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Exploiting The Exploiters More On Ashley Madison

I have come across some very interesting numbers on Ashley Madison  Consider:

-Only 1,492 of the women in the database had ever checked their messages on the site. That’s compared with more than 20 million men.

-Only 2,409 of the women had ever used the site’s chat function, versus more than 11 million men.

-Only 9,700 women had ever responded to a message from another person on the site, versus almost 6 million men.

Read more: Ashley Madison almost no women – Business Insider

There was 1 woman for every 13.5k men on the site.

And remember once you joined if you wanted to be deleted from the site you had to pay to have your info deleted, Ashley Madison netted $3,533,012 in paid deletion fees in 24 months.

And the craziest thing of all, and the one that did in Kaydens investment, these guys wanted to go IPO…

The sad part There have been at east two suicides and dozens of divorces (more to come I am sure) over Ashley Madison…..If you are the wife of a guy that was on ASHLEY MADISON remember this…yes he prolly hoped he could cheat but the odds that he actually found someone to cheat with are way lower than if you sent him to the grocery store…WAY WAY lower.

Make A Fortune Exploiting Hope but remember Easy Come Easy Go

I look at the whole debacle with Ashley Madison and it raises a lot of issues, from financial to privacy it’s a mighty big can of worms.  Ashley Madison was huge, they owned a lot of sites, including, Kayden Kross is said to have invested a lot of money in that company, one million dollars if you believe it.  That investment is now toast, the lawsuits filed against Ashley Madison are going to bankrupt them without a doubt.  the blow back from this is huge for more people than just Kayden.

Now Ashley Madison, I don’t think was lax with their security they use the same protocols we all do in this online world, including your bank.  If it was done to them it could be done to anyone, and if you look back, it has been…Home Depot, Target, Epsilon, Sony, Global payment Systems, Zappos, Adobe, Neiman Marcus, Yahoo, Michaels, Marriot, Hilton, Sheraton, Westin.  Banks are where the money is but most people keep an eye on their accounts so a security breech that steals your money is detected pretty quick and in most cases, insured.  My accounts have been hacked  every time I caught it pretty quick because my bank sent an alert or because I was just checking my account.  Being a vendor I made the effort to notify the vendors where the fraudulent purchases were made (all online) and told them and they stopped the shipment and thanked me profusely because in all likelihood THEY would have been the ones who lost…I got my money back the vendors wouldn’t have.

So do you have a website?  a clips4sale store? Do you have online banking?  You are just as vulnerable as Ashley Madison and Target.

The thing with Ashley Madison is interesting though because there’s no real big effort to find out who it was.  Believe me if Bank of America gets hacked the FBI is all over it and they will at least find someone to hang it on,  but Ashley Madison is kinda on their own.

Is this how our enemies destroy us? It’s kind of the online version of going through the parking lot and taking down license plate numbers parked at the local adult bookstore and posting them in the church bulletin.

There’s oh so much that makes the Ashley Madison thing interesting, like its a multi million dollar enterprise..or was that is based on the purest of optimism.  95% of the members of Ashley Madison were men, the chances of getting a real hook up were almost nil.  but because men will brag about their sexual prowess and say they got laid when they didn’t Ashley Madison sucked lots of them in…and there’s always the possibility that Ashley Madison had employees pretending to be female and sending private messages and such to keep them being members, and even though arrangement finders is arguably a direct front for prostitution I’d bet that plenty of “escorts” used Ashley Madison to ply their trade…leaving what percentage of real girls looking for affairs…I’m guessing 1% at best.  Talk about a a fortune made by exploiting hope….



The Text Of The AHF Subpoena And As Usual The FSC Hasnt Been Honest

I got a copy of the subpoena that AHF has sent to TTS and CET it is linked below.

What I want to point out is what it is that is being asked for.

REFERRING or RELATING to the results of all tests for any and all SEXUALLY
TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS that were provided to, forwarded to, released to,
accessed by, and/or utilized by the Free Speech Coalition, the Adult Industry Medical
Foundation, the Performer Availability Provider Services (also known as PASS), the
Adult Production Health & Safety Services (also known as APHSS), and/or any other
person or entity associated with and/or involved in the making of an ADULT FILM,
for all tests conducted during the period January 1, 2007 to the present. Information
that would disclose the identity of the persons who received the tests may be redacted
from the DOCUMENTS and/or RECORDS, including, but not limited to the
following: name, date of birth, social security number, address, and/or phone number.

