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Happy Birthday To Vicky Vette

Age don’t matter she exemplifies what a female in porn should be!  We all wish her a happy birthday.



Giving It Some Thought

it’s odd to me…. I caught a lot of shit for the article written by Michael Payne.  believe me I have no problem with that I can take it as well as I can dish it out.  the general thought is that I approved the article and thus I must agree with it.  Neither is the case.  Someone who has an authors login here as Michael does, can write and post entirely without my knowledge.  Others have this ability as well, Goddess, Kayden Kross had it, My friend Dan Patterson and still others would have it simply by expressing an interest in having it.

I like to read things written by people who believe differently than I do, it expands my horizons.

When you read Mr Paynes article it should come as no surprise to you that while it is arguably a minority opinion it is NOT a small minority, of the top three radio talk shows in existence all three of them share his views and they represent a very significant number of people.  Rush Limbaughs cume is 13.25 and Sean Hannitys is 12  that means that they have 13.25 million listeners and 12 million listeners respectively.  but for Mr limbaugh or Mr Hannity to claim someone has an “agenda” is …well the pot calling the kettle black so to speak.

Indeed this whole thing brings up a dilemma even for me.   As libertarian in principle as I am its problematic.

In general I support the right of a business owner to do business with or refuse to do business with anyone he or she chooses. but should there be a line? and who should determine what that line is?

For example if I owned a tobacco shop i think it is ENTIRELY unreasonable for me to have to not allow my customers to smoke in the establishment.

By the same token if I own a restaurant and choose to allow my customers to smoke in my establishment I should be able to post a sign at the door, this is a smoking establishment if you dont like it go someplace else.  if my business succeeds then I did something right, if not I did something wrong, but its was ME who did it…not the government.  This is in line with Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” theory of economics.

It gets a bit fuzzier when it comes to outright discrimination based on sex or religion or whatever.

Consider I am former Georgia governor Lester Maddox and I have a very popular eatery in Atlanta called “The Pickrick“.  In my establishment I have chosen NOT to serve black people or as governor Maddox called them “integrationists”.  Im my mind the best thing that can happen is that he is perfectly within his rights to do that and that he will fail because people realize how wrong that is and do not wish to support that establishment not matter how good the fried chicken is.

Now in the grand scheme of things does that promote the social harmony and equal rights that the government wants us to?  of course not, but then neither does the United Negro College Fund.

The main thing in making people equal is for that equality to apply unilaterally, gay or straight, male or female, white or yellow or red or black, athiest or 7th day adventist, Arab or Isrealie….You get the picture.  As long as someone holds themselves forth as different, no matter the intent, it undermines the whole equality thing.

But lets take it to another level, now its not a restaurant but a 24 hour emergency medical center.  You own it, you take NO funding from the government, state local or city….do you have a right to refuse a patient?  what about one that is dying?  Now it’s not so clear is it.

This is a very complex legal issue and personally I dont see it as any sort of agenda as a general rule but it is an issue that has people divided on both sides of it.

I think if you are smart, you read Mr Paynes editorial and you gain some understanding of this and particularly if you oppose it, you understand how YOUR opposition thinks.

One of the more vocal people about this article was Mike Stabile, but when I offered that i would run his opposing view, unedited, he never responded…seems it’s a lot easier to bitch and moan than it is to actually take a stand…

What you should take away is that knowledge is power and knowing what your adversary is up to is very valuable knowledge.

As for me, I’d like to live to see the day when we are all truly equal, and judged by our character not by our color, or sexual preference or which diety we believe in…But I won’t, maybe though some of you will.




O.K. a few of y’all need to learn to read, the editorial yesterday wasn’t mine.  people who have permission to post articles here may do so without my moderation, I like to have opinions other than my own to keep it from being boring.

One thing I noticed is when something is here that you support you are all gung ho about it but when the free speech crosses to something you dont like you feel it should be censored….sorry doesnt work that way here because it doesnt work that way for me.

ignoring a popular opinion doesnt cause it to go away what you should do is read it and learn from it….

all that said I have been outdoors and on the ocean a bit lately  this photo is out at “The ledge” which is the edge of the continental shelf around the Gulf of Mexico.  The phenomenon is a tornado over water…it’s commonly called a “waterspout”


