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Uncle Peg Michael Whiteacre Gets One Of His Days In Court


According to the Court Website  (You have to use his real name Ari Bass and search you cant link directly to the results)

Uncle Pegs Case number is 14CR006277

It is scheduled to be heard on Tuesday 8/26 at 10AM by Judge Mark J Stevens

The charge is 1st degree Domestic Violence

Considering how many of you out there have been stalked and threatened by this coward who prefers to beat up on females I figure I am doing a public service by giving you Judge Mark J Stevens email address so that you may send him information and direct evidence of Ari’s abusive and violent behavior.

Please keep the info short and to the point and back it up with copies of emails, tweets and other direct contacts in which you were threatened.

The email address is Luanne.Montoya at cityofhenderson dot com



Someone Is Playing Games

About the Wicked contract girl story it appears that someone is going to GREAT lengths to fuck with me and with Kaylani, whether the story was true or not I no longer  think Kaylani was trying to fuck with me at all but I do think that someone is trying very hard to fuck with me and Kaylani so I prefer to err on the side of caution and as such I killed the story.

I am now working with people I trust on this matter, my apologies to Kaylani for not being more diligent and allowing her to get drug into something she likely had nothing to do with.

It is entirely possible that the lourdesenterprises email was fabricated and it was a good one.

If Steve Orenstein would like to contact me I would welcome it and give him any info that is pertinent….Meantime  Back to Porn…



Cruising For Street Walkers

Someone asked me today if I was really cruising for streetwalkers back in 2003….I was like what the fuck are you talking about and they told me that’s what Uncle Peg (aka Ari Bass, Michael Whiteacre, pornwarn and others) had written on that loser site he and Tompkins run.

I laughed my ass off,  yep I made a posting once to the atl;anta board on USAsexguide because they actually told me where to look

You see back in those days I had a very popular site called That link is to the waybackmachine archive of the site.  basically it was a feeder site, it fed traffic to my paysites.  I would go out with a friend and snap pics (or video) of the local streetwalkers and I would report the whereabouts as you can see

The site got very popular specially here in Atlanta and the city of Atlanta Police contacted me and asked If I would take it down or at least stop updating it, they felt that it was being used to publicize where to go to find streetwalkers.  Not wanting any ill will I agreed and eventually just didnt even renew the site.

So there ya go Uncle Peg….you chickenshit coward.  But one good turn deserves another so i have a whole post on you coming tomorrow, including an email address for Judge Mark J Stevens….that’d be the judge in your domestic violence case in Henderson NV.  I’m sure theres a lot of folks you threatened who would like to pass those threats on…..


Colorado Teaches America A Good Lesson About Freedom

I hope you all had at least as great a weekend as I did, we caught lots of fish and watched fireworks and spent good times with friends and family.  We even got LOTS  (12 gallons) of scallops in addition to the fish.

One of the stories that caught my eye this weekend was a story about the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado.  The story is on policy.mic it talks about two big benefits from legal marijuana sales.

First is that sales are even higher than expected with March alone generating 19 MILLION dollars in tax revenue for the state, and second is that crime rates in the state have plummeted.

By removing marijuana penalties, the state saved somewhere between $12 million and $40 million in 2012, according to the Colorado Center on Law and Policy.

Thats a huge windfall for the state and it appears that the federal government is now backing off of it’s zero tolerance policy as well.

The DEA is now asking the Food and Drug Administration to remove marijuana from its list of the most dangerous and harmful drugs. This could signal a radical shift in the way our government regulates and enforces weed. Marijuana advocates hail the decision as a necessary policy step towards eventual legalization, removing a critical roadblock that has constrained marijuana legalization on the local and federal levels. It is, of course, the first step of many.

And you can bet that other states and municipalities are watching as well

This November, it’s all but certain that D.C. will vote on a marijuana ballot measure and even pass it, setting up a battle with Congress to legalize. This could be the most important battle yet in the marijuana prohibition fight; D.C. is considered a staging ground for many local policies that get enacted throughout the country, and a victory for pot could open the floodgates elsewhere.

With that much money on the table the whores that we elect to govern us are certainly coming up with strategies to change their tunes on drug policy.