The request is pretty clear to me  they aren’t really asking for any information that is technically private because they are requesting information that has already been shared (with or without performers knowledge or permission) with the FSC, PASS, APHSS, AIM and others.  The testing facilities also have the option to redact any and all identifying information.

I don’t like this one bit but then I dont like that any of this information has been shared with The FSC and others either…they cant say AHF is evil for doing EXACTLY what they are doing, they are both evil.

The FSC can ask you to write letters till the cows come home as we say here in the south but right now the testing facilities have only two choices, one is to comply and release the information, the other is to try and fight it in court and all the performer letters on earth wont change that…fighting it in court is expensive and may or may not be worth doing since AHF will argue that the information has already been shared and that they are perfectly fine with any and all identifying info being blacked out.  If The FSC REALLY wants them to fight it maybe they should be offering TTS and CET resources to do so.

This is what you got with APHSS, I have said since it’s inception that no good will come of it, specially with The FSC’s dirty little hands all over it.

This information is going to really play hell with The FSC statements that porn is safe and that testing works.  The real data is likely to be in direct contradiction to that.

I am contacting TTS and CET to inquire if they will redact all identifying information from the data they turn over if they are forced to turn it over.

If there’s an attorney out there who would like to expand on this, correct me or disagree I welcome the input.

Subpoena w. attachments of Cutting Edge Testing, LLC

AHF Wants Performer Data From CET and TTS

The FSC is all up in arms because apparently AHF has presented both Talent Testing and Cutting Edge Testing with subpoenas for data that The FSC says includes private health data.

First off Im a tad skeptical because for all their bitching they didn’t run a copy of the subpoena, so we don’t know what it is they are asking for, if anyone can get me a copy I would appreciate it.

If they are indeed asking for private health data then I would have a problem with that but a subpoena is a court order and they have to comply or try to fight it and The FSC wasn’t offering up any legal assistance to fight the subpoena.  Lots of unanswered questions here.

The Toughest Girl I Know

So Sandra was learning to read and things were going well for her, she has a stick to itiveness that certainly paid off in the long run.

She was a pretty girl in her early twenties but sh rarely smiled and when she did it was in a way that you couldn’t see her teeth…they were bad, really bad and she knew it so she dealt with it the best she could.  I mentioned several times that she really should get them fixed, that it would help her to make more money and all that.

I got a call one morning around 1030, she told me I would be proud because she was at the dentist and about to go home, I asked what she had done and she told me she had her teeth cleaned.  I asked if the ddentist didnt think there was more that should be done and she said yes but she couldnt afford it.  I asked if the dentist was still there and she said yes and I asked to speak to him, which turned out to be a her.

I asked what she recommended and she said that  Sandra had a lot of infection and needed some serious work, when I asked for an estimate she told me, a lot but that because Sandra was a single mother the state of Ohio would pay for the majority of it.  I figured since they had cheated her of an education it would be OK by me and I told the dentist that the  club would stand good for the rest of it.  I told her not to let Sandra leave until she had done all she could.

I got back on the phone with Sandra and explained that her dental work would be paid for one way or another and that she could pay the club back a dollar a week.  Her next response was that she couldnt afford the time of work, I told her I would make her the door girl or let her waitress or whatever she wanted to do until she was well enough to go back to dancing, I told her no excuses…DO IT.

The next time I saw her was around 6PM  she came in to the club, mouth full of cotton, face swollen and I felt bad.  The dentist and the dental assistant came with her saying that they had wanted to meet me because I was such a good boss.  The dentist told me that they had pulled 24 of Sandra’s teeth.

I couldn’t help but cringe, I remembered having my 4 wisdom teeth pulled, this girl was in the dentists chair all day long and had 24 teeth pulled.  I couldn’t help but feel bad, I figured ok this girl is gonna HATE me.

The dentist went on to explain how the infections, in many of the teeth were way up into her gums and that she really was in a life threatening situation.  They had left 3 or 4 teeth that they could salvage as anchor teeth for her dentures.

