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Joe Brandi and Donald Carlos Seoane and Pornwikileaks

Everyone knows there’s at least a second person involved with Donny in PWL, someone who can spell. There’s been a lot of speculation that former KSEX employee Joe Brandi is involved.

There wasn’t much info out there on Joe Brandi except for a few posts to various blogs about why he left KSEX.

What we do know is that a Joe Brandi was involved in previous websites with Donny Long, including a site that revealed the real names of porn stars before PWL went active.

We also have references and welcomes to Joe Brandi on the PWL forums from Donny Long real name Donald Carlos Seoane.

We also have people who can place Joe and Donny together in Thailand less than 6 months ago.

We have this as well

Joe Brandi is Owner and CEO of Heat Party Inc., which is mostly known on the East Coast for his events that combine adult entertainers with the public. His websites include Heat Party, Heatville, and Swingers Space. Heat Party Inc.

And that’s what lead us to: ——-I unlinked this because the site has trojans dont go to it, heres the info


Joseph LiBrandi
Lead Investigator / Case Examiner
* Ex-New York Housing Police Officer – Harlem, NY
* Federal Validated Anti-Piracy Investigator
* Licensed New York Property & Casualty Insurance Broker
* New York State Notary Public
* Member of the International Private Investigators Union ( IPIU )
* Member of the National Association of Investigative Specialists ( NAIS )
* Member of the New York State Professional Process Servers Association

This would certainly explain how they get personal info on people so quickly.


This lead to an entry on dated Nov 26th 2010 indicating that Joe Scammed him.

Joseph LiBrandi offers Investigations services for a fee. he will make you promises in writing, collect your money and disappear. I’ve made multiple attempts to reach him.

This is the contact information I have for him:

Joseph LiBrandi

After giving him access to my applicant tracking system, he deleted all entries to my resume database.

he cost me a lot of money. Beware!


Does it sound like Joseph LiBrandi aka Joe Brandi could have his fingers in PWL?

Draw your own conclusions.