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Phylisha Ann Talks About The Entertainerment Adult Union Tonight On Melissa Hill’s L.A. Talk Show

You can listen at 10PM EDT/7PM PDT tonight at

It will be on channel 1 Raw Talk with Melissa Hill, and people are encouraged to call in and ask questions about the Union.  I will be listening.

Coming Up, a LOT more on Dave and Karin Borzakian and some names you haven’t heard before like Karapet Houhannisyan, Karapet Naapetyan, Karin Michain….Lots of interesting stuff aroun The Luxury Companion.  I have a meeting on the very topic in Downtown Atlanta today…go figure.

Melissa Hill Has Me On Her Show, Here is the Stream

You can go here:

We talk about manwin/MindGeek, Piracy, The Adult Union, it was a good show and I am grateful to Melissa for inviting me to be a guest.  It went by too fast it seems and we tried to cover a very complex topic in a short period of time.

Listen to Melissa she is a consummate professional and her talent totally comes through.



Porn, The Luxury Companion and the Dubai Connection

The thing that made The Luxury Companion stand out among pornstars were the exotic travels and massive amounts of money to be made, the biggest being going to Dubai as guests of Dubai’s Sheikh Rashid. Girls tell me that the payday for a week often exceeded 100K, other girls claim that The Luxury Companion never paid them at all, it seems to be related to two things, if the prince liked you and if Karen aka Adonia Dyna liked you.  I have good information that Adonia Dyna may well be an alias as well, another name that often comes up when researching her is Karin Michain. but getting back on track Karen was close friends with Dubai’s Sheikh Rashid and even speaks Arabic fluently.

It is well known that American officials have looked into the Luxury Companion on at least one occasion and a commonly heard question was why didn’t they do anything because of what appeared to be the flagrant nature of the operation in regard to sex for hire.  I was told by Dave once that Karen/Adonia was very close friends with Prince Sheikh Rashid and it was implied that the Feds were looking the other way in exchange for geo-political info from the Prince through Karen.

Last year Dubai’s Sheikh Rashid died at the age of 33, supposedly of a heart attack but there is likely a lot more to it than that. You can read about it here:

Since the death of the prince, The Luxury Companion has taken a much lower profile and of course the trips to Dubai have stopped.  The list of girls that went to Dubai is lengthy indeed the list of girls that never went is MUCH shorter, but regardless I have no intention of outing anyone.

I am interested in girls who have worked for The Luxury Companion who are willing to talk to me on or off the record about their experiences, I am particularly interested in deposits into Wells Fargo bank accounts that had pornstars real names on them, and trips to Dubai, but I want to hear all experiences with The Luxury Companion, good or bad.


Meeting Brett Rossi

Brett takes a selfie of us and gave me permission to run it on

Brett takes a selfie of us and gave me permission to run it on

It was around four years ago, it was a normal day and I was editing video for my southernbukkake site, when I got a call that ended up changing my life.  I remember it well because I was not expecting it.

I had been shining a light on one of the industry cockroaches, Scott Justice.  The phone call was from his girlfriend at the time, Brett Rossi.  She was reprimanding me because she felt that I was being unfair to Scott.  She wasn’t being bitchy about it or swearing or anything, she was very diplomatic.  In the end I didn’t change her mind and she didn’t change mine but I told her that I had a deep admiration for her standing by her man.  It showed a level of character that I certainly wasn’t used to and I had to kind of see it in a David and Goliath light.  To her I imagined myself as kind of a large and imposing figure.  Brett was a girl girl only performer way more recognized for her glamor layouts than for what we call porn.  I had been named one of porns most powerful people…a characterization that I always felt arguable, but I digress.

It wasn’t long before Brett called me again, basically to say I had been more right than wrong and I told her that she had made such an impression on me by standing up for her man and right or wrong I deeply respected that.

Brett and I became friends, then very very good friends, I was there pre-Charlie and of course post Charlie, sometimes we spoke for hours, every night. I felt like I was holding my friends hand from 2500 miles away happiness or sadness and sometimes just to hear a reassuring voice.

