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    • Karmafan: Not to mention the thugs family is sniffing around for a payday. The guy had an extensive record for drugs.
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    • LurkingReader: @karmafan Yes I read it, no manifesto, clearly object to Dem politics. See anything factually incorrect?

Thanks Guys

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who contacted me about the AVN Awards that FINALLY got done and for helping clear the list of recipients who hadnt gotten thei awards. prior to my post AVN had only contacted TWO of the reciients. cleared out a bunch. just goes to show when you want to reach talent, this is the place to do it….Thanks again all.

The following list has been edited to remove the names that I believe Have gotten their awards or contacted avn for them

If your name is on thisd list or you know how to contact someone who is email thats Bonnie LeBlanc she will get the trophy in its rightful hands.

Kandi Barbour trophy has been placed on loan to a museum of erotica in Las Vegas.

2006 Chloe
2006 Janet Jacme
2006 Steve Hatcher
2011 Bridgette Kerkove
2011 Angel Dark
2011 Pat Myne
2011 Gia Darling
2012 Stacey Valentine
2012 Silvia Saint
2013 Sunny Leone
2013 Anthony J
2013 Danni Ashe
2013 Katie Morgan
2014 Seymore Butts
2014 Maurice Freeones
2014 Taylor St. Claire
2014 Katsuni
2014 Shylar Cobi
2014 Christy Mack
2014 Voodoo
2014 Jayden James
2014 Kagney Linn Karter
2014 Anissa Kate
2014 Melissa Make Up
2014 Tony DeSergio
2014 Jordan Ash
2014 Karlo Karrera

Chloe Amour at Monsterpalooza

My Buddies at Emmreport and Girls and Corpses sent me these from Monsterpalooza in Burbank, Ca. This is the biggest Horror show of the year. Enjoy! Chloe Amour is a cutie! Chloe’s twitter is @chloeamourxxx

Shy Love Prevails In Court Today

In the first Barrett Blade had motioned to have himself dismissed from the defamation lawsuit, the judge denied his motion.

The second was Karen Tynan and Mark Schechter countersuing Love for breach of contract, the judge dismissed the countersuit noting that they had produced nothing with Shy’s signature. They have 20 days to refile but were told without her signature it will again be dismissed.

If You Are or You Know Any Of These People

Have them contact me I have Info on how they can get AVN Award Trophies they should have gotten ages ago. The trophies are there they just need an addy to send them to. shoot me an email at

If AVN owes you a trophy and you havent gotten it and your name is not on this list i wanna hear from you too and no this is not an April Fool Joke

2006 Chloe
2006 Janet Jacme
2006 Steve Hatcher
2011 Bridgette Kerkove
2011 Angel Dark
2011 Pat Myne
2011 Jasmin St. Clair
2011 Gia Darling
2011 Mark Ashley
2011 Ben Dover
2012 Stacey Valentine
2012 Silvia Saint
2012 Aisha Klass
2013 Kandi Barbour —–died homeless in San Fransisco in 2012

2013 Rebecca Lord
2013 Sunny Leone
2013 Mark Ashley
2013 Anthony J
2013 Danni Ashe
2013 Bill Pinyon
2013 Steve Wojcik
2013 Katie Morgan
2014 Seymore Butts
2014 Maurice Freeones
2014 Taylor St. Claire
2014 Bobby Rinaldi —Died in his home in early 2013
2014 Katsuni
2014 Robby D.
2014 Shylar Cobi
2014 Christy Mack
2014 Voodoo
2014 Jayden James
2014 Kagney Linn Karter
2014 Lisa Ann
2014 Anissa Kate
2014 Andrew Blake
2014 Melissa Make Up
2014 Tony DeSergio
2014 Jordan Ash
2014 Karlo Karrera

Dale DaBone – Hall of Fame
Julia Ann – MILF/Cougar of the Year – Best Alternative Website

I Have Said It Before

I believe in giving credit where it is due. And I am pleased to give you this story.
It has been over three years now since anyone has contacted me with anything bad to say about L.A Direct and or Derek Hay and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by me.

