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Measure B Suit With Vivid Settled Porn Claims Win…Not So Fast

In an interesting but not surprising settlement Vivid has agreed to drop its lawsuit and AHF has agreed not to push the county to enforce measure B  The LA County condom law

Porners really trying to spin this one
I suspect that AHF doesn’t care about chasing measure B in lawsuits in LA county  for three years with a statewide initiative on the ballot in a presidential election year.
To me AHF’s response to OSHA, who isn’t a party to this lawsuit, was a veiled threat that if they keep delaying and making backroom deals they’ll be defending a complaint against the state plan.
That’s a big threat because they get to use the numbers porn has put out there about workers employed as workers that Cal-OSHA is essentially refusing to protect.
That’s bad because Diane Duke over inflated the number when she was proclaiming that there have been no on set HIV infections nationwide since 2004. That statement is obviously not correct but I suppose if you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth.
Once again we see why Weinstein makes the big bucks and Diane Duke quit, AHF is playing a long game and The FSC is clearly out thought.
Thanks to Lurking Reader for the help on this one!

Poor Poor Pitiful Bree Part Deaux

Well it certainly seems I struck a chord with a LOT of people on the Bree Olson post and a lot of people pointed out things that I had left out and or forgotten…Like this beauty

That was only a few months back…Bree wanting 10K to be interviewed about Charlie Sheen…or 7K to do it via the telephone.

And remember in the video that Bree claims she can’t get a job in the medical field…well a bit of searching and I found out why…It wasn’t because of porn, I know lots of former porn girls that works as nurses, It is because she was arrested and convicted of DUI

I even noted back in 2009 that she melted down on a radio show

And as others noted she has Numerous posts on her twitter, claiming to be at a hotel in city XYZ, willing to take on strangers bareback etc.

Kayden left Adam and Eve because when she and fellow contract girl Bree did appearances together, Bree made it clear that she was available for sex in the “VIP Rooms” for as little as 200 dollars.  Because Bree was doing it (with Katy Zvolerins and Bob Christian’s at Adam and Eves blessings apparently) the attendees thought Kayden was available as well and got mad at her when she mad it clear that she wasn’t available for “privates”.  This made Kayden uncomfortable, I know this because I was there.

Combine all of this and it just isn’t in me to buy the poor poor pitiful Bree routine.

My advice to Bree….if you really want to change your image, you have that power. Stop whining, start giving to the community, start doing some charity work and actively work to turn over a new you…Instead of the routine with your hand out saying how badly you were wronged…The only person that wronged Bree Olson was Bree Olson….

Poor Poor Pitiful Bree….

It seems that reitred pornchick Bree Olson made a youtube video where she cried, without any tears mind you, about how bad her life is because of her porn past and how she isn’t getting any mainstream work, and how her past is following her but she gets no residuals…blah blah blah The video got a lot of mainstream attention from TheDailyDot to Fox news.


You can view it here

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t denigrate a porn chick over this, lets face it on many of her points she is spot on. BUT Bree went to GREAT lengths to brand herself the way she did. What she leaves out is that she actively branded herself as a total slut. Bree subscribed to the idea that anything she did no matter how outrageous, like fucking cab drivers in exchange for a ride, made for a good story to millions of Howard Stern’s radio listeners….You reap what you sow.

There are lots of girls, even popular ones who have put porn behind them and gone on to successful careers, but they didn’t brag about having sex with homeless people to millions of listeners.

Bree was successful at branding herself the way she wanted to and now she is complaining because her branding was effective…Sorry but that rings pretty hollow to me. Are performers treated poorly, yes….should they get royalties…yes…Is the entry bar too low, yes. Did Bree get exactly what she wanted…yes…..Kinda late to be whining about it….It is ALL of your own doing.

