too tight, they didnt know it, but it kinked the tube attached to the superiour vena cava, it flooded his lungs, the pressure built up, and it popped he device off. Two half inch tubes were fully exposed, a huge amount of blood squirt out , and then a huge amoout of air was sucked in. He never regained consciencenous, and 23 days later we turned off the machines. He died exactly one minute later, Sept, 25,2011, at exactly 6:31pm, surrounded by his family, with his hand on a crucifix that belonged to our mother, and one that belonged to a nephew.

Sign a donor card, one more donor card, anywhere in the nation in a two week period with someone who had Oneg blood, using the heart in a box could have saved him, one single card, next time it might be your brother who needs that ONE signed card, just ONE.

Two of my sisters who were in that room the day his heart stopped recieved that email.

This is the man whose legacy certain individuals in porn industry chose to attempt to distrace in order to shut me up. My brother lived, and died with more dignity than you could ever dream of having.

What APAC Can Do Right Now

I have to admit that I was wrong. APAC is not a worthless organization. Right now they are in a perfect postition to make some simple, yet effective fundamental changes in the industry that would benefit everybody, themselves, producers and agents, and as much as I personally hate to say it, especially the agents. You don’t have to have a good personal relationship to make a business relationship work, sometimes it even helps, it helps when one side pushes, and the other side pulls, as long as its in the same direction.

While working with AIM I used to say, “To help the girls you have to help the guys,” and that is because for every guy that got an std, at least 3-5 girls would catch it . Now, in order to make APAC successful, you have to help the agents and producers, and contrary to popular belief it wont be that difficult.

It takes money for any organization to survive, and to make money it takes money. And there are several, easy ways for APAC to do this. APAC can use their popularity as performers to raise money in many ways. Right now, today, I have places lined up for fundraisers in conjunction with other causes that will welcome your participation, as they too recognize the potential you have to raise money. The potential money you could raise could make you truely independent of any other organization. Just as an example, look at the success that the industry has had with AIDS Walk L.A. This is just one example of how your unique type of celebrity status can be used to help your own organization, and raise even more money than you did for AIDS Walk, for which I applaud, and thank you. APAC, who is your marketing manager, who is your chief fundraiser? And you can do it over and over again, city to city, all year long, all it takes is a little cooperation, and isn’t that what APAC is really abour?

I have been working with other people who are ready to step up and help any member of APAC get signed up for ObamaCare, if you’re not already. This is what your next me geting should be about. Its not difficult, and its affordable. Wouldn’t it be a great marketing tool for the industry as a whole, and APAC in particular to offer this service. Agents, wouldn’t it be great if your peformers had the means to take care of some of the very common problems they face? Wouldn’t it be a great maketing tool for you to attract talent. Derek, remember the collective barganing? Lets do it. APAC is in the perfect position to make it work.

APAC is also in a perfect position to close some of the holes in your current safety net program. All it takes is cooperation among yourselves. Recently, it was reported that there was a vote at APAC that was 80% in favor of changing the current system. Is your leadership trying to impliment any real changes, or is alot of your leadership in the other 20%? Centralization, and a shared data reporting system can be implemented within 72 hours, all it takes is cooperation. Look at your own vote, you can do it, you have 80% who want it! Technology is there to help. Every single lab today has direct patient reporting capability, and the TTS system is even better than that. Finally, PASS can be a thing of the PAST, and the testing can go back to being a medical program, not an industry program.

Right now, today, there is a simple, yet pretty coprehensive plan that I and several performers have discussed that makes several changes that benefit everyone, and best of all it does not cost one dime more than the current system, and it also PROTECTS not only performers health, but it PROTECTS producers and agents from potential legal issues. Best of all it is 100% HIPPA compliant, and neither OSHA or AHF can touch it. And given the very recent events I can see why the perforers who helped me want to remain anonymous, and that is again, where a strong APAC comes into play. You dont need permission from anyone to implement the plan.