About a month ago I got contacted by a girl who was afraid she had made a mistake, she had read my site after having had talks with Ideal Image Management about representing her. She is a former Penthouse Pet and without question an A List performer in anyones book. After speaking with her I determined that she had signed nothing with Ideal and that she had talked to them less than 24 hours prior to her contacting me. I simply told her don’t sign aything and contact Ideal immediately and let them know that she has decided against having them rep her.

They blew up her phone as I told her they would, threatened her as I told her they would and after a few days capitulated, as I told her they would.

Now based on the work this young lady told me that she wanted to do, her rates, her name recognition and everything else it was obvious to me that the best fit for her was L.A. Direct and I suggested that she call Derek, explain her situation with Ideal, explain what she does and doesnt want to do in the biz etc.

She did. She just returned back to her home on the east coast after spending over a week in Los Angeles shooting with L.A Direct representing her.

She contacted me thanking me and telling me that she was thrilled with LA Direct, that they had worked with her to get her the rates she wanted or more and the work that she wanted, she said nobody pushed her to do anything she didn’t want to, that escorting didn’t even come up (she doesnt escort) and that she is thrilled with LA Direct. I also got a Call from Derek thanking me for sending her, saying that she has been nothing but professional and a pleasure to work with.

It makes me happy to be posting this…This is how the agent/performer relationship should work.

No this is NOT an April Fool Post. Congrats to both parties

The Future Of Televison

Im very interested in the future of television because it is so closely tied to the future of porn.

I am an avid reader of industry trade rags like Videomaker and Streaming Media Magazines. I also stay abreast of the technology. Several years ago I spoke at an Xbiz Conference in Miami on emerging technologies, I told them about the future of video on the internet and a standard called MPEG DASH. Back in the 90s the guys doing porn were tech guys and they would have been all over this even before I presented it but in 2013 you could have counted the people who understood it or even the impact it would have on one hand. Despite the fact that everyone doing large scale streaming right now, like NetFlix, is using it. One co-presenter was tooting his own horn about how Their browser pop-unders were a technological breakthrough, the company was LiveJasmine, I simply couldn’t help myself and said thats not a technological breakthrough, thats fucking annoying..I got a round of applause, but I also didnt get invited to speak again, he did.

But this post is only loosely about the technology, it’s a lot more about content delivery in the near future.

Now you have probably all heard about “set top boxes” and if not you certainly have heard of brand names of set top boxes like FireTV, Roku and Apple TV. Basically they stream content to your TV. Some TVs are “smart” and can do it themselves. Its a way to watch Netflix or Hulu or others on your nice big HDTV without having to go through your computer.

We all know what tubesites are as well, but theres an emerging convergence that makes tubesites look archaic.

Its called an HTPC, home theater personal computer. Sounds expensive doesn’t it? It isn’t. I recently bought one called a QBox for less than 100 dollars. its an 8 core android PC with advanced hardware graphics, 2 USB 3 ports, an SDHC card slot, Bluetooth, an IR Remote, built in AC Band WiFi, 2 Gigabytes internal memory and 16 Gigabytes of storage memory. Its the size of a small alarm clock. Pretty net little box…you can hook an external drive to it and play 4K video (or even higher) with no problems. But the real interesting thing is it is Android, so it runs android apps, like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime…so it has all the good stuff that Roku 3 has plus Candy Crush.

Pretty neat right?

Thats just the beginning it comes bundled with something called Kodi. Kodi was formerly known as XBMC. It was a way to really cut the cable from subscription TV. XBMC was an Android app that would pull files off of torrent sites and play them real time. so if it was on a torrent site (or usenet or a tubesite) you could play it on demand on your HDTV. Problem was there was a lot of latency, buffering and what not so it was generally only for very technically inclined people. It was also difficult to set up and not very reliable.

Not so much anymore when I tried it i was amazed…full DVD and HD quality video on demand, and it was very very reliable and easy to set up. As a content provider I understand the need to pay for content and I have a subscription to Netflix so I decided to compare “House of Cards” and one of the TV shows I normally watch an NBC show called “Allegiance”

As I stated before Netflix uses MPEG DASH for delivery, its a dynamic adaptive delivery method meaning that it delivers the video in very short pieces a couple of seconds at a time, if it senses that your connection is slowing down it will downshift the quality of the next piece of video, conversely if your connection speeds up it will get a higher quality piece. This has some advantages…one is that you will always get the highest quality that your connection can support with little or no buffering and for content producers it facilitates protecting your content, because it isnt sending you the entire video file at once, its sending you pieces that vary in quality.

