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ATMLA, Kicking The Hornets Nest

It’s been a long time since I it a topic that has sparked as much debate as this one, from twitter to GFY and beyond ATMLA is the talk of the town and there isn’t much neutral ground.

In the end ATMLA is currently out of LATATA by a majority vote, in a month they could be re-admitted though it seems doubtful.  The Big Issues with LATATA seem to bee Mark Schechters methods to bring the organization closer to The Free Speech Coalition and his practice of way undercutting talent rates.

On the directors side Mark seems to have strong support, most of them like him, their detractors say its because they are getting boy girl scenes from him for as low as 400 or 500 dollars.

On the talent side most do not like him, saying he strong arms them to accept lower rates, that they are getting harassed in his model house, that he is sending them on BDSM shoots without fully explaining what they will be subjected to and that the percentage he charges is too high in order to make up the lost money for cutting their rates. Their detractors say hey this is simply the economics of the time and talent is bitter because less work being available acts to drive down prices.

Fans and outside observers generally dont like agencies altogether, suggesting that talent should self book and avoid them altogether.  They also seem to think that the agencies push the girls into prostitution.

It will all shake out in the end ut as evidenced by the responses to the article it is something that prolly needed to be talked about…


I had a feeling this was coming.  Mark Schechter has been doing some really shady shit lately, I’m hearing stories of girls being forced to drop their rates by half or more and quitting the biz instead of staying with ATMLA.

Another girl was told it would cost her 300 dollars for new pictures for the ATMLA site or she could have sex with Mark and he wouldn’t charge her.

This is exactly the kind of thing that LATATA was formed to put a stop to and I think it is a good thing that they are stepping up, kudos to them for that.

There is an old saying that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  I would suggest to Mark Schechter that maybe he needs to do some reflecting on these things.

And let us not forget that Mark is on the Board of The Free Speech Coalition….any surprise there?  None for me.  They are the single most corrupt organization this industry has ever had,  they make Regan Senter and Beautiful Models Inc. look like a charity by comparison.

Everyone im porn in Los Angeles should be concerned about this, some producers are happy because they are getting boy girl scenes for half the rate the girls usually charge, but I maintain that it should be the girl that sets her rate not her agent.



ATMLA, Mark Schechter Something Seems Amiss

On doing some background checking up I got sent a pretty comprehensive report.

It seems to me that something is very strange is afoot with ATMLA.  Mark is bonded but the report certainly raises questions as to how.  Mark Schechter, according to the report has bankruptcies (3), as well as liens and judgements against him, all of these things generally would be grounds to deny him a surety or a bond. How does someone with 3 bankruptcies get bonded? It is also interesting that he apparently has no Drivers License.

Something else was in there, something that raised a red flag….as you can see the report indicates that he has used the social security number of a deceased person, one Henry Estelle it could be just a typo made on entering an SSN, no one is accusing Mark of anything criminal, but I am told this IS being investigated.  Its pretty well known that Mark isn’t abiding by LATATA Guidelines regarding charging the extra for two week testing that is given back to talent.  mark is also markedly higher in terms of what he charges his models and may even be charging more than is allowed.  This should all shake out over the next week or so but I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we will be hearing about it.

Subject Information


(Best Information for Subject)

Other Names Associated with


Bankruptcies: Yes

Liens: Yes

Judgments: Yes

Date of Birth: 03/08/1958, Born 56 years ago

Other DOBs Associated with Subject

Subject Using Deceased Individual’s SSN
Date of Death: 06/21/1990, Died at 105
SSN: 552-19-XXXX issued in CALI FORNIA
between 1972-1973
SSN: 552-10-XXXX issued in CAL IFORNIA
between 1934-1951
Other Individuals Observed with shared SSN: None

Comprehensive Report Summary

Bankruptcies: 3 found
Possible Phones: 26 found
Driver’s License: None found
Address(es) found: 22 found
Motor Vehicles Registered: None found
Criminal History: 5 found

Remember The Uproar About The Animal Torture Porn Back In April…

Everyone involved walked.

