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AVN For Sale

Ok well they have always been for sale in terms of buying their awards and what not, if you dont buy one they will send you your award in “6 Weeks” and a year later you still wont have it. Despite a few getting theirs I have a rash of emails from people who won (particularly Hall of Fame) who still dont have theirs.

But that isnt what this is about…word on the street is AVN is actually being shopped…more info as I get it.

Porner Turned Pastor Donny Pauling Arrested For Sex with Under 14 Year Old

Porner Turned Pastor Donny Pauling

Pauling was a content producer who shot porn (both hard and softcore) for Playboy and others. After he met The guys from XXXChurch he yurned away from porn and found himself “born again” eventually taking seminary classes to become a pastor.

“Two weeks after I stopped producing porn was when I actually surrendered my life to God,” Pauling recalls. “So that’s exactly what I did. I had that prayer right in my car. And I surrendered my life to Him, I asked Him to take control, I asked Him to forgive me of everything I’d done. It didn’t mean it was easy though. It’s not like I surrendered my life to God and everything turned rosy. I was at peace, the most peace I’d ever had in my life. But I was also in a hugely painful emotional state. But it was so peaceful at the same time. It felt kind of like detox.”

He was arrested on Monday and is currently being held without bail.

The U14 in the charges means the victim was under 14 years old.

AVN Awards Received

I have gotten several calls today thanking me for embarrassing AVN into finally getting the awards situation taken care of.  It seems people are getting the Awards they won a year ago.

Yer all welcome!

I will bet a dollar they have the awards ready this year ;)

Banned In The United Kingdom

The following sex acts are now banned in Porn in The United Kingdom.



Aggressive whipping

Penetration by any object “associated with violence”

Physical or verbal abuse (regardless of  if consensual)

Urolagnia (known as “water sports”)

Female ejaculation




The final three listed fall under acts the BBFC (British Board of Film Censors) views as potentially “life-endangering”.

This pulls the VOD and The DVD sides of porn together in that these had been banned on DVD all along, but not so for internet delivered content.  Many of the opponents of the rules are pointing out that they are targeting mostly activities where women get more pleasure than men, others argue that the rules apply to either sex are are targeted only at activities that tend to be violent in nature.

In a piece for The Independent, award-winning erotic film director Erika Lust said that she believes “we need to rethink what is offensive or dangerous and what is, in fact, normal human nature, and remember that it’s more important to educate than regulate.”

New Avn Award Categories from

Traditionally this is a quiet month in porn.  I ran across this and thought the satire to be pretty wicked so enjoy.

Originally in Reposted with permission.
New AVN Award Categories I’d Like to See

– Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women and Couples.

It’s that time of year again – AVN Award nominations season, when porn producers, directors, stars and studios find out if they’ve made the cut for honors such as Best Actress, Best Art Direction and Best Double Penetration Sex Scene (as opposed to Best Double Penetration Scene Not Involving Sex, I presume).

Many scoff at these AVN awards, mocking them as “wannabe Oscars”, but at least nobody calls them “wannabe Grammies” –because there isn’t one person left on Earth who gives even a tiny little shit about Grammies. Hell, even the fucking Reality Wanted awards have more credibility than the Grammies, at this point.

A lot of people also complain there are too many AVN Award categories, but on this point I couldn’t disagree more; if anything, AVN has been ignoring whole genres of porn for far too long.

Where, for example, is the award for Best Site Featuring Primarily Content to which it has No Copyright?

Granted, if AVN were to establish such an award, it would be largely duplicative of previous “Surfer’s Choice” awards, and people within the industry would complain about the category being dominated by tube sites. Still, profligate copyright violation is among the most popular “business models” in the modern adult industry, and these sites deserve some recognition from their peers the producers whose content they have worked so hard to steal.

[Mike south: actually AVN Actually did give an AVN award to pornhub so they kinda did do this one]

Staying with the web-side of the adult industry, I also think it’s about damn time we had a category for the Most Egregious Use of Popup and Popunder Ads for LiveJasmin . com.