All in all this is really a win for everyone, The United States has become the country with the most incarcerated people.  That’s right “The land of the free” has more people in jail than any other country on earth, either per capita or sheer numbers and most of these people are incarcerated for non violent drug offenses with Marijuana being the single largest category. So flat out legalization not only generates tax revenue but allows states and municipalities to use those huge revenue sinks ( marijuana task forces, etc as well as the money it costs to incarcerate offenders)  for other. more productive purposes. It also frees up law enforcement manpower to pursue criminals that pose a real danger to lives and property.

The other big benefit that nobody is talking about (not in the mainstream press anyway) is that it takes the product OUT of the hands of  organized crime and gangs and puts it into the hands of licensed, law abiding citizens  and takes that money out of the black market and puts it back into the economy.

Libertarians have been saying this all along but the two major parties have been clinging tightly to the dragon that they created, in that legalization would cause an INCREASE in crime, and we need these laws so that the government can protect us…. People are starting to realize, at least in the case of Marijuana, that that particular dragon, like all dragons, is fictional, it only exists as a scare tactic.

It is a shining example of why freedom really is the best policy, even in the face of sacrificing security.  It is also a beacon of hope that maybe we can reclaim some of our freedom without having to resort to the barrel of a gun.

Thanks to my commentator who pointed this out, you made me rethink and that’s always good.

I will be back from the beach in the next couple of days.


Yesterday I Played My Kazoo, Today Let’s not Forget


OK I know it was too easy, I played my Kazoo and of course he bit.  Not unlike the hungry Mahi Mahi we have been catching on bare hooks (the hooks are shiny) and they just can’t resist most any kind of bait…

But today is the day we celebrate our independence and to me it has become increasingly sad not because celebrating independence is a bad thing but because every year we have less independence to celebrate, less freedom to be thankful for.

When I think of the myriad of liberties that have been usurped by the wars on drugs, terrorism and whatever else it just makes me sick.  I hope I live to see the day when the citizens of this country take the government “of, by and for the people” and reclaim it and give it back to the people.  ne would hope it would be through the voting booth but that won’t happen because the two party system has conditioned us to believe that the other party is the problem when the simple fact is that both parties are the problem, they are two sides of the same coin and they have no interest in doing anything except making government bigger and more intrusive because as any first year Poli Sci major can tell you bigger government is better government…

Happy birthday to what little is left of our freedom.

Im Not The Only One Fishing

While I am here in Florida fishing and enjoying life seems the Kazoo is on a little fishing expedition of his own.  If he had any good sources he would already know what damn near everyone in porn knows.  Sheena Shaw does NOT have HIV.

She does have a parasite however…sort of

In the words of Dr House

Jill: “My joints have been feeling all loose, and lately I’ve been feeling sick a lot. Maybe I’m over training; I’m doin’ the marathon, like, ten miles a day, but I can’t seem to lose any weight.”
House: “Lift up your arms. You have a parasite.”
Jill: “Like a tapeworm or something?”
House: “Lie back and lift up your sweater. You can put your arms down.”
Jill: “Can you do anything about it?”
House: “Only for about a month or so. After that it becomes illegal to remove, except in a couple of states.”
Jill: “Illegal?”
House: “Don’t worry. Many women learn to embrace this parasite. They name it, dress it up in tiny clothes, arrange playdates with other parasites…”
Jill: “Playdates?”
House: “It has your eyes.”

So there ya go there’s the answer he has been looking for all week.  If you read this site you pretty much know the REST of the story.

I Am Disgusted For My Gender

OK I got kinda conned on Monday Night and ended up watching about the last 30 minutes of a TV show called “The Bachelorette” I’ve never seen one of these things before and I am simply at a loss for words to describe how pathetic these so called “men” were.

I was like are you fucking kidding me?  These panty wastes are supposed to be men?  From what I could gather they were all pissed at one guy because she wanted to meet his family so he got first dibs or something on that.  The other guys were whining because they felt he wasn’t playing fair.  I’m like REALLY?  you fucking pussies are bitching like little girls because he isn’t playing fair for this chicks affection?  She ain’t even that hot….I have done way better and recently, but since when is offering her a dozen or whatever guys to pick from based on whatever it is that passes for attraction with these attention whores supposed to be fair play?

