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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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Insurer Can’t Avoid Litigation Costs For HIV Infected Performers


Please read this carefully, it is VERY relevant, even though it is about legal fees NOT about compensation for performers…Again it dispells the No on set transmission BS….

From CourthouseNews.

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Two days after California voters rejected a proposal to require condoms for porn actors, a federal judge told an insurer it can’t avoid covering litigation costs over performers infected with HIV.

Michigan-based Atain Specialty Insurance Company sued CEO Peter Acworth in November last year, claiming the fetish porn king must cover his own legal bills and possible settlements in three lawsuits filed by HIV-infected porn actors.

Acworth and his company, Armory Studios, transformed a 200,000-square foot castle in San Francisco’s Mission District into massive porn studio that specializes in fetishes, bondage and sadomasochism films.

In April 2015, a man identified as John Doe sued Acworth and, claiming he contracted HIV in two years earlier while performing in a film titled “Bound in Public.” Doe says he notified weeks later, but the studio kept his status a secret from other actors.

Two other performers sued Acworth last year as well, claiming they contracted HIV during various porn shoots in 2013. The actors, two men and one woman, say they were subjected to unprotected sex with members of the public and that producers told them they would be “out of a job” if they asked to use condoms.

During a summary judgment hearing Thursday, Atain’s attorney GailAnn Stargardter argued a “physical and sexual abuse” exemption in the armory’s insurance policy exempts her client from footing the bill for those state court lawsuits.

U.S. District Judge James Donato disagreed, finding the insurance contract does not exclude coverage for litigation arising from any sexual act that occurs on the premises.

Whether or not the studio took adequate steps to protect actors is irrelevant, Donato said, because the exclusion only covers sexual acts caused by an omission.

“The presence or absence of HIV safeguards did not cause them to have sex,” Donato declared.

Stargardter cited a 1996 ruling from the Northern District of Texas, Acceptance Ins. Co. v. Bhugra Enterprises Inc., which found an insurer was not liable to defend a hotel owner sued by a guest for failing to prevent a rape due to inadequate lighting and security on the premises.

But Donato said that case was different because the sexual act occurred due to the property owner’s negligence. In this case, the injury was caused by alleged negligence, not the sexual act, he said.

“They were paid actors, paid to have sex,” Donato said. “There’s no omission you can hang your hat on to deny coverage.”

Donato appeared unmoved by the attorney’s contention that the Armory was complicit in requiring porn actors to perform without condoms and that her client is not required to defend the studio in any lawsuit arising from a sexual act.

“How did anything the building owner do cause them to have sex,” Donato asked. “They were going to do that anyway.”

Earlier this week, California voters rejected a ballot measure that would have required the state’s billion-dollar porn industry to use condoms in all films.

State law has required condom use in adult films since 1992, but proponents of the failed ballot measure, Proposition 60, argued that law is rarely enforced.

Acworth, a British citizen, purchased the 200,000-square foot Moorish castle, formerly a training facility for the National Guard Armory and Arsenal, for $14.5 million in 2007.

It was during a film shot at the armory that Doe claims he was blindfolded and forced to perform oral sex on dozens of “untested, unidentified members of the general public.” Doe says he had a cut in his mouth during the performance and tested positive for HIV two weeks later.

Will The FSC Prove Me Wrong?

Porners were given a reprieve by voters in California on Tuesday. Prop 60 failed to pass. The question now becomes what will Porn Valley do with the huge break they were given? You see there is still a problem with rampant STDs, there is still the fact that a performer who wants to use a condom doesn’t have that choice.

A lot of people are thinking that condoms are no longer required in porn as a result of this….You should talk to James Deen or JoAnna Angel about that….they are both currently facing fines in excess of 50,000 dollars, and they are not alone. Make sure that you understand that condoms are still the law. Prop 60 was only an enforcement mechanism.