It seems the statute of limitation had run on it and charges were dropped against Stephanie Hird, Sara Zamora and Adam Redford

From the Miami Herald:

Redford, however, won’t be punished by authorities for his years of producing and peddling animal smut. He was initially named as a co-defendant in the animal abuse arrests of two of his fetish models earlier this year — but the cases were soon dropped because the statute of limitations had long expired.

And although Miami-Dade prosecutors tried to build a racketeering case against him, there was simply not enough evidence. The animal porn probe has now been formally closed.


Porn Merchants Targeted by Bank Regulators, Trade Group Says

From the Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON – U.S. bank regulators tried to “coerce and intimidate” banks in an effort to force them to sever ties to the porn industry, a trade group says.

In a court filing this week, a year-old trade group called the Third Party Payment Processors Association accused the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp of engaging in “moralistic regulation” over the banking industry,.

The filing is the latest wrinkle in a long-running fight about a regulatory crackdown on fraud schemes processed through payment firms. Bank regulators in recent years have been stepping up warnings to banks to keep close watch over payment firms that work with certain merchants – such as escort services, coin dealers and payday lenders — over concerns about fraudulent or illicit behavior.

Banks earn money by charging fees to such payment firms, which in turn provide thousands of merchants with access to the U.S. financial system.

The Third Party Payment Processors Association, a trade group formed last year to represent payment firms, accused the FDIC of using the bank-examination process “to coerce and intimidate banks” into cutting off relationships with payment processing firms that do business with porn merchants.

The FDIC has engaged in an “improper practice of moralistic regulation” of  the banking industry, the legal brief says.

Regulators didn’t target the pornography industry because of evidence of fraud against consumers, the group wrote. In stead regulators “targeted the industry because they thought pornography was not good for consumers.”

An FDIC spokesman said the regulator does not comment on pending litigation.

The payment processors’ group filed their amicus brief Thursday in a lawsuit against U.S. banking regulators filed in June by a different trade group representing short-term lenders. That suit, filed by the Community Financial Services Association of America, seeks to stop federal banking regulators from pushing banks to terminate their business relationships with short-term lenders, gun shops and other kinds of businesses.

The Justice Department has also been probing banks’ relationships with payment firms. As part of an investigation dubbed “Operation Choke Point,” the Justice Department has issued more than 50 subpoenas and has opened at least 15 civil and criminal investigations into whether banks and payment-processing firms helped enable fraudulent activity. Officials at the DOJ say their probe is focused on illegal activity and not on forcing banks to cut off businesses’ accounts.

Marsha Jones, the payment group’s president, issued a statement criticizing the government for “legitimate, albeit politically-unfavorable, businesses from the economy according to the flavor of the day. Today it’s payday lenders and firearms-related businesses; tomorrow, it could be environmental and civil rights groups or family planning clinics. No one can predict who’s next.”

The FDIC has backed down somewhat on its crackdown. In July, after criticism from lawmakers, the regulator announced it would no longer list specific categories of high-risk merchants that banks should monitor carefully.

A New Adult Search Engine Emerges It Has Promise

Theres much to like here:  I sincerely hope it catches on.

This is an Interview with Founder Colin Rowntree who has been in porn as long as I have (At least)

How is searching on Boodigo different than just searching on Google, or than searching on video hosting sites?


Boodigo provides safe, anonymous and reliable search results for any kind of adult entertainment sites.   Rather than just video hosting listings, Boodigo provides results for traditional membership sites, porn star sites and blogs, adult industry news sites, sex toy stores and even a special function that allows for Tumblr fans to get adult listings inside of Tumblr (now that Tumblr has banned internal search for adult keywords and phrases).


What differentiates Boodigo from Google is the core focus of search results are actual legal adult sites, and excludes piracy sites, as well as non-adult listings for adult content searches on such publications as Ladies Home Journal and Redbook (bedroom sex tips, anyone?).


Boodigo commits to not use cookies or other user-tracking technologies to gather information about your users. Why should this be important to guys?


