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Apples Tax Troubles In Ireland Not Unique

If you read the papers last week you may have noticed last week that The European Union on Tuesday ordered Ireland to collect $14.5 billion in unpaid taxes from Apple.

My sources at MindGeek tell me that the higher-ups at MindGeek are nervous, because they used some of the same tactics in Ireland to avoid paying taxes.  It is my understanding that as with Apple, Mindgeek had the blessing of the Irish government.

You can pretty well bet that The US government won’t jump to Manwin/MindGeeks defense the same way they have Apples.

Are You Rock and Roll? Do You get “Tangled Up In Blue”? Read This

I don’t normally write about things I watch on TV or Movies or music or whatever, but I have to make an exception for this one.

I found it quite by accident.  Its a show on Showtime called “Roadies” and it’s about life on the road with a fictional band, from episode 1 it jumped out at me. part “This is Spinal Tap” and part “Almost Famous” it is ALL original and it is obvious that the writers and show creator Cameron Crowe,  get it.

If you are like me, a rock and roll purist, if you get either the alt version of Dylans calssic “Tangled Up In Blue” or Lowell George’s eternal classic “Willin”, “Roadies” is going to strike a nostalgic chord in you.  It has moments that will give you chills in pretty much every episode.  Like porn, Rock and Roll has mostly sold out, “Roadies” is a trip back for those of us who never got disco, or it any of its bastard tekno cousins, for those of us to whom the words meant something.

I think Lester Bangs and Hunter S Thompson would approve….If You know who those guys were, Watch “Roadies”  You’ll Thank Me.

There Are No depths The FSC Wont Sink To



First off sorry for the last few days, I have been enjoying the summer and taking a break….scuse it y’all.


If I had any idea that Eric Leue might actually be something that resembles an honest human being he has proven himself otherwise.


He is now claiming that Prop 60 is AHFs last chance, after that they are dead in the water if it fails… and of course begging for money.   Let me assure you that Prop 60 is NOT AHFs last chance and that AHF can and will break the FSC if The FSC continues to fight in this manner…There is no way on earth The FSC or even the entire industry can withstand a financial war with AHF….And you can bet Lepew knows it, as does Weinstein.

He is also claiming that anyone who shoots porn without a condom, anywhere ob earth can be sued in California if someone in California can access the video on the internet.   I would hope that he isn’t really that stupid but maybe he is, certainly some performers believe it.  I could write a book on all the reasons this isn’t true.

What he isn’t talking about at all is his recommendation to use Doxycycline as a PreP for STIs….imagine that…He knows that turd won’t float in the biz…..But if he gets his way……thats what will happen.

I don’t care how you vote on Prop 60, I have problems with it either way but when you do vote on it know what itis that you are voting for or against, don’t believe a bunch of lies made up in order to con people into giving money to the FSC….Remember out of every dollar you give OVER HALF of it goes straight into Eric’s pocket as his salary….So he has to get the donations coming in, or he doesn’t get a paycheck.  So if you wonder what is his motivation to come up with this bullshit…there you have it.

My recommendation to The FSC….get out of testing altogether, you should be dealing with 1st amendment issues not health issues, there isn’t one single person associated with the FSC who is qualified even at the most basic level to advise on health issues.


Doxycycline as PreP Where It Cames From and No Matter What Other May Tell You it IS in The FSC Petition 560

I understand that many of you are against Prop 60 and I respect that but what I don’t understand is why all the denial, why performers would believe that The FSC would never lie to them when they have SO many times in the past.  It’s easy to go along with the crowd when they tell you what you want to believe, thats human nature but I have never lied to you guys and I won’t start now.

After some work i found where this came from, it seems that there was a LIMITED study done that suggested that a daily dose of the antibiotic would prevent several STI’s, incidentally the very ones that plague the industry

“A daily dose of the antibiotic doxycycline may be effective as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) against gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis, aidsmap reports. Publishing their findings in Sexually Transmitted Diseases, researchers conducted a pilot study of 30 HIV-positive gay men and transgender women who had contracted syphilis at least twice since being diagnosed with HIV. They were randomized either to take 100 milligrams of doxycycline each day for 36 weeks or to receive financial incentives for remaining free of sexually transmitted infections.”