The FSC never wanted to be part of the testing program. In the very begining of AIM there were many who opposed it on grounds that did eventually come true, that it would eventually be used against them. Let the FSC fight the battles that they were made for, Free Speech!!! That is their issue, and to be honest, the medical issue gets in their way and costs them time and money that should be used on Free Speech issues. Dang, I just realized, this plan, in addition to helping producers and agents, also helps the FSC! And let’s not forget, it is PIRACY that has done more damage to the industry than condoms, OSHA, Isadore Hall, Morality In Media, Gail Dines,County Health, or AHF etc, combined times ten. Don’t ever forget that.

And here is the final kicker, that if played correctly this will benefit everyone. You will be able to use CDC studies and guidelines to show that your testing IS EQUAL to barrier protection, according to ALL CDC studies. I have crunched the numbers with CDC employees, we can reach those threshholds, and use THEIR own documents to prove it. Your APAC system will prove that the std rates are at least equal to any CDC study about the effectiveness of condoms. And it will be APAC that does it, and if that doesn’t strenthen your position in the industry, nothing will. One year, and this is done. And IF I am right, OSHA will have to grant you a variance, and they will gladly rid themselves of this problem. This will take some work, it won’t be simple, but anything worht having usually isn’t. Do you want to keep battling eachother for 25 cents, or do you want to work together to make a dollar?

Tim Tritch

Why It Is Good That Republicans Took The Senate

I voted yesterday, not because it is my right but because it is my duty.  I carefully examined the positions of each of the candidates and voted Libertarian where I could a split ticket in other races.

One thing I heard someone say was “I would vote Libertarian but that’s just a vote for Michelle Nunn”  I fought with everything I had to keep from calling this woman a complete fucking moron.  The senate race in GA was supposed to be very very close, too close to call and with even a 5% Libertarian turnout it was thought that the race could be forced into a runoff with Libertarian vote preventing either candidate from getting the required 50.01% of the vote.

At that point the two candidates have to convince the Libertarian vote that they are the more Libertarian of the two and that does nothing but help the Libertarian party.

This woman can’t help her ignorance though, she has been manipulated by both the Democrats and the Republicans to believe the way she does, they have a monopoly on the government and they don’t want to give it up, didnt matter who you voted for out of those two you will elect a scumbag.

The one good thing is that the Republicans took the Senate.  I say that because it has been my experience that when we have opposing parties in the legislative and the executive branch we tend to prosper…..They spend so much time fucking each other that they dont have any time left to fuck us and we get left alone.


Brett Rossi NOT An Overdose

I have been friends with Brett for a while, she has even written for this site.  Her recent hospitalization was NOT an overdose or a suicide attempt nor was her stomach pumped, as was speculated by lesser sites.  Brett has some pretty serious health issues that go back several years, she was put on a new medication and she had an adverse reaction to it and required a brief hospitalization.

If you know Brett this makes sense, she is anti drugs and because of the aforementioned health issues she is very much into a healthy lifestyle.


ATMLA In The News

Last night ATMLA was voted back into LATATA as Mark said he would be.

In other ATMLA news I have been contacted by an attorney’s office that is currently representing half a dozen girls.  It seems that if you worked for ATMLA any or all of 2013 you can get all of your booking fees, agency fees including any buy out fees refunded.  There is no cost to you, email me and I will put them in touch with you.

I am hearing that for the first time some agencies are struggling, too little work for too many girls has made the agency game less lucrative

APAC actually has a unique opportunity to step up. Up to now it has been the agencies that played the biggest role in looking after the talent and that is a role that APAC should assume, the big question is will they?

It Is Sad That This Biz Has Sunken To The Level It Has

I get disagreements, we all have them but the level to which people in this industry have sunk recently is simply disgusting and we should all get together and run these  people out, we don’t need this.  Of course I have had it done to me for example I had Bell’s Palsy a while back and because its common and can happen to anyone I posted photos of myself.  I was called brave for that but in reality I didn’t think it was, I was just letting people know what to expect should it happen to them.  Of course lowlifes, real lowlifes take these pictures and use them to deride me….But truth is it doesn’t bother me, what does bother me is that by comparison thats nothing.