Maybe it’s genetic but as I have gotten older I have embraced the role of father figure to many of the young girls that I have befriended and it has been rewarding for me, knowing that I can pass along my life experiences and wisdom and hoping it helps them.

I remember her calling once and telling me that Charlie Sheen had asked her out, she wanted to know if I thought she should go…My response…yes you should but don’t fall in love with him…..We talked about that last night.

Day before yesterday I got a message that Brett was feature dancing at the Pink Pony here in Atlanta.  I told Brett that I would love to meet her when she had the time,  you see through all of this Brett and I had never met in person until last night.  Brett texted me to come to the club, she would have someone get me in, she was excited to meet me after all these years.

I have to admit I was scared, we had become such intimate friends over the years it was kind of intimidating, but I sucked it up and hopped on the bike and rode the 30 minutes to The Pink Pony at midnight.

We met with a warm hug.

In a situation like this the expectations are always the thing, what is she like in person, will meeting in person change how she feels about me? You all have been there I suppose so I don’t need to further explain it.

The thing that immediately struck me was that she is the same warm, loving and kind person, in person.  It was no different than interacting over the phone on that level.  The other thing that struck me was Just Wow, THIS girl is so devastatingly pretty, it is damn near impossible to find a flaw.  I also noticed that in person she could be the twin sister of the girl that plays Maddie in “Nashville” the TV series not the movie…

Brett and I talked and reminisced about the four plus years we have known each other, we laughed and I was happy to find her in a good place in her life despite the current challenges she faces.

She is a wonderful friend to me and I am very lucky to have people like Brett in my life, and there are so many others as well, many of whom will read this post within minutes of it being posted. I am thankful for you all and for the person who inspired me to relate this part of my life with you, Brett Rossi.  You are the best baby…much love to you!  Thank you!

I know I promised a post on escorting in Dubai and that is coming but it is Friday and I am in a happy place and wanted to share that with you guys!

Looks Like I Scored A Direct Hit On Dave at The Luxury Companion

I got this email today:

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey you sure set Dave’s head on fire!  he has been blowing up the phones all day trying to do damage control, they even sent a press release to AVN and XBiz who both ran it saying that Sean now owns LukeIsBack, what the press release didn’t tell was the truth, that Dwight (Dave) bought it and gave it to Sean.  I know about the purchase, I can even tell you the price was five thousand dollars and when you suggested that Dave bought it to get Karin’s name removed you got it spot on.

I have known Dave a very long time and once considered him a friend but he lied to me so many times, several about you, that I realized that he is nobody’s friend.  keep up the good work Mikey, they can turn it anyway they want to but the truth is obvious.

Be careful buddy, dave has already tried to murder someone and he hates you right now way more than he hated John….

Name  Withheld by Request

I did some more checking and it seems that Sean Tompkins may have landed himself in a world of trouble by claiming ownership of the site.  You see Sean Matthew Tompkins has liens against him by the state of Texas for not paying his child support, so if indeed he now has something of value, it can be taken from him, and if he did buy it as he claims where did he get the money?  He is so broke he can’t even take care of his own kids….Uh Oh…bad move Dave….  Talk about fleas…can you imagine the infestation when these two dogs layed down together…LOL.

Personally if I were L.A. District Attorney Karin Borzakian, I would get Dwight Cunningham in a cell to chill him out…cousin in law or not, it might be the only thing that saves her ass…and his…






Why Dwight Cunningham aka Dave from the Luxury Companion Bought LukeisBack Karin Borzakian Is Why

As you know I have been researching this story for a couple of days and I got an email last night that made the proverbial light come on.

I know that Dave is an ego maniac, anyone who knows him knows that to be true, and thus I jumped to the conclusion that Dave bought LukeisBack simply to remove the posts that were negative about him.  It didn’t occur to me that the reason may in fact be to help him avoid prosecution.

As most of you know Dave aka Dwight Cunningham was arrested for attempting to shoot john from Metro Telent, according to the most believeable account the gun jammed and John was able to escape.

