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Jeffery Douglas IS Diane Dukes Boss My Bad

Douglass was doing this one too

I had a couple of FSC members notify me yesterday that while Diane Duke is the face of the FSC Jeffery is the chairman and he is her boss and he can let her go,  she does approve his billing.  This sets the stage for an even bigger problem for The FSC because the male is in the supervisory capacity. Any organisation on earth would, at this point relieve Douglas of his duties, but not The FSC….Now what does that tell you about them?  Corruption is top down people, its no wonder Diane is corrupt.

AND this isn’t the first time…remember Kat Sunlove?  Yep Douglas was dipping his wick in that Executive Director too, so really The FSC is nothing but a sexual playground for Jeffery Douglas,  remember that next time you give em money…


Jeffrey Douglas and Diane Duke Are Having an Affair, According to Eyewitnesses

Theres a Visual I could lived without...these two screwing....while screwing FSC contributors apparently.

Theres a Visual I could lived without…these two screwing….while screwing FSC contributors apparently.


This story got sidelined by the HIV Positive performer last week but it deserves to be read.  It shows exactly the kind of person Diane Duke is, Jeffery Douglas too.  if they will fuck over the people they married do you think for one minute they wont fuck you over?  Not to mention Diane is in a supervisory capacity over jeff and approves his expenses billed to The FSC….and yes this is the same Jeffery Douglas that represented Walter Lee Williams who was sex trafficking undereage boys

story here

Now while I agree everyone deserves a competent defense it does seem a bit of a conflict that someone associated with The FSC would represent one of the FBIs 500 most wanted…for sex trafficking in children as young as 9 years old

Although you could also say these two scumbags deserve each other…

OK I have been alluding to this for a while, it came across my radar about a month ago but something like this is very difficult to run down specially when you are protecting a source or sources.

Under normal circumstances I dont much care who is fucking around with whom, I mean this is porn everyone fucks everyone in one way or another, but in this case it is entirely inappropriate, not so much because Douglas and Duke are both married (Diane to a female) but because They are both on the board of The Free Speech Coalition and Jeffrey bills Diane for “services rendered” and Diane pays him.

It first got my attention when it jumped from just rumor mill stuff to someone who could verify it for sure.  That someone has an affiliation with Sanctuary LAX.  Sanctuary LAX is a BDSM club owned by…guess who….Kink and Peter Acworth.  My source verified that Sanctuary LAX was the hook up spot for Douglas and Diane.  Apparently they “weren’t being as discreet as they thought they were.”

I have verified that Dianes wife does in fact know and that Douglas may have been confronted by her, that part is more rumor but it does fit.

It also explains why Douglas has been kept around.  Interestingly enough I have a pretty good bit of evidence that Diane isn’t the first Director of The FSC that Douglas has been screwing around with, apparently he has a long history of it.

When I posted that I didn’t understand why The FSC kept him around I got a lot of emails explaining it and they mostly all said the same thing.

So once again here we have evidence that shows that The Free Speech coalition is corrupt to it’s very core.  The money people give to them has sent Douglas and Duke on quite a few romantic getaways under the guise of business.  At what point will the people who fund the FSC say enough is enough and clean house over there?


A Major Flaw In The Testing System

The adult industry testing program is a Harm Reduction program. That means you simply accept that participants in the program are putting themselves and their partners at risk, and they are taking minimal to no precautions to avoid those risks.

Contrary to what you might read, you don’t get tested before you’re allowed to work. You get tested after you work, to see if you caught anything, and are then removed from the pool of workers. This was the basis for the ‘gentlemens agreement’ of performers when AIM was first established. After working for 30 days you come in and get tested. If you’re clean its back to work, if not, you get medicated, retest, and then back to work.

But one part of this particular Harm Reduction program is severely broken. When this program in the straight porn industry was established a major component of the program was the seperation between the gay and straight industry. That seperation no longer exists, as the recent press release from APAC has confirmed. The risk level of straight industry performers is ill served by the current system, where agents and producers knowingly hire males that are also performing in gay productions.

A perfect example of this is Derrik Burts. I use Derrik as an example not to bash him, but to show that this could have been anyone in his shoes. When Derrik was infected he gave a list on names of his industry sexual partners to AIM. That list included performers in the gay and straight industries. Two of Deriks gay industry contacts were contacted by AIM. They both told AIM that they don’t need to come in and test, they had both been HIV+ for more than two years. The agents who booked them, and the producers that hired them were fully aware of this. Then that same agent went and booked Derrik for straight industry shoots.