Now if The FSC and the No on Prop 60 bunch are smart they will start working hard on bringing STDs under control, making producers pay for testing (no where near as expensive as fighting off another Prop 60) and providing some safety for performers.

I am not holding my breath.

If you think that Prop 60 was AHF’s last stand you are SORELY mistaken….Take that to the bank.

I can’t tell you how many girls have notified me in the last 6 months that they will no longer shoot in Porn valley because of the unprofessional performers, producers and such, they don’t want to risk their lives, it’s that simple. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t either.

The FSC may have won this one, but there are a lot more coming and they won’t win them all, they will bankrupt first. Use this opportunity to be smart and pro-active…Prove me wrong….

Who’da Thunk It

Well Its over, and Trump won. It will be interesting to see how the transition of power happens. Clinton was shallow to refuse to concede, show she is as low brow as Trump. In the end the first thing that pops into my mind is will Obama issue Hillary a blanket pardon so Trump cant indict her? I think he will.

As things stand now Prop 60 went down. What that really means is that Porn got a reprive, will we do anything to proactively improve conditions for performers or will we be dealing with the next round in two years? I know what I am betting on….

While a Trump presidency frightens me so would a Clinton Presidency….In the end I have to have faith that Americans will do the right thing and that in the end this election will prove to be a new and better regime….I think we will reign him in or run him out.

It All Comes Down To This

I will be updating this post as the night goes on I have access to AP and UPI feeds and will be calling results as they are posted…feel free to comment live tonight if yall want.

I love election night, its like the worlds best horse race…I think Hunter S Thompson made that analogy….any way the finish line is 270. Personally I see no way for Trump to win, and I would say it mostly comes down to Florida, if he loses Florida he has no chance.

I never thought this election would be this close…and Trump is going to win to boot…..

I will be updating Prop 60 as well because it’s of interest.

Hillary Clinton: (218) VT, NJ, MD, MA, RI, DE, NJ, MD, DC, IL, NY, CT, NM, VA, CO, CA, HI, OR, WA, NV, ME

Donald Trump: (278) IN, KY, WV, OK, TN, MS, SC, AL, KS, NE, ND, SD, WY, TX, AR, LA, MT, MO, OH, FL, ID, NC, NE, UT, GA, PA, AK, WI

Prop 60: YES – 2,152,754 46.1% NO – 2,520,035 53.9%

Mike South und Die Frauleinen Auf Deutsch

Remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned a German film crew was here….here is some of the video from that…Its in German except for me n Dakota Charms and Carli Bonds

Let’s Be Clear About Proposition 60

Once again, thanks to Mike for giving everybody (well at least to me) the chance to express their opinion, even and especially when their opinion diverges from Mike’s. The following post is not new. It’s part of an answer that I gave on Quora on October 14 and it contains a few consideration which I already originally posted on in the past and at different times. Earlier, I was reading Mike’s most recent post about Proposition 60 and I thought that maybe I could offer a different view whose intent is simply to induce a reflection by whomever is going to read it.

First, let me tell you that while I am an adult performer, I have no specific stake on Prop 60. The reason is simple and it will serve also as an argument in support of my opposition to Prop 60: I have quit shooting porn in California or anywhere else in the United States of America, for what it counts. And the reason for this is the high level of unprofessionalism among many performers which is unfortunately either directly or indirectly backed up by some short-sighted equally unprofessional producers who prioritize today’s money over tomorrow’s financial and reputation growth of the entire sector (about this Prop 60 signer Mr. Weinstein is absolutely correct).

Before my many friends and reputable acquaintances who work in the industry over there jump off their chair, let me add that I am generalizing and that of course there are plenty of amazing, professional people working in the US adult industry, both on performers and producers’ side. But unfortunately they don’t have the power and sometimes the courage to fight for changing the status quo.

This is particularly true for performers who are often afraid to voice out their concerns about dubious business practice by some producers and colleagues for fear of not getting hired anymore. I know this too well, because even if I wanted to go back to work in the US I would have a very limited choice of “employers” to choose from, since I have never been afraid to expose the crap that it is going on on some producers’ sets. It’s a small industry and the risk of global retaliation is very high when you legitimately open your mouth to point out what’s wrong.