The other prime motivation for us developing Boodigo was to provide surfers with an anonymous and secure search platform that does not set cookies or user-tracking in order to mine data about users.   All sessions are encrypted.   Surfers come, search, find what they are looking for and leave without having traces of what they were doing at an adult search site on their home computer or other shared device.   As the old joke goes, a woman says to her husband “Honey, I went on Google today and started searching for Amazon new products, but your auto-fill popped up Amazing Hardcore Cuckolding Movies. Is there something you’d like to tell me?”


Talk about the whole topic of Boodigo fighting against piracy?


The issue of piracy of adult intellectual property on illegal torrents, fileshare and tube sites has been a massive problem for the adult entertainment industry for well over 8 years now.   This has significantly impacted adult film studios, performers, editors, film crews and premium sites to the point where so much stolen content is online for free, the loss of revenue has caused the industry to pull back on production of new films. When this happens, porn stars suffer, as do all of the other folks in the adult film infrastructure.

At this point, it’s difficult for surfers to even find quality, legal content on Google at all, and Bing returns page after page after page of results for illegal download sites.  That’s not helpful!


Why this is important for guys (and gals) putting in the effort to use (and sometimes purchase) legal videos is that it supports the adult entertainment industry and their favorite porn stars that try so hard to provide good, hot and entertaining content for them.  If no one buys anything, the result is obvious that there simply will not be new content for them to enjoy, new rising starlets to follow, and innovative studios to subscribe to for new releases.


As for the virus and malware topic, it is critical for surfers to avoid torrents, fileshare services and illegal tubes like the plague.   Traditional and legitimate sites, blogs, stores and the like have a strong motivation not to be serving viruses:   they want you to become a loyal customer and will bend over backwards (as it were, in some cases) to provide a safe and secure place for customers to enjoy their sexuality and come back for more!   This is why Boodigo lists them with priority, and bans illegal and potentially harmful sites by the hundreds every day


It’s an interesting partnership—the two of you who have the background in erotic sites, and ex-Google programmers. Do you feel like this was sort of the perfect marriage of both sides to create such a site?


Angie and I started our first adult website quite by accident in 1994. originally was just an experiment to see if folks would like to order a free mail order catalogue we produced of kinky leather bondage sex toys and apparel.   We very quickly discovered that a LOT more people on that new “internet thing” were more interested in looking at pretty women and hot men in leather than ordering a mail order catalogue.  With that in mind, within a few months we developed a very primitive premium membership site and the rest was history.   By 1999, Angie had developed and launched one of the first “porn for women” sites – – and that took off like a rocket with women and couples.


By the year 2000, we had grown to the point of needing a dedicated programmer to keep up with tech innovation and that programmer we hired is who, a year ago, put together the Boodigo development team at his firm,  comprised of a VERY bright team from both adult and mainstream sectors.   It’s a match made in heaven as they not only have vast experience in the nuances of the adult internet, but also understand modern-day search technology. In coming weeks, we will be making keyword-based advertising for qualified adults sites available.  And, on the horizon are other cool features such as encrypted and secure instant text messaging which, obviously, we will name “BoodiCall”!


It should also be noted that Boodigo is working with ASACP to filter out search terms and results that might lead to child pornography.  I tried it out and even though Im listed #1 on google for a lot of search terms  I wasnt even on boodigos radar  nor was southernbukkake but I expect they will fix that post haste!  Good luck to them!


Uncle Peg Gets Another Reprive

Apparently worried after he saw my post His lawyer went in and filed for a continuance, which he was granted for only one week.  When I called this afternoon the clerk told me he no showed at court, i asked if a bench warrant was issued she said that was standard proceedure but it usually takes up to a day to show up.

He is now scheduled in court at 8AM on Oct 9th

and again on Oct 26th on different charges.


Uncle Pegs Day In Court Didn’t End So Well

I think Uncle Peg aka Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass knew he was headed to jail today so he decided to just skip his court date.  He is now a fugitive and a bench warrant has been issued for his arrest.  i am told that combined with the letters the judge got and his past behavior in and out of court his probation will be revoked and he will do time.