Kodi is using plain old streaming, its sending you the whole file and playing it as it is sent so if your connection slows down your video may freeze while it buffers

Neither Netflix nor Kodi suffered from buffering issues playing the latest season of House of Cards. the biggest difference and it was a very small difference was in quality. the netflix quality was better but the difference was barely noticeable ( I have a 35 Mbit/sec connection) and my wireless router is an AC router so I have a fast wireless connection to my QBox You should note that both the Netflix app and the Kodi app were both running on the qbox so the only difference is in the apps themselves and in the delivery from the internet.

I expected the biggest difference to be in “Allegiance” I expected to have to wait a day or two after it aired to be able to watch the latest episode. I was wrong, it was available less than an hour after it aired. The quality on Kodi was not as good as the over the air NBC broadcast but it was very close.

Now I hate the Cable TV monopolies but I’m not advocating piracy and thats what Kodi is, no question about it, but the fact that this is being done and technically its working flawlessly should be a wake up call to cable content providers….Indeed HBO has taken notice as has CBS both have recently started offering streaming versions WITHOUT having to have a cable or satellite TV subscription. Thats a huge step and its one that I expect other content providers to follow.

I can also see college students all over the world paying for a high speed internet connection but NOT paying for Cable TV, instead using Kodi or one of the similar apps like popcorntime or videomix to get their TV shows. (It should be noted that pretty much everything that has ever been on TV in any country is available using Kodi, I was pretty impressed with that…..)

I should also point out that while popcortime and videomix are apps Kodi is more of a platform, its more than an app and sort of replaces Android with this audio and video entertainment operating system.

As for the QBox I highly recommend it over Roku, AppleTV and FireTv. It will do the same things plus it has better playback of your own video files on your LAN or hard drive. plus the ability to run Pandora, Iheartradio, or even Skype (if you add a usb camera)

Is there a door here for an enterprising porn company to make money? You bet your ass there is. The potential for long term revenue is FAR greater than you would have with a Roku channel and MPEG DASH is ready and waiting to be used. You will see MPEG DASH getting very big very soon, JWPlayer has announced that the next version of the cross platform player due out early 2015 will support Mpeg DASH. What that means to non technical people…you can encode your video ONE time and play it on ANY device from a cell phone to a tablet to a phablet to a PC to a 4K smart TV to an HTPC.

Remember where ya read it first!

The Free Speech Coalition Orgy – New From Vivid

Normally I dont run press release about new movies but this one is important LOL

the Free Speech Coalition orgy

the Free Speech Coalition orgy

Of course this is satire, The scumbags at The Free Speech Coalition would never have anything to do with something as honorable as making porn, Screwing you out of your money is what they do.

To The Readers That Emailed Me and I Dont Like Seeing My Friends Putting Their Health In Danger

The post yesterday about HIV testing in porn got me a LOT of private responses, many from people I never expected would write to me except maybe using a pseudonym.   One was the owner of a very large, very prosperous company who Thanked me for “stepping up and being honest” and noting that I am running the stories that AVN and XBiz and even Hustler should be running, that is if they had anyone with any talent and foresight working there.

It always pleases me to work hard on a story like that, write it and get it out even though I know that it is mostly going to fall on deaf ears, there are a lot of ignorant and just plain dumb performers in the biz but they are eclipsed by the apathetic ones so even just a couple of attaboys from unexpected people makes me happy…Thank you!

I love this biz, as I have stated many times, and I love the people in it, we are all misfits, square pegs that society tries to force into a round hole.  It troubles me most when people see that and use it to take advantage of us, like the FSC does, Like APAC does. But in a way we do bring it on ourselves by not taking these people to task for it.  I try to do my part but admittedly I am 2500 miles away from the epicenter of porn,  My opinions and my expressing them dont have the same effect that they would if I lived in Woodland Hills, CA. though I doubt that I would tone down my beliefs even if I did live there.