“The participants received testing for the three STIs at weeks 12, 24, 36 and 48, when they also completed questionnaires about their number of recent sexual partners, condom use and drug use.

Those who took the antibiotic PrEP were 73 percent less likely to have contracted any of the three STIs by week 48 as those in the financial incentive group. Due in part to the small number of participants, the reduction in risk had a very wide estimate range, however: 17 percent to 91 percent.

The researchers concluded that their findings support the development of a larger trial to test the effectiveness of antibiotic PrEP for STIs.”

The source is here

It should be noted that the study is limited and that the recommendation was that more definitive studies be done.

Eric Leue is very in touch with the gay community and that is how The FSC found this study and Lepew (Eric Leue) suggested that this prep treatment could be used to reduce the high STI rates in performers.

In Petition 560 which the FSC sent to Cal-OSHA He presents The FSC intention to make this a part of the industry solution:

You can read it all for yourself The official OSHSB page for FSC’s Petition 560 is available here:

Where The FSC Officially states

“So far this research shows great promise and the petitioners recommend to include such advances in the standard.”

For those that may not understand The FSC are the petitioners so in fact it reads

“So far this research shows great promise and the Free Speech Coalition recommend to include such advances in the standard.”

It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Now in the event that you haven’t read anything about the overuse of antibiotics in the last ten plus years , doctors are more and more resistant to prescribing antibiotics unless they are really needed because this overuse is causing antibiotic resistant strains of diseases, one of which is Gonorrhea. I couldn’t find anyone in the medical community that endorsed using regular doses of Doxycycline to prevent STIs.  That is understandable, it is a very very bad idea.

If you are a female in the industry and you use hormonal birth control (the pill) it is an even worse idea because Doxycycline interferes with the brith control pill, making it less effective.

You can read that here

“Doxycycline can make birth control pills less effective. Ask your doctor about using a non hormone method of birth control (such as a condom, diaphragm, spermicide) to prevent pregnancy while using doxycycline.”

The whole thing is a hair brained idea based on a limited study that never intended to suggest that using antibiotics as a preventative measure for STIs  would be a good idea. LePew ran with it.

Rest assured OSHA is NOT going to rule in favor of this petition, no matter how many porn chicks parade themselves up, open their mouths and prove to everyone in the room that they haven’t read The FSC petitions, or if they did, they clearly did not understand what they were reading.

Remember, pass or fail prop 60 will not mean that you don’t have to use condoms, condoms are still the law and that isn’t going to change.   If Prop 60 fails the only thing it means for performers is that it will be more difficult for a performer to make a director pay the medical expenses.

The money being spent by The FSC on this would be way better spent on a system to remove the condoms from the video via special effects, it actually isnt even that hard to do.  I am not sure why the industry doesn’t seem to see that.

And lastly why is The FSC even involved in this issue at all, the last place the FSC should be influencing policy is performer health and safety, they have NO expertise in this area.  If y’all think back you may remember that FSC advisory board….where are they now?  Where do they stand on this pre exposure treatment idea?

I would like to think that todays performers are intelligent enough to see these things for what they are but I am clearly wrong.  I don’t care where you stand on Prop 60 and thats the Gods honest truth, what I do care about is that you understand what it is you are voting for or against and in that area itis VERY clear that most performers simply do not have a clue, they believe what they are told by the FSC or Brad Armstrong or whomever, these being the very people that would have to pay your medical bills if Prop 60 passes, so ya they dont want it to pass, they would rather you have to pay for your testing and your medical bills when you catch an STI on their set and they didn’t allow you to use a condom.


If the FSC Wins Who Will Exlain To Performers That They Now Have To Pay For AntiBiotic Shots Every Two Weeks, Whether They Need Them Or Not

I look at the FSC sheep testifying before Cal OSHA and I cant help but wonder how people who have obviously not read the FSC proposals can be so supportive….and so misinformed….

