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Does Your Life Matter?

mikefishinI have been working  quite a bit this week and one of the students in a seminar I was doing made a comment that has been on my mind all day.

From time to time I consult on various things including bar management, this week I was doing a seminar for the bouncers in some local clubs.  Without going into a lot of detail I suggest a very common sense approach with prevention being at the top of the list, as a bouncer it is important that you be very aware of your surroundings so that if something starts to get out of hand you can recognize it and deal with it before it gets out of hand.  It starts with simply being seen, but being seen is also how the customer perceives you when you are seen.  One of the guys in the class made the comment that the police should be as well trained as they are and it struck a chord with everyone in the seminar. Consider this…

I would NEVER allow my bouncers to come to work in Jack Boots, with helmets and mirrored sunglasses, it sends absolutely the wrong message.  I want my customers to feel like the bouncers are there to protect them and militarizing their clothing certainly doesn’t send that message.

So why has this become so common in police departments, it sets up an us against them mentality from the get go.  Getting physical in any way should be the LAST resort for bouncers, it should also be the last resort for police, all too often it is the first response these days.  Now I understand that the police deserve to be protected but when doing so makes them look like a paramilitary unit it sends the message that they expect violence and that expectation and image begets violence the same as it does in a nightclub.

Police as well as bouncers should be friendly, courteous and helpful, you shouldn’t be afraid to approach them.

And another thing that gets me is this whole Black Lives Matter movement, whomever is behind that name is defeating the entire purpose.  Black Lives Matter implies that if you aren’t black your life doesn’t matter and it promotes the very divisiveness that they want to wipe out.  Why would you use a name that excludes people instead of including them?  Do you think that only black people fear the police?  Believe me there are plenty of white, brown, red, yellow, gay, trans and straight people who feel the same way you do, why not be inclusive and call it Our Lives Matter, you would get a lot more accomplished that way and you wouldn’t set yourself up as being against the police AND all these other people.

If these problems are ever going to end it will be because we all joined together to end it, setting yourself up this way simply reinforces the idea that you are different and thus NOT equal. I have long had a problem with people excluding themselves from being American, be it European American, African American, Asian American or whatever, if we are going to go that route we need to be American FIRST, American European, American African, American Asian, fine it puts it in the proper perspective and emphasizes what we have in common NOT what makes us different.

Politicians count on us dividing ourselves like this because it allows them to pander to blocks of people who see themselves as not equal and further divides us when in reality we all pretty much want the same thing, that being to be left alone and allowed to live our lives as we see fit without encroaching on anyone else’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

I don’t care what color you are, or what gender  or what sexual persuasion I want you to be healthy and happy, your life matters because when we all act that way we all benefit.

Maybe my view is too utopian but it seems to me we have regressed when we should have progressed and the root of it all is the criminalization of more and more of the population and the militarization of our government.


War Machine Trial For Trying To Kill Christy Mack Postponed


From The Associated Press

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Trial has been postponed until February for the former mixed martial arts fighter named War Machine on charges that he tried to kill his porn actress ex-girlfriend and her friend in Las Vegas.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver had been scheduled for trial next week on 34 felony charges also including battery, sexual assault and coercion in the August 2014 incident.

The 34-year-old Koppenhaver is already in a Nevada prison, serving 1 1/2 to four years on a probation revocation in a prior felony attempted battery case.

Koppenhaver could face life in prison if he’s convicted of attacking ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and her friend, Corey Thomas.

The Associated Press usually doesn’t identify alleged victims of sexual assault, but Mack has allowed her name be made public. Her legal name is Christine Mackinday.

What Has Our Country Become

Couldn’t have said it better

Admittedly this has little to do with porn, but sometimes I just need a little catharsis and today is one of those days.

When I look at the choices our two major parties have dredged up, and I do mean dredged up, it saddens me very deeply.  Hillary Clinton being by far the worst.  If you or I had done what she did we would be in jail, no doubt about it, and she doesn’t even have to stand trial.  Even liberal publications like The Washington Post  have reported that what she did was WAY worse than is being investigated by the FBI, and these are the 45% of the emails left after she deleted and erased most them, thus not turning them over to the FBI.  Compared to Nixon and Watergate she makes Nixon look like he covered up stealing penny candies.