And as a side note her mainstream career may be stalled because she isn’t a very good actress, I thought that in chick 101 you learn to always cry real tears…big crocodile ones, Bree needs some practice. (Note my bad she did shed some small ones…I stand corrected on that point)

Maybe I am being a bit harsh here but I think it is high time that the Millennials learn that sometimes…it is their own fault…

Why You Really Do Need A VPN

You guys probably noticed a new advertiser here, PureVPN.  If you are like me the first time you heard about a VPN and understood what it is you probably thought, I don’t need that, I am not doing anything I want to hide.  If you are like me you soon realized actually there’s a LOT I want to hide….let me explain.

First VPN stands for virtual private network.  Most of you probably know that you have an IP Address and that address is how you communicate over the internet, simply put, it is unique to you at the time you are on the internet, it is usually assigned to you by your ISP.

When you access the internet everything you do is visible UNLESS the site is a secure site like your bank login and such (https is in the address bar instead of http)  now that may not seem like much but have you ever noticed that if you google “new thermostat” all of a sudden you get slammed with emails offering to sell you a thermostat…..every site you go to amazon ads show you thermostats….yup they know….because you told them.

Google for example knows who you are, where you are, what you look for, when you looked for it…don’t think that info is valuable?   Do you know how much the presidential campaigns pay google for that info, including who and where you are.

Moving on, Do you subscribe to Netflix?  Have you ever gone to Canada on business and suddenly found that you can’t watch you favorite netflix shows because they aren’t available in Canada…yes Netflix knows where you are….

Did you ever get a threatening letter from the MPAA or the RCIAA or whoever even though you never illegally downloaded anything in your life?

Do you use skype assuming your video feed/audio feed can’t be seen/heard by anyone else….hint…it can be…

Ever used an airport, hotel or other wireless network only to find that your banking info or other logins/passwords have been hijacked?

Everything you do on the internet is visible, you are probably starting to understand that now….but what can you do about it?

That is where the VPN comes in.  When you use a VPN you send everything via an encrypted data stream to the VPN, the VPN uses it’s IP Address to send your search to google and google sends the info back to the VPN which encrypts the data and sends it back to you.  So google knows what you searched for but they do not know who you are, where you are or even when you searched for it (OK they could narrow down the when part a bit but you get the idea)

The VPN sits between you and everything you do on the internet and your IP address is ONLY known to the VPN.

This makes it all but impossible for someone to try to hack your computer remotely and even if you are using a public WIFI, the data is encrypted before leaving your computer, making that MUCH safer.

Because a good VPN provider allows you to choose what country you appear to be in, even if you are in Canada it would look to Netflix as though you were in the United States.

The weak link is if the VPN keeps logs of your sessions, good VPNs do not keep logs, insuring your privacy.

Hopefully you are now seeing why you probably do need a VPN.  When PureVPN asked to advertise here I subscribed, I paid for it like any customer because i do not endorse any product that I would not use.  For the record I still use PureVPN and will continue to.  the product is good, it is just as fast as my internet connection with no data bottlenecks at all, I can use up to 5 different devices at once. and it was easy to install and it works in the background 24/7 once started, it also restarts with your computer…unless you tell it not to, so once installed you can forget about it.

It works on Windows, Apple, UNIX/Linux  and Android Devices

The cost…4 bucks a month…unlimited bandwidth is worth it for the privacy…I STRONGLY recommend PureVPN and I am proud to have them as an advertiser here on


Mindgeek CEO Feras Antoon In Deep Dodo for Insider Trading, So is His Brother


Once again we see Mansef/Manwin/Mindgeek associating itself with illegal financial activities.  I am guessing it is just a matter of time before a lot of people there, including Feras Antoon are behind bars.  Anyone else notice how odd it is that Fabian still hasn’t gone to trial?  My sources tell me it’s a dead on fact that he is co-operating with authorities and spilling big time on his former company.  Meanwhile Feras and his brother are caught up in an illegal insider trading scheme.

The CEO of the world’s largest online gambling company is facing charges of insider trading.