One reader, a long time industry vet pointed out that until someone very high profile in porn got HIV that nothing would change.  It would take an A List performer or two….a Jessica Drake or a Jame Deen and even then it wouldn’t be a change that would have any real effect.  This person further pointed out that if I could obtain information on how many times James Deen, Manuel Ferrara, and a few other top performers had been diagnosed with and treated for Chlamydia and Gonnorrhea in the past three years THAT would get a LOT of attention, but of course that can’t happen unless they volunteer the info themselves and even if they did theres no way to fact check it, you simply have to take their word for it…

I don’t like seeing my friends putting their health in danger because they wont get work if they ask for a condom, thats a very fucked up problem that if we cared about performers even a little we simply wouldnt have [that problem]

On a final note I have made a move to make the forums here a bit less combative.   I dont mind a civil disagreement, thats a good thing but threats and things like that are counter productive so two of the most problematic have been removed from posting.  I had a confab with a very well known director for one of the largest companies in porn and he told me the one time he posted here he got berated and harassed and when I looked back at it he was right, in the end I would like this to be a place where you dont have to have skin as thick as mine is to feel comfy posting here.  I am very lucky to have insiders like insider, jilted, Sabrina Deep, Sabrina Maree and many others posting here as well as smart and intelligent people  who aren’t in porn and I am not going to let one or two obnoxious people make them feel uncomfortable.

Thank you all again, and if you are in the industry and choose to post here I am going to make it a point to see that people who respond to you do so civilly you have every right to your opinion.  people can disagree and that is encouraged but it can be done without name calling and shouting and screaming……

Thanks Y’all

Mike South



HIV Testing In Porn How Good Is It Really?

I wrote extensively about this years ago back when porn moved to the PCR DNA test, but a lot changes in 10 + years specially in medicine and infectious diseases so its time to take another look.

Porners are very vocal about their use of the Aptima HIV-1 RNA Qualitative Assay so I went to  get the numbers that are of interest.


Here’s what we have :

Test Type Specimen
Sensitivity Specificity Window

Approved for HIV 2

Aptima HIV-1
Qualitative Assay
Plasma 100% 95.3% 1 to 2 Weeks


Availability depends on lab
Intended for use as an aid in
diagnosis of infection.
Requires Western Blot
Elisa 3rd
Serum or
100% 99.89% 2 to 4 Weeks

(but dependent
on test)

Requires Western Blot
Western Blot
Serum or

~6–12 weeks
may indicate early
HIV infection in source
HIV-2 Western Blot
HIV-2 Western Blots
are available at some
Accepted as
Moderate cost

As you can see each test has strengths and weaknesses The FDA has accepted The ELISA with the Western Blot Combination as the “Gold Standard” Test for HIV.  meaning that is what they consider the most accurate and if you look at the numbers they bear that out.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that the data here is for the 3rd generation Elisa test, almost all labs are now using a 4th generation Elisa test. A 4th Generation EIA (DUO) looks for both p24 antigen and HIV antibodies. what this means is that the window period is shortened to 1 to two weeks, the same as the Aptima test.

“Sensitivity” measures the proportion of actual positives which are correctly identified as such. Sometimes called the true positive rate

“Specificity” measures the proportion of negatives which are correctly identified as such. Sometimes called the true negative rate

You should note that both the Aptima and the ELISA tests require the Western Blot test to be run to confirm the infection and that the Western Blot CAN have a much longer window period.

That is something you should always be aware of…the word “can”  In early versions of the Elisa test it was said the window period “CAN” be  as long as 6 months, that has been shortened and current versions of both the Elisa Test AND the Aptima test are considered to be more than 97 % accurate after 3 weeks. The Aptima test is at 97% after 2 weeks.  Both tests “CAN” there’s that word again be accurate in as little as 3-5 days.  if you substitute the words “might be” for “can be” it makes it clearer what is being said.

Is it possible for an HIV infected person to pass the Aptima test.  In a word Yes,  the Aptima test measures the amount of virus in your system, it does so using a nobel prize winning technique called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).  What happens is that the test causes the virus to replicate itself over and over so that an otherwise undetectable viral load can become detectable.  The Aptima test and all PCR DNA or RNA tests use this method and they all have a minimum viral load level under which the test is simply not reliable.