And many things are wrong. I will mention only a few ones which hopefully will help you to understand some thing about Prop 60 that nobody is particularly eager to tell you.

HIV and STD Testing Terrible Design

The testing system is nonsensically corrupted, expensive and incomplete primarily due to the fact that it is a duopoly encouraged by the lack of direct and indirect financial support by governmental institutions and by the disgraceful Free Speech Coalition way of handling their PASS program (a series of protocols involving, among others, the creation and maintenance of an obscured and heavily hacked database of performers and their testing history) and of covering up the numerous failures of that same program by manipulating the information released to the public any time there is an STD outbreak in the industry. It would take too long to go into details, but it should be enough to mention that

  • an adult performer has no access to free testing facilities which can provide the certification requested to shoot (the paradox is that AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the promoter of Prop 60, offers free testing services, but for some less than obscure reasons they have never proposed to take care of testing adult performers for free, to my knowledge [1] [2]). pippo
  • A (in)complete industry panel test inclusive of password-protected electronic certification costs minimum 150$ at the two only labs widely accepted by producers (remember the duopoly?). In Europe I pay the equivalent of 50$ for a much more complete test and with a much improved password-protected electronic certification which makes it almost impossible for someone to forge the results.
  • The widely accepted test doesn’t test for: HIV-0, HIV-2, p24 antigen (useful for diagnosing very early infection when antibody levels are still low) and Mycoplasma genitalium.
  • The widely accepted test doesn’t feature a vaginal, anal and throat swab which are the most reliable way to detect some STDs such as Chlamydia. [3]

Total lack of psychological assessment

Performers (especially young newcomers) who could possibly get hired for shooting porn don’t get interviewed. This is the only psycho-sensitive industry I know where this happens. You need a pretty high level of maturity, strength, confidence and awareness to work in porn and your good looking body alone won’t guarantee you the required fitness to expose your naked body and sexual skills before millions and to deal with its consequences. Many girls enter porn attracted by the false impression that they will make easy money by doing that wonderful thing which is getting or giving an orgasm. Unfortunately very often after the first shoot they realize that the money is neither much nor easy and that now they got attached the mark of having done porn with all the consequences that this carries for the rest of their lives.

Irresponsible behavior

Some of both experienced performers and newcomers engage in unprotected sexual acts with untested partners (be them a guy/gal met in a bar or a client of their escorting business) until the day before a “professional” shooting take place, strong of the fact that when the day after they show up on set they can provide a negative test taken days, if not weeks, earlier and therefore not accounting for their most recent irresponsible sexual activity.

Putting people out of business for the very wrong reasons

Most of the performers who have forged their tests, knowingly lied about their poor health condition because not yet emerged in the most recent test or negligently infected other performers on set because of their unprofessional behavior off set, most of those performers, I was saying, are still very active in the industry and get regularly hired to shoot with other performers who perfectly know their despicable history, but choose to run the risk of getting an STD over the sure faith of being discretely blacklisted by producers (hence putting an end to their career).

The picture that I hope will emerge from the above four points is that of an industry whose biggest problems are prevention and effective control of performers’ health status. I’m talking about the significant lack of them of course. Hopefully it also emerges some performers and producers’ trend to seek shelter behind faulty, incomplete regulations in order to put their conscience at ease when they turn a blind eye to common sense and professionalism in favor of profit and career: “I am / you are healthy because so it says my / your two weeks old test.” Remember this line because it is crucial when it comes to say yes or not to prop 60.

So, what should made be clear about Prop 60?

