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Manwin/MindGeek/Digital Playground What are those websites really for?

I am hearing that Digital Playground is still shooting with no permits no condoms.  One has to wonder why AHF hasn’t been more confrontational with them like they have with others.

I am also hearing that  the Digital Playground website may be being used as a money laundering platform as well as others that Manwin runs.

There’s no physical inventory to account for to show profits/loss. Just intangible numbers and sign ups. Easy way to hide and move money through dummy credit cards and accounts.

Jack Odema (Demetrios Kokozos) gets really nervous when he sees his real name on my blog…his stay here in the USA is very precarious since he isn’t a citizen and to my knowledge isn’t supposed to be earning money here….just wanted you to know Im Thinkin about ya Demetrios Kokozos.


Think That Porn On The Tubesites Is Free…Think Again

An insider reminds me that the porn you get on those tubesites is far from free.
Here’s something for you. Manwin/mindgeek uses its tube sites as data mining bots. They compile users info such as their shopping habits, age, sex, where they are from, credit card info. you name it.
Users believe they are browsing privately but they have no idea they are being mined. That’s the true purpose of the tubes. To compile information on whoever visits them to use as marketing tools and to sell the information. Just like facebook does.
I guess those tube sites aren’t as cool as people think they are, Huh?
And that is a good point, the amount of data that they collect on you is HUGE and unlike google and facebook they dont care about government regulations on what they can collect and what they can do with it.

Kayden Kross Doesn’t Have The Authority To Shoo A Homeless Can Collector Off The Arrangementfinders Property

OK one of the things about doing this site is that If I get anything wrong or even, as in this case, if I run with the “official story” I will get people who will set it straight.  I got a lot of these on the Kayden Kross and Arrangementfinders story.  In this case someone involved with the company and the negotiations set it straight.

“Kayden Kross Doesn’t Have The Authority To Shoo A Homeless Can Collector Off The Arrangementfinders Property”  That’s the title of the email I got.  the person went on to explain (as did others) that any idea that Kayden put any of her own money into the venture is pure PR Nonsense as is any implication that her “presidency” is anything more than just more of the same PR nonsense. “Ms Kross is no different than Bree Olson and Sidney Leathers who preceded her as spokesmodel except that Ms Kross apparently doesn’t openly escort.”

Now according to another source Kayden did indeed persuade Veronica Vain to do her project instead but in the end that project will be put out by Evil Angel Video anyway making it a rather moot point.  The movie will be put out by Manuels company (Im told shot without condoms) via Evil Angel and will essentially be a long soft ad for arrangementfinders who put up the money for the production.

The original main point of the story does still stand, this is not a low key operation flying under the radar and it does indeed have the attention of law enforcement but whether or not they choose to test the water is up to them.  If Kayden IS listed as President in the corporation paperwork she could finder herself a  defendant, no doubt about it.

Another reader pointed out how odd it was that they would hire her in the first place considering her stance on prostitution in the biz and her issues with Bree Olson along those lines back when they were both contracted to Adam and Eve.  While I can see that I could also see where a soft anti prostitution stance would be appealing to arrangementfinders who claim that they are not even close to prostitution.

So that pretty well wraps the story up and ends the free press that it will get here.

Have a great weekend y’all!


Has Kayden Kross Lost Her Mind?

That’s exactly what my friend asked me yesterday morning when he called me.  He is a mainstream reporter and writer that I have been friends with for years.  I have to admit I have asked myself the same question.

Lets start at the beginning. According to reports last week Kayden Kross invested one million dollars in, an investment that purchased her the presidency. Next she moved on veronica Vain, snatching her out from under Evil Angel Video who had extended some sort of contract offer to her.  Vain is the latest porn flash in the pan known as the Wall Street Porn Star.  Vain will be the new face of the company with a marketing campaign and reportedly a movie based around her. Vain will be replacing former company spokes-model Bree Olson.  The company has recently drawn a lot of harsh criticism for being nothing more than a front for prostitution. ABC News recently did a special and several cities including Chicago have banned the sites billboards.

