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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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    • jilted: one big reason they wont go to the Tts dashboard,,,,because I have been suggesting it for about the last two years,,,I was once a paid...
    • jilted: JW..CET had 72 hours from the time of your request to produce the documents…Call them MONDAY morning,telll them if they dont have...
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Mark Speigler In The Hospital

Just got word that Mark Speigler is in the hospital undergoing some pretty serious surgery.

He blew a disk in his back and had to have it removed.  He is out of surgery and walking around on a walker,  He has some physical therapy ahead but all in all he should recover pretty well.  Just talked to him.




The Sheena Shaw Experience

When it comes to porn, the $64,000 question has always been: What’s the adult industry’s net worth? The popular assumption, portrayed in Hollywood movies and TV shows, is that pornographers are a bunch of millionaires who spend their days taking sun bath by the pool and drinking. Occasionally, they fuck on film for a living on luxurious sets, and these nymphomaniacs enjoy every minute of their work.  Let’s clarify something: This assumption is bullshit. In reality, the majority of pornographers are not millionaires, and they certainly don’t enjoy every minute of their work. They too have their good days and bad days. Moreover, nobody knows what the smut factory’s net worth is. You don’t know it, I don’t know it, and most definitely AVN, the self proclaimed “adult industry news outlet”, doesn’t know it. Before the hostile takeover of the porn valley by international organized crime syndicates that run pirate and tube sites, AVN used to claim the industry’s net worth is around $4 billion annually. AVN often, and rightfully so, has been accused of generating this number out of thin air, and its response has always been laughable: AVN cronies argue they take into account DVD sales, VOD sales, strip club and even phone sex revenues. Here, we have to “assume” that Joe Shmoe who works the graveyard shift at a crumbling adult store in small town USA, along with Suzy Long Legs who works at the local strip joint and Chubby Maggie who works from her trailer as a phone sex operator keep a detailed, Uncle Sam friendly track of their income and report to AVN round the clock. That’s right fellows, if you believe that, then by the same token you gotta believe me when I tell you I’ve got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

Nonetheless, who gives a shit about the truth when the fantasy is far more glamour and tempting? I mean try to explain that to dozen of young, naïve girls who hitch hike to Los Angeles to become“the next Jenna Jameson”. You can’t convince them not to come, they are being fixated on the image of the porn industry rather than its harsh realities. They have to come and see for themselves. Those who are smart, make some decent money and get out in 6 months to a year, some will stick around longer, and their profession impacts and transforms their lives in ways that they couldn’t imagine.

Case in point, let’s looks at Sheena Shaw. She started her performing career in late 2011. At first, she was only performing straight sex, no anal, no rosebud, no circus stunts. She didn’t come to my attention until the summer of 2012 when at an adult industry forum, I came across a press release posted by her agent, announcing that Sheena Shaw is now doing anal. I browsed her profile, she looked fine, I checked out some of her scenes at AEBN, and her performance was alright, although she didn’t seem like an engaging performer. In other words, I got the impression that she doesn’t enjoy sex physically and/or emotionally, everything, from speaking in a tuned down school girlish voice to her facial expressions and body language were pretense. When you work with talent as a producer/director, you develop an eye for details and can pick up on things like this, but on the other hand, you need to produce content and can’t always be too rigid about the casting. Sometimes you have to do the best you can with the resources that are available to you. In any case, I decided to book her for a scene, so I called her agent, we agreed on the rate and scheduled the shoot for the following week. Meanwhile, I got tested and got my results ready. A few days before our scheduled shoot, news broke out that a male performer, who later was revealed to be Mr. Marcus, had infected some female coworkers with syphilis. Sheena’s agent called me and asked if I heard the news. I said yes. He asked me if I wanted to proceed with the shoot or do I prefer to postpone it. I said that I have a current test, and have not worked with anybody in the past 3 or 4 weeks, so I’m good to go. If Sheena has a current test and is confident about her health status, then we can get on with the schedule. This syphilis incident doesn’t seem to be a big outbreak, the production of porn is down by more than %80, and people don’t work and don’t interact with each other as they used to. The agent said he would speak with Sheena and will get back to me. Some hours later, he called me back and told me he had spoken with Sheena, and she says she would do it if I agree to get an antibiotic shot, because that has been recommended by the FSC. I said: “So she wants me to inject myself with antibiotics even though I have a clean test and no symptoms of syphilis just so that I would be allowed to pay her to perform with me? I won’t do that, I’m calling the whole thing off.” I hung up the phone and thought what an absurd and outrageous demand, so now the FSC cronies are calling the shots and they know better than any doctor and specialist. According to them, the way to prevent an infection is by injecting antibiotics into a healthy body. I don’t know where the FSC gets their information from, but as far as I know, taking antibiotics if you don’t have an infection is a terrible idea, because it makes the body resistant and later, if you do get an infection, antibiotics won’t have the necessary effect.