This country was founded on the rule of law and on equal protection under the law and that NOBODY is above the law.  Clearly that is no longer the case, it seems ever since Nixon, the ruling class has gone to great lengths to insulate themselves from criminal prosecution, and I don’t just mean Democrats, Republicans are equally guilty.  Little Boots (Bush 2) should have been tried for treason, he knowingly lied to the American people and to our allies.  He sent Colin Powell to sell the UN on the whole weapons of mass destruction idea because he knew he was lying and the UN knew it as well, he chose Powell because Powell didn’t know it was a lie and because Powell had the respect of the UN, something that Bush nor Cheney had. note I say … Powell had.  I am no fan of our current involvement in the UN but the truth is the truth.

Because of the way that we have been treated America woke up and propelled Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to the forefront of American politics.  Had The democratic party been honest Bernie would likely have won the nomination, but Hillary had it in the bag before the first primary, all of those “pledged delegates” were pledged in exchange for her stepping down in 2008 and allowing Obama to take the nomination, in exchange she was given a high position in the Obama administration that would groom her in her weakest area, foreign policy.

Believe me when I tell you that the Republicans would have stopped Trump just like the Democrats squashed Bernie, if they could have, and it wasn’t for lack of trying that they didn’t.  It was supposed to be Jeb Bush’s for the taking, and they tried every trick they had to make that happen, but Republican file wanted no part of that, even if the rank did….

So Trump will be the nominee.  I am not one of these people who fears a Trump Presidency, He might seem like he could become a dictator but in reality he can’t, even with Executive orders.  Our founding fathers had the good sense to install a very good system of checks and balances to prevent any part of the government  from gaining too much power,  even though today we have professional and career politicians in all branches of government and they all look out for each other, they are still, by design,  pitted against each other and even when they conspire they are way too power hungry to give up much of their power, which has led to what I call the UniParty  Republicans and Democrats being just different names for the same thing, creating an illusion of choice. But I digress.

I am and have always been Libertarian, I believe that if our political system is to be  saved it will be Libertarian ideals that save it.

When I look at the people in porn it saddens me, if ever there was a group that SHOULD be strongly Libertarian it is us, we have a lot of people in the biz who claim to be Libertarian but they are just as bad at lying as Hillary and Little Boots, Mark Kernes for instance claims to be Libertarian but he has never once voted for a Libertarian candidate, he is a Democrat but if he has one atom in his head that comprises a brain he knows that Democrats and Republicans are two names for the same thing and that they will sell us down the river in a heartbeat if there is one iota of political gain in doing so.

I am no Trump fan by any means but the idea of Hillary Clinton in the White house is something I just cant stomach, I am pleased that Trump has kicked the Republican party square in the nuts, I am pleased that  Bernie did the same thing to the Democratic party, but Bernie is OUT unless he runs as a third party.  Trump has made millions of dollars off of porn, I don’t see him as anywhere near the threat to the industry that Hillary could be, Trump may say some things to appease the hard right but his actions prior to now actually put him way more of a Democrat than a Republican.  I doubt that Trump would be a thorn in the side of porn, he simply has way bigger fish to fry.

For me Gary Johnson earns my vote, I think if porners searched deep into the voids that they call a soul, they would find Trump as the most likely “lesser of two evils”, but it isn’t really about porn or the industry, as I have stated I no longer consider myself a part of that industry, the online porn industry, yes, the traditional porn valley…no.

Getting back to the heart of the topic, it just infuriates me that we have gotten to the point that we allow the very people who should be examples of honesty and integrity and leadership to not have to answer to the same laws the rest of us do.  Little Boots and Crooked Hillary are subhuman, abhorrent examples of humanity yet we select them to lead us?  That is very sad to me.  Very sad.


Photos From the 2016 XRCO Awards

Many thanks to Marco Pallotti for these pics.  If you need a good photog Marco is outstanding! I feel like I should have recognized more of these people….If you can fill in the blanks drop it in a comment or an email and I will update em…Thanks Y’all!

People tell me that this is the most fun awards show for two reasons, one it is laid back and more importantly it is industry only and free to attend. Kudos to XRCO for keepin it real, maybe next year I will be able to drop in.