It came to my attention that a lowlife we all know, put down his flip flops and decided to use the facebook memorial page of someones brother that he doesnt like.  he photoshopped some of the photos on that page to depict the deceased brother in gay sex acts and sent them to the family members.  You do that shit and as far as Im concerned that family has every right to beat you into the pile of shit you are.

It isnt limited to guys either, girls can be just as bad.

Take a female performer…you can read her story here

Someone in the biz had opened his home to her and helped her out, He later had to have life saving surgery, she couldnt handle it and left him. She later sent him this text message

People that is not an appropriate way to handle things by any stretch.  You can disagree without being cruel.  I don’t believe in being politically correct but this is way beyond the scope of simple politically incorrectness and it doesn’t reflect well on you as human beings.

Narcissism is wide in this biz, God knows people I have pulled back from the edge and supported when no one else would have forgotten but that’s on them not on me.

I have had my issues with people and them with me but at times like when I had neurosurgery or Bells Palsy even my enemies sent me emails that offered condolences and wished me a speedy recovery.  Those days seem to be history now though and that’s too bad, because whatever our differences we are all in this biz together, disagreements are good, they bring about change and they evolve the business but behavior such as these should get people completely shut out from this biz.

That’s what I think.

The Toronto Star Talks To Me About Violent Porn and Manwin / MindGeek

From The Toronto Star

Why do men get off on seeing women get hurt?

Restlessly pacing the halls of online pornography, sooner or later you see things you wish you hadn’t. You open a door and stumble on a scene of violent intensity in which someone is hurt, degraded and viciously insulted.

You hurry on, but the next room is the same, and the one after that. Instead of an escape, the seductive world of porn starts to feel like a prison run by gangs of angry men for whom the best sex is also the harshest and most punishing.

The brutal side of porn used to reside in the backrooms of porn shops; now it takes pride of place on the front pages of the most popular free sites.

The acts that have been named in the allegations against Jian Ghomeshi — striking, choking, abusive language — are common features of the most ubiquitous porn online. One study found that 90 per cent of scenes on top-rated porn sites contained acts of aggression.

Given the rates of porn consumption (as much as 30 per cent of all bandwidth, or one third of the Internet), it’s safe to say that many people are witness to the kind of behaviour that Ghomeshi is accused of.

U.S.-based sociologist and anti-porn activist Gail Dines, author of Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality, tracks the increased violence in porn, whereby scenes of outright abuse and assault are celebrated by a growing number of compulsive users.

Dines studies the ways that porn eroticizes violence and asks the basic question, “Why do men get off on watching women get hurt?”

The term that’s often given to extreme hard-core porn is “gonzo,” and the quickest way to understand the mentality that drives gonzo porn is to visit the message boards where viewers discuss their favourite scenes, such as the forums on To read these comments out of context will make your heart beat faster; they are so hateful, it’s disorienting.

While the porn consumers who comment on message boards are a minority, according to Dines they accurately reflect the essential concern of gonzo, which is to push women up to and beyond their limits of tolerance for pain and discomfort. Viewers want to see the moment when the performer is completely overwhelmed.

Dines, who has been interviewed several times by Ghomeshi on Q (“He was incredibly on my side — it was amazing,” she says, expressing her shock at the allegations), contends that gonzo contributes to addictive porn consumption. “There’s something about that toxic mix of violence and sex that leads to a greater level of habituation,” she says.

The porn industry’s responsiveness to its best customers may help to explain the rise of violent porn, but whatever the cause, few dispute the trend exists, even within the porn business itself. Mike South, a pornographer in Atlanta, Ga., who helped spearhead the first wave of gonzo porn in the ’90s (back when the term referred to personality-driven porn rather than violent porn), is very critical of much of the content now being produced.

South claims the kind of porn that is common today — what he calls “train wrecks,” when the performer passes out, vomits, or otherwise falls apart on camera — would have landed pornographers in jail even as recently as the ’90s. But as the industry grew, the obscenity guidelines receded. Part of the problem, he says, is lack of education about the risks of certain practices.

For example, South describes a time when choking women to the point of unconsciousness became a popular fad. “They thought it was breath play,” he says. “They didn’t realize that when the guy cuts off blood flow to the brain, he’s essentially creating what is very much akin to a stroke. It’s a stupid practice!”

