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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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  • Is It Prostitution or is It A Shoot (31)
    • Ari Bass: Anyways, I buy porn pussy and yes that’s true I don’t test. I just pay the girls and fuck them. They are all tramps anyways.
    • Lacey Blake: Well, I guess then you would also have to look at whether the person receiving the money for “services rendered” was...
    • Lacey Blake: You know, if you REALLY think about it you could leave it in the hands of the IRS/Accounting aspects of whether it’s a true...
  • Maybe We Should Raise the Bar On Talent (10)
    • Lacey Blake: I also say drug testing isn’t always a bad thing… almost every job on earth these days could do random drug tests…...
    • Lacey Blake: I agree in regards to Bonnie Rotten. Those tattoos do nothing for me, but she is a true performer and I think viewers realize...
    • RiccoMarin: Mharris; I agree with you too. As long as they show up sober and smoke a little weed and do a good shoot that is cool. They need to get...
    • mharris127: I would be reluctant to start tightening the screws on what talent gets into the biz, look at Bonnie Rotten — frankly she is not...
  • Treasure island Media Trying To Be The Extreme Associates of Gay Porn (20)
    • CPanzram: @Mharris “If every person on a TIM gay 50 man cumfest set were HIV positive I would not have a problem with what they are doing....
    • CPanzram: @jilted I agree that they are held to the same legal standards and they should abide by them, but let’s say they are all positive...
    • mharris127: If every person on a TIM gay 50 man cumfest set were HIV positive I would not have a problem with what they are doing. Unfortunately...

This from Roger T Pipe’s Site:

List #55 June 24, 2002

10 Fads I Wish Would Come Back (Nostalgia Warning)

1. Simple stiletto heels- No Platforms, just good old 1980′s F*ck me pumps.

2. Jeans with waist lines ABOVE the hips. (How low can they go?)

3. Video Games that cost a quarter.

4. Hand Written Letters- Email is great, but it’s just so empty.

5. Quiet Theaters- Is there something wrong with leaving your 6 kids at home for this showing of “Black Hawk Down?”

6. Non-Deadly Gang Fights. What’s wrong with a good old fashioned rumble? Now everyone shoots each other.

7. The 6 O’Clock/11 O’Clock News- Now it’s on 24/7. Even local news is on from 4 to 7.

8. A National Sense of Humor- Political Correctness and a sense of group entitlement have killed our ability to laugh at ourselves.

9. Personal Responsibility- Is there something wrong with looking in the mirror and thinking that it just might be your own damn fault?

10. An Informed Voting Public, A Non-Biased Media, Selfless Corporations, Honest Labor Unions and Logical Feminists- Oh who am I kidding, we’ve NEVER had any of those and probably never will.

Damn, I cant argue with ANY of these…nice going Rog yer a good Libertarian.