Over the Rainbow Revisited Chapter I: The Gay Revolution

I. New Realities


In 2014, I wrote a series of articles titled “Over the Rainbow”. My goal was to study the ingredients of the global Utopia and find out how homosexuality, transgenderism, transhumanism and multiculturalism are reshaping society and redefining what it means to be human in the 21st century. My conclusion was that there are cultural, economical, political and social forces who are determined to destroy the traditional human model and replace it with a model that is confused, dependent, inept and impotent and yet at the same time, under the hypnotic influence of the media, the social net work, the fashion industry  and chemical drugs enjoys the enslavement. In order to achieve their objective, the powers that be use various techniques and technologies. One of their techniques is to empower minorities such as homosexuals and transgeners and under the pretense of defending human rights of these minorities, they infiltrate and influence every level of society from elementary schools to scientific academics, the music industry, movie production studios, television networks and government offices and through education, policy and propaganda change personal perceptions and ultimately swing public opinions towards their desired direction. I emphasized on the public opinion about homosexuality as an example. According to Gallup statistics, in 2014, public support for same-sex marriage has reached an all time high of 55%. Approval of gay and lesbian relations increased 19% between 2001 and 2013. I argued this change in public support is in part due to an increase in portraying sympathetic gay and lesbian characters in books, movies, TV shows, video games, etc. In other words, such support is the result of a successful propaganda campaign.

One year after the publication of “Over the Rainbow” series, I decided to resume my study and see where we stand in 2015, and discovered that things have gotten much worse and conditioning is moving in an accelerated pace. For instance, I realized that the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender) movement has turned into a dominant social force who rules with an iron fist, gone are the days when only the rich and the famous were being targeted and harassed for speaking their opinion or making a none-LGBT friendly comment. Today, everybody has become a target of this tyrannical movement. Read some of news headlines of 2015 and see for yourself:

February 19, 2015: 70 year old Washington florist who refused to provide flowers for a gay couple’s wedding was found guilty of violating the state’s anti-discrimination law, and was ordered to pay $1000 in penalty, plus legal fees.

April 1, 2015: Indiana Pizza Place was forced to close doors after refusing to cater gay wedding. LGBT supporters harassed the store owners by threatening phone calls and via the social net work, and told them they will be killed and their store will be burnt to the ground.

April 25, 2015: The Oregon bakers who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding were fined $135,000 in a state court. The bakers attempted to raise funds to help them pay the court’s penalty without going bankrupt, but GoFundMe (crowd funding web site that allows people to raise money for events ranging from celebrations and graduations to illnesses and financial crises) shut down the support page which was put up by the bakers and cut off their support.


These are new realities of the 21st century America. It gets even stranger when you take into the consideration the fact that gays and lesbians make up only 1.6% of the US population, in other words, in a country with a population of more than 318,000,000, only about 9,000,000 are gay and lesbian. To put this into perspective, the entire US gay and lesbian population is less than the population of Los Angeles. That brings questions to mind such as:

– Why a minuscule group gets treated like a privileged class?

– Why the politicians pass draconian laws to protect the interests of this group and sentence their citizens, including a 70 year old grandmother, to cruel punishment?

– Why the corporate media constantly advocates and supports this group?

– Why the scientific community has kept silenced for several decades and why there has never been a fair, through and unbiased research into the causes and origins of homosexuality?

– Why the society has been forced to accept that nature is the only factor in determining a person’s sexual orientation and nurture, education, environment and life experiences have little or no effect?

I knew I couldn’t rely on the corporate media to find answers, so I began an independent research.


II. Engineering a Revolution


During research I came across some documents that shed light on the evolution of the LGBT movement from an oppressed minority into a totalitarian juggernaut in less than half a century.  One of the documents is an article titled “The Homosexual Manifesto: An Essay on the Homosexual Revolution”, a document compiled by gay activist Michael Swift, first published in Gay Community News in February of 1987. This article, reprinted in the Congressional Records, is one of the most crucial doctrines of the LGBT movement. If you wonder why you may have not heard of it before, once you read it, you’ll understand why. The following is an excerpt of The Homosexual Manifesto, I highlighted the most important parts:

We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us.

All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. Instead, legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men. All homosexuals must stand together as brothers, we must be united artistically, philosophically, socially, politically and financially. We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious heterosexual enemy.

If you dare to cry faggot, fairy, queer at us, we will stab you in your cowardly hearts and defile your dead, puny bodies.

We shall write poems of the love between men, we shall stage plays in which man openly caresses man, we shall make films about the love between heroic men which will replace the cheap, superficial, sentimental, insipid, juvenile, heterosexual infatuations presently dominating your cinema screens. We shall sculpt statues of beautiful young men, of bold athletes which will be placed in your parks, your squares, your plazas. The museums of the world will be filled only with paintings of graceful, naked lads.

Our writers and artists will make love between men fashionable and de rigueur, and we will succeed because we are adept at setting styles. We will eliminate heterosexual liaisons through usage of the devices of wit and ridicule, devices which we are skilled in employing.