His site is Here

OK We Had Some Fun

Yes the no its not jenna picture is down…I even heard from the Divine Miz J her ownself.   I was asked (not by Jenna who seemed rather bemused by it all) to pull it so I did.



Are Performers Too Ignorant To Build A Future For Themselves?

From a purely political and sociological standpoint watching the actions of performers in regard to the Union is very interesting.  Never have I seen so many people, act so vehemently against their own interests.  You have to ask yourself why.

If you look at it the smarter and more educated performers get it and are trying to make things better.

Most producers and directors get it and are understandably against it, they ultimatey see see that unless they too unionize then it will be money out of their pockets.

The truly ignorant call the Union a scam, that one kills me, there’s no money involved, no property  how could it be a “scam” thats just retarded.

Think about this….Donald Trump has made more money from your videos than you EVER will….ever.  And he is on the low end of people who have profited. One thing that Directors and performers need is an income everytime the movie is shown on pay per view, or leased to run on a movie channel, or exerpts are used in mainstream movies.  most American performers have no idea that that is the norm in European productions.  There is an organization that collects these royalties and sends checks to the directors and performers.

Whether the Union succeeds or not performers stand to gain if it does succeed and they have zero to lose right now so it baffles me that they would try to make it fail, talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Maybe performers thank that they dont want to answer to a union, ignorant of the fact that it is the union that answers to performers…maybe they are so used to being lied to and denigrated by orgs like The FSC and APAC (Which is really a Directors Guild not a performers org) that they just dont know any better.

I have never seen a collective group of people so happy to be relegated to the bottom of the barrel when the fruits of their labor should afford them great power.

I know that it has always been this way and while I am very supportive of performers advocating for themselves I just don’t see them having the overall intelligence or lack of apathy that is required to build any kind of future for themselves.

MindGeek Is Laying Low But Things Are Still Happening

Since rumors leaked about MindGeek/Manwin being under federal investigation, they have been very very quiet, they have told employees that NOBODY talks to any form of media, it is a termination offense. they are circling the wagons.

But it seems some of the wagons, the most dilapidated ones are for sale.

I was contacted by a source at Digital Playground that they have tried to sell Digital Playground back to the original owners at a deeply discounted price, way less than they paid for it, after speaking with one of the original owners this was verified as was the fact that said party has no intention whatsoever of buying it back. The basic gist was that MindGeek/Manwin ran it into the ground, devalued the brand and the catalog and the company to the point that it isnt worth much more than the price that they could get selling off the cameras the company owns on Craigslist.

In other Manwin/MindGeek news The operator of four adult tube sites has prevailed in a battle against a distributor of adult movies. Hydentra HLP filed suit against Sun Social Media alleging that its content appeared on the sites without permission.

What is interesting about this are the people involved.

Hydentra named two other defendants in the case, SSM director Konstantin Bolotin and Constantin Luchian of IncorporateNow Inc.

If those names seem familiar it is because I have written about them a bit in the past

Who Are Constantine Luchian and Vasilis Kailis?

Use the search bar to find others

You can read the whole story about the tubesite lawsuit HERE on Torrentfreak

GirlsDoPorn Being Sued For Millions, Girls Claim That They Were Even Threatened.

I have heard this story about a million times it seems like…

“Four young women say they were cajoled into appearing in pornography by men who promised that the videos would never be posted on online or distributed in the United States.
But the videos did go online, on, where they were seen by the women’s friends and family, the four Jane Does say in their lawsuit in Superior Court.
Worse still, the men leaked their true names and contact information, including email and social media addresses, to another Internet site, and strangers then harassed them as “whores” and “sluts,” according to the June 2 complaint.”

Everytime it comes up GirlsDoPorn lawyers up and sends threatening letters to anyone, myself included who writes about the accusations, this time they can’t do that because they have been formally sued.