I think maybe the best thing OSHA could do is let the FSC win on their proposals….I don’t think Julia Ann (whom Ilike a lot) or Ela Darling are going to be very happy when they learn that now they have to pay for a shot of Doxycycline every two weeks if they want to work.

And I noted the harping about performers privacy…and citing poor Joanna Angel….ummm Joanna Angel is being fined by OSHA as a producer NOT a performer, her personal info became a matter of pu8blic record when she started her company, Corporate filings as well as 2257 info are public record, prop 60 has nothing to do with that.

Of course the FSC won’t win because as has been pointed out numerous times a state con not adopt a lower standard of safety than the federal standard and 560 and 160 (The FSC proposals) are MUCH lower.

Performers are simply too ignorant of what is really in the FSC standards, I mean I can’t imagine even the dumbest performers allowing themselves to be injected with a wide spectrum antibiotic every two weeks….much less paying for it out of their own pockets, but if The FSC is successful that is what will happen,  I’d love to see Eric LePew selling that ….

For Gods sake would y’all wake the hell up?

Common Core and Prop 60 Wait What?

Finally, I have been trying to explain to some family and friends that common core math is actually a better way.

They have no problem that I am an atheist, that I fully support the rights of two adults to marry whomever they please, that I would never vote for Hillary OR Trump,  they can accept that, but to suggest that the old way of memorizing “times tables” and such is a poor way to teach math….OH MY GOD it is like trying to explain prop 60 to porners.

Both are like trying to explain philosophy to your dog, they look at you with this blank stare, then they open their mouth and illustrate that they didn’t understand a word you said.

I don’t want this to be a referendum on common core math, or prop 60

My point is that in both cases people cling to what they want to believe even though if they were simply smart enough to educate themselves they might understand it.  Understanding it doesn’t mean you change your mind but at least you can put up an intelligent argument as to why you are for or against it.

One classic example was a mom whowas against common core and said “some kids just naturally get math and some don’t”  SMFH…..Common core is for those that DON’T have a natural ability to understand math.

Be it common core or Prop 60 it comes down to the fact that people resist change because it requires them to learn something, it is far easier to refuse to learn and stand with a group of idiots than it is to educate yourself and decide for yourself.

One thing for sure, I am done trying to explain Common Core AND Prop 60 to people who don’t want to know the facts.

Jeffery Douglas and Diane Duke, He Can’t Let It Go

On another issue I have Diane Duke and Jeffery Douglas.  I sent a shot across her bow, and that of Jeffery Douglass, it went unanswered.  Here is the back story.  That story about Diane and Jeffery Douglas wasn’t just pulled out of my ass, I got it and verified it from 3 sources.  They were having an affair and Jeffery was pursuing Diane’s wife with every legal maneuver he could think of.   In an effort to save her marriage Diane quit the FSC and she and her wife moved to Memphis TN. where Diane took a job with friends for Life, a service agency for people living with HIV and AIDS.  You can read about it here ( and ponder the depths of Dukes hypocrisy)

The issue is that even though Diane and her wife have moved completely out of state and half way across the country that hasn’t stopped Jeffery Douglas from harassing Dukes wife.  In what appears to be a punitive move against Dianes wife, Michelle Kuchta, Douglas has filed multiple charges in Santa Monica court AFTER they moved.

As you well know, I made Diane leave the FSC because of Jeffrey Douglas.  We moved to Memphis TN and  I stupidly thought that I was through with him.  However, apparently, on July 20th, I was supposed to be in court in California because Jeffrey had a number of charges brought against me. After speaking with the city attorney’s office yesterday, I found that he had me charged with 242 (battery) as well as two other charges that I don’t even know what they are.  Although he knows full well that we live in TN, he gave the court my old Woodland Hills address so that I would not even have an opportunity to show up and defend myself.

Mr Douglas, if I may ask….What is it that you hope to accomplish with this?  You are a married man, doesn Michelle pose that big of a threat to you from two thousand miles away?  Or is it that you are a sore loser when Diane chose her wife over a continuing dalliance with you?   If you would like to set the record straight please contact me, I would love to hear it.

Just sounds like you are butthurt to me…..