Look, it’s not a trivial thing to get around the ad-blocking plugins available for Chrome; the intrepid porn-pushers who figure out how it’s done ought to get more than the occasional investigation by the consumer-protection division of the FTC in recognition of their fine work, don’t you think?

In fact, I think the AVN Awards have ignored the adult industry’s IT people for far too long, in general. To rectify this almost unforgiveable snubbing, it’s time for a couple other tech-focused awards to go with the new Popup ads honor: Best Use of Malware on a Porn Site and Most Creative Russian Hacker.

My suggestions thus far reflect an admitted “web bias” on my part, in part because I do almost all my porn consuming online. I haven’t forgotten about the Old Porn School, however: Obviously, new categories are needed for the porn-luddites of the world, too.

I hesitate to suggest it, because the competition for such an industry honor clearly would be fierce, but there’s a manifest need for a Most Pathetic, Despicable, Uncreative Porn-Publicity Stunt category. The only problems with that one will be limiting the number of nominees to less than 50, and deciding what is truly more despicable: Making porn-job offers to alleged murderers, or giving a couple embroiled in a domestic violence controversy the (entirely unsought) opportunity to fuck on film for money.

Of course, no awards show is complete without its Lifetime Achievement-style award, which AVN occasionally offers but desperately needs to expand. Instead of just awarding people for their long careers in the industry, or innovations they might have brought to the table over the years, we need to start acknowledging some of the more remarkable douchebags the industry has counted among its ranks.

For example, how about an In-Prison-for-Lifetime Achievement award to recognize the many porno-pugilistic contributions of John “War Machine” Koppenhaver, or a Batshit Crazy for Lifetime Achievement award for the likes of ex-pornstar Shelley Lubben? (One thing is for sure, they wouldn’t have trouble coming up with nominees for the latter, each and every year….)

Some say adult entertainment award shows are superfluous and irrelevant, but I think all they need is a little creativity, to be a little more reflective of the realities of the modern industry – and to get more granular in detail.

Yes, we already honor the Best Anal Release (thankfully, in context, “Release” refers to the release of the movie, and not one’s bowels) but why not stop and take a moment to acknowledge the Greatest Gapes and Most Righteous Rim-Jobs therein, individually?

Maybe it’s a TV schedule thing, or maybe they just want to leave plenty of time for the comedic stylings of whatever comedian you’ve never heard of is hosting the awards show this year, but personally, I think it’s a shame.

If Hollywood can fill an entire weekend with red carpet walks, candid interviews with actors who aren’t nominated for anything but who look simply fabulous in that dress and self-righteous speeches about weighty social issues the speaker doesn’t remotely comprehend, why can’t the porn industry do the same?

We are the Official Industry of Excess, damn it; it’s about time our awards shows started reflecting that fact, by taking a full week to conduct.

Anything less is just an insult to our fans…. all of whom have long since changed the channel, anyway.


Get Well Soon Goddess

For the rest of the weekend the background on this site will remain pink to remind Goddess that she is on our minds and that we wish her a speedy recovery!


Thanks out to Lurking Reader for the idea!

Welcome To All My Readers

I have gotten a lot of  emails recently from new readers, they aren’t complaining but they are noting that a lot of the things I write about are very esoteric and if you are brand new to the site it leaves you a bit befuddled.

Guilty as charged.

My target audience for this site has always been people in porn and hardcore fans, but a lot of what I write about transcends the industry and some of my most popular and most bookmarked pieces have always been stories that were written from my life experiences.  I have begun to put these into a category of their own called Best Of Mike South  You can click that link or you can use the drop down category box on the right sidebar under all the ads and photos.

I do appreciate all of my readers, specially the new ones because it gives me the opportunity to show to the outside world that our industry may seem to all be bad people, in reality most of the people in the biz are good people.  Fans can indeed be females as is evidenced by some of my more prolific commentators here.