If you know the whereabouts of Ari bass aka Michael Whiteacre you can call the Clark County Marshalls Dept at (702) 229-2422.

explain to them that he has a bench warrant on case # #14F01031X

Now Uncle Peg  Ima give you some sound advice….fall off the radar, close all yer emails, yer twitters everything  cuz they will find you as a result of that activity.  the good thing is that I know you are too fucking stupid….Porns own Wile E Coyote.

Enjoy your self destruction peg and here is a link for you, yer gonna need it

Porn Inc.

National Geographic has gotten in touch with me and they are looking to interview people in the industry for an upcoming episode of Drugs Inc.  You do not have to show your face or reveal your identity.  If you would like more info email me and I will put you in touch.  they wll be filming in L.A. later this month for one month.




Ari Scott Bass Next Day In Court is Thursday

Oct. 2 2014.  This is a checkup on his probation issued by Judge Ann E Zimmerman in his beer bottle assault case.  I couldn’t find an email address for Judge Zimmerman but I do have a FAX number directly to her office

That number is (702) 385-8912 Fax

His case number is case #14F01031X, Ari Scott Bass

I have faxed Judge Zimmerman information pertinent to this hearing, as should you.  If you have been stalked, cyberstalked, threatened or in any way harassed by Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Judge Zimmerman needs to hear from you.  It’s a very small effort and it will help insure that he lands behind bars where he belongs.

If you are in Las Vegas and willing to appear in Judge Zimmermans Court and report about what happens in this hearing, contact me.  It does pay.

Have a nice day Uncle Peg


I Miss The Days When the Porn Industry Wasn’t a Cesspool

Last week a cross over performer who goes by the name Doc Holliday in gay porn was caught faking his tests.  This prompted a press release from Talent testing Services on how to spot a fake TTS test.

Now if you are like me you think this is big news and I posted it immediately.  I was the only one.  The so called industry news sites didn’t even bother to run the press release, much less the story about Doc Holliday faking his tests.  You’d think it never happened.

I contacted Theo at AVN and he said if AVN didn’t run the press release then it was clearly a mistake. well maybe so but that was three days ago and they still haven’t run it…and you might notice as I did that there wasn’t a word about running a story about anyone faking tests.

And Helmy at XBiz  he had nothing to say.

Wouldn’t you think that if people are faking tests that performers might actually want to know about that?   why would AVN and XBiz hide it?  Why would they not even run a press release that instructs directors, performers and others how to spot a real test from a fake…is that really less important than Amazing Asses 17?

Well Xbiz finally did get around to running the press release but did they name the performer caught faking his tests?  Nope.

And if you ask them they pretend they are taking the high road and tell people they dont run “gossip”…blah bla..  as if somehow I do.

Then they both wonder how it is that I get named one of porns ten most powerful players by NBC and they dont get so much as a mention.  I will give you guys a hint…Its because you are not news  there is nothing on either XBiz or AVN that is anything more than a paid advertisement.  I would like to think this business deserves better but lately, it doesn’t.


Male Performer Faking Tests..How To Tell A Real one

There is a male performer who performs as Doc Holiday and other names faking his test from TTS.  No word how long it has been going on but he was busted on it today or yesterday.