I have a pile of supporting documentation and Michelles permission to use it but I would prefer to let Michelle and Diane get on with their new lives even though it means not shining a light on Douglas.  It isn’t because I have any affection towards Diane but I do feel for Michelle, she is a nice person who I don’t think deserves to be treated this way,  In my opinion, Douglas should man up, drop the charges and leave these two alone if he doesn’t then I have a decision to make.

Monica Foster Gone Too Far?

I have been facing some tough decisions of late.

In one I have Monica Foster making a statement that I am directly involved in human trafficking, something abhorrent to me, and since I have never been charged, much less convicted, it amounts to per se libel.  As I read Georgia’s long arm statute pertaining to defamation I can serve her and make her answer charges here.

I gave her the option to retract it apologize and move on she refused.

Because Monica has substance abuse and other mental issues I have been very lenient with her, probably too lenient, but it just isn’t my nature to kick someone who is down, but eventually I have to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough.  I am leaning towards making her pay for her arrogance and pride.

Thing is I have been nothing but nice to Monica, even back when she defamed Marc Randazzas wife, I told her that she had been trolled, that the social media account that she thought was Randazzas wife was really set up by Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins and that they trolled her to make stateents about Randazzas wife that they knew he would not sit still for, but Monica couldn’t admit that she was wrong, she clung to the troll bait and it cost her more than 50,000 dollars, a judgement that hasn’t, and likely won’t be satisfied, unless she wins the lottery.  It is sad when someone is too dumb to know better but at some point a line has to be drawn.



A Shout Out To Socks and Socks Jr

The past week I was contacted by who I thought was a random guy who liked my work, he was cool and commented that he and his friend admired my southernbukkake site and my commitment to trying to write intelligently about the industry.  He made a comment that I said a lot of the same things that his dad said.

As it turns out his dad is a legend in the industry, he has been out for sometime but it gave me a chance to catch up, his dad and I spoke quite a while.

I found out that this man is happy, enjoying life, he has kids and even grandkids in their teens.  We talked about the fall of the industry, he was glad he got out before he did.  He pointed out that as a content owner he has had his share of battles with Manwin aka  MindGeek and he empathizes with people in the biz these days…How do you compete with someone who steals your product and gives it away in front of your store?

He left the biz before MindGeek / Manwin came along and cut out our heart.

It is refreshing to talk to this guy, who will remain unnamed unless he otherwise says so.  Its good to see someone who devoted his life to the biz doing well.  he has a nice family and is happy, and what more, really can ya ask for from life?

I came in the biz during this guys heyday, but the truth is when I came in it was everyones heydey, the net wasn’t yet “a thing” and piracy meant someone slimebag in a warehouse with a bunch of VCRs was duplicating them and selling them on the streets in Times Square for 5 bucks.

Sometimes they got caught and surprise surprise it often turned out to be one of “our own” that is someone with ties to the biz, usually a warehouse guy or a distributor who bought minimum orders then increased his inventory ob his own.

But we made money, an average release would ship 8000 to 10,000 pieces in the first thirty days and really good release could sell 20,000 or more and for some titles, the above mentioned guys product for example, re-orders were strong,  a good product actually had a life beyond the first 30 days, I too enjoyed that level of success. Today nobody reorders.

The biz was a magnet, anyone with a handheld video camera could make money and the biz attracted some talented people, it also attracted the worst of the worst, guys who had a grudge against females and the biz provided them with a legitimate way to abuse them.  Sadly it seems those guys stayed in the biz and the good guys, like the aforementioned one…left.

Today, what is left of the biz is hanging by a thread. The very legitimacy that the biz wanted so desperately for many years has caught up to them.  At a time when piracy and a failure to understand the market and serve the consumer is taking a toll the industry is finding that legitimacy also means complying with the same laws that all legitimate businesses have to comply with.  Paying taxes, carrying workmans comp insurance, complying with workplace safety laws.

