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What Really Is Going On At Playboy and Spice Radio. Sirius Is OVER Them.

I spent some time tracking down various rumors and whatnot regarding all of this and and this is what I have been able to verify through various sources inside Playboy
The best and longest running show on Playboy 102 (Sirus) was NightCalls.  Manwin had taken charge of Playboy 102 and started their own station, Spice 103.
Manwin was having problems maintaining both stations, first Playboy wanted all porn stars moved off their station so Nightcalls was cancelled last July.
Manwin quickly tried to shift Nightcalls  over to their station, 103. The program director that had been in place for 15 + years, Farrell Hirsh, was let go. ( Farrell is a great guy and I am happy to say he landed as head of all SIRIUS/XM programming and is bi-costal, LA & New York) At the same time Manwin spent a lot of money having the 7th floor of 2300 Empire St. In Burbank being totally blinged out into a Manwin/Playboy plus radio headquarters. No expense was spared.
In the last two months Jamie Battista who took over for Farrel Hirsch walked out. with several other producers.  Manwin brought in Josh Cooperman from sales to run things.  As you may have guessed Josh was way out of his league, a living example of the Peter Principle which states that every person will rise to their level of incompetence.

He fired almost all the night shows (all named for Manwin websites)  Brooke Haven was let go as were Taylor Wayne, Kylie Ireland and Raylene. Glen and Mean Bitches Show was kept because THEY PAID Manwin for the time slot.

Josh made it clear that Manwin was branding the Radio Sex name and that the shows had better be “sex filled”.

When Jessica Bangkok made the mistake of putting Mister Marcus on the air and encouraging him to have sex with a guest the fallout a day later on this very site marked the beginning of the end. Initially Josh didn’t seem to care, in fact he had told Lisa Ann and Alana Evans to shut the fuck up and mind their own business when Lisa started complaining. Subsequently Debi Diamond and Nicki Hunter were told they were found to be having sexual contact with guests, which is what, according to Josh, they liked.

Word is all the released show hosts are now going to do watchable live shows and podcasts that they will all own.

This being the big plan Josh has for the Playboy shows, but they don’t pay until sponsors are in place, they want everyone to do it for free.

Sirius has not been happy with Manwin’s running of 102 & 103, Fabians tax issues as well as the Mister Marcus issue have tainted the Playboy Brand, Playboy is not happy at all, and all though there is a contract in place between Playboy & Manwin, Sirius has decided to CANCEL Playboy channel 102, it will go dark Friday morning.

Sirius is also trying to end Manwins 103 contract, it expires in October.  Sirius is fed up with Manwin, Playboy is fed up with Manwin, seems everyone is seeing Manwin for what they are now.

Now Manwin is saying that they were too hot for Sirius but you can bet your ass it’s the shady shit that got Manwin tossed off the air.