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About Those Transgendered Performers Denied Entrance To AVN

According to a source at Manwin (interestingly enough) they were denied because they were being loud and obnoxious but thats just MindGeek spin I am told.  Apparently AVN was about 200 performer passes short and AVN’s master MindGeek made the decision to deny free admittance to transgendered  performers.

When denied the passes, that is when the transgendered performers got loud and “obnoxious”

The interesting thing here is that I am told that MindGeek was dictating who would NOT get passes at an AVN owned show…You deniers tell me again how MindGeek doesn’t own AVN.  Someday someone will break that code of silence.

Interesting spin on this story, if you are involved please keep me posted I am interested in how this plays out.



AVN Denies Passes To Transgendered Performers

Its all the buzz on twitter right now…seems counter productive and nobody at AVN has responded yet.

check out Nickey Milo’s twitter feed for the latest.

Eric Paul Leue The New Face of The FSC Will Jeffery Douglas Bed Him Too?

I swear a mainstream reporter once claimed that The FSC would completely change their plans just to prove me wrong. He was serious and as amusing as it seems he was probably right. No sooner did I comment about Diane Dukes resignation than they finally announce a new Executive Director…More on that coming.

A lot of people were caught completely surprised by Diane’s resignation, I was not one of them, nor were my readers. Her resignation had nothing to do with anything except sexual liaisons with Jeffery Douglas the foundations CEO and Diane’s boss. I have irrefutable proof that I was given permission to use only if Diane, Douglas or The FSC attacked me in court. They had better sense. But according to my sources enough people knew about it that my outing it, along with pressure from their spouses forced Diane to step down, a move she would NEVER have made otherwise. Think about it…you have a 200K plus a year job and all you do is lie everytime you are asked anything…sure she could get a job as a congressperson from California but that would involve a pay CUT…It would also require more intelligent lies, Diane frequently told things that any idiot could disprove, the one that bothered me the most was her statement to the L A Times that The FSC was responsible for taking down PWL. That she sold The FSC to Manwin is undisputed by anyone but her and her co-conspirators like Mark Kernes.

Diane Duke is a reprehensible life form, I wont call her human because that implies that some semblance of humanity exists in her wretched soul, whatever there is of it, so in short I say good riddance to one of the many diseases infecting our industry Fabian, now Diane…hey its a start.

So now they named a new Executive Director, one Eric Paul Leue, now you are probably curious about his qualifications, did he come from The Electronic Frontier Foundation? or maybe The ACLU? This is The FSC remember, The Free SPEECH Coalition….surely he has some experience with constitutional issues surrounding free speech and or free press right? WRONG! He was one of Peter Acworth’s lackeys. Here is the best that The FSC could do to push his credentials….

Leue had most recently worked as the director of sexual health and advocacy at San Francisco-based

Is that really a job title at a porn company?  Wanna bet he didn’t make 275K a year which will be his minimum salary at The FSC…that’s more than HALF the money that the FSC takes in from donations….just like with Diane Duke 50 cents of every dollar you give to the FSC will go directly into his pocket.

They also mention his “successful business EPL Brand Services”  google that one…I think you will find the word successful to be quite the stretch.

What Eric does have is some experience in minor fundraising for AIDs charities but what is it that qualifies him to be the Executive Director of The Free Speech Coalition….read on

Leue came to the attention of the adult industry directly in 2014, after circulating a petition calling for the removal of long-time industry opponent Michael Weinstein, of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

He has since become a regular figure at Cal/OSHA hearings, legislative events, rallies and producer meetings.

DING DING DING now you know the rest of the story, Kink and the FSC propped him up because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Eric may be a great guy, I honestly never met him so I will give him the benefit of the doubt even though he has surrounded himself with known thieves and traitors.  You do have to wonder at what point the FREE SPEECH Coalition, chartered to protect the constitutional rights of the adult industry has become the anti Weinstein committee, why are they even involved in the AIDS issue?  That is a battle for a much better equipped and honestly a much smarter group of people.  When you call out Weinstein because he makes too much money  (way less than 2% of donations) while you are raping your nonprofit to the tune of over 50% your arguments ring hollow to anyone with half a brain, sadly thats more than most people who donate to The FSC have.