Anyone depending on making DVDs for his/her livlihood these days is dying a slow death. DVD, BluRay and what not are all dinosaurs.  It is now all about the net.  Instant access, instant delivery watch this one and on to the next one.  The big names in porn like Vivid have quit making porn altogether and diversified into other things, including online products.  Wicked hangs in there but declining numbers are killing them, it is unlikely that any Wicked release in the last few years has shipped more than 1000 pieces, and, which was offloaded to Manwin/MindGeek isn’t exactly burning up the net, truth is Manwin probably took it over so that they could have Wickeds catalog of Jenna Jameson, Chasey Lain and Serenity movies to populate their free tubesites.

When I started writing this I had nothing in mind as to where it would go or even what I would address, it is stream of consciousness if you will, but now at the end, it makes me miss the old days, when we loved what we were doing, when porn was fun, which is what porn should be.

As for Socks….lets all chat this weekend…

Taking The Pregnancy Thing A Step Further

A reader sends this scenario, lets say this reader knows more than a little about the law.  Yesterdays post was interesting, this scenario takes it even further


This is hypothetical. One model release term (in a three-page release) requires female performer to use Plan B pills on request of producer. It provides that if she fails or refuses to do so and a pregnancy ensues, she will become financially liable to producer in an amount equal to any sum which a court orders a producer or male talent to pay for support of the child. What lawyers would call liability for “contribution” or “indemnification”.

After creampie ejaculation, model states that she’s not on any birth control. Producer gets Plan B pills, has them delivered to her doorstep. Months later, she calls and informs male talent or producer that she’s pregnant. Asked about Plan B pills, she states that she did not take them. Producer and male talent put on their seatbelts cuz this may get nasty.

I’ve asked some domestic relations attorneys their thoughts on whether such a term would be valid/enforceable or “void as against public policy” and none of them have expressed any definite “no”.

It does not seem that there are any well-known cases about these issues – because it’s only in the world of porn that people enter into written contracts to have sex and deal with consequences of sex. That never happens in any other context that I know of. As a result, there are few to no reported cases.

I asked my friend this one and she shook her head and asked if I do this to her on purpose.  She sidestepped and said that she wasn’t an expert on contract law. But her thoughts are that it might hold up (note no commitment on this one).  We kicked it around a bit.  We agreed that she can not be forced to take the Plan B pill no matter what the contract says, so assuming that does not void the entire contract, which depending on the wording it may or may not, The producer would not be liable for child support but the performer could be.  The producer could be held responsible for financial damages depending on the circumstances…did either performer request to wear a condom and were not allowed?  We both thought that could be a big factor in the civil trial, maybe even the swing factor.

One thing about contract law is that while you may sign away certain rights in a contract, you cannot absolve yourself of responsibility for a criminal act via the contract.  If the law requires a condom and the producer knowingly breaks that law then all bets are off on how it might play out.

This also answers the questions I get about what if there’s a contract…..if the contract is an effort to do an end run around a law it is void, period.

Bear in mind that I am not an attorney and I am not offering any legal advice here, just my opinions and those of my friend(s) who is an attorney, but not having any specifics even these thoughts are just general conversation about a set of what ifs.

That said…This is interesting…what do y’all think?

If A Girl Gets Pregnant On Set Could The Industry have To Pay Child Support

A drunken asshat asked that question via twitter,  I am starting to understand twitter, I was right in that it attracts these people because the depth of their intelligence is about 140 characters. But I digress.

It did pose an interesting question though, that question being could the male talent be forced to pay child support.  The answer might surprise you.

I called an attorney friend and offered lunch.  She knows that the only time I do this is when I want to pick her brain for free but she takes pity on my financial status and agrees.  She specializes in Family law.

Over sandwiches at Panera Bread I pop the question.

I am shooting a couple who prior to today never met each other.  They are performing a boy girl and they don’t want to use a condom.  She is not on birth control but doesn’t say that.

Now a couple months go by and she finds out that she is pregnant, she has no intention of terminating the pregnancy and through paternal DNA testing down the road it is proved that he IS the father.

Can she sue him for child support?

The attorney seems surprised I would even ask, and unlike most legal questions this one has a short answer….Yes.  Open and shut, cut and dry he will pay child support.