I asked the dentist how much I owed and she said that they had a budget for community service and that she felt this would qualify, I never got a bill.

Sandra couldn’t read but she was good enough at math that she could make change and read IDs and all so she did fine on the door, it took almost three months but she finally got her dentures.

I remember one day about 3 weeks after she came into my office and I asked, as I always did how it was going, she lit up and said I can eat ice cream again, I couldn’t before because it would hurt so bad but I had some today and it was great!  Thats when I knew she was gonna be ok with it.

She wrote me about a year later telling me how much she had hated me for talking her into staying but how it had changed her life and it was the best thing that ever happened to her and she thanked me profusely.  I wrote her back and told her I had little to do with it, the credit was hers because she had the guts to do what she knew needed to be done,  I was just the cheering section.

The end result of all of this, at least for me, was that its never too late to change your life for the better and that you can do anything you want to do, just suck it up and do it.  She has been an inspiration to me many times and hope that she can be for some of you, my readers, as well.

She is doing very well these days, she is soft spoken but well spoken and she has a beautiful smile to match the beautiful person.  I suspect she will read this and I hope she does, she should be proud of herself. I know I am proud of her.

Y’all remember that…24 teeth pulled in ONE DAY  thats brutal.


Uncle Peg Has Been Awful Quiet Lately

Don’t worry part two of Sandra is coming but I noticed that lately Uncle Peg aka Michael Whiteacre has been awful quiet lately.  Well turns out theres a reason…he spent at least one weekend in jail related to domestic violence charges, he had at least 4 last year, he harasses others for it but he has a longer record for it than anyone he harasses.

In one of the incidents he was fined 400 bucks and of course the broke ass loser couldnt pay it so he paid installments,  and that is why he is laying low now.  he paid 100 bucks of the 515 he ended up owing ( he lost an appeal that added another 100 dollars)  and then stopped paying, so his case status is now Enforcement.  I checked with a lawyer then I called Henderson County and was told that meant that he was in arrears on his agreed on payments of his fine and that it has gotten so egregious that law enforcement is now involved in collection by seizing his property  (good luck with that, the loser doesn’t even own a car) and other methods.

So obviously it is in Uncle Peg’s best interest to keep a low profile…wherever he is.  There may be a contempt warrant out on him, I dont know I am checking…nonetheless if you know where this lying loser is holed up let me know.

If you wish to follow the case go here

agree to the terms

enter last name Bass

First name Ari

click case #14CR006277

it wont link direct or id put up a direct link.

Coming tomorrow Part 2 of Sandra.


Sofa King We Tod Did

Of late I have been enjoying life, a lot actually.  I find myself sitting on my back deck on the swing, watching the birds and the hummingbirds and the squirrels and the kids playing in the neighborhood and I have noticed how fast it all has gone by.  It seems that just yesterday I was one of those kids.

Not much has been happening in porn, at least not much that I can speak about at the moment. So I haven’t been writing much here but I did get an email from someone who says that she enjoys my blog when I write about my experiences and she asked me to write about something that was meaningful to me.

Back when I was running out at Flamingo in Dayton one of the dancers, we will call her Sandra, was in the office with myself and a few other dancers and I was teasing them with an old joke.  I had printed Im Sofa King We Tod Did on a sheet of paper and I was having the dancers read it aloud and we all got a good laugh.  I handed the sheet to Sandra who had just walked in and she looked at it and tossed on the desk and I said read it and she looked down and shook her head,  I said you can read cant you, joking and she turned and left the office…at that time one of the other dancers in the office said dude, that was mean.  I said what…and she said Sandra can’t read.  I was astounded because I was sure her application had said she had a high school diploma, so I pulled it and it did.  The next day I called the school and sure enough she was a high school graduate from the Dayton public school system.

The next night I called her in and apologized and asked how she got through high school without be able to read and she said simply, I dont know I just always passed.

I contacted a local womens help network that came to the club and offered help to the girls, they even tried having “Stripper Church” on Sundays, but thats another story.  I sent Sandra to see them and told her that the least I could do was to make it up to her, she went and they started teaching her to read.  She would come in and I would let her leave her books and stuff in the office, her books included elementary school readers and Dr Suess books.  She stuck with it and it pleases me that now I get emails and messages from her all the time, in very good English and expressed intelligently.  Sandra is no longer a dancer, she has a regular day job and is doing well.  I have always been proud of her but the bigger story comes tomorrow….I kinda had to tell this one first…..