If you read the article and read down you will see that Feras Antoon and his brother Mark Wael Antoon have been ordered to cease trading.


This is translated from|pTd61friXs-d.html

Among the businessmen that the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) in his sights included Feras Antoon Antoon and Mark Wael, who run from Montreal one of the largest networks of porn sites in the world.

Feras Antoon co-owns the company with David MindGeek Tassillo. Feras’s brother, Mark, is one of the vice presidents.

MindGeek took control in 2012 of the company Manwin, which operates Pornhub and YouPorn site, among others. The previous owner, Fabian Thylmann, was arrested in Belgium in a tax fraud case.

In addition to Montreal, MindGeek a sprawling network that runs from Luxembourg to Florida, via Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, the UK and Romania. Its turnover exceeds 100 million per year.

Their Montreal office is located at 7777 Decarie Boulevard, near the rue Ferrier.

The AMF has blocked bank accounts and brokerage accounts Antoon two brothers under investigation for insider trading involving the CEO of Amaya, David Baazov. Feras Antoon had profits of $ 83,429 with the transactions in question. Reached by telephone, Mark Antoon would not comment on the case, saying her lawyer.

Hulk Hogan V Gawker, My Thoughts

This started out as a comment but as I wrote it it came to me  that maybe it should be a post…So here it is.

Obviously this is a topic that is of interest to me and in all honesty the best commentary I have read on it has been right here in the comments on

I hold the first amendment in very high regard but I also hold the right to privacy in very high regard and in some circumstances I think that the aforementioned right to privacy trumps the first amendment, and this case may well be one of them. I haven’t followed this until the verdict so I have some conflicted opinions and am honestly not too sure about some of it at the moment.

I can say this… If I had gotten hold of that sex tape, my first call would have been to a really good attorney someone I trust and someone good, like JD Obenberger or Marc Randazza.

In the end though had they told me that I would be safe running it the big question is do I run it? In this case my answer would have been no, and some of you probably know that I was faced with a very similar situation last year.

For me there would have to be a compelling reason to run it, say John Doe KNEW that he had HIV and this tape proved that he was having unprotected sex with girls who he did not tell that he had HIV then I have a compelling reason why privacy doesn’t trump first amendment.

Put another way, when a performer gets HIV or HEP C or another STD I am always faced with a dilemma, that being does his/her right to privacy trump the right of fellow performers to know that they were exposed. I don’t think it does and that is why I contact the performer and say look come forward, do the right thing by your fellow performers and I will back you up, if you choose NOT to come forward I will out you, take a day and think about it if you need to but people have a right to know if their health has been compromised.

It is a situation that I absolutely HATE to be in, but in the end I have to do what I think is right.

Back to Hogan and Gawker, I am just not sure what the justification is on Gawkers part, I know that tomorrow Gawker founder Nick Denton will be telling his side and I am interested to hear it.

I just intended this to be a comment but it occurs to me that maybe it should be a post. As always if anyone wants to present an alternative view I am more than happy to run it, just email it to me or post it here and let me know you are OK with my running it front page and crediting you.

Thanks Y’all you really are the best and I am lucky as hell to be in such esteemed company…Y’all are smart and articulate and I appreciate the opportunity I have to learn from ya!

Gawker Owes That Verdict…Thanks to Vivid!

I had several people ask me how I thought the jury ended up coming down on Gawker for 115 Million dollars in the Hulk Hogan verdict.

I can’t answer  as far as the emotional damages of 65 Million but I can answer the economic damage part that amounted to 55 million.

The jury simply went to and got the price to join and view Vivid’s celebrity sex tapes( $4.95).  They then multiplied that by the number of views the video has gotten on the Gawker website and viola 55 million dollars is the answer.

Today it was announced that punitive damages would be another 25 million, making the total verdict 140 million dollars, a sum that Gawker probably doesn’t have the resources to pay.