Anyway, the shoot was cancelled and we moved on, I never made an attempt at booking Sheena Shaw again. She went on to become an anal champion, and got famous for doing double anal penetrations and shoving billiard balls in her asshole, stuff that I don’t think she could imagine she would be doing when she started her career in 2011. However, none of what she did on screen shocked me, what shook me to my core was her affair with a certain HIV positive gentleman who happens to be the owner of the company that produced most of Sheena Shaw’s anal scenes. The best part is that the affair was not exposed by a gossip web site, Ms. Shaw bragged about it on her Twitter account. Twitter, a place where people can air their dirty laundry in public and broadcast their brain farts on an hourly basis. Nobody needs Jerry Springer when we’ve got Twitter. Anyway, think about it folks, in 2012, this lady was asking her co-performer to get an antibiotic shot for a STD that he didn’t even have. One year later, she’s having an affair with an HIV positive person and at the same time, performs in bareback scenes. I can’t think of any career other than porn that so dramatically and rapidly changes people’s mindset, behavior and priorities in life.

The reason I decided to share this story is because Sheena Shaw has resumed her performing career after a hiatus, and I believe she poses a danger to herself and others by her reckless behavior, hence it would be in people’s best interest to avoid working with her. I can’t think of anything worse than fucking an HIV positive man in private and performing in bareback scenes at the same time. If she has no regards for her own safety and well being, then she has no regards for anybody else’s safety and well being. If she’s willing  to gamble with her life like that, she would be willing to do anything. I heard in some of her Twitter posts, she had made references to bestiality. I don’t know whether she’s actually into that thing or is just bragging to get attention, but I know this: If one of these days I come across a clip of Ms. Shaw taking a horse dick in her ass, that won’t shock me. I’m well past the point of getting shocked by Sheena Shaw.

The Legislative Analysis Of The Porn Industry

I have had a very interesting set of email exchanges with the Legislative Analysis Office and the DOF(Department of Finance). I will be writing more and linking to the exchanges in the future buy I just thought I would throw this one entire paragraph out there for discussion. There is much more very interesting information.

As we note in the analysis, there is little or no verifiable data on the size of California’s adult film industry. There have been many ranges suggested over time in discussions of prior legislative proposals, including prior estimates that the industry generates many billions of dollars of annual economic activity in California. As you will see in our analysis, our office and DOF assumed that the economic activity directly related to adult film production in the state ranged from hundreds of millions of dollars to, at most, a few billion dollars per year. This is significantly lower than some prior estimates have suggested. The state’s economy, in total, generates over $2 trillion of economic output annually, so, by any measure, this industry is a very small part of the California economy, even though California is a leader in adult film production, compared to other states.

As you will also see in future posts, none of the numbers presented are backed up with any data, or any kind, and the LAO states that as soon as the initiative qualifies for the ballot a new analysis will be done.

Asia Carrera Busted For DUI With Daughter In The Car

Story from

ST. GEORGE – A former porn star who made national headlines in 2014 for wearing a colander on her head in her Utah driver’s license photo was arrested in St. George Thursday for driving under the influence of alcohol with a child in her vehicle.

The St. George Communications Center received a call at about 2 p.m. Thursday reporting that a woman was passed out on a couch in the Washington County School District building, 121 W. Tabernacle St. in St. George. An officer responded to the location and spoke with the woman, later identified as Jessica Steinhauser, 41, of St. George. As he talked with her, the officer could smell the odor of alcohol on her breath, according to a probable cause statement filed by Officer Colby Carter in support of the arrest.

“The woman, later identified as Jessica ‘Asia’ Steinhauser, said she drove her daughter to the district building for test taking,” Carter said in the statement.