Manwin/Mindgeek Having More Troubles.

Lots of them really.

The buzz around the biz is that they are being investigated again on charges of money laundering, both domestic and international.  Its something the company has experience with.  Back in 2008 they forfeited a total of about 12.5 milion dollars to settle international money laundering charges.

Playboy has caught wind of this and is reportedly working on a way to get out of its deal with Manwin/MindGeek. Playboy has always been very protective of its image, why they got into bed with them in the first place is what baffles me.  It isn’t like Playboy didn’t know of the companies past, or couldn’t have easily found out.

MindGeek/Manwin ran Playboy Radio into the ground to the point that Playboy lost their channel on Sirus/XM Satellite radio and is now relegated to an “internet radio station”.  Vivid picked up the Sat Radio spot.

But it isn’t just Playboy….I have heard from several of the companies higher ups that producer/directors have been laid off in Vegas.  Manwin/MindGeek  started cutting back a couple years ago and in house directors for the company are now a very endangered species.  Even JakoDema (Demetrios Kokozos) is sweating it, as he should be.

Anotgher interesting bit is that now Manwin/Mindgeek is paying producer Directors to shoot content for pornhub.  Yes you read that right, seems they stole everything that could be stolen and there is so little porn being produced that they have nothing to keep the free tubesites going.  Demand is forcing them to actually pay to have scenes made that they can give away.

Now to you that may make little sense but if you  take the first part of this story in account it adds up.  Many people think that the main business of MindGeek is NOT porn, but moving large sums of money around the world.  The foundation of that is the free tubesites…traffic….It produces a product that has no inventory and isnt easily tracked making it a perfect front for moving money…..

Dont expect to see anything happen overnight…it doesnt work that way instead just keep an  eye on happenings with MindGeek/Manwin….and remember where ya read it first.


Capture the Flag

On July 10, 2015, the Confederate flag was removed from South Carolina’s statehouse grounds after nearly half a century. Civil rights activists have been demanding the flag to be removed ever since it was placed on the capitol dome in the 1960s. Some defended it as part of the South’s culture and heritage, while others viewed it is a racist symbol. South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union and join the Confederacy during the American civil war which began because of disagreements on slavery and states’ rights. Activists and lawmakers increased pressure on the government to take down the flag after nine black people were shot and killed at a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina in June 2015. The gunman, 21 year-old Dylann Roof, had posed in photos with the flag and had posted online a racist manifesto in which he speaks of igniting a race war.

Nevertheless, this article is neither about the South nor the Confederate flag in particular. It’s about the flag as a symbol of believes, ideas and values throughout the history. Humans by the nature are territorial creatures, driven by a survival instinct that compels them to cling to the familiar and avoid the unknown. That has been the most basic, fundamental reason behind violent conflicts from tribal invasions to the world wars. The war of the worlds, in essence, has always been the war of the flags.

Here is an interesting observation: Today, the powers that be claim they are guiding the humanity towards equality, unity and social justice, a global utopia free of discrimination and prejudice based on color, creed, ideology, gender, sexual orientation, etc. and yet, they are being selective in deciding which culture and what orientations and values have priority over the other. For instance they don’t hesitate to condemn the Confederate flag on the basis that the flag is a reminder of slavery and therefore is considered offensive, but the same politicians raise the rainbow flag of the LGBT movement over government buildings and corporate offices, ignoring the fact that the religious people might find a flag that represents homosexuality offensive. The United States of America’s Constitution clearly and unambiguously emphasizes on the freedom of religion while nowhere it mentions anything about the role of government in marriage, and yet the United States government violates the constitutional rights of its citizens in favor of gay and lesbian couples and not only dictates the citizens on how to tolerate homosexuality, but encourages them to celebrate it. On June 26, 2015, when the United States Supreme Court bypassed announced the nationwide legalization of gay marriage, within hours, the White House was lit up in rainbow colors to show the government and President Barack Hussein Obama’s support for the LGBT community who have been highly supportive of his presidency and have donated millions of dollars to his various campaigns and fund raising dinner events. On July 16, 2015, the Muslim terrorist Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez opened fire in two military centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee and killed four U.S marines. President Obama refused to even acknowledge this tragedy as an act of terrorism and it took six days for the White House to lower flags in honor of dead marines, and if you think President Obama is the only Liberal public figure who is hesitant in condemning Islamic terrorism, think again: Tolerance for Islamic terror and violence is a well established trend among the Liberal globalist class.