South says he raised hell about it until eventually reviewers started agreeing with him and producers backed off.

South misses the days “when porn was fun” and porn movies still told stories. “Now with gonzo porn, even at its most basic, you’re just watching two nameless people having sex on screen,” he says. “There’s no sense of identity; there’s no sense that they’re even real people.”

According to Dines, even though gonzo porn stopped telling stories, porn itself still tells a story: some women are whores by nature, always ready for sex and eager to do whatever men want, no matter how painful or degrading. They prefer to be treated with contempt, and they have no sexual imagination of their own.

The story porn tells about men is even simpler, as she writes in Pornland: “Men in porn are depicted as soulless, unfeeling, amoral life-support systems for erect penises who are entitled to use women in any way they want.”

Despite how horrifying it sounds, there’s no denying people are drawn to violent porn, and they keep coming back. One possible explanation for the popularity of gonzo comes from the addiction model of porn consumption.

At its most basic level, it suggests porn images give viewers a brief dopamine rush. But just as occurs with substance abuse, the compulsive porn user slowly becomes desensitized and needs a stronger dose to get the same high. That means finding more stimulating material. For some desensitized users, violence provides the extra excitement.

While this theory has been popularized by such sites as, many people take issue with the addiction mode and the narrative it provides. Toronto-based sex and addiction therapist Beth Mares points out that this theory doesn’t take into account the whole picture. “Whatever may be going on in the brain, it doesn’t mean that anybody who uses pornography is going to become addicted by those means,” she says. “People tend to get into obsessions, such as sex or pornography addictions, when they can’t cope with their world.”

Even though Mares and many others are wary of describing addiction in those neurological terms, largely because the research is so new and so limited, she has observed that compulsive porn users often feel a sense of frustration that leads them to search for novelty. When porn ceases to excite, obsessive porn users will look for something more extreme that might excite them more. “But then it loses its impact,” she says. “There’s only so far you can go.”

In this, Dines believes, the porn industry has sowed the seeds of its own destruction. “It’s become so hard-core so quickly that you now have an increased consumer base who are desensitized and bored. They’re always on the lookout for something new: something more extreme, something more bizarre. But there are limits to what you can do. You can’t actually kill her. There’s not much left to do to her apart from kill her, to be honest with you.”

According to Dines, that sense of boredom can also lead to child porn. “One of the things they’re finding is that a lot of the men who are bored and desensitized are turning to children,” says Dines. She clarifies that these men don’t fit any of the standard descriptions of pedophiles, and that they attribute their own shift in behaviour to porn.

Dines interviewed several men who’d been imprisoned for raping children. She asked them why they turned to children later in life, and they all said the same thing: “I was bored. I wanted something different.”

Though both Mares and Dines describe how porn creates a need for extreme stimulation, Mares feels that anti-porn activists exaggerate porn’s impact. “There’s a lot of unsubstantiated talk about pornography leading people to act it out,” she says. Inflating porn’s influence on behaviour can lead to censorship, which Mares believes is detrimental for a democratic society. “You don’t need to regulate what people watch,” she says. “You can have health regulations in an industry.”

Alarmism also threatens the BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) community and those who enjoy consensual kink. Though BDSM practitioners engage in stylized forms of violence and explore the interaction of pain and pleasure, Calgary-based dominatrix Lady Seraphina is adamant that there’s no violence whatsoever in BDSM. “When we talk about consensual kink, there’s pleasure for both partners,” she says. “And where there’s pleasure for both partners, it’s not violent.”

Lady Seraphina asserts a clear distinction between porn and practice: pornography doesn’t initiate, inflate or inflame a person’s interest in BDSM, she says. “There’s no indication that porn and BDSM have anything to do with each other.” Just as people can watch action movies without shooting up a crowd, they can watch violent porn fantasies without acting them out.

Toronto-based sexologist and TV personality Jessica O’Reilly agrees most people can distinguish between fantasy and reality, though she acknowledges that porn-based expectations can sometimes play out in people’s relationships.

