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  • Is It Prostitution or is It A Shoot (19)
    • DannyOcean: Let’s be honest 99% of the shoots are Prostitution because only a handful of companies are going to pay for a permit. I have a...
    • CharityBangs: I’m with Toby on the legal separation. A “shoot” is something u get paid by one individual by and u bang a...
    • Lacey Blake: Well, that sounds simple. But, what happens when the one performing in the scene is also the owner of the production company? In...
    • Toby: I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on the Interwebs, but porn shoot vs prostitution from a legal standpoint is pretty simple in most...
    • Lacey Blake: I definitely get the gut thing, but I guess it’s pretty much anyone with a web presence at this point? I would think it’s...
    • MikeSouth: My gut says that a its a combo of things that would add up to make it legit. obviously if theres a real website with real content that...
    • Lacey Blake: I’m sure jilted will be all over this, but if an agent sends a performer to a set where condoms aren’t used then just that...
    • Lacey Blake: I’d like to read that entire contract as well… :-)
    • Lacey Blake: Let’s face it, even contract girls have been known to book privates (with a camera present) knowing full well their own contract...
    • BT: Mike: Do you have an opinion on whether this is a shoot or prostitution. I don’t believe the mere presence of a camera makes it a porn...

Vivid Gets Scammed By Meagan Malone

 From Vivids Press Release:

“Vivid Entertainment Group signed starlet Meggan Malone to an exclusive contract today. According to Vice President of Production, Malone and Vivid inked a one-year contract with an option for longer.

“We haven’t had a new contract girl in a long time,” Vice President of Production told AVN, “so we’re really looking forward to bringing someone new on board.”

According to Vice President of Production, Malone has only shot two scenes in the industry, and will do her first scenes with Vivid next week for veteran director Paul Thomas.”

Got news for ya Vivid This girl has done about everything and a lot of it. From Jay-Rock on GFY

This a classic case of solo girl gone wild. Everyone keeps telling me poor Megan in LA. They think she was taken agvantage of. She was making top pay but decided to jump ship when I took her to LA to get a shoot with Stephen Hicks. I was shooting Sandy Summers (which I shot for Met-Art & booked through John Stevens) I was gonna pick Megan up that night at the end of the shoot but John had already called hicks and told them he was close and could pick up Megan as a favor to me and he would just drop her off and pick up Sandy.

My theory is he tells these girls that everyone is taking advantage and can turn them against just about anyone. We all know most of these girl don’t make great decisions. This is the 2nd girl John has stolen from me in my 2 year career the first time it wasn’t a solo site girl but another girl i took to LA as a favor to get her some extra work. I ended up stuck out with no money and had to use my last $400 to fly home after I paid that bitches way. I paid for Meggan and her BF to get her ID and their plane tickets just 2 days and personally dragged babysat them to make sure she made it to LA. This was a favor to Hicks. This is in no way Hicks’s fault but you can bet I will never ever ever ever bring another girl to LA. I find girls like Megan all the time here in TX but never had I worked with a girl with so much drama.

The night before she left her BF overdosed and she spent the last night here at the hospital. She lived in hotel like a crackhead when I met her and even though she was making top pay could never keep money due to drugs, and a loser boyfriend.

I introduced her to Jack Venice a male talent friend and now and she dumped the loser boyfriend for him. I hear all the dirt on her. Jack thinks she the dumbest girl he has ever met (with some good pussy) If you ever have the chance to bring your girls to LA DONT DO IT!!!

Megan has shot

FACIALS, ANAL cream pies, Swallowing, Peeing, Douching, Sybian, DP and more. Vivid things they got her first scenes? HAHAHA.