Many of those who oppose Prop 60 offer, in my opinion, very interesting arguments which range from wasted taxpayers money to poorly drafted language passing through privacy violation and possible Prop 60 proposer Mr. Weinstein conflicts of interest. [4] Interesting, but alleged and mostly based on assumptions, and therefore debatable or at least not entirely comprehensible to those, like me, who know little or nothing about bureaucracy, lawsuits and financial regulations. Furthermore, they don’t address the only thing I’m interested about: health.

Also among Prop 60 supporters there are people who focus on lawsuits; I’m thinking of my friend Mike South (that’s what I repute you Mike, so I hope you’re fine with me calling you as such) who states that Prop 60 is not about condoms, but rather about giving performers the opportunity, for the first time in the whole life of this industry, to hold producers accountable whenever working conditions on set are not safe and to even be able to sue them and to seek compensation in case of infections contracted on the set of negligent producers. [5] This is not a bad thing at all, although I’m pretty sure that between being able to sue when infected and not needing to sue because perfectly healthy many people would choose the latter. And this is the reason why I believe him to be wrong: Prop 60 is about condoms. In fact, it is true that Prop 60 is not about condoms yes or not because there is already a valid law which requires the use of condoms on set and Prop 60 simply reminds the legislator this and calls him to enforce such already existing regulation; however, Prop 60 suggests that forcing producers to comply with such existing regulations is going “to protect performers in the adult film industry and minimize the spread of sexually transmitted infections resulting from the making of adult films”.

Have I read right? “Minimize the spread.” Prop 60 doesn’t address how to minimize the risk of contraction in first place; it gives for granted the presence of STIs among performers and clears the industry from solving the problems I mentioned above by imposing the use of condoms: don’t worry about being irresponsible and possibly being or getting sick…wear a condom and you’re good to go.

This is a bomb ready to explode and produce devastating effects. In an industry which presents the problems I have listed above a 2 mm palliative is a sure recipe for disaster. It’s an invitation to more unprofessional people to join the industry and to carry on their negligent behavior. Prop 60 doesn’t address any of the problems that I have listed above: it legitimates them by making the use of condoms the only barrier between getting infected and staying healthy and it puts at risk the career and the health of those who have always been professional.

Do you want to know what will happen if Proposition 60 will pass?

Less testing

Performers will not get tested more than once a month (versus the currently auto imposed 14 days time frame), according to California state regulations. Since producers will have to pay for the tests, they will go for the minimum required by the law, in order to save money. This will dangerously spread the temporal window of unknowingly shooting while infected.

Goodbye prevention

Prevention will be a thing of the past, for many. When being tested once a month and shooting with condoms put both irresponsible performers and unscrupulous producers on the right side of the law you can’t expect them to care about anything else.

Panic attacks

Have you ever been in a situation where the condom broke? How did you feel? Imagine if that happened on set and you were less than sure about your partner’s health status.


How does this sound to you?

An adult film producer’s failure to offer, provide, and pay for a STI prevention vaccine, STI test, or medical examination, as required in order to be an adult film performer, if such vaccine, test, or examination is consented to by the adult film performer, shall result in a penalty against the adult film producer… [6]

What do you think it will happen, in many cases, when some performers will discover that not consenting to be tested more than the minimum required by the law will secure them more work?

This is why I say NO to Prop 60 and I hope that if you are a voter you will do the same.

I am all in favor of condoms as long as they don’t become the excuse to allow infected people to join and work in the adult industry. I want to work with healthy people and then eventually decide together if we want to use a condom or not as any sentient adult has the right to choose. I am far less interested in working with unhealthy partners on the premise that wearing a condom should minimize the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Is It Just me Or Is There A Problem With This Activity

I am all for political activism and championing a cause but what idiot thought this was a good idea?


Or maybe I am just too old..maybe this sort of thing is acceptable these days in Cali…It would explain a lot….

Only thing missing from this photo is Max Hardcore.

I got this response on twitter

THAT WAS THE SPACE FARMERS MARKET ASSIGNED US. Maybe check b4 yelling at us 4 spending all weekend working for #NoProp60

This is Why The FSC should be disbanded…if just ONE of you geniuses had said NO…THIS IS NOT APPROPRIATE youd have gotten WAY more positive press attention…SMFH!