We will unmask the powerful homosexuals who masquerade as heterosexuals. You will be shocked and frightened when you find that your Presidents and their sons, your industrialists, your senators, your mayors, your generals, your athletes, your film stars, your television personalities, your civic leaders, your priests are not the safe, familiar, bourgeois, heterosexual figures you assumed them to be. We are everywhere, we have infiltrated your ranks. Be careful when you speak of homosexuals because we are always among you, we may be sitting across the desk from you, we may be sleeping in the same bed with you.

There will be no compromises. We are not middle-class weaklings. Highly intelligent, we are the natural aristocrats of the human race, and steely-minded aristocrats never settle for less. Those who oppose us will be exiled. We shall raise vast private armies, as Mishima did, to defeat you. We shall conquer the world because warriors inspired by and banded together by homosexual love and honor are invincible as were the ancient Greek soldiers.

The family unit-spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy and violence will be abolished. The family unit, which only dampens imagination and curbs free will, must be eliminated. Perfect boys will be conceived and grown in the genetic laboratory. They will be bonded together in communal setting, under the control and instruction of homosexual savants.

All churches who condemn us will be closed. Our only Gods are handsome young men. We adhere to a cult of beauty, moral and esthetic. All that is ugly and vulgar and banal will be annihilated. Since we are alienated from middle-class heterosexual conventions, we are free to live our lives according to the dictates of the pure imagination. For us too much is not enough.

The exquisite society to emerge will be governed by an elite comprised of gay poets. One of the major requirements for a position of power in the new society of homoeroticism will be indulgence in the Greek passion. Any man contaminated with heterosexual lust will be automatically barred from a position of influence. All males who insist on remaining stupidly heterosexual will be tried in homosexual courts of justice and will become invisible men.

We shall rewrite history, history filled and debased with your heterosexual lies and distortions. We shall portray the homosexuality of the great leaders and thinkers who have shaped the world. We will demonstrate that homosexuality and intelligence and imagination are inextricably linked, and that homosexuality is a requirement for true nobility, true beauty in a man.

We shall be victorious because we are fueled with the ferocious bitterness of the oppressed who have been forced to play seemingly bit parts in your dumb, heterosexual shows throughout the ages. We too are capable of firing guns and manning the barricades of the ultimate revolution.

Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks.”

Look at today’s America and see how much of this man’s predictions have come true, look at what’s happening today and see if you can still say there is no such a thing as “Gay Agenda”.

Swift is a bold and out spoken gay activists and strategist, but he’s not alone. Tens of gay activists came together, designed a meticulous plan, and carried it out one step at a time. Understanding the importance of the media in American society, they focused heavily on infiltrating every aspects of the media from Hollywood studios to television networks and news organizations. In the book “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s” which was published in 1989, gay activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen laid out a strategy to manipulate America to accept homosexuality by influencing the media. Marshall Kirk was a talented brain researcher while Hunter Madsen was a Harvard-trained expert in public persuasion tactics. They proposed to devise tactics on the American public that were remarkably similar to the brainwashing methods of the Communist China, mixed with Madison Avenue’s most persuasive advertisement techniques. Here is an excerpt of After the Ball:

“We shall use the very processes that made America hate us, to turn their hatred into warm regard, whether they like it or not.

The main thing is talk about gayness until the issue becomes thoroughly tiresome. You can forget about trying right up front to persuade folks that homosexuality is a “good” thing, but if you can get them to think it is just “another” thing, meriting no more than a shrug of the shoulders, then your battle for legal and social rights is virtually won.

The average American watches over seven hours of TV daily.  Those hours open up a gateway into the private world of straight people, through which a Trojan Horse might be passed.”

A look at today’s American TV programs reveals how successful this strategy has been in the past two decades. The trend of portraying likeable, sympathetic gay and lesbian characters started with NBC’S sitcom Will & Grace in the late 1990’s, and escalated on a fast pace. At the time of this writing, nearly 30 regular gay and lesbian characters are featured in various shows broadcasted by the major television networks every week.

Another point that Kirk and Madsen emphasized on was portraying gays as victims of circumstance and oppression, not as aggressive challengers:

“Gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection, so that straight people will be inclined, by reflex, to assume the role of protector.”

In that regard, the 2005 movie Brokeback Mountain and its commercial and critical success played a major role in influencing America’s opinion towards homosexuality. The movie tells the story of two cowboys who fall in love during the 1960’s, and are forced to hide their feelings for one another due to fear of public backlash, and eventually one of them falls victim to the assault of the angry mob. At the time of the release of Brokeback Mountain in 2005, gay marriage was illegal in most states across America and many gays and lesbians were hiding their sexual orientations. At the time of this writing in 2015, gay marriage has become legalized in most states across America, and not only gays and lesbians have came out of closets, but they demand to be praised for their sexual orientation, they demand to have special privileges such as teaching homosexuality related lessons in elementary schools, and with help from the media and the legal system, they mercilessly prosecute, punish and vilify anybody who dares to disagree with their way of life. The tables have truly turned.

