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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."

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  • The FSC Is On A Witch Hunt Maybe Porn Valley Should Show Eric and the Rest of These Thieves The Door (14)
    • mharris127: I think what Sean is eating/snorting/smoking doesn’t qualify as shit. Rumor has it his favorite “food” is of the...
    • ManCrack: Aww..Sean is nothing but a shit eater to FSC.
    • mharris127: I know about that but Sean et. al. were writing libelous articles about you before the Dwight/Dave issue came up (just not as often). I...
    • CrunkleSchwitz: That Sean Tompkins is a real Tard. He lives up in Washington and leeches off his kids and the state of Texas is looking for him. He...
    • Removed Account: Why don’t you talk to his self proclaimed lawyer Jamie Profit?
    • MikeSouth: Sean is being paid by Dave aka dwight cunningham to libel me…Iva already attempted to serve sean twice to no avail but its ok I...
    • mharris127: I don’t really know what Mike supposedly did to set off Sean. Suffice to say that Sean is really pissed at Mike about something...
  • What Do We Deserve? (15)
    • rawalex: For Bristol, it’s likely like throwing a hot dog down a hallway… that girl has some serious mileage on her.
    • rawalex: I feel sorry for Americans because your land has become a home of extremist views and hundreds of “isms” that just suck. I...
  • And The Next Celebrity Sex Tape Is (4)
    • joeschmoe: I would rather see your aunt. This isn’t even about her physical appearance as there is nothing bad about someone gaining weight...

Theres a new idea in town!:

And I am inviting everyone to participtae. It is mostly for industry people but everyone is welcome to participate, I have spent many hours putting this together. It is an adult industry forum.

There are open forums where all may participate

There are forums for producer/directors ONLY as well as performers forums for performers ONLY

There is also a Store Owners/Clerks Forum

On registration everyone may participate in the main forum, for access to other forums please email me requesting access and I will grant it. Because I want performers to be able to talk openly about both good and bad experiences this forum is only open to verified adult performers, directors are not allowed access to this forum. Likewise the Directors forum, performers are not allowed access to that forum.

Both performers and directors will have access to the casting forum, please use this to post shoot dates, travel dates and such so that you may find work or talent.

Video Store Clerks, Performers and directors all have access to the Clerks forum, this is for the open exchange of ideas and suggestions with people who actually have to sell your product, it might also be used to find someone travelling into your area who is willing to do a store signing or just to post that you want someone to do a signing and take applications so to speak.

These forums may be used for other purposes, matter of fact I encourage you to use them any way you see fit. Lets make this successful beyond anyones wildest imagination.

Please visit and tell what you think, introduce yourself and help me to make this a useful place for everyone in the adult industry.

I am also looking for moderators for various forums here including the performers forum, if you are interested please email me.

Thanks Y’all