Where are Eric’s credentials to deal with the real issues that the FSC should be addressing, like 2257?  Privacy rights? and most important Free Speech issues?  Once again Jeffery Douglas has made himself a dictator and there is nothing anyone can do to change the direction of The FSC except stop donating, which has happened to a very large degree, but Manwin/MindGeek has picked up the slack, in exchange for telling the little dictator what it is he will give them…think back…vobile, piracy, CET, almost every major policy that the FSC fought for benefited Manwin/MindGeek.

It is past time to send The FSC packing, real industry leaders like John Stagliano and even Peter Acworth should fund something that would be more representative of our industry and not sell us out to the highest bidder.

At least Douglas won’t be having “afternoon delight” time with this one, ok well maybe not….wait, never mind…..


A Thank You and a Follow Up

Thanks y’all I can always count on y’all to make me feel better and to be helpful…I was wearing a helmet and I didn’t have any knots or headaches or anything not did the doctors note anything in any of the hospital records I have them all along with all the images..3 DVDs worth…but that doesn’t mean that there may not have been some rattling of the brain inside my skull…Id honestly be surprised if there wasn’t, and that may well be the cause of the memory loss….Thanks and good catch.

As for the dream it wasn’t a nightmare or a a terror it simply set off a round of what I guess is PTSD Im better today and back to what Id call normal but yesterday it bugged me all day I called my mom and my brother asking them about me and my behavior and they both said that even on Sunday, the day of the wreck once they got me to my room I seemed to be normal…I had cuts and scratches on my face and arms, I posted the pic a while back I think, but they said I was in a good mood and seemed like I would be going home as soon as they released me….much sooner than the 5 days I was in there but then they did the surgery on my collarbone very early Friday morning, they released me Friday night..At first I was told the collarbone wouldn’t require surgery but I think when two orderlies (on doctors orders) tried to lift me to my feet to get me to walk one lifted from under my left shoulder,,THAT I remember it was on Wed and the pain was excruciating…I expect that is why on Thurs the doctor came in and said I needed surgery, I also remember a nurse coming in after that and saying to me that half of her job was keeping said doctor from “killing his patients” she was very kind to me. My mother and brother filed a complaint against the doctor, who really was a son of a bitch, I think he thought he was Dr House or something. I fired him and requested a new doctor who was the one that did the surgery. Friday night my friend Frank got me and took me to moms where I spent the next 8 days recuperating till I was able to go home.

I was very lucky to have a cousin who sold medical equipment, he hooked me up with a really good loaner hospital bed at my moms and then moved it to my house. it was electric and had an air mattress and even told my weight I looked it up online and its an almost 20,000 dollar bed. There is no doubt that it helped my recovery because it neutralized pressure points with the air mattress, It was way better than the one I was in in the hospital even. the best thing was that in addition to being an adjustable bed the height of the entire bed was adjustable making it MUCH easier to get in and out of easier for me to go to the bathroom or just get to the shower or even get out of bed just to move around…lower it till my feet hit the floor then raise it to help me onto my feet as I slid off and onto the walker.

Many thanks to you guys for the calls, the kind emails and the comments today. I have given up on the idea that i will ever remember what caused the wreck…I ate before leaving and Ive never had low blood sugar anyway so that seems unlikely, the cat scans ruled out a stroke or anything, I wondered if I feel asleep but pictures my brother took the day after the accident it was clear that as soon as I got off the pavement the rear wheel locked and skidded, you could see where the bike and I hit on my left side, then returned upright and skidded to a stop and fell over, so it never flipped and I wasn’t asleep if I was hard braking immediately…I didn’t think I feel asleep anyway it was late morning, I wasn’t tired and Ive driven many many many miles in my life and never fallen asleep even after driving 24 plus hrs.

The best guess and what the state patrol thought was that either someone tried to pass me without allowing enough room (they passed down the middle instead of the left lane) or that I was attempting to avoid a deer or even possibly was hit by a deer, that’s possible because it was a two lane rural area with lots of deer.

according to the timeline I was in the ditch for around 15-20 mins before someone saw me, stopped and called 911 I remember 1105 and the state patrol put his time of arrival at 1135. That’s all I can piece together and I am fine I guess not remembering it weird as it is.