It is clear to anyone following the case that the jury wanted to send a very clear message to Gawker that this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated.  From a legal perspective it is an interesting case that will likely be part of classroom studies for years to come.

From an appeals perspective Gawker has made clear it’s intention to appeal and in my opinion that appeal has a good chance to succeed. However distasteful you may find Gawker it is not reasonable to sacrifice the first amendment in order to punish Gawker.


Lisa Ann Really Nailed It

Lisa Ann's inside story of porn "The Life"I hinted last week that I wanted to write about Lisa Ann’s book “The Life”. Lisa was kind enough to send me a copy and I wanted to read it. I am glad that I did.

Lisa and I came into the biz around the same time, I know almost everyone she wrote about in her book, some of the people, like Peter Davy, I knew very well. Reading her book brought back a lot of memories from that time in porn, a very different business than the one we know today. Lisa relates the mood of the industry at that time very well. Combine that with the honesty surrounding her childhood and you get a very good understanding of how a young girl finds her way into the biz in those days, and to some extent these days too.

Lisa watches the business, and herself change and her narrative gives you insight into the person that Lisa has become, it answers a lot of questions and most importantly it is honest, very honest.

her book is what Jenna Jameson’s should have been, unlike Jenna, Lisa actually wrote hers and it shows, not because it is any less professionlly written, but because it has heart and soul that Jenna’s lacks. When you read “The Life” you know it isn’t someone’s interpretation of Lisa’s stories, it is Lisa’s story and I find that much more compelling.

I think it certainly wouldn’t hurt to make “The Life” required reading for all new porn chicks, of course that won’t happen, but it would be a good thing if they could maybe see themselves from the outside in, before getting into porn.

Lis’a book is in no way an indictment of porn, it is less critical than even my blog is, so you wouldn’t call her anti porn at all, but there are times when she questions some of our practices, just as we should be doing. If you happen to be one of the people who see Lisa as somewhat cold and or standoffish, reading this book will explain why, an awful lot of people took advantage and screwed her over, the most recent being Jules Jordan. In spite of this Lisa doesn’t write vitriolically about it, it is presented matter of fact and somewhat cautionary, but it is obvious that Lisa appreciates and loves her time in the industry.

OK nuff said, I wanted to give a very broad overview without getting into specifics, the book is not a hard read, it will make you think and it will give you a rare and honest glimpse inside the industry, if you are interested in the biz you should read it.

Great Job Lisa Ann.

I’m Still here, James Deen….Maybe Not.

I haven’t updated in a couple of days but I am still here, one of the things I am doing is reading Lisa Ann’s book, there will be an update about that when I am done, no doubt about it. There’s so much I want to address.

As for The whole James Deen OSHA flap one of my readers made a point that I think bears some looking at, and that is that the industry may very well be trying to rid itself of James Deen, without getting it’s hands dirty. Aside from his own production company I haven’t noticed Deen getting any work, and the biz has certainly held him at arms length, one interesting thing to note is the Forum on consent that AVN was supposed to hold, Stoya was the scheduled speaker, there were others. It got abruptly cancelled at the last minute with practically no notice. That struck me as odd. I called Stoya who didn’t know why.

So I started digging and I found out that James Deen’s lawyer is Michael Fattarosi, the same lawyer Donny Long used and the goto counsel for AVN. it seems Deen took issue with the consent forum and Fattarosi addressed it with AVN. Tony Rios (HWMIC at AVN) reportedly asked Deen if he wanted a seat on the consent seminar and Deen said yes, at which point the seminar was cancelled.

Now this action could be interpreted many ways, mot of which simply add up to cowardice on the part of AVN in some way shape or form.