Brokeback Mountain is a success story, but it’s not an isolated event. Gays have long had a strong influence in Hollywood, and for several decades, have been affecting the business of making movies in every aspect, sometimes overtly, sometimes covertly. Here is an example of covert gay influence in Hollywood: There is a tradition among the A-list male actors that can be traced back to the 1950’s. This tradition consists of male actors putting on makeup and dressing as women. They do this in different contexts, sometimes the entire plot of a movie revolves around men dressing as women (i.e. Some Like It Hot, Tootsie, Mrs. Doubtfire, etc.), in other occasions, male actors put on dress in comedy sketches in TV programs such as Saturday Night Live, and sometimes they do that for magazine photo sets. Regardless of the context, this tradition has been going on for a long time, and almost 95% of male actors have done this at least once during their career. Actor Dave Chappelle referred to this tradition on several occasions when speaking about what he called “the effeminization of men in Hollywood”, intentionally portraying men in feminine ways. As the story goes, one day during taping his show, Chappelle arrived on the scene and went to his room where he found a dress which had been placed there for him to wear in a comedy sketch. Chappelle refused to wear the dress, and that put him at odds with the studio managers and ultimately he chose to cancel his Comedy Central show and was eventually forced out of the Hollywood mainstream and got pushed to the side. It appears actors don’t have much of a choice, either they must comply with this bizarre and humiliating tradition and put on a dress at least once during their career, or they will be kicked to the curb.

Here is how you can see for yourself: Open any search page, on top of the page, choose “Images”, in search box, type: A-list Actor in Drag, then sit back and watch on your screen the flood of pictures of your favorite actors dressed up as women. Everybody is there, from Sean Connery to Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Kevin Spacey, James Franco, and the list goes on and on. Or if you tend to search for a specific actor, type his name and the word “Drag”, for example: George Clooney Drag. When too many actors, over the course of several decades, do the same thing over and over again, it cannot be ruled out as a coincidence. Rather, it seems like some kind of a hazing ritual, and before you wonder what kind of a ritual is this, allow me to explain that hazing rituals are bizarre acts by the nature. For instance let’s consider Skull and Bones. This secret society, founded by drug lord and opium trader William Huntington Russell in 1832 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, has included Presidents, cabinet officers, Supreme Court justices, captains of industry, and often their sons and lately their daughters, a social and political network like no other. 16 American Presidents including George Bush father and son are lifetime members of this secretive cabal that each year only accepts 15 new members. As part of their initiation ceremony, new members wrestle in mud, masturbate naked in a coffin while the old members circle around them and watch them and confess to their sexual desires and perversions before the old members. So before you think it’s strange for an actor to dress as a woman and participate in a hazing ritual, think about this: 16 American Presidents had laid naked in a tomb and masturbated in front of old members of a secretive club.

The question is: Who has established the tradition of cross-dressing in Hollywood, and for what purpose? The ritual may have been invented by some gay Hollywood producers with the intention of humiliating and ridiculing straight men and traditional family values. This is what Michael Swift meant when he wrote:

“We will eliminate heterosexual liaisons through usage of the devices of wit and ridicule, devices which we are skilled in employing.”

All this brings us to a critical question: Why economical, political and social institutions play along and carry out the gay agenda and favor a group of minorities over the rest of society?


III. Partners in Profit



Virtually all power players benefit from the progression of the LGBT movement. Promoting the gay agenda and attracting the masses to homosexuality from an early age will lead to the increase of gay population and consequently decline of traditional family unit and the values that are associated with it. In the eyes of the establishment, family unit, alongside with cultural heritage and private ownership are considered threats to globalization. Hence they will devise any tactic that will result in destabilizing and weakening such threats. Teaching homosexuality related lessons in elementary schools is one of their tactics. In 2015, “And Tango Makes Three” came third in a list of titles the American Library Association had received the most complaints for from parents. The book tells the story of two male penguins who hatched an egg at the New York Zoo, and is being studied at elementary schools. Many parents believe that children should not be exposed to sexually related content at such a young age, and accuse the education system of intentionally promoting a homosexual agenda.

Furthermore, gays are more receptive to lifelong chronic diseases such as HIV that can be managed by taking expensive drugs, and that fact makes them ideal consumers in the eyes of billion dollar pharmaceutical corporations and their powerful lobby groups.

On the other hand, as gay marriage battles intensify in America, civil right attorneys make more money by taking on the states and businesses and individuals. The following is an excerpt from a report published by Reuters on April 16, 2015:

“As a historic constitutional showdown over gay marriage looms this month at the U.S. Supreme Court, attorneys are fighting over another bitterly disputed issue: Their fees.

