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OK I Dont Get It

I am enjoying some beach time in Florida and on the ride down I started thinking about something.  At first it was just a random thought but it stuck because there is something about it that doesn’t make sense…AT ALL.

Now we all now that The FSC and particularly Diane Duke are questionable but there’s one thing that bugs me and has for years, that “thing” is Jeffrey Douglas.

Now don’t just randomly dismiss this  because something doesn’t ass up   Douglas doesn’t do anything yet I know for sure that The FSC pays him for “services”, never mind that he is less useful than powdered water or a waterproof towel. He is still around.  Yet they are paying Karen Tynan to do the stuff that Jeffrey  Douglas is supposed to be doing, why is that?

Someone out there has to know, what is that Douglass has over Diane Duke?

Inquiring minds want to know….

The Christy Mack Police Report

This is the full police report in PDF format

war-machine-arrest-report_new    NOT THE SAME AS THE COMPLAINT BELOW


and here is the complaint




Make of it what you will.

The Saturday Fun Post

England’s Queen Victoria loved Lewis Carroll’b “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland” so much that she requested a copy of his next book.  Carroll a math professor at Oxford, was happy to oblige, so he sent the queen his next book: “Syllabus of Plane algebraical Geometry – Systematically Arranged with Formal Definitions, Postulates, and Axioms.”

Rapper 50 Cent’s rider includes a clause that he must have a box of Cuban Cigars in his dressing room.  Cuban Cigars are illegal in the US.

Ted Nugent’s dressing room must be stocked with Tropical fruit Flavored Slim Fast.

Nine Inch Nails Lead singer Trent Reznor requires two boxes of corn starch.

Real church signs:

“The class on prophecy has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances”

“The Sunday AM sermon is Jesus Walks on the water”  The Sunday evening sermon is “Searching for Jesus”

“The cost for the fasting and prayer conference includes meals.”

Nearly 35% of all Taiwanese funerals include a stripper

George W Bush “Little Boots” quotes:

“We cannot let rogue terrorists or nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile.”

“When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible.”

“It’s clearly a budget, it’s got a lot of numbers in it.”

“people sometimes have to correct my English. I knew I had a problem when Arnold Schwartzenegger started doing it”




War Machine Jonathon Koppenhaver Captured

According to TMZ:

War Machine has been captured in a hotel outside Los Angeles … TMZ has learned.

He was caught by U.S. Marshals and Simi Valley police .. and we’re told he did not put up a fight.

The fugitive MMA fighter was sitting in the hotel room with a pizza and a small amount of cash.

War Machine’s been on the run since last Friday … when police say he brutalized his estranged girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack and her boyfriend Corey Thomas at her home in Las Vegas.

He’s been taken to Ventura County jail.

Cops went to War Machine’s home in the San Diego area this morning to remove two of his exotic snakes. According to an officer … Dog the Bounty Hunter was also there.

Read more:

XVideos Responds To Allegations By AVN and ZBiz

Hey, this email from us will probably look odd to you since I’m sure you consider we hurt the industry as much as Manwin. (Mike sez-Actually Manwin is way worse)

Anyway, today we make the headlines of both XBIZ and AVN. There is also a big thread on GFY. All these places I have very little respect for (PR garbage or worthless comments, only occasional quality articles), but I do respect your intellectual honesty so I’d like to give you some insight on what’s going on.

A couple weeks ago we were requested by JT (ex Youporn guy) to delete one of his channels on XVIDEOS, possibly his most popular one, because he had signed an exclusivity agreement with Mingeek/Manwin.

asked him if he could give me more details he only replied he was under NDA.

We thought this would just be the start of a large and systematic campaign to tear up their competition’s sites, because it does not really make sens otherwise, so we had to react and came up with this strange new agreement that is causing a lot of reactions.

It looks quite incomprehensible without these explanations. But we don’t really see a way to do it very differently. We don’t want to “own” studios’ content. We’ll probably rewrite those terms later after receiving advice from Marc Randazza.

I would also like to give you a quick Manual of XVIDEOS use for content owners as it may have more impact on your site, if you decide it’s worth posting, and perhaps you will also understand that we are not as bad as you think :

1/ Get your content fingerprinted. It has been available for free for 5 years now. No one will be able to pirate your videos unless heavily edited.