The arrest report is here:

(The information was current as of: 01/05/2016 21:50 PST)
Booking No.: 4540701 Last Name: CUNNINGHAM First Name: DWIGHT Middle Name:

Sex: M Race: B Date Of Birth: 09/13/1962
Age: 53 Hair: BLK Eyes: BRO Height: 507 Weight: 149

Charge Level: F (Felony)

Arrest Date: 01/02/2016 Arrest Time: 2020 Arrest Agency: 4215 Agency Description: LAPD-NO HOLLYWOOD DIVISION

Date Booked: 01/03/2016 Time Booked: 0326 Booking Location: 4279 Location Description: LAPD – VALLEY JAIL (VAN NUYS)

Total Bail Amount: 100,000.00
Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00
Grand Total: 100,000.00

Housing Location: –

Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 01/03/2016
Assigned Time: 0326 Visitor Status: N

Next Court Code: M100 Next Court Date: 01/28/2016
Next Court Time: 0830 Next Court Case: 9999999999

Court Name: VAN NUYS MUNI CT DIV 100
Court Address: 14400 ERWIN STREET MALL Court City: VAN NUYSUPT

Actual Release Date: 01/03/2016 Release Time: 0754

Case No. Court Name Court Address Court City Bail Amt. Fine Amt. Court Date Sent.
Date Sent. Day(s) Disp Code
99******** 100,000.00 .00 01/28/2016

Dwight/Dave posted a 100K bond and was released, but the story is far from over.

As the email to me pointed out Kelli at Lukeisback had some posts identifying the fact that Karin Borzakian The Los Angeles County deputy District Attorney in the very jurisdiction that Dave turned himself in is Dave’s wife’s cousin.  Let me clarify  Dave is married (or at least living with and has a kid by Adonia Dyna, better known as Karen who on paper is the owner of the Luxury Companion.)  The fact that Dave’s records were immediately sealed pointed to Karin the District Attorney as having  helped Dave/Dwight Cunningham contain the story

Karen Borzakian The District Attorney is the real reason for buying LukeisBack.  I am told that Karen was in very hot water at the District Attorneys office and that Dave had assured her he could get the information off the internet and help to smooth things over, additionally it would help Dave’s case as well.

The 5 or 10K that Dave paid for LukeIsBack  now makes more sense.

Time and time again Dave tried to convince people that I had it wrong, that he wasn’t arrested and so on but the more he tried to defame me the more it backfired on him as information came out that backed me up and proved that I had it right.  To this day Dave still tries to send false information to people and some of them who are idiots and or have a vendetta against me are all too happy to post it, even though it turns out to be wrong, making them even less credible.

So Dave thought that by removing Karin’s name and the website references would be his get out of jail free card, what he hadn’t expected was that I would catch wind of it and see to it that the information stays on the internet for all to see.

Dave would brag to anyone who would listen that he had an inside person at the DA’s office and he specifically told me about once incident where an employee for an agency had been charged with domestic violence and dave had used his contact to get the charges dropped.  I actually talked to the employee who verified that it had indeed happened.  I suspect Karin’s association with big mouth Dwight Cunningham has been problematic for her and will even be moreso as time goes on.  One thing you can bet on…Dave isn’t going to shell out the money to buy

Next up is the Dubai Connection….everyone has heard about the pornstars from TheLuxuryCompanion escorting in Dubai, Well I know all about it amd then some…stay tuned….


Has LukeIsBack Been Sold to Dave From The Luxury Companion? Sure Looks Like It

This one came out of left field late yesterday, very late, and I went to work on it.

Lukeisback has been sold and the first thing they did was remover every post that was critical of The Luxury Companion, Sean Tompkins and his joke of a site and other posts are coming down every once in a while.  Obviously I felt this needed tom light shined on it.

According to the google searches and such the site was purchased by a “John Bench”

RMG Media (
8581 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood, CA

The above address is a UPS Store

And I got information that Sean Tompkins wrote a directive as to exactly which articles would be removed immediately.

After talking to several people and of course working almost all night to dig up facts it is pretty much a guarantee that John Bench is Dave (Dwight Cunningham) from The Luxury Companion.  If Bench isn’t Cunningham he bought it for Cunningham so that the articles on the site could be removed, and whatever other things Dwight Cunningham aka Dave, wants to do with it.  Knowing Dave pretty well I am sure he will give the site management to Tompkins with a directive to of course protect and serve Dave.