Again, as APAC has stated, there is no more seperation of the industries, and without this major component of the Harm Reduction program not being honored any longer renders the entire program much less effective. EVERYBODY in the porn industry is at the same risk level as the riskiest peron in the pool. Ladies, think about that next time you’re shooting a scene with a guy who did 3 gay industry gigs in the last week, and you’re being told that his two week old test says its ok.

Lets Talk About Christy Mack

As you all know War Machine had 24 charges added against him this week including attempted murder. he sits in jail with no bond (and rightly so)

A fund to cover Christys expenses has now almost reached its goal of 100 thousand dollars, even though Christy has insurance and almost 100 percent of her hospitalization will be covered by that insurance and the rest is eligible to be paid by the state of NV.  Christy even announced that she would donate any extra to charity, a good move on her part for multiple reasons.

However you may feel about Christy Mack it is nice that people got together in her time of need but I have to ask, and so should you, where were these people for Cameron Bay? Sophia DelGado? Darren James? Rod Daily? Derrick Burts….you get the picture.

Why no outpouring of love and empathy for them?  The brutal nature of her attack?  Death is pretty brutal anyway you look at it.  The circumstances?  There are a lot of questions about why Corey didn’t immediately call the police and why was he there to begin with Christy was less than forthright in her statements to the press but she has that right I suppose.  What is it that makes her circumstances worth 100,000 in sympathetic gestures that she really doesnt need and will donate to charity but say Cameron Bay certainly needed to stay alive, fortunately for her AHF stepped in.

It’s a good question, I don’t have an answer, if you think you do I’d love to hear it.

Folks Can Now decide For Themselves

I have gotten emails from almost a record number of people about this topic, from Mark Schecter to Kevin ONeal, producers, Directors, Performers, Fans  seems everyone has something to say about this topic. (but they didnt wanna say it in comments.)

The interesting thing to me is that it seems to split 50/50  half the people mostly fans and performers hate the agencies (looks  like a great place for APAC to have some impact, but dont hold your breath)  The other half are mostly supportive, including producer directors who have  fewer talent problems with agencies.

In the end its pretty much all been aired and those who want to can decide for themselves.

Moving on.

A Few Points From LATATA

I got an email today pointing out the following:


ATMLA is the ONLY agency that charges drivers fees  In every other LATATA agency that is included in the agents percentage (15%)

ATMLA is the only LATATA agency that is not charging the 20 dollar premium for 14 day tests and passing it on to talent to help cover the cost of testing


How Times Have Changed and an Email from Mark Schecter

I spent the day riding yesterday up in the N GA mountains and when I got home I was actually pretty stunned by the responses I got on The Alex Tanner story.  There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground.  I called a friend of mine who has been in porn almost as long as I have and we chatted much longer than I expected to.

When I came into the biz back in the early 90’s it was cheap to go to L.A. to shoot.  Back then there were literally 5 or 6 people at any time that I could stay with while in L.A.,  that’s just what performers did, we all  looked out for each other. Didn’t matter if I was staying a day or two weeks my fellow performers were always gracious and perfectly willing to put me up for a bit, I wont name names but generally it wasn’t a sex thing it was a look out for each other thing.  Sure I would take em to dinner or do something nice for them but it wasn’t required or expected and I have to tell ya  it was always fun and it made me proud to be in the biz made me feel like I belonged.

Now it’s been years since I last visited L.A. (It was for the Pirates 2 Premier and I took Kayden Kross) but apparently an awful lot has changed.  My friend told me that nobody does that anymore unless its someone you have known a long time and trust.  Too many girls robbed or took advantage of the person hosting them, too many horror stories…

So I guess thats where the “Model houses” came in.  I got emails and messages from just about every LATATA agent saying that 1 K a month is normal  it comes out to 35 bucks a day, give or take.  I was told that even at that the agents learned quickly that the “model house” shouldnt be too nice because so many of the girls are “pigs” and will totally trash it.

I just thought damn, how could someone do that?

Turns out the bigger bone of contention at least among the agents is that the transportation should be included at the 15-20% rate.

well what do I know…..I guess I been gone too long…

But the bottom line is, and the part I really like is the transparency  now performers can see what they can expect to pay in terms of expenses and it all comes down to if thats acceptable do it , if not dont.

The one thing that is apparent is that it is completely inappropriate for Kevin ONeal to be living in that model house,  In terms of girls I heard from that was the biggest complaint.  now I get that someone has to be there to look after the property and whatnot but Im thinkin that should be a female or a lil old man or someone not tempted by all the free range pussy meandering in and out.