I ask what about in California?   Again the answer is a terse Yes.

OK I say, lets complicate the matter, what if I as the producer do not allow them to use a condom, even though they wanted to, could I be sued for child support.  She contemplates this one a bit, before answering, well anyone can sue anyone, but this would be an interesting case.  You wouldn’t be liable for child support but you could be sued for damages by both parties, and they would win I think.  She notes that we are diverting from her area of legal expertise.

She then asks me if I knocked up one of my actresses…I laughed and pointed out that I require condoms these days.  Smart move, she says.

To my knowledge no actress has sued an actor for child support but I do know of at least a few cases where they got pregnant on set and chose to keep the child.  I know of MANY more where they got an abortion.  It does give one pause, if you are a male performer.

Federal Judge Upholds $25M Copyright Judgement Against Cox Communications


Story from TorrentFreak

Cox Communications is liable for the copyright infringements committed by its users and must pay $25 million in damages to music licensing outfit BMG. A federal court in Virginia has denied Cox’s request for judgment as a matter of law or a new trial. On the upside, Cox will not be required to spy on its users using deep packet inspection.

The judgement is here


It is interesting in that it opens the door for porners who have registered their content with the copyright office to collect massive damages not from the actual offenders but from ISPs who fail to act when they know that users are violating copyrights.

I do expect this to be appealed and most likely overturned, but it is interesting to watch if you have an interest in protecting your intellectual property.


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California Senator Hiram Johnson wisely noted that ‘The first casualty, when war comes, is truth’

Truer words have not been spoken.

What is so sad to me is that performers are so uneducated that they cling to lies that actually harm them.  Take the whole Prop 60 thing. Damn near every educated performer that has contacted me has thanked me for pointing out the truth of it, even though I am getting a lot of blowback for it, people I once thought of as friends are repeating fabricated stories that I don’t test my talent something my talent knows not to be true, but its OK It doesn’t harm me…sticks and stones and all that right?

But for performers there have been several who contacted me, over the weekend and came to the realization that Prop 60 is a gift to performers.

Performers will no longer have to pay for their testing that’s roughly one extra shoot a month.

If a performer gets any STD they wont have to pay for treatment…that’s money in their pocket, even if treatment consists of going to TJ and buying some Z packs

You would think that performers would have the sense to get this and a lot do, but a very sad number do not.  Most of them are new to the biz with less than 1 to 3 years at most, all of them think they will still be here in 1 to 3 more years, fact is that they wont.  If they don’t get tired of getting STDs and leave on their own they will be shot out and no longer getting any work, sorry but that is just how the biz works.

People trying to fix that, like the union are meeting with resistance because it’s easier to agree with a crowd of idiots than it is to think for yourself and actually do something that might improve your lot in life.  I don’t have to name  names, they know who they are.

Bookmark this page … In a year or two when y’all look back  and say where did it go can see the watermark.

This from a post I made here in 2004…13 years ago

“But How long have I been saying that if we can’t control ourselves that government will do it for us, and now they are, and this is just the local government. The feds move a lot slower but rest assured that they are coming too.”

Listen carefully…do y’all hear is the sound of chickens…coming home to roost…

As The Dust Settles …Brad Armstrong Is All Butt Hurt

The dust is settling over the whole prop 60 thing but something in particular amuses me.

Brad Armstrong made desperate attempts to get my attention, tweeting to me and goading me in his pathetic, yet desperate for attention way. So I gave him the attention that he asked for.

And boy did he get his panties in a bunche, with a barrage of tweets that did little more than let me know that I hit hit home in my critique of Brad and his motives.   It wasn’t fair though, I usually refuse to engage people who aren’t intelligent enough to understand what it is that they are getting into.  Don’t get me wrong I am not being high and mighty, its just that people like Brad and Monica and Desi are at a severe disadvantage and it isn’t fair to take advatage of that.   I was good friends with Brads original partner Greg Steele and his wife Julie Rage, they lived here in Atlanta and Greg had left porn and taken a job at a major network based here.  I heard many stories about Brad and Jenna and so forth so I have an unfair advantage, I know where the skeletons are.