If you are diagnosed with HIV the doctors use viral load testing to monitor the progress and effectiveness of your treatment and the doctors will tell you that the goal is to get your HIV levels low enough that the test doesn’t detect any HIV in your system. So put in simple terms, If a person who is HIV positive came into CET and got tested they certainly can pass and be approved to work.

Can this happen with the Elisa test?  No it can’t because the Elisa test tests for antibodies your body produces to fight off the HIV infection.  Much like other viruses if you have ever had the virus, even if you are cured you still test positive.

Does this mean that HIV is curable?  Currently the answer is no.  Many people believe that they may be cured because they have had no detectable viral load for many years but doctors do not think you are cured only that your HIV treatment is effective.  Going off the treatment would likely mean the return of HIV and if it returns it may be much harder or even impossible to be brought back under control.

Does such a low viral load mean that you are not contagious or not AS contagious.  The answer to that is debatable, technically it only takes a single virus to infect you.  While it may make it much more difficult for that single virus to get through and cause an infection are you willing to take that chance?  No doctor in his right mind would tell you that is an acceptable risk.

Another thing we havent mentioned yet is HIV-2  The Aptima test is NOT approved to detect it, The Elisa tests almost all of them are approved to detect it,  When I look up the local test labs all of them listed that the Elisa tests for both HIV-1 and HIV-2.  HIV 2 is rare in the United States, but so was the HIV strain that Derren Roberts got infected with…if not for the Elisa test and some sharp people at the lab Darren would have gone undiagnosed for at least another month, by then the problem could have been huge…we really did dodge a bullet on that particular instance.

While much is being made of the “window period” in porn circles it really is no longer the issue that it once was, it is certainly less of an issue than the prospect of someone slipping through the system who is infected but is on the antiviral drugs making him/her undetectable.

Oral HIV tests (Elisa) can be purchased in bulk for less than ten dollars and I highly recommend that people use them as a back up to the standard testing, I do, the added cost isn’t that much and it provides an extra line of defense against a very real potential problem.

Bottom line y’all is that this is YOUR health and you should be concerned about it.  You all know the history of Diane Duke and The FSC  you all know how many times you have been lied to and mislead and even swindled by them so don’t let them make the calls when it comes to your health, they DO NOT care about your health, they care about money and their money comes mostly from Manwin.  Do you really think that the same people who sold out every single honest producer of porn wouldn’t sell you out?

How many of you would be surprised if you read here in a week or in a month that Diane Duke was behind bars for taking money that wasnt hers or for perjury?  if you wouldn’t be surprised why would you trust her with your most precious thing, that being your health.

Think about it.  It’s past time we made some changes in the testing protocols and I dont mean changes that put more money in The FSCs pockets at your expense.  Performers shouldn’t pay a dime for testing or for treatment of anything they get on set. Why isn’t APAC telling you these things?  Could it be that The FSC OWNS APAC and  therefor APAC parrots the party line…

Manwin/MindGeek Tells Diane Duke and The FSC what must be done, Diane tells APAC and APAC tells you…are you really OK with that?

OK there ya have it, what you choose to do with this info is up to you.  I honestly hope it helps.



This N That

It must have been a really slow weekend in mainstream…instead of headlines about another HIV in porn everyone in mainstream was all over Taylor Swift and her purchase of and, to hear them tell it they somehow thought that would lead to Taylor Swift posting risque or even porn to the sites, instead of what should be obvious to anyone…it was a defensive registration to prevent some piece of shit like Stuart Lawley or Diane Duke from purchasing it and using it to make or extort money…of course Stuart Lawley already extorted her  his company has the .porn TLD and just like .xxx the only real money they will make is from defensive registrations.

Moving on it seems that porners were about as interested in the last HIV as mainstream was, other than bitching about companies halting work (some did some didnt) it wasnt even much of a topic on twitter.  I did get a few emails wondering how I knew it was a false positive before The FSC did…truth is they likely knew before I did only by  minutes…in their hurry to plan the release and make a big deal of announcing it like they are the end all and know all I got it out 2 hrs before they intended to release the info so I forced their hand.  My inside source(s) say that Diane was to say the least FURIOUS.  A word to Diane…when you lie and manipulate people you don’t build an organization that trusts you or respects you and as such there are lots of people who just cant wait to undermine you.  As someone told me long ago Diane Duke would sooner you die a slow and horrible death, than admit the truth about how and where you got killed, she has no soul, ask her kid.