The Freedom To Film Pornography

In keeping with the theme of helping those who are doing it themselves a long time financial supporter of this site has written a paper called “The Freedom To Film Pornography.”

Download it here

I highly recommend this paper, it is written by a first amendment attorney and no matter how you may feel about him personally the paper is spot on, and covers legal topics that would be helpful to you, like what is the difference between porn and prostitution, The history of porn ruligs and legalities in your state.

This is stuff you need to know!  Thanks to Marc

Lets Be Honest About Prop 60

I am going to go down the list point by point, you guys may disagree but this is how I see it.

1. Condoms cause rash/chafing and aren’t made to withstand the rigors of “porn sex”

Ever hear of Lube? Olivie oil? Astroglide? whoever said you can only use one condom per scene? Truth-O-Meter says : Bullshit!

2. It allows anyone to sue performers.

Actually it only allows anyone to sue producers, performers can also be producers. Truth-O-Meter says : Mostly Bullshit!

3. It compromises the privacy or performer producers.

If someone sues the producer who also happens to be a performer they would have to have the name and address of the person they are suing simply to file the suit, so this isn’t something that would come out as a result of the suit. performers who are also acting as producers have to list the 2257 required info on all the sites anyway, that info includes a real name, and a real address …not a po box so Prop 60 does nothing to compromise performer/producers privacy, that info is already required by federal law to be listed on the website or the product packaging. When a performer makes the move from performer to producer this is part of the responsibility that comes with being in business for yourself.  if you don’t like it, get 2257 repealed. Truth-O-Meter says : Bullshit!

4. It would run the business underground and or out of state.

Condoms are the law in all 50 states, if OSHA cracks down as they have indicated they are going to then moving to a different state will not help. It is already pushing the business underground,and in a way that is a purpose of prop 60, shooting underground wont help you if you are open to civil damages after the fact. Truth-O-Meter says : Somewhat True!

5. It would supplant the current testing methodology and make STDs and HIV even more likely.

Nobody has indicated that it would or should replace testing and the current rates of STDs could hardly get any worse…at any given time 1 in 4 performers has an active STD. That has been proven by several peer reviewed studies. Truth-O-Meter says : Bullshit!

6. We haven’t had an on set HIV since 2004

The Rolling Stone Article completely proved that false, in 2014 The CDC confirmed at least one on set transmission in the breakout involving Cameron Bay and Rod Daily Truth-O-Meter says : Bullshit!

Now for all the things you have read about Proposition 60 lets get to the bottom line

Producers should pay for testing as well as any treatment required IF they do not allow condom use.

Ela Darling, Julia Ann, I am sure you guys think you are doing the right thing but have you stopped and asked yourselves what would happen if YOU tested HIV positive tomorrow?  You may think it can’t happen to you but I can list 50 former performers here who are now HIV Positive that would tell you ya, I thought that too.

These are the facts…You would immediately be put at arms length by the industry, The FSC would work very hard to say you did not get it on set NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY! As soon as the dust blows over nobody in porn will have anything to do with you, there will be no financial assistance, no moral support, no paying jobs in the industry doing anything, not even mopping floors. If you don’t have insurance and can’t afford your medical care you can go to AHF or you can die. Is this what you want for your fellow performers Julia? Ela? Is this acceptable to you?

If you think this is bullshit ….please tell me ONE person that this did NOT happen to….There is ONE…John Stagliano, do I have to explain why he is different from the rest?

Does it tell you anything at all that Wicked Pictures REQUIRES condoms on all of their sets?  Does it not strike you as the ULTIMATE in hypocrisy that Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake are telling you don’t use condoms when they haven’t shot anything without a condom in 20 years? If they are such fucking freedom fighters why aren’t they standing up for what they believe and shooting non condom?  Its easy for them to tell you to risk YOUR health, they certainly DON’T risk theirs.