In today’s inverted world, white heterosexual Christians are viewed as a threat while minorities such as gays and Muslims are viewed as misunderstood victims. Hence, if one white person commits a race-driven crime, the entire white race must be put into shame and be punished, but if a Muslim commits a religion-driven crime, that’s an isolated incident. Following the Charleston shooting, the Liberal online publication demanded that white Americans must answer for the tragedy, but when Muslim brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev detonated a hand-made bomb during the Boston Marathon in April 2013 that killed three people and injured and maimed 264 others, argued that Muslims didn’t need to apologize for anything. After all, they refer to Islam as “the religion of peace”, an absolute, outright and shameless lie, contradicted by holy Muslim book the Quran and 14 centuries of Islamic violence and bloodshed. The Quran glorifies hatred and demands violence like no other holy book in any other religion. Even the controversial ancient Jewish text Talmud which is infamous for advocating restrict laws and harsh punishments pales in comparison to the Quran. For example read these verses of the Quran and see how explicitly it commands Muslims to commit atrocities and perpetrate violence:

– Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it, but it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you, but Allah knows, and you know not. – Quran (2:216)

– Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the hearts of his followers. – Quran (9:14)

– Fight against the non-believers, those who do not acknowledge Islam even if they are of the People of the Book [i.e. Jews, Christians, etc.] until they pay the Jizya [Islamic tax] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. – Quran (9:29)

– The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and his prophet and strive to make mischief in the land is that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned, this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall suffer a great punishment. – Quran (5:33)

– I will cast terror into the hearts of non-believers. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. – Quran (8:12)

The Quran contains 164 verses that command Muslims to wage war against non-believers and spread terror and violence. Muslims who do not join the fight are considered hypocrites and warned that if they hesitate and do not participate in the slaughter, Allah will send them to hell for severe punishment.

The verses of violence in the Quran are open-ended, meaning that they are not restrained by the historical context of the surrounding text. They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah. In other words, a devoted 21st century Muslim is obliged to fight against the rest of none Muslim world in the same manner that a 6th century Muslim was obliged, and this war must continue until either the entire none Muslim world converts to Islam or accepts to pay the Islamic tax. As you can see, based on such ideology the only good Muslim is a cold hearted killer, a terrorist who won’t shy away from slaughtering non-believers regardless of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

This is the truth about Islam, but the powers that be deliberately and repeatedly ignore the truth and cling to their delusions of multiculturalism and in the process, undermine rights, sovereignty and security of their native citizens. The Confederate flag controversy shed light on hypocrisy, insanity and prejudice of the Liberal globalist class that are hell bent on destroying the humanity as we know it. Based on their argument, the Confederate flag must be banned because it represents hatred, prejudice and racism, but the mosques and Islamic centers shall remain open and continue to spread teachings of the Quran which is the most vile hate speech ever composed.

Mankind’s history is the story of capturing the flag, one flag down, one flag up, the cycle goes on.


David Simon To produce HBO Series On The Porn Industry

Simon is best known for his award winning HBO series “The Wire” and “Treme”, his attention to detail and accuracy is one of many things that sets him apart.  “The Deuce” (A knickname for 42 Street back in the day) will be about the origins of the industry back in the film days, the days of Reuben Sturman, The Mitchell Brothers and the NY City mobsters that did the distribution. If it’s as accurate as I expect porners aren’t going to like it…

Simon’s “The Wire” is regarded by many, myself included, to be one f the ten best Television shows ever.


HBO Orders TV Series ‘The Deuce’ About Porn Industry With James Franco

HBO has churned out many award-winning dramas over the years that many critics have praised. If that is any indicator to the quality of their content, just know that they have green lit a new series about the porn industry, “The Deuce,” from creator David Simon, according to Entertainment Weekly.