I have ridden motorcycles since the mid 70s and on the most current bike I have put almost 100K miles on it since 2009, Ive ridden 550 miles in a single day many times and as every rider knows, someday this will happen, but when you buckle that helmet and start riding you never think today will be that day and then…just like that, one day it was.

I get the pleasure of riding, and I still ride, though not nearly as much, if you are a rider…be safe

Again Thanks Y’all and I will get back to our regular programming now…Love You Long Time!

About That Motorcycle Wreck

For the most part I have put it out of my mind, there are things about it that bother me, night before last, I dreamed about it and it kind of shook me up I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about it.

One of the things that always bothered me, but is probably a blessing, is that I have no memory of it, but even more unsettling is I have no memory really of my time in the hospital.

I do remember looking at the clock on the bike, and the speedometer, I was running 45mph and it was 1105 I remember thinking I was about an hour from my dads and that it was a nice day for a ride. My next memory is being in an ambulance and asking one of the attendants to get the bags from the trunk and under the seat (I dont remember him doing so but my brother said that they were in my hospital room when he got there, of course I dont remember that.

my next memory as most of these memories is just a few seconds, I asked the ambulance attendant if I was going to make it, I dont remember the answer or if the attendant (EMT) was ale or female, I think there were two. Next memory I told the EMT that I had a concealed weapon, I remember taking it out of my pocket. The next memory I asked could I please have something for pain, then how long before we get to the hospital, I remember the answer …22 Minutes.

My next memory I heard a female voice saying we have a code 4 57 year old white male motorcycle accident ETA 2 and half minutes. I remember thinking code 4…Im not so bad I have no idea what code 4 is or means or even that I heard it correctly.

According to hospital records I got I was given a cat scan of my head and a full body scan, the head scan indicated no strokes or head trauma the body scan found 11 broken ribs on my left side, a broken shoulder blade and a broken collar bone, I had X Rays, I had a bruised liver, a bruised pancreas and a very slight puncture of my lung. I had stitches in my left hand. I have no memory of any of this.

I was taken to my room where Im told my family, my mother, my brother and sister in law my nephew my dad and step mother and my friend Frank were waiting, they all said I was coherent, happy, talkative and I even looked up my insurance company on my cell phone, to get the VIN number so my brother could get my bike. I have no memory at all of any of that my first memory in the hospital is pushing the call button to ask for more pain meds, I remember them saying they would check and see if I could have more. my next memory is over a day later.

Its the blanks in memory that bother me the most, the fact that my mother and brother and everyone said I seemed normal, people called me in the hospital, I have no memory of it. I dont know if it was the drugs…I was on a heavy dose of IV dilaudid as well as oxycodone orally, I was also on anti nausea meds, I guess because with all those broken ribs and the opiates they wanted to be sure I didnt throw up. I was on stool softeners.

I dont know if the dilaudid is what pretty much erased my memory or what but I have no real, continuous recollection of even being alive till I was at my moms. prior to that my memories are at most a few minutes of time.

For the record I had no head trauma (was wearing a helmet) the docs said nothing about a concussion or anything….its just so wierd even the state patrol listed in his report on the scene that I was conscious and coherent, yet how is it its all a blank….anyway I guess Im over it now, I ve always used this blog as catharsis and I guess Im doing that now, but it does help I guess its just one of those things that I will never know the answer to… Anyway if you slogged through this I hope it helps on some way if yu ever need it to…

Move Over MindGeek, XVideos is Empire Building

There has long been contention, at the very least, between XVideos and Mansef/Manwin/MindGeek. XVideos is one of the worlds largest tubesites, and one of only two in the top ten in the world that Manwin/MindGeek does not own. It isn’t for lack of trying either, MindGeek has made several attempts to buy XVideos and every time has been told to go pound sand. In the last attempt Manwin/MindGeek decided to file suit against XVideos, for of all things, copyright infringement. Most observers, myself included think that MindGeek filed the suit in order to weaken the company that owns XVideos with a long and costly legal action, figuring that over time it might make XVideos more amenable to selling.

XVideos apparently has different plans. Seems XVideos has purchased DDF Network, at large network of sites based in Europe. This purchase was NOT supposed to be public knowledge. But my sources on this are solid.