It’l be interesting to see what comes down on this, I have a lot more questions, like did Kelli own LIB or was she managing it for Cindi Loftus who was the real owner, I am also tryin to get a lead on the purchase price etc.

Bottom line, in my opinion, this is no longer a trustworthy source.

If anyone has info on this please LMK.  Thanks!

Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Me Tonight

My long time friend, the beautiful and talented, Melissa Hill has asked me to be on her program on LATalk Radio tonight

You can tune in at 10PM EDT, That’s 7PM PDT at  channel one Raw Talk with Melissa Hill.

I am sure manwin/MindGeek will be a topic and who knows what else!  I will be on for an hour…and taking call ins so lend me your ear!

International Business Times On Pornhub

Lately I have been getting a lot of inquiries to talk about the industry and in particular Manwin/MindGeek.  Today one of these stories hit

Its actually a well done piece, I would have appreciated a backlink but I also realize that isn’t always possible.  Along with myself, Kayden Kross contributed as did  a representative from Hush, who is suing MindGeek/Manwin for copyright infringement.  Fabian Thylmann also chimed in, in defense of his former company.  Interestingly I have good intel that Fabian is selling out his former employer, in order to stay out of jail, which speaks to Fabians character way more than anything I could say.

Thank you to Orlando Crowcroft for including me in this story.

Bruno Dickemz Another Piece of Shit Male Performer That Has To Go

Truth is he should be run out just for choosing a juvenile and stupid name, but this guy has much larger issues…Take a look at what he did to a new performer,  performer Marsha May posted the photo and what he tweeted to her, lets show this scumbag the door….anyone who thinks a guy like this has anyplace in this industry should also be shown the door, fact is I wish I could do it personally…..It wouldn’t be pleasant for Bruno.  I guarantee you a pussy like that won’t stand up to man….This infuriates me.


Rest In Peace Chyna

Better known for her wrestling career she did do a few adult films.  She was found dead in her home in Redondo Beach, CA yesterday.  Our condolences to her friends and family.

Cause of death is not known at this time.

The Real Public Health Hazard is Utah Governor Gary Herbert

OK I know that pandering is nothing new to politicians, it is second nature to whore themselves for attention and there is not one person in America who knows that they will lie in a heartbeat if it benefits them even a little.  Such is the case with Gary Herbert Utah’s attention whoring governor.

In a rather meaningless resolution he calls pornography a “public health crisis” cited long disproved, factually incorrect statements and flat out lies to support his bid for attention.  Things like porn causing rape, the industry being involved in child porn and the ubiquitous “porn addiction” nonsense.

The real health hazard is Gary Herbert propagating these dangerous and in some cases criminally libel assumptions as fact.  I was writing more of a response when I got a press release from Adella’s Fine Ass Marketing.