I actually skimmed the new AVN (March 2015) today if it werent for toy manufacturers advertising this magazine would be toast, its all ready at a record low number of pages and a record low number of advertising pages and a record low circulation the amount of the magazine devoted to anything porn related is way less than half.  Im not sure how much longer it can last  it has to be operating in the red. The one worthwhile thing that i had was a short sentence in an otherwise unrelated story about how Vivid has diversified to the point that it has little to do with adult video sales anymore.

Im hearing that a major news outlet is doing a story on manwin/MindGeek and it wont make them or porners in general look good at all, the gist of the story is that The company Manwin/MindGeek is using porn as a front for funneling money to terrorist organizations.  Dont shrug it off because that is exactly what they plead guilty to in the past when the company was called Mansef.

Thats it for now If anyone has anything I might be interested in please get it to me…Thanks Y’all!







Latest HIV Is False Positive

Just got word from a trusted source that the latest HIV is another “false positive”….all these false positives lately…kinda makes ya wonder dont it



The Latest on The Latest HIV Positive

Every performer reading this please take note.  Instead of this insanely stupid power play that the FSC always does in these situations I want you all to make a promise to your fellow performers right now.  If you test positive for HIV, just step up and say so.  Just say hey guys I just wanted everyone to know that I tested positive for HIV today, hopefully it is a false positive but I want you all to hear it from me because that is where you should hear it.  You all have my word that I will get the word out immediately as I find out anything.

Just once is all it would take, then everyone would handle it that way and this stupid cat and mouse game that the FSC plays with you would be over and this situation would be handled as it should be.

We are adults here and most are responsible and smart enough to know that this would go a very long way to making you look grown up and responsible to the rest of the world.

The false positives arent going to harm you and it isnt fair to your fellow performers to have The FSC release one of these letters and have all the other performers lose sleep wondering if they have been exposed.  If you were in their shoes I expect you would feel the same way.

Lets show the FSC and AHF and all the rest of the people who assign no value to your life other than information that they can manipulate to achieve their agendas that you have the control and that you will do the right thing on your own terms.

You all have my word that if it is me, ever, in that situation that is how I will do it.  I am not a coward, you will hear it from me should that ever be the case…God forbid.

I pretty much know who it is, I am holding off until tomorrow when the third test results (second draw)  are back.

meantime y’all think about this, you all know thats the right way to handle it.  And if you put it out through me or anyone else I will back you 100% for doing the right thing.


Another HIV Positive

I will release more as I get it.
Here we go again, another HIV positive test?

March 20, 2015, 3:25 PSTThe Free Speech Coalition is calling for a precautionary production hold after a possible positive test for HIV by an adult performer using the PASS (Performer Availability Screening Service) system. The test has not yet been confirmed, and we will know if it is a true positive or false positive in the next day. If it is a false positive, we will lift the hold within the next few days. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of precaution, we will be retesting anyone who might have had contact with the performer within the testing window, and asking that producers stop filming until we know more.

The adult industry periodically calls for production holds when any possible positive tests surface.

Diane Duke

Chief Executive Officer

Free Speech Coalition


Immoral Productions Has Not Been Sold

Despite AVN’s claim to the contrary…quoting company “owner” David Loso.

I talked to porno Dan and we got a good laugh out of it…..

Thank you to the reader that tipped me….

Dont Take Financial Advice from porn Chicks

CNBC asked a handful of porn people (I didnt say stars on purpose, only Ron Jeremy is a star) anyway they asked how they would “invest” 10,000 dollars

Weeding out the one that didn’t know the difference between investing and donating (animal rescue isn’t an investment).  Most picked things you would expect, ie names they recognized like Apple or Tesla, one mentioned biotech and a few mentioned real estate.

What was clear to me was that they don’t invest, and probably wont.  While real estate is traditionally a good investment and Apple and Tesla are fairly safe the truth is they shouldn’t be doing any of those things until they have maxed out a Roth IRA.

I dunno, I dont wanna seem elitist or anything but  maybe porn people should get some financial advice from someplace….That career dont last forever.  Porn is one of the few jobs where you start at the top and work your way down, generally speaking.