“The women seek at least $500,000 apiece from and the three men they say run it: owner Michael J. Pratt, principal actor Andre Garcia and videographer and sales agent Matthew Wolfe, all of San Diego County.
The women also sued nine related businesses, on 14 causes of action, including sexual battery, gender violence, false imprisonment and fraudulent concealment.”

here is the story from

” The 23-page lawsuit tells a depressing tale. The women say the defendants advertised on Craigslist and other online sites for young women who want to break into modeling. The men then conned them into making pornography with promises of thousands of dollars in cash, according to the complaint.
“The defendants assure them that they will not post the video online, they will not distribute the video in the United States, and they will keep each woman anonymous,” the complaint states. “The defendants represent that the videos will be on DVDs overseas and for private use.”
The men then brought them to San Diego, took them to high-end hotels and coerced them into signing documents, “often yelling at them that there is no time to read,” the women say.

If the women resisted during filming or said they were in pain, they say, the men yelled at them and refused to let them leave. They say they were “confined in the hotel room and forced to film and have sex for many hours.”

“Even worse,” they say, “the young women are sometimes forced to have sex when not filming — to appease the ‘actor,’ most often Garcia.”

Jane Doe No. 1 says she was promised more than $9,000 to appear in three videos.

Jane Doe No. 4 says she was promised $2,000 and paid just $400, because the defendants switched out the middle of a stack of $20 bills with $1 bills.

Things got “unimaginably worse for the young women” when the videos were posted online and seen by their friends or family. Jane Doe No. 1 says her videos were “discovered by her high school, college and graduate school acquaintances — as well [as] her family.” Then came the harassment from people who had found their identities online.

When they tried to complain, they found that the defendants’ phone numbers had been changed.

Some women ensnared by the defendants attempted suicide, the women say.

“Jane Doe No. 4 became depressed, could not leave the house, was blackmailed, and her car was vandalized.”

In addition to $500,000 in compensatory damages for each women, they seek punitive damages for claims that include intentional and negligent misrepresentation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, misappropriation of name and likeness and breach of contract.

Here are the defendants:; Michael Pratt; Andre Garcia; Matthew Wolfe; BLL Media Inc.; BLL Media Holdings LLC, a Nevada limited liability company; DOMI Publications LLC, a Nevada limited liability company; EG Publications Inc.; M1M Media LLC; Bubblegum Films Inc.; Oh Well Media Limited; Merro Media Inc.; Merro Media Holdings LLC, a Nevada limited liability company.”

Odds N Ends On Fathers Day

Hope all you dads out there had a great fathers day!

For me the first thing I thought of is that it was a year ago that I had the motorcycle accident and I am still not fully recovered, probably never will be.  Funny thing about PTSD is that I used to think it was just so much nonsense, of course now I know better.

In hindsight though I don’t complain, my life has been wonderful, in that I am able to do the things I want, when I want, I have a wonderful and supportive family and friends and while I am far from rich I live comfortably, I own my home, I fish I pursue my interests including riding my motorcycle.  I always knew in the back of my mind that eventually the day comes when you have an accident but you never strap on your helmet and think today will be the day….and then one day it is.

All in all though it is worth it, and I still ride because I love the feeling, the freedom and being outside.  I am lucky in that both my Parents are still alive, my grandparents all lived well into their 90s so longevity seems to run in my family, which is both a blessing (In that I got to know and understand my grandparents) and a curse (in that the arthritis I have from all the broken bones is gonna be with me for a LONG time).  but still, I am happy and I love my family and my friends and in the end what more is there to ask for in life.

Be thankful for what y’all have if there is one thing I would pass on to you it would be to enjoy your life, don’t spend too much time at work, take time and enjoy your friends. families and the world around you, it really is amazing.  I am not a religious person but When I need  to relax I find that Gods music works really well and by that I mean the songs of birds, wind through the trees, children playing, rain on a summer day hitting a tin roof….I probably don’t believe in the same God that you do but when I need to feel spiritual or close to mine its outdoors for me, specially in the middle of the ocean.

Anyhoo enough of this  Thank you guys all for allowing me to be a part of your lives via, I hope that in some way I have given as much back as I have gotten

Love You guys!

One Last Thing On Simplistic Solutions

Before I get back to porn stories I want to make one last point about the problem facing the citizens of the country in terms of violence.

Many people who have never even shot a gun think that banning guns will solve the problem or at least lessen it.

It is that type of simplistic thinking that has intensified problems instead of solving them many times in our history.

Prohibition was just such an idea, we all know how that turned out.