O’Reilly, who has a PhD in human sexuality, cites Cindy Gallop’s site, which was created to counter the unpleasant and demeaning demands that men sometimes acquire from their porn-watching. “I think porn offers very limited, inaccurate representations of bodies and sex acts,” says O’reilly. “It can reframe our erotic scripts to include a more narrow range of acts and bodies.”

O’Reilly is adamantly pro-porn, however, and challenges the idea that the industry is focusing on gonzo. “What I see is a broadening of the porn genres to include feminist and amateur porn,” she says. “Seeing people engaged in sexually explicit activities is really important. I can’t think of any other physical activity in our lives that we practise without observing first. You don’t play football without watching a game.”

For Dines, the real problem isn’t porn’s impact on behaviour but people’s ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. “We’re not born fully formed human beings with all our tastes set,” she says. “We are cultural beings who wander through our society and our culture picking up cues and norms and values, and those shape who we are.” Dines asserts that if porn doesn’t affect people, then everything we know about human behaviour is wrong.

She continues: “If sexuality is constructed via the culture, then arguing that porn has no effect is like saying that advertising has no effect. We accept that the food industry shapes how people eat, and the clothing industry shapes how people dress. Why would the sex industry be any different?”

But no matter how well porn users can defend themselves against porn’s false messaging, everyone agrees children are the least likely to be adept at making the distinction between what’s real and what’s not. Few will celebrate the fact that porn has become the primary source of sex education for generations raised on the Internet, who often encounter porn — and presumably gonzo porn — by the age of 11 or 12.

No one is more pro-porn than Atlanta pornographer South, and even he states the matter very candidly: “There’s just something about the plethora of violent porn that is disturbing to me, particularly when you consider its ready availability to people who are under the age of 18.”

If children are watching hard-core porn, they are likely watching it on a site owned by the world’s largest porn provider, a company called MindGeek. As was reported in a recent article by David Auerbach in Slate, MindGeek operates more than 100 sites with a total bandwidth that exceeds Twitter, Amazon or Facebook.

The company, which was founded by Canadians Stephane Manos and Ouissam Youssef in 2007 and now has offices in Montreal as well as all over the world, owns many of the popular “tube” sites, such as Pornhub, YouPorn and RedTube. These sites are very easy to access: they’re free, they rank high in Google searches and they offer an endless stream of new content.

South believes that if companies like MindGeek were forced to put up an age-verification firewall (essentially, requiring a credit card number), as gambling sites have had to do, they would fail.

He doesn’t want to see the porn industry fail, of course. He just wants to see it take responsibility for itself, and to leave behind the violence for a more sex-positive approach.

But for Dines, the two sides are irreconcilable. “My argument is that I’m pro-sex, and that’s why I’m anti-porn,” she says. “You can’t be pro-porn and pro-sex at the same time. You have to pick one.”

Metro Talent Management responds to Brandi Foxx

Thank You Scott Andrew, I appreciate the professional manner in which you responded, others could learn a lot from you man.
From now on I’m gonna refrain from these agency stories for the obvious reasons. I would still strngly encourage APAC to work with LATATA and set up some practices that protect both sides

Hi Mike,

Hope all is well with you on this Halloween day.We have seen your most recent post as relayed from Brandi Foxx.  I’m here to give you the real facts.Here is a brief summary of the facts in the matter:Back in Q2 of this year we acquired both Metro Talent Management and a Talent Manager named Kevin. 

Kevin was managing the models at the time and brought on several models including Brandi.  I never talked to her.In fact, I’ve never spoken to her directly.  I’ve never met her.  I live in Park City Utah and come to LA once a month and manage my agencies via Skype which works as well as if were in the office.Brandi was placed, upon her request as she had no place to stay, at a Model House owned by a director. 

That director is never at that house. So I am unaware and do not believe that she had actual encounters with him.  At around the same time that Brandi was at the house, Kevin was recruited over to OC Modeling and left the business.  We picked up the pieces, including Brandi and other models.  We indeed tried to find work for Brandi with no success. 