Talent Testing Reminds everyone how to spot a fake

Fake TTS Results In The Industry – And How To Spot A Fake TTS Result
September 26th, 2014
Yesterday, an alert Producer in the Los Angeles area spotted a fake Talent Testing Service Inc. (TTS) paper result. According to Sixto Pacheco, President of TTS, this is the second time this year that someone tries to con the industry with a fake Talent Testing result. In both instances the person was caught and banned from the TTS testing system.
TTS would like to remind Talents, Agents and Producers that we have two key validation features in printed and web based Talent test result. that everyone can use:
QR CODES: Implemented on December 2011
We implemented QR Code Technology to protect the validity of all printed and web based results. All results now have a QRCode 2 Square below the results section of the report that when used in conjunction with any smart phone QR Code scanning software (such as ScanLife by Scanbuy, Inc. or Scan by QR Code City, LLC) it will show if the results are authentic and valid.
Once the barcode has been scanned, the browser will direct you to the TTS Mobile page that shows the Talent Id#, Date of Birth (DOB), Test Expiration Date (based on a 30-day testing cycle), and the actual test results. This technology will permit any user viewing an actual paper result to verify its authenticity on-demand.
If you don’t have access to software to read the QR Code, we provide an Authentication Code in each test performed. The Authentication Code for each test is found on the far right of each test result.
To use the code, simply visit, where you will find a big tab labeled Test Authentication. Clicking on it will show you a new page where you enter the authentication code and a security code and results will be displayed and validated.
TTS has always been ahead of the curve in implementing leading edge technology and innovation. In addition to the QR Code and mobile access features, Producers/Agents as well as Talents are provided with a personal online dashboard with access to historical and most up-to-date testing information. Talents can also set up automatic reminders for next test dates.
About Talent Testing Services, Inc. (TTS)
As the leader in setting testing standards for the industry, Talent Testing Service, Inc. (TTS) consistently offers talents safe, courteous, affordable and convenient testing through wholly owned subsidiaries or collaborating sites. Since 2007, TTS has provided the most advanced infectious molecular testing for the adult industry. TTS is a privately held company with headquarters in Miami, Florida with subsidiaries in Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California. Miami, FL (Headquarters) (305) 792 2090 / Los Angeles (818) 885 0812 / Las Vegas (702) 868 8900 Twitter: @talenttesting Facebook:

Worlds Largest Piracy Site Pornhub Wants To Be A Record Label

What could POSSIBLY go wrong there…SMFH.

And get this they are saying artists “can upload their own stuff”…ya right  just like porners uploaded all their own content.

What gets me is the mainstream press that this obvious scam is getting.  Even a washout like Coolio won’t officially announce a deal with them, and where else is HE gonna get any kind of deal?

What the high low on one of these artists coming to the realization that he/she is signing on to give Manwin/mindgeek music for free?

Maybe the music industry is as fucking stupid as the porn industry, somehow I dont see the RIAA selling out the music biz like The FSC did the porn biz.

Any “Artist” that signs on for this  deserves the fucking they will get.



Ya I know I know

I took a couple of days off to get in some riding.  The weather has just been gorgeous and I have been inside way too much lately working on a new project.  Things in porn have been rather slow anyway.  Uncle Peg suddenly realized he is in deep shit so he was busy all weekend removing posts from his twitter timeline…don’t worry Peg we got em all saved so yer still buttfucked…but we all know you like that.  Good thing too…I have a feeling Judge Ann Zimmerman isn’t real pleased with you right now.

Now a lot of readers on this site could care less about Ari Bass but there are also a lot that are just dying for him to get what’s coming to him and plan to throw a party when he is in jail and can no longer terrorize them, so I will keep y’all posted.

Uncle Peg’s chubby little wife, Christina Parreira aka Ela Stone and half a dozen other porn names and dozens of fake twitter names did a little speaking engagement at a college in Toledo last weekend about how it is wrong to abuse women because they are in the sex biz.  She was all busy patting herself on the back about it till the people that organized the event found out that she was convicted of domestic violence this year, and that her husband has two counts of domestic violence, one a felony hanging over his head.  he also had a felony arrest for assault…all this year.  Once they got a hold of the screen caps of the twitter war and the court records…well if I was Christina I wouldn’t pack my bags for that conference next year….Had they found out a couple of days prior they would have cancelled her.

And they are such big shots they couldn’t even afford a lawyer, they actually had a court appointed public defender. What a fucking loser…

Anyway enough about losers.  I have a very interesting date this weekend I will tell y’all all about next week and announcement of a new project I have been working on.

So I haven’t been fishing for a while and the weather is low humidity 70s and gorgeous so spending some time on the bike riding in the Mountains of GA, TN NC is a good escape.

I am back to the grind now  thank you all for stickin with me…Love You long time!