Could it be that Deen has done the almost impossible and flunked out of porn? Even his lawyer Michael Fattarosi didn’t flunk out and he almost certainly could have stopped Donny Long from putting up PWL, he certainly had his friends names and info removed and email exchanges between him and Donny Long posted here made it pretty clear he did little to stop Donny when he could have. yet he is still in the biz, in fact he is AVN’s goto counsel as I reported. Seems kinda unfair that Deen would flunk out given all that, but…

A Public Service To The Industry From Attorney Marc Randazza

While everyone doesn’t see eye to eye with me on things related to the industry, and Mr Randazza is no exception he has always been a supporter of, and I appreciate that, as well as his spirit of co-operation.  When he sent this to me, i went to read it and yes my eyes kind of glazed over, but from a legal standpoint this is VERY good and VERY informative for the industry which is why I have included the link here.  Its is a long  article but it is extraordinarily well sourced and written making it very valuable,

In this article, I write about how “morality” has been used to deny intellectual property rights worldwide.  The adult entertainment industry should take note, because its ability to protect both its copyrights and its trademarks, world wide, are discussed in this article.  If you run an adult entertainment business or frankly, any business that could find itself targeted by moralizers, you should download the article and keep it in your library.


Thank You Mr Randazza, both for your support and your contribution.

I would also like to add that he penned a very good article in the current issue of AVN about how Donald trump is likely the candidate that would be the LEAST threatening to the adult industry and why.  i think the article was spot on.  In the past it has always been thought that the Democrats were our friends but I have long held that simply isn’t true and that they would turn on us in an instant if there was one iota of benefit for them to do so, and if you don’t think Hillary is ten times more likely then you are delusional….

It is rare that I link to AVN because it is so rare that AVN has anything of substantive value making a link worthy, this time is an exception.

Read it here

Deen Responds To Cal-OSHA Fines – Remember a Name here

I am going to run Deens response in it’s entirety with only one comment…Remember the name Michael Fattarosi, we will be coming back to it in the coming days, and remember the old saying “you can’t flunk out of porn”.


On March 9, 2016, Cal/OSHA issued nine workplace safety citations against James Deen Productions in regards to failure to use condoms and dental dams for female oral sex while filming adult films in California. Of the nine citations issued, four were considered “serious” violations and five were considered “non-serious” or regulatory violations.

Of the four serious violations, one was for failure to maintain a written employer injury and illness program, which James Deen Productions vigorously denies. Evidence of this written program was provided to Cal/OSHA prior to the issuing of the fines. Of the nine total citations, three were for potentially placing adult film performers at risk of “serious bodily injury or death.”

According to Deen, at no point was any adult performer exposed to any disease while working for James Deen Productions. At no time did any performer contract any illness or suffer any injury while working for James Deen Productions. None of the citations issued by Cal/OSHA even allege that there was any actual injury or illness that occurred. The vast majority of the $77,875 in fines was for potential exposure, not actual injuries or even an actual exposure to any illness.

It must be noted that this Cal/OSHA investigation was not instituted at the request of any adult performer that worked for James Deen Productions nor was it instituted by Cal/OSHA directly. Rather, it was solely based on a complaint filed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation with Cal/OSHA in their attempt to use California taxpayer resources to further their political and moral agenda of “condoms in porn.”

One of the serious citations was for a film in which James Deen performed only oral sex on his female co-performers. There was not a single act of penis-to-vagina penetrative sex in that film. However, Cal/OSHA has made the determination that oral sex performed on a female can lead to “serious bodily injury or death.” This is simply not supported by medical science.

In response Deen has stated, “I am not okay with the government dictating what people are allowed to watch in the privacy of their homes. This is a case of an outside organization pushing their personal desires and agenda on the viewers of adult entertainment. Just because the AIDS Healthcare Foundation decides they are not comfortable with certain sexual acts does not mean is should be deemed illegal.”

Comparatively, Cal/OSHA issued citations of just $58,000 against a San Diego manufacturing company in December, 2015 where an actual explosion at the work place seriously injured 4 employees. And in January, 2015, Cal/OSHA issued citations of only $30,410 when an employee of a painting company was electrocuted and killed on a work site. These citations against James Deen Productions are wholly unreasonable in regards to the degree of potential exposure and lack of any actual injury.