For those who do not know who Simon is, he is the creative genius behind the hit HBO shows “The Wire” and “Treme.” Given his track record of creating drama series that remain true to life, he is poised to bring an instant hit to the network with this new series.

“The Deuce” will star James Franco, who will be pulling double duty on the series, playing twin brothers. Franco is best known for his roles on “The Pineapple Express,” “Freaks and Geeks” and “The Interview” with Seth Rogen.

Franco’s characters in the series, the twin brothers, will act as fronts for the mob during the rise of the porn industry in Manhattan back in the ’70s and ’80s, when it first entered into legalization in the state of New York.

“We’re interested in what it means when profit is the primary metric for what we call society,” Simon told EW. “In that sense, this story is intended as neither prurient nor puritan. It’s about a product, and those human beings who created, sold, profited from and suffered with that product.”

The official description for the show reflects its style as a period piece that sheds light on the real dealings of the emerging industry at the time: “[‘The Deuce’] follows the story of the legalization and subsequent rise of the porn industry in New York from the early 1970s through the mid-1980s, exploring the rough-and-tumble world that existed in midtown Manhattan until the rise of HIV, the violence of the cocaine epidemic and the renewed real estate market all ended the bawdy turbulence.”

There has been no word yet on a release date for the series.

Trump Didn’t Disappoint

Sorry about yesterday I was at various doctors most of the day and the bottom line is that I am doing very very well.  My orthopedic surgeon told me that  as soon as I feel like getting on the boat, fishing and divingare on the menu and that if I do so regularly in the next four to six weeks I wont need physical therapy…I love a doctor that prescribes fishing….

OK onto what I wanted to write about.

The Debate.

Anyone thinking Trump might lie down and go easy was dead wrong but as soon as I heard the first two questions it was obvious what this debate was all about….making Trump look bad.  Right out of the chute the CNN moderator asked for a show of hands of people who if they lost the nomination would not rule out a run as an independent.  Obviously this was a set up to single out Trump as a non Republican.  Trump of course was the only one with his hand raised and he stood his ground saying that if he doesn’t respect the nominee he may consider a run as an independent.  The next question from Megyn Kelly tried to paint Trump as anti women, a misogynist, Trump adeptly stated that the comments attributed to him were his response to Rosie O’Donnell.

That was the tone for the night.  We learned a little about the rest of the players but most of the fireworks were attacks on Trump, who clearly took advantage and was completely ready.

The way I saw it Trump walked away the clear winner and Fox News looked VERY biased to they point the moderators may as well have worn Tshirts pimping Jeb Bush.

Fast Forward to tonight and Eric Ericsson shows his colors by disinviting Trump to the Red State thingy tonight in Atlanta where Trump was the headliner…foolish move on Ericssons part…did he look at the ratings Fox pulled for that debate…a 24…thats 24 MILLION viewers…thats HUGE and quite possibly a record for a non sporting event.  Is there any doubt in your mind who drew in those viewers?  There isn’t in mine.

While the Republican Party would love for Trump to just go away he s a force that they are going to have to reckon with, he leads in the polls and has even widened that lead, making it harder for them to NOT nominate him even though I guarantee you its their worst nightmare….Trump isn’t the team player that the rest of the bunch is, he is quick to call fellow Republicans (as well as Democrats) “stupid” and to point out failed policies and ongoing fence sitting and posturing that amounts to simple apathy.

The thing the Republican party and fools like Eric Ericsson dont get is that the more they ostracize him and try to squeeze him out, the  more hey are playing straight into his hand, Trump doesn’t want to be seen as a team player, he doesn’t want to be seen as a Washington insider and a Republican apologist and THAT is his appeal, thats why people are cheering him.  Hell If I vote in the Republican Primary he has my vote.


Cameron Bay And Rod Daily Sue

I knew this was coming…it was just a matter of when.  The lawsuit is here

Cameron Bay Rod Daily Lawsuit

This will completely challenge statements made about no on set transmissions, but beyond that it is attacking the entire premise that the way kink does business is safe. Look at all the counts of negligence. They wont have to prove that she got it on set, only that it was likely that she got it on set and that was a forseeable outcome.