(Note from MikeSouth: This is NOT the paid “extortion Vobile service” that was forced by the FSC before onto both tubes and studios.)

Here’s how that works:

It’s fairly simple : ask a coder to setup a complete url list of their videos, preferably with an identification number or description after each, then emails it to us. Our script will simply read them from the studio’s servers, and generate a signature (fingerprint) and keep a few thumbs in the database. We will not copy or store any video.

After that each new upload is checked against those signatures and if there is a match, is simply blocked, unless it’s coming from a channel (verified content owner).

It’s a very easy and quick process that doesn’t require any special setup or skills on the studio’s end.

2/ Setup a channel and upload whatever you want, even it’s if 20 seconds clips we don’t care, some sites do well with that. Others have good success with 2 3 5 10 minutes.

3/ From this point your videos will be part of a reserved spot of about a third of the front page, where most of the traffic is concentrated.

4/ If you have old scenes that you don’t monetize anymore you can add them to the content program where you make money from any banner on the page.

5/ fingerprinting content may be a hard decision for certain studios because they have many affiliates pushing traffic through other uploads that may be authorized or not.

It’s up to them what they want to do but one thing is certain, sending your vids for fingerprinting puts an almost complete stop to their pirating (unfortunately for them, only our sites), and I feel that even 5 years later many studios still don’t understand this.

It’s all very similar to how Youtube works.


Xvideos may wish to keep in mind that both AVN and XBiz are defacto owned by Manwin.  While I am no fan of tubesites I can honestly say that when I have submitted a DMCA request to XVideos it has been promptly acted on.

AB 1576 Goes Down

AB1576 aka The condom law was passed on to the suspense file, essentially killing it.

While the biz has gotten a bit of a reprieve it really doesnt effect much, first Measure B is still in effect as is a statewide OSHA law that makes the use of condoms mandatory.  It isn’t going to stop AHF from filing complaints against the industry.

What it does do is that it gives us a chance to come up with some meaningful; self regulation , lets not squander it.


My Friend Richard Disagrees Reader Mail

Hey Mike, I don’t want to register but I want to send a comment for the post which you are welcome to put there with my name on in the comments or not. Thanks. No hard feelings, just want to register my disagreement.


This is the first time I  am commenting on a post in the many years I have covered the adult industry because I strongly disagree with your post putting any responsibility at all on the victim of an alleged crime even it is done in a way as you say not to diminish the guilt of the perpetrator. Everything you suggest she said and did was within the bounds of the law regardless of your opinion of its wisdom her health and safety were solely harmed by an alleged criminal assault. Because she is the victim of a criminal she was harmed and for no other reason. Nothing she did or may have done can be said to assist or bring responsibility on anyone other than the individual that chose to perpetrate a crime against her person. This point you are trying to make and say others in porn are saying amongst themselves seems to me only to suggest how much pornland has to learn about not blaming victims.

Yrs., Richard Abowitz 

The Story That Wont Go Away or The Story That United Porn

It doesn’t matter how you look at it this story has taken on a life.   You have Dog The Bounty Hunter, Pawn Stars, Nancy Grace, Manwin and lots of others piling on and it is rather dominating the porn press.

Everyone wants War Machine caught, myself included and it has even spawned some controversy within porn.

I am the first to say that Christy didnt “deserve” what happened to her nobody does, ever. But I will also say what everyone else seems to know but doesn’t want to say, she does bear some responsibility, first of all she knew all along of Koppenhavers jail time for multiple assaults, she knew that he had beat up previous girlfriends and her friends had told her that this guy was bad news.  Finally in her own account she makes the statement, “he has beat me before, but never this badly” and he had told her at least on one occasion that he would kill her.

I do understand that it can be hard to get out of an abusive relationship, and that the law isn’t always helpful but ya have to take some responsibility for your part in allowing this to get to the point that it did.

Do not take this to exonerate Koppenhaver in any way shape or form, as I stated. had I been there and gotten the chance, I’d have put a bullet into his fucking pea sized brain.

My buddy Quasarman made the observation what do you expect when you date a guy that calls himself “War Machine”  next time date “Cuddle Monkey”

The good that comes out of this is that it raises awareness about this problem, and it is a problem, not just in porn but everywhere.  The sad thing is that while this will likely  finish Koppenhaver in the adult biz there are a dozen more in the biz, just as bad that get ignored….Because face it  you cant flunk out of porn.

