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A Personal Endorsement Kratom Works For Me

As you all know I have been recovering from a pretty brutal motorcycle accident, my main problem was the continuing pain.  The opiates (oxycodone 15mg) did a good job keeping it to a dull roar but I was concerned about taking them every 4-6 hrs for as long as I have been (6 weeks now).  A friend of mine suggested I try a non prescription legal alternative called Kratom.

I’m not one to just jump on something because someone says its herbal and its safe and blah blah so I started doing some research.  I found that it has been used to treat chronic pain for years in Asian medicine.  I contacted my friend in Thailand who asked his wife about it, she had never heard of it and asked for photos so I got a few pics off of google and sent them and she responded oh yes that work very good very good.

Further info suggested that it was safe and that it works EXACTLY like Oxycodone and Hydrocodone and other opiates, it binds to the mu receptors, its an opioid receptor agonist yada yada.  I called my orthopedic surgeon who hadn’t heard of it and suggested I stick with the Oxycodone.  Im not one to buck a doctors orders but I had read enough that I at least wanted to give Kratom a chance.

I contacted my friend and she suggested PA Botanicals, so I talked via chat to the owner who answered all my questions.  You could maybe overdose on it but its unlikely as it will make you throw up long before you hit that level and as long as you aren’t taking it with other drugs there’s no documented cases of overdose.  It can be addictive taken over long periods of time but it is not as addictive as oxys and its not as hard to kick, if your skin turns orange brown he told me, that was a sign you were taking it too much.  It is NOT an opiate even though it works like one  it wont show up on a drug test  unless the test is specifically for Kratom.  Its legal in every state except Indiana.  It is a tree and the product is the dried  leaves of the tree, mytrogena speciosa.

He suggested a more concentrated species called Ultra Maeng Da and suggested I try a small dose first to make sure I dont have an allergy or anything so I took 2 capsules (1 gram)  I had no reaction other than maybe a slight euphoria and lessened pain that I chalked up to a pseudo effect.

The next day I upped it to 5.5 grams  this was first thing in the am after I got up when my pain is at its worst because I havent taken an oxy in 8 hrs or more.  Straight up y’all it worked EXACTLY like the oxycodone, in 20 mins my pain was cut in half,,,,same as the oxy does, I had the euphoric lift you get from opiates and it lasted a solid 6 hrs and then some.

I was astounded how well it worked, matter of fact I have been using it more and more instead of the Oxycodone.  If you are suffering from pain from an injury, arthritis or whatever I think you should give this a try.  Y’all know I don’t endorse anything I don’t believe in and don’t use myself  I use this and for me it works.

In going to the site there’s a lot of different types and extracts and whatever   I would say just stick to the  Ultra Maeng Da, it isn’t expensive.  I tried both the powder and the capsules and prefer the capsules because the powder tastes like the devils asshole, I tried it in grapefruit juice, orange juice, I added honey, lemon, sugar…fuck all that just do the caps.

I would say 5 grams of Ultra Maeng Da was equal to a 15Mg Oxycodone (pure not with Tylenol) so you would adjust your dose using that as a guideline.

P A Botanicals filled my order and I had it in 2 days even  with standard shipping but They are on the east coast as well.  From talking to the owner the quality of Kratom varies widely from vendor to vendor and that freshness is key.  I was very pleased with his patience in answering my questions and with the service, price and quality of his product.  So much so that I asked him if I could become an affiliate and he agreed, so if you do try Kratom please use the links here, it lets him  know where the order came from and it helps to keep in business.

I am also interested in hearing your experience(s) with Kratom, this is uncharted territory for me save from what I posted.  Thanks y’all and I hope it works as well and as economically for you as it has for me.


Trumping The Republican Party

Throughout my injury I have been bemused by the continuing antics of Donald Trump.  It has made me think and apparently I am not alone.   Despite his politically incorrect, sometimes bigoted opinions he has apparently awoken the most feared of all voters…the ones who don’t vote.  The result is he is leading the pack in most polls.

I am reminded of Archie Bunker, Patriarch of the family in Norman Lears Genius “All In The Family”  I can all but hear Donald Trump saying “There’s a little bit of me in all of you.”

I think there are a large number of alienated voters saying, hey at least this Trump guy tells it like he sees it, with him I know what I am getting.

That reminds me of many years ago.  I was a teenager in Georgia and Georgia was holding an election for governor, as I recall this was 1970. One of the candidates was a white supremacist named J.B. Stoner.  Stoner was as bigoted and as racist as anyone who ever walked the face of the earth. During this campaign, where he called himself the “candidate of love”, he described Adolf Hitler as “too moderate,” black people as an extension of the ape family, and Jews as “vipers of hell.”  The primary was won by civil rights supporter and future President Jimmy Carter.

I was in my early teens and used to fish at a local lake called “Burdells Lake.”  There were several regulars who hike into the woods and fish the lake and one was an old black man, we would often talk and on this particular day I felt comfortable enough to ask him what he thought of J.B. Stoner.  His reply has stuck with me my entire life.

He said Mike, I know where that  man stands, I know what is in his heart and I know what he would do to me and my kind if he were to be elected governor.  He said, it ain’t him I worry about.  It’s these other guys running, he says I don’t know where they really stand, I know what they say, but what they say usually dont match up with what they do.

Now bringing us back to 2015 and looking at Donald Trump, I remember that conversation and it occurs to me that Trump, as unlikely as it may seem, is resonating with a lot of people who are tired of being lied to.  I dont think anyone questions that Trump believes what he says, how many of the other candidates can you say that about?

Do I think Trump will win?  Not a chance.  Do I think Trump can be the single biggest influence in who does win? Absolutely.