If I was the guy who was winning I’d have said hey you go cry to your mommies because I don’t give a rats ass if you think i am playing fair or not.

Then she picks the other guys families she wants to meet and the guys she didn’t pick start crying…I am serious  grown Men (?) crying on Television over a semi attractive attention whore?

Then we find out one of these so called men is afraid of pickles…..I swear I am not making this up  he ran from a guy with a pickle.

Is this what men have become these days?  These fucking children are a disgrace to the Y chromosome.  I know porn guys with more balls and self respect than every one of these guys has put together.

If there was a real man in the lot he would be ashamed and walk off…but I guess no real man would put himself on display like that to begin with.

I am disgusted for my gender…..

Fuck It I’m Going To The Beach

Things are quiet so Im hopping on the bike and headed to the beach for a week. so if ya need me that’s where I will be.   There will still be updates of course.

Interested in how the Monica Foster Case turns out today…..


A Call To Fuck Up

It’s a very slow news day in porn, it was slow all weekend.  Someone needs to epically and publicly fuck up.


Uncle Peg, Christina Parreira, Diane Duke, Mark Kernes…come on y’all some one step up will ya?

Be Sure To Check IDs Carefully

I have heard from a couple of producers that a performer Jillian Janson is working with an expired ID. (Expired June 5.)  At least one company sent her home but since several have shot her and didn’t notice until it was too late and now are having to “adjust” paperwork.

I am told she now has a paper ID but no photo.  Not saying anything bad about Jillian but its not good for her agent to send her out knowing this.  So heads up yall.



Interesting Stuff

For many porn performers the condom law has been their first real education on how a law becomes a law and their first real exposure to the political process.  While i think it is demonstrated that the majority of performers could really care less, as some have pointed out porn is now just an advertisement for escorts.  but I digress.

As you probably know yesterdays vote in the CA senate started out to look iffy, the condom law needed three votes to pass and it had two to pass and two to veto  one of the two to veto was Mark Leno.  The bill ended up passing when Mark Leno later changed his vote.

Welcome to the world of politics.

The FSC is woefully out of their league here without a doubt.

A lot of performers seem to be under the impression that this is all something recently cooked up, it is not.  Way back in 2005 or 2006 the industry was told to get STD rates under control or the government would do it for us….we didn’t and now they are.

Moving on to Greg Dodson…Interesting what happens when you shake a tree, I got someone trying to sign up as a new commentator who clearly was trying to derail that  prolly Greg or Uncle peg (Ari Bass)…BOTH of whom  are about to find themselves in some very hot water.  You shake a tree and stuff starts coming in from many directions….I’m hearing Greg Dodson didn’t sleep very well last night…..well get used to it Greg….Theres Lots more coming your way over time.

AB1576 A Few Questions

Not much has been said about how AB1576 will affect the gay porn industry. As we all know the gay industry does not routinely require any kind of testing, and it is well known that a significant number of gay performers are HIV+.

I have a few questions about AB1576 that no one seems to know the answers to. First, specifically what tests need to be done in order to comply with AB1576? The law, as written, talks about CDC recommendations, but gives no specifics. And second, does testing positive for any of the required tests actually ban someone from working?

If a person tests positive for HIV, or Hepatitis C are they banned forever, or do those results have to be shared with the scene partners? The Americans With Disabilities Act does allow employers to not hire someone if it can be demonstrated that the work involves a direct threat to pass HIV to a co-worker.

I haven’t heard a whole lot from the gay industry and where they stand on this issue. I don’t recall anyone at any hearings representing the gay industry. Nothing in the law says that the gay industry is exempt from the testing mandate, so exactly what happens if this does become law? Does testing positive get someone banned from working in either the straight or gay industry?

Just a few questions that, in my opinion, need to be answered. And for the record, I do believe in the right to make adult films without condoms. But I also believe that the producers have the obligation to pay for testing, and any real life ramifications for what happens as a result of a performers employment, just like any other business.

Assemblymember Hall Legislation to Require STD Testing & Condoms in Adult Films Approved by Senate Labor Committee

There is something in this statement that really got my attention

” It is unfortunate that in the various meetings that the industry has had with my office, the industry has never offered a single reasonable suggestion to universally protect its workers and now opposes the very STD testing protocol that they developed and inconsistently use. That is not showing leadership, it shows the Legislature and the public that the industry is more concerned with increasing their profits than protecting its workers.”