In the past the companies ownership was low key (Its owned by the same company that owns the website that encourages and facilitates affairs.) Kayden Kross will now the front man and potentially the fall guy for the site.

The site claims it is not prostitution but many prosecutors do not agree.

This is what lead my friend to ask the question.  Why would she pay one million dollars to set herself up to be the fall guy?  As my friend said “This is a prostitution bust waiting to happen, specially after what happened yesterday with SilkRoad website owner Dread Pirate Roberts”… (he was convicted on all counts and faces a 30 year prison sentence.)

There seems to be some desire to follow in the footsteps of Bree Olson on the part of Kayden but this one one ups her with a stake in the company, but it also puts Kaydens neck out…a long way.

Kayden is no stranger to such things…Back around 2008 she was indicted on felony real estate fraud charges that resulted in a veteran losing his home.  Kayden claimed that she was scammed more than anyone in that transaction and plead ignorance as to the scam that was being pulled with her assistance, in the end the prosecutor agreed and knocked her charges down to a misdemeanor for which she got time served and some community service.  In that episode I backed Kayden’s claim that she was also a victim and I supported her and “talked her off the ledge” a few times.

This time she won’t be able to make that claim, this isn’t a sophisticated money and real estate scam, this is a pay us and we will help you find a girl who wants a sugar daddy, Sugar Daddies are certainly no strange concept to porn girls, most have them, as did Kayden, but they don’t always mean that sex for money or sex for gifts is taking place.  But if you watch the ABC special on arrangementfinders called “Date A Sugar Daddy” they make it pretty apparent that sex is exactly what is expected in all but the rarest of circumstances.  The parties the company throws usually end up with “sugar Daddys” pairing off with willing “Sugar Babies” in exchange for financial gain.  The girls that don’t want to provide sexual favors in exchange for money go home alone.

Now personally, as a Libertarian, I have zero problem with any of this but I wouldn’t put myself out front of this company for the very reason that what I have a problem with and what is legal don’t line up.  I would not want to have to try to explain to a jury of 12 ordinary people that this is not prostitution and that my company is not facilitating in this, particularly if it’s a Federal thing.

One might think that with the other prostitution sites like eros and helpubooker2 and the like that arrangementfinders would be lower on the totem pole but those sites aren’t running billboards and riling up communities across the USA so that puts a target on the company’s back….and on Kaydens.

Efforts to contact Kayden Kross and Veronica Vain for this story have gone unanswered.

Why Did LA Direct and VIPSelect leave LATATA and how does it Affect Talent

I have also had some questions about L.A Direct and Shy Love dropping out of LATATA

I haven’t spoken directly to either one on the record so I cant do anything more than speculate as to why.  It is true that they quit LATATA snd that alone is a death blow to LATATA In my opinion.  Without L.A. Direct participating LATATA has no real teeth and in all fairness it was Dereks brainchild.

Again this is just speculation on my part but it isnt uneducated speculation like you see on lesser sites. You see two of the big rifts in LATATA are first, the 20 dollar charge to producers who demand 14 day testing, LA Direct and Shy Love both insist on this charge and despite those who claim otherwise they do pass it on to the performers, not one single claim I looked into, and there were quite a few, proved otherwise. but the real biggie is the undercutting of rates.  Certain agencies, specifically ATMLA are booking girls at half the rate that LA Direct and Shy Love get for a similar girl and act.  Derek has said more than once that in the end this hurts the performers the most driving rates down at a time when testing costs and everything else are increasing for the performer.  The final nail in the coffin I think is the blatant poaching of talent going on these days.

LATATA was a good idea and it went a long way towards helping all the agents clean up their acts. But if the agents that are a part of LATATA don’t all play on a level playing field it rips the organization apart at it’s very core. Lets face it why do I want to work in unison with guys that are undercutting my rates so drastically.

Again this is all educated guesses on my part.