Think about this for a moment if every single republican who voted republican and every democrat who voted democrat and every independent voted however they voted in the last election all vote accordingly.  Now if half the people who were eligible and didnt vote last election vote for Trump, Trump will be elected president in 2016.

Trump has another thing going for him, I don’t think anyone sees him as beholden to the religious right. Nor do I think he is perceived as eager to go to war, he certainly seems to have the idea that we should be fixing things here instead.

I wouldn’t vote for him or any other Republican on the ticket (maybe Rand  Paul)  nor will I be voting for Hillary or Sanders, but If Trump can keep his foot out of mouth (close obviously dont count) This is going to be one interesting race, specially the debates.


The FSC’s Propensity To Whore Itself To The Highest Bidder Has Bought An Investigation By California’s Fair Political Practices Commission


People this is not really how we want ourselves to be represented is it?  The FSC is wholly owned by Manwin/MindGeek?  Come on Steve Orenstein, Steve Hirsch, Larry Flynt, John all know who you are….Ask yourself exactly when you signed up for that?

The FSC is the best that this industry can do?  are you guys serious?  at best they are a total embarrassment to every single hardworking, honest and ethical person and company in our industry.  Why has it lasted this long? SMFH!

LOS ANGELES–(Business Wire)–Safer sex advocates and individuals affiliated with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the primary backer of Measure B, the so-called condoms in porn 2012 ballot measure in Los Angeles County, today cheered the news that California’s Fair Political Practices Commission’s (FPPC) Enforcement Division will be opening an investigation to look into allegations of foreign donations to the adult film industry’s failed 2012 ‘No on Government Waste, No on Measure B’ campaign seeking to block passage of Measure B.

In a July 17, 2015 letter, California’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) wrote that it’s Enforcement Division will be opening an investigation to look into the Free Speech Coalition’s Diane Duke as treasurer of the ‘No’ campaign as well as Manwin, a Luxembourg-based porn company and its related overseas companies—foreign companies which appear responsible for half of all donations to the industry’s entire ‘No’ campaign which sought to block passage of Measure B. Measure B won by a decisive 57% to 43% margin in the November 2012 election in Los Angeles County.

Measure B, officially known as the County of Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, requires producers of adult films to obtain a public health permit from the County, follow all health and safety laws, including condom use, and pay a permit fee to cover enforcement costs. Sponsored by five individuals affiliated with AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the initial complaint to the FPPC, filed a few weeks ago, notes that Manwin, a Luxembourg-based porn company and its related overseas affiliates in Luxembourg, Cypress and elsewhere donated as much half of all donations to the entire adult industry’s ‘No’ campaign.

“This investigation by California’s Fair Political Practices Commission of foreign money directed to 2012’s ‘No on B’ campaign is yet another confirmation of the complete lack of credibility that the porn industry has. The industry, its trade group, the Free Speech Coalition and FSC head Diane Duke, are basically cheaters—cheating on performer safety for years as well as what clearly appears to be taking foreign money for their failed political campaign against the condom ballot measure,” said Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “Keeping foreign money out of US elections should be an extremely high principle. We were fortunate that L.A. County voters had the good sense to vote ‘Yes’ on Measure B, but under different circumstances, foreign money could tip the balance in a close US election. Do we really want Saudis weighing in on oil policy via a US election? From a cursory look at the required political financial disclosure forms from 2012, we believe that Luxembourg-based Manwin (now MindGeek) and its other overseas entities donated at least half of all monies raised for the porn industry’s failed campaign to block Measure B. We thank the FPPC for opening this investigation.”

Apparently Someone Believes Donny Long is Back In The USA

He is not…I know exactly where he is, in Thailand.

And Im not laying the groundwork to go after him except to say that I will assist in any serious effort, which won’t happen because face it…who is gonna step up?  The FSC?  HA!



Over the Rainbow Revisited Chapter III: The Great Divide

I. Under the Influence


On June 26, 2015, a divided Supreme Court ruled that states cannot ban gay marriage. As the result, The United States of America became the 21st country to legalize gay marriage nationwide. From now on, married homosexual couples will enjoy the same benefits and legal rights as married heterosexual couples and will be recognized on official documents such as birth and death certificates. It can be argued that such an important social issue should have been put to vote instead of having five none-elected judges to impose their opinion and personal interpretation of the Constitution on an entire nation, but let’s put aside the argument over the validity of the Supreme Court’s decision and instead focus on the political and social environment in which this decision was made. The ruling happened at a time when America is greatly divided over the issue of gay rights. The latest polls indicate that 61% of Americans support gay people’s right to marriage while 39% oppose it. A decade ago, these numbers were reversed, at that time, 39% of Americans were in favor of gay marriage while 59% were against it. It’s important to note that since 2005, among those under the age of 30 also known as the millennial generation, support for gay rights has grown from 57% to 78%. It’s suffice to say that if it wasn’t for millennials’ fierce support, gay marriage campaign could not succeed, and that leads us to an essential question: Why the millennial generation were so adamant in their support for gay marriage, was their support a result of their free will, or were their perception and emotions manipulated by an ever- expansive, ever-intrusive government, public education system, social network, corporate media, etc?