The battles over billables are erupting far from the Washington, D.C., limelight, in lower courts from West Virginia to Wisconsin and Oklahoma. They pit lawyers representing gay couples who challenged same-sex marriage bans against the states that had enacted the laws.

Typically in the United States, each party pays its own lawyers. But under special laws designed to encourage civil rights cases against the government, parties who win can petition the county, state or other entity they sued for “reasonable” attorneys’ fees and costs.

In some cases, the fee requests run well into seven figures and are submitted on behalf of powerful law firms that a Reuters examination found have outsized access to the Supreme Court. Individuals and advocacy groups that file lawsuits aimed at the high court sometimes retain big-firm lawyers who specialize in arguing in that forum and boast remarkable success rates in getting their cases heard.

Gay marriage litigation, especially, has become a magnet for prominent lawyers and national firms with connections to the Supreme Court. These firms can bill at $1,000 an hour or more, and when they or other Supreme Court experts seek repayment from state coffers at even discounted rates, the rhetoric gets nasty.

“They used a howitzer to kill a gnat.” wrote Tulsa County, Oklahoma, in objecting to a $368,827 fee request in January. The local lawyer for the lesbian couple who brought the case had recruited a team that included a University of Oklahoma constitutional law professor who is a former Supreme Court law clerk and who billed at $400 per hour.”

Certain groups are pushing certain agendas under the pretence of protecting gay rights, but in reality, it comes down to two things: Money and power to control, the most ancient motives in human history. Slowly but steadily, people begin to realize this fact. Slowly and steadily, resistance is building up. Every time someone falls victim to vicious attacks and prosecution of the LGBT movement, support from every corner of America comes pouring in. For instance thousands of people had donated thousands of dollars to the florist, the bakers and the restaurant owners who have been punished for their refusal to cater gay weddings. In April of 2015, a number of activists held a three hour press conference prior to oral arguments at the Supreme Court on the issue of marriage equality. During the conference, activist Matt Barber stated:

“Same-sex marriage and the free exercise of religion, particularly biblical Christianity, cannot coexist in harmony, Christians are being forced to call evil good and good evil. If the current trend continues, we fear soon there will be no room left for any limitation on what can constitute human sexuality. We cannot and will not allow this to occur on our watch.

We were hearing a lot of talk about revolution. Well, revolution is at hand.”


IV. In Closing


I have no intention whatsoever to offend any person or group in any form, shape or manner. I don’t have any personal grudge against gay people, on the contrary, I believe they deserve the same civil and legal rights as heterosexuals. I don’t value people based on their gender or sexual orientation, I value them based on their personal merit. I believe, based on the evidence and proof presented in this article, that the gay agenda is a reality and is being implemented in every aspect of today’s society. However, it’s important to note that there are certain elements such as the LGBT lobby groups within the gay community who pursuit this agenda, and we should not hold all gays responsible for the wrongdoings of a few members of their community.

For the longest time, we’ve heard the argument that gays are born that way and their sexual orientation is the result of their hormone mix-up and elements such as nurture, education, environment and life experiences have little or no effect on determining a person’s sexual orientation. This is the strongest argument offered by gay advocates. In response, anti-gay advocates argue that although the importance of the nature and hormone mix-up cannot be ruled out, but nurture and upbringing also have a fundamental impact on shaping and/or re-shaping a person’s sexuality. They point out to life in prison as an example. Regardless of their nature and hormone mix-up, every man who enters the prison environment will become homosexual, because there is no other option available in prison. That’s a clear, undisputed example of environmental effect on human sexuality. By the same token, when children are being thought homosexuality related lessons in elementary schools, that education will leave a permanent effect on their psyche, will plant the seeds of homosexuality in their subconscious mind, and can and will lead them down a path that they have not chosen by free will. The truth that gay activists may find inconvenient is that both nature and nurture play significant roles in establishing a person’s sexual identity, therefore the children must be kept out of the equation and be allowed to grow up and discover their sexual identity on their own without the adult intervention, without couching and without influence. Teaching sexually related lessons to elementary school children is one of many examples of how the LGBT movement is pushing the gay agenda on the American society, and the American society has started to push back.

We are at a historical tipping point. If the rogue elements within the gay community don’t change their behavior and continue to enforce their agenda and attack, harass, prosecute and punish everybody who doesn’t agree with their sexual orientation and lifestyle, soon there will be conflict, anarchy and violence, and that is bad for the entire society. Even several moderate gay activists have expressed their concern and have warned against dangerous consequences of fascist behavior of their colleagues. The oppressed minority has become the oppressor, the LGBT movement has turned into the same monster it once fought, the monster of bigotry, hatred and intolerance, and this monster must be confronted. Think about it: When a 70 year old religious woman is being prosecuted for her refusal to cater a gay wedding in a country where freedom of religion is a constitutional right, when she is being put on trial for her belief, that’s when you have to acknowledge it has gone too far.