In Mark Schecters defense he points out some things:

Here is his email:


Alex was with ATMLA for 10 weeks and made $25,500, 15% agency fee = $3,825.  With a 2 year contract, I would say that a $3k buyout is appropriate considering the earnings potential in that time frame.

I look forward to your response and retraction of this erroneous claim from Alex.  I am certain that you will clearly see that there was no improprieties involved with her representation.

Thank you

You will see first hand how I advanced money to Alex on numerous occasions, we paid for everyone of her tests, and at one point, she owed over $3k in accumulated fees and expenses.

Since she will not be performing in the final shoot next week, I have even adjusted her buyout amount and I am settling at this point for what is simply paid to date.  The buyout amount actually comes to $2,365.00 in total.

Here is a brief summary, I have a full spreadsheet to show you, but I dont want to send this without a phone conversation first.

We really dont know each other too well, and I was hoping you would at least get to know me before hurting my name with false accusations from a performer.  It=s certainly not too late for that, and your response posted to your website will tell me how you stand on this, and I will know for certain if you are truly looking for truth or just a story that readers can wonder upon.

Also, FYI, I have just sent Alex an email with the same summary, and I have released her from contract.


Total Earnings $25,500

15% Agency Fees $3,825

** The Expenses below are not Agency expenses, these are all personal expenses.

Model House Rent 5/24/14 – 8/16/14 $2,765

Driving Fees $1,650

Make up for Photoshoots $125

Testing paid by ATMLA $775

Airfare for personal travel paid by Mark $610

Cash Advance paid to Alex $200

Kill Fee $100

Credits from Payroll Shoots $11,825

Cash Payments $1,200

Total credits and payments $13,025

Total of ALL EXPENSES $10,050

Credited towards buyout $2,975

Now while I have no rub with Mark or with Alex or anything, when a performer is willing to go on the record with something like this and particularly with data to back it up I will run it, the intention isn’t so much to determine who is right and who is wrong I like the transparency and I think that things are more likely to get worked out this way, one way or the other. Maybe this is something for LATATA to address, honestly I don’t care, as with the HIV info I like to get the info into the hands of the people who need it. If it were my call there wouldnt be any buyouts, it would be a 30 day right to cancel. But I’m not an agent and I’m not a LATATA member.

I am considering purchasing a house in L.A. maybe in the Valley and hiring someone as a live in house keeper and opening a model house but I guess the fly in the ointment would be getting paid, not being an agent I couldn’t just deduct it from their checks…

Its sad that it has gone from the point where performers were totally willing to share their homes and help each other to this…Maybe the first step in bringing this biz back to profitability and fun would be to start treating each other with respect and start tossing the people that don’t. Maybe it’s time that people should flunk out of porn, whether they are agents, performers, directors, make up artists or floor moppers, maybe some standards are in order. The jury is out on APAC as far as I am concerned, they seem to just be FSC puppets but maybe they could come up with some improvements in this area.

Finally heres an idea for LATATA I think every agent should post exactly what they charge for everything on their websites. Whats included in the percentage and what isnt, how much per mile or per hour for a driver, how much for kill fees yada yada. That way a model can decide if it makes more sense to rent a car for example (seems to me it would) or to stay at a hotel with a weekly rate, maybe APAC could negotiate some decent weekly rates at local area hotels….or set up a car pool site so that performers could catch a ride with other performers that might be shooting at the same place…..If the agents are as bad as many performers think then the performers could take back some control…Just a thought

And finally my apologies to Mark for not calling him back as I said I was riding all day and when I got home I showered called my friend and talked my cell to death…I will be around most of today (Thurs) Im going to bed now….beat….

Alex Tanner Paying 1K a Month To Share A Room and be Hit On By Kevin ONeal

I talked to Alex last night because something on the Quarterly Report she sent me struck me as a bit much.  That was 1000.00 a month to stay in the “model house”.

She told me that was correct and i asked her if that got her a room of her own, she said no that most of the time she had to share her room with another model.  I asked well did it include anything?  her response was no, that she had to buy her own toilet paper, paper towels, food, anything she used.  Then she said it did include one thing.  She said it included being hit on all the time by Kevin O’Neal.  This is the Kevin O’Neal formerly with Type 9 Modeling, who left owing a lot of people money.

As a side note when I found out Kevin O’Neal was staying at the model house I spoke to Mark Schecter who assured me that all people who were owed money by Kevin had been made good and that Kevin would not be hitting on the models.  Less than a week later Here we are.