I think that says all that needs to be said


Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III

64th Assembly District

State Capitol, Room 3123 ˜ Sacramento, CA 95814

2200 W. Artesia Boulevard, Suite 210 ˜ Compton, CA 90220 ~@isadorehall


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        CONTACT:    Terry Schanz

June 25, 2014                                                                                                             916-319-2064


Assemblymember Hall Legislation to Require STD Testing & Condoms in Adult Films Approved by Senate Labor Committee


SACRAMENTO, CA – Legislation by Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III (D – Los Angeles) to require documentation of condom or other personal protective equipment use in California produced adult films and mandatory employer paid STD testing of adult film actors was approved today by the California State Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee. AB 1576 passed on a vote of 3 to 1.


After the hearing, Hall released the following statement:

“Today, the Members of the Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee overwhelmingly saw beyond the adult film industry’s flaccid misinformation campaign and took decisive action to protect these actors in the workplace.


I want to thank the many actors that testified in support of AB 1576, especially Ms. Sophia Delgado, who courageously came forward today to announce that she was the third of five adult film actors to have contracted HIV in 2013.  She, along with former actors Cameron Bay, Rod Daily and others have shown an incredible amount of character to be able to share their very personal challenges in hopes of saving the lives of others.


My office has and will continue to listen to members of the industry and the public on this important issue. It is unfortunate that in the various meetings that the industry has had with my office, the industry has never offered a single reasonable suggestion to universally protect its workers and now opposes the very STD testing protocol that they developed and inconsistently use. That is not showing leadership, it shows the Legislature and the public that the industry is more concerned with increasing their profits than protecting its workers.


The adult film industry is a legitimate, legal business. It is time for the industry to stop deceiving the public and start acting like every other legitimate legal business in California. Legitimate businesses follow the law. Legitimate businesses protect their employees from injury and harm in the workplace. The State of California has a responsibility is to protect all of its workers from injury and harm in the workplace.  The Senate’s actions today reaffirm that commitment and we look forward to bringing this measure to the full Senate for consideration in the coming weeks.”


AB 1576 now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee for further action.


# # #


Isadore Hall, III, represents California’s 64th Assembly District that includes the communities of Carson, Compton, Gardena, Harbor Gateway, Lynwood,

North Long Beach, Rancho Dominguez, South Los Angeles, Torrance, Watts/Willowbrook and Wilmington in Los Angeles County.

The Condom Law Passes The Senate Labor Committee

Next stop the senate appropriations committee.


That could happen as early as next week, but will likely be later this summer from there it goes to the governor I think.



Come on Down Scumbag Greg Dodson

I have been keeping a close eye on this guy for quite some time.  I know him, I have met him. When I broke my leg he was the guy my so called partner brought in to run Flamingo Showclub.  At the time The club had no debt except what was owed to the owner, we had about 100K in cash and assets and were doing well by any measure.  Six months later the water was shut off for non payment as was the gas and electric because they hadnt been paying the bills, Greg and Mike Bramonte (Morgan Rays Husband) had literally backed up a truck and taken everything that wasn’t nailed down.  Bramonte even got a hernia ad ended up at the hospital from lifting stuff and loading it into the truck.

But this isn’t about all that, not at all.  Greg Dodson is an obese Jabba The Hut looking scumbag who has come to own/run helpubookher.  Those who deal with that site think that a girl named Ashley owns it…wrong  Ashley is just a girl that answers the phone.  Now in general I don’t care about prostitution  but since Greg likes to run his mouth and call Uncle Peg and Pirate board operator Sean Tompkins and tell them made up shit about me I have decided to drag this fucking cockroach into the limelight, specially since I have emails from and spoke to not one but two girls in the biz who told horror stories about him.

Greg was also very likely involved in making the story about Richard Nanula public.

So if you are booking through helpubookher I would suggest finding yourself a new agency, specially if you think you are under the radar…like say a Wicked Contract girl….

If anyone has a photo of Greg Dodson or any info on him please send it to me.

More is coming on this one…Lots more.