To understand millennial generations’ support for gay marriage in particular and LGBT rights in general, we need to take a look back at the last decade and consider what has changed in the period of 2005-15. So much technological advancements had been achieved, but one particular invention stands out: The social network, an essential and inseparable component of millennials’ lives. According to a study published by Pew Research Center in March 2015, FaceBook and Twitter are increasingly being used as sources of news. The research found that 63% of FaceBook and Twitter users use the social media web sites as news sources, an increase from 50% in 2013. Across demographics, percentage of millennials who get their news from FaceBook and Twitter has increased from 55% in 2013 to 67% in 2015. Let’s take a closer look, here are some FaceBook user statistics as of June 2015, courtesy of DMR (Digital Marketing Stats/ Strategy/ Gadgets):


– Percentage of millennials that Use FaceBook: 91%

– Percentage of all U.S social media users that use FaceBook: 90%

– Daily active users in the U.S and Canada: 161 million

– Time spent on FaceBook per user per day: 21 minutes

– Percentage of U.S internet users that clicked a FaceBook share bottom on blog posts they enjoyed: 26.7%

These numbers demonstrate how vast FaceBook’s digital empire has become in the decade since its inception. With this level of influence and power, not only they can monitor users’ lives on a day to day basis, but they can also collect data and information on each individual, each age group, each race, each social class, each sexual orientation, etc. In an era where information is power, corporations such as FaceBook can and will use their ever-expanding power to manipulate personal emotions and ultimately shape, redefine and redirect public opinions on any and all issues including the LGBT rights.

FaceBook has a long established history of conducting psychological studies on its users. Here are a few examples:

– In 2012, FaceBook researchers, in collaboration with two American universities, carried out an experiment in which they manipulated the news feeds of more than 700,000 randomly selected users to study the impact of “emotional contagion”, or how emotional states are transferred among a group of people, from one person to another. The researchers said the evidence showed that emotional contagion occurs without direct interaction between people and “in the complete absence of nonverbal cues.”

– In March 2013, FaceBook conducted a study and analyzed the factors that predicted support for gay marriage among its users. The research looked at what might influence users to change their profile photo to the red equals sign as the symbol of support for gay marriage. It was revealed that people with more “FaceBook friends” changing their profile photo to a red equals sign were more likely to go through with the change to their profile photo. Eventually, three million people changed their profile photo to a red equals sign.

– In June 2015, FaceBook released a new tool that allowed its users to show support for gay marriage. Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced “The Celebrate Pride Tool” on his personal page following the U.S Supreme Court’s ruling. The tool lets users put a rainbow-colored filter over their profile photo. Within the first few hours, more than one million people changed their profile.

These FaceBook experiments, along with similar experiments carried out by Twitter and other social net work web sites, illustrate how beliefs, behaviors and emotions are being influenced in the digital cyber village of the 21st century and how people, especially the youth generation, are being manipulated like cattle, all the while being under the illusion of having a free will. The once democratic West has become a prison with invisible bars, and the grip is tightening.


II. Children of the Rainbow


The difference between various forms of dictatorships is how they present themselves. For example the former Soviet Union regime was an overt tyranny that for nearly 7 decades crushed any opposition with an iron fist and never disguised its brutality as something else. What we see in the West today is a covert form of tyranny, the iron fist is covered in velvet gloves, and crimes are being committed under the pretense of preserving human rights (i.e. distributing social justice, providing equality, making progress, etc.) However, dictatorships have many similarities, one of which is their obsession with education system. Any tyrannical regime seeks to guarantee its continuation and survival by investing in children, the future generation, and teach them how to be compliant with the system and how to be obedient and faithful to the regime’s ideology and way of life. They know if they succeed in this endeavor, they will face less challenge and resistance in the future when today’s children are grown up and are entering the work field. That’s why such intrusive programs are being enforced in America’s public schools and children are being subjected to brain washing, couching and sexual initiation. For instance one of the topics studied in public elementary schools is “The Genderbread Person”. The following is an excerpt of this text book:

“Gender is one of those things everyone thinks they understand, but most people don’t, like inception. Gender isn’t binary. It’s not either / or. In many cases it’s both / and. A bit of this, a dash of that. This tasty little guide is meant to be an appetizer for gender understanding. It’s okay if you’re hungry for more. In fact, that’s the idea.”    

This is what they are teaching to children in public schools, this is being done under the pretense of gender equality while the true goal is grooming children for bi-sexuality, queerness and transgenderism and planting seeds of identity crisis and chemical drug dependency in them. Here is an example of what kind of a child “genderbread sexual initiation” will educate: On June 20, 2015, at the New York City Gay Pride Parade, 8 year old Desmond Napoles, dressed in a rainbow skirt and gold sequined cap, danced and twirled alongside half naked gay cross-dressing men, and the crowd cheered for him. The child has turned into an overnight sensation in the LGBT community, and was praised by gay activist, blogger and TV personality Perez Hilton. Here is how Mr. Hilton describes the child:

“There were all kinds of lavish and extravagant costumes and people dancing in the street [on Gay Parade], but perhaps the most adorable and courageous dancing of them all was a little 8 year old boy who came out for the event and strutted his stuff. He captivated and won the hearts of anyone watching all while just being himself and feeling comfortable in his own skin, this boy and his courage to be himself reminds us of what Pride is really about.”

Pay attention to the words this adult gay man uses while speaking about an 8 year old child: strutting his stuff [shaking his ass], winning the hearts, being himself. The assumption that an 8 year old child can choose to be “himself” suggests that he has a good understanding of his gender, sexuality and identity. Although such assumption is neither plausible nor rational, but let’s go along with it and see where it’ll take us. If an 8 year old child can have a good understanding of his gender, sexuality and identity, it can then be interpreted that he is capable of giving consent to sex. One might ask: What if a gay man whose heart is “won” by watching this child in a dress desires to have sex with him? What if the child, “being himself”, submits to that man’s desire? What are the checks and balances to stop things of that nature from happening? This is the reality of the LGBT movement, strip it from its propaganda, take away its grandiose, self-righteous slogans and taglines of social justice and equality, and it’ll come down to power, profit and pursuit of the most destructive, evil and perverse desires. Love is a weakness, lust conquers all, including children, one rainbow skirt dressing, stuff strutting 8 year old at a time.