So I took the quarterly report and redacted off the company names, I will let the readers decide for themselves what is right here:

Alex-TannerATMLA_Page_1Alex-TannerATMLA_Page_2Alex-TannerATMLA_Page_3 Alex-TannerATMLA_Page_4



Alex Tanner is Not Happy With ATMLA – Reader Mail

Just got this, she asked me to get it up in time for a specific meeting tonight where it will be addressed.

She references spreadsheets that she sent me but I have decided for now not to include here because they list companies, names and pay rates, suffice it to say her claims are accurate in terms of amounts


My name is Alex Tanner. I started in the business in May 2014. I was so happy and excited to be in the adult business. I remember when I was looking for agent I spoke to a few agents. One agency made me feel very comfortable, confident and at home. I chose to sign with them and even remember a conversation with them stating that if I were ever not happy that the contract I signed would be ripped and I would be let go from the agency.

If I only knew what I knew today I would have never made that choice. So the question is who did I sign with and why am I so miserable with the choice I made. Well I made the choice to sign with ATMLA (Mark Schechter) and I thank god that he no longer represents me.

So lets begin with everything he has done to me. I decided not to write an essay so I am just going to bullet point each issue.

  1. Mark started to mistreat me just a few weeks after I signed.

  2. Mark numerous times have raised his voice to me when I simply asked for proper invoices

  3. Mark raised his voice every time I asked him where my money was.

  4. He threatened me before a shoot he stated “If I ask where my money was one more time that he will personally drive to the model house take me and my bags and throw me on the street and not care at all”.

  5. He spoke to many directors and tried slandering my name and saying that I was a problem child and difficult to work with.

  6. When I told him I needed a break and I was shooting too much he told me no.

  7. He charged me 15% plus driver fees.

  8. When I finally decided to leave he charged me a $3500 buy out fee.

  9. When I finally got copy of my invoices and did an excel spreadsheet I determined that my percentage that I was paying Mark at ATMLA was well over 20%, which is against the law in the state of California to charge over 20%.

I have attached his QuickBooks, which is crazy to even understand it. I also attached an excel spreadsheet so everyone can understand the accounting better. I paid him without my buyout fee an average of 25% in commissions on the jobs. If you account for the buy out fee then it’s a total of 39%.

Now if you look at the spreadsheet you will see if you add rent to that number than 47% of my money went to Mark at ATMLA in three months.

On a final note the last 9 jobs that I have done which accounts for almost $9000 went 100% to Mark. He did not care that I had no money for rent, drivers or food to eat. Mark gave me less than 24 hours to leave his model house and the worst part is that I had a shoot the following morning for him. Thanks to other parties in this business they took me in and helped me out with a place to live, food to eat and driver.

My advise to any talent is to please choose the right agent and speak directly to the talent they represent so you can get a better understanding of the agency.

My biggest advise is if you want what happened to me to happen to you then ATMLA and Mark Schechter is the right place to go to get screwed.

Mindgeek/Manwin Skirting Canadian Anti Spam law

I got a tip from the inside that Mindgeek/Manwin has outsourced the email campaigns to try to get around Canadian anti spam law

TheCanadian laws can be found here:

If you look into it, the email is not sent from Mindgeek/Manwin anymore, but from Reality Kings so that the Canadian spam law does not come back on them.

They are breaking Canadian law by not having opt out… andd by not taking previous Canadian customers out of the list for either webmasters or customers….

They could be fined hundreds of thousands if the right people know…and now maybe they do.

A First hand Account Of Uncle Peg’s (Michael Whiteacre’s) Day In Court

This was sent to me by a person who was there, Ari and Christina’s blatant disrespect for the law and the court was reported to the Judge By the prosecutor, the Bailiff amd the Court Reporter

I Arrived 9:30 am to Henderson Court.

I Went to dept. 1 and sat in the court room.

Ari Bass and Christina Parreira arrived at around 10 am.

Once they entered they sat and the bailiff proceeded to ask everyone in attendance who they were there for.

When the bailiff came to me and asked, I quietly tried to state I was there to observe, at which point Ari Bass stated “That’s not going to work out so well for you” and Christina Parreira said “Hi xxx”.

At this point the bailiff asked me to step outside and informed Ari Bass not to speak to me. Christina Parreira then said “Bye xxx”.

I informed the bailiff  who I was and my interest in the case as a representative of the Pink Cross Foundation. I was accompanied back into the court room by the bailiff.

Once inside Christina Parreira kept looking back at me and trying to talk to me. The bailiff informed her again that she was not to speak to me or look at me. The judge entered and heard the first case (there were two others there that day).