However, I strongly condemn anarchy, violence and oppression of any kind, perpetrated by any party. There is no excuse for the bad behavior. Period. In my view, the only way we can get through this crisis is by engaging in a dialogue, by tolerance and understanding. Gays need to accept the fact that a society is made up of various factions with various beliefs, and they will never gain the approval of all factions and all beliefs, no matter what they do, and by prosecuting a 70 year old woman, not only they won’t gain any support or sympathy, but on the contrary, they will create anger and animosity. When too much anger and animosity build up, it will lead to backlash, repercussion and unforeseen consequences. Tragedy is looming over us, we must put our hands together and prevent that from happening. There is room for all of us, as long as we get along and don’t tread on one another. After all, we’re in this together, this crazy thing called humanity.




Harry Reems In Grease

If you are in porn,  read that, and said who is Harry Reems? Shame on you, you really need to read up on the history of our biz.  Harry Reems was a classically trained actor and an ex-marine who served in Viet Nam.

He accidentally landed his role (and got the name Harry Reems) when Gerard Damiano, the director of a movie called Deep Throat had a part he couldn’t cast.  Reems was hired on the movie as a part of the lighting crew.  When Damiano asked him if he wanted the role and 250.00 for a days work Harry took it.  ( He had done porn prior to this but mostly in 8mm short films called “loops”), prior to Deep Throat Reems used the monicker Peter Long.

Reems was cast in the 1978 musical film “Grease” as Coach Calhoun (he had done legitimate theater before turning to pornography), but out of fear that his notoriety would jeopardize the film’s box office in the Southern United States, he was later replaced by Sid Caesar.

Reems appearance in Deep Throat led to his arrest by FBI agents in New York City in July 1974  and his indictment in Memphis, Tennessee, in June 1975 on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute obscenity across state lines.  Reems called it forum shopping. He was convicted in April 1976 with 11 other individuals and four corporations, His conviction was overturned on appeal in April 1977 because his activities in making the film occurred before a historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling on obscenity in 1973 (Miller v. California), and Reems was granted a new trial.

The charges against Reems were dropped in August. Reems defense claimed that he was the first American actor to be prosecuted by the federal government merely for appearing in a film, and he received considerable support from established Hollywood and New York celebrities during his trial, His successful appeal was handled by attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Grease went on to become a huge box office success, whether Reems appearance in the movie would have changed that is anyone’s guess.

Whether it would have changed Harry’s life isn’t. Royalties alone would have made him far more money than everything else he ever did combined.

Reems died on March 19, 2013, at the veterans hospital in Salt Lake City from pancreatic cancer


Strippers Weren’t Always Thought of as Sleazy


OK we all know that strippers these days don’t rank very highly in terms of legit entertainment.  Right or wrong it is what it is but it wasn’t always what it is today.

In 1933 and 1934 a dancer named Sally Rand was shocking and titillating the nation with her “fan dance” at the Chicago World’s Fair.  her performance wa so popular it inspired a candy bar named after her, the “Sal-Le-Dande Bar”.








She wasn’t the only one, in the 1960’s another stripper candy bar the “Gypsy Bar” was named after famed stripper Gypsy Rose Lee

One Split Second

I have been contemplating whether or not to write about this since Saturday morning when it happened.  I decided that I have shared the details of my life here for more than ten years and that this is a detail that maybe others need to hear.  However you come down on it it’s word for word exactly what happened.

My friend Melissa Wolfe called me Wednesday night to spend the night with her because she had a break in to her apartment and she was scared.  I went and stayed the night. There were no further incidents, I went home.

She called me again Friday night to spend the night for the same reason, she was to leave town on Sunday to visit her boyfriend in texas (yes he knew I was staying and approved.)  As always when I can I help my friends even if I don’t think they need to worry, I mean it’s really no skin off my teeth and if it makes her feel better it’s worth it.

As always I took my .45ACP had it by the bed when we went to bed.

Saturday AM at approx 6:15  I woke to a bang and the building shaking…my first thought was why is someone slamming a door that hard.  Then I heard it again and realized it was at Melissa’s front door.  I woke her and said call 9 1 1 NOW!  She was on the phone quickly as I grabbed the .45 and went out the bedroom into the hallway…carefully.  I could see the door was almost broken in..he was still trying. the only thing holding it was the four hotel type latches she installed top to bottom.