The war on drugs, we know how that turned out as well

If the problem were as simple as raising the price of bullets to 50 dollars per round, you would get the same problem you have with drugs, its easy to load your own bullets and its cheap, cheaper than buying them and paying the 500% tax the government puts on them, and if people start making them they will sell them. When the demand is there the market will fill it.

But who among us really thinks that banning any gun or bullet or anything else will alleviate this problem, certainly not anyone who has given it proper thought, as I stated before when someone is willing to die in the process of killing others laws against guns or anything else aren’t a deterrent.  I don’t profess to know what the answer is but I do know what it is not.  Sacrificing more liberty to create the false illusion of safety is clearly not the answer.

And don’t forget there are people alive today who would with all certainty be dead if not for law abiding gun owners, Melissa Wolf is one of those people, in this case I was the gun owner.  It doesn’t make me a hero, it doesn’t deserve any recognition beyond recognizing that because I have the right to legally carry a firearm she is still alive, it is that constitutional right that deserves the recognition, not me, I was simply being a friend and a man.  Please don’t advocate depriving me of that right.

Do We Have An Omar Mateen Among Us

As much as I wanted to avoid writing about the tragedy in Orlando, FL, I just can’t.  Everyone thinks they have a fix for the problem of violence like this, be it limiting guns or immigration or burning candles or whatever, but the truth is that it simply isnt that simple.

Think about it how many of you reading this right now would be surprised to learn that next week Donny Long did the same thing at an industry awards show?  Or Dwight Cunningham?  They both already have violent felonies in their past, they are both arguably psychopaths and it isn’t limited to them, there are others I am sure.

What is it that would make someone think that shooting up a nightclub will in any way solve the problems that they see in their narrow minds?  I guess I will never understand that nor will you guys because we just arent wired that way.

I have always cautioned people who attend industry events with me to be mindful of their surroundings, never accept a drink from anyone but straight from the bartender and in the event that drink leaves your sight for even a half a second dont drink from it, keep your hand over the top of it or keep the lid on it, pay attention to what is happening around you just a few seconds can be the difference between getting out and being taken out.

I don’t mean to sound alarmist but we are targets and we should be aware of that.  I don’t want to see anyone harmed.

Donny Long and Sean Tompkins Suffer A Setback

For those who don’t pay attention Dave from TLC bought Gene Ross old site and gave it to Sean Tompkins, who gave it to Donny Long.  Seems someone (honestly it wasnt me) filed a complaint with the hosting company and after reviewing the site decided that it violated their terms and conditions, primarily the stuff about hate speech, threats and revenge porn and they pulled the site.

Im sure itll be back up but it brought the site down for a spell today.

A few things I want to point out here  if anyone ever should have flunked out of porn it is Donny Long, the fact that he is back and even posting in industry forums speak volumes about the current state of this biz.

Consider Michael Fattarosi, aka pornlaw on twitter, he is friends with Donny and he could have prevented PWL from even happening but he didn’t.  When we got access to Donnys emails we posted them in their entirety, Fattarosi claimed he was taken “out of context” but that is simply not true, the entire emails are here.  If you follow and read this read it from the bottom to the top, thats the order the emails were exchanged.

Everyone really should read this if you haven’t already

Of particular note is this line from Donny to Fattarosi

“If you have some friends you want to not get slammed let me know.”

And this one from Fattarosi to Donny Long where Fattarosi is telling Donny to lay off of Teagan Presley and her boyfriend, Fattarosi didn’t do that for anyone but his “friends”  I guess with friends like that douchebag who needs enemies huh?

“I need you to leave them alone. Seriously. I get called with requests from a lot people but I dont bother to contact you unless they are clients and friends. Can you just leave them off your hit list ? And I will warn him and her to not start anything with you.”


“Hey Donny

Do you have the ability to keep my name and references to Vanessa off Pornwikileaks ?

How’s it going ? Hope all is well. Looks like the site is getting great traffic.


Would someone explain to me please how ANY of this is “out of context”?

Fatts is no dummy though, he knows you can’t flunk out of porn no matter how morally bankrupt and reprehensible you may be as a human being, he laid low for a couple of years then came back, he is now house counsel for AVN. and still friends with Donny who referes to Michaels wife Vanessa Blue, as well as other black people using the infamous “N word”.  Fattarosi has never, ever spoken up against Donny Long.