Let me remind you when you read that ballot and you make the choice to vote yes or no, remember the truth you have read here. Remember what this is REALLY about. Are you going to vote to absolve pornographers of any and all responsibility for refusing to allow the use of condoms?

Some day porners are going to have to take responsibility for their decisions. When they refuse to allow condom use on their sets why shouldn’t they have to pay when a performer gets an STD?

There is the truth….can you handle it?

One Nation, Under Donald

By Tim Walker
“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

That is George Orwell’s line, of course, straight out of his novel “1984,” and it makes me pause as I set down my paperback and look at the clock. I was 19 years old back in the year 1984, the first time I read Orwell, and my head was full of dreams. Ronald Reagan was in office, a Republican, I recall, an actor and a man so many were afraid of. What a joke. Of course, it isn’t 1984 anymore—today’s date is April 30, 2017, and it is Donald Trump’s 100th day in office. Ronnie wouldn’t recognize his beloved country anymore, and those idiots back then didn’t know the first thing about fear.

President Trump himself hasn’t made any public appearances in over a month, of course, not since that third assassination attempt, the one that almost got him. He blamed it on ISIS, but everyone knows it was really homegrown terrorists, probably members of The Faction or Los Hermanos: both groups swore revenge on him after the railroad cars filled with “Undesirables” began rolling south toward Mexico (I’ll never forget those images of pleading, grasping hands reaching out for some sort of human contact as the trains began to roll away). Several of the rebels were captured by Trump’s Patriotic Guard when they claimed responsibility for that last bomb—their bodies still hang from the lampposts on Pennsylvania Avenue, right down the street from the White House.

Congress was locked up first, almost immediately after Trump took the Oath. I almost laughed—almost—at the looks on the faces of the top GOP members as they were dragged down the steps of the Capitol in leg irons. Paul Ryan was crying. “Treason” and “Crimes Against America” were the charges, and they’re all guilty, of course. We’re all guilty, in fact, every American citizen, for allowing this to happen in the first place.

Trump’s ego just could not accept a balance of power. He had to feel like The Man in charge, and so two of the three branches of government were silenced; they were “Stonewalling me and standing in the way of this country becoming great again,” as he said. So, once he had Congress in chains, Trump dismantled the Supreme Court. Surprisingly, they were treated with more respect—they were simply “retired from the bench.” With the Constitution suspended indefinitely and the Patriotic Guard in control, what good would a Supreme Court be anyway?

What we didn’t know during the campaign was that Donald Trump had powerful people backing him, people who controlled the secret power corridors of Washington, D.C. Angry generals, Black Ops agents—the people who had bristled under Obama’s directives, who had always hated being told what NOT to do, and who had been waiting for a weak, egotistical, stupid man who needed their support and who would agree to do their bidding in order to get into the Oval Office. They were waiting for Trump, so they could enact a military coup of our government and make that orange-faced buffoon their figurehead.

Trump’s tweets and video appearances continue on a daily basis, of course—not even IED’s could stop those—and executive orders have flowed from the bunker beneath the White House in an unending stream ever since Inauguration Day, a torrent of angry directives and twisted hate that it has been nearly impossible to keep up with. Constitutional scholars—those who haven’t been arrested—have long since stopped criticizing the President for violating his oath of office. Silence, it appears, is the best course of action for academia these days.

Hillary and Bill fled the country almost immediately after Election Day, once Clinton conceded and Trump began calling for their arrests—rumor has it they’re being protected by friends in the Saudi royal family, but who knows? The Obamas simply disappeared when it became clear that our country had elected a madman who was willing to stop at nothing in his quest to Make America Hate Again.

Skirmishes between the rebels and the Patriotic Guard don’t take place as often now, but it’s hard to tell with all of the newspapers gone. The Star-Spangled Banner, our so-called national newspaper, is nothing more than cheap propaganda, not even fit to line the birdcage. I’m sure people read it—hell, people will read anything, remember USA Today? But only an idiot would think that the endlessly happy stories and tightly controlled feel-good pieces reflect reality.