Porn Industry Calls BS on Utah’s
Anti-Porn Resolution, Citing Poor
Sex Education as Real Culprit
Utah Leads Nation in Cases of Sexual Violence,
Which Experts Link to Lack of Comprehensive
Sex Education Rather than Pornography!
CYBERSPACE – Prominent members of the adult entertainment industry are calling B.S. on Tuesday’s anti-porn resolution signed by Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert. The resolution states porn creates “a sexually toxic environment,” and labels it as “a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms.” Countering the claims, many in the adult industry are pointing the finger at Utah’s poor sex education as the real culprit for the state’s top ranking in 2015 regarding incidences of sexual violence.
“Just when you think it’s 2016, and we are progressing as a society, Utah goes and does something like this,” stated jessica drake, a popular sex educator and contract performer/director for adult studio Wicked Pictures. “Once again, the Utah government is rejecting all attempts for the state to move beyond an archaic abstinence-only sex education, when it’s continually proven there is a direct link between abstinence-only programs and increased sexual violence.”
Part of the resolution recognizes “the need for education,” yet in February, a Utah House panel blocked a bill to reform the state’s sex education policies. Time and again, sexual violence is reported to have the highest rates in states offering abstinence-only sex education as the state standard. The programs contribute primarily by ignoring sexual violence, rather than clearly defining sexuality and consent.
Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, and South Dakota were all ranked as five of the top six states in 2012 for reported rapes per 100,000 people (the study does not account for all forms of sexual assault and violence). All five states have abstinence-only state standards for education. The Senate in Alaska, which has the highest reports of rape, passed a bill in February banning Planned Parenthood. California, which houses the porn industry, and was one of the first states to adopt an affirmative consent sex education curriculum, has one of the lowest reports of rape.
There is no statistical correlation between high porn consumption and an increase in sexual violence or rape. In fact, an article in Scientific American Mind even details how porn viewing may deter sexual violence.
The Utah resolution also cites porn as “addictive” and treats women as “objects and commodities for the viewer’s use.”
“Anti-porn groups continually denounce porn as addictive, yet the majority of their research is backed by the Mormon Church,” said Jeff Dillon, vice president of business development for and its adult e-tail site, “Their data is extremely selective and is contrary to what scientists and behaviorists around the world are reporting. Utah is ignoring the real issue with their attack against adult entertainment.”


“Porn isn’t addictive,” reported clinical psychologist David Rey in a recent interview with Rewire News. “It isn’t even harmful for the overwhelming majority of users. Fewer than one percent of porn users experience negative effects from their porn use, but ten percent of people are afraid of their porn use. The message here is that porn isn’t addictive — but fear might be.”

“I want people to see my movies and realize that a woman is in control of her own sexual destiny,” said adult filmmaker Jacky St. James. “There is a freedom and empowerment derived from exploring your sexuality, and denying that we are sexual beings is a really backwards notion.”

Signed in conjunction with Utah’s proposal is a bill introducing new laws about reporting child pornography. “It’s important to distinguish the difference between legal, consensual porn movies made by adults, for adults, from disgusting, illegal acts of sex trafficking and child pornography,” said Dillon. “I support any law that helps put an end to child porn, but it is upsetting when lawmakers try to bundle our industry in with criminals.”
“Porn is about promoting healthy sexuality,” added Drake. “Repression and lack of education are what actually create a toxic sexual environment.”

I edited the press release above, sticking to relevant content.  What I would like to see happen is the industry sue Governor Herbert and the state of Utah on grounds that the statements made are provably false, libelous, and designed to do harm to a legal and legitimate industry.  We might not win but we could bring attention to the fact that these arguments are not based on any kind of truth and send a message that we will not tolerate it.  THIS IS the kind of thing that The FSC should be doing. Kudos to FineAssMarketing and Adella for putting this out, hopefully a few mainstream publications will grow a pair and stop propagating hate and ignorance.

Closing The Book On ASACP

Thanks to some of my readers I now have a pretty good history of ASACP.  In it’s original iteration it was called Adult Sites Against Child Pornography and Gary Kremen was a founding member, you might remember Kremen from the legal fight over ownership.  Kremen

Further along Alec Helmy purchased it as part of “Helmy Enterprises” and began signing paying sponsors

Over the weekend I got several messages from ASACP explaining all the sites that they have supposedly turned in and all the great things that they have supposedly done.  I responded to each message with a simple question; How many indictments has your information led to?  How many convictions? Why don’t you want reports from newsgroups, file sharing sites and other areas where the proliferation of child porn is much higher, why is it you only want websites dedicated to trafficking in child porn.

Their answer…crickets….there was not one single answer because they know the truth, the answer is Zero, In my opinion all they really want is the money and they do not want to be held accountable for producing results.  I think if Helmy were a decent human being he would be ashamed, I know I would be.

On an added note the day after my first story mark kernes over at AVN ran a not so subtle editorial where he was touting taking a job for the Federal Government turning in pornographers…..typical mentality of Kernes and the other fools at The FSC….If you are critical of us you are an enemy….God forbid anyone try to make them accountable.

Anyway Thanks y’all for the info on ASACP, now you know the facts and if you still choose to give them money, well you know where it is going….