After speaking with the officer, Steinhauser showed him her vehicle, which was parked in front of the building, and then attempted to leave in the vehicle, according to the statement. The officer stopped and detained her.

Carter then arrived at the scene and was told by the first officer that Steinhauser had the keys to the vehicle and the vehicle was registered to her; she had also admitted to driving the vehicle to the building with her daughter inside.

Carter asked Steinhauser if she would submit to field sobriety tests to ensure she was able to safely operate a vehicle, and she agreed to take the tests.

“I had Jessica give me her purse and books from her hands so she could take the tests,” Carter said in the statement. “I observed that the ground was flat on the sidewalk and was clear of debris for the test.”

during one test, Steinhauser fell into a grassy area

Steinhauser’s eyes appeared glassy, according to the statement, and Carter had to explain the test instructions to her twice. She did not correctly follow the instructions as she attempted the tests, and, during one test, Steinhauser fell into a grassy area.

Officers then administered a portable breath test, and Steinhauser blew 0.254 percent – well above Utah’s legal blood alcohol limit of 0.08 percent. She then consented to a breath test with the intoxilyzer machine and blew a 0.202.

Steinhauser was arrested and booked into the Washington County Purgatory Correctional Facility on one class A misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of alcohol with a child under the age of 16 riding in the vehicle.

Steinhauser, who once worked as a pornographic film star under the name “Asia Carrera,” made headlines in 2014 when she wore a colander on her head in her Utah driver’s license photo. Hats cannot be worn in Utah driver’s license photos unless they are considered religious clothing, but Steinhauser reportedly cited religious reasons at the Department of Motor Vehicles and was permitted to wear the metal colander.

Steinhauser called herself a proud atheist and a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

In a November 2014 interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, Steinhauser called herself a proud atheist and a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – a sort of anti-religion religion whose members also call themselves “Pastafarians.”

According to current bookings information, Steinhauser has posted bail and has been released from custody.

Persons arrested or charged are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law or as otherwise decided by a trier-of-fact.

Another Agency Scam making The Rounds



Another agency scam making the rounds…ladies you want to avoid these guy at all costs  I am putting together a list of licensed agencies that are real, these are the agents that represent porn and are legit  meantime ignore these fly by nights like ValleyWood Talent Agency and so many others  my list will be up shortly



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Brie wrote: ;) ok. I’m game. ;)

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Companies Like Lethal Hardcore are Looking To Set Themselves Apart

In this day and age porners are taking it on the chin, the money that once flowed freely is now a lot tighter and traditional DVD companies are looking for ways to bring the customer back.  That generally works well for the customer.  I know that I still get lots of inquiries from people who would like to attend a shooting and are willing to pay to do so.  Being in Georgia where that sort of thing is more risky from a legal standpoint I avoid it,  If yer on my set you have a job.

Now Stoney Curtis has been around the biz for at least as long as I have, longer I think and he is a good guy, he is an advertiser here and I am proud of that, Lethal Hardcore makes a good product and they treat their customers well. So now they are inviting their customers for a chance to watch a shoot live and in person, meet the performers and generally create a memory of a fun day on a porn set.

If it brings more people to their product thas a good thing, it’s als a good thing because some porners like Stoney Curtis and Porno Dan are starting to think outside the box about how they can maybe bring forgotten customers back.

I have a lot of people who read this site and I would like to hear from you.  Specially if you were once a customer who bought or rented a lot of porn but no longer do so…I’d like to know why.  Honestly why, don’t pull any punches….You have my word that I wont share any info about you or your identity unless you specifically say it is OK to do so.

I have some theories and I know that some of them are right but others I am unsure about…email me and tell me why or post a comment on this thread…have you moved from DVD to internet…if so what do you like better about the internet porn, have you given up porn altogether?  why?

Meantime Kudos to Lethal Hardcore for not just ding the same old same old…click their ads and see if they have something you might be interested in…they support us by advertising here so lets support them ny walking into the store and having a look around…who knows maybe you will be my correspondent and write a story here about your first day ever on a porn set!