Speaking of  Goddess used to write here a lot and it has come to my attention that she has recently had some surgery, I know that both my long time readers as well as myself wish her a speedy and complete recovery, Goddess is one of the first females to write regularly here and her columns were way funnier than mine.

If You use that category drop down and choose Goddess you can read some of her writing here, and you should…Its good and you dont have to be an industry insider to appreciate it.

Get Well soon Goddess!

If you are a new reader do please stick with us, it wont take you long to begin to follow whats going on.

If you are a long time reader, Thank You.  I never intended or imagined that my life and this site would get the mainstream attention that is has recently (with a lot more on the way)  I will try to make my writing a bit less esoteric by providing some clickable references to prior columns.  You might also use the links at the top of a page when you click on an article….It will give you the three articles it thinks are most closely related.

I also want to increase my commenters, and I realize that in order to do that we need to maintain a bit more tolerant and civil attitude towards each other, I will be addressing that over the new year unless it addresses itself.  Its easy to think that your view may be the right one on any given subject but if you stop and think about it if everyone thought exactly as I do I wouldn’t want to be here, different ideas and opinions allow us the opportunity to educate ourselves and to understand a particular topic better.  We can express ideas and opinions and we can disagree without personal attacks.

In the end I am prolly rambling a bit here but bottom line is that on these weekend of thanks, I am VERY thankful for all of you.

I am always available to my readers as well as to mainstream press via email,  I spend a lot of time every day staying on top of it and I personally answer every one, It is my responsibility to do so.

Again, Thank You All





Somebody Pin A Medal On This kid


Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the things I’m thankful for is all of my readers….

I’m spending Thanksgiving with family and wherever all of you guys (and girls) are I hope you have a great one.  If anything breaks rest assured I will be on top of it.

Love you long time!

Remember That 350 Plus Million Dollar Loan Manwin / MindGeek Got from Colbeck Capital?

Ya about that. Seems Fabian had to put up some significant money to Colbeck to make that happen.

According to (this is the Google English Version)

It also appears that Thylmann  a signing fee to pay 53.8 million dollars. This money is intended as a ‘fee’ to the investors of Colbeck Capital Management. Normally in risky loans and complex, but this is an extremely high amount. All expenses together lead to an effective rate of 41.7 percent.

Almost 42% Interest Rate for a 360 million dollar loan….WOW  No wonder Manwin/MindGeek has been searching so hard for new investors…

Also in the article  Fabian Thylmann is still awaiting the outcome of his tax evasion proceedings

It also mentions that Manwin has tried to get out of the Playboy deal and that Twistys memberships and traffic are down by 50% since the takeover.

The atricle is worth a read and if you read dutch the original may even have more info that is lost in translation.

Pictures From The AVN Nominations Party

Thanks to the guys at EMMReport for these!

AVN Noms Released….Yawn….

There was a time that this was one of the most anticipated events of the year….now it barely registers a mention.

Hell many of LAST YEARS winners still dont have their trophies…AVN blames the Trophy company    which is bullshit… Theo needs to step up and take some fucking responsibility….Are you trying to get me to believe that in an entire YEAR you cant work out the fucking problem on about a hundred plastic trophies?

Is AVN so cash strapped that they cant afford to hire a new company to make the fucking things and get them shipped to the winners?  Is this how little AVN thinks of its awards now?  Not to mention how little they think of the winners…..Grow a pair Theo…..Own it.

OK so if you care heres the list




Lets Talk About Agents, Does Talent Need An Agent?

They are in the news a lot right now but I want to address a lot of things that have surfaced or changed lately  first thing I want to address is whether or not agents are needed.  Plain and simple for a few girls maybe not but for the vast majority…absofuckinglutely!

Im gonna give credit where it is due here and that is to Derek Hay.  He saw a need and he addressed it and in the very best example of capitalism at work he completely changed the game for producers, directors and talent.