This was once America, the land of the free, as it was said so often—a nation under God. The Great Satan, our enemies once called us. Look at us now—look at what we’ve become. Thinking back, it all seems so clear…  how is it that the voters back in November couldn’t see what was coming? The crowds who showed up for his rallies, all of them fell right into line as he whipped them into a frenzy of xenophobia.

I don’t know. It is what it is, and none of it matters anymore. The dream that was once the United States has become a nightmare, but I’ll have to finish this journal entry later. I have to leave now—I don’t want to be late for the Public Tortures.

Tim Walker is 51 and a writer, DJ and chili cook. He lives with his wife and their two children in Dayton, Ohio, where he enjoys pizza, jazz and black T-shirts. Reach him at or on Twitter at @StretchYrBrains.

(this story copyright and reprinted from the Dayton City Paper,

Lets Show Mainstream A Little More Respect and a Lot Less Contempt

I spent my Halloween with a television crew from Germany, they flew here to Atlanta for one reason, to talk to me. They ended up doing two pieces one with me and my thoughts on the current election, Hillary, Trump, the enough is enough pledge. It was actually a lot more informative and thorough than what I expected, but that has been happening a lot lately. The second part had three of the girls I have shot talking about how they feel about the election and being female. I think it is going to be good.

I told my friend Tim Case last night and he remarked that I have surpassed Luke Ford in his heyday, that I should be really proud of what has become. He pointed out that I have passed the TMZ and RadarOnline crowd and am now a trusted source for publications like Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal and Esquire. He noted that these people have a way higher standard for integrity and trust.

Honestly it feels kind of weird to me, I just say what is on my mind, I figure that if I am thinking it then so are others but apparently there is a lot more to it.

The single most common thing I get from mainstream people who interview me is thanking me for my honesty, they tell me they talked to XBiz and AVN but the person they spoke to either was ignorant about the topic or flat out lied to them. If I had a dime for everytime I have been told that I would have a lot of dimes…

I guess the Mark Kernes and Alec Helmys think that reporters from the Wall Street journal and Esquire will believe the same bullshit that pornchicks will, I mean who seriously tries to sell the idea that using condoms in porn creates MORE risk for performers? That may work on a pornchick who didn’t graduate high school but it doesn’t work on educated professionals. And while we are at it can we can the whole it puts performers in danger from fans routine….I mean yes a fan could retain an attorney for 10,000 dollars and probably come up with Ela Darlings real name and address but its a lot simpler to just go to google and type in “Ela Darling real name”….tada first result…also the second third fourth and fifth.

If the FSC was really concerned about performer privacy they would have spent the money on taking down Donny Long and Sean Tompkins, THAT is where performer privacy is compromised.

The thing is, for you morons in Porn Valley…yes you Helmy, and you Kernes, and you Ela, and you Eric Lepew…..educated people see through your bullshit and they actually resent it when you try to sell them on it….So stop that.

If we had spent the time, money and effort that we have on defeating prop 60 setting up a fund for taking care of performers who catch STDs, we wouldn’t even have prop 60 to worry about. When are we going to figure that out? Ever?

You guys are spending a lot of time and money and effort to get your word out but you have me standing between your message and educated Americans. If you would pledge to work together to come up with a solution that protects performers both before and after catching an STD I would pledge to help, to work with you. I know it could be done, there are decent people in this biz, and smart people, sadly they are not the people involved in these efforts, but they should be.

When I talk to mainstream people I show them the courtesy of being honest with them, I tell them that I don’t want to give them information that they have to retract because it is wrong or omit from the article because fact checking didn’t bear it out. When The FSC and AVN and XBiz speak they should show the same courtesy, if they did they wouldn’t have to deal with being the go to guy for mainstream media. Not that I am complaining….I just wish the industry would show a little more respect and a lot less contempt. Now Safe For Work

Hopefully this will bring more incoming links from mainstream.