It does strike me as odd that this dumb motherfucker can keep posting to twitter, yet law enforcement can’t find him…..


The Guy That Got Beat Up was MTV’s Corey Thomas

After this I’m pretty much done with this story until Dog The Bounty Hunter gets him (LOL) or something else happens but a lot of people gave been wondering eho the guy was.

I’m told his name is Corey Thomas and that he is in some MTV Reality show called “Megan wants a millionaire”

Why he didn’t immediately call the cops is anyone’s guess but he too was hospitalized with two  black eyes and broken nose.

Jonathon Koppenhaver aka War Machine is still on the run, if you know his whereabouts email me, I don’t want any reward I just want his dumb ass off the streets.


4Chan Punks War machine Too

Seems everyone is getting into the fray

4Chan Punks War Machine

4Chan Punks War Machine

Dog the Bounty Hunter Issues Ultimatum to War Machine

Ya gotta kinda love it, now Dog the Bounty Hunter is in on it all  he issued this ultimatum to War Machine  Dog recently posted that War machine has 6 hrs left to turn himself in…..Let the games begin

War Machine gets Ultimatum from Dog The Bounty Hunter

War Machine gets Ultimatum from Dog The Bounty Hunter

PUBA Has Been Awful Quiet About Christy Mack

As anyone who has been in porn any length of time knows this is NOT War Machines (Jonathon Koppenhaver’s) first time assaulting someone in porn.  He came into the biz back around 2009 and was embraced by Digital Playground, but that didn’t last very long.  he got a rep as a performer who couldn’t get wood and he had a penchant for beating up on girls he dated (Allanah Rae) even back then.

he got into a brawl at a party celebrating Brooke Haven’s Birthday that resulted in what some called a “blood bath” and for which The poor excuse for a man spent 12 months in jail.

no sooner was he released than lo and behold porners once again proved you cant flunk out of porn, PUBA released the following:

PUBA Sponsoring MMA Fighter ‘War Machine’
By Bob Johnson
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LOS ANGELES — Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and former porn performer War Machine is being sponsored by adult company PUBA for his June 19 Bellator MMA Championship Tournament bout.

PUBA’s sponsorship is their first for an MMA event, and the fighter’s first fight since Nov. 2011, according to the company.

“I am very happy and excited that PUBA has chosen to sponsor me for this fight,” War Machine said. “I think we fit well together.When I was in the adult industry they were my favorite company to shoot for. They always had the hottest chicks on their sites. I hope all of my fans will use PUBA for all their XXX needs, I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

War Machine takes his 12-4 record into the ring against Blas Avena (8-6) for the welterweight feature fight on the card that will be broadcast on Spike TV live from the Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

The sponsorship by PUBA is new territory for an MMA event, the company noted.

“It is a natural fit for us,” PUBA’s co-owner Ben said. “MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. The fans who love the intense action offered by MMA are the same people who dig what we are doing with our adult entertainment. We are MMA fans so it just seemed to be a perfect match for us. We know that War Machine will put on a great show and make us proud.”

A Simi Valley, California native, War Machine has already picked up 12 MMA wins, seven by knock out with five submissions. In between bouts he has appeared in a dozen adult scenes including “Pretty Dirty (II)” for PUBA’s Pornstar Empire line. “War Machine always brought great energy to his scenes,” PUBA director Ivan said. “He fights with the same take-charge aggressiveness. We know he is going to have continued success.”

It was Phoenix Marie who introduced Christy Mack To PUBA and the result is what you have been reading about for the last few days.

While Koppenhaver’s sponsor Bellator was quick to drop him PUBA hasn’t said a word. Considering Koppenhaver’s previous action’s it is hard to understand why PUBA would want to associate themselves with him to begin with….OK so it isnt that hard, they are attention whores with little regard for honor or anything other than attention.  Now I admit that I am beating up on PUBA a bit here but they deserve it.  At some point you have to ask yourself if maybe we should just let this low life flunk out and then when the inevitable happens they try to stay silent and hope that people will forget their part in this.

It isn’t just Koppenhaver either, Michael Whiteacre is another example, he has two felony domestic violence charges pending as we speak…just two of many I have found since 1999 with his wife at the time Erica and  THREE so far this year.