Now If I am a director I like the idea of talent rates going down, sales are down, production is down and if I can get my talent for half the price means more money in my pocket in the end and I empathize with that. It will also start to stem the flow of so much new talent entering the biz but at the same time it lowers the quality of the talent, so thats the trade off.  Most girls make up for the lack of income by escorting, Derek doesnt seem to care, Shy Love does, she doesn’t like the girls she represents to be openly escorting.

All in all thats a slippery slope too, because almost every girl in porn escorts these days and a very alarming number will do so bareback, believing that a test from CET or whomever protects them from catching anything (they have been conditioned by The FSC, AVN and others to believe this and face it most of these girls aren’t that bright) The result is even more STDs in the biz at a time when we really need the number to be dropping instead of staying the same or even rising.

In an ideal situation APAC and LATATA would have have joined forces and put the producers in a stranglehold.

The FSC saw that one coming….LATATA and The FSC were on very shaky grounds until Mark Schechter got on the FSC board, that gave the FSC the foothold they needed to get some control over LATATA,  They immediately inserted themselves into APAC to cockblock any alliance between APAC and LATATA, the end result…talent takes it up the ass instead of getting some power over their own lives and bodies.  Its the sad reality that it wasn’t that hard  most talent is simply apathetic but of the ones that aren’t far too many are followers instead of leaders and were all to ready to allow The FSC of all people to dupe them into thinking that The FSC was on their side.

Sorry for the tardy posting of late

Sorry for the tardy posting the last few days.  A friend of mine passed away from a heart attack so as I write this I am in Prattville, Alabama.  Not much is happening in porn anyway, not as I write this anyway.

I have been asked by quite a few if I have backed off of Manwin, the answer is not only no but hell no, matter of fact I am working on some angles that will blow away your expectations of who they are and what they REALLY do but I have to be very careful…be patient guys that is one company that I will NEVER back off of….EVER

On a personal note I am looking very forward to warm weather…its right around the corner here and in just a couple of weeks I will be in Mexico Beach Florida for the annual Gumbo Festival.  Im looking forward to it…I’ve been away from salt water too long…


Why I’m Not Rich

I got a story in the last week that would have made me and this blog world famous, we would be a household word by now.  But it bothered me, mostly because it would have been capitalizing on the misfortune and misery of someone else and second because that someone else never did me any harm. So I have chosen to bury it even though it was 100% confirmed.

It  was the first time doing this blog I had ever been confronted with anything like this.  In the end I made the right choice for me.


I just had to get it off my chest

Rest In Peace Dan Barros

dancardVery few people in porn these days would know the name Dan Barros but he left an indelible mark on the biz to be sure.

I first met Dan in I think 1994 at the CES show, he had a girl there and I shot her.  Her name was Melissa Hill, Melissa and I remain friends, matter of fact it was Melissa who first alerted me of Dan’s passing early this afternoon.  Dan was a rare breed of agent, specially in those days, he genuinely loved his girls and he considered a large part of his job to be to protect them and help them instead of just seeing them as a paycheck.

Dan and I became friends and we used to talk weekly, as time passed those conversations became fewer and further between until I just presumed he had moved on and away from porn.  I thought of him from time to time over the years because he was a good guy, he was personable, likeable and honest.

Dan was younger than myself and hearing about his passing from a massive heart attack reminds me of my own mortality at the same time it saddens me because there weren’t and still aren’t enough guys like Dan in the business.

While most people in porn these days never knew Dan, the old timers do, Steven Hirsch, for example, because Dan discovered Vivid Girl Jen Teal and should have been a Vivid Girl Melissa Hill, that’s quite a record for having a good eye for talent.  But Dan had more than just an eye, he had a heart and a soul, he didn’t try to deceive the girls he represented and he was careful to make sure that they didn’t feel pressured to go beyond their comfort levels.