So once again we have the jackals feeding on another lion of the industry, DDF Network is the same old story, yet another company that has been decimated by rampant piracy being bought up by the very people most responsible for their losses. One has to wonder who will be next?

Many thanks to my original source on this story!

Awards or Politics James Deen Gets Shut Out

As long as there has been awards shows in porn people have said flat out that they were more about politics and money than awarding creativity or talent. Nowhere was that more evident than the XBiz Awards.

However you may feel about James Deen and what he did, he garnered more than twenty award nominations at XBiz. He got shut out.

Anyone in this biz knows that the odds of that happening are next to zero, Deen is one of the most high profile performers in the biz, his companies spend countless dollars advertising in XBiz. There is no question that the rape allegations against him were the reason.

Now this cause mixed emotions because personally I think he should have been disqualified, If XBiz were going to shut him out at least have the balls to tell him to his face that this kind of behavior is not acceptable and all of his nominations are being withdrawn, now that would have sent a message, both to other male performers and to the mainstream news that hey we really do care about performers.

On the other hand Deen wasn’t exactly tried by a jury of his peers and found guilty. I don’t like trial by public opinion but sometimes it is the only way to get justice, after all whoe REALLY thinks O J Simpson is not guilty of killing Nicole and Ron?

And in the end it isnt his life that is being sacrificed, or his freedom, It is a plastic trophy from a second rate awards show. If Xbiz were going to make Deen ineligible based on the accusations against him, have the balls to tell him….

Now lets see how AVN handles it.

My Show with Sunset Thomas

My segment starts after Kid Rock “Cowboy” at approximately 39:15

Georgia Senator Josh McKoon (R) Says I Can have My Privacy, If I Pay For It

OK sometimes something happens that is unrelated to porn but it gets me so worked up I have to write about it. Such is the case with this.

In Georgia, you do not have the right to remain anonymous if you win the lottery. Georgia Senator Josh McKoon (Republican representing Columbus, GA) wishes to change that, he has introduced legislation that would do so. if that were it I would applaud his efforts, everyone should enjoy the right to privacy and by extension the right to be left alone, but in typical fashion of politicians world wide his law comes with a price tag, 25% to be exact.

So this unapologetic ass hat thinks that it is OK to charge people 25% of their winnings in order to exercise their RIGHT to privacy. The thing is, not one Television News Channel has mentioned how wrong this is…not to mention probably unconstitutional. Screw you and your greedy, grubby little hands Senator McKoon, you should hang your head in shame and your constituents should run your ass right out of office.

In a somewhat related story, last year Ohio had a ballot referendum to legalize Marijuana, but tied to it was a provision that would have created a monopoly on the growing of this Marijuana, making ten people very wealthy while shutting anyone else out. Wisely Ohioans, who are overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing Marijuana, voted this down.

It seems to be a ploy of politicians these days, we will give you back a freedom we have taken from you but you have to pay us to do so.

What this country needs is a pot of tar in every congressional district and a large supply of feathers.

Escorts Be Careful There’s Now Very High Visibility

In general I lost interest in the whole Dave (Dwight Cunningham) shooting at John Metro (Forbush) story I mean the facts are easy for whatever reason Dwight/Dave is charged with something related to taking a shot at John. The retarded thing is that ever since I have been getting threat after threat, even morons like Sean Tompkins are calling me and warning me….Thing is the story is over….Tompkins may be dumb enough to fall for Daves I Dindu Nuffin nonsense but I go by verifiable records.

All in all I’m over the story which now has Shy Love filing charges against Forbush and David Ngyuen aka Bruce Lee/ David Lee who apparently owns Affluent Concierge, a competing agency to The Luxury Companion and how this whole thing apparently started…at least if you believe Dave. I even gave them a break and removed TLC from the stories because arguably its owned by Daves girlfriend Karen but Dave just can’t manage to keep his mouth shut and his head down and he has told so many different people so many different stories that he has pretty much pissed off everyone. The smart thing to do would have been to keep is head low and his mouth shut but apparently Dave is a control freak who just can’t let things alone…go figure.