I don’t know the exact circumstances but it was becoming clear that she didn’t have the funds to pay for the rent at the model house which was $35/day I believe. 

Somewhere towards the end of a week stay things became tense at the house.  Natalie tried to diffuse the situation but it resulting in her getting yelled and screamed at by Brandi.  She was asked to leave.  And also was asked if she would pay her rent.  She left hastily and never remitted any funds.

We, in fact, paid her bill to the director of $325. Then a week or so after I received an email from Brandi.  It was not kind to say the least.  She wanted to be release from her contract and was refusing to pay the rent.  You can read the dialog yourself.  

What followed was a series of rants from her about just about everything including some really savory things she wanted to express about me. 

In the end I even offered to settle for a lesser amount.  In fact, I might have taken $50.  Just something to show her responsibility.  In the end it appears not about the money but about anger.  And while I understand anger over not getting work, making this personal issue seems to be her point.We hold no ill will towards her and never have. 

I hope she finds what she is looking for in this or other business and wish her well.  We will probably, at this point, simply call this a bad debt and move on.Please find attached the email dialog in the hopes that maybe someone will see that as professional as you may try to be, sometimes that just doesn’t work. 

I am not sure what would have other than simply giving her money in the form of her balance.Thanks in advance for your review of the information.

Scott Andrew
LAX Models
Metro Talent Management

Another Agency Beef

And another Agent Beef
As a suggestion to APAC, while I agree that personal relationships in porn could use some counseling might not your time be better spent on more pressing issues?  Here’s a good place to start (one of many)

Hi Mike!

My name is Brandi Foxx. I’ve been in the industry for going on a year and a half now.  I want to tell you about a guy whom you may already know, Scott Andrew, Co-Owner of Metro Talent. Here is my story:

I signed up with Metro Talent with a guy who is no longer with them. He left to be an agent for OC Modeling. This was in August. After a week of being with Metro Talent, I asked for a release from my contract because I was dissatisfied with their business ethnics, let alone the bullshit that Scott has both said and done. Scott has refused to release me from my contract. His reason is because I owe $325 for a model house that I stayed in. I told Scott, “How in the hell do you expect me to pay this and you know good damn well that you haven’t gotten me any work?! ” If I can’t work, I can’t pay my bills. As a result of Scott Andrew and his staff not getting me work, I’m flat broke, and Scott Andrew doesn’t give a fuck.

Scott Andrew is a total douche bag and a MAJOR shit talker. He has gone around telling people that I do drugs (and I don’t. I don’t even smoke weed or cigarettes), I don’t work for Metro Talent (but yet there I am on their website), etc. 15 to 20 girls have called him out on Twitter. On top of that, Metro Talent had the nerve to talk shit about other agents and agencies that are WAY better than them!

Scott has also called me uneducated, incompetent, inferior, retarded, crazy, basically calling me everything under the fucking sun. Why? It wouldn’t surprise me that he’s racist against black girls.

Confronting Scott about him talking shit is one thing, but what he tried to do with my pictures is another story. Just a couple of weeks ago, someone told me to go check out Metro’s website. I did and lo and behold, I see pictures that I know FOR A FACT that I didn’t give him/Metro Talent to use. I confronted him and he said, “I’m unaware of the specifics….we’re just trying to help the photographer get traffic “. Unbeknownst to Scott, that photographer has been doing his thing for over 45 years. I said that his excuse was total bullshit. You are the co-owner of YOUR agency!  You cannot sit here and tell me that you don’t know the dos and don’ts of using someone else’s pictures, especially without permission and NOT know what’s going on with your agency, especially as far as talent. RIDICULOUS! I said that I was going to tell the photographer about this and he said, “Go ahead, tell him,and I’ll just tell him what a crazy bitch you are! ” I emailed the photographer, gave him Metro’s information and he actually left a comment on Metro’s website literally telling them that they didn’t have permission to use the pictures they were using. A staff emailed him and said, “We’ll address the issue promptly.” Sure enough, the pictures were taken down from the website. So that goes to show that if your staff was that quick to address the issue, then they knew they had no business doing that, and if THEY knew, of course, Scott Andrew did too.