As Melissa Hill told me; of the many things she remembers about Dan she still gives girls the same advice he gave her, that advice being don’t sell your soul, don’t do anything you are uncomfortable doing, don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in your personal life and don’t let the business consume you and turn you into someone you are not.

Rest in Peace Brother…Only the good die young.


Did Stagliano Throw His Producers Under The Bus?

John Stagliano and Evil Angel got a little win in court today. They got some OSHA citations repealed, which on the surface looks like a victory. For Stagliano it is a victory, congrats to him and Karen Tynan. But if you’re one of Staglianos producers look out, the bus is coming your way now. Seems Karen and John argued that Evil Angel is not the producer, or employer, YOU the small time producer for Evil Angel are the producer, and you are responsible as far as OSHA is concerned. The citations werent repealed because they were ruled incorrect, they just said the wrong entity was cited, Stag said “No not me, its the little guy who sold me this scene that is responsible,” and the court agreed.

I wrote about this over two years ago, that the real producers would set up the smaller producers to take the hit from OSHA, and that is exactly what they have done. Sets a nice precedent too. Stagliano and Tynan, I am sure all of these small producers are going to be very thankful for ‘your’ victory.

The new statewide initiative does address this. The new act calls for ‘all agents of control’ accountable, which helps performers by basicly holding everyone above them liable. Thanks Stag, for passing the buck down the line, cant wait till Stags producers get hit with the OSHA fines, those will be some interesting appeals.

Reader Response From Sabrina

Sabrina Writes:

Sabrina has a site here

Hi Mike,

I have read your late articles and the attached commentary and i would to start this letter with a sentence which should reassure those who think that there is no distinction between a prostitute and an adult performer and think that we, adult performers, are delusional about it: as an adult performer, i am a prostitute. I have no problems with that. Does that make me different from the rest of the people who like to give the word prostitution a negative sense and i am a particular threat to the adult industry? I don’t think so.

Women are prostitutes. When you fuck a rich guy because he is rich, you are a prostitute; when you fuck a guy because he was nice to you and offered you dinner and drinks and you are hoping for more exploitation you are a prostitute; when you fuck your boss, you are a prostitute.
Men are prostitutes. When you engage in sexual relations solely based on attraction, using your money and status as a lever, you don’t do it in exchange for a payment in money, but you still do it in exchange for a benefit, which is being able to fuck a girl whom otherwise you will never be able to fuck.
Gays are so prostitutes that they have built up a real lobby which use sex as a lever to network and exchange benefits and business (i know what i’m talking about, so think twice before calling me something-phobic-ist; this is no topic for politically correct).

After this necessary premise which hopefully will mitigate part of the negative acception that the word “prostitution” still seems to have (for some) in the 21st century, let’s go back to the porn industry: let’s assume that famous pornstar X has never ever hooked and that for some reasons that is a 100% known fact to the whole industry; now, let’s put her in a fancy bar in Manhattan or Beverly Hills or at the Bellagio in Vegas on a night out to distress and have fun; a rich handsome guy approaches her, flirts with her, offer her drinks, shows his status off and inevitably gets her in bed letting her understand that he could be the catch of her life and fucks her bareback. No money exchange. Just a night out and a fuck with a handsome, rich guy that she hopes she can get together with.

Two days later, famous pornstar X starts a full busy week of porn shootings in porn valley. Is that ok? At the end, she didn’t work as a hook, she never has and the industry people know that beyond any doubts. Is she less at risk than a overt hooker? No, she is not. The problem is not being a prostitute or not, the problem is being professional. I don’t care if Nikki Benz hooks in her free time; i care to know if she does it in a professional way (lab tested client, maybe with an added rapid test parachute) and if she is professional enough to not shoot in porn valley for at least one month if she fucked an untested client. But look, i expect that also from the famous pornstar X after she fucked the untested rich handsome guy just for fun. Whom would you feel comfortable to fuck with on set: a professional pornstar who professionally hooks on the side or an unprofessional pornstar? I’d go with Nikki Benz all my life. Prostitution is not an issue at all. The issue is professionalism, that thing which nobody talks about preferring to cover its lack with piddling issues and bombastic words such as prostitution.