Manwin Colludes With ICM Registry Fabian Says FSC “Has No Real Value For Its Members”

In the Matter of the Independent Review Process:
Manwin Licensing International S.A.R.L.,
Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and
Numbers (“ICANN”),
CASE MANAGER: Carolina Cardenas
ICDR Case No. 50 117 T 00812 11
555 South Flower Street
Fiftieth Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Telephone: (213) 489-3939
Facsimile: (213) 243-2539
Counsel for Respondent ICANN
1.I have consulted for defendant ICM Registry, LLC (“ICM”) and served as the ICM Marketing Director since mid-2010. I submit this declaration in support of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ Response to Manwin Licensing International S.A.R.L.’s Request for Independent Review Pro ceeding. I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth herein, unless otherwise stated, and, if called upon to testify as a witness, I could and would
competently testify to these facts under oath. All Exhibits to this Declaration are maintained in business records in the ordinary course of my business.
2. Prior to executing its contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”), ICM developed the “Founders Program.” In December 2010, a few months after the decision to proceed with the .XXX sTLD was made by ICANN, the Founders Program was formally launched and was available to leading companies within the online adult entertainment industry. ICM’s Founders Program was established to support expressive activities by members of the Sponsored Community, whereby early adopters of the .XXX sTLD could secure and develop domain names in antic ipation of the official launch; the Founders Program closed on July 31, 2011. Under the terms of the agreement applicable to participation in the program, “Founders” were allocated specific valuable .XXX domains which must contain unique content and not merely dire ct users to alternate TLDs.
My responsibilities at ICM included helping businesses become “Founders” within the Founders Program.
During the Venus Tradeshow in Berlin, Germany, which ran from October 21-24, 2010, I, along with my ICM colleague, Claudio Menegatti (“Menegatti” ), met with YouPorn representative Fabian Thylmann (“Thylmann”). Thylmann informed Menegatti and me that YouPorn saw the introduction of the .XXX sTLD as a threat to YouPorn’s dominance over the adult Internet industry. At that time, Thylmann said that he would do whatever he could to stop .XXX. Specifically, Thylmann said that if ICANN approved the .XXX sTLD, YouPorn would file a lawsuit against ICM to disrupt its ability to conduct business.
5. On December 20, 2010, I sent an email to Thylmann informing him of the launch of the Founders Program and suggesting that it might be a good opportunity for YouPorn. Thylmann responded saying: “. . . the .XXX domainis useless even if it comes to market, and I am not interested, just as I was not interested before.” Attached as Exhibit 1 to this Declaration is a true and correct copy of this email correspondence.
6.In September 2011, Thylmann initiated a conversation with my ICM colleague, Chief Business Development Officer, Jonathan Todd and me, during an industry event in London. Thylmann purported to be interested in reaching a mutually beneficial business deal between YouPorn and ICM, and requested an in-person meeting with ICM’s CEO, Stuart Lawley (“Lawley”).
7. I understand that this requested meeting was held between Lawley and Thylmann on September 23, 2011. In fact, I understand that two meetings were held on that date. I understand that at these meetings YouPorn laid out a list of demands it wanted ICM to meet in order for YouPorn to conduc t business with ICM.
8. On October 12, 2011, I attended what I understood to be a meeting with YouPorn to follow up on the September 23 meetings. This follow-up meeting occurred at YouPorn’s offices in Montreal.
9.During the meeting, YouPorn’s representatives refined the list of demands presented to my ICM colleagues in the September 23 meetings. Specifically, at this meeting, YouPorn demanded that ICM: (i) allocate a minimum of several thousand .XXX domain names to YouPorn, free of charge; (ii) commit to prevent IFFOR from making any policies that ban or restrict the operation of user-generated content “tube” sites on .XXX domains; (iii) grant across-the-board discounts on all .XXX domain registrations; and (iv) allow YouPorn to operate certain ‘premium’ or high value domain names, such as “,” through a revenue sharing arrangement between YouPorn and ICM. Thylmann further stated that he needed the deal to include concessions by ICM that would put a positive “spin” on YouPorn’s involvement, so that it would appear that YouPorn accomplished some positive impact for the industry when news of the deal was announced.
10.YouPorn threatened ICM by saying that if its demands were not met, it intended to spend several million dollars per year for the next several years tying up ICM in litigation. [at this point I couldnt convert the pdf into word press probably because of the signature so I screen captured the rest]