Deen stated, “The fines presented against my company are significantly higher and not one person was exposed to or contracted any illness on my sets. I gave the performers the option to perform with condoms; however, they desired not to use condoms and I honored their requests.”

James Deen Productions is represent by the Law Offices of Michael W. Fattorosi, P.C. located in Woodland Hills, California. Fattorosi, an adult industry attorney, stated “this is nothing more than AHF and Michael Weinstein using the taxpayers of California as well as local and state resources to further their moral agenda. They have and will continue to use Cal/OSHA to enforce their desire to outlaw certain aspects of sexual free expression. In January, after Cal/OSHA failed to properly serve my client with a subpoena, AHF and Cal/OSHA decided to use a search warrant and five uniformed Los Angeles police officers to kick down my client’s front door and conducted a raid of his home, seizing his belongs and even his home security video recording system, possibly in an attempt to cover up their raid. In February, the Cal/OSHA Standards Board decided to vote against new condom regulations and refused to apply these new regs to adult film production; yet, Cal/OSHA’s Enforcement Division believes that the will of the Standards Board, comprised of citizens of California, has no effect on their decision to engage in a witch-hunt at the request of AHF and Michael Weinstein. The waste of taxpayer dollars is simply appalling. Is this where the citizens of California want their hard earned money spent?”

Deen concluded with, “I am just a small production company but intend to do what I can to stand up to AHF and Cal/OSHA dictating to the fans what they should and shouldn’t view in the privacy of their own homes.”

Dog Days – Kudos To My Brother Tim Case (Walker)

Tim is a good writer, many of you know that but I don’t think you know HOW good.  He has written here many times, some of them are linked below.

Tim currently writes for extra money (peanuts) for The Dayton City Paper, a small weekly paper in his hometown of Dayton OH.

He recently entered the Erma Bombeck Writing Competition, where he competed with writers all over the world, he wrote in her style and was limited to 400 words.  his entry didn’t win but he scored a 9 with the judges and got one of only two honorable mentions. His entry is here (with his blessing of course).  As someone who loves to read I thought this was genius, for the record his wife Beth is former A list star Felicia Foxx.

Erma Bombeck Writing Competition: Essay

“Hook ’em with the lead. Hold ’em with laughter. Exit with a quip they won’t forget.”  Erma Bombeck

2016 Honorable Mention – Humor – Local
Timothy Walker – Dayton, OH, United States

“Dog Days”

“I’m starting a rescue,” my wife announces one day at dinner. “A dog rescue.” The children and I look up from our spaghetti, and a series of images passes through my brain. Rescue: flashing lights, ambulances, EMT’s with stretchers. Dogs, however, remain conspicuously absent from my mental picture.

I swallow my mouthful of garlic bread  one tries to be polite with children present – and ask, “A dog rescue?”

“Yes,” she says. “I’ll save unwanted dogs from the county shelter, then rehabilitate them and adopt them out to local families.”

That was two years ago  14 in rescue years. Of the 51 dogs she’s re-homed, 32 have urinated on the couch, 19 have chewed on my shoes, and one ate an entire pound of thawing chorizo. The garage, which once housed our cars, is filled with dog food. I de-fur the furnace filter once a month, strangers stop by at odd hours to donate blankets and chew toys, and I haven’t seen the postman since last spring. There’s a one-eyed dalmatian who lives in my closet, a shih tzu in the bathtub, two pugs with allergies behind the TV, and a papillon with irritable bowel syndrome who makes her home beneath my desk.

Once, a typical evening of ours might be spent watching a movie with the kids. Now, Friday nights might go something like this:

Her phone rings. I pray it’s her mother.

“Hello?” she says. “Yes, this is Paws-4-Ever.”

Her eyes light up. Her breath quickens. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she had a boyfriend.