Now, how do you know if a pornstar is professional? How do you know if the one who hooks on the side, does it professionally? Right now you don’t; and for sure it is not something which is ever going to be bullet-proof. But since only certainty of death is bullet-proof, in life, a lot can be done to reduce the margin of error greatly. Since the most obvious first step would be to make prostitution legal and regulated and we all know that it’s not going to happen (that’s where i agree with Mr. Weinstein detractors about him having a political agenda and not giving a damn about adult performers safety, or otherwise he would fight to legalize and regulate hookers rather than denying their existence), we must introduce strict self-regulations in this industry and to invest in education to professionalism of both newcomers and established performers, but also of producers. Let me make you a few examples of what could be done, none of which i have heard coming off the mouth of any relevant character of this performers’ safety querelle:

– Proper job interviews to see if you are fit for the job mentally before physically. If you are not, good luck and goodbye.
– Attitude and psychometric test before first shooting to be repeated every two years.
– Mandatory psychological assessment within two months of first shooting.
– Officially adult industry tailored STDs manual with personal hygiene compendium: what are they, how to visually recognize them when possible, incubation periods, ways of transmissions, possible contagious outcomes etc. make it mandatory to take it with you at any shootings (producer should check before shooting) or no shooting.
– Industry Gyno. Once every two months mandatory check. Performer pays at special reduced rates for further checks if s/he feels comfortable with that one rather than her own gyno. After two months, failing to do the check makes you automatically unavailable for work until you do the check. If somebody doesn’t understand the importance of regular gyno checks when working in porn, let me know…
– Mandatory last three months tests and working history exchange among performers at the time when the shooting is being planned or at least same day of shooting prior to start it (no, this does not happen in the majority of cases these days: it’s all in the hands of the producer who gives the “clear” and performers trust them. It’s really appalling.) If you shot with a cross-performer two weeks ago and your test is three weeks old, i want to know and to have the right to refuse to shoot with you today.
– If you are an overt hooker, you must submit to a rapid test on set (as you know, i would be for making it mandatory in all cases, for everybody: it’s the best possible deterrent ever). Refuse and you don’t get the job and you are quarantined from work for one month or something. Refuse three times and you are off the industry. I don’t care if you fuck people bareback for fun or as a hooker: i care that you do it wisely and that you are professional when it comes to shoot with me a day later.
– Forge a test or just attempt to and you are banned from this industry
– Get caught doing drugs on set or to show up on set under the influence and you are banned from the industry (a huge, common problem of which nobody ever talks about, as if it didn’t exist)
– Right to bring a chaperone on set, at least on premises if the set is small. First unjustified word from the chaperone and s/he’s out and the performer risks not to be hired again. But if you question my professionality because i demand my chaperone on set, i’m probably right to question yours because you don’t want a chaperone on set.
– Don’t hire performers under 21yo of age, possibly 24yo and up. There is plenty of 24yo girls looking like 18yo and although they don’t guarantee maturity 100% , too young performers offer very little of it and they have a shorter professional life span, paradoxically. Hiring girls to do porn when they are 18yo is one the most short-sighted moves ever, by this industry, because every year hundreds of potentially amazing money makers are burned out within a few shootings.
– With trillions of awards around, add one for best professional in and off set. Yes, people will probably be able to buy it like any other awards in this industry and the results will not be necessarily fair, but it would be a nice, costless way to talk about and promote professionality at least among the newcomers and the delusionals who still believe that awards go to those who deserve them. There is never any money invested for promoting the image of the industry itself, in this industry and that’s why, although its a billionaire one, it is always considered a barely legal, not worth of political and economic consideration by the public. That’s why we lose all the battles and soon the war, if we don’t do something tangible now.