Now he has dragged Karens family into it, she has an uncle who is apparently a judge in Van Nuys and a cousin who is a DA there…at least now it makes sense why Dave turned himself in there. Now there are allegations of misdoings, case fixing (one for Forbush of all the crazy things…) But these are things that could have huge implications for Karen and her family, Im tired of the threats Im tired of Dave and Shy and everyone else trying to turn this story into some big extortion conspiracy, as though that would exonerate Dave from his charges…not likely. Im tired of Dave threatening to crash my server, or ruin me or ruin my relationship with Derek Hay or whatever else it is he thinks he can do…newsflash Dave if you could ruin it…it never existed…
So none of this is of any interest to my readers except the stuff I am writing now and only because it serves to illustrate how self important these people think they are…It’s ridiculous.

I have no problem with porn chicks escorting or who they use as an agency but I would say that if I were in the biz right now I would be VERY careful of any association with The Luxury Companion…because Dave can’t shut the fuck up they are now on the radar big time and that could cause a lot of problems for them, the girls working for them and even potentially the clients. Be careful Y’all.

Nuff said.

Things To watch In Porn in 2016

I would call this prognostication but that would be dishonest, you see I have some inside knowledge, just enough to be dangerous at this point but I expect I will gain more and more.

I told you a while back about the shakeout at AVN and that something is also up with Xbiz, these things are true it seems, though whats up at XBiz is a bit more blurry.

One thing to watch this year will be Pirates 3. It has been talked about and even started over the last year but kept falling apart. Looks like 2016 will be the year it gets made, work has already begun. Now Manwin owns the franchise by virtue of the Digital playground buyout, so pay particular attention to who gets their fingers in it up to their elbows….hint it’ll be an industry name that has denied any association with Manwin/mindGeek.

Another thing to watch is the fledgling Adult Entertainers Union. it’s in it’s very early stages but many people have already heard about it and alerted me. one thing that this one has done is jumped through the federal red tape to become listed as a legit and legal union. Unlike the previous attempts like the one from loser Rob Black all the way back to The pink ladies, this one has filed and obtained the federal paperwork that a real union must have. I am waiting to hear from the principles before saying much, if it is propped up by The FSC for example it will fail before it starts, performers have gotten wise to the FSC and that is APACs biggest liability these days.

Speaking of The FSC I thought the head Harpy over there Diane Duke resigned…yet i keep seeing her lying face popping up all over the place as FSC Director Are we EVER gonna be rid of that scumbag?

Anyway there’s a few tidbits to watch for in the coming months…..

Happy Birthday Melissa Hill

Melissa Hill

Melissa Hill

OK It’s a day late and there’s really no excuse for that because she shares a birthday with an American Icon, Elvis Presley.

I may have told the story before, sometimes at 58 and 15 years of this blog I repeat myself, but I also constantly get new readers so…

I was attending the CES show in Vegas, this was back when we were a part of CES, and a guy from San Fransisco was shopping new talent, the guys name was Dan Barros (RIP Dan) He had in tow, a gorgeous red haired girl named Melissa Hill, I shot her first scene, it was with Anna Malle (RIP Anna) and Tim Lake.  It was also Anna Malle’s first scene and her only scene prior to her breast implants.

Melissa came to Atlanta where I shot her twice more in vignette scenes for my multi AVN Award winning series  “Mike South’s Southern Belles”, Melissa, being from Texas qualified as “southern”.  Melissa was also the first girl from California that I shot and I did something that I knew was a no no, I got a crush on her.  It wasn’t because she was the first pretty girl I had sex with or anything, it was because she was so feminine, so smart and extraordinarily talented.  No matter what the set up was, or how lame, Melissa became the character, she was a natural born method actress.  I never let the crush get in the way, Melissa and I became friends and even attended shows together and stayed in the same hotel rooms quite often.

When she finally won her AVN Award for Best Actress in a Film, something that was past due in many minds, not just my own, I was proud of my friend.  By then Melissa worked pretty much exclusively for Vivid, even though she wasn’t an official Vivid Girl.

Melissa and I completely ad lib an interview scene for Dirty Bob, you can clearly see her talent.

The thing about Melissa was that she was a dichotomy, in person and not in character she was very prim and proper, she didn’t use profanity and she had (and presumably still has) a style and grace that is generally NOT associated with girls in porn. But when she flipped the switch and became whatever character she was to play the only vestige of the real person was the packaging.  In reality I suspect she is one of very, vey few girls in porn ever that might have had a shot at a real acting career in mainstream.