Idiocracy, Social Media and My Thoughts

I watched the movie Idiocracy last night and it got me thinking a lot.  First it was scary how many of the people in 2505 I currently know  the premise of the movie was genius, the movie itself…abysmally bad, but the underlying truth is somewhat disconcerting.  Basically the movie is about how the less intelligent are having more kids the than intelligent and what it does over time being that we have no natural predators.  It got me thinking of Marco Ducati of all things.  Not that he fits into the movie but the whole thing about social media.  There is no privacy anymore, anything you do you leave a footprint and often you leave it intentionally….

In 16-20 years we will be voting on political candidates, even for a president who has lived his/her entire life on social media, there is a record of pretty much everything they have done every day.   How is that going to play out in elections? Will candidates be allowed mistakes? Allowed the benefit of the doubt?  Marco says he hasnt escorted but dozens of reviews of Damon Danillo ( most from 2012) are scattered around the internet for those that look for them, he says it isnt him…Where does it stop? If he runs for President who will be the arbiter of whether or not those reviews are made up or real?

Personally I don’t care if the President is male or female, gay or straight, black or white, Christian or Athiest….

Actually I look forward to an Athiest President.  It’s mighty convenient to be able to use some all powerful imaginary figure to justify your bigotry or your greed or just your thirst for power.  An athiest doesnt have that luxury, an athiest is responsible all by him/herself.


I know this kinda leaps from one topic to another but it is kinda fascinating to consider.


About the Advertisers On

I have been doing this site, and in the process building your trust for more than 15 years now so when you see an advertisement on it’s more than just an ad, in most cases it is an endorsement.  I believe in truth in advertising.  if I wouldn’t use a product you wont see an ad for it here…That M3Servers ad…yup thats the company that provides me with my hosting and they do a damn good job, when i have a problem which is exceedingly rare they are on it immediately usually the problem has been fixed before I know about it because they proactively monitor my  servers.  I have used a lot of hosting companies and M3Servers is hands down the best.

Lethal Hardcore is the newest advertiser, they have advertised in the past as well.  They know that I dont put up with abusing my customers so when you click that link you can rest assured that if you do business with them you wont be double billed, ghost billed, have your info sold to dating sites and other such things…you wont be defrauded by prechecked cross sells or other such scummy tricks.  they are honest and give value for the money (currently you can purchase 15 DVDs for 230 bucks for example.)

J.D. Obenberger I have known JD for years and know that if I had legal problems or questions he is my go to guy.  I first met JD here in Atlanta years ago when I attended a webmaster symposium sponsored by consumption junction.  J D is an amazing public speaker as well.

Quick2257  Even though Mr Walters is associated with the Free Speech Coalition this app is worth many times the 99 cent price tag to anyone in porn, its useable and it works perfectly.  Just because of his work with The FSC is no reason not to advertise a good product, now if The FSC wanted to take out an ad on this site they would almost certainly be denied, same as Manwin, Pornhub, Digital Playground and others.  Like I said if its on this site its more than an ad it carries my endorsement and as such it must pass scrutiny by me, I will NEVER allow my readers/customers to be abused.

Teen Fidelity and Kelly Madison are good sites that offer quality product and do not do anything shady, you can join them with confidence that you wont be abused, your info sold, or your credit card info leaked, sold or abused in any way. You won’t get pop unders or popovers or anything else annoying from these or any of my advertisers

Stripperfacials and Southernbukkake are my sites and they have even more stringent criteria, I hold myself to the highest standards  you can join my sites once and never ever get an email from me asking you to rejoin, i dont do  unsolicited emailings, that may be a mistake on my part but like I said I hold myself to the highest standard of conduct and the last thing I want to do is get a customer in trouble because a wife or girlfriend saw an email from a porn site asking you to join again.

I get a lot of ads that get rejected, they could certainly make this site much more profitable but I don’t think its fair to ask you to become a customer of someone that I know to be using shady practices, i will never need money that badly.

For the last year roughly has been profitable, meaning that it pays for itself with money left over.  Don’t mistake that to mean it also pays my rent…It doesn’t even buy a weeks worth of groceries and most months it doesn’t send enough members to my pay sites to make it worth the extra time and effort that would give better results if they were directed towards marketing the pay sites in a more targeted manner. is a labor of love.  It has provided me with a way make friends, get things off my chest, understand people and things I didn’t understand before and a way to help others.  I have faced some pretty scary things, like spinal surgery and Bells Palsy and I have bared it all for my readers because some of you will face the same things and have an idea what to expect and or to know that it will get better.  For others if it helps you to face whatever you are facing then mission accomplished…I’m an average person same as you all and I am honored that you spend part of your day here.