I know, put like that the above reminds more the army than the porn industry, but that is simply because nothing of the above is ever and even considered at all to improve porn workers and producers professionality and to make this industry a better one. It’s more convenient to keep discussing if a pornstar is a prostitute, if it’s ok for a prostitute to do porn, if making condoms mandatory is constitutional or not. To change nothing and to keep Dianne Duke cashing as an industry paladin, Michael Weinstein’s as a public safety hero, APAC as the adult performers official union. As long as they can keep their respective supporters thinking that, they can fatten their bank accounts and dismiss all the above mystifying the sex performers safety subject with bombastic words such as condoms and prostitution. Too bad that too many people fall for it. I don’t.

I send you a big hug and invite you to share this letter with your readers, if you had space, time and if you thought it was worth.


Misha Cross No Shows At Evil Angel at AEE

ATMLA Performer Misha Cross was set to sign at AEE for Evil Angel but never showed up. Here’s the rest of the story:

Misha flew in from Europe and was denied entry into the US meaning that INS either knew or had reasonable suspicion to believe, that she had worked in the US previously and or intended to do so again, and was not a genuine tourist, Which is true, since she was intending to work at Evil Angel booth, and did not have a work permit.

Hyperbolic Discounting

It was interesting to me that peoples reaction was as immediate and decisive as it was in the GFY poll.

What i couldn’t comprehend is how these same people could be so adamantly against condom use in porn, and evven more interesting to me is why so many performers who really know the risk because they have had numerous STDs will continue to spout the party line.  Admitted a LOT of performers come into the biz and they get an STD pretty quickly and realize that they had been lied to regarding the safety of the biz and they get out and are never heard from again…A LOT.

But what about the rest the ones that stay, the ones that think it wont happen to me, or it wont happen to me again.

Welcome to Hyperbolic Discounting.

It’s a rather fancy name for a thought process we all do  read about it…

That explains a lot doesn’t it?

Have You Ever Fucked A Hooker Bareback?

That was A poll posted today on

Here are some representative answers……In two pages of responses only one person said yes….

Iron Fist – Besides the hookers here are nasty nasty nasty…. I’d get a disease just looking at them too long…

Candy Flip – I’ve only fucked hookers in foreign countries and made sure I was wrapped and sometimes double wrapped.

David! – Unless you have a death wish, why would you fuck a working woman bareback?

Spunky – That’s like playing russian roulette

Monk – bareback whore fucking.. nah! not in my to do list!!!

UBob – NO!

Then In comes Porno Dan – “Anyone who does porn stars on a regular basis has done a hooker, as most porn stars hook.”

and he nails it.

Now remember GFY is an  adult webmaster forum, these are the very guys that are carrying on about the condom law.

If you read this headline and immediately thought hell no….congrats  you are now thinking exactly like the very people that will be voting on passage of the condom law.

An Update on Stuff and When Porn Chicks Attack

First the Dillon Harper sex auction didn’t happen.  Not sure what the reason was but its prolly lucky for everyone involved as I did get a response from the District Attorneys office indicating that that was, in fact, pimping and prostitution and the DA would prosecute as such.  While the official quote was off the record the intent was clear that the prosecutor felt that there would be no problem selling that to a jury.

Gregg Dodson may wanna kill this particular idea.

As far as I know Clover is bailed out of jail and with Lockwoods dust up porn missed a trifecta by just one douchebag.

Apparently there was a chick fight after the AVN Awards that involved Belle Noir and Adriana (not sure which Adriana) but apparently Belle was trying to fix Adrianas makeup and Adrianna shooed her off prompting Belle to toss a drink on Adriana and her boyfriend…..When PornChicks Attack….


Kurt Lockwood Gets An Ass Whipping and Trespassed By Hard Rock Cafe

Not sure of the circumstances yet (but I am sure I will hear) but word is that Alana Evans Hubby Chris pounded Lockwood last night and that Lockwood as a result is now banned from the Hard Rock in Vegas…More as I get it

Apparently it had something to do with Lockwood assaulting his girlfriend (SammyRyRy) and then threatening Alana Evans