III. Unforeseen Consequences


On July 12, 2015, about 1000 parents gathered in a town in Germany to protest the implementation of pro-gay “sexual diversity” curriculum in public schools, and came face to face with an angry, violent group of homosexuals and LGBT supporters who viciously attacked the parents by throwing feces on them. Gays and their supporters then wiped their anuses with pages of the Bible, and threw those pages at the parents as well.

These parents became under such inhuman, shameful and vile attack only because they were concerned about the well being and fair education of their children, because they tended to stop the process of sexual initiation of their children, because they tended to prevent their children from becoming targets of conditioning, collective mind control and pedophilia. In Germany gay people have access to the same benefits as straight people, the right to marriage, partnership and adopting children, joint tax filing benefits, etc. However, that’s not enough, what they truly want is to be recognized not as an equal class of citizens, but as a privileged class, a special class with influence over various aspects of society including education. It is crucial for them to couch, initiate and indoctrinate children into bi-sexuality, homosexuality and transgenderism since an early age in an effort to increase their numbers and expand their reach, and the powers that be support such agenda because the LGBT movement has been beneficial for them in every aspect from increasing their consumer market and profit to opening doors and paving the way for other abnormal perversions from transhumanism to incest, pedophilia and beyond. Allow me to explain:

The first step is the hardest. Centuries of history, tradition and values need to be overthrown and subverted so that out of chaos a new order can be created. For centuries, marriage had been defined as the union between a man and a woman, and homosexuality had been defined as a form of mental illness and biological/social disorder that some were born with and some had adopted through the environment and life experiences, nature or nurture or in some cases both were considered contributing factors in determining sexual orientation. In the mid 20th century, a new movement started in the West and escalated in the late 1960’s/ early 1970’s with the attempt to redefine homosexuality as normal and remove it from the list of mental illnesses. The motive beyond this movement had little to do with regards for human rights and science and was mainly economical and political. The Liberal class realized that by redefining homosexuality as normal, they can argue that seeking equal rights for gay people is some form of pursuit of happiness and social justice, ideas that the majority of people identify and sympathize with. Hence, people will rally behind the aforementioned ideas and will support the Liberal class who promotes such ideas and will vote for them and give them power and control.

Homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder in the journal of the APA (American Psychological Association) until 1973 when a resolution was made which declassified it as a mental disorder and removed it from the APA journal. Since then, ever-expanding Liberal influence among the global scientific academics has blocked and prevented any unbiased, through and scientific research into causes and possible treatments of homosexuality. Instead, the scientific community has resorted to falsifying data, publishing biased studies, discrediting independent reports and downright lying to support and advance the gay agenda, and here comes the next move: Implementation of sexual diversity curriculum under the pretense of gender equality throughout the public schools in Western countries, feeding children lies and suggesting them that they can choose to be whatever gender they want, and if their parents don’t agree with the child’s decision, the government officials will take the child away from the parents, because in any tyrannical regime, children belong to the state, not their family. The rule of parents is to feed children and provide shelter for them, they have no right to supervise the child’s education, that right falls into the government’s jurisdiction.

The first step that was the hardest has been taken successfully, among most people, homosexuality has been accepted not as a form of mental illness and biological/social disorder, but as another form of normal. Hence, it’s time for the powers that be to enforce other variations of “normal” such as bi-sexual children and cross-dressing senior citizens. After all, the assumption is that everybody has the right to pursuit happiness, and the tyrannical government, with help from pharmaceutical corporations, will ensure its citizens will pursuit such right as long as they remain faithful to the system and obedient and don’t question the government’s authority. National sovereignty, family bonds, traditional values, critical thinking, rationale and conscience belong to an embarrassing past and must be abandoned and forgotten, and normal is whatever the powers that be dictate to you. Yesterday homosexuality became normal, today transgenderism is normal, tomorrow it will other things, people must and will have the right to maim themselves, take out functioning and normal organs and replace them with computer chips and mechanical parts, a man can deflower his teenage daughter, and adults can have sex with “consenting minors”. If you think any of these scenarios is implausible and outrageous, take a look around you and ask yourself: A decade ago, could you imagine a private owned business owner would be penalized for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding? Could you imagine seeing the picture of Bruce Jenner, an Olympic champion, a father, a grandfather, in a dress on the cover of a fashion magazine, demanding you to recognize him as a woman? Could you imagine public school instructors to couch a male child into believing he’s a girl and threaten his parents to either put a dress on their child and submit him to hormonal therapy or the government will take his custody away from them?

Let’s focus on a disturbing aspect of this discussion: If you think normalizing pedophilia in a society where gay marriage and cross-dressing senior citizens are represented as normal is far-fetched, think again. Today, homosexuality and transgenderism are defined as “sexual orientations”, a step forward from when they were classified as mental illness and/or biological and social disorder. At the time of this writing, there are efforts on the way to classify and redefine pedophilia as a sexual orientation instead of a crime caused by mental illness and/or biological and social disorder, and perpetrators of such efforts are among the same Liberal activists, academics and politicians who support the LGBT movement, and use similar arguments that were used to change the classification and definition of homosexuality and transgenderism. Most of such arguments are built upon the studies of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a psychopathic sex criminal who is considered a prominent figure among the Liberal class and is credited for revolutionizing human sexuality in the 20th century. In the 1940’s, Kinsey conducted a research into various sexual activities including bi-sexuality, homosexuality and pedophilia. For the pedophilia aspect of his research, he corresponded with a pedophile who reported to Kinsey how he sexually molested a vast number of children including a two months old infant. According to Kinsey, child’s traumatic responses such as crying, shaking and screaming during molestation were indications of orgasm and sexual gratification. Therefore, he concluded that humans are sexual beings from the moment of birth. In 2012, Alfred Kinsey was inducted into the Legacy Walk, an outdoor public display which celebrates LGBT history and pride.