Another act Scott Andrew and his staff like to pull is by saying, “We get burned by a lot of talent. ” Really?!  You talk shit about your talent, you don’t get them any work, and they have the nerve to say THEY get burned by talent?! Can you say, “Get the fuck out of here?! “

And that’s not all. The model houses they own have homeowners that are not the friendliest. I’m not going to mention this person for the sake of whatever dignity they might have left(if any), but he was an asshole for no apparent reason at all. Even he called me retarded and said things like, “I don’t wanna talk to you, I don’t need any information from you “, but oh he wanted my money…. Also, they like to accuse the models of stupid shit. The day I left this model house in Van Nuys, the girl that is the “House mom “, had the nerve to accuse me of stealing a blanket! A BLANKET! They have cameras all over the house that they can check, but they would rather point fingers and call them liars instead. I heard a story that a few months prior to this, they accused a girl of stealing towels! TOWELS!  Like seriously?!

Bottom line, Scott Andrew is a SCUMBAG! He’s really quick to talk shit but when you confront him, he’ll run and hide like a little bitch. He and his staff don’t do shit for their talent, but yet expects money from them?!  He and his staff are the retarded ones! I’m flat broke because of this douche bag to where I’ve stepped out of my realm to get whatever help I can get, and I don’t give a fuck what Scott says. He shouldn’t care because he hasn’t done a damn thing and he knows it! Like I told people, “FUCK SCOTT ANDREW! “

This is my story. Run with it

Brandi Foxx

Reader Mail – AVN Awards for sale Nothing New

Hi Mike.
Sex in exchange for AVN Award consideration is nothing new, of course.
Years ago (circa 2006) I had solid evidence of certain former editor (bald, bearded, fancied himself a BDSM “Lord” and “Master”) working with a studio owner to secure the use of some rather famous vagina at the time in exchange for award consideration.
Granted, this was about the same time that he was sent packing. But the notion that Fish didn’t know about this kind of thing and didn’t tolerate it to some capacity for years prior is ludicrous. Things get around, especially in Chatsworth. Keeping a secret in that town is like trying to nail jello to a wall – utterly fucking futile.
Peter Warren has been around at AVN for about a decade, so he’s one of the older guard who worked under the former editor I mentioned earlier. So if the accusations against Peter are true, one can only say he learned from the “Master” right?
Zaphod Beeblebrox


Then and Now AVNAwardGate

Peter Warren

Before Paul Fishbein sold AVN he was very protective of his AVN Awards show and the awards reputation in general.

My how times have changed.  With Manwin calling the shots over there it isn’t any big surprise that the whole thing has been corrupted, they did it with Playboy, they did it with Twistys….Why not AVN too?

A lot has happened since I broke that story yesterday, I have gotten a lot of emails that corroborate the actresses story, this leaves little doubt in my mind that what she says is true.

Many performers have also noted that winning an AVN Award is no big deal anymore anyway because they can’t even be bothered to send the trophy.  It is now November almost and many of last years winners still haven’t gotten the trophy.

Another thing that struck me was the people that suggested that she shouldn’t be upset because she was essentially trying to rig the voting, now while I can see that to some degree the lack of any indication that anyone at AVN gives a rats ass about the integrity of their awards is astounding!

You can bet your ass Paul Fishbein would NEVER have let this go.  One must wonder how he feels about his decision to sell his baby now?

I have a feeling this isn’t yet over

Want An AVN Award? This Reader Says You Have To Have Sex With Peter Warren

Over the years I have gotten lots of emails about AVN Awards and while I think many of them were true they weren’t willing to speak out and were based more on speculation than on something concrete.  This one is more concrete.  I followed up on this for days and have corroborating witnesses so this one is here for you to decide.

For the record I contacted Theo Sapoutzis at AVN about this, normally Theo returns my calls or emails straight away, this time it has been ignored for two days, no response is a response.

Of course Peter Warren flatly denies that he has done anything wrong.

If you are in the biz and you have any experience with an AVN staff member offering to trade sex for AVN nominations or votes, please contact me, I want your story on or off the record.  If you have any tweets saved or voice or emails that is a great extra.