I’d bet my last dollar that kink will settle this quietly, probably with a gag order.  if it goes to trial and kink loses, then the condom law wont matter…porners will be insisting that talent double wrap it for a scene….

This will be one to watch.

Looking Forward To The Debates Tonight And Shy Love So Far Prevails

In an AVN interview a while back Mark Shechter claimed to have some aces up his sleeve when it came to Shy Loves lawsuit but apparently they werent playing the same game or with the same deck.

Mark’s countersuit was dismissed, when Mark refiled it the second time it was again dismissed.  Instead of filing the third and final time he simply gave up so now Shy’s lawsuit is the only one still pending.  I will of course let you know when it is adjudicated.

Like Donald Trump or not tonight’s Republican debate promises to be, at the very least, entertaining.  I love Trump for shaking up the Republican party and making them take a stand on issues that they have been paying lip service to and little else.  Listening to the republican talk shows today I am hearing a lot of Republicans likening trump to Ronald Regan….that’s a serious comparison considering that most Republicans think of Regan as a DemiGod.  I am sure the Republican Party officials do not feel the same way but they had best be careful, any attempt to topple Trump could seriously backfire on them.

Most seemed to indicate that they expected Trump to do exactly as he has been and they expect fireworks tonight but even if they dont get the fireworks they will still be voting for him.  Trump is getting extraordinarily strong grass roots support.

Should make for an interesting column tomorrow.

A Positive Hep C Performer and a Desperate Move By The FSC and Cutting Edge Testing

I noticed a press release from The FSC Late last week, it was touting that Cutting Edge Testing was offering free Gonorrhea and Chlamydia testing and that raised a red flag, usually when they do this it means there’s an unusually large number of positives.

So I started calling around and of course I got the story, and what a story it is.

First off not one agent I contacted said that there was a larger than normal incidence of any STD outbreaks and that if anything they have gone down, 5 agents noted this.

I did hear of one new girl who tested positive for Hep C but I will get to that in a moment.

So if there are no outbreaks why the announcement from FSC?  FSC claims they have no stake or interest in Cutting Edge Testing, but I have proven time and again that is a lie.

And that’s what it is this time.  You see Cutting Edge Testing is hanging by a thread, between blood pooling, the outing of Tony T as part owner, the ties to Manwin and The FSC and the whole Mr Marcus Syphilis fiasco Cutting Edge lost over half of it’s business to Talent Testing Services.  Then Bobbi and Jen leave CET and go to Talent Testing and the estimates are that Cutting Edge has at best 10% of the testing business in adult.  Despite what Diane Duke will tell you The FSC has financial interest in cutting edge and or vice versa.  So this is a move by The FSC to try to get some of CETs old customers back.

Now ask yourself this.  If The FSC has no financial ties to Cutting Edge as they claim then why is The FSC sending out a press release touting this “free testing”? And why doesn’t AVN and XBiz see through this, after all they ran the press release… does no one at those publications actually fact check? or even care about the health and welfare of the number one  resource of the industry?

Next, I caught wind of a new girl that came into the business and had Tested at CET and she tested positive for Hep C.  According to her Dr Miao told her to come back and he would write her a waiver letter clearing her to work.  The agents actually got together and spread the word around L.A. and she couldn’t get work so she went to FL where she was booked to shoot, she tested at Talent Testing in Florida and again tested positive for Hep C.  When the companies refused to shoot her she said that CET told her that she could get a letter that cleared her to work.  The companies in FL wouldnt shoot her either.

This IS a problem and talent should be paying attention here because this is a big deal.  Why is CET offering to clear her to work? Do they need customers so bad that they will put your health at risk?  This is insane.  Until this is sorted out it is my opinion that talent shouldnt be accepting any waivers from DR Miao and CET, simply work with someone else, nothing is worth taking that chance.  You also have to ask yourself how many times has this happened before, what criteria, if any does CET use to clear someone who has tested positive for Hep C?

CET and the FSC are showing overt signs of desperation here, it is my opinion that you should stick with Talent Testing for the time being, TTS is fair, they use the best testing techniques (TTS doesn’t pool the blood for example).

I suspect you will be hearing more about this Hep C thing in the next few days remember where you read it first and be safe y’all!

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