Here are some examples of attempts at redefining and normalizing pedophilia:

-In 2010, Harvard Health Publications announced: “Pedophilia is a sexual orientation and unlikely to change.”

– In 2011, a group of psychiatrists with B4U-Act proposed a new definition of pedophilia in “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders of the APA”. B4U-Act refers to pedophiles as “minor-attracted people.” The organization’s website describes its purpose “to help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma and fear.”

– In 2011,Milton Diamond, a University of Hawaii professor and director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society, stated in a lecture: “Child pornography could be beneficial to society because potential sex offenders use child pornography as a substitute for sex against children.” Diamond is a well known lecturer for the IASHS (The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality) which is based in San Francisco. The IASHS has close ties with the LGBT lobby groups, and had fiercely advocated for the repeal of the Revolutionary war ban on gays serving in the military.

– In 2013, California Congresswoman Rep. Jackie Speier (Democrat) and a passionate advocate of LGBT rights proposed federalizing a state law prohibiting counseling to change a person’s sexual orientation. The bill defines pedophilia as a sexual orientation that would afford the same rights granted to gays.

– In 2014, the Liberal news paper New York Times published an article arguing in favor of civil rights for pedophiles. The author of the article is Margo Kaplan, an entrepreneurial assistant law professor at Rutgers University and a former lawyer for the ACLU (The American Civil Liberties Union), an organization that has close relationships with the LGBT lobby groups. Kaplan wrote that around 1% of people are sexually attracted to children and they must hide their disorder from everyone they know, or risk losing educational and job opportunities, and face the prospect of harassment and even violence.”

As you see, not only the argument in favor of pedophilia is similar to that of homosexuality and transgenderism, but also the people and organizations that advocate pedophile’s civil rights are the same people and organizations who advocate and support the LGBT movement. As Linda Harvey of Mission America notes, it all ties up:

“The push for pedophiles to have equal rights will become more and more common as LGBT groups continue to assert themselves. It’s all part of a plan to introduce sex to children at younger and younger ages, to convince them that normal friendship is actually a sexual attraction.”

That leads us to a critical question:

Once pedophilia becomes redefined as a sexual orientation and become normalized, what does that mean for the society? Does that mean the pedophiles, like gays and transgender people, are considered a “minority” whose civil rights and liberties are to be protected against the majority? If so, what are civil rights and liberties of a pedophile, and what does that mean for your child?

Draw your own conclusion, but bear in mind that children are the most impressionable and vulnerable members of society, and we are responsible to not just provide food and shelter for them, but also to guide them, protect them from those who seek to mislead them and take advantage of them, and grant them the opportunity to thrive and find their true self on their own, freely, without the adult indoctrinations. This responsibility must be fulfilled by any and all means necessary.



I’m At A Crossroad

I really do appreciate all the kind wishes and offers of help that have been sent my way, you guys really are the best.  I am finding that I am growing less interested in the adult industry these days, yes I am still doing my pay sites but Porn Valley has become of so little interest.  A friend of mine thinks that the fight is largely out of me…Maybe he is right.

For example was down for a week…I wasn’t interested in following up.  I got a threat from Donny Long he wanted me to support his fight to have visitation with his kid in Thailand….he made up a bunch of shit about the childs mother getting the kid drunk and that the courts in Thailand had granted him visitation etc…none of it backed up and of course all of it either faked or not true…..he tried to pick a fight  I simply blocked his dumb ass.

Speaking of I got a flurry of letters from girls who had shot for girlsdoporn, about their real names being posted on a site…well guess who the site belonged to…yup the only guy to ever flunk out of porn…Donny Long.  I even got offered money, though not enough.

Could I get it taken down, yes, probably  I have no shortage of people who really helped last time who would help again…and I dont mean Sean Tompkins and Uncle Peg….I should NEVER have given them any ego strokes…they turned into mini Donny (sean) and way worse than Donny (Michael Whiteacre aka Uncle Peg)  Ya Donny beat his wife or girlfriend but compare his record of domestic violence to that of Michael Whiteacre and Donny Long looks like an advocate for treating women with respect…but Im drifting off topic….

interestingly I am getting a lot of emails from bloggers claiming that girlsdoporn is suing them….it speaks volumes to me that girlsdoporn would pursue legal action for this yet leave Donny Long alone for printing the girls real names and other info……

In reality it would likely be much easier to take down pwl than it was the first time but I feel as though I have done my part, someone else has to at least help….the last time The FSC told The LA Times that they took him down,  Sean Tompkins and Whiteacre like to beat their chests and say it was all them (it wasnt)  So if you are on pwl and want your info removed you can pay donny (last i noted he was offering to remove it for 1K)  Do you REALLY trust Donny?   Why doesn’t The FSC get it done, according to Diane Duke she did it before…and why not Sean Tompkins and Uncle Peg  they claim they did it before?