Now lets look at Mark Speigler, now here’s a guy that hates Donny right?  well Speigler was buddy buddy with Sean Tompkins and Tompkins made a deal with Donny, helping him back into the biz, in exchange they took down info on their respective sites about the other, never mind anyone else it’s just about Sean and Donny….Now Speigler has to feel like a complete moron for supporting Sean right…nope, Speigler is OK with all of this.

This week someone asked me why I no longer consider myself a part of this industry….Need I say more?

Think about that people, if you are in porn is this the kind of behavior you support?  Is this the legacy you want?

I am sure this post will spur a new flurry of lies and such against me but I don’t care, the people I work with, the girls who shoot for me and my readers know my policies and my ideology, truth is I WANT shit stains like Donny Long and Sean Tompkins to hate me, there is no way I want to be associated with puss bags like them, or anyone who associates with them…..


My Recent Experience With The Union

As you all know I have been supportive of the performers union, and in that I think performers should have something of a say so in their own future, I still am, but I am seeing problems with the IEAU that trouble me.

For instance, a bit over a week ago, I had an exclusive interview scheduled with the Unions New President Sean Michaels.  Sean is someone I have known for many years, he is a good guy and a uniter, just what the fledgling union needs for this position.  Sean is well respected, well liked and is not a polarizing person, he is someone I obviously have great respect for.  The interview was going to be fair and Sean knew it, I wasn’t going to attack I actually intended to help.

I leaked word of this interview to someone I maybe shouldn’t have and apparently Sean got his wings clipped by the Union and the interview never happened, nor will it at this point.  That is a damn shame too because it should have.  Apparently the Union wanted a media blackout until this past Monday, when the officers were sworn in.

To anyone in the media “media blackout” means “we are hiding something” and usually that is exactly what is happening.  the problem is that porn people are very suspicious of any organization that lacks transparency, look at how The FSC for example, has conducted themselves, no accountability, no transparency, It is structured as a monarchy and you don’t have the right to ask why.  That is why performers have overwhelmingly eschewed that organization, and rightly so.  sadly the IEAU is taking pages out of that playbook.

Any performer should be able to ask anything about the Union that they are being asked to join and expect an honest and courteous answer, preferably with documentation to back it up and when I look at the situations on social media I am simply not seeing that.

My advice to the union is to sit back and re-examine yourselves, you have gotten further than anyone ever has but you still have a LONG way to go and managing expectations and handling dissent are going to be the difference between success and failure.


Kendall Karson Sues Ex Boyfriend, Violinist David Garrett for $12M

This story is from a UK Rag called  I found it interesting in that she is claiming emotional and physical abuse, the person who ipped me to it says they met when Mr Garrett hired her as an “escort” through The Luxury Companion.

Speaking of Dave (Dwight Cunningham) will have his sentencing haring in Early July (the 10th IIRC) and we will report on that when it happens, meantime I am told that all the controversy has seriously impacted TLC’s bottom line and this business with Kendall Karson wont help any.


2257 In Its Death Throes

Today the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated and remanded a lower court’s July 2013 ruling that held that performer record-keeping for adult entertainment producers are constitutional.

This all but strikes down the law. Technically it only applies to the third circuit but it does set a precedent that most prosecutors would not challenge.

What is interesting is that the 3rd Circuit is the Pennsylvania, Delaware. New Jersey area, and thus does not apply to most of Porn Valley which is in the 9th Circuit. But as I noted it sets a precedent.

Already The Free Speech Coalition is on record saying that if you are not in the third circuit you have to be an FSC member for the ruling to apply, that is an ABSOLUTE Falsehood. Being a member of a trade organization does not have any bearing on the constitutional protections you have under United States law, being an FSC member does NOT in any way protect you any differently than not being an FSC member.

The FSC does deserve some credit for following this through, no doubt, it is probably the only positive thing that has come from them in the last 20 years, then they fuck it up by saying it only protects members of the FSC if you are outside the 3rc circuit, that is complete bullshit.

In the end I think the ruling is spot on, the previous ruling that 2257 amounts to a warrant-less search was correct, but still the presumption of innocence was completely lacking, in that a producer has to prove that he did not commit a crime that in all likelihood didn’t happen.