Thank you all.


Marco Ducatti aka Damon Danilo Crossover Alert

As a general rule I’m not a fan of crossovers in porn (guys) but I also generally don’t care so long as his partner(s) know.  I have heard that this guy is trying very hard to hide is gay side,  a lot like T J Cummings.  Cummings is even trolling girls on the internet these days claiming he is CURED of his HIV and its safe to shoot with him….I have even heard he produces a current CET test that shows him as clear, which he is NOT.

But this isn’t about TJ.  on the straight side he uses the name Marco Ducatti and for the record he is NOT HIV Positive, not as of right now anyway, but he IS working in gay porn and doing gay escorting under the name Damon Danilo.

here are some of his postings, Thanks to the young lady who sent them my way.

marco ducatti

here is a review of his escort services from a gay escort site

marco ducatti review

So now you know and can make an informed decision.

If It Were Your Life, What Would You Do?

I have a friend, a relative young fellow, younger than myself, who has been diagnosed with cancer.  He is a likeable guy, honest and very much forthright about his life.   I’m not going to go into details about his disease because that isn’t what this is about.  It is his story that made me think and inspired this update.

He has done everything the doctors told him to do. But it hasn’t been enough.  At this point he is out of options, from the standpoint of American Doctors anyway.  He stays on top of the latest news in research and trials.

In a recent trial at the Mayo Clinic a lady was cured of cervical cancer by being injected with the Measles Virus. You may read about it on The Mayo Clinic Website HERE.

The problem is that he can’t get the treatment here, for his best hope to beat this cancer he  will have to seek expensive experimental therapy overseas.  Dr. Kevin Harrington  from the Institute  of Cancer Research in London is doing studies right now.  Time is really of the essence.

He understands that this treatment is experimental and not necessarily a cure but, if you were in his shoes what would you do?  It isn’t like he has other choices except to wait, hope and pray.  I know if it were me I would fight, I would do whatever it took and take whatever chances were reasonable.  Personally I think that at this point this is the right decision.

A friend of his has started a go fund me campaign that explains more about it and about him.  Some of you may know him, he is “one of ours” and I would encourage you to spare a bit if you can to help this guy get a chance.  It can’t hurt and it could be a life changer for him and his family, even if it only buys more time.

This is his gofundme.  Lets try to put him over the top.

As you all know I don’t do this sort of thing but this one hits close to home for me and if my readers can help I am happy to give this a plug, Because I know this person and I know that this is legit,  I wish I could say i will match anything donated by my readers but I honestly don’t make that kind of money…but I will TRY to match it.

If everyone who reads this donates 5 bucks in the next 7 days he will be off to get treatments next week…thats the difference you could make.

Thank You all.



Sasha Grey, Russians, Porners and lesser Sites get Trolled

I remember the story coming across my google alerts last week that a girl that looked like Sasha Grey and had her real name was  raped and murdered by Ukrainian soldiers while she worked as a nurse near war-torn city of Donetsk.

I remember thinking that’s a troll…turned out it was a troll and almost everyone in porn and a whole bunch more fell for it.

Anyway heres what really happened


not that I havent been fooled before, I have but this one had troll all over it…

Whiteacre and Mark Schechter In Court Yesterday

Its a several times a month occurrence for Whiteacre aka Uncle Peg, who has a problem with beating on his wife Christina Parriera, seems if you have a propensity for domestic violence Las Vegas NV is the place to live  seeing as he has around a dozen charges from four separate incidents in the last year and he is still walking around a free man….Gotta keep room in jail for those Marijuana smokers ya know..

Schechter went to court in an attempt to have Shy Loves Attorney dismissed from their legal battle claiming that it was a conflict of interest because the attorney had represented him in the past.  The attorney said he has never even laid eyes on Mark Schechter much less represented him, the judge agreed and the motion was dismissed.

Enough With The Negativity, Now for Some Positivity

There’s been a lot of it here lately, it hasn’t escaped me or you guys I am sure and I was thinking about it tonight and it occurred to me that it pretty much centers on the goings on in Porn Valley.  While suppose you could say that it is the result of the industry being in it’s death throes the truth is it shouldn’t reflect on everyone in porn.  Fact is there are plenty of good people, honest people who are doing very well in porn, most of them arent in Porn Valley.