Why aren’t they stepping up?  I tell you why not…they CAN’T

If The FSC would like to step up I would even HELP them,  If Corey Silverstein ( a great guy) or J D Obenberger or James Felton or any number of other people I promise my help.  Do not expect me to help pornlaw aka Michael Fattarossi, he was the one person who could have stepped up and shut Donny down very early on and he didn’t do it, he and Donny were (and as far as I know, still are, friends…interestingly it was not very long after I exposed emails between him and Donny that PWL went down.)

getting back to the original point  It seems even to me that I am losing some of my fight…maybe its just temporary while I heal from the massive injuries, maybe its going for good, I honestly don’t know.

What do yall think? and anyone who wants to step up and take every US asset Donny Long has….email me.

Meantime….I am getting better, rapidly but not as rapidly as I would like…this is a long heal…not as long as the spinal surgery, theoretically, but I think it will be longer…certainly longer than the 4 months on the broken tibia (leg) back in Oct 2011.  I will get through it I am keeping a positive attitude but I am also finding myself shifting my priorities, On some level I feel like I am giving up on the porn biz, on the other I ask myself what more can I do?  I dunno..Im rambling…however it shakes out , it has been one incredible run and I have enjoyed the people in the biz immensely..learning from them, knowing them and advocating for many of them/you.

Thank You All




Not A Peep Out Kayden Kross And After AshleyMadison Hack

You see Ashley Madison owns arrangementfinders.  For those unfamiliar with the story got hacked last week and the hackers have threatened to make all of the members names available to the public.  Thats a problem, because AshleyMadison as well as are cheating sites.  While arrangementfinders is closer to prostitution, it offers to hook girls up with sugar daddies, where as ashleymadison is more straight up have an affair.

the hackers were quoted as saying in a manifesto : “Users almost always pay with credit card; their purchase details are not removed as promised, and include real names and address, which is of course the most important information the users want removed.”

This makes hacking the company very lucrative for blackmail purposes.

The parent company Avid Life Media has claimed to have hired a top level security firm to deal with the threat.

If you have joined Ashleymadsion, arrangementfinders or any of Avid Life Media’s sites, you should be concerned.

I Have Been Reading A Lot

TheArtOfThePimpI’m an avid reader, as many of you know and this injury has presented me with ample time to catch up.  When I finally got back into my house just over a week ago there was a book shaped box waiting on me.  I didn’t remember ordering anything from Amazon that hadn’t been delivered but I opened it and there it was…Dennis Hof’s book “The Art Of The Pimp”. The timing was perfect.

I have known Dennis for many years and he has always been nothing but nice to me.  I have never been to the Bunny Ranch but I have sent a few girls there who wanted to try it, something I doubt that even Dennis knows.  It got mixed reviews but thats actually what I expected, the girls who hustled and had self confidence did well and liked it.  My thoughts were if you want to try prostitution, do it where its legal.

One of my all time most interesting reads was a book called “Pimp” by Iceberg Slim.  It was autobiographical and it was raw, very raw.  It answered all those questions you ever had about why girls turned to illegal prostitution, why they would give all their money to a pimp and how the pimp exercized complete control over them.

Dennis book is the opposite of “Pimp”, because Dennis business is the opposite of what Iceberg Slims was.  Dennis gives you that look into the legal Nevada Prostitution scene, a bit of it’s history and a lot of Dennis Hof.

He is often referred to as the P T Barnum of prostitution and while there are some similarities I found more similarities to Zig Ziglar, Dennis is a born salesman and he cut his teeth in sales first by owning gas stations and then he got his chops by selling the most difficult sale there is…time shares.  By comparison selling pussy should be easy.

“The Art of The Pimp” is a good read, even if you aren’t interested in owning a brothel. It illustrates the importance of everything from common sense to the importance of good customer relations and good employee relations.

Whether you like Dennis or not and whether you think prostitution is good or bad there is something for you to learn in this easy to read  book.  Give it a shot.


Larry Flynt Endorses Hillary Clinton

It comes as no surprise to most anyone but the real wisom is in Larry’s reasoning.  You could ask every porner in Porn Valley why they would endorse Hillary and most would simply assume that it will be good for business, the Democrats haven’t expressed much interest in prosecuting obscenity cases, sure there are a few exceptions and I have no doubt that the Democrats would change that policy in a heartbeat if they saw any political advantage in doing so.

Flynt, on the other hand had this to say:

“I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. If Hillary gets in, chances are she’s going to have an opportunity to appoint two, maybe three justices … and we could shift the balance there.”

And Larry is dead on the money there, the controversial Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion would be in serious jeopardy, for one.

I also favor a more liberal supreme court, while I would love to see abortion being a thing of the past Id rather this happen because modern birth control has made it obsolete, I do not want to see the government legislating it out of existence, if for no other reason that like the “War on Drugs” or “The War on Terrorism” all it will really do is further strip away our rights while doing nothing to address the real problems.

As for me  If I were a democrat (Im not, nor am I Republican) ) I would be leaning towards Bernie Sanders, I think he has a popular message in that there is too much  money in politics making it affordable for large corporations to buy politicians and to buy legislation while you and I can do nothing about it.


Friday Update

My apologies for tardy updates but healing 14 broken bones all at the same time takes a lot out of a 57 year old guy…It does this one anyway.  Een though I am doing better and better I am in constant pain, I can only sleep on my back which is hard for someone who all his life has slept on his side…But hey I am thankful because I could be so much worse.

No pity party here though, rest assured if something big happens I will be on it.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…enjoy the summer.

The Confederate Battle Flag My Thoughts

Goddess, and a few others are interested in my thoughts on this and as such I should probably make them known.  I share most everything else in my life.  My thoughts may even surprise you.  Some context is necessary so read it as a whole and don’t just skim for sound bites.