I remember the days when Jim South was about the only game in town, most girls didn’t use an agent.  the result was if you were a director you could book a girl who would get a better offer or jus decide to sleep in and no call no show on you.  It happened all the time.  So directors would wait an hour or two or more and finally realize she isnt coming at all and scramble to replace her, all the while paying everyone to sit around and twiddle their thumbs.

If and when she did show up she often would be too fucked up to work or covered in bruises because her Uncle Peg boyfriend beat her down with a pair of flip flops the night before, or she didn’t bring the proper wardrobe or she was coming off an all nighter and looked like death warmed over.

Or she didnt bring her ID or her ID was fake…..

It also seemed the more popular the girl the more flakey she was….

If you were pretty lucky maybe one girl in 5 would show up clean, prepared, with the right wardrobe and a on time

But It was not just the producers and directors that had problems….New companies were popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain, it was hard to keep up with who was real, who was internet, and who was scamming you  and there were lots of scammers….pretend agents that insisted on “compliance videos” making the girl have sex with him before he would book her.  Then there were legit guys (or seemingly so like Rob Black) that wouldn’t even bother to pay you and if he did the odds were your check would bounce…good luck getting him to make good on it.

Talent was routinely abused and had no recourse but to chalk it up to a learning experience.

Say what you want about Derek Hay but he totally changed things…straight up….when you booked a girl or guy through L.A. Direct you had a guarantee that she would show up sober, on time, prepared, with the proper wardrobe.  LA Direct didn’t screw around with directors either, they made sure that shooters were legit, that they weren’t low balling the girls and that the talent got paid.  Additionally there was no bullshit about what was contracted for and what was paid.  Guys couldn’t bait and switch…..the days of a director saying I will pay you 500 for a sex scene….the girl agrees and they shoot the first hour then the director says ok time for the anal…the girl says…wha…..I have never done anal…the guys says this is anal assholes 16 it has to have anal…leaving the girl in the position of having to walk away and scrap the scene or to tough it out and do something she never wanted to do…Lots of so called directors used that scam….LA Direct nipped that scam in the bud.

Derek also raised rates for talent, more than doubling the price for boy girls scenes on average.

Im not saying Derek was a saint but what I am saying is that most girls do need an agent and I used Derek as the example because he is the guy that is mainly responsible for agents business practices today. So give the guy credit where it’s due.

I think porn history will remember Derek as the guy who changed things,  mostly for the better.

And for the record, There seems to have been some changes at L.A. Direct, at one time they lead the pack in complaints I got from talent that worked for them, it has now been over two years since an L.A. Direct model wrote me complaining.  Ive never had a complaint about Shy Love, not once.  I have a stack of complaints about Mark Schechter and a pile of complaints about any number of unlicensed agents with Tee Reel Ideal Image Management leading the pack by a wide margin.


Shy Love Is Making It Real

This came across my Google Alerts today that Shy Love had filed a lawsuit (civil) against Mark Schechter, Barret Blade and 20 John Does.

Its basically Slander Per Se meaning that there is no defense (If it happened) the gist of it is that Shy was accused of crimes that she has not been convicted of, I called Shy and she said yes that it was true and that the defendants have indeed been served (as of Tuesday)

Heres the paper work from the PDF file I got from the filing

Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_01Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_02 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_03 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_04 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_05 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_06 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_07 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_08 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_09 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_10 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_11 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_12 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_13 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_14 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_15 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_16 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_17 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_18 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_19 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_20 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_21 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_22 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_23 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_24 Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_25Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_03Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_04Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_05Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_06Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_07Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_08Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_09Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_10Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_10Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_11Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_12Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_13Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_14Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_15Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_16Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_17Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_18Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_19Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_19Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_20Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_21Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_22Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_23Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_24Sum & Complaint_conformed_Page_25

Sometimes Word Just Don’t Exist

The worlds smartest porn star, MENSA Member Asia Carrera

The photo you see here  is the chick who proclaimed herself to be a genius.  the smartest girl ever to do porn.  yes that’s Asia Carrera.

Yes that is a metal collander on her head.

Somtimes they write themselves…

If you want the full story behind that drivers license photo