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TJ Cummings Attempted To Book At Least One Scene AFTER He Knew He Had Tested Positive

Sometimes in doing what I do you chase a rabbit down a hole and you wish you had never even gone there, but you know you have an obligation not to my readers this time but to the people in my industry.

Pressley Carter contacted me and provided me with some disturbing information, and she backed it up with proof.

I now know for sure that TJ Cummings tested positive on December 3, 2013 at TTS, at which time he was marked unavailable in PASS you can see this in the screenshot below

He contacted Pressley on December 5th at 4PM PST and suggested that they do a webcam show together on Sat Dec 7th, Pressley indicated that she was booked to shoot that day but Sunday would work

TJ agreed on Sunday.

BbAJ4UpCIAA43gv.png large

BbAKSSeCIAAM1wy.png large

This is CLEARLY after TJ would at least know that he had tested positive for SOMETHING, and I find it hard to believe that 48 hours after the test he didnt know what, but he had to know that he wasnt supposed to be shooting, he was even marked unavailable in PASS

When Pressley found out that he booked a shoot with her after knowing he had tested HIV positive (or at the very least positive for something.) she went off on TJ (and rightly so) TJ wouldn’t respond to her.

This kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and it shows a total disregard for her life

As you will likely notice this info brings up other problems that will be addressed in another post.

T J Cummings PASS Status

T J Cummings PASS Status