I am an adult performer who has been in the business for a little over a year. I have been fairly successful and shot for a number of companies including Bang Bros, Naughty America, Jules Jordan, Kink and the list goes on and on.

I met Peter Warren at an industry party earlier this year and he seemed really nice. When I found out he worked for AVN I gave him my number and we kept in touch through twitter and he would occasionally text me just to see how I was doing and how work was doing. Every once in a while he would text me something inappropriate which I kind of just brushed off considering the daily stuff I see on my twitter is much worse.

When pre-nominations were announced he called me and asked how I was doing. He knew that I am gunning for the Best New Starlet award and that is the award I am dying for. I have seen how much an award like that has changed the careers of girls who have won it before. We chatted on the phone for a bit and then he said, “You know, I can make sure you get nominated, and definitely give you my vote as well if you do something for me.”

It wasn’t any secret what he wanted. He wanted to fuck me. I looked at it as a business decision. I have fucked ugly guys for money before but I figured fucking him would be an investment in my career. An AVN award my first year in the business would get my agent to push me harder to the directors, and also get the companies to come after me because all of a sudden I would be a high demand performer. I thought long and hard about it and finally decided, fuck it. I’ll do it. He told me I could never tell anyone about it but I was guaranteed a nom for Best New Starlet, plus his vote which in his words “has alot of clout”.

Nominations haven’t even come out so I don’t even know if I got the Best New Starlet nom so one would wonder why I am writing this before I even find out if I got nominated?

 Two nights ago I was talking to another girl at a small get together which was mostly industry people at a friend’s house. This girl is also new to the business and we were talking about AVN and whose booth we would be signing at. I told her I couldn’t wait for the awards and I thought I was a shoe-in for Best New Starlet. What she said next made my jaw drop. This other girl said, “Good luck with beating me out for Best New Starlet. I fucked Pete over at AVN. Pretty sure that award is mine.”

In retrospect, I knew going into this industry that it’s a sleazy one, and I knew what I did didn’t add much to my character. Even so, I wonder how many starlets Mr. Warren has fucked so far this year? His nomination list is probably pretty long and that’s just assuming he only stuck with one category “The Naive New Girls” AKA “Best New Starlet” category.

Anyways, good luck to all the girls who get nominated! I guess the award is going to go to whoever fucked him the best! The answer to the age-long question of “Who do I have to fuck to get an AVN Award around here” has been answered. It’s Peter Warren.

When Did It become sexy To Spit On Sex Organs? – Reader Mail

From My buddy Rodney Moore



I go down to LA about once a month to shoot, and without fail, every time I’m shooting a “porn girl” who has experience in the biz, invariably within a minute of giving me head she will spit on my cock. I stop the camera, and I tell her, “Please don’t spit on me, that’s disgusting.”

When did spitting become erotic? Is there anyone out there watching porn who actually is turned on by seeing a girl spit on a penis? Even worse, is when guys spit on a girl’s pussy. Really? Spitting on someone is about as degrading as it gets. Why do modern directors tell women to do that? It’s gross and disgusting. Stop telling girls to spit on cocks, please!

Age Verification Coming To Adult Sites

This story is from the UK and only applies to sites under their jurisdicion but it is something that is likely to happen here as well. I have been contacted about this by lawmakers in the past and I do know that there is an ongoing effort to draft something constitutionally sound.

On the plus side it would really hurt tube sites, who according to sources at Manwin about 20 to 30% of their traffic is from people under the age of 18, (thats a metric you won’t see them release anytime soon. They like to crow about what states search for what porn terms, but they wont release age demographics of their users.

“ADULT WEBSITES could be forced to verify that a person is over 18 years of age, following new laws set to be proposed by the UK government.

That’s according to a report at The Sunday Times, which says that owners of pornography websites and those selling guns and other age-restricted material could be forced to add age-verification measures under new plans being drawn up by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

According to the report, the age-verification feature will use bank-approved software and credit cards, along with UK-approved companies such as PayPal and Visa, in a similar way to measures already in place for gambling websites.”