And let’s not forget Donny Long as bad as I hate to say it compared to Koppenhaver and Whiteacre Donny isn’t so bad, he only did it once….but I guarantee you that there are people in porn right now that are doing business with Donny Long.

And lets not forget Dominic Kane, real name Brendan Kelly… he called two female party guests “sluts” after they refused his advances. Much to the shock of several witnesses Mr. Kelly struck both of the girls with multiple punches to the head, injuring one very seriously.

The list goes on and on…

I have long told people in mainstream interviews that this business attracts two types of males, the ones who love women and the ones who hate women, sadly we have way too few of the former and way too many of the latter these days.  Until we start tossing low life scumbags out I don’t see things changing anytime soon.

I expect that by the time this posts or fairly soon thereafter Koppenhaver will either be dead or in custody, I have good intel that police are zeroing in on him as I write this.

A good number of people think that he will opt for suicide, I don’t, he is a coward but he is also too narcissistic.  I could see him opting for suicide by cop.  Should he die I won’t be attending his funeral but I will write a post stating that I approve of his death.  One less predator of his ilk in the world is a good thing.





Christy Mack Gives a Statement and Pictures

Christy Mack Gives a Statement and Pictures, to me the statement is more disturbing than the pictures but both are heartbreaking.  I do have confidence that the police will find him.


This is from

Jonathan Koppenhaver, aka War Machine, Should Be in a Cage.

What Would Mike South Do? Had I been there on the house with those people when Jonathon Koppenhaver turned into a predator, what would I have done?

I have a concealed carry permit and it is recognized in Nevada. It is very rare that I don’t carry and my usual weapon of choice is a 1911 subcompact .45ACP. Would I have killed Koppenhaver? In a word yes. Though it’s a little ambiguous in terms of what really happened, I am pretty sure that’s how it would have ended. And truth is I wouldn’t have thought twice about it nor would I have ever regretted it. I think it’s pretty obvious that I would have felt that my life was in danger, so if I am one of the three he better have neutralized me really quick and first.

In general I oppose the death penalty because I see it as revenge by the state…BUT when the victim/potential victim/property owner does it, I’m totally OK with it.

I know that hindsight is 20/20 and all that and I do hope that I am never ever in that situation where I have to make that decision, but if it comes to that and I am pointing my gun at you your life is hanging by a thread because I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

I bring this up because I took a young lady friend to the shooting range today, her first time. I explain to her the rules.

Treat every gun as if it is loaded

Never point it at anything you do not intend to KILL

Never hesitate to pull the trigger

I remember thinking how I wish I could have taught this to Christy Mack.

This isn’t the first time Koppenhaver has beat her up, I would bet dollars to doughnuts it isn’t even the third or fourth. Christy isn’t the first girl he has done this too, and again I would bet she isnt the second, third or even the fourth.

He was only recently released from jail for assault, he did 12 months. This time around he will get a lot more and rightly so.

There are rumors that he caught her with one or two other guys and he was on his way home to propose to her yada yada…It doesn’t matter, there is never a circumstance where this kind of behavior is acceptable and those rumors are exactly that…rumors. Some people blame Christy because they say she was cheating on him or “just a porn whore” or other such bullshit, as though it somehow mitigates his behavior, it doesn’t. Period.

Another interesting thing is that in many of the interviews I have seen with this guy he exclaims how he is “unlucky” “or “paying a past life karma” because every time he is about to get a break something bad happens. As if he didn’t really do anything wrong. The fact that he refuses to accept responsibility for his actions speaks volumes,  This guy has no  honor and Bellator should be applauded for dropping him like the piece of shit he is….

Now if only people in porn would adopt that same zero tolerance policy instead of the you cant flunk out of porn policy…There are just too many guys like this in porn right now, even one is too many lets flush these turds.

As of the time I wrote this (Sun night), Koppenhaver is still on the lam. I know that there are people out there that know where he is, some of them in porn, maybe you even read this blog. Do the right thing and call Las vegas PD and tell them. Jonathon Koppenhaver is a menace to society and needs to be in a cage, just like any other predator that poses a threat to people.

This Is the Second Time War Machine Has beat Up Christy Mack

According to my sources he did it about a year ago as well.

In a just world him and Michael Whiteacre would be cell mates.