“He’s hairless? Oh, no. And he has no teeth? Oh, the poor thing! Yes, yes… of course I’ll take him. We’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

“No, Beth,” I said as she hangs up the phone. “Look, I have to draw the line. No toothless dogs. Please.”

“But he’s a chi-weenie!” she squeals, pulling on her coat and grabbing her purse. I stand up, dislodging Taco, the chihuahua who’s been with us for 9 months. “Beth?”

Brushing hair from my jeans, I reach for my jacket, laying on the armchair under Kojak, the poodle with PTSD.

“He’s a stray,” she said. “The poor thing. And they found him downtown, wandering alone. And he’s HAIRLESS, Tim. Completely bald. How would YOU like to be bald with no teeth?”

She pauses as I pick up my car keys and smile at the mirror, examining my gums and hairline, both of which, I notice, are receding rapidly.

“Okay, Honey,” I say. “We can bring in one more. But do you know of any rescues for balding, toothless, worn-out old husbands?”

Author’s Bio:

Timothy Walker is 50 years old and a resident of Dayton, Ohio. He is a husband and father, a writer, a DJ, an ordained minister, and a chili cook. He also performs with a local band, portraying Ozzy Osbourne in a Black Sabbath tribute band called Damaged Soul. Born in Huntington, West Virginia, Timothy graduated from Fairborn High School in 1983.

More from Tim ( there are MANY more just search the site for “Tim Case”  and to Tim…Thank you brother for all of your support over the years, I love you man.

If anyone would like to hire Tim to write for a National Publication, contact me I will put you in touch, he truly deserves more than the 4 cents a word he gets now.

James Deen Fined 78,000 for failing to provide condoms

More On Playboy / MindGeek

When I ran Friday that Playboy’s Mindgeek properties had shut down production, I got  a tweet from Holly Randall saying that wasn’t so, that she was shooting for PlayboyPlus on that very day.  I asked her to DM or email me, explaining that I wanted to get it right.  She didn’t bother and I decided to double check.  From what I could find out, most of MindGeek Producers had indeed been told that production was shut down, PlayboyPlus and maybe a couple others are still producing content but are doing so on a VERY cut back schedule, so I stand by the story.

I have a couple of big stories in the works they will be coming this week I expect.

I Have watched the “Consent in Porn” Video and These are my Thoughts

Ok, I’ve watched it for you guys. Initially I only wanted to comment on your post, but then it turned out too long and I’ve decided to post this. To me the interesting part starts at 58:13 and ends at 1:16:19
After an excellent consideration by Conner Habib over the industry business model and how performers imagery is being used and reused forever and no royalties are paid to performers and the whole wages’ lack of transparency, here is what Mark Schechter had to answer if I have heard correctly:

“I’d like to challlenge that…performers should learn how to better consolidate and promote their brand…I think it’s everybody’s responsibility who works within the industry to assist competitors to sustain their business model; to assist a production to sustain their business model is a vital part of our industry because without the producers…consumers need to pay for their porn but the industry population need also to assist in sustaining their competitors and their sources of income and their revenue streams…i think there has been a tremendous amount of that type of dissent if you will that performers are referring to but i’d like to see that change into better ourselves…”.

This is coming out of the mouth of the boss of Adult Talent Managers LA. I mean: ADULT TALENT MANAGERS, which if English isn’t failing me means to run, assist and sustain a performer’s business model.
Mark, however, asks for help by performers to sustain Brazzers business model which is run by Mindgeek which systematically screw performers’ business models through tubes and other things. So, if I haven’t misunderstood, Mark “represents” girls and yet he still “firmly believes” that those girls shall assist Mindgeek to sustain their business model. These are the geniuses that run this industry these days and which are called to speak in the name of the industry to the mainstream world.

I didn’t quote geniuses because I’m not being ironic: he is a genius. From his perspective that’s what he needs to sell his product and make money, at least in a short term: exploit the performers business model making them believe that you represent them; it’s fucking brilliant!