I moved into the hall  doorway which is a little to the right of the front door and about 15 feet away. He hit the door again, I thought about shooting through the door but immediately dismissed that because the bullet could easily go through the door, him and into the adjacent apartment. Instead I crouched low in the doorway and waited. I had the hammer back and the gun aimed at where I expected the head to be.

The thing I noticed was that I was dead calm, no nervousness, no shaking no nothing, I announced “If you come through that door I WILL kill you.”  A few seconds later he hit the door again for the last time.

I heard a lot of commotion and realized that it was the police. They had caught him.  I eased back the hammer and returned the .45 to the bed stand.

In the end the cops were on it, they got there within about 2 minutes of the 9 1 1 Call.  had they not things could have been oh so different today.

There is no question that I would have killed him had he breached the door and come in.

I told my friend Frank, a cynical person about it and he laughed.  He said “Had you killed that scumbag you and Melissa would be ALL OVER the news for a month.  You see Melissa was the “Mansion Madame” here in Atlanta and of course I am a local pornographer.  He suggested next time we might hold off on calling 9 1 1 and revive our careers.  Now I know he is being humorous about it and I am happy with how it played out, I really don’t ever want to have to kill anyone.

But one split second could have made things so very different.


L.A. Porn Sets Being Raided

It’s something almost nobody seems to want to talk about but I am told that shoots are being cancelled all over the Porn Valley area due to police raids.  One girl said when she showed up on set there were “cops everywhere” and she was sent home.  Apparently they are heavily targeting shoots without permits.  Theres also talk that some people inside porn are alerting LAPD to the renegade shoot locations.  More as it develops.

Agents Beware Manwin Is Setting You Up

It has come to my attention that Manwin is working deals with agents  to transport talent across state lines.  That is a very dangerous game, it’s a violation of a Federal law called The Mann Act and the feds DO enforce it.  I am being told they are currently investigating this practice.  Be Careful.

Words Cannot Express….

Im not versed on the full story behind this yet but suffice it to say it ranks right up there in terms of stupid porn chick tweets.  This is dumb on SO many levels

stupid porn chick tweets

Hot Girls Wanted

I watched the Documentary this morning on NetFlix.  My first impression was that it was an ad for manwin.  the first half of the documentary is loaded almost exclusively with Manwin sites and shoots, as it gets darker  they seem to intentionally move away from Manwin owned sites and shoots.  The story follows a handful of girls with a non licensed agent in South Florida that I have heard bad things about for a long time.  They seemed to want to follow the girls from early in their pursuit of stardom to see what happens, and as you may have guessed it isn’t pretty.  The girls are all new and they have stars in their eyes yadayada and the message seems to be that at first its all fun and ok but when the “nice” companies no longer want to shoot you your only option is to do abusive porn.

It is a bit honest in that most of these girls have very unrealistic expectations coming in and that somehow social media followers equates to fame. It pretty much ends how you would expect, the main girl gets out and regrets the time in porn.

It stuck almost exclusively to Manwin owned shoots in Florida claiming that because of the condom law most shooting is happening there now.  there was little or no mention of Los Angeles and how things work in the real porn industry where agents are licensed things happen more above board. (Usually)

All in all it gives the viewer  exactly what they want and expect to see…theres nothing new here and while the doc is more objective than say “Hardcore” with George C Scott, the end is the same.  My guess is Manwin financed it….

Hope You All Had A Great Holiday

I did, went to Mexico Beach for some beach time and offshore fishing.  Also got to play with my new nikon D750 (below)

When Is A Master A Master

One of the interesting things that came out of the Lisa Ann Jules Jordan story is how the use of the term “master” has changed in a relatively very short period of time.

If you are old school like me and date back to before films were shot on digital cameras or rapes then you know that the camera masters were the absolute MOST valuable copy of the video.   The reason is because in those days, when everything was analog you lost quality with every copy generation, so typically you made copies of your camera masters…those were called second generation copies, you then used those to edit, creating the edit masters, which were third generation copies, from those you made your duplication masters which were fourth  generation copies and from those you made the product for the cutomer typically those would be fifth or sixth generation masters….and remember ever generation loses sme quality from the generation before it, so by the eith generation the quality was usually bad enough that it was starting to be unwatchable.

As you might understand those camera masters  being the original first generation video were lik gold, you protected those at all costs.

Digital video changed that, when you make a digital copy of a digital master there is no generation loss  the copy is in every way identical to the source.  These days as is the case with Lisa Ann’s “masters” the term is used a bit differently because her masters are actually digital files the duplication master is in every way exactly as good quality as the camera master.

When the video is compressed to fit on DVD there is some quality loss in the compression but a copy of a copy of a caopy of a copy of the DVD you bought in a store looks exactly like the DVD you bought in the store because as long as it is a copy and not recompressed it is identical in every way.