Among her best performances in my book was the movie “Bad Wives” Dyanna Lauren won best actress for that movie but it was really Melissa that stole the show with a part that I doubt anyone else could have pulled off believably.

Happy Birthday Melissa!

The Story That Just Won’t Go Away

It’s really pretty simple on it’s face, whatever the reason Dave was charged with taking a shot at John from Metro Talent, he was arrested and released on a 100K bond.

Now there’s a dozen different persons who have never posted before posting everywhere that I got it wrong,it was self defense, it was because he was being extorted blah blah blah….well guess what I got it right and everyone knows it, because of the extra hoopla his bail records have been released, his real name and lots of other stuff….Keli at lukeisback is actually doing a good job weeding through the BS and reporting on circumstances surrounding the case, everything she has posted as fact so far is indeed fact and rather than repost it here if you are interested go read it on her blog.

A word of advice from someone who has been doing this a long time….if you find yourself in a situation like Dave is the WORST thing you can do is tell a bunch of different stories to a bunch of different people and ask them to spread the word, or even do it yourself.  Simply let it go, this story would have been old news by now if it weren’t for all the challenges, the misinformation and the BS, now the story has implications for family and friends.

The first rule in crisis management is stop the bleed.  You don’t do that by hacking and slashing, if you can afford it hire someone who can do it, like my friend Adella, had that been me she would have been my second call, after my attorney.  Now whether or not she would take it is her choice, but she would be my FIRST choice in this biz.

There are three rules that a client should follow in this situation.

  1.  Shut the fuck up
  2. Shut the fuck up
  3. Shut the fuck up

Its that simple really.  Now moving on to other things….

Some Classic Porn Memorabilia For Sale

brittney skye sardos emmagency photo rich stephens 42Super Star Super Pack- 2000 Slide collection of some of the biggest names ever

A true once in a life time set of 2000 mostly original never published 35 mm slides, A wide variety of photo shoot outtakes, behind the scenes, candid, on tour and more. Most are in perfect condition, some because of age are not brand new but still good quality. Stars include: Leslie Bovee, Candida Royalle, Anette Heinz, Marlene Willoughby, Samantha Fox, Vanessa Del Rio,  John Seeman, Marc Stevens, Anette Haven, Abigail Clayton, Jenna Jameson, Shane, Kiara Kenner, Kylie Ireland, Susan Nero, Hyapatia Lee, Annie Sprinkle, Rhonda Jo Petty, Veronica Vera, Christy Lake, Farrah, Nina Hartley, Jewel De Nyle, Anna Malle , Mya Devine, Jessica Drake, Midori, jeana fine, Jasmin St Clair, Nikki  Phillisha Anne, Dianna Lauren, Beckie Sunshine, Tiffany Mynx, Devon, Tera Patrick, Teri Wiegel, Felicia, Dee, Laurel Canyon, Raquel Darrian, Jenna Haze, Teanna Kai, Melissa Hill, Jesse, Nicole Sheridan, Charlie, Trisha Uptown, Bridgette Kerkove, Chasey Lain, Rebbeca Bardoux, Ginger Lynn, Tabitha Stevens, Hannah Harper, Sunset Thomas, Amber Lynn, Leena, Brittany Skye, Carmen Luvana, Rebbecca Lords, Marey Carey, Tawny Roberts, Air Force Amy, Stephanie Swift, Roxanne Hall, Kelly Odell, J R  Carrington, Zoe, Brittany Andrews, Rockey Roads  and more.

This is a great deal I think and the auction can be found here.


I think people need to take a step back and think about the whole situation with Dave, I have withheld WAY more than I printed, both out of deference and because I don’t want it to become a referendum on prostitution in porn.  Personally I have no problem with escorting or even prostitution, if you are grown and that is what you choose to do you should have that right.  So ease up on the threats and demands and settle down, Dave made a mistake in the way he handled it and that will be dealt with, the underlying reasons whatever they are are not clear, nor is it clear who is really behind it, on the other hand someone sent me an attachment that bricked my phone, so its actually been kind of nice not being tied to a cell phone, I should do it more often.  I should get the phone back this afternoon, if you wish to reach me email is best, til then.