Because of my chosen last name, South, the fact that I live in Georgia and that I have a southern drawl that I have never attempted to hide, there are certain expectations of how I might deal with certain issues, even though anyone who reads me knows that quite often I defy expectations.

I don’t mind admitting that I grew up in a time and in a family where racial lines were very clear, boundaries even. I had a grandfather who was in the Ku Klux Klan. All of my childhood was spent in neighborhoods that were all white and there was very little racial diversity in any of my schools, all were less than one percent black and hispanic combined.

We sang “Dixie” in school and the Georgia flag had the St Andrews Cross design that is today called the “Confederate Battle Flag”, which it was, although it was never an official flag of the Confederacy, just the battle flag.

I started first grade in 1964, a time when a lot was being made of something called “de-segregation” I knew the word but had no idea what it meant and certainly no idea of the significance. It wasn’t untill I was out of high school that race even had any bearing on my life.  It was the 70s and there had been more than a decade of turmoil I had witnessed as a child.  Equal rights, womens liberation, anti establishment uprisings all set against  the background of a very unpopular war in South East Asia, specifically Viet-Nam.

I was always interested in politics, not as in going into politics but in it as a science…a how it worked.  I was never the avowed racist my grandfather was (and my father but to a lesser degree) and as I matured I just didn’t understand what all the flap was about.  It seemed clear to me that slavery was (and still is) wrong but that it had been a historical practice for as long as humans had been on earth.  I also noted that we were moving in the direction of setting that whole thing right, or at least becoming more enlightened that there really is no difference between white people and black people or yellow people or red people or brown people.  That we were all the same with simple genetic differences to adapt to the specific environments we had evolved in.  Yes they taught evolution in my schools, though it kind of took a back seat to the biblical version of things.  Evolution it seemed to me, made more sense….a lot more sense, and I was determined to “evolve” from my roots.

As fate would have it shortly after entering the adult biz in 1992 I met and shot a dancer I fell in love with, her name was Onyx and she was half black.

I am not one to sugar coat things, to my dad Onyx was a “nigger” and he would not allow her to set foot on his property.  As a result I didn’t see my father for the three years Onyx and I lived together.  I may not be able to enlighten him but I damn sure wasn’t going to compromise my principles to support his backwards thinking.

I spent the holidays with my mother, who had long since divorced my old man, and my mother is one of those Christians that lives her beliefs, she had no problem with Onyx, she accepted the fact that I loved her and that was that.

My time with Onyx really opened my eyes more to the racial issues more than anything, it seemed everyone had an opinion about our relationship, black women, black men, white women, white men….most were, as a whole very intolerant, we dealt with slurs all the time, she would be called a sell out, high yella… yada yada.

I now live in a racially diverse neighborhood and I have great neighbors, white and black and others, we all try to look out for each other and respect each other.  Just this week, when I got home from the hospital my neighbors next door offered assistance in any way I need help, do you think I care that they are black?  I dont care if they are purple with pink polka dots…they are good people and that is what matters to me.

Now you ask ok ok ok we get it…whats all this have to do with the confederate battle flag?

Simple, It is what is in your heart.  I don’t think that destroying history is a good idea, we forget what little we learn from it all too often as it is.

That said, history is no excuse to perpetuate intolerance and bigotry.

Take the Georgia Flag, there was a big thing some years back (2003 IIRC) about removing the confederate battle flag from the design. It was the design I had known all my life…At the time it looked like this:

Old Georgia State Flag

A lot of politicians and good ole boys and whatnot didnt want the flag changed because it was our “heritage” it was history yada yada…you know the arguments and had that always been the Georgia flag I might have agreed with them but it wasnt…you see prior to 1956 The Georgia State flag looked like this:


Why the change?  The 1956 flag was adopted in an era when the Georgia General Assembly “was entirely devoted to passing legislation that would preserve segregation and white supremacy” In short it was a big fuck you to the federal government pushing desegregation. not unlike a bumper sticker flying over the State capitol proclaiming “Hell No We Won’t Forget”

While it’s place in history should not be forgotten it has no place flying over the seats of government.

So getting right to it…If it has a historical context, such as in writings, drawings, art, photos or whatever from the time it should remain in place, if not then it should go, we have evolved away from that.

Finally I have always maintained, even way back in high school that the equal rights movement should have taken that particular symbol (the confederate battle flag) and made it their own, a reminder of what was and what should never be again…you can bet that had that happened this whole flag flap thing happening right now wouldn’t be happening….Take the symbols and icons of your enemy and make them yours and you really have won.

What do you think?

Dennis Hof To Run For Nevada Senate Seat As Libertarian

Yall know I dont normally run press releases but this one is a bit more than the usual fluff generated by the industry.  Do I think Dennis has a shot?  I doubt it but what he does have working in his favor is name recognition and a growing distrust of government by the public.  Like Mr Hof I have nothing but disdain for the two major parties and I have long identified as Libertarian so I do wish him success…Dennis, you and I go way back… if there is anything I can do to help ya LMK.


Dennis Hof (Hof) announced he has washed his hands of the two major political parties, switching his affiliation to Libertarian ( and forming an official Exploratory Committee to consider a run for Harry Reid’s U.S. senate seat in 2016. Hof’s move to run for the long Democrat-held position comes on the heels of state lawmakers passing the largest tax increase in Nevada history, pushing business-owner Hof to finally say he’s “Fed up and not going to take it anymore!”

“I’ve voted for Democrats and Republicans all my life, and all it’s gotten me, and all Nevadans, is more taxes and regulations and less freedoms, I’m disgusted with them both. As of today I have changed my party affiliation to the Libertarian Party and I am supporting the Libertarian Party of Nevada and encourage other people to do the same,” said Hof, the owner of the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch ( and six other licensed Nevada brothels. “And if I really want to change things in this state, and this country, I have to have some skin in the game—and running for U.S. Senator may just be the best way to do it.”