So you hear a lot of old schoolers saying that we would never allow the masters out of our hands…and that is true…but a copy of a digital master is identical in quality to the master

These days we typically create an edit master from digital copies of our original masters that edit master contains all the edits, effects, titling etc and is wha is sent to the duplicators for mass creation of the product (DVD, BluRay etc)

These are still called masters but you send one to your distributor who sends it to the duplicator to do your duplication, it is this master that Lisa Ann wants returned…not the camera masters, she has those.

But to understand think of it this way  if I am distributing your product for you and I have edit masters or duplication masters I have the ability to do nefarious things with those masters so if I am no longer distributing your product you would not want me to have those masters  because I could use them to do evil things to you, like create compilations and duplicate your product and sell it for 1 dollar a DVD.  so it would be understandable that you would want any and all copies of your product returned.

I am not saying Jules Jordan would or would not do evil shit, but to ask for it all back is common business practice, as is returning it.  Just remember that the term master has a very different meaning these days than it did when each copy of a copy was lower in quality than the copy before it.  All of my analog masters are and always will be in my possession even though they have all been converted to digital these days…but back before digital that camera master was the best the video would ever look so they were much more tightly guarded.


Lisa Ann Wants What Is Rightfully Hers

I saw this and so I decided to look into it because several readers were asking about it.

It turns out that back on Nov 7 2014 Lisa Ann terminated her distribution agreement with Jules Jordan Video.  The termination was mutually agreed on via email.

Lisa attempted to arrange pick up her existing product (dvds) that her company had paid for, as well as  othe property belonging to her company including Masters of all movies previously distributed through JJV as well as all of the original model releases and paperwork for each movie previously distributed through JJV.

This is common practice Lisa Ann owns the titles pays for the duplication, packaging and other costs, JJV is the distributor who basically acts as a sales agent.

On December 8th: Instead returning her property Jules Jordan Video put it all on “sale” at 60% off without authorization from Lisa Ann.  In these deals the sales agent obviously cannot put the product on sale for any price other than the agreed on price without consent from the content owner, in this case that is Lisa Ann.  It seems from where I am sitting that this was an attempt at retribution on the part of Jules Jordan because selling her titles in this manner devalues them in terms of future sales.

Last Thursday, after a legal battle,  Lisa Ann was granted access to her product. She would be allowed to have the dvds, but not the packaging (even though she paid for the packaging it had Jules Jordans Logo on it.) She was told that in order to resell the product she would be required to put a sticker over the logo.  Lisa was  supposed to be picking up the hard drives containing the masters, the entire library of movies, the photo galleries, as well as all of the legal paperwork for the movies.

At the day of the pick up, Lisa Ann was not allowed to be present, she arranged to get a truck, and make the pick up. The hard drive was returned but not as she had given it to him, it was only the drive itself, no casing, no adapters or cables. (This also indicates that he may be keeping the original drive and was returning her a copy. Once the drive was accessed the following day, there were only movie files on the drive. No photos and no talent legal paperwork.

Jules answer was to attempt to ridicule her for not having copies of the masters, an infantile response reminiscent of the movie “Idiocracy”.  The reason Lisa would want the masters and the paperwork back is very simple, first it is her property and second if Jules Jordan Video is no longer the sales agent he shouldn’t have it at all, lest he do something scummy like sell it dirt cheap without her permission.

I have been in these type deals before and what Lisa is asking for is very standard for the reasons pointed out.

Apparently there was some issue because Lisa Ann was asking for donations to support her legal battle with Jules Jordan Video.  Personally I could care about that, believe me if people would fund my fight against Mansef/Manwin/MindGeek I would certainly take it.

Jules Jordan has not replied to me in this matter.



Imposter Posing As L A Direct

I got this from L.A. Direct.  everyone please note that any correspondence from @modelsdirectLA is NOT L.A. Direct.  LA Direct is working to have the account removed.



We have been made aware of an imposter twitter account, posing to be LA Direct Models, and messaging models.  The imposter account is @modelsdirectLA .  We would like everyone to know that this account is in no way affiliated with LA Direct Models, and please disregard any messages received from this account.  We are encouraging models to block this account.  We have had reports of the account messaging models, and wanting to meet them or offer them a contract.  At this time we are unsure of who is operating the fake account.  We are concerned about the safety of models who may be fooled into believing it is legitimate.  We have contacted Twitter in order to make an effort to have the imposter account closed.  LA Direct Models only has one real twitter account, which is @DirectModels  .  No other account is operated by LA Direct Models.   I’ve attached a screenshot of the account, though I can’t see any posts as his posts are not viewable unless you follow him.


Thank you