But dear Mark, that business model that you want us to assist to sustain has failed. Wake up! More and more girls produce their own stuff because they are tired of sustaining that business model that you talk about. In a long term if you don’t change your mindset about this you will be out of business too.
Everything spins around performers, not producers. Without a business model which focuses on performers there will be no more of those producers that you represent, very soon. It’s easier for performers to start producing their own content than for producers to start performing. You are confused on who is the core of the industry.

The industry in not losing money because performers are doing something wrong, it’s losing money because of producers and affiliates current business model.
The old refrain that we have to stay united is a good one, but in order to stay united a glue is needed. No glue no party. Instead of keeping repeating that we have to stay united while doing what they want, some people should start working on a new glue formula. Right now it is like wood pretending to stick together with iron through a glue for wood. It simply can’t work. We need a different, better adhesive if we want to stick together and that better adhesive is a different, better business model. Stop thinking short term, start investing in the future.

So, my kudos go to Conner and Mickey for putting the effort to analyze some controversial aspects of our industry in depth (Mickey particularly pointed out the fact that we need to educate the mainstream world to look at us as regular people who has a legitimate job, as I keep saying since years); it makes me a bit sad, instead, that Mercedes Carrera and Nina Ellen weren’t able to say anything interesting, but repeating what their boss Mark said and visibly nodding and making faces and posing all the time as if they were on a porn set shooting a scene rather than in civil clothes debating on what is wrong and right and what can be done. They were clearly a great presence for the joy of their fans, but I hope that the reason why Mark brought them in was just because nobody else he represents was available that day. Unless they couldn’t say and behave what and how they wanted, in which case it would be really despicable, especially at a debate about consent, and i feel for them and hope that they will come forward if that was the case. But if it was the real you and you were free to say what you want, no offense girls: you are amazing performers, super intelligent individuals but mediocre speakers and I wish that this industry chose their ambassadors to the mainstream world a bit more carefully. I noticed exactly the kind of behavior which let people wrongly thing that we don’t have a brain and that we are manipulated and brainwashed. Mike is going to kill me for posting this video frame which will burn his server’s bandwidth, but it depicts the above very well.


What about Dee Severe? I like a lot of things that she says here and there on XBIZ, but of course she is well introduced in the system of people who are afraid of changes and I wasn’t surprised to see her acting very prudently in this video. She says that for small producers to pay royalties would be impossible and that they would go out of business. There is absolutely no evidence about this. It is like saying that inflation and taxes rise have taken out of business all the American small companies. Companies simply have to adapt their business model to a new situation; some will struggle and will go out of business, some will flourish: exactly like it happens right now without performers royalties. In fact performer royalties, for how i see it, are the only way to move past the tubes and to bring profitability back into this industry. If either the producer or the end user had to pay for the performers’ royalties all the free stolen porn would disappear in an instant. Imagine if by the law someone had to pay one dollar to the performer in order to watch or download a video on the tubes: if the producer wanted to make that video available for free, he had to pay, otherwise the user had to pay for it. As you see, it wouldn’t even necessarily be money coming out of the producer’s wallet. It’s a new business model that we are talking about, here, not how changes are going to affect the current, ancient one. Maybe Dee doesn’t know it, but in Europe some smart performers already get paid royalties after they have been paid for their scene. In most European countries there are no-profit collective administration companies for performers’ rights like ADAMI in France – – who collect performers’ royalties from private copies and public broadcasts around the world for videos shot in that particular country, following a very imperfect, and yet existing, European legislation. The complete list of organizations per country can be found at

I receive a cheque for several thousand Euros every year for my stuff shot in Europe which get copied, broadcast, redistributed also in the US and nobody is complaining or going out of business. But I’ll talk about this more extensively another time. To conclude about the video: yet another attempt to self-indulgence by a segment of this industry anchored to surpassed concepts and old idea, spoiled at times by the two much more realistic male performers, whose statements visibly bothered the rest of the panel.