A Reader Adds To The ASACP Story and Some Background

I was a tad negligent in assuming that people would know who/what ASACP is…it is an organization that advocates for the protection of children…supposedly.  But they don’t really want anything to do with the predominate methods of child pornography, like newsgroups, peer to peer etc,  In other words they don’t want to actually have to do any work.

ASACP is the brain fart of Alec Helmy, HWMIC over at XBiz and he has convinced quite a few people that it is a good thing and that they should spend 300 to 2400 dollars a year to be a member of the organization.  To no ones surprise Manwin/MindGeek is the primary sponsor, also XBiz and AVN, The Free Speech coalition and a lot of others…most of whom I suspect just wrote checks without actually knowing what it was they were giving to…I mean hey protecting children….who can’t get behind that?  but as the previous article ointed out, in their entire existence they haven’t managed to bring even one charge against anyone, anywhere in the world for any criminal offense against a child, but for 20 years they HAVE been able to pay salaries to people in the organization….which begs the question…what do they do?  NOBODY will talk to me about it, nobody will even attempt to defend what they do.  To me that speaks volumes.  It should to you as well.

One of my readers…Lurking Reader did some ddigging and found the following:

ASACP is an Embarrassment – Mike South

I have been alluding to this post for a week or so now and truth is, it has been a long time coming.  Over a year ago a friend of mine responded to the announcement of a new Executive Director, his response was that I should look into it because it is even more ineffective than the Free Speech Coalition,  I didn’t believe that was even possible.

I am talking about ASACP That stands for The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection.  OK first off it’s a horrible name the word “advocating” should NEVER EVER be used in a name associated in any way with child pornography, even if the purpose is protecting children.

I am honestly surprised that ASCAP hasn’t sued for trademark dilution. The name isn’t different enough but then who wants to pick on an organization that protects children right?

Well lets talk about that.

Here is what ASACP does NOT want you to report: (from their own site)

Do not report P2P (Peer to Peer) or Bit Torrent.

Do not report Newsgroups or Usenet groups (i.e. URL contains “alt.binaries” or similar titles).

Do not report Chat boards or Instant Messages.

Do not report Message boards.

Do not report Web communities (i.e. Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Lycos, etc.)

Do not report email addresses.

Do not email ASACP suspected child exploitation images.

So right off the bat they re only interested in protecting children if they fall into a VERY narrow group, This is the list of things that they WANT you to report (agaon from their own site)

Please report ONLY websites.

That’s it?  are you scratching your head saying what the fuck?….So am I.

Investigates reports and determine the ownership of suspected CE sites and forwards Red Flag reports to international government agencies and associations including the FBI and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, as well as International Tiplines.

I contacted The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and no one I spoke with could find any partner organization by the name ASACP.

The tip I got a year ago pointed out that ASACP has been in progress for more than ten years and I was told to ask how many child porn convictions have happened as a result of reports made to ASACP.  When I asked people at ASACP this question I got NO responses, not even when I asked in an open forum like GFY, A forum I know that Alec Helmy reads. Helmy is the head of ASACP.  I bet you aren’t surprised to learn that the answer…is none.  I could not find one single incident or one single person who said that ASACP had provided information that resulted in a single child porn case.

So what exactly does ASACP do with the hundreds of dollars that each sponsor pays to be a sponsor?  Your guess is as good as mine….It’s easy to support an organization that protects children, it makes us feel good, like we are doing something, but the truth is it’s all just window dressing….As the little old lady in the old Wendys ad said..”Where’s the beef?”  It is not fair to the people who support ASACP or the people in this biz who believe that ASACP is actually doing anything other than paying salaries.

The problem with porn is that we tend to say well it may not be perfect but we are trying, it’s ours…I have heard that a MILLION fucking times in regard to The Free Speech Coalition.  People I believe that we can do better, we shouldn’t excuse poor performance just because they are one of us…and if I was one of them I would want my peers to be proud of what we do, not ashamed. We should hold ourselves to higher standard.

To me ASACP is an embarrassment I think we should clean it up or defund it, plain and simple. If we can’t do any better than this we should stick to sucking cock…