The Hof For Senate 2016 Exploratory Committee is being headed up by Libertarian Party of Nevada Chairman Brett H. Pojunis (Pojunis), who along with other Libertarian Party officials met with Hof at the party’s recent Libertarian Political Expo ( held in Las Vegas. Pojunis and Hof came away from the confab deciding to join forces to take on both the state and federal political establishments.

“Dennis Hof epitomizes what being a libertarian is all-about. He’s been living as a libertarian all his life—and the Libertarian Party of Nevada is proud to now welcome him into our party as an ‘official’ Libertarian,” said Pojunis. “Exploring the possibility of having Dennis as the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate from Nevada is both exciting and unprecedented. If Dennis decides to run, the entire nation will be watching our senate race, and they will all see the clear differences between the Libertarian Party, and the Democrat and Republican duopoly.”

The Hof For Senate 2016 Exploratory Committee will consist of a wide range of high-profile representatives from the worlds of entertainment, politics and media—with those already mentioned as possibilities including such luminaries as Tucker Carlson, Vince Neil, John Stossel, Rita Cosby, Ron Jeremy, Howard Stern, Judith Regan, Larry Flynt and Johnny Buss. Hof said that his group of advisors would be strictly “blue ribbon,” and he would be giving their analysis “serious consideration” in determining whether he should throw his hat into the 2016 Senate race ring.

About Dennis Hof:  Dennis Hof is the owner of seven licensed legal brothels located throughout Nevada and is the author of the book, “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story” published by ReganArts. The just-released bio-tome is available worldwide at,, and wherever finer books are sold online and in retail outlets. He has lectured at Oxford, Trinity, the Sorbonne and hundreds of colleges and events worldwide.

About The Moonlite Bunny Ranch:The world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch ( is featured in the long-running award-winning HBO reality TV series Cathouse, and is the most successful legal brothel in the history of the planet. It is currently celebrating its’ Diamond Anniversary 60th Year in business.

A Reader Writes:
Several Guys on and elsewhere Are talking about Trinity St Claire using saying she has been asking and steering paying clients for donations to her mother’s MS condition as a method of payment to her escort and hooking activities.
The gofundme thing has been taken down, it isnt clear is Trinity removed it or gofundme did.  It comes as no surprise that Trinity is and has been closely tied to Gregg Dodson, all the way back to the Richard Nanula thing.
Dodson made the following post on TheEroticReview last month:
For the past few months we have been hinting at some big changes coming. Sometimes people have changes happening in their lives and this has recently happened to me.
As of today I will be stepping away from the day to day operations of the Helpubookher2 agency.
I have still agreed to do weekly TER postings for the agency as I cant completely tear myself away from all you loving fans.
However the powers that be have blessed this agency with a beautiful replacement that you all already know and love
Please Welcome your new booking assistant the beautiful Trinity St Clair she will be answering your day to day emails
I love you all…see you weekly

No word on why Gregg is “stepping down” but I have been hearing for quite dome time that this particular “agency” is under some pretty heavy scrutiny so my advice is to steer clear…way clear.

Stolen Valor

Ya might ask what this has to do with porn?  well the answer is nothing but it is important to someone who is important to me and I agreed to bring attention to it.

it may be important to you as well, it certainly raises issues, particularly in light of internet privacy and stalking issues.

Lets Talk About The GirlsDoPorn Flap

Just as it did on reddit it seems to have come down one of two ways here…some blame the girl, some blames the shooters.

Personally I see both as having a part in it.

I like to make sure the girl knows what she is doing long before I shoot her, 100% disclosure,  no surprises.  That nips this kind of thing in the bud.  Nobody bullies my models and they have every opportunity to opt out, I even tell them I would prefer for them to cancel, even at the last minute, as opposed to doing something she will hate herself for.

I will be the first to tell you that not everyone in the biz operates this way, but maybe we should.  It has come to my attention that GDP has spent a lot of money to have lawyers quash this story…It seems to me that taking steps up front to insure this kind of thing doesnt happen makes more sense, and it makes us as an industry look better.  Theres nothing wrong with doing porn, if I thought otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it, but you do have to exercize some degree of responsibility.

Yes the girls need to be responsible as well and yes she could have (and should have) walked away, but Im not fooling myself on that one.  There are guys in this biz that have operated on the idea of making it hard or even next to impossible to walk away for years.

Take a well known producer director whose big thing was anal.  He would go to shows and book girls for scenes, usually targeting new girls.  He would propose that she do a scene and he would pay her 500 bucks.

Now the question is what is a scene?

she gets the make up and hair and they do the glamor shots and they start with the oral and then on to straight sex, then he says OK its time for the anal.

The girl is shocked…no no I dont do anal, never done it n my life.

The guy says honey the title of this movie is anal sex 15 you HAVE to do anal.

So what does she do at this point….she could walk away and forfeit all the time and all that but the guy knows she wont because in her head she has already spent the money, she ends up doing it and regretting it. and the whole thing played out EXACTLY how the guy knew it would.

does she bear some of the blame, yes but truth is she was manipulated.  She should have made it clear up front that she didnt do anal, of course he should have made it clear that anal was expected.  Thats why I say full disclosure, no surprises, it has always worked for me.  before she even gets on set she knows exactly what she will be doing, what and when she will be paid etc.

We often refer to ourselves (in porn) as a “family” well maybe we should treat each other that way.