The judge  had to leave until the public defender returned. After the judge left Christina Parreira and Ari Bass kept looking back at me and once again tried to say something to me at which point another bailiff was called in to assist the first bailiff and they were asked to leave until their case was called.

Both bailiffs and the prosecutor came over to speak to me to gather more information to which I gladly informed them of what I knew.

Ari Bass and Christina Parreira were called back in and the judge came back in.

The other case was called and then Ari Bass’ case was called. The public defender offered a continuance and as the judge was about to agree the prosecutor proposed a double continuance requiring Christina Parreira to also come back on October 28th at 10am. She was asked to stand and asked if she agreed to the time, she did. They are both under a subpoena to return on October 28th, 2014 at 10am.

After Ari Bass and Christina Parreira left the courtroom I was instructed by the bailiffs to wait 10 minutes to leave and offered an escort to my car.

While waiting for the time to pass the bailiffs, the prosecutor, and the court reporter all informed the judge of Ari Bass’s and Christina Parreira’s misconduct in the courtroom during his absence.

The court reporter said she even wanted to slap Christina Parreira for her blatant disrespect.

I was escorted to my car under the impression that Ari Bass and Christina Parreira had left the area, however as I exited the parking garage they were both there on opposite sides of the street recording me. I sped off. The whole incident lasted about 1.5 hours.

This conduct in addition to the restraining order placed on Ari Bass as well as his documented disregard of that restraining order arent going to bode well for Ari Bass at his next court appearance, indeed he may be jailed prior to that time.

One of the things that I don’t get is why someone like Ernest Greene would align himself with a lowlife cling on like Uncle Peg. A dumb pornchick who doesn’t know any better I can see but someone who professes himself to be intelligent and as having an interest in what is best for the industry….well when ya lay down with a dog don’t be surprised when you wake up with fleas…ask Christina Parreira…..

Porn Addiction Is A Religious Myth

I have been saying this for a long time It is nice to see that most intelligent people see this for what it is and it all really comes down to guilt, because if you do not harbor guilt the the church has no control over you.
I am not saying guilt isn’t valuable, it most certainly is but the value is in learning why you felt guilty so that you can either, not feel guilty about that anymore or not do that again.

Anyway the article is here:

It’s a good read and I would hope that the folks at AVN and XBiz give it a read before they make anymore statements that give credit to sex or porn “addiction” as something real.

Uncle Peg Michael Whiteacre Gets Restraining Order On Him

I pushed this back to the top for the weekend because it is VERY clear that Uncle Peg, Michael Whiteacre has stepped off the deep end, if there is anything I can do to rid the industry of this turd, I will… and yes that even means sending him to jail, because really that’s his best chance… if he isn’t incarcerated and given the opportunity to reflect on how he got to that point he will likely kill or permanently injure his wife and or someone else…

I do believe that this latest incident will result in Judge Anne Zimmerman re-instating his 6 month suspended sentence and his probation being revoked.

I actually have a note from one of his neighbors that I will be posting soon. Ari Bass is a bigger threat to our industry than HIV will ever be, and it pleases me to know that everytime I post about him he goes way off the deep end and incriminates himself more and more.

Demonstrating contempt for the orders of the judge is a foolish move Peg, very foolish.

Heres the Restraining Order Uncle peg best watch his alligator mouth now, lest it overload his hummingbird ass.

restraining order_Page_1

restraining order_Page_2

restraining order_Page_3

restraining order_Page_4

Word Is That Ninas test was A False Positive

This JUST came to me from her agent

This is good news and the moratorium has been lifted

But PLEASE people  do NOT ever shoot when you are experiencing flu like symptoms



Radio Interview With Performer Who Tested Positive Yesterday She Talks About Working With Flu Like Symptoms.

OK it’s now out of the bag the performer is Nina Elle (who has since tested negative I am told) ,  on her confirmatory test but for the purposes of this article that is irrelevant.
What is relevant is that she did an interview yesterday prior to finding out she had tested positive. The VERY first thing she talks about is her flu like symptoms and how she has to continue to shoot. You can listen to it here

Performers….If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms, sore throught congestion etc you should absolutely NOT be shooting.

despite the claim by The FSC that the 1st generation list is small this girl has worked a lot recently for big companies including Brazzers, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Jules Jordan and Wicked.

Because she is far enough along to exhibit flu like symptoms if you have worked or been with with her recently please get tested immediately regardless of her status better safe than sorry.

If you have had contact with her in the last 30 days and have NOT been notified that you have been exposed I would like to hear about that, you may remain anonymous of course.