When people think of successful  porn performers they generally think of Jenna Jameson but in reality Jenna isn’t the pinnacle she is made out to be.  Sure she was wildly popular but there are girls who have confined their work to the internet and have made a lot more money than Jenna will ever see, and these girls haven’t burned out either.

Girls like Wifey and Carol Cox or Lady Sonia arguably could buy and sell Jenna.  My own experience tells me that the more attractive and appealing porn these days is coming from internet only performers.  We have our own right here in Sabrina Deep.  They are doing it because it’s fun, they don’t have agents, they pick their own scenes and they develop a relationship with their fans that transcends the plastic and often condescending social media relationships that Porn Valley performers consider the measure of their success.  These people are honest and pay their bills on time and don’t wear Tshirts advertising piracy sites when they do personal appearances.

I think there is a lesson in this.  While they are being impacted by piracy, same as porn valley, they are making money by going direct to the consumer, cutting out the traditional 3 to 4 layers of middle men found in DVD distribution.  They also develop a more personal relationship with their fans as a result of the producer to consumer model and by and large they needn’t worry much about Measure B or Cutting Edge Testing pooling blood for tests or the FSC leading them to slaughter.

I even look at myself somewhat differently being in this market, I help some local guys in Atlanta with shooting, we share talent and we cooperate with each other because in the end it only looks like we are competitors, the reality is that there is room for both of us, nobody is going to quit my southernbukkake site to join their site, instead we treat each other respectfully and we co-exist and even help each other.  Web girls have figured that out as well.

It makes a lot of sense too.  Web performers aren’t at the whim of the latest misogynistic hack calling himself the next big thing in porn, they shoot what they like and they shoot it for an audience that has been largely abandoned by mainstream porn and instead of working hard to screw each other over and trash talking they do content shares and cross marketing.

While it may seem that I harp on the bad things in Porn I guess I should start making it clear that for every FSC stunt, every girl working condomless when she has condomless sex with her  HIV positive boyfriend there are 10 examples of internet performers who are good honest folks having fun making a living with sex…and that is what porn is supposed to be.

Where Else But Porn Does Chief Legal Counsel for PornWikileaks Become Chief Legal Counsel For AVN

I spent the weekend in Florida, at the beach enjoying time with friends and nice weather and not even thinking much about porn.  For me porn is becoming increasingly stupid I mean look at some of the recent things…

The FSC has a code of ethics…I see that in AVN and it always makes me laugh…I’d be hard pressed to think of a single ethical thing they have done.  And then you have the idiots that defend Sheena Shaw saying she didn’t know that John Stagliano had HIV…Ya right and I bet she didn’t know he was married either….

Then you have AVN who hires Fattarosi as chief legal council, this is the same guy that was Donny Longs legal counsel for PornWikiLeaks….Welcome to porn….

One of AVNS owners, Vasilis Kailis, owns a huge filesharing site but then AVN says he isnt really an owner just a name on a  piece of paper…And apparently porners believe this BS….These must be the same ones that think the FSC has ethics…



Dr Isadore Hall Making A Bid For United States Congress.

Speaking of condoms and such It appears that Dr Isadore Hall is stepping up his game and making a run for United States Congress.  That’s a mixed blessing for porners…It could help derail the statewide condom law but if it goes on the ballot, and it looks like it will, and it passes which it almost certainly will Assemblyman Hall is rather moot.  One thing I will say for Assemblyman Hall is that as a politician he appears to be doing his job, he does the things that reflect the will of the citizens in his district and whether you like him or not that IS his job.  It’s a rare politician these days who remembers that.   When people level criticisms at him for proposing the condom law they never mention that almost 75% of his constituency voted in favor of Measure B, those are the people that really proposed the condom law and those are the people that the industry has to educate if they want to have a prayer of defeating a statewide ballot measure.

Just once I would like to see The FSC and others in this industry face the truth.

On another topic it was sad to see LATATA go down, LATATA started to offset the power and some of the dirty shit the FSC was doing to talent and now it’s just another FSC puppet along with APAC and thats a damn shame.