But Brad did seek out my attention and he got it and now he is all butt hurt, grow up Brad, you begged for it you got it, suck it up and take it.

And if you want to prove me wrong, stand your ground Brad, make a non condom movie for Wicked, like you suggest everyone else should do….burn your OSHA saftey card that you got in order to comply with the rules that you are telling everyone else they should break.  OK I am done with you, Hypocrite.

Now I Can Say That I Support Prop 60, Here is Why

My reader Lurking Reader explains it: ( a HUGE thank you to Lurking Reader as well as BT, AmDazed, Jilted and everyone else who works very hard to help me keep the information here both accurate and understandable, I owe much to you all…Thank You,) I have the best readers of anyone.

Read the full text of the proposal. IF…. that’s right IF OSHA doesn’t investigate a claim the complainant can file a civil suit to win 25% of what the OSHA penalties would have been IF the court finds violations occurred.

This puts a fire under Cal/OSHA ass…they have to give priority to verifying and responding to the complaints. If enough complaints wind up in court it helps substantiate a complaint against the state plan (Cal/OSHA) with Federal OSHA. The fed treasury pays the state half the administrative costs and lets the state keep all revenues for their general funds so any fines or reduction in funding threats is a big stick.

Not sure if it applies but consider citizen arrests pursued in a lawful manner.

For food industries where whistleblower retaliation was a given health dept and OSHA were forced to respond to certain critical complaints within x hours…. regardless of who makes the complaint. If the condition exists when they get there the establishment can be shut down until the issue is corrected. If they let it slide they cam be named as defendants in lawsuits.

Now that provision makes sense and in looking into and considering it I have to come out in support of Prop 60.  There is an AWFUL LOT of mis-information about this measure, but when you read it and consider it and consider what it does and just as importantly does NOT do it makes sense.

To some degree it even allows performers to make the choice, in that if nobody files a complaint with OSHA…nothing happens.

I hope you guys now have an understanding of how and why Prop 60 came about I can not fault AHF for getting tired of paying a LOT of money for porn performers who have massive medical bills because the industry refused to abide by the law AND refused to take care of the performers who became sick.

If you are a performer, make NO mistake about it, should you get HIV nobody in porn is going to help you in any way. PERIOD. If you think otherwise ask any of the girls or guys mentioned in previous posts who contracted HIV any way you look at it I think that Derek Burts and Cameron Bay got HIV as a result of the business, they both make that claim and they both cite circumstances that would hold up in a civil trial. Remember performers, this is how they will treat you if you get HIV.

Add to it the fact that prostitution is now the main source of income for many performers and the preponderance of males who are either gay or bisexual and working actively as straight performers because drugs allow them to do so.

And lets not forget that we had a VERY active female performer who was having unprotected sex with an HIV positive former performer, she even got pregnant with his child.  If you are a performer this should scare the hell out of you, all the testing on earth on a daily basis wouldn’t minimize the risk that this posed. This former performer who is HIV Positive, is also a financial  supporter of The Free Speech Coalition, go figure.  IF the female had NOT been a performer and a very active one at that, I wouldn’t even bring this up, that’s between them, but that was not the case, she exposed every single person that she shot with.

Come on people this is just plain wrong, is it any wonder that we are fighting this fight and the simple truth is, can you look at this industry and say that we are doing the right thing?

Performers, you SHOULD be mad about this, but not at AHF, you should be mad at The FSC. and speaking of I have an explosive story about Diane Duke and Jeffery Douglas and my source is 100% willing to come forward, but I am having problems in allowing the source to do so I don’t want to make this persons situation worse the person has been through enough and doesn’t deserve it.  If Diane Duke were a human being she would contact me and work with me to straighten this out, accept responsibility for her part in it and allow the industry to decide if what is happening and has happened should be acceptable.

Diane Duke, you have my word that will treat you fairly, that doesn’t mean I won’t demand the truth but it does mean that I won’t bully or embarrass you, that I will be civil.  That is IF you are human enough to come forward.  I will let you get in front of this,  but honesty is 100% prerequisite.