Also I was notified that the donation link was broken…seems Paypal changed the rules for donations and I didn’t fit the new rules. I will be adding a link in the next day or two allowing for donations via Netbilling. Anyone wanting to use paypal can send to Every little bit helps and is appreciated.

The only ad left that may not be safe for work is the stripperfacials ad, I will be replacing it in a day or so.

As always Thanks Yall!

It Ain’t the Cover Of The Rolling Stone But…

This is one I have been looking forward to, I knew my part in it wasn’t big but I am from the generation where Rolling Stone was a validation of the pinnacle of success.

Katie, the author wanted my take on prop 60, and I gave it to her, and I am glad I did.  It was obvious to me from the start that she wasn’t just going through the motions, she wanted to get it right, she wanted to understand both sides.
The Result is Here:

Porn’s Safe Sex Problem: Inside California’s Controversial Prop 60

I think it is without a doubt the best article written on prop 60, it is unbiased and unlike most of the others it is FACTUAL  It even debunks the long standing bullshit from The FSC that there have been no on set transmissions of HIV in 14 years.

No matter which side you are on this is worth the read,  I want to personally thank Katie and Rolling Stone Magazine for getting it right without taking sides.  Kudos!

Shawna Lenee and Brandon Iron Added As Authors and Some Changes Coming.

First of all I want to welcome two new authors to!

shawnaleneeThe first is Shawna Lenee, Shawna is a an A List performer in anyones book, a former Penthouse Pet and Covergirl, she has retired from shooting porn in L.A. and taken to doing it all herself.   She told me that she wants to give back, she wants to be a resource for performers who want to skip the L.A. and Florida Route and make a name for themselves without subjecting themselves to things that happen in traditional porn.  She will welcome all questions and help in any way she can.  She will be writing about whatever interests her but I think it is safe to say she can help anyone on the topic of branding and social media marketing.  Pleases welcome Shawna to the Family.







brandon_iron-1The second is Brandon Iron, Brandon has many years in Porn Valley and has also converted to owning his own content and working only for himself.  Brandon has moved to The Czech Republic and expects fun stories and photos from his life there.  Brandon too is willing to help anyone who asks for it and with his extensive experience in the biz he is a valuable resource!


This does not mean that I will be posting less, it means simply that there will be more here for people to read, more questions answered and more diverse opinions!

Also note that as of this weekend I will be converting to a safe for work format,  all that means is that photos will be G rated.  Everything else remains the same.  Adult advertisers will have to use G Rated banners and photos.  This decision makes sense because it opens the door for incoming links from mainstream sites that otherwise have policies against linking to sites with adult content.  All of the comments on this have been positive and I really appreciate you guys helping me make this decision.

New Here? Read This

First of all a big welcome to those of you coming from Rolling, The Wall Street Journal and other mainstream media outlets.  At first this site may seem a bit esoteric but I encourage you to scroll down and look for and read posts that are of interest to you.  There is a mix of things on here but one thing is for sure, if you are curious about the industry and or the people in it, the politics that affect it and the issues that I deal with as a pornographer, there is a good chance that your curiosities are addressed in this site someplace.  Use the search bar, the categories and I hope you find this site to be an honest resource.

Tip  If you want a laugh  reading the category “Stripper Quotes” is a fun start!

For my regular readers I have a question:

How would you feel if I made a safe for work site?  By that I simply mean that all photos on the site, including ads would be G rated.  The content won’t change otherwise.

The reasoning is that I am getting a lot of mainstream attention and the policies are such that they are reluctant to provide a direct link here because it isnt safe for work, so to speak,  The upside is High quality links from very high quality mainstream publications, that improves my search engine rankings exponentially.

The downside is that it kinda feels like selling out, after all I believe you dance with “the one what brung ya” so to speak, and it is the adult industry that got me